and they would be so cute

so i asked my cute professor that im in lov with if he would write a letter of recommendation for me if i gave him my resume n said he would do it WITHOUT a resume based on the things hes observed and he said he thinks i am rly mature and that hes “””thoroughly impressed””” with me overall and i cried real life human tears

concept: Damian Wayne’s favourite show/movie being a really childish cartoon one, like Spongebob, Dora the Explorer or the even the more stereotypical Frozen.

the batkids are all ??? because they thought Damian would be so into the action, assassin/killing movies but instead he really, genuinely enjoys cartoons and cartoon movies and it’s the cutest thing they ever see (even Tim can’t deny that it’s cute).


You’re children w/ Namjoon, Jungkook, Yoongi, Jin, and Hobi

This is just some random fluff because I’ve suddenly developed baby fever and it was killing me 😩 I didn’t do all members because I couldn’t find any pictures that would fit and also i’m too lazy I should’ve been gone to bed. Goodnight loves 💗

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How would alpaca! Fushimi do in Homra? (Bonus: Anna and Sarupaca bonding) Thanks!

If Mikoto was chill with a horse in the bar I bet he’d be equally chill with an alpaca. So maybe the Turns-People-Into-Alpacas Strain hits Fushimi while he’s in Homra and Yata gets to be the one leading cute fluffy grumpy Sarupaca in the bar. Imagine Kusanagi’s sitting there cleaning the bar and then the bell above the door rings, he looks up to see Yata sheepishly peeking in the door. Kusanagi’s wondering why Yata’s hovering in the doorway and asks him how the mission he and Fushimi were on went, Yata’s like ‘um, yeah, the mission…’ and he gives this nervous laugh. Kusanagi raises an eyebrow and Yata tells him that one of the guys they were fighting was a Strain and Saruhiko got hit. Kusanagi looks worried as he asks if Fushimi’s all right and Yata gives another nervous laugh as he tugs on the lead rope in his hands and leads the world’s gloomiest alpaca inside. Kusanagi’s like ‘Wait, that’s not…’ Yata just nods and adds that Saruhiko’s kinda thirsty and what do you think about giving cola to an alpaca.

So for the rest of the day Yata keeps Fushimi in the bar, Kusanagi’s not thrilled with that but it’ll be easier to handle him there than at Yata’s apartment. All day Homra members keep coming and going and everyone has a double take moment as they greet the Homra Trio and Yata and then spot the alpaca, look away, realize what they just saw and look back. It gets to the point where Kusanagi’s just sighing like 'Fushimi and Yata-chan had a run-in with a Strain’ and everyone’s like oh. Totsuka finds the whole thing hilarious, like he just wants to sit and play with the alpaca forever. He probably starts thinking of a list of alpaca-related hobbies and Kusanagi has to be like no, no one is riding on Fushimi’s back and you’re especially not going to do it in my bar. Yata’s a little nervous that Fushimi’s going to end up turned into alpaca flambe by Mikoto, because every time Mikoto tries to lie down to take a nap Fushimi wanders over and starts eating his hair. Totsuka finds it hilarious, especially when Fushimi does it at one point while Mikoto’s asleep and Mikoto wakes up with his hair sticking up in a hundred different directions and held in place with alpaca spit. Yata ends up as alpaca keeper for the day and probably gets annoyed at how Fushimi will be nuzzling his face one moment and trying to bite him the next. Plus feeding him is a chore, Yata tries to give him some vegetables from the fridge but Sarupaca is the world’s pickiest alpaca and requires gourmet dishes only, Yata’s wondering about whether or not you can feed steak to an alpaca. Anna totally loves Fushimi though, like he’s skittish around Mikoto and standoffish around just about everyone else except Yata but he’s completely docile for Anna, leaning down to let her pet him and nuzzling her a little and she loves him. Maybe the Strain power lasts a while too and Anna doesn’t want to make Saruhiko sleep in the cold bar so she convinces Kusanagi to let him sleep with her, at first Kusanagi’s like Anna-chan I don’t think that’s a good idea but Anna keeps looking at him with the cutest determined face. Finally Mikoto shrugs, gets up, and proceeds to drag an utterly terrified Fushimi alpaca up the stairs, depositing him in Anna’s room where he just stands there shaking for like ten minutes before she comes up and calms him down.

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Rfa+V+Saeran react to a surprise birthday party mc made for them? With cake and balloons (I feel like saeran would have an ice cream cake XD)


  • He was truly surprised
  • he had been so caught up in rehearsals for his new play he had honestly forgotten it was even his birthday
  • when he walked into his place he screamed
  • like a little girl
  • he hadn’t been expecting anyone at his home aside from you
  • when he calmed down and realized what was going on he was all smiles
  • and taking selfies with everyone
  • and smothering you in affection
  • “Mccccccc you’re so cute! You did all this for me, awwwww!”


