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Nothing At Stake - 5

[A/N: Okay so you guys have been asking for it and so I whipped a little something up, this part is definitely a little more smutty than the rest of them and trust me guys it’s only going to get worse.

All mistakes are my own and as always don’t be afraid to message me if you notice them, that way I can rectify them! And I promise future chapters of this will be a little bit longer! Enjoy!]

Word Count: 887

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I’m Here- Colton Parayko

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You woke up in a cold sweat, your shirt nearly a second set of skin against your heaving chest. You looked and felt around desperately for your phone in your sheets. You finally found it under your comforter and, with shaking hands, texted your boyfriend.

“Come over. Please.” you typed. “I need you.”

it was only about a minute before the little bubble popped up, implying the text back when you received the reply. “omw.”

You sniffled and put your phone on the nightstand before turning the lamp on and curling up in your covers. Another panic nightmare again. This one worse than any other you’d had this week. Maybe even in the past few weeks. Always bad and getting worse with your rising stress levels thanks to college. You always got the worst nightmares when stress got high.

Your previous boyfriend didn’t understand. He thought you were overreacting and that the nightmares couldn’t possibly be as bad as you made them out to be. After a few months, he ended it. You gave up dating for a while after that. You were afraid of becoming a burden to someone else again. Someone you genuinely cared about.

And then you met Colton.

Colton was a friend of a friend who you’d met at a party about a year ago. You’d talked over a couple of cokes and some crappy dance music and ended up exchanging numbers by the time the night ended. He asked you out a few days later for coffee and you hit it off from there. He was just so sweet and kind and charming, not just handsome. He was just so sweet and kind and charming, not just handsome although he definitely was that as well. A sincere guy who made you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

You were afraid to tell him about the nightmares until you texted him out of reflex one night a few months back to gain comfort. You came clean after that and braced yourself for the worst. However, he actually ended up understanding you and being more than okay with it.

“It’s not your fault that they happen. They just do.” he replied. “And it’s really brave for you to tell me this. If you ever have another really bad one or just want to talk about it, text or call me okay?”

You agreed and ever since then, you’d called him when you needed him most. He’d even agreed to come over even at absurd hours to help you calm down and sleep better. Having him around became a gift better than any you had originally hoped for.

A few minutes later, you heard the door unlock downstairs and someone come inside after locking back up. “(Y/N)? Baby?”

You sniffled, staying curled up in a ball in your sheets. “I- I’m up here.”

The footsteps then traveled upstairs and you saw the door open with the light your phone gave off as well as the light that peered in from the streetlights just outside your window. “Baby?”

You sniffled. “H-Hey.”

He took off his shoes and jacket and went over to you, sitting on the edge of your bed before climbing in. “Hey. I’m here. I’m here. I’m right here, I promise… Sweetheart, what happened?”

You wiped your nose with a Kleenex and tossed it into the wastebasket by your bed before you told him everything about the dream. How everything went wrong, how terrified you felt, every little bit and detail that you felt you needed to share before you broke down into tears again.

He looked at you with soft eyes and wrapped his strong arms around you to hold you close. “(Y/N), babe, I am so so sorry. I’m so sorry I couldn’t have been here sooner. I feel so awful. You don’t deserve any of this. It’s terrible. I’m so so sorry.”

You sniffled and snuggled into his arms, resting your head onto his chest and listening to the calm beating of his heart as he held you and pet your hair in an attempt to help you calm down. “It’s not your fault, Colton. It’s okay. Not your fault.”

He nodded. “I know, but still. I’m sorry. And it’s not okay.”

You said nothing and just laid back in bed with him. You felt bad about calling him in so early. It was a few minutes until two in the morning, last time you’d checked and he had practice at 10. You couldn’t help but feel bad.

“I’m sorry.” you sniffed. “You’re up so early and I’m a wreck and it’s not your fault. I just… I’m so sorry.”

“Baby,” he said, pulling away a bit to look at you, “look at me. I don’t care how early or late it is, I don’t care if I have to play or practice or if I just got back home from a game or whatever. I’m always- and I mean always- going to be here for you. I mean that. Always.”

