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How to get the girl: Stare at her until she marries you - A Guide by Lena Luthor

The Case of the Bed Stranger

Stiles/Derek, T, 1.5K words, College AU

Written for the following prompt: The house party me and my friends threw kinda escalated and after throwing out everyone I found this half naked person passed out in my bed but I can’t be bothered to wake them up now so I’m just gonna go to sleep and deal with it in the morning, they are kind of cute anyway AU

“Erica,” Derek says calmly—very calmly, he thinks, considering the situation. It’s two in the morning, he just trudged back from the library with a pounding headache behind his eyes, and he comes home to find their apartment the site of a raging house party, with drunk undergrads everywhere.

“Hey, Der,” she says, with that wide grin that only comes out when she’s had one drink too many.

“You didn’t tell me you were throwing a party,” he says, his jaw clenched, and she scoffs.

“This? This isn’t a party. This is a, uh, just a little get-together.”

Derek rolls his eyes. “It’s finals, for fuck’s sake. I’m going to bed, at least turn the fucking music down.”

He pushes through the crowd—accidentally hitting some of them with his backpack, oops—and finally seeks refuge in his room. The noise is dulled, blessedly, when he shuts the door behind him, and he exhales, letting his eyes fall shut. His momentary calm evaporates, however, when he opens eyes and notices the very important fact that someone is currently asleep in his bed, sprawled out on his stomach like he owns the place.

All Derek can see is broad bare shoulders, messy brown hair, and half of a mole-dotted face, pressed into the pillow and currently slack with sleep. Huh.

Derek sighs. He’s fucking exhausted, he doesn’t want to deal with babysitting some drunk kid right now, and he really doesn’t want him to wake up and then throw up in Derek’s bed or something.

Plus, the traitorous little voice in his head says, he’s really cute.

Derek shakes his head, irritated, as he drops his backpack on his desk chair. He strips down to his boxers and skips brushing his teeth—he’ll do it twice in the morning, and people are probably fucking the bathroom anyway, Jesus Christ.

Derek pulls back the comforter and gently slides into the bed, trying not to disrupt the mattress before he realizes that he’s being ridiculous. Why is he even considering a stranger’s comfort? It all seems for naught, anyway, because this kid apparently sleeps like the dead.

He takes a quick peek under the blankets, and at least the guy’s still wearing briefs, thank god. Derek doesn’t want to have to worry about accidentally sexually assaulting someone in his sleep.

He flops over onto his other side—thanks to the king size bed, his only grad school indulgence, there’s plenty of room—and closes his eyes. He’ll deal with this shit in the morning.

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When They Realised They Loved You (Avengers Preferences)

am back woooo


Request; none, but if you have any preferences requests (ideally something positive or cheery bc it’s christmas my hoes)

Warnings;  none ur good

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Steve realised he loved you when he wasn’t afraid around you anymore. He lived in a world where anyone at any time could be out to get him, or even kill him, but when he was by your side, it seemed like you were the only person in the world that could make him stop being on edge all the time and actually take a breath for the first time since he got out the ice.

(a/n I was gonna say defrosted but he’s not a chicken fillet so it sounded odd)

Tony Stark/Ironman

Tony realised he loved you when you didn’t stop him doing stupid shit and actually started joining in. Bungee jumping off the Empire State? No problem. Throwing paint balls at a giant green rage monster? Excellent. He needed a literal partner in crime, and the fact you guys were an item made it all the better.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Bucky realised he loved you when he saw a definitive future with you. Everything in his life was uncertain and a bit messy, but you promised you would never leave and for once, he believed the words.

Sam Wilson/Falcon

It took Sam ages before he even began to think about it. After coming home from the war, helping Captain America and getting tied up with stuff he sometimes struggled to believe, going on a date seemed to become simply a distant thought. But when you, his new co worker and eventual best friend, started trying to set him up, he began thinking about what he wanted in a partner. And you popped into his head.

