and they were worse than this

I see a lot of modern Reddie out there but the 80′s are so great you guys. Just imagine:

Ritchie giving Eddie a floppy disk with weird ass photos or cryptic texts. Eddie doesn’t own a computer, so he does nothing with it for years. Probably until somewhere in the early 90′s. It’s the thought that counts.

Actual, long phone calls. With the wired phones and the constant fear of having parents listen in on the conversation. Not Richie’s parents, because they were never that visible in his life, but Eddie’s mom listens in almost all the time. They probably develop their own nicknames and codewords so she doesn’t understand.

Eddie hates the arcade because it’s gross, but he goes to watch Richie play. He doesn’t really want to touch the machines, but Richie insists. He lets Eddie win and suffers through a whole summer of teasing about being worse than Eddie. 

Sneaking into the backdoor of the old cinema and watching terrible horror movies with the other losers (probably also sneakily holding hands in the dark, thinking the other losers won’t notice, but they do.)

Also Eddie being dedicated enough to sit in front of the radio with a recording cassette to catch all his favorite songs and make Richie a mixtape. Richie calls it lame. He listens to it all the time. 

I recently saw some long exchange about why Kylo Ren is just as deserving of a redemption arc as Darth Vader since his crimes were a lot less severe. Rather than touch the which-is-a-worse-human-being argument with a ten-foot pole, I’m going to talk about the Doylist reasons for a villain redemption arc.

Anakin Skywalker may have been the tragic protagonist of the PT, but as Darth Vader he was Luke’s foil antagonist. A foil is a character who contrasts with the protagonist in a way which serves to highlight certain of the protagonist qualities. Foil antagonists may have similar characteristics only taken to the extreme, or have a parallel journey. In the case of Darth Vader, he serves as Luke’s dark impulses made flesh. In ESB, Luke rejects and attempts to destroy this darkness. In RotS, he accepts the darkness within himself by accepting Vader, but ultimately chooses good. Vader likewise choosing good and saving Luke’s life serves as proof of the correctness of Luke’s choice. From a storytelling prospective, Vader’s redemption isn’t about him at all.

Like Vader, Kylo Ren in the ST is not the protagonist, but rather the foil antagonist. In The Force Awakens he’s set up primarily as Finn’s foil. Finn, with his dark skin and white armor, was raised in darkness, but rejected it in favor of love and light. Ren, with his light skin and black armor, was raised with the light, but rejected it in favor of darkness and power. It’s a parallel journey which serves to highlight how brave and strong and right Finn is. Based on the promos, The Last Jedi seems to be using Ren as a foil for Rey. Maybe by Episode 9, he’ll be Poe’s foil. The point is, as the foil antagonist, Kylo Ren will only get a redemption narrative if it somehow serves Finn, Rey, or Poe’s arc because that’s how stories work.

Whether you pray or believe in positive thoughts/vibes, I please ask for it all right now. It was worse than the surgeon anticipated and there were complications. He will be in the ICU for a couple days. The abscess was so bad that it was formed to his colon, bladder, and pelvis. It was so bad that the surgeon had difficulty removing it, and separating it from the organs it attached to. It was creating a hole from his bowel into his bladder, which they tried repairing the best they can and are monitoring it for leaks. They were able to remove part of the damaged intestine, but his bowel is currently beyond repair. So he will have a bag for the time being. Right now they have him sedated and on a ventilator with 2 drains in his pelvis because the focus is on taking care of the infection, 

He has a long road to recovery ahead of him, and I know he can do it. He is strong and stubborn, and I know we will all get through this. The doctor ordered a nurse in the ICU be strictly for his care, so that gives me a small sense of peace of mind. My mother and I were able to see him, even though he was sedated. I didn’t want to touch him because I was afraid to disturb him even though he was sedated. It was hard seeing him like that, with the ventilator and just knowing what he went through and everything to come.

All I ask is if you’d please keep my family in your thoughts. 