You looked up into his eyes. “You mean that?”

“Yeah. I do.” he said. “And if you still have a problem, I guess there’s only one thing left to do.”

You felt your heart sink, fearing the worst. “What?”

“I’ll have you move in with me.”

You widened your eyes, not expecting his comment. “Wait what? You… Colton?”

“I’m serious, babe.” your boyfriend replied. “I mean it. I want you to move in with me. I’ve been meaning to ask you for a long time now, too. That way, I can be right here next to you next time this happens and you don’t have to feel bad about it.”

“You mean that?”

“Yeah, love. I promise I do.” he smiled. “So? What do you say?”

You smiled and nodded, snuggling. “I’d like that. I’d like that a lot, Colt.”

“I would too.” he replied with a yawn, placing a kiss onto your head. “Come on. It’s early. We should get some sleep. I’ve got you. I’ll always have you. I promise. I’m right here for you.”

You tucked your head under his chin and curled up into him. “Alright… I love you, Colton.”

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

Call out post bc im grossed out

@imagines4columbiners Why do you act like a retarded inbred, product of incest, clueless disgusting child? You’re fucking 16, older than me…. writing rape imagines of two dead mass shooters and idk whats worse? Your age or the fact your parents haven’t tried to suffocate you in your sleep ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I know im not the only one who thinks you need serious mental help, or maybe your parents were just brother and sister.

White people SCRAMBLE to avoid getting the point, but the point is this: every post and article where a white person is going WOW THIS IS WORSE THAN I THOUGHT is a white person that somehow ‘didn’t hear’ all the warnings coming from non-whites, non-hets, non-Christians.

This is all exactly as bad as we thought it was going to be. And we kept saying that, and white people kept ignoring us, or saying we were fearmongering, or silencing us, or outright LAUGHING.

So. Again. For y’all obtuse ass living salt-pillars: Everything you’re just now seeing, just now ‘figuring out’ about dump and about how he works and about how the GOP is running has been something minorities have been fucking saying all along.

We. Told. You. So.

And just like you’re not listening now, you didn’t listen then. That’s why you look a goddamn fool.


A Dean/Cas Fluff-fest fic by @alxdiamond

“Hey, angel,” she interrupted softly. “Who’re you talking to?”

“Cas!” Dean pointed out the window at nothing. “He’s my star.”

The stars were out and shining, barely dimmed by the comparison of the bright moon. Mary smiled up at them, following Dean’s vague gesture. A kid could do worse for imaginary friends than a star, so she crouched next to the crib’s railing and asked, “Yeah? Which one is he?”

She let him point out his ‘Cas,’ a star twinkling low between two treetops where he could see it even when he lay down. Then she coaxed him back to sleep, tucking him beneath the soft blue blanket and kissing the top of his head as he yawned two goodnights: one to her and one to Cas.

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Selena new song be like "you broke my heart, it was all your fault" "you tore us apart, hoping you didn't get caught" "You said I was your baby" "At the same time you were hugged up with some bitch name Hailey" Said it wasn't a big deal, now I'm seeing pictures of you and a bitch name Sofia" So now I got a new man and he could be worse than you, but I need you to understand, all the shit you put me through" 😂😂😂

Damn girl u a poet and u don’t know it 😂 spitting rhymes and shit 😂

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I hate how some classical fans think that classical music is superior to all other music, especially so-called "popular" music -- no, it's the music that you prefer, but that doesn't make it better or worse. It pisses me off so much, despite the fact that I listen to basically exclusively classical music.

that’s exactly one of the main points we’re trying to get across! no music is inherently better than other music regardless of personal preference, and the degree of popularity certainly doesn’t make it superior or inferior. even in bach’s and mozart’s days, there were people putting them down and praising the old renaissance masters as the only good music, and i bet that they’re two of the composers that people like this worship.

however, this attitude isn’t just limited to classical music, or even just music in general - it’s present to some extent in pretty much every group, where some people think that their art form/science/nationality/etc is inherently better than another. it’s kind of too big of a problem for us to even attempt to address right now, but the where i personally have the chance to make an impact is in the classical music community. so yes, i definitely agree with you, and this type of thinking should be stopped. i too listen to pretty much only classical music, but that doesn’t mean that i should think pop songs or jazz is any worse than my chosen genre, and “popular music” is popular for a reason. people should just let other people enjoy what they enjoy!

