and they're all instrumental

LGBT+ characters from the Shadowhunters show/books

Aline Penhallow- Lesbian

Anna Lightwood- Lesbian + Genderqueer

Ollie- Lesbian, Bi, or Pan

Samantha- Lesbian, Bi, or Pan

Marcy- Lesbian, Bi, or Pan

Adrienne- Lesbian, Bi, or Pan

Imasu- Gay, Bi, or Pan

Axel- Gay, Bi, or Pan

Ty Blackthorn- Gay

Alec Lightwood- Gay

Woolsey Scott- Gay

Michael Wayland- Bisexual

Magnus Bane- Bisexual

Helen Blackthorn- Bisexual

Mark Blackthorn- Bisexual

Kieran Kingson/Hunter- Bisexual

Gwyn ap Nudd- Bisexual

Meliorn- Bisexual

The Seelie Queen- Bisexual

Most Faeries - Bisexual

Kit Herondale- Bi or Pan

Julian Blackthorn- Demisexual

Diana Wrayburn- Transgender (mtf)

Raphael Santiago- Asexual

The TAZ Balance crew as an orchestra

the bureau is in shambles because Kravitz - in an attempt to fulfill his living dream of being a conductor - decided to start a bureau of balance orchestra.

Lup and Barry: After their training at the Legato Conservatory, Lup and Barry feel confident in the violin and piano respectively. Kravitz transcribes all of the low strings into piano parts for Barry to play. Lup’s violin has flame decal stickers on it.

Magnus: Since he already has some background with string instruments, he wanted to broaden his horizons by learning trumpet. Even if he’s not entirely correct, he plays loudly and confidently - he’s really trying his best. He practices in his room and takes his mouthpiece everywhere. He’s absolutely that guy that will start buzzing during any long walk or in the middle of dinner.

Lucretia: Lucretia is a modest but wicked good clarinet player. She never plays loud enough but her technique is so flawless that everyone can’t help but wonder how the heck she learned to do that. She can play her scales in a minute and a half, and has all the music memorized. She likes to learn solo pieces on her own but hasn’t played them for anyone else yet.

Taako: He took the oboe but honestly isn’t too pleased about it. It sounds like a dying duck and you know he spends precious spell slots for that sweet mellow tone. He has a tendency to improvise and at this point, they’re not too sure he even knows how to read sheet music.

Davenport: Plays percussion. He has a deadly accuracy for time and rhythm but he hates mallet percussion with a passion. This was discovered after a particularly contentious discussion about the vibraphone (”just write it into Barry’s piano part, I’m not holding four mallets”). His favorites are snare and timpani.

Merle: Merle had some difficulty fitting into the orchestra. He originally wanted to play the bassoon but it was too big and absolutely out of the question. After failing several attempts at other instruments, he demanded to play the bagpipes. Kravitz pleaded with him that no, bagpipes cannot play in an orchestra, please Merle, pick something else. Merle could not be swayed. He plays the bagpipes.

Angus: Angus plays the french horn and he’s absolutely freaking amazing, of course. He takes his role very seriously and will probably cry if he messes up. This is ridiculous because, like, Taako has been playing an F# for the past two minutes because he’s bored and wants Kravitz’s attention, and Merle isn’t even playing the right song; nevertheless, little Ango tries his very best and loves to help everyone else. He likes to learn Faerun’s traditional music and plays them for the rest of the crew.

Carey and Killian: Kravitz convinced Team Sweet Flips to join so that the brass section could be completed. Killian took the tuba and Carey was gonna play trombone but couldn’t figure out how to buzz with her lizard lips. She said she’d help with any non-wind instrument they end up needing…meaning Kravitz has written a triangle part for every song they play. Carey is freaking psyched about it.

Avi: He volunteered to fill the needed trombone spot. He’s great in rehearsals and doesn’t cause a lot of trouble, but Magnus did convince him once to launch his slide clear across the quad.

Johann: Initially, he had adamantly refused to have any interaction at all with this hell band, but after Kravitz’s many desperate pleas, he finally agreed to help teach instrument lessons, and he gives them original compositions from time to time. He said he’d play fiddle if they desperately need it, but Lup insisted that she has it covered. He’s secretly pretty relieved.