Thor Odinson

Thor wasn’t used to being treated like a non-royal - No one was rude to him or ever told him what to do. That was until he met you, and you weren’t afraid to tell him when he was being a stupid oaf. One day when you were snappy with him for something, he realised he loved you. Why? You treated him like a human, not a God or anyone higher, and it was just what he needed.

Bruce Banner

Bruce felt everyone was cautious around him. Even Tony, his best friend and self proclaimed science bro, seemed mildly on edge around him. He realised he loved you when you trusted him and treated him like an actual human and not an unpredictable grenade.

Clint Barton 

Clint realised he loved you when he would take time out his job for you. He was metaphorically married to his job and it had become his life in every sense of the word. So when he didn’t hesitate to take a day off to spend time with you, he realised you must be pretty damn important to him to.

Natasha Romanoff

Natasha was a complicated person - She had only ever opened up to Clint. When you met, the first she said was that she only trusted people she loved, and that she never loved anyone, therefore never trusting anyone. So one day a while later when she realised she trusted you, it clicked in her mind.

Wanda Maximoff

Wanda knew she loved you when you told her you weren’t scared of her mutation. She was capable of brilliant and destructive things and you were never weary around her. She knew she had found someone special when she didn’t feel different or alienated anymore.

Pietro Maximoff

Pietro knew he loved you when he was willing to slow down for you. He’d been on a high ever since he got his powers and refused to slow done for anything or anyone, but when he slowed down and stopped running like a mad man just to spend a few moments with you, he realised how important you truly were.

I think one of the things that made my blood bold in Blood of Olympus is how at the ending Rick throws Annabeth, Piper and Reyna as best friends forever who are together all the time, and while I think they are gonna develop a friendship through time, this is so wrong because:

  • What about Hazel, the actual girl who spent months traveling with them and living with them?
  • Piper didn’t mourn Leo, her best friend. She should be mourning Leo and spending time with her cabin and the rest of the seven, you know the people shed live with for months.
  • In the grand total of the books, before the ending of BoO, they probably talked with Reyna no more than 5 hours in total.
  • What about Hazel.
  • Annabeth would probably spend most of her time with Percy, dealing with their PTSD, visiting Sally, spending time with her cabin, talking with Chiron, reconnecting with the campers, mourning Leo with the rest of the Seven and then, just then, talking with Reyna.

Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

He’d been gone all day, and you were bored out of your mind. You sighed, rolling over in your bed and reaching to grab your phone from the nightstand. You went through your contacts and found Daveed’s number, tapping it and sending him a text.
‘When are you gonna be home?‘
He responded quickly, ‘Just an hour or two longer.’
Groaning, you put your phone back down on the nightstand, throwing the blankets off of yourself and getting out of the bed. You’d been laying around pretty much all day in your oversized t-shirt and boy shorts. You stretched your arms above your head, hearing your shoulders and elbows crack loudly.
You went to the bathroom and looked at yourself in the mirror. You were surprised to see that, despite the fact that you’d been in bed all day, you looked good. Your hair was just the right amount of messy, and even though your eyes had small bags under them, there were still wide and bright.
Staring at yourself, you got an idea. Smirking mischievously, you ran your fingers through your hair a little bit, then went back into the bedroom, grabbing your phone. You picked it up and turned on the front camera, looking at yourself. Not too bad.
You got on the bed, kneeling on the blankets. You were trying to think of a good pose, when it came to you. You stayed on your knees, lifting up your shirt just enough so your boy shorts were visible, as well as a tiny bit of your stomach. You stared into the camera, eyes wide and innocent, biting your lip, and snapped the picture.
Looking at it afterward, you almost didn’t recognize yourself. You were never really the overly sexual type, but seeing a new side of yourself was exciting in a way, especially because you knew Daveed wouldn’t expect it. But he would definitely enjoy it.
You sent him the picture, along with a text that said: ‘I miss you. :(‘
After you sent the text, you laid down on the bed on your stomach, your feet dangling over the side. You placed your phone down beside you, then folded your hands in front of your face, resting your chin on the back of them. You were looking forward to seeing what Daveed’s response would be. About a minute later, your phone vibrated. You picked it up and looked at his reply.
’Maybe I can try to be home a little earlier…’
You smirked. Maybe another picture would convince him even more. You turned your phone camera on once again and thought about how to pose. It came to you after a moment. You stuck your ass up in the air and pouted your lips, making your eyes wider once again. You took the picture and smiled to yourself. Damn, you were good.
You sent the second picture, then said: ‘Hurry, babe. I’m so lonely.’
His response came almost immediately.
‘I’m on my way.’
You grinned, placing your phone down on the night stand. You rolled over onto your back, staring up at the ceiling as you waited. You twiddled your thumbs, your heart beating faster and faster as the anticipation built. You couldn’t wait to see Daveed once he got home. You knew he’d be rough with you. He always was when you teased him, and you were looking forward to it.
After only a few minutes, you heard the front door open, then slam shut. You bit your lip, trying not to look too excited. You had to keep up the innocent act. You moved on the bed, laying on your stomach so that you were facing the bedroom door. You laid your chin on the back of your hands again, kicking your legs aimlessly. You heard him coming up the stairs, down the hallway, and then there he was, standing right in front of you.
“Hey, babe.” you smiled innocently, even batting your eyelashes a little bit. “How was your day?”
“It was fine.” he replied, taking a step into the bedroom. “Until it was rudely interrupted by a certain someone.”
“Oh, was it? How terrible.”
“Drop the innocent act.” he glared at you. “You’re such a little fucking tease.”
“Daveed, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” you shook your head, trying your hardest not to smile.
“Really? Well, then maybe I’ll just have to punish you. That might jog your memory a little bit.”
“Hm…it might. My mind is a bit hazy at the moment.”
You swear you saw him smirk for a second. He brushed his curly hair out of his face, closing the bedroom door behind him and walking to the bed. He sat down on the edge, then beckoned you over with his finger. You crawled over to him, keeping eye contact with him the whole time. You got up so you were kneeling beside him. He quickly removed his jacket, tossing it across the room, before he patted his knee.
Smirking, you laid across his lap, your ass in the air. You felt him pull your boy shorts down, just enough to expose your skin. You closed your eyes in anticipation. You felt his hand gently caress your skin for a moment, then suddenly, his palm struck you. You had to bite back a moan as you arched your back slightly. You heard Daveed chuckle under his breath as he spanked you again, his fingers tracing over the marks he was leaving afterward.
You weren’t sure how long you spent there, bent over his knee, but you were certainly enjoying your punishment. You had a sneaking suspicion that he knew about that. Maybe that was why he spent such a long time doing it. He patted your shoulder, signaling you to move. You moved off of him, pulling your boy shorts back up and stood in front of him. He looked up at you, lost in thought for a moment.
“Lay down.” he demanded, standing up off of the bed.
You nodded, getting on the bed and laying on your back. You watched as Daveed peeled off his shirt, tossing it to the floor. You bit your lip as he got on top of you, straddling you. You reached out to touch his exposed skin, but he quickly caught your hands, shaking his head. You frowned at him. He collected both of your wrists in his right hand, pinning them above your head.
“You decided that you wanted to tease me. Now it’s my turn.” he smirked devilishly.
He leaned down and captured your lips with his, grinding his hips against yours. You quietly moaned into his mouth as his tongue traced over your bottom lip. After a moment, he pulled away from you, still rocking his hips against yours. You looked down, you could see his hard-on straining against the fabric of his jeans. You longed to reach your hands out and touch him, but you couldn’t.
Daveed’s free hand grabbed at your shirt, pulling it up just enough to expose your chest. He ducked down, taking one of your nipples into his mouth, sucking harshly, eliciting a loud gasp from you. He flicked his tongue over the hardening bud, then bit at it, making you moan. His hand found its way to your mouth, covering it while he attacked your chest with bites and licks.