Paul Lahote - Too late

Paul Lahote x reader

Trigger warning: none


You and Paul had grown closer since you‘d moved to Forks a couple of months ago. He was one of your best friends and you appreciated his attention whenever he had time. Your feelings for him became stronger even though you knew that you were not the kind of girl he’d date. The girls he liked where confident and pretty, probably the exact opposite of you. Because of you not being confident, you never really looked into peoples eyes. And it was even worse with Paul since you had this huge crush on him.

One morning, it was raining outside and the drops of water pattert against your window, you received a call from your father. His voice seemed tired as he told you that you had to move again since his job demanded it. In less than 2 days your bags would be packed and you’d never see this house again.

A rush of sadness filled your whole body as you started to realize that you had to start all over again, had to meet all these new people and… Paul. Paul wouldn’t be there anymore.

But there was no way that you could stay, no way to stay with Paul. You weren’t sure how to tell him that you’d leave and it would probably make him angry, why you decided to keep it for yourself to enjoy the little time that you still had left.

You put your clothes on and head out the door, putting your headphones in as you approach the way to school.

As you arrived, Paul and the others boys were waiting in front of the school. You greeted them, trying to not let your sadness come through.

“(Y/N)”, Paul said as you reached him, bowing down and giving you a tight hug. Your heart began to beat faster and as if he could hear it, Seth asked “Are you alright (Y/N)?”.

Avoiding his eyes as always, you nodded and said that you were excited for history class. Since you were kind of a nerd, it seemed to convince him.

The day passed by slowly but being next to Paul in class made it enjoyable. Watching him laugh with the boys and being silly as he was, you realized that you didn’t have enough time left. You took all of your confidence and reached for Pauls arm and pulled on it. As he turned around you asked “Do you have time after school? We could hang out if you want to, we haven’t since a while and I thought maybe if you wa…”, “Sure, I missed hanging out with you, I can come to your place and we could play video games”, he interrupts me. Your heart began to pound again and it seemed as if it wanted to burst your rip cage.

After school both of you walked back to your place, laughing and talking about the day.

When you reached your house your eyes widend in shock as you saw the moving truck in front of it.

“Fuck”, you whispered and realized that your dad wanted to move faster than expected. Paul didn’t seem to realize what was happening and followed you into your house in which were still a few filled boxes of your furniture left.

Now Paul caught up with the situation. “(Y/N), what the hell, what is happening to your house?” His voice was concerned as you stood with your back to him. Tears started to roll down your cheeks and you started to sob uncontrollably. There was no time left.

Paul grabs you on your shoulders and spins you around to face him. For the first time you  look into his eyes. They were even more beautiful than you imagined. His forehead was scrunched in concern and when his gaze met yours, he seemed to freeze into place.

It seemed like a little forever that you both looked at eachother, not speaking a word. Your father arrived and impatient as he was, he grabed your wrist and pulled you over to his car. With Paul still looking after you, you were sat into the car, your father letting the engine roar.

You didn’t even protest, you had accepted the fact that you’d probably never see Paul again. It still hurt and tears run down your cheeks.

Paul still hadn’t moved and as you drove away, he became smaller and smaller until he vanished in the distance.

Sould I do a part 2???


I’m just going to rant for a min

I know people have it worse than me but I’m currently so mad I’m crying and I just need to vent. So my sister went to a 4 year private college that cost $30,000 a year plus she was in a sorority that cost extra. My parents paid for 100% of her schooling and took a second mortgage to help pay for it. I went to the same school for 3 semesters when I found out that my payments were all coming from loans that my parents took out in my name. I had to switch schools to doing it all online and working full time. I had to buy all my books and pay for whatever my loans couldn’t cover. My sister is now 24 and married and still doesn’t pay for her phone or car payment or car insurance while I’m paying $800 a month between bills and school. It’s a Wednesday night almost midnight and I’m picking up my trashed sister from a bar while I have finals tomorrow. I would love to be at home studying but my mom made it clear that her going to work in the morning is more important than me studying for my tests. If it were her at school before her finals they would have bought her tons of shit to help her study and even paid her for the grades she got on the finals. I was never treated that way. I’m fucking sick of families treating kids differently than others. Treat your children like equals. They are different but that doesn’t mean they should be treated any less.

