and they'll say that i missed you

when u see ppl saying they miss exo after seeing them in concert 400 times but the closest you’ve ever been to an exo concert is watching a periscope livestream that looks like its being filmed with a calculator

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i want the jon and arya to hug real tight when they finally meet and it'll be beautiful and snowy and then he can see needle and he should muss her hair and they'll say "i missed you" together and all smiles and then gendry comes forward too and arya is all o.O omg youre alive and all goofy grins and blushing and "m'lady" and "i;m not a lady" and jon scowling at them because He Can See What's Happening and he's v protective xDD and davos giving knowing looks omg

ok for real we need a replay of this scene with jon and arya

and yes yes yes and hopefully the ‘little sister’ line too bc that’s just the things he thinks most about her

and with arya and gendry i need a replay of THIS scene

and then them arguing-with-undercurrents-of-i-lIKE-YOU which is how they’ve always been lol

as for jon i’m fucking living for that, except jon and gendry are bros now so i don’t think jon would be particularly mad, he’d just be like ‘oh shit this is actually a thing OK RIGHT THEN’

davos tho OH MY GOD davos’ shipper heart would explode

i mean, he’s basically adopted gendry and jon as sons, he loves them, and you can see how proud he is that they’re getting along, and he low(high)key ships jon and dany he can’t help himself … so then when jon and arya reunite he’ll be so happy and proud, then when he realises gendry’s best friend is arya he’ll probably be like MY BOYS ARE FOREVER CONNECTED I AM SO PROUD then he’ll realise it’s ~more~ than friends and we’ll have him grinning and shipping them just like he does with jon and dany and Davos aka DADVOS will be out in full swing


(I assume that Alya knows and that’s why Mari texts her about this xD. Let’s say that “Zalya” wasn’t working for Marinette and she changed her contact name for something with H, okay? (?)

I’m back!!)

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(You don't need to answer thus question if you haven't read the new chapter btw) After reading the new chapter of bnha I can't help but imagine a scenario where Izuku is shot with the permanent erasing quirk bullet. The yakuza will freak out because they'll think they missed the target and they wasted something so valuable then Izuku will just say "oh it hit me, but I'm quirkless"

[MINOR SPOILERS] izuku, bent over half-delirious with pain: haha… jokes on YOU…. im quirkless… this doesnt matter to me at ALL [briefly blacks out] 

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It's so frustrating when I need a manager's help, but when I quickly and concisely explain the situation, they for some reason don't understand. Like I'll say, "I need you to void this transaction because I missed one of the coupons and the register won't let me go back and scan it." and the manager will just go, "... what?" And then the first thing they'll do is try to scan it. While the register is on the wrong screen. And won't go back. Like I told them.


films watched — the girl on the train (2016), dir. tate taylor

hi, i’m rachel, and… this is day one, i suppose. i’m here because i… because i woke up this morning covered in blood. and i had bruises all over my arm, and… it’s usually from when i’ve fallen and someone has helped me up. my husband… he used to tell me what i’d done the night before… and i learned that when you wake up like that, you just say you’re sorry. you just say that you’re sorry for what you did and you’re sorry for who you are and you’re never gonna do it again. but you do. you do it again. and there’s… time missing. i need to remember… i need to remember.

Ugh I’m so torn like


Cheating is like


And I know

She didn’t mean it

She was drunk

And hurt

But like

Waverly (not) Earp just

I mean

She was cheated on

By Champ

And then

I mean

It wasn’t like

“Oh I liked the kiss but I can’t be with you”

It was

“Shit I didn’t want that I love Nicole and I’m drunk and upset and now I know that”



That’s not okay



I’m not gonna say in inexcusable

Everyone has their own views on that so we can’t speak for them

And Nicole fucked up too


I think

I’m just gonna

Take a break from Tumblr

For a few days

I may just come back on like Monday

And be like

“Heyyyyy what did I miss”

Warm Bodies Starter Sentences
  • "Now you're supposed to say that I'm pretty too"
  • "Don't be creepy. Don't be creepy. Don't be creepy."
  • "Who the hell do we shoot?"
  • "I actually miss him/her."
  • "Like... he could be your boyfriend/girlfriend? Your zombie... zombie boyfriend/girlfriend?"
  • "Oh, you're a purist, huh?"
  • "Chill out, _______. He/She can dream if he wants to."
  • "They don't bother us much, but they'll eat anything with a heartbeat."
  • "All I'll ever be is a slow, pale, hunched-over, dead-eyed zombie."
  • "We're seeing corpses fighting skeletons, sir/ma'am."
  • "Say something human."
  • "Nice watch."
  • "Are you actually dreaming right now?"
  • "I don't even know what I am."
  • "It's not gonna happen, lover boy/girl. Not after you told her you ate her ex."