- mod chopin

honestly, i agree with u 100%! i have a hugely diverse music taste, from hip hop to indie to pop to classical. and u know what, none of them r better than the other, each genre makes me equally happy! if an artist puts in love and effort into a song, whether it’s a major concerto or a soundcloud rap, it is art and has the potential to inspire and make people feel something.

❤ mod dvorak

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Were you on Silmfics yahoo list? Or, what happened to Silmarillion fandom in mid 2010s? Is that when they started writing Feanor as worse than "Mairon"?

I don’t know what the Silmfics yahoo list even is, tbh. No, it was… rather the other way around in my neck of the woods. Fëanor was the far-sighted liberator of Elves from the tyranny of the Valar. And the letter S. Oh, and Galadriel’s insight into his soul was really projection of her own issues onto him. It says nothing about his actual character.

If only the Teleri had understood he wouldn’t have had to kill them! But it wasn’t actually a massacre because they defended themselves.

The 7 Elements of a SCENE

There are few things as soul-crushing in the writing process (at least to me) than getting a bunch of characters in a room with the intention of something happening, then the characters proceed to stand around and stare at each other.  

Or worse, look at you like this. 

My characters didn’t know why they were there. I didn’t know why they were there either. I had no clue what they were supposed to be doing, so I’d start throwing random instructions at them: “Fight, characters! You guys should fight now! Maybe fighting will make this event have a purpose!” Which inevitably resulted in characters going through the motions of battle for no apparent reason, like they had all lost their minds.

What was the problem? I didn’t know how to write a scene. I didn’t know what a scene was. I had a vague definition that it was something about changing scenery, or just “something happening”.

It’s not. And once I learned what a scene was, my characters got to stop pummeling each other, while wishing they could pummel me. 

So what is a scene? 

The definition of a scene is kind of like the definition of a story. Story is change, a massive change in the life of your main character. A scene is change too, but much smaller, and part of that huge story change. You couldn’t have the BIG change without these tiny changes. Thus, a scene is not switching scenery. It’s not flipping to a new Character’s POV. It’s one segment of change, which triggers the next change, which triggers the next, which gradually build into sequences, which build into Acts, which build into story. 

So what goes into a scene? How does it work?

1. Alternating Charges

If a scene opens positive, it will turn negative by the end. If it opens negative, it will end positive. Simple. 

2. Character Goals

Everybody in a scene wants something. If they don’t want anything, they shouldn’t be in the scene. And these characters, with their often opposing goals, are going to employ different tactics on each other to get what they want. Which creates …

3. Escalating Conflict

Conflict is created when one character wants one thing and another wants something else, right? So the characters in the scene are each pushing for something different, each new tactic increasing in determination. And what are these actions called?  

4. Beats

The beats of a scene are exchanges of action and reaction. One character does something, another character reacts. All exchanges (beats) are pushing the scene onward, building tension and conflict, until finally …

5. Turns & Revelations

The scene turns. The positive has changed to negative. Something has been discovered. The story has spun in a new direction.

6. Connection to Story Objective

Every scene must be connected to the BIG goal of the story, the main character is taking small actions to reach that big goal. If it isn’t obviously connected to this big plot, it won’t make sense. Your reader won’t know why the heck they’re reading the scene. Which brings us to … 

7. Logic & Necessity  

Every scene must be necessary. It must be able to be linked with the previous scene. “Because that happened in the previous scene, THIS must happen in this scene.”

So! To see how that all works, let’s break down a scene from Tangled. (Because I used it in the last post to map out how a premise works, and my little writer heart can’t resist symmetry.)