Once again I know people have it worse but fuck I hate my family sometimes

So a while back, if you’ll all recall, I made a post about a stalker that was tweeting non stop at Sean and also making Signe seem like a bad person. She had disappeared for a while, but now she’s back and better worse than ever. She’s making edits of herself with Sean, she keeps calling Signe “Shitshu” and that Sean is in denial about Signe, because she is a better match for him than Signe is. She screams about how Sean is wasting his time and honestly, it’s starting to get out of hand to honestly a possible point of delusion as she’s even pretending to be on tour with him and the grumps. 

Her twitter handles are jasminevc5283 and PF_0003, where she uses both to have conversations with herself as if she were two different people. She also has an instagram the handle there being jasminejazzvc5283 where she sometimes tags pictures of herself to Sean in the hopes he’ll see them.  The best options I’ve found so far are to not engage her in any sort of confrontation, because it’s clear that she’s not listening and is in denial as to what she’s doing is wrong, and to report and block her accounts. I also thought, that both as a congratulations to Sean for two great tours, and to help cheer Signe up as well, we send plenty of love and appreciation their way because they both deserve it for being the wonderful people that they are! <3

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Could you do some headcanons about the main four with a ticklish s/o?

Originally posted by paladiknightleorio

  • Allen may seem innocent about figuring this out but. He is not.
  • He’s very sly about it, though. He pretends to have forgotten you were ticklish.
  • He tickles you a lot as long as you don’t tell him otherwise. It’s one of his ways of making you feel better.
  • If it bothers you, though, he’ll stop. He doesn’t want to make you upset or uncomfortable.

Originally posted by ogkillua

  • If there were ever a type that didn’t care, if would be Kanda.
  • He will not ever intentionally tickle you. He doesn’t see the appeal.
  • The first time he accidentally brushed your ticklish spot startled him. He just thought he brushed his hand against you and suddenly you’re laughing and trying to get away.
  • Your secret is safe with him, that’s for sure.

Originally posted by cronalover102

  • Lavi is worse than Allen, but he isn’t even trying to be sly about it.
  • Tickles you all the time. He likes seeing your face light up when you laugh. The sight and sound are beautiful to him.
  • His tickle sessions almost always lead to heavy make-out sessions. If you want him to stop tickling you, kiss him. He’ll stop.
  • Will also brush your ticklish spots in public. Some people might think you’re crazy for suddenly bursting out in laughter at seemingly nothing. Lavi is a menace that must be stopped.

Originally posted by paladiknightleorio

  • Like Kanda, Lenalee isn’t going to tickle you. She herself is pretty ticklish. She knows that Hell.
  • She’s very mindful of these spots and tries her best to not touch them. She doesn’t want you to be uncomfortable.
  • She hopes that you do the same for her. Tickling is torture, it really is.
  • Scolds anyone who tries to tickle you. It’s just not cool, dude.

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what's wrong with aunn? she's a good pup

Short answer: I am a bitter angry old man.

Long answer: WaHH 42 spoilers are in this post and I can’t seem to add a Read More while responding for whatever reason, so there’s everyone’s warning. 

Aunn debuted as a tryhard Kyouko and has done basically nothing to change that (if anything it’s gotten worse). Ever since the HSiFS demo I’ve been reasonably positive she exists purely to lampshade the idea of a universe as vast and expansive as Touhou and the question of “where the heck were these people all this time”. But all she had to do was nyanpose and suddenly she gets more attention than the other two demo characters combined, both of which I found substantially more interesting as characters even though I don’t particularly care about Eternity either. (Side note: a bit of extra bitterness is reserved for how Nemuno was pretty clearly intentionally designed to not be conventionally cute and yet the first thing the fandom did with her was do their best to cutify her anyway. At least Eternity got some quality “i am actually a god in disguise faking innocence and lack of intelligence for xyz hilarious reasons” content, though.)