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I know you've probably talked about it before but I've been thinking about Sam and Cas' relationship and how obviously different it is to Cas and Dean's, but also different to Sam and Dean's. Sam clearly cares about Cas, and Cas clearly cares about Sam (I mean look at that scene in s12 where Dean was angry that Cas went missing but Sam was all "I'm glad you're back"). All I'm saying is I can see that there's a blatant difference in the relationships and I'm excited to see how they'll progress

Yeah same! This is my #sastiel v destiel tag if you want to see my thoughts on it but definitely!

I’m so excited also once Destiel is established as blatantly romantic they won’t need to downplay Sastiel in comparison to Destiel so they can go all the way to the bro-tp they are for me :)

To the lovely @mizunoir  ❤

Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin!

i know you’re asleep buuut this way you’ll wake up to it  (¬ v ¬) also i have afternoon classes on wednsdays listen, i wanted it to be sIN but this came out, Plagg has to teach me his ways

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The one thing Bucky hates more than leaving his kid for mission is leaving his SICK kid for missions. Most of the time he manages to get out of them. "I'm feeling a little under the weather. Wouldn't want to get anyone else sick," and "I think I pulled something working out yesterday. Can barely move without being in pain," are his go to's which are always followed by Steve rolling his eyes over the phone saying how it's a shame and they'll miss him and to rest up, not not wanting to (1/?)

deprive Bucky of spending time with his kid because he knows just just how much it means to him. One day he decides not to just go, it’s a quick mission and he’s already skipped twice this month. As soon as they finish and are on the Qinjet (?) Bucky’s checking his phone saying everything’s fine, he just wants to get home is all. Finally Steve says something like, “Your a soldier, Buck, just like me, and we both know I can’t get sick anymore. If you wanted (2/?)

to stay home with your kid, you could’ve just said so.” (The end) I also see his kid getting older and figuring out he does this, so one day they just pretend to be sick because they don’t want daddy to leave anymore. (Sorry if this sucked. I’m up late because of anxiety and figured I might as well do something)

It definitely didn’t suck!! - Gen

Daddy Wednesday™

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Hey! @felineclxws on ig posted a picture of yours and it had "do not repost" in bold letters on it and I don't think they'll take it down unless you say something. I'm really sorry but I didn't know if you wanted to know. Love your art💖 btw they also posted that comic of adrien and marinette at the piano

hmm i missed seeing the piano comic. D: i think i got all the others reported tho. thank you so much for bringing this to my attention ;0;/ – for anyone who wants to sift thru for their own stuff.

do not harass, just report your work and move on

 i saw things from dire, eden and yunyin, who i linked to their works. i also saw a few things from @australet789 and @ferisae and a few others i am not sure on their repost stance.

they kinda…tried to credit some??? but not that hard. i mean lookit this tag on austra’s art :’D

Imagine a nervous Yoongi fretting over Jin’s (already totally packed) bags, worrying about him leaving for the Jungle…. 

“You sure you have enough socks Jinnie, how many socks did you take, I only see 20 pairs here, you’ve gotta keep your feet dry remember that - that’s the most important part…” 

“Yoongi, you silly, I have another few stuffed in the corners there, It’ll be fine…”

“Ok, I know, but …how about sunscreen and medicine, that stuff you take for your stomach when you eat something that doesn’t agree with you, and you have headache medicine right, and - do you think you have room for this little first aid kit…”

“Gigi,…you know the crew will have first aid kits, I’m sure everything will be ok…”

“I’m just gonna miss you, Jinnie, gonna have to go cuddle with Namjoon if I get cold - get my head snored off..”

“I’m not gone yet gigi…you can cuddle with me now..”

And so he does.  