“Are you gonna be quiet?” he asked, looking up at you.
You nodded and he smiled, removing his hand. He kissed you once again, more harshly than the first time, his tongue finding yours. He bit at your bottom lip, taking it into his mouth. You felt his fingers tracing over the skin of your stomach, up to your chest, pinching at your right nipple. You arched your back, your moan stifled by Daveed’s lips.
He moved away from you once again, staring you down. His eyes were dark with lust, and you could feel the anticipation pooling between your thighs. He let go of your wrists so he could pull your boy shorts down. He tossed them across the room, immediately running two fingers over your slit, making you hiss with pleasure.
“You’re already soaked, you little slut.” he said, his voice breathless. “And I haven’t even done anything to you yet.”
“Daveed, please…” you whimpered, trying to grind yourself against his fingers.
He pulled them away, tsk-ing at you before sucking on them, staring at you the whole time. You were basically writhing in pleasure, watching him suck your juices off of his fingers. He spread your legs, then laid between them. He pressed his denim-covered cock against your core, making you whine. He leaned in to whisper into your ear.
“I don’t think I’m going to fuck you just yet.” he said, nipping at your earlobe. “I’m enjoying this a little too much.”
You felt his fingers lace through your hair and he pulled roughly, yanking your head back. His teeth immediately assaulted your exposed flesh, sucking harshly, most likely leaving marks. Daveed always loved to leave hickeys and bruises on you to show everyone that you were his. You enjoyed it as well, truth be told. You loved the reminders.
Daveed pressed himself against you once again. You groaned, biting your lip. He kissed over the bruises he’d just made on your neck, then stopped, pulling away from your neck, resting his forehead against yours. You took the opportunity to remove your hands from his hair. You traced your fingers over the pale skin of his stomach and chest, stopping at the waistband of his jeans. You looked up at him, silently asking for permission, and he nodded.
Smiling softly, you unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He kicked them off, somewhat awkwardly and you stifled a small giggle. You slowly slid your hand into his boxer-briefs, running your index finger over his length. He groaned quietly, biting his lip. You took him in your hand, slowly stroking him. You slowly ran your thumb over his slit, staring up at him. He reached down and stilled your hand, pulling it away. You looked at him, confused, and he just smirked.
He peeled off the remaining item of clothing, letting it fall to the floor. You sat up for a moment, pulling your shirt off, throwing it into the small pile of clothes on the floor. You laid back down and Daveed leaned down, kissing you sweetly for a moment. In those few seconds, it almost felt like he was pouring all of his love for you into that one kiss. You smiled once he pulled away.
“Ready?” he questioned, lining himself up with your entrance.
“Yes, Daveed. Please.” you begged, raising your hands and dragging your nails over his chest.
He quickly pushed himself inside of you, making you cry out. He slowly pulled himself out, then slammed into you again, cursing under his breath. He began to fuck you at a steady pace, your toes curling as he did. You felt his hand on your throat, pressing down just hard enough to make you lose your breath a little bit. You tangled your fingers in his hair and pulled him forward, assaulting his lips with your own.
He let go of your throat after a moment, his hand traveling down your chest and stomach until he reached your clit, teasing it in time with his thrusts. You cried out his name, pulling harshly at his hair. He swore again, speeding up and going harder, making you gasp loudly. He leaned down, biting at your neck and your collarbones. You moaned, biting your lip.
“You like that, you fucking whore?” he asked.
He pulled away to look at you and you just stared back at him, speechless for a moment. In that moment, you realized how much you were in love with Daveed. He grabbed at your hair, pulling it roughly, taking you out of your thoughts.
“Answer me.” he growled.
“Y-Yes, Daveed.” you replied, nodding.
He smirked, and you noticed that his thrusts started to become a little sloppy. He was close, you knew it. You felt the familiar burn in your stomach, telling you that you were close as well. You looked up at him and were almost blown away by how beautiful he looked. His hair was messy, he had a thin layer of sweat on his brow, and his eyes were closed.
“Fuck…” he muttered.
“Dave, I’m so close…” you whimpered, tugging at his locks.
“Cum for me, babe.” he grunted, slamming his hips against yours.
You moaned his name as you hit your peak, Daveed’s fingers still teasing your clit as you rode it out. He continued thrusting through your climax, his groans and grunts increasing in volume, quickly getting his release as well, digging his nails into your hip as he did.
You were panting. You finally let go of Daveed’s hair, running your fingers through your own as he pulled out. You whined quietly at the loss of contact, making him chuckle a little bit. He laid down beside you, pulling you into his arms, tracing his finger over your spine.
Shivering slightly, you pressed a soft kiss to his collarbone. You looked up at him, smiling widely. He smiled back, leaning down and pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose. You scrunched up your face, making him laugh. He raised his hand and tucked some hair behind your ear.
“I wasn’t too rough, was I?” he asked. “Did I hurt you?”
“Yeah, you did. But I enjoyed it.” you replied, shrugging.
“You need to stop misbehaving so much.”
“I wouldn’t misbehave so much if I didn’t enjoy the punishments I got for it, you know that.” you winked. “Anyway, I should go take a shower.”
Daveed nodded, releasing you from his grasp. You walked to the bathroom, the tile floor was cold against your feet. You closed the bathroom door behind you, then went to the shower, turning the water on as hot as it would go. As you were waiting for the water to warm up, you heard the bathroom door open. Daveed walked in, then closed the door behind him. Before you could ask him what he was doing, he had you pinned against the glass door of the shower, hands running down your sides.
“Round two?” he asked, smirking against your lips.