The full game did basically nothing to change this, instead inadvertently giving Aunn a partner in attention-vacuuming crime (perhaps for Nemuno-ish reasons?). I mean, ZUN literally gave us Orange Yukari - an extra interesting addition to the cast given how WaHH has been expanding on the concept of Gensokyo’s sages - and people don’t care because they’re too busy petting the dog and getting rock hard for the statue. It’s eerily reminiscent of how giving Byakuren a motorcycle completely overshadowed the actually important stuff in ULiL that she had little/nothing meaningful to do with.

Then WaHH 42 comes along and manages the feat of both acknowledging, if not outright directly stating, that Aunn is completely unimportant and irrelevant to everything and inserting her all over the place anyway. Outside of the absolutely wonderful (and bizarrely direct and blunt) conversation between Kasen and Aya, they couldn’t keep the camera off of Aunn for more than, like, two or three panels. I spent the entire chapter after Aya/Kasen trying to reach into the screen and physically shove Aunn aside so I could see and listen to Okina more. I didn’t need a subtly comedic and unsubtly dramatic buildup to the revelation that Aunn’s not important and that Okina is the queen of SuperFortress OmegaSpiffy, I already knew that from HSiFS Stages 6 and Extra. (Perhaps the presentation *did* work out neatly for those that have not yet played or read up on those stages; my fiancée, God bless per infinite patience with me, pointed out that she, at least, had found it interesting since she had no idea what she was getting into with Okina.) She even got a special super-fancy title card! Not even Yukari got one of those in FS, hers was the same as everyone else’s and definitely didn’t take up a quarter of the page. And Okina more or less going “y’all better knock off your shit or I’ll reset reality and ‘forget’ to include you the second time around” is fascinating! Is she really capable of that? Is she really that capricious, or is she just yanking everyone’s chain and is actually mellow and good-humored? And what does this mean for the loose Discreet Youkai War for the Human Village thread FS left dangling? I want to know more about these things, not see Aunn show up on every page blocking other characters off and trying to be the focus like that Love Live meme face.

So yes, now that we’ve verified that Aunn is, indeed, unimportant to everything, I want her to go away accordingly. Shoo. Either have her make dialogueless background cameos whenever we see a major religious building or just don’t bother with her at all. I need more sages and more info on those sages. It keeps me aliiiiiiiiiive.

EDIT: I forgot to include that basically all of the reactions I’ve seen so far to WaHH 42 are “look at aunn! look at aunn!!” which is like do you even understand what you just read

A Letter North

Reinald quickly made his way through the partially dilapidated halls of the Keep. Bodies, cuddled together for warmth and safety lined the hallways. There was far too many of the Forgotten and not nearly enough room for them all. To Reinald, it seemed like every Forsaken caravan they sacked contained more of their missing kinsmen. Sadly, many were worse off than dead when they were found. Experimented on, carved up like a forest boar for food… Many of the Forgotten were beyond saving. The few that were, it was unclear they would ever recovered.

With strength uncommon for a man as late of age as Reinald, he pushed open the heavy iron doors to the main chamber. It was as if it were a portal to a new world for how different things were just beyond the threshold. One the one side lay the dying and decrepit, force to sleep in drafty, leaf strewn hallways on top of one another for warm. The other side was as if Gilneas was still in its former glory. Soft, elegant rugs ran the length of the floor while majestic tapestries hung, floor to ceiling, all around the room. Sparsely furnished, it was enough to cater to the elite of the room and, mainly, the one who led them. Making his way across to the man draped in fine furs by the fire, Reinald offered the parchment in his hand over with soft words, “A letter from the South. From your brother.”

Scarred and calloused hands quickly broke the green wax seal, unrolling the vellum. Grégiore’s eyes scanned the parchment, a small sneer permanently etched onto his face as he read.

Eldest Brother,

I hope this letter finds you and our kin well. I arrived in the capital nearly a month ago now with the task you had lain before me. I wrote not to you earlier for the news I had was bleak and of little note. However, a development has taken an interesting turn.