Kravitz loves traditional orchestral and symphonic literature but everyone else mostly just wants to play Fantasy Star Trek and Fantasy Harry Potter, so that’s usually what they end up doing. Kravitz figures they can get to “the good stuff” once they get a bit better, and after he convinces Merle to play the flute, or saxophone, just anything besides the goddamn bagpipes.

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I’ve never seen a tiger. Everything was a lie.

also speaking of rules, I’m letting everyone know that I’ve updated my rules again.

most of the changes are minor, and if you’ve read my rules recently already (within the last month or two) you don’t have to go back and re-read if you don’t want to. the additions / removals and changes are mostly a matter of wording and small details.

the only significant change is this:

besides that, I’ve also added more songs to my playlist, which hopefully fit as well as his canon music does (which are the first two). please let me know what you think of the songs, if you have a chance.

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yo you know anything about this?? it came up on my yt homepage - there's also tracks called making love, always be there 4 u, and i love you but they're all instrumental and i'm confused???? www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=2CGLvzepRN8

I’m just as confused as you anon, I’m on mobile right now so it’s hard for me to see things properly. Is this on Zayn’s verified Vevo/Youtube page? It’s hard for me to see.

  • <p> <b>Harry:</b> I'm an orphan<p/><b>Jace:</b> So am I<p/><b>Harry:</b> I have a strange lightning scar<p/><b>Jace:</b> Really? Mine is a star<p/><b>Harry:</b> Well, my girlfriend is a ginger<p/><b>Jace:</b> Mine too<p/><b>Harry:</b> WELL, I fought in a war!<p/><b>Jace:</b> Wow, me too<p/><b>Harry:</b> During my journey to save the world I found a magic mirror, a magic cup and fought with a legendary sword. Get this!<p/><b>Jace:</b> Pff, I did too. They're called Mortal Instruments. My series is all about them<p/><b>Harry:</b> MY SERIES HAS WEREWOLVES AND FRIGHTFUL HOODED MEN<p/><b>Jace:</b> Yep, we have them too<p/><b>Harry:</b> I have two best friends, a boy and a girl<p/><b>Jace:</b> Mines are brother and sister<p/><b>Harry:</b> I was connected to the villain in my series!<p/><b>Jace:</b> Same! It was terrible to be attached to my psychopathic brother in law<p/><b>Harry:</b> DO YOU HAVE A GAY MAGICIAN IN YOUR SERIES?<p/><b>Jace:</b> He prefers to call himself bisexual warlock, but yes. He's boyfriend is my parabatai<p/><b>Harry:</b> I hate you<p/></p>
History of Light and Shadow
Zelda Reorchestrated
History of Light and Shadow

History of Light and Shadow - Zelda Reorchestrated

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BBS AU where they're all in a band. Who plays which instrument?

Tbh I had a similar thought to this recently. I was thinking about an au where Evan was a sort of Deadmau5 style musician in an owl mask who created all that dubstep/electronic/synthetic/club music (I don’t know how to describe it) and was completely anonymous so no one knew that he was the ultra famous musician Vanoss.

But then Evan tweeted that he was going to release music one day under a different name so I dropped it since the idea was a bit too similar to real life, but since you brought up the idea of them being in a band, I thought I’d mention it again :P

So let’s say Evan is that solo musician. He works primarily on his own, but frequently collabs with H2ODelirious, another musician with the same sort of gimmick, but while Evan keeps to his owl mask and tight black t-shirt aesthetic, Delirious is more fond of the oversized blue hoodie and hockey mask look. He’s not as successful or as popular as Vanoss, but is still very well known with a cult following. Evan has never interacted with him without his mask as he’s twice as secretive as he is, but he understands and respects that.

Luke, or Cartoonz as he goes by since everyone under his label seems to have an alias, is their manager :P

So Evan lives this Hannah Montana style double life where he’s a famous musician but nobody knows it’s him, and he also happens to have a friend who is a huge fan of his alter ego.

Mini is Vanoss’ number one fanboy to the point that he is his major inspiration to break into the music industry himself. However, while he loves the style of music Vanoss creates, he would much rather start a sort of rock band with a bunch of people and play live music with real instruments, as that seems more fun to him.

