and they're better than date

The signs after a first date
  • Aries: freaks out and texts all their friends about it
  • Taurus: watches rom-com movies to get tips for their next date
  • Gemini: lays in bed and stares at the ceiling thinking about how their date responded to their jokes
  • Cancer: squeals into their pillow because they're so happy they just went on a date
  • Leo: starts texting their date right after to make sure they still like them
  • Virgo: thinks about every little thing that happened and makes sure they didn't do anything wrong
  • Libra: posts selfies/pictures all over their social media accounts to brag about their date
  • Scorpio: probably starts planning when their first kiss should be, what their child's name should be, where they're getting married, etc.
  • Sagittarius: is already planning what to do on the next date
  • Capricorn: stalks their dates social media accounts to make sure they're better than their previous baes
  • Aquarius: calls their closest friend and tells them all about it
  • Pisces: listens to happy music and dances around their room

anonymous asked:

Tbh sometimes I think Natasha's just using the fact that she dated a couple of ladies in the past just to reel in the lesbian fans but she seems like one of those women who think they're better than other women and won't date lesbians because "she doesn't like drama". But I hope I'm wrong.


I’m not really sure where this is coming from, but I completely disagree with you here. I’m also not sure where all this “Anti-Natasha” stuff is stemming from, but I’d prefer it die. You guys need to chill out.

Stop looking so far into things, that you’re seeing things that aren’t there.

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So you're like... Gay? Omfg. I'm sorry that sounded offensive. My bad. But let's get real man. Since you're lesbian, what makes dating girls better than guys? Like yea they're adorable but what else?

That’s not offensive. I am gay.

And uh Idk, I just like girls and that’s all.