5SOS Preference #3: Family (His Point Of View)
  • Calum Hood: "Whoa! Slow down, tiger." I say as I scoop up my two year old boy, Ryder, into my arms.
  • He giggles as he wraps his little arms around my neck while I walk into the kitchen.
  • "What's for lunch today, huh?" I ask out loud as I open the pantry with my open hand.
  • "We got Mac 'n Cheese." I smile but Ryder shakes his head very quickly.
  • "Nuh uh." He says.
  • "Okay..." I say before searching again.
  • "How about-"
  • "I got us McDonalds." A familiar voice says behind me.
  • I turn around and smile at my beautiful (Y/N), who is just glowing with pregnancy.
  • She sets the McDonald's bags on the counter.
  • "Mama!" My son squeals once he see's his mom, trying to wiggle out of my reach.
  • I laugh before setting him down and watch him run to (Y/N).
  • She kneels down and opens her arms out for him.
  • "There's my little man." She says while wrapping her arms around Ryder.
  • I smile as I watch them.
  • "Did you get me nuggets?" He asks, pulling away.
  • "Sure did." She says then kisses his cheek before getting up slowly.
  • "How about you go sit down," I say to Ryder as I walk to them. "While I make your plate, okay bud?"
  • He nods his head before storming into the dining room.
  • I grab (Y/N)'s hands in mine.
  • "Hello my love." I say before kissing her.
  • "Mmmm, hello Calum." She says, breathlessly with her eyes closed.
  • "How was your appointment?"
  • "It was good." She says with a smile.
  • "It was just 'good?'"
  • I laugh as I open the food's bag and start pulling out Ryder's fries and nuggets. She opens the other bag and starts pulling out food also.
  • "Yeah. It's just the uh same old check up on the baby." She says as she eats a fry.
  • "Well good." I say before walking to the fridge to grab the ketchup. "Everything's going alright?"
  • "Everything's wonderful." I hear (Y/N) say.
  • I close the door once I grappled the ketchup.
  • "I'm very glad to hear." I say as I squirt ketchup onto the plate.
  • "Mama! Dada! Nuggets!" Ryder shouts.
  • She laughs before grabbing his plate and walking out to our son.
  • "Here's your lunch, my prince!" I hear her say as I start grabbing out our food.
  • Ryder mumbles something that I can't understand. I bet his mouth is stuffed with a nugget.
  • "Baby?" I hear my bride call for me.
  • "Yes?" I say while squirting ketchup on my plate and hers.
  • "Can you grab Ry's toy? It's in our food bag."
  • I put my hand inside the bag and pull out some napkins and two toys.
  • Two toys?
  • I look at them both. One's a teenage mutant ninja turtle and one's a hello kitty.
  • Weird. We usually never get two toys.
  • "Uh...(Y/N)?" I ask as I walk out to the the dining room.
  • She sits next to Ryder, who is inhaling his lunch, but turns her head towards me.
  • "Did you ask for two toys?"
  • I hold to up the two toys for her to see.
  • She smirks.
  • "Calum," she says as she gets up. "The turtle is for Ryder and the kitten is for our new addition."
  • My eyes go wide and I instantly smile.
  • "A girl?" I whisper before wrapping my arms around her waist.
  • (Y/N) nods and kisses my lips.
  • "Ryder!" I say after pulling away.
  • He lifts his head up, his cheeks puffed out.
  • "You're gonna have a sister!" My wife and I say together, excitedly.
  • But we get a groan in return but we laugh.
  • Ashton Irwin: "Like this, watch daddy." I say to my son, Austin, as I pat on the pot with a beat with my youngest son, Jacob, sitting between my legs.
  • "Now you try." I say before handing it to him.
  • Austin starts banging on it, hard.
  • All three of us are sitting on the kitchen floor with pots, pans, spoons and wooden spoons surrounding us.
  • My three year old giggles at his five year old brother's actions.
  • "I'm a rockstar!" Austin shouts while banging harder.
  • "Yeah you are." I say with a laugh before grabbing a wooden spoon and a plastic bowl. "Now use these two."
  • I hand them over to him and he starts to pound again.
  • "I try." Jacob says while reaching over and grabbing a metal spoon.
  • I place a metal pot in front of him and he pats the pot gently.
  • I lean back on my hands, smiling proudly at my little musicians.
  • I'm glad it's entertaining them.
  • "Jakey, can I try?" Austin asks his brother if he could borrow his pot and spoon.
  • "What do you say?" I ask Austin.
  • "Please?"
  • Jacob holds his pot and spoon close to him.
  • "Nooo." He says.
  • "But Jacob." My eldest whines.