Not gonna say that I hope JTV gets cancelled over my favourite straight white male because it gives work to so many WOC but I am out tbh. Me quitting won’t affect the ratings since I am not in the US but I love Jane for its clever writing, and putting your main character through trauma before having a time jump so you don’t have to deal with said trauma is the laziest writing in the book and I am not here for it. If they were gonna kill him they should have done so in the S3 premiere and not use him as Jane’s sex toy to make her lose her virginity and then throw him in the bin. Michael Cordero deserved better. Jane Villanueva deserves better. And we, as viewers, deserve better.

Fuck Me Up

Request: Imagine the Joker spanking you after messing up a job ;) By Anonymous.

Word Count: 1,354 (I told it was gonna be short… Well, fuck that xD)

Warnings: SMUTTYY SMUT xD, swearing, fingering, dirty talk, daddy kink, spanking.

(This is my first smut ever so plsss don’t judge!)

“Fuck! Shit! Arghh!!” You scream out loud. It was just a quick kill. There was a man stealing from Joker, he didn’t like that, not one bit. He had ordered you to kill him, so here you were in his house. But he had got away. You walk back to your car, Mista’ J isn’t going to like this.

You open the car door and sit down. You throw your head against the window, how could you mess this up? You had your gun pointed his way but you forget the fucking safety, who forgets the fucking safety!? You feel so stupid. Last time you fucked up Puddin let you get away with it, but this time… He was going to punish you, bad.

You drive to the club Joker is and park your car. Ah shit, you really don’t want to tell him this. But if you won’t… Fuck it. You open the car door and get out. You close it and walk to the front door, you hear the loud music coming from the building and open the door. You see people dancing everywhere, you walk through the big room. You see men staring at you, they would do anything to get you in bed with them. Not like you cared, you only cared about one man and one man only, Joker.