  • he was expecting you to at least tell him happy birthday
  • but you had acted like it was just a normal day
  • he was a little hurt but didn’t say anything
  • he didn’t want to make you feel bad for forgetting
  • so he went to school, giving you plenty of time to set everything up
  • when he got home, he couldn’t stop smiling
  • all of RFA and some of his guild members were there
  • “you didn’t forget..”
  • “i could never forget anything about you Yoosung, let alone your birthday silly”


  • he didn’t celebrate his birthday
  • didn’t see the appeal of it
  • he was too busy with work and spending time with you to worry about celebrating
  • he wanted to celebrate just the two of you anyways
  • but when you started being a little secretive he figured it out fairly quickly
  • but he didn’t say anything, he knew how hard you were working to hide it from him
  • he practiced his ‘surprised’ face in the mirror to try to make it believable ]
  • it wasn’t
  • he wasn’t expecting you to have borrowed 50+ kittens for him to play with though
  • he had fun at the party, a smile never leaving his face


  • she hadn’t celebrated her birthday since her parents passed
  • it just didn’t feel right to her
  • you respected that, and instead of a party you did something a little different
  • you drew her a bubble bath, made her favorite meal, and moved the TV into the bathroom 
  • so you could both watch Zen’s plays while relaxing
  • when she saw everything you had done for her, she teared up a little bit
  • “i love you so much MC, thank you”


  • he knew
  • he hacked into your phone when you started locking it as soon as he got close
  • he trusted you weren’t cheating or anything he is just a curious little shit
  • he didn’t say anything though
  • just started dropping little jokes that hinted at what you had planned earlier that day
  • “what do you call it when you mix honey buddah chips with cake?”
  • “u-uh what?”
  • “delicious”
  • i didnt say they were good jokes
  • he enjoyed every minute of the party though


  • he thought you were leaving him at first
  • you were suddenly too busy to hang out with him
  • “mc if you want to leave just tell me, you don’t have to pretend to love me anymore”
  • he was teary eyed and it broke your heart
  • “you idiot im not leaving you! i love you, i was trying to plan a surprise party for your birthday”
  • “…oh”
  • he would feel bad for ruining the surprise but he was also too happy that you weren’t leaving to care but so much
  • he smiled more than you ever had seen him smile around the other members though
  • and you totally bought two cakes so he could have an entire ice cream cake to himself
  • he got his other present after everyone left ;)

I’m not good at writing for V so i just skipped him, im sorry! 


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not so smooth vld headcanons: lance is the most thoughtful paladin by far but he's extremely forgetful about little things like he would lose his key's to his dorm in the garrison like every other week and he'd constantly forget assignments but he will never forget things that are important to him like his friends birthdays or how they like their chipotle or what theyre allergic to or what they wanted to be when they were 5 years old but yeah the kid needs a tracking device for everything

i’m crying this is so cute yes yes yes

lance is always the first one to text his friends on their birthdays, he makes them hand made cards as well

BTS Reaction-Loosing a bet (18+)

Yes when I make dirty reactions for BTS I find it really fun trying to find all the gifs I need, it weirdly makes me happy…..I need help lol :-)

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners

Jin:  You two had made a bet on weather or not he would score an A on his test.  When he did you admitted defeat and asked him what he wanted.  He looked at you with his eyes and said “you know what I want noona.”

Suga:  You two had bet that he couldn’t get two songs written by the weekend so when he handed you three you were surprised.  He just looked at you and told you to slowly take off that cute shirt that you are wearing so he could admire your twins first.

J-Hope:  He had bet you that you couldn’t stay quiet longer then him.  When you lost he would text you to see him in his room where he would be laying down and asked you to be on top for once.

Rap Mon:  He bet you that you couldn’t go a week without looking at Tumblr.  When you lost, he would bring you into the studio room and tell you to do a dirty strip tease for him.  He would intensly watch you the entire time until he decided to touch you.

Jimin:  You had bet him that you could go a whole day without talking to him.  You couldn’t stand it and sent him a text.  He told you to come and meet him.  You saw him standing there with his lollipop in his mouth.  “This lollipop is you later noona.”  He’d say with a smirk.

Tae: He had bet you that you couldn’t go a few days without watching Youtube videos of them.  When he caught you watching “N.O.” he would smile and say “Noona you lost now take your punishment.”  He’d push you lower as he made a happy face.