Which scene? The one right after this happens: 

Opening Charge: Positive. She’s realized everything. 

Rapunzel’s Goal: Rise up against her mother – finally. 

Gothel’s Goal: Regain control.

Escalating Conflict: They’re fighting over who controls Rapunzel, and this battle causes them to go from “mother and daughter” to “enemies”. The conflict builds nicely in this scene, causing the story turn.

Connection to Story Objective: Throughout the movie, the big thing Rapunzel wants is freedom, she wants her life to begin, she wants to have a new dream. This is the moment she figures out how to do that; it’s not escaping the tower, it’s escaping Gothel’s control over her.

So! Here’s the scene.

Beat 1

“Rapunzel? Rapunzel, what’s going on up there?”

Ignores her. Still processing the tremendous implications of this revelation. 

Beat 2

“Are you alright?" 

"I’m the lost princess.” (Dumbfounded. Almost whispering it to herself.)

Beat 3

“Oh, please speak up Rapunzel! You know how I hate the mumbling.” (Bullying.)

“I am the lost princess! Aren’t I?” (Fighting back. She will not be bullied anymore.)

Beat 4

Gothel stares, stunned. She’s rendered temporarily speechless, because her secret’s been revealed finally, and her victim is actually fighting against her.

“Did I mumble, Mother? Or should I even call you that?” (Accusing. Drawing herself up taller. Looking down on Gothel and glaring. She’s seeing her clearly for the first time in her life.)

Beat 5

After a pause, thinking up a tactic. “Oh, Rapunzel, do you even hear yourself? How could you ask such a ridiculous question?” (Laughs. Ridicules. Attempts to make her feel childish, dumb, worthy of being mocked. Tactics which have always worked. She even begins to hug her.)

Rapunzel pushes her. “It was you! It was all you!” (Still accusing and angry, but pain is beginning to show. It’s almost like she’s giving her a chance to explain herself.)

Beat 6

“Everything I did was to protect you.” (And Gothel doesn’t say anything redeeming. She’s holier than thou, regal, bestowing kindness on an ungrateful, stupid child. Trying to control through guilt.)

Rapunzel rams her out of the way. 

Beat 7

“Rapunzel!” (Shouting. Now trying anger.)

“I’ve spent my entire life hiding from people who would use me for my power …” (Leaves her.)

Beat 8

"Rapunzel!” (Still trying the anger angle.)

“But I should have been hiding from you.” (Throwing the truth at her.)

Beat 9

“Where will you go? He won’t be there for you.” (She’s tried everything else. It’s time to attack her heart.)

“What did you do to him?” (Fear)

Beat 10

“That criminal is to be hanged for his crimes.” (She’s keeping up the disapproving mother act, but striking her right where it will hurt her most.)

“No.” (She’s stopped. Shrinking in on herself. Staring, horrified. And Gothel thinks she’s won.)

Beat 11

“Now, now.  It’s alright. Listen to me. All of this is as it should be.” She goes to pat Rapunzel’s head, a gesture symbolic of her superiority, her physical, mental, and emotional control over her victim.

Rapunzel grabs Gothel’s wrist. “No! You were wrong about the world. And you were wrong about me! And I will never let you use my hair again!" 

Beat 12

Gothel wrenches free, stumbling backwards in shock and anger, breaking the mirror in the process. 

Rapunzel walks away. She’s escaped Gothel emotionally now.

Beat 13

"You want me to be the bad guy? Fine. Now I’m the bad guy.” (Well, now emotional control is over. It’s time to start stabbing Rapunzel’s boyfriend.)

This action has no reaction, interestingly. It leaves us hanging, a cliffhanger created with only beats. 

Closing Charge: Negative. She’s now a full-fledged villain, the motherly persona shed, and she’s determined to get what she wants whatever the cost. 

Turn: It changed from positive to negative,  and now we’ve got a Flynn-stabbing witch to deal with.  