  • "Nooo."
  • "You have to share, Jacob." I say, sternly.
  • He pouts and then gives the pot and spoon to his brother.
  • "Thank you." Austin says before making loud noise.
  • "Here you go, bud." I say before placing a plastic bowl in front of Jacob and handing him a spoon.
  • Banging fills the kitchen again.
  • "I'm making a song daddy." Austin says, patting the pan softly.
  • "It sounds good!"
  • "What's going on here?" I hear (Y/N) ask.
  • The banging suddenly stops and I turn my head.
  • She stands with her hands on her hips and her hair wrapped up in a towel.
  • "We're making music, mommy!" Jacob says, excitedly.
  • "You are?" She asks with a smile.
  • The boys nod their heads.
  • "Soon, we're gonna be like daddy!" Austin chirps.
  • "That's great."
  • "But we're gonna be better than daddy." Jacob says while nodding his head, being completely serious.
  • "Really?" My wife says, trying not to laugh.
  • My boys all nod their heads again.
  • "Well alright. I'll let you guys get back to working. But please, keep the noise down a little."
  • "Okay mommy." Austin says.
  • "You got it, dude." Jacob says with a thumbs up.
  • (Y/N) smiles yet again, giving them a wink.
  • Then the boys start rocking again.
  • She then leaves the kitchen but I get up and follow her.
  • "You're crazy, Irwin." My wife says, obviously knowing that I'm following her.
  • "I know I am but they're really entertained." I say with a smile.
  • She turns around.
  • "You made a big mistake now." She says. "Because that's all they're gonna wanna do."
  • "I know and I'm sorry." I say before kissing her lips.
  • "Uh huh. And I hope I'm not the one picking up that mess in there Ashton."
  • "You won't. We'll pick it up." I whisper to (Y/N).
  • "Okay."
  • Then we kiss again and then the drumming stops.
  • "Austin!" I hear Jacob whine.
  • "Boys," I shout after pulling away. "You better share or no more music time."
  • "But daddy!" Austin cries.
  • Michael Clifford: "Boys, listen to daddy alright?" I kneel down to my two, four year old boys so that we're all face to face.
  • "We gotta be extra careful when we see mommy and Aubrey, okay?" I ask looking back and forth at my two twins.
  • "And quiet too?" Nick asks.
  • "Very quiet. Understand?"
  • Zach and Nick nod their heads.
  • "Good. Now let's go see your sister and mama."
  • I get up and hold both of my hands out to them, they each take a hand.
  • We walk into the hospitals sliding doors and go into an elevator.
  • "Is nana and pop pop coming?" Zach asks, looking up at me while the elevator goes up.
  • I nod my head and he shrieks.
  • "Uncle Cal and uncle Ash?" Nick asks, politely.
  • "Don't forget uncle Luke!" Zach says pointing his index finger at his brother.
  • I chuckle.
  • "They'll come later on." I say.
  • Then the elevator doors open up.
  • "This way." I say while turning us to the left.
  • Once we arrive to (Y/N)'s hospital room, I look down to my boys.
  • "You ready?"
  • They both nod their heads quickly.
  • "Mommy!" The boys whisper loudly once I opened the door. They ran to her bed side.
  • "There they are." My bride says groggily, kissing each of their heads.
  • "I missed you two so much."
  • "Where is she? Where is she?" Zach asks, jumping with excitement.
  • "She's coming, don't you two worry. Come and sit with me."
  • I walk over to them and grab Nick and set him next to (Y/N) and then Zach and set him next to her on her other side.
  • She takes each of their hands in hers.
  • "Oh and hello Michael." She smiles at me.
  • I smile and kiss her lips, getting an "ewww" from Nicholas and Zachary.
  • "Hello baby." I whisper.
  • "Mr. and Mrs. Clifford?" A voice says behind me.
  • I turn around and smile brightly at the nurse who's holding Aubrey.
  • "Whoa." I hear Zach whisper in awe.
  • I walk to her and reach for my little sunshine.
  • "Thank you." I say as I take her in my arms, cradling her.
  • She smiles and then leaves.
  • Aubrey sleeps peacefully in her pink blanket. She has on a tiny pink beanie on her little head.
  • "Hello my angel."
  • I kiss her forehead and then turn around gently for the boys to see.
  • I walk over to the bed and hand her over to (Y/N).
  • "She's so pretty." Nick whispers while watching his mom place her into her arms.
  • "And so tiny." Zach says.
  • The twins eyes never leave their sister.
  • (Y/N) smiles down at Aubrey and then up at me.
  • I smile at her.
  • "You guys like her?" I say after a few minutes of them staring.