Kookie:  He bet you that you couldn’t go one day without mentioning his age to him.  When you did one day by accident his dark and seductive side would come out.  He’d pick you up and lay you on the bed where you’d let him have his way with you.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
**Request box is open.**
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Attention (Newt!Jealous X Reader)

Originally posted by sparklingnifflers

Anonymous asks: Would you mind writing a thing where you’re trying to get Newt’s attention and doing crazy suggestive things and then finally when you think he’s completely ignoring you bc of his book writing he surprises you with kisses and fluff? Btw ur writing is perfect.

Warnings: this story will be slightly spicy, but no smut. Nothing too crazy, to all my wonderful followers who don’t enjoy smut. And Oh so fluffy.

You were growing frustrated. You had been trying to get Newt’s attention for the last week. But he had been extremely involved with writing his book, and every time you tried getting his attention, you couldn’t help but feel extremely rude or bad about it.

You gave a great sigh, looking out the window that showed the restless city of New York.

Queenie heard your disheartened sigh and said gently, “It’s okay, honey, Newt can’t be writing forever.”

When you realized what Queenie said, it didn’t really improve your mood. “Sure he won’t,” you mumbled back, wishing Queenie would keep her mind reading to herself.

Queenie walked over to you and sat down. “You need to get his attention,” she started out. She gave you a sisterly look and took your hand, as if holding hands was supposed to magically make it all better.

“I’ve tried Queenie…” You grumbled in annoyance. Sometimes it was hard being madly in love with that man. For one thing, you were aware he fancied you, it was painfully obvious, but the two of you were both too shy to admit it. The two of you were such close friends, but lately Newt had been working hard on his book. Some days you didn’t even see him.

“No, honey, you need to get his attention…” Queenie said again. You were confused, but caught on quickly when Queenie began wiggling her eyebrows and biting her lip, giving a slight nod.

You flushed. He wasn’t even your man. The thought of acting in a slightly scandalous manner was unthinkable. “Q-Queenie…”

“Look, even if I hadn’t read you twos mind, I would have known you liked each other. One of you needs to finally make a move and nows your chance,” Queenie said, letting go of your hand and giving you a slight stern motherly look.

“What am I going to do?!” You questioned, slowly letting yourself be persuaded by Queenie’s skilled talking.

Queenie thought about it and then leaned in, whispering something in your ears. Your. Face. Turned. Very. Red. “Uhh…” You murmured, covering your face. “Maybe this isn’t a good idea.”

Queenie’s face went stony. “Look, honey, you can either finally level up with Newt or stay in the same awkward friend zone, your choice.”

“Okay! Okay!” You said desperately. You looked down the hall where Newt’s room was.

Queenie beamed and gave you a quick hug, “That’s my girl!”

Attempt 1

You climbed down the latter that lead you into Newt’s small shed. You smiled at Newt, who’s back was to you and was hunched over. “Hey… Newt?”

Newt turned to you and gave you a wave. “Hullo, Y/N!” He said, giving you a smile.

You walked up to Newt. “I got this new dress, would you mind lacing me up? I can’t reach the lace,” you said, turning around and moving your hair out of the way.

“I suppose I could,” Newt said innocently, completely missing the point. He began hastily lacing your dress up with nimble fingers. It only took him a couple seconds and when he was done with that, he sat back down to study his writing.

“Thanks,” you said flatly, walking away dejected and slightly embarrassed.

Right as you left you neglected to hear Newt say, “You look ravishing, by the way.”

Attempt 2

You were playing with the niffler when you piped up, “The niffler is pretty cute. Kinda like you.”

Newt lifted his head and looked at you, raising an eyebrow. “Are you saying I look like a niffler?”

You smirked back. “Nah, you’re much cuter than one,” you replied quick wittily.

Newt gave you a slightly puzzled look. “I’m glad you think I look better than a niffler? I would say most people do.” He turned back to his papers. Again.

You huffed in annoyance and turned your attention back to the niffler.

Attempt 3

“Newt, would you mind unlacing my dress? I’ve done all the shopping today and I want out of this dress, please,” you asked gently, once more turning your back.

Newt stood up and began to unlace your dress. “Why not ask Tina?” Newt asked.

You were slightly hurt. Did he really not want you around? You gave a slightly shiver when you felt Newt’s hand brush up against your bare back ever so slightly. “All done,” he said, sitting down again and picking up a quill pen.

Attempt 4

“Newt. Since your my friend I have an important question to ask you,” you started once more. You hoped Newt didn’t hate you.

Being incredibly patient, Newt calmly replied back, “Yes?”

