and they were so cute at first


Mahershala Ali covers W Magazine, January 2017

I was in first grade and I went to this school that had, I don’t know, maybe 200 people. And this girl, Kelly Creighton, was so cute. She was a year older than me, so she was in second grade. We were in a class together. So I get this note in class—it says, “Hey Hershel,“—they called me Hershel back then, don’t you dare—"will you go with me? Check yes or no.” So I’m like, "Oh, yes.” I send the note back to Kelly. And I’m like, “Me and Kelly are going together, me and Kelly are going together. Me and Kelly are going together.” I’m sitting there, geeked. And then I get a note. I’m like, “Oh, it’s from my girlfriend.” I open it up: “I want to break up. You talk too much.” 

I just realised that the first picture is BEFORE and the 2nd & 3rd pictures are the OUTCOMES from the 1st! I used to think that those pictures from the West household on Earth 2 were drawn by somebody but God was I wrong! I’M YODELLING THIS GIVES ME ALL THE FEELS, I’M HAVING GOOSEBUMPS, THIS GIVES ME LIFE 😍😭 cutest thing ever!! Also, GG has his arms around CP AWWW KMS

Mystery Man - Part 1

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Word count: 1043

“Your dimples are so cute; can I touch them please?”

“(Y/N) wake up you’re dreaming about him again!”

Your best friend was leaving later on that day after coming over to visit you in this amazing new flat for the first time. You have lived here for at least a month now and had recently graduated. The area you were living in was beautiful, one of the most expensive estates in the area, thanks to your parents. Your parents had this flat all payed for as a gift of your graduation.

Living on your own was never easy. Having a gap year enabled you to find your feet but you were never one to have much patience. In your case, things are easier said than done. Things almost never get ‘done’. Living independently means you only have one pair of hands to do an endless list of jobs. For you that wasn’t good enough. But you had to find a way to manage.

A gap year seems like the best option right now. The past year hadn’t been as successful as you’d hoped (apart from your degree) with the sickening memory of a broken relationship lodged in your mind. Your ex-boyfriend Chanyeol cheated multiple times and later on was commonly known as a player, much to your amazement!

Having a failure of a past relationship made you realise, perhaps that was never love. Perhaps it was just an act of desperateness. You were yet to find your first love. Your true love.

Trusting any man was now difficult for you. If you couldn’t see straight through them, you would suspect fault. Even if it was a gentleman who would often offer to buy you a coffee in your local coffee shop.

There were many things that made you feel uneasy and jittery. One case being: A very handsome young man had recently moved into the flat above yours.

This young man was tall, muscular, handsome and overall healthy looking. You would often pass him down the road when you were putting the recycling out and he was coming back from a late nights work at the office (you could tell by the well looked after suit he was sporting).

The flats were of a good quality and came with a good price but it still baffled you as to why such a charmer of a man didn’t have an expensive car or lived somewhere a hint fancier. He looked like the type of person to own a Ferrari and live in a mansion. That’s one thing you had come to learn since seeing him around. Never judge a book by its cover.

He is the reason why you never get things done. You are mesmerised by such a mystery of a man.

You are knowledgeable, confident and have a nursing degree under your wing. Doing so well through your education gave you a new lease of life to get to where you want to be. But in your own time. The world isn’t waiting for you; you decide when it is your time to shine.

Your job was mostly switching from patient to patient, serving drugs that would get them out of that hospital and back on their own two feet. This term was often over exaggerated. In medical terms it should be known as medication as that seems or realistic and sensible. But in your world, drugs are all anyone seems to know of. Some scare people, some pleasure people and others improve people’s lives.

Drugs leave people addicted and wanting more. Drugs are dangerous but some are good. This mystery man was your drug. Prescribed to you from the heavens above. No doubt about it.

A few weeks later since your best friend visited, you had your first encounter with the man that appears just a walking mystery in your eyes.

The sun was shining and the birds were singing. It was early in the morning and you were going for a morning jog. You had your headphones in listening to one of your favourite Spotify playlists and more or less concentrating on the rhythm of the music being in sync with your steps, rather than focusing solely on direction.

You felt a sudden gush of wind as you stopped running. All the while, the music was helping with synchronisation you weren’t focusing on your surroundings. You heard a faint gasp as your music was still blasting through your earphones. It came to your realisation that you had run into someone.

Standing less than a metre away from you was the man you were dreaming of almost every night.

“Hello there, are you alright? My name is Yixing by the way. I’m ever so sorry, I haven’t had the time to introduce myself properly. Pretty stupid of me as we are practically neighbour’s” Yixing chuckled nervously.

“Why does he seem nervous? How does he know we’re neighbour’s? Fuck, does he catch me peering out the window? I feel so bad. But I don’t know him properly. I need to do something though. Fuck it, I need to be polite”. Thoughts were running through your head as you were thinking precariously about your next few words.

“Hi. I’m (y/n). It’s okay, it’s me who should be apologising. Um. I’m sorry for running into you, I was stupid and wasn’t looking where I- “. You were lost for words as Yixing placed a careful hand on your shoulder.

Even from just a teeny tiny hint of contact, you couldn’t deny that you felt a tingle down your spine.

“Love, listen. You don’t need to apologise and you are not stupid. No one was hurt and hey at least now we have introduced ourselves, haha”.

The weather was worsening the longer you stood gaping at his twinkling eyes. You felt raindrops land on the tip of your nose and didn’t want to stay in the cold much longer.

“I’m glad that’s out of the way then. I have only been living here a few weeks longer than you have I think. Also, shouldn’t we get going? It’s freezing” you blushed as you spoke. Yixing placed his coat around your shoulders and started to lead you home with a firm grip on your back.


This is the first part of a mini series! Hope y’all like this and look forward to the rest!

The vampire diaries s08e14

Well that was quite the episode… haha. Where do I even start??? I mean first I love Stefan like I can’t even express it and what’s with the whole double standard with forgiving Damon for killing Tyler but not forgiving Stefan???? I mean I understand Bonnie not being able to forgive Stefan but then how were they able to forgive Damon so quickly?? I mean Tyler was a pretty important character and he was in the series from like the beginning up to season 6 or something. Anyway, Kai singing is like the best thing ever and Steven hahahahahhaha. Caroline and Alaric’s kids are so cute but deadly I mean wtf setting fires in school??? Not cool (but it really is…)!! I’m so sick of steroline though why couldn’t klaus and Caroline end up together they have SO much chemistry!!! But Stefan and Caroline no!! They’re great friends but as a romantic couple… Stefan and elena were seriously the greatest couple on the show and they’re love for each other was so strong like nothing even compares… think Stefan fighting off klaus (an original vampire)’s compulsion to kill her!!!! Is it bad that I was sort of happy that Damon died???!!! It was the best thing he ever did on the show. I don’t mind bamon but I cannot deny what they had this episode I mean that look when Damon was hugging Stefan omg!!! And finally the best till last:    K A T H E R I N E   P I E R C E      OMG OMG OMG OMG I can’t even count the amount of times I gasped during this episode!!! The moment Kai said the baddest bitch I knew he was talking about Katherine and I am so happy!!!!!! When Kai got out of hell I actually posted about Katherine and how I would love to see her too and omg she’s actually coming back!!!!!!!!!! Who would make a better devil than her seriously??? And I love how Damon said we’re toast hahah like he knows it already!!!

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Jaeda: I literally want to kill someone right now, I swear. I’m so humiliated.

Jared: Been there, saw that. Calm down, Jaeda. What has he done?

Jaeda: Okay so, where to begin? We were about to have our freaking first time, so imagine, we’re in our underwear, he’s in a playful mood and can’t stop kissing me, then he starts whispering some cute things to my ear, and I almost believe it’s the most beautiful moment of my life, until he… he… calls me… it’s unacceptable!

Jared: Wait, so he randomly called you… some inappropriate word? During make out?

Jaeda: You know Jared, I’d actually prefer it was an inappropriate word, but this one hurt a thousand times more. 

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YOU ARE A FRERARD SHIPPER. GETTAOUTTOWN!!! BRAH BRAH BRAAAAH. My first fanart ever and my first fanfics were Frerard. Holy fuckin shit. AYE THAT MY JAM. THAT MY JAM. AYEEEE


This made me love 1000% more. We’ve bonded even further.

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You wrote the Yooran pornstar au? I just recently found that- Its so good!! So good! The details about the porn sites was a very good one- Struggling to find first videos and such, and you nailed some worries that should have been there rather than glossing over, and the sex scenes and cute fluffy scenes were absolutely amazing *I love this story so much*. Ive been meaning to comment on there, but since i just found out youre on herr i sent an ask instead akfjhfg sorry

yess oh boi this is my legacy now lol

gah thank you so much!! I’m trying to make it as realistic as possible, and also to find the right balance between detail (for realism) and vagueness (for the stuff I genuinely am clueless about in regards to the porn industry)

thank you so much ghkjfshkdjfhsdf i’m so glad you’re enjoying it!!

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Hi okay so: my class was learning about the evolution of the bathing suit, and how it was named the bikini after an atomic test site in France, and the creator named it bikini because he thought the people's reaction would be like an atomic bomb, and he was right. So, my question is this: how did the Nordics react when they first got word of the bikini, which was said to be too scandalous/risqué to wear?

Sweden: Even though he’s not attracted to women, he blushed like crazy. He hates to be naked in front of people so he was immediately glad that no one would ask him to wear such a thing

Finland: He probably thought it was really cute and liked looking at pictures of girls in them

Denmark: Thought they were really sexy and wanted to personally thank the man who created them

Norway: Didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. He only has a cursory idea of why people seem so interested in seeing women unclothed.

Iceland: Secretly liked them but acted indifferent and looked away when he saw a picture of a woman wearing one

Mod Amanda

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Was he thinking they were about to do it or tehy already did it? and what does he think about Simon? Not Clary's league or if he wasn't in love with her he would ship them?

he probably just thought they were making out since clary was still fully clothed. I think at first Jace didn’t have much of a problem with Simon, he even thought he was kind of funny. So initially if Jace hadn’t like Clary he’d probably be genuinely happy for them if they were together. 

But Simon has this habit of trying to one up Jace when it comes to Clary constantly. Like at the party Jace went out of his way to tell them they looked cute together and was really putting in an effort and trying to be pleasant. Then when Clary confronts Simon later and he doesn’t know what’s going on he automatically blames Jace for it. Since there’s probably not any way that Simon wouldn’t see Jace as competition, he’d probably stick with the being kind of a jerk even if Jace has tried to be nice. Jace probably wouldn’t be that cool with it. 

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me and this boy ive been chatting with and streaming with for the past month had our first irl date today!!!!! he was so cute and he held my hand and we almost fell asleep in a cafe because he cuddled up against me n we were so cozy, and in the evenin he waited for my bus with me in the freezin cold and he kissd me and asked to be my boyfriend nuiwfhuiwhfuwh IM A LUCKY MAN



And now the tide-pooling! 

I was so worried I was going to fall in the water, but luckily I got used to walking on the rocks pretty fast. And good thing I did, because these guys were every where in the water! These are Californian Sea Hares and they were just so darn cute and squishy! These were all fairly young, if not babies, and I didn’t even realize they were Sea Hares at first because the only other one I’ve seen before was a lot bigger (I think it was a little over a foot, but these babies can get over 2 feet long! I also got a video of one moving that I’ll post later as well. These guys may look like they stand out a lot in the pictures, but when you lose sight of them they can be really hard to spot out again (I looked away from the first guy for a minute and he was gone the next! Surprisingly fast little babies).

As for other stuff there wasn’t too much. There was an octopus but I wasn’t able to see it very well or get a picture because it was hiding in a little cave in between some rocks (I mean, if I was in its situation I probably would too), there were some adult Sea Hares but I wasn’t able to get close enough for a good look because they were in deeper water, and there were lots of little sea snails but obviously they were all hidden and staying put in their shell homes. I also found some sea glass which was really cool!

I wish I could’ve seen some Sea Stars, but if you guys haven’t heard there’s some crazy virus going on with them right now where they’re rotting, can’t grow their limbs back, and dying :(. They’re population at least around California has dropped like crazy and you can hardly find them anywhere anymore. 

Anyway, that’s all the pictures I got for now but stay tuned for some videos!


Hysterical. I thought this was an Onion article at first. Which is a bummer because if it were, I’d have renewed my subscription. 

I’m not sure whether to laugh at the absurdity of the irresponsible journalism, or shake my head at the heaping mounds of cognitive dissonance that helped get this article published. 

Why talk to literally any POC or women who work in animation about diversity, when you can just ask 7 WHITE GUYS?

Full Article Here:

Thank you CL.

Thank you for being a great and attentive leader and taking care of the girls, protecting them, loving them and leading them.

Thank you Bom.

Thank you for being you, for the emotions you carry out while performing, for your beautiful voice, thank you for being a caring unnie to your 2ne1 dongsaengs.

Thank you Dara.

Thank you for always loving and supporting the girls no matter what. Thank you for cheering us up with your dorkiness and cuteness.

Thank you Minzy.

Thank you for being part of 2NE1 and bringing up more to 2NE1′s songs with your voice and dance.

Thank you 2NE1.

Thank you for existing. Thank you for changing my life and the life of many others. You were my first kpop girl group I ever got into. Thank you so much for the songs you created. I really admire you, you weren’t strict to one theme, you always tried out new themes and new concepts. You had various kind of songs, party songs, song about falling in love, being in love, songs about break up, songs about how to be strong and get over someone, songs about how to be fierce and confident. I truly admire you for that. That shows how talented and skillful you were. Thank you for your iconic performances. I could go on and list a million things about what I am thankful for. All four of you brought a piece to 2NE1 and if that piece was missing then 2NE1 wasn’t complete. Bom’s vocal, CL’s rap, Minzy’s dance, Dara’s fresh vocal and cuteness.


Thank you for the great memories. You will always be in our hearts and memories. I wish you all the best.

  • in sixth year, sirius and remus’s favorite passtime was to make james and peter uncomfortable.
  • they just love to see their friends embarassed.
  • so obviously it all starts with sex jokes
  • even if they aren’t there yet
  • so when james innocently say that a question for a potion homework is “a really hard one”
  • remus grins and winks at his boyfriend,and add “yeah, you’re not the first one to say that today.”
  • and sirius is half laughing half trying to hide himself under the table because “gosh moony, you were suppose to be the cute and awkward one in this relationship”
  • but the jokes go on and soon all hogwarts has a list of forbidden words
  • their other fav way to embarass everyone is too always pretend they were about to shag when someone enter a room they were in
  • even if really they were just innocently chatting
  • they even hide in broom cupboards waiting for people to come in
  • now everyone knock before to get in the dorms/bathrooms/classrooms/offices and yeah, even the cupboards
  • (which padfoot and moony will be very grateful for when they will really have sex )
  • but they soon realize that it isn’t the best way to embarass everyone
  • because everyone hate to see a couple getting all soppy
  • and the Nicknames Era had begun
  • “love” and “sweetie” clearly weren’t enough for marauders
  • “sweet ray of sunshine”, “thief of my heart”, “light in the darkness” neither
  • so you could hear in the middle of the common room
  • “you are the knife to my fork” “your eyes shine more than dumbledore’s beard” “you’re sweeter than chocolate” ( “cAlm DOwN HeRE pADFoOt YoU DOn’t JOKe wITh CHOcOLate” )
  • and they say it with the most serious look so no one knew if they were kidding or not
  • ( which was the perfect cover for the soppiest couple ever )
  • basically james and peter feared every moment they would be with the two of them
  • ( and james planned his revenge for when he will finally be dating lily )


  • after the prank, it took months to remus to finally call sirius with his petnames
  • and sirius died a little everytime remus would call by his name
  • and he cried a little when remus called him “love” again