  • I walk over to them and watch her also.
  • "I love her!" Zach says before placing a soft kiss on her head.
  • "She's a keeper." Nick says while looking up to me and nodding his head.
  • Luke Hemmings: "I found my sweet escape when I'm alone with you." I whisper-sing to my two month old baby girl.
  • Ella watches me as she blinks heavily. She's trying so hard to stay awake.
  • I chuckle lowly before kissing her soft cheek.
  • "You're not gonna give up, are you?" I ask and she squirms.
  • I sway side to side slowly, trying to make her fall asleep. Her sleepy wailing woke me up and I immediately came in to check on my princess.
  • "Go to sleep, sweetheart." I whisper to her.
  • Ella's eyelids start to droop even more and then they fully close.
  • I smile, proud of myself that I got her to finally sleep.
  • I keep swaying just in case she wakes up.
  • "She asleep?" I hear a whisper behind me.
  • I turn around slowly and find my (Y/N) leaning on the door post.
  • I smile at her and nod.
  • She walks over to me to check on our daughter.
  • "She's so beautiful." She says before kissing her head. "I love her to pieces."
  • "I hope she's a daddy's girl." I whisper while looking at my baby.
  • (Y/N) sighs.
  • "They always are."
  • I try not to laugh.
  • Ella starts to squirm a little, she makes a whimpering noise but her eyes are still closed.
  • "Shhh." I say softly to her. "Daddy's here."
  • "So is mama." My wife says with a smile.
  • "Quit being so jealous." I say to her, playfully.
  • (Y/N) shrugs.
  • We watch our little pumpkin after a few moments before laying her down in her crib.
  • "Goodnight my love." I whisper while taking (Y/N)'s hand.
  • Ella sighs happily.
  • "I want more." I say after I breathe in.
  • "What?"
  • Her grip tightens on my hand.
  • "Not now but later." I say before looking at her.
  • "Of course." She says before kissing my hand.
  • "Just think about all the other beautiful babies we'll make." I say as I lean in.
  • I peck her lips.
  • "I know but let's just worry about what we have now."
  • I nod my head.
  • "But we'll defiantly have more?"
  • "Yes, Luke." (Y/N) says before I kiss her again.
  • Man, do I love my girls.
Song Lyrics Starters
  • "Shoot me down, but I won't fall. I am titanium!"
  • "Put to rest what you thought of me."
  • "Can't you see I'm a fool in so many ways."
  • "I drove all night to get to you."
  • "I wanna hold you high and steal your pain."
  • "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me."
  • "Your love feels different.."
  • "You came in like a wrecking ball."
  • "So you wanna play with magic?"
  • "After all, we're only human."
  • "Your voice was all I heard."
  • "You don't have to be afraid of what you are."
  • "I want your everything as long as it's free."
  • "No one else has ever made me open up my eyes."
  • "Just be nice to the gentlemen, [...], and they'll be nice to you."
  • "There's a fine line between love and hate."
  • "You caught me under false pretenses."
  • "Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air."
  • "Ain't it fun living in the real world?"
  • "Did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?"
  • "As much as I'd like the past not to exist... It still does."
  • "Say anything you want, but talk will get you nowhere."
  • "I have loved your for a thousand years."
the signs leaving
  • Aries: They simply say bye and leave in a straightforward manner. If they're angry at you, you'll see a trail of fire behind them.
  • Taurus: They won't leave until they're bored of cuddling with you or you bribe them with food.
  • Gemini: They're mentally signed out already. Who knows where they are. Do you know? I don't. Who knows.
  • Cancer: They'll finally say bye after hugging you for only like ten thousand years lol
  • Virgo: Doesn't leave until everything is sparkling like their future.
  • Libra: They actually leave when they tell you to but that's only because they don't wanna piss you off, lol
  • Scorpio: They can't move from a certain dark corner for some reason and they flash their scary eyes at you so you don't bother. They'll leave eventually.
  • Sagittarius: They don't even say bye, they just leave with a mess behind!! So reckless!! Ahh!!!
  • Capricorn: They never came. They were busy doing other "important" things.
  • Aquarius: Leaves by UFO. Eats a stick of celery. Abducts a dog while they're at it.
  • Pisces: They kinda just float away like a dandelion lol