“A guy from MACUSA asked me out and I wanted to know your opinion. Should I go out with him?” You asked him innocently.

You could see Newt’s head rise up from his papers. He turned around to you and fumbled with his words. “If you’d like to. Only if you want to, that is…”

You began to grow frustrated and were about to go to the extreme.

Final attempt.

You had asked Queenie for a flattering dress, and some nice smelling perfume. Queenie did your hair, making it elegant and sticking little flowers in your hair. The dress she gave you was a little more sultry and revealing than what you were comfortable with, but Queenie had insisted.

You went down into Newt’s case one last time. “Newt, do I look okay? I’m a little bit nervous.”

Newt turned around to look at you. You gave a little twirl for him. Newt frowned. “Y/N… Are you sure you want to wear that in public?” Newt questioned. There was a slight hint of concern in Newt’s voice. “I just don’t want you to… get hurt.”

You sauntered up to Newt. “Is that so?” You questioned innocently, giving him a puzzled look.

Newt stood up and ran his fingers through his hair and chose his words carefully. “I don’t… think you’re right for him, to be brutally honest,” he paused and then continued. “But it’s your choice.”

“Newt. I’m not going out with him. There is no him. I just… I’ve been trying to get your attention because… I miss having time with you. I miss you showing me your creatures. We’ve barely even spoken to each other…” You finally blurted out, not being able to take it anymore. You were growing upset and all flustered now. “So Queenie and I thought of ways to get your attention, but none of them really worked. I really miss you…”

You knew you sounded like a whiny fussbudget, but it was the truth and you were tired of playing games. You just wanted Newt back.

Newt rubbed his chin thoughtfully. You waited for him to sit down and start working or worse, kick you out of his suitcase. What happened next surprised you.

He cupped your face in his hands and pressed his lips against yours, slowly maneuvering you to the wall and pushing you up against it. His lips were slightly chapped and rough as he kissed you.

You couldn’t really believe this was all happening, but you allowed yourself to melt away between the wall and Newt.

“Is this the attention you wanted?” Newt questioned, pulling back a little and breathing hard.

Gasping for air you nodded. “This dress is awful itchy…” You slowly said.

Newt gave a slight amused look. He picked you up bridal style and said in amusement, “Let me guess, you need me to unzip it for you…?”


Other fanfics

Courage, A Fancy for You, Beast Week


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could you pls do a hc of tsukishima having a crush on the shy chubby and cute girl from his class, who's also kinda clumsy and insecure so she's doesn't even notice that he has a crush on her?

Like this is SO cute I’m dead - Admin Hope

Tsukishima Kei

  • Kei would totally make fun of her to Yamaguchi at first, saying stuff like because she is so clumsy he automatically lumped her in with being dumb and is always like ‘how is she even in college prep class??’ 
  • Yamaguchi always responding with ‘Tsukki that isn’t very nice you know.’ but never saying anything more than that
  • Tsukishima would respond with, ‘Well just look at her!’ and point dramatically over to her but all she was doing was taking notes from someone else notebook and concentrating very hard on her work
  • Kei’s eyes would kind of widen and just be like ‘shit she’s actually pretty cute.’
  • Literally from that day onward he like hasn’t stopped thinking about her, even outside of school and he hates it so much, he hates having a crush
  • Only Yamaguchi and Suga knowing because well Yamaguchi was there when he whispered it under his breath and I can actually see Kei going to Suga for help
  • Not popular but a lot of people love her, because although she is shy she is super super kind and friendly
  • She trips a lot and forgets her books at home sooo many times even she’s lost count
  • She very well knows that Kei is in her class, but all she ever sees him do is listen to music and tell Hinata and Kageyama to go away
  • She also knows that he rejects a lot of confessions from girls and she probably secretly thinks he is a dick or something
  • She knows and loves Yamaguchi though so when Kei found out that he had a crush on her Yamaguchi makes sure to spend even more time with her
  • Yamaguchi knows that she can be very insecure at times and doesn’t know how Kei’s insults will affect her if he does ever confess
  • Yama doesn’t want her to get upset with Kei because he knows that Kei never really means them in a hurtful manner
  • She stays in the classroom for lunch even though her friends always ask if she want to eat with them but she stays in the class anyway
  • Tsukishima sometimes wishes she would leave because then he wouldn’t have the urge to look back and steal glances at her while she is eating and reading some kind of shoujo manga
  • A lot of Kei looking really pissed with his hands pressed together and covering his mouth but all he is thinking of is ‘Fuck she is so cute why is she so cute? What is she doing to me?’
  • Hinata somehow finding out, it would happen don’t lie to me, and them somehow knowing each other from way back in like elementary school and middle school
  • Hinata being all ‘Tsukishima you like (Y/N)-chan I can go and talk to her for you, no worries!’ and Tsukishima having a panic attack because Hinata was already calling out her name
  • The girl being very confused and Kei overhears her call Hinata Sho-chan and he realizes how bad he wants a nickname from her and that he’s in too deep
  • Hinata flat out telling her that Tsukishima likes her alot but is too nervous to talk to her and her being beyond shocked at Hinata’s words and Hinata ending it with ‘Just think about it yeah?’ and walking away leaving her super confused and slightly flustered about the whole thing
  • Kei having the same reaction because after class she slams a paper on his desk that has her number on it and she mutters a ‘text me sometime.’ and leaves the classroom
Negan setting you up with Dwight would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Aaawwwww Dwight getting shy :3 and lol Negan being a fanboy XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original)