Revelation: She’s always been evil. She has always been the bad guy. The motherly act was just that, an act. 

Logic & Necessity: This scene fits with the previous scene, and the one that follows.     

Though I’ve seen these concepts in many books, the place I first learned about it (and the best resource for scene design in my opinion) is the book Story by Robert McKee. It’s helped me countless times, is one of my favorite books on storytelling, and I highly recommend it if you write anything.

I realize that these definitions were a little vague, so I’ll be explaining things more thoroughly in subsequent posts. 

oh but they were experts on women. if she’s on her headphones just talk to her, she’ll like your confidence. if she’s walking, she likes the compliments you give her. she’s at a bar because she wants to sleep with you, she’s just playing hard to get, keep pushing. women don’t like nice men, women like leaders. women don’t like gentle, they like being beaten. what’s the deal with this women’s march! it’s not like they’ve got anything wrong with them - it’s worse elsewhere, after all, isn’t it, than inside this land of freedom. no women have been president just because they’re not right for the job, obviously. women aren’t good at science, is all, that’s why they won’t make money. it’s just that women are emotional, bad drivers, aren’t really aware of what they want for their bodies. what if they cut those tubes and later realize they want kids! don’t even talk to me about how sad it is when a woman doesn’t have a uterus - or else disgusting, and vile, and she should be ashamed of it - you know, it’s what makes them women. but seriously though why don’t they just hold in their periods. i’m not joking! why should birth control be free? if you don’t want pregnancy, don’t get pregnant! the body has ways of preventing that. women don’t have anything to be upset about, what was even the message of the march?

the voice of a woman: we are upset about a lot. the violence, the discrediting, the constant backlash of society. that a man’s life means so much more than a woman’s life that a legitimately convicted rapist was given a shorter sentence for fear it might ruin his life to have committed the crime, rather than destroy hers. who cares about hers.

the voice of a man, again, louder, and on repeat: but i don’t care! listen to my voice! i’m an expert! i’m on t.v.! who cares what she says! just listen to me!


Bill O’Reilly isn’t even trying to hide his racism anymore

  • Fox News host Bill O'Reilly went on a white supremacism-laden rant Tuesday night. He claimed the effort to abolish the Electoral College is an attempt by “the left” to take away power from the “white establishment.”
  • O'Reilly went on to denounce Democrats for being “reliant on the minority vote and female voters” in their electoral coalition.
  • “The left wants power taken away from the white establishment and they want a profound change in the way America is run,” he said on his show.
  • While some conservative commentators’ words are sometimes taken out of context to make them sound worse than they really were, there’s been broad agreement that O'Reilly’s rant actually was worse when taken in context. Read more

The problem with queerbaiting is not just that it’s wrong to bait LGBT people into watching your show so you make more money. It’s much, much worse than that.

When you put gay subtext into a movie but especially a tv show that goes on for years there will be LGBT people who insist that character A is gay or that characters B and C are in love. These LGBT people, full of hope and enthusiasm, will tell their family and friends and co-workers about these characters and their relationships and what they expect to happen. Most of us did that. We told others what we thought was going to happen to John and Sherlock, how they were in love, how they were in the closet, how they would be free after 130 years. And how many of our friends and and family and co-workers reacted skeptically or even negatively? Most of them, in some cases. Certainly too many.

By baiting and teasing a possible gay relationship again and again and then not following through, the writers not only didn’t represent LGBT people, they actively told all the people who didn’t believe us THAT THEY WERE RIGHT. They were right to think that John and Sherlock are just friends. They were right to think that representation isn’t important. They were right to think that friendship is purer than a romantic relationship. They were right to think that gay relationships shouldn’t be on tv anyway.

Queerbaiting makes thousands of homophobes feel validated.