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I’m gonna throw up

starbotdubs would literally probably not exist if it wasn’t for her, askerror and aftertale were some of the first blogs I ever stumbled on and I checked every single day to see if askerror updated. My ACTUAL first comic dub, which you will never see cuz its awful, was askerror when I was still practicing. It was inspired by that one supershadic dub of askerror which is a fantastic dub go check it out, SO ANYWAYS ENOUGH SCREAMING


SIA  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I saw you cry today.”
  • “We were meant for one another.”
  • “I’m feeling good, let me savor it.”
  • “Throw ‘em back, till I lose count.”
  • “And I don’t care if I don’t look pretty.”
  • “Yeah, let’s be clear, I’ll trust no one.”
  • “You took it all, but I’m still breathing.”
  • “I’m gonna swing from the chandelier!”
  • “Some days I’m sure I’ve lost the faith.”
  • “I found solace in the strangest place…”
  • “I’ll strip you bare 'till the truth comes out.”
  • “I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist.”
  • “Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking.”
  • “I knew what I wanted and I went out and got it.”
  • “I’ll smile, I know what it takes to fool this town.”
  • “But there’s a scream inside that we all try to hide.”
  • “I was born in a thunderstorm. I grew up overnight.”
  • “And the worst part is there’s no one else to blame.”
  • “I know, you have never felt so low. But hold on, head up, be strong.”
  • “I wanted everything I never had, like the love that comes with light.”
  • “I have made every single mistake that you could ever possibly make.”
  • “Your body’s poetry, speak to me. Won’t you let me be your rhythm tonight?”

so okay au time

imagine: bucky still falls off the train, and steve into the arctic, but instead of bucky being found with the russians he had fallen into the river and went under the same thing cap did and so when 2012 rolls around and cap’s been found and some bloke (probably coulson) with too much money and sentimentality goes “wait, what iF” and starts a search for bucky’s body, because if the captain was found, what about his ol’ pal bucky?

and lo and behold, they find the body. it’d taken a long time, but they found it. and, due to zola experimenting on bucky, he wakes up just like steve

and like, really just like steve, since he panics and freaks out and throws two people through the door even with just one arm, but eventually he calms down enough to listen to what’s going on (probably to natasha). he’s briefed on the way back to the states where someone had pulled steve from a mission and they were gonna surprise him

and natasha warns him, “he’s not gonna believe it’s you you’re gonna have to convince him,” and bucky just goes “oh, he’ll know it’s me alright” which sounds kind of ominous to natasha

and he walks into the room with steve and the other avengers and the first thing he says “did you get a new uniform? i hate it”


“yeah it’s me,” bucky says as he walks up to steve, who is understandably in a lot of shock and confusion.

then bucky just punches steve in the face.



“YOU FUCKING STUPID PUNK I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. were you just like “my impulse control fell outta the train with bucky” and thought crashing the plane and not giving your coordinates was a good idea?! and i thought that time in brussels was bad but you’ve really outdone yourself this time! anD DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE ALIENS JFC STEVE ten fucking days outta the ice and do you do the logical thing like, go on a vacation or figure out what you’ve missed? nO”

and continues to just rip into him, to the bewilderment of everyone in the room. then when bucky tires himself out and stops yelling the other avengers think steve’s gonna rip HIM a new one but he just goes “bucky” and clings to him

“yeah it’s me you stupid punk you don’t have to blubber all over me” he says though he’s crying too.

and the rest of the avengers are like ????? because they were expecting a lot of things but not this

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a long time ago, I swore I saw an episode of Arthur where Arthur and DW were baking a cake, and they were pronouncing "lb" (as in pound) as "lub" and they had no idea what a lub was. I've tried looking for it but I'm stumped. Do you know which episode I'm talking about? Or did I dream up some ridiculous Arthur fanfic?

that sounds SO FAMILIAR but i just can’t quite place it. sorry anon! i’m gonna have to throw this one out to the audience. anyone know? 