Mini can play guitar, and he knows Evan can too, so he recruits him, not knowing that he was secretly his idol. Evan is hesitant to agree but does anyway as he figures the style of music is different enough that no one will make the connection between him and Vanoss, and while he loves Mini and thinks he’s very talented, he doubts they’ll ever get popular, so assumes that everything will be okay and that joining his band won’t have any affect on his career

(I don’t know what instruments any of the other guys play IRL (bar Nogla) so I’m just winging it from here on out)

So the two of them set out and start recruiting people for their band and eventually find Tyler who’s a drummer, and Marcel who plays bass. Mini’s not half bad at vocals but he’s worried he’s not good enough and so hires Nogla (who takes some convincing as he’s more the indie acoustic type, but joins anyway bc it sounds like fun)

And they start off by playing small gigs in tiny pubs at quiet hours, but they don’t really mind as they’re having a good time, and Mini is still bounding with enthusiasm and determination on making their little band super famous, so as long as he’s happy Evan’s happy.

They celebrate their first month by going to a club together, and just hanging out. The five of them are drinking in a booth together when a familiar song comes on and Evan almost chokes on his beer when he hears it.

It’s not terribly uncommon for him to hear his own music being played in public, but this isn’t exactly his song. The DJ is live remixing it and it sounds so fucking good that it’s blowing his mind. Mini is complaining about his favourite song being ruined, but Marcel tells him to shut the fuck up and drags him out to the dancefloor

Evan ignores them both, not that either of them really register with his anyway, as the beat of the music is thumping in his head, and he can feel the bass thumping in his chest, and he’s so lost in the music that they could have said anything and he wouldn’t have noticed. The song is so good, and he’s overcome with the need to meet the DJ mixing it, so he leaves behind Tyler and Nogla to bicker in the booth about who knows what to try and find them

He doesn’t get far though as security (Brian) tells him that no one but musicians are allowed on stage, so DJ Moo Snuckel is out of his reach. Evan is tempted to tell him he’s Vanoss and that’s his song he’s remixing, but knows that’s a terrible idea and Brian wouldn’t believe him anyway, so he reluctantly heads back to the booth, completely dejected. He insists on staying the entire time he’s playing, and is super in love with every song he’s playing, and he tries to catch him when he leaves, but misses him by a hair. He catches sight of blue eyes and a bright smile, and hears a golden laugh as he watches him get into a car with Brian and they drive off before they get a chance to talk

The next day when he’s mixing a track with Delirious, Evan can’t stop talking about this DJ, and Delirious is amused at how hung up on him he is, but trusts Evan’s tastes and knows that if Vanoss says he’s talented, then he must be talented, and he’s the one that suggests he tries to get Luke to sign him

So he talks to Luke, and while he also trusts Evan’s taste in music, he refuses to bring him on without hearing his music first, and tells Evan that he’s not signing some random DJ on unless he knows he’s worth it. His hands are full enough keeping those two dumbasses in check, he needs to know he’s worth the effort before taking on a third, so if Evan can get his hands on this guy’s mix tape, then he’ll consider it

And that should be easy enough, right? DJ Moo Snuckel might have a CD he can buy and he can give that to Luke, but it turns out he’s never set foot in a recording studio in his life and there’s nothing. If he wanted a copy of his music, then he needed to go directly to the source, but he can’t go back stage without revealing his identity which he is not prepared to do, so he has to find another way

And that other way comes in the form of Mini and his amateur band. DJs need an opening act, so Evan convinces Mini that they need to find a way to play at this club and it could be the big break he’s looking for, and Mini eats up like sugar. Evan never tells him about his ulterior motive for wanting to play there, and the band just thinks he’s super invested in their career, but really he doesn’t care that much at all and just wants to further DJ Moo Snuckel’s career, and maybe collab with him as Vanoss. He doesn’t care if the band gets famous or not, and is being p selfish

And that’s p much all I have so far. I assume everything goes to shit at some point when the band finds out the truth about Evan, and eventually he does get to meet DJ Moo Snuckel and potentially makes out with him in a recording booth, but I haven’t worked out the details yet :P

Hopefully this is what you were looking for??