{PART 15} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Jungkook decides to unleash the truth that he has kept locked inside his Pandora’s box. But you open up to him first; revealing something far worse than anything Jungkook could have ever imagined.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

{Part 1} //{Part 14} {Part 15} {Part 16}

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I don’t get how people feel worse than yesterday like here are the facts:

-there is a widespread leak of a ridiculous and low-budget episode
-tptb have brought as much attention as possible to this fact (I mean fucking hashtags????) and have not had the episode taken down
-the episode we get tomorrow is supposed to be an amazing, groundbreaking reveal, and they would not go out of their way to spoil half the damn world if this version were real

So much of the media discussion of Trump’s Muslim ban, both in US and international media, centers around issues of terrorism: offering statistics about the infinitesimal number of refugees who are involved in terrorist activity, and decrying the ban as something that’s likely to increase the numbers of people joining ISIS and other terrorist organizations. And all of that is true, and it’s important to call out Trump’s false claims. But here’s the thing. I think most of the media is missing the actual point of the Muslim ban.

It’s not about terrorism. It never has been. By allowing the narrative to be framed that way, even in our critiques of Trump, we’re conceding a vital point. We’re buying in to the narrative that this is about terrorism, and that we’re simply debating the proper response to it. It paints a picture in which protestors and liberal media outlets are unhappy with Trump’s response to the issue.

But that’s not it at all.

The truth is we’ve seen this before. A ban on people entering the country, based on religion and / or ethnicity, is the first step. Next will come the Muslim registry. There will be a quiet purging of all Muslim employees from government jobs. Persons listed in the Muslim registry will be monitored by police “for the protection of the public.” Discrimination in hiring practices in private companies will become first legal, then actively encouraged. Muslims will be first encouraged, then coerced, and finally forced to move into segregated areas, or perhaps into protected camps or detainment facilities. People will start disappearing.

That’s what this is about. The ban is about taking that first step. Talking about terrorism only serves to lend legitimacy to Trump’s claims that this is the primary issue. But it’s not. The issue here is a white supremacist administration that actively wants to purge undesirables.

i feel sorry for you. i feel sorry that you lost someone who loved you so much, someone who would have burned themselves alive just to show you how bright they could shine for you - you will never find someone else who loves you that much. you can search the seven seas but there will never be anybody who will love you more than me.

you just realized it too late, that i was something worth keeping. you let your insecurities eat at you, thought you didn’t deserve someone as kind and loving as me. and if you were right about one thing, it would be that - you were never enough for me. you never made me feel completely fulfilled. you always destroyed me, never made me better, always made me worse.

and i will find someone who loves me more than you did. i will find someone who would go to the ends of the earth for me, the way i would have done for you. i will find someone who puts me first the way i put you first. i will find someone who treats me the way i treated you.

but you’ll never find someone who loves you more than me. and you lost me and that’s devastating.

—  i hope this breaks your heart

favorite comic character meme: 2 non-romantic relationships —  [2/2] selina kyle + harley quinn & poison ivy

“Believe it or not, I’ve never thought you were evil. You are more than that. Both of you. And you, sitting in Arkham… Gotham would be worse off for it. And so would I.” Gotham City Sirens #19 

like okay not to get emotional about a figure skating gay sports anime

but like, JJ’s story really fucking resonates with me personally. i’m in my fourth year of a chemistry degree with a minor in pure mathematics. i’m eligible for honours and over the summer my grades were high enough that i won a paid research position under one of the leading chemists in the field of metal-organic frameworks.

because of my grades til now and my research position, everyone in the faculty knows me and has these massive expectations of me

and this semester my mental illness blindsided me and even though i’ve been struggling with psychotic depression and bulimia for years, they’re suddenly worse than ever. i massively underperformed this semester as a result and as soon as final grades are up, everyone will know i fucking failed and i blew it. i won’t be eligible for honours anymore. i won’t get another research term

so like… seeing JJ mirror the figure skating version of what i’m going through was like a punch to the gut. we both stepped out with confidence and immediately bit it and failed it harder than we’ve ever failed anything in our fucking lives.

but everyone still cares about him. everyone still cheered for him and still supported him and loved him even at his lowest. and he still finished his program despite it going wrong from the start.

so. man. idk but that gives me hope that maybe i’ll be okay, too, you know?