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They'll kill everyone? Well, if they do decide to do that, how do you know they're not going to kill you? If it's not Chara, they'll have no emotional attachments to you to spare you. And if it is Chara, like you said, they'd be empty inside like you and you killed the mini Chara, what's to say they won't kill you?

That “mini Chara”… I didn’t feel this way toward them. They could never replace the real Chara.

… I hope they commit, after this reset. I want to play with them again. I want to go to the surface with them.

And I’m sure they do, too. They’re just making sure they haven’t missed anything first.

You’re the one that I love, and I’m saying goodbye - Brooke & Lucas Fanmix

Little things - One direction // Pretending - Glee // Say Something - A great big world ft Christina Aguleria // What can i say - Carrie Underwood // The way I loved you - Selena Gomez // The hardest thing - Tose Proeski // Mockingbird - Rob Thomas // Lost forever - Guggenheim Grotto // Always be my baby - Mariah Carey // What if - Kate Winslet // Wasn’t it good - Tina Arena // In another life - The Veronicas // Broken Strings - James Morrison & Nelly Furtado // Last kiss - Taylor Swift // Suburn - Ed Sheeran // The hardest thing - Tyler Ward // Last dance - Camera Can’t Lie // Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson // Happy ending - Mika 

in response to this, because who doesn’t want to see their fave suffer ahahah aha ha i’m sorry

  • kenma graduates high school as vice captain of the volley team
  • he makes it into his top choice university
  • it’s not the one kuroo is at
  • kuroo helps kenma move into his dorm
  • it’s the first time kenma is alone in a new environment
  • they hug for a very long time
  • kuroo constantly checks his phone in case kenma sends SOS
  • kenma joins some clubs at kuroo’s insistence
  • most surprising to himself, kenma makes new friends
  • their schedules don’t match for meetups 
  • but that’s okay, they skype every night
  • until they don’t
  • weeks go by, and their messages trickle to a stop
  • kuroo sees kenma’s doing fine on social media
  • that’s good enough for him
  • they see each other for the first time in months when they both return home
  • kenma’s hair is longer, his smile easier to appear
  • “uni’s treating you well, i see”
  • “yeah. i made new friends.”
  • kuroo gives his best friend his best smile
  • he doesn’t say that it’s strange to not be needed anymore
  • he doesn’t say that he’d missed him a heck of a lot
  • he doesn’t need to
  • kenma says it for the both of them
  • they share stories deep into the night until they’re both crying
  • kuroo receives a message on his first day back to school
  • “kuro will always be my best friend”
1989 starter sentences
  • "Welcome to New York."
  • "Everybody here was someone else before."
  • "But you know you wouldn't change anything."
  • "I could show you incredible things."
  • "Oh my God, who is she?"
  • "I can make the bad guys good for a weekend."
  • "Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed as a daydream."
  • "You can tell me when it's over if the high was worth the pain."
  • "They'll tell you I'm insane."
  • "All you had to do was stay."
  • "You've got that James Dean daydream look in your eyes."
  • "I've heard you been out and about with some other girl."
  • "Are we in the clear yet?"
  • "I go on too many dates, but I can't make them stay."
  • "There's a fella over there with some hella good hair."
  • "I miss you too much to be mad anymore."
  • "I wish you were right here, right now."
  • "You always knew how to push my buttons."
  • "Say you'll see me again, even if it's just in your wildest dreams."
  • "He's so bad but he does it so well."
  • "No one has to know what we do."
  • "You know, it used to be mad love."
  • "We've got problems, and I don't think we can solve them."
  • "Band-Aids don't fix bullet holes."
  • "You said sorry just for show."
  • "I want you for worse or for better."
  • "That's how you get the girl."
  • "This love is bad."
  • "I never dreamed of this."
  • "They are the hunters, we are the foxes."
  • "I know places we won't be found."
  • "I think I'm finally clean."
  • "I punched a hole in the roof."
  • "10 months sober, I must admit."