 I have found a woman of some standing, a Matriarch of her house, with large holdings and many men. I will admit to finding myself quite smitten with her and, as it seems, the feeling is mutual. She suggests an alliance between our two houses. As I have written to you, so has she to her eldest brother. 

I beg you to consider their offer. Not for mine own heart but for the good of our people. The binding of our houses in marriage would be a strengthening contract for us all.


Fierro Montague Castellane

The man remained silent as he tossed the parchment into the roaring bonfire before him. All eyes turned upon the Paladin’s scarred face as he stared off into the flames. It would be near on ten minutes before he gave any sign of his mind… as a slow, malicious smile crossed his cracked lips.

“Seems my curséd brother is not as useless as I believed.”

( mentions: @householt @adhelin @nate-holt )

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this is literally all that came to mind I am so sorry lmao

It was easy, to settle into life with the 501st. Mostly, at least.

You were young, and ready to fight. You would protect your planet, and then you would protect the galaxy. Most of the clones liked you, and Ahsoka was fun to talk to. You liked the teenager, and she looked up to you, you liked to think. You definitely weren’t worse than Anakin, at least.

The problem was Rex.

He would always frown at you, and scold you during training exercises, and at one point, he even said you were dead weight.

“Why does he hate me?” You complained to Kix, who snorted.

“I’m going to go ahead and be an ass and assume you mean Captain Rex.” The medic replied.

“Of course I mean Captain Rex! He’s always on my case, telling me I’m dead weight and going to get someone killed!” You whined.

“Yeah, him.” Kix muttered into his drink, and you looked at him.

“What?” You asked. Kix looked at you, eyes wide.

“Uh… Nothing?”

“Why does he think I’m going to get him killed?!” You weren’t asking anymore, you were demanding.

“Because he likes you, Shiny!” Fives snorted, dropping into the seat on your other side. You were now bracketed by both clones. “Rex doesn’t know how to act around you, so he goes hard on you because you’re karkin’ killing him with that smile. He doesn’t see you smiling, and he can breathe again.”

“… What the fuck?” You asked, utterly confused.

“I’ve known Rex for a long time.” Fives promised, “He tells me these things.”

“Yeah, because him being drugged up last week had nothing to do with it.” Kix snorted, and your felt your face grow hot. Fives grinned, though you paled a moment later, seeing Rex enter the rec room.

“So, wonderful honorary vod, what are you going to do, now that you know the captain returns your feelings?” The ARC trooper asked, and your face burned, as Rex stared at you, eyes wide and his face blushing lightly.

What, indeed?


“I was playing a game with 2 players in masters(or was it grandmaster either way top of the world in terms of rank) and made a less than stellar…. err not very bright… ok fine I picked grohk when the enemy team has ash and drogoz. But still the (grand?)master players were still overly toxic about the loss. I used a VIP booster so it’s not like you didn’t get much and one loss doesn’t change much (I don’t think)”

-submitted by @mlgspacememe

made by mod Torvald  👓

nothing is worse than high-level people who spread more toxicity than necessary 

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Don’t draw attention to Pixelberry’s art “inspiration”. Honestly. The next harry potter movie is coming and I don’t want them to have to redesign Sebastian. Let’s not make it worse than it is

i understand and i’m sorry i didn’t think it through when i reblogged the post again. i just wanted to speculate if any of the listed fcs were included in pb’s new art design, not actually encourage them to make another drastic change.

i understand why it would upset you if they did change sebastian, or any other character’s art. however, from a legal standpoint, it wouldn’t be entirely disadvantageous if pb actually did see the post. it would remind them, at least, that a lot of their characters have the exact same issue and they should take precaution with their future designs.

we don’t know what happened behind the scenes - whether the company did get sued for fair use or not - but if the company continues to suffer these types of setbacks, they might not be able to bounce back again.

either way, i’ll delete the reblog. sorry, and thanks for voicing this.