"Hi!" (Carl Grimes x child reader)

(Requested by @greek-geek481 “hi,could you do a carl x child reader(3 or 4)? the reader is negan’s daughter and came with him to collect things from Alexandria. Then gets attached to carl and follows him around”.) A/n: I changed the ending a bit, hope you don’t mind!

“Little pig. Little pig. Let. Me. In.” My daddy said to the people that were gonna give us our stuff. I giggled as he swung around Lucille. He smiled down at me. “Um? Who are you?” A guy asked, opening the gate to where we could see him. I tuned out their arguments until I felt Dwight pick me up and throw me over his shoulder. I giggled as her swung me around. “Alrighty Y/n. Why don’t you go look around. Be careful.” My dad said. Dwight put me down. I walked around a little bit until I saw a really pretty boy. He had a pretty cool hat and he had one eye. I ran over to him. “Hi! I’m Y/n!” I said to him. He looked down at me and smiled. He knelt down. “Hello! I’m Carl.” He said. “You’re really pretty!” I said to him. He smiled. “Are you with them?” He asked, pointing over to where my daddy and a guy were talking. “Yea! That’s my daddy.” I said, pointing. “Oh! How old are you?” Carl asked. “I’m this many!” I said, holding up 4 of my fingers. “How old are you?” I asked him. “I’m 16.” He said. I nodded. I heard a baby start to cry. “I’ll be right back.” He said, going inside. I decided to follow him. I noticed that some of our guys were taking all of their stuff. “Carl!” I yelled. The guys turned around. “Y/n?” He asked, worriedly. He came downstairs. I noticed that the guys were pointing their guns at Carl. “Hey! Stop it! He’s my friend!” I yelled at them. “Y/n, c'mere.” Carl said, pulling me behind him. I heard a gun shot. “The next one will go in you.” I heard Carl say. He had his hand on my back, pulling me into him protectively. The other hand was pointing his gun at the guys. I heard people come in but I couldn’t see. “Well, what do we have here?” I heard my dad say. “Daddy! Tell them to stop!” I yelled, stepping out from behind Carl and pointing at our guys. My dad looked shocked. “Put your guns down boys.” My dad told them. I tugged on Carl’s shirt as my dad looked at me very meanly. “Rick. Why is your son with my daughter?” My dad asked. “He’s my friend! Right, Carl?!” I said. Carl nodded and picked me up. My dad threatened Carl and told him not to point his gun anymore. “C'mon boys, lets go. We’re leaving.” My dad yelled. Carl put me down. I followed my dad out. “No. If Carl is your friend then obviously he wouldn’t mind putting up with you for a week or two.” My dad said rudely. “You’re right. I wouldn’t mind.” Carl said, picking up again. I couldn’t believe that my daddy didn’t want to take me home. My eyes teared up as I cried into Carl’s shoulder. He just rubbed my back calmly. Maybe this could be my new home.

(Yes, I know there are some grammar mistakes but I did them on purpose. The reader is 4 in this imagine. I hope you liked it @greek-geek481

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Where my Jared Girls at...

I know you’re out there.

I’m wrestling with Jared as we speak, writing my first piece of Jared smut.

It’s gonna be trash, but it’s for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing because I’m a sucker for an aesthetic challenge and Jensen and Dean were both taken. *choked sob*

ANYWAY. I need SOMEONE to throw this thing at when I’m finished with it, sometime in the next 24 hours.

So, ladies? (Tagging some ladies that are suspiciously Sam Girls (or at least sam adjacent) in case they MAY be interested in a tag or may spread the word.) @blacktithe7 @ellen-reincarnated1967 @oriona75 @impala-dreamer @chaos-and-the-calm67 @captainradicalpassion

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***Day 5✨ Naughty, sweet and playful, just like Kozy.***


You whined his name one more time but he still wasn’t listening, his brow furrowed as he watched the screen, his fingers rapidly hitting buttons on his controller.

“Kozik come on, I’m bored.”

“Grab a controller.”