-Negan finding you two oddly cute together and feeling you both need to be rewarded for being so loyal to him

-Negan bragging to you about Dwight’s junk and how good he is in bed in such, only for you to look at him weird and for Dwight to come pull you away and apologize

-Negan making you both go on long runs together just to force you both to be together and hinting at Dwight that he should be getting it on with you

-Negan always interrupting whenever someone is flirting with you, saying he needs a word with them, only to threaten them that you’re Dwight’s already and that you’re off limits

-Negan looking through the goods Dwight had found while scavenging and taking whatever is “special”, either suggesting him to give it to you or straight make a gift out of it and making it seem it came directly from Dwight

-Negan calling you both to for a meeting and just making things uncomfortable by saying that you should both make out now

-Negan being rather obvious when he pushes you or Dwight onto one another when you would walk pass by him together

-Negan putting either of you in danger, only to taunt and make you help one another and get so worried you would hug each other

-Negan just having talks about how good you both look together as he walks in between you both with his arms on each of your shoulders

-The two of you actually liking each other but thinking that Negan is just playing around so not acting upon it until he sets you both a night alone

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can you do a vernon headcanon on how he would be as a dad if that makes sense idek

parent!Vernon i was about to write daddy!Vernon and i was like sHIT NOPE

  • vernon’s going to be the cutest!! dad!!! eva!! 
  • the first time he’s probably going to take all your baby books and binge read them on the couch whenever he’s home from work, with a glass of white wine in a a whiskey tumbler in his spongebob pajama pants
  • second trimester in he has subconsciously monitored the baby’s sleeping and playtime habits so regardless of whether he’s in public or private, he’ll press his ear to your belly at the right moment on sched:
  • “vernon shut up we’re in a goddamn mcdonalds pls control” 
  • if it’s a boy he’ll call him “lil vernie” until the day comes 
  • regardless of the gender vernon’s going to love his baby anyway BECAUSE IT’S A BABY and it’s HIS how cute is it #proudpapa
  • whenever he has time to play with the baby
  • you best believe
  • he’s going to carry his baby to the high heavens in his arms, bring them up to the sky and pretend he’s rafiki from da lion king
  • will get him and his baby matching snapbacks, sneakers and baseball caps imagine vernon rollin up with the stroller in matchin ray bans
  • and will make sure his baby knows english and rapping 
  • vernon loves tummy time, especially because he and the baby can lay around all day in that super duper comfy quilt godfather seungkwan got 
  • IMAGINE him snuggling with his lil giggly baby on the living room floor!! with his nose tucked in between his baby’s squishy cheeks and his smile is so big and beautiful like “wow this baby is ours and i love them with all my heart so this is how it feels like to love unconditionally” 
  • okay i think im tearing at how cute this is bye

Send me Seventeen Headcanons? 

Got7- Reaction to you being scared of dogs

Hope you like it anon

Request Open!

-Main Admin,M.

Mark: he would actually find it funny and cute that you were scared of dogs, so he would tease you about it.

¨ahh. y/n don´t worry the dog is not going to kill you¨

Originally posted by igotsxven

JB: in the outside he would be kind of serious but in the inside he would actually be dying of how much you looked like a little girl.


Originally posted by mintokkies

Jackson: ¨bish what?¨

Originally posted by hoseoker

 Jinyoung:  ¨but i wanted a dog¨

Originally posted by deanrbll

Youngjae: ¨but… does that mean you are scared of coco?¨

Originally posted by soulmatesjjp

 BamBam: ¨i´m still getting a dog, just so you know¨

Originally posted by kittenyeong

Yugyeom: ¨it´s okay y/n, i´m a cute doggie i don´t bite¨

Originally posted by yugyeomism