“do you still hate me? my brother got all of our parents’ attention and love…

he was superior! but god’s fair. and you couldn’t inherit that from him because… he was being punished for his sins… you’re the product of that. serves them right.

yeah… serves them right…”  

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Any ideas for genderbent Holt and Jackson?

is this because i said the best chance of getting them back in the reboot was if they were very sellable female characters? mattel is responsible for this post

i’m very unoriginal when it comes to designing pretty clothes so i fell back on their staple outfits a bit more than my last jackson/holt redesign, but i might tackle this again when i’m feeling more creative! 

it was tempting to give jackson/jackie a very plain design to contrast holt/holly even more, but i tried to think about what mattel would actually want to put on a non-monstrous MH doll to keep it interesting enough to sell, so a bit of the traditional garishness came back. i also kinda gave up on not having them rip off either ghoulia or operetta, since they fill pretty similar niches on the boys’ side of things…..

(i still fully ship the holt/frankie/jackson trio in this situation, by the way)

Hoseok: Uh, hyung? I heard clapping noises from your bedroom last night. Is there something you want to tell us?

Yoongi: I swear to God, if you did anything on my bed …

Seokjin: I can explain.

Namjoon: He was kind enough to return all the high-fives I missed in one go last night that were so rudely ignored in the past by you assholes.

Jimin: This is worse than Yoongi hyung embarrassing us with his J-HOOOPE.

Taehyung: Nothing gets more embarrassing than him doing that, can I get an amen?

Jungkook: Amen.

The United States is now a non-majoritarian democracy. If that sounds like a contradiction in terms, that’s because it is. Claims that our republic is democratic are undermined by a system that vastly overrepresents the interests of rural areas and small states. This leaves the large share of Americans in metropolitan areas with limited influence over national policy. Nowhere is the imbalance more dramatic or destructive than on the issue of gun control. 


The non-majoritarian nature of our institutions was brought home in 2013. After the Sandy Hook slaughter, the Senate voted 54 to 46 in favor of a background-checks amendment crafted by Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.). Those 54 votes were not enough to overcome a filibuster, which the GOP regularly abused during the Obama years. Worse, since most large-state senators voted for Manchin-Toomey, the 54 “yes” votes came from lawmakers representing 63 percent of the population. Their will was foiled by those who speak for just 37 percent of us.

A voice told him where to go, and he went.

Maybe there was a time when the word of a disembodied voice would not have been enough. He doesn’t remember it. He doesn’t remember a lot of things. He remembers a lot of things. He remembers the wrong things.

He is slow. Maybe he wasn’t always slow, but he is slow now. There is no straight line between points. He considers every tree and every flower. He picks apples and catches lizards. He stares at the sky, and chases the stars.

He doesn’t speak much. He’s told he never did. He wonders if it was then what it is now, the way the words taste wrong and never fit on his tongue. Hylian and Hylian and Hylian but it never sounds right to the points of his ears. His first language is foreign and his accent is nowhere. He doesn’t sound like a hero. He doesn’t know what he sounds like, but he knows he doesn’t like it. It grates the way any wrong thing grates. He says nothing, and no one seems to mind.

He catches beetles, and stops to take pictures of fish.

In the burnt husk of a home, he finds a rusted shield. It didn’t do them much good, whoever they had been. He finds them all over, these floors without ceilings, these roofs without walls. He wonders, always: have I been here before? Did I know them, once? This house on the mountain, this cabin in the woods, would they have recognized me? Was this a name that fit on my tongue?

He learns to bake a cake, breaks rock salt and rubies from veins of ore in the earth.

He moves the sails of a raft with a Korok leaf, and he thinks: this should be easier. He wills the wind to move, but there is nothing. He looks out at the ocean and thinks: what might we find there? His raft is dead wood. He is alone.

He catches fairies in his hands, pink light and warmth and a faint ringing in his skin. They never complain. They never speak. He opens his hands to let them go, and they are the wrong color. The Great Fairy laughs, and it’s so much prettier than it used to be. Than it never was. He rolls glass bottles in his hands, but he doesn’t take them with him.