“I don’t wanna play anymore. We’ve been siting here for 3 hours. I wanna do something else.”

He remained quiet again and your bottom lip jutted out even further, your fists softly hitting the bed you were sitting on. You knew you were acting childish but he’d been ignoring you practically all day and you were growing impatient. You’d tried everything in the book short of getting naked and you knew you were gonna have to use the big guns.

With a smirk, you sat up on your knees and pulled your panties down, throwing them to the floor before crawling up behind Kozik. You placed your arms over his shoulders and slowly began to press tender kisses to the side of his neck. You could feel him tense slightly with your affection and you grinned against his neck, your hands sliding down his chest and shoulders.

“Why don’t you wanna pay attention to me daddy?”

He said nothing and kept playing, trying to keep his composure and not crumble under your touch and sultry voice but you felt him shudder and it only egged you on. You rubbed your hands over his chest a little more firmly, your hands drifting over to the tops of his arms, feeling the muscles beneath your fingers.

“You’re so strong,”

“Babydoll, just give me 10 more minutes and then we can do whatever you want. I promise.”

You said nothing in response, just kept running your hands over him, your lips kissing along the back of his neck. You made you’re way up to his ear and kissed the shell of it before grasping onto it with your teeth and tugging. He let out a quiet gasp followed by a growl, trying to keep playing his game. You reached forward though and slid your hands down his tummy u till they were resting on the growing tent that was in his boxers. With a gentle hand, you rubbed him up and down, giving a squeeze every now and then. You could feel him growing in your hand, a throb pulsing through him as you pressed a wet kiss to his neck again, your tongue snaking out to lick against his warm skin.

He swallowed dryly starting to lose his composure. He feeling of your hand and your mouth was begin get to flood his mind as as you nipped at his shoulder, he couldn’t help but to crave the feeling of your hot mouth around him. Few things got him as hard as thinking about you taking him in your mouth. He growled as he died in the game, restarting at the last checkpoint. He refused to let you win this. You already had though and you grabbed his hand, pulling it to the side and sticking up up your night shirt. He snapped his eyes over to you as he felt your bare mound and hit the pause button. He turned around quickly and faced you a grin on his face as you locked eyes.

“Are you done with your game daddy?”

“Yes babe, I’m done. Let’s do what you wanna do now.”

His grin widened and he started to crawl over you, his hand reaching for you but you jumped from the bed quickly, a big smile as you picked up your panties and began to slid them back on. Kozik looked at you with confusion, his mouth hanging open slightly.

“What are you doing? I thought you wanted me?”

You nodded enthusiastically, your panties on again.

“I do. I wanna go make some cupcakes.”

A squeak left your lips as he reached for you and roughly pulled you back into the bed, laying his upper body on you to hold you in place.

“We can make the cupcakes in a little bit. Right now,”

He grabbed onto your knees and spread your legs, his fingers already pulling at your panties.

“I’m gonna have some fun with my pretty little Babydoll. Teach her what happens when she teases daddy.”

“Then we can make cupcakes?”

“Yes baby, then we can make all the cupcakes.”

*throws confetti in the air*


So I’m gonna start queueing fanart, and I think I can queue fanart reblogs too, so as long as there’s shiny stuff in the queue you’ll get to see 2 or 3 shiny pieces of art that people were so kind to make every day :)

Maybe people will prefer this to the ‘I pick a day and post all the fanart I’ve received’ method that I’ve done before? Ya’ll let me know what you think :) I can go back to that way if people like it better!

For people not super interested in seeing fanart, this is just a friendly reminder that I tag all of them with ‘fatal error fanart’ so if you like you can go ahead and block that tag or however people do that :)

That’s all! Have a nice Sunday! 

Predictive Text Prompts #2
  • I’m not gonna stop you.
  • She was just wondering why I was so sad.
  • I don’t know what I did to you.
  • One day I’ll be happy.
  