There is something restful in this. He can’t explain it, even if he had words to try. In his long slumber something inside him came unmoored, and he knows things he must not. He is tired. He knows this most of all. There is work to be done. There has always been work to be done.

He lights a fire, roasts a fish, picks at the flaky meat while it’s still hot enough to burn his fingertips.

He thinks of a sister he never had. He thinks of a grandmother he never had. Did he know his grandmother? In the Lost Woods he stares at the Deku Tree, and knows this is not home. There is a green-haired girl on the backs of his eyelids, and she sounds like three notes repeating.

He finds an ocarina made of wood, and runs his fingers over the holes. Three notes, repeating. He plays them, and nothing happens. He checks the shape of the moon and his reflection in the water. He plays three notes, different this time. There is nothing but an ache.

It sounds more like his voice than his voice ever did, and that hurts worse than silence.

He tries to remember Mipha. He wants to remember her most of all. They were friends, he is told. Close, he is told. He has nothing but fragments and a shirt that fits too well. When he tries to remember, he sees blue scales instead of red.

Zelda is Zelda is Zelda. She is the reference point around which the world turns. She is always Zelda, even when she isn’t. Her face is always her face. He is grateful and resentful in turns. There are so many people he would remember, if he could. Instead there is Zelda.

Ganon is not Ganon is not Ganon. He doesn’t know if Ganon has a face. He’s had so many faces. Was this ever a man, this manifestation of malice? He remembers eyes of gold, he remembers snouts. He recognizes the smell of him in burnt cloves and blood.

Fear is red lights and a blue glow. He knows these things were hope, once. He can’t remember it. He can’t remember seeing six metal legs and believing they would save him. Did he always know that it was helpless? It feels like he should have known.

The words are different, but the meaning is the same. He is procrastinating. If he needed an excuse, he would call it training. He would say they need every advantage. He would say they will only have one chance. No one asks for excuses. He says nothing.

Zelda has waited a hundred years. She waits, still.

She remembers a boy who never rushed her. She remembers, the way he does not, his silent patience while she found herself. While she took too long to find herself. She will wait for him to find himself, even if he takes too long. They may doom the world with their patience, but does the world not owe them this? There are so many worlds, and so few of them are kind. What could this world have been, if it had been kind? What might she have saved if it had not demanded saving?

She did not save the world. She will not save the world. She saved a single point of kindness who did not ask it from her. She will not ask it from him, but he may save her all the same. He is courageous. He is kind. Please, be careful.

He catches Koroks in durian trees, and chases dragons through canyons.

He jumps off a cliff to land in a stable, and no one there sees the hero he should be. He is no one, he is nothing. He is halfway to a beast, but they’re grateful for his help, when he offers it. He always offers it. He doesn’t know how not to.

His hands are calloused. Sometimes they bleed. He ties up his hair every morning, and does not stop. Swords fit so neatly in his hand. Sometimes he uses them to light fires or carve birds. It’s just easier. A sword is all he knows. He’s trying to be more. This might be beyond him.

Sometimes he growls when he’s angry. Sometimes he rips things apart with his teeth. Sometimes dogs follow him, but sometimes they whine. The shadows aren’t always unfriendly, and he feels them like fingers in his hair. There are eyes like fire in the mirrors at night, but he can only see them in the corners of his eyes.

The first time the Gerudo catch him, it was because he tried to scale their walls. Why did he think that would work? Urbosa would laugh if she knew.

He catches horses, but they’re never the right one. The hooves are wrong, the gait is wrong. They are never a part of him, an extension of his own legs. He rides across fields and they hesitate the way she never did. He whistles three notes, sometimes, but it never works.

He finds it, eventually. The place the voice told him about. Walls without a roof. Has he been here before? Surely he has. It’s night when he arrives. His footsteps make no sound. This is how he navigates the world, now, quiet as the sky. It’s easier this way. He kneels down to catch the latch on the chest, and when it opens, he cannot breathe.

He stares at it for a long time.

The moon is only the moon. His skin is still his own. Eventually, he breathes again.

He almost laughs.

He slides the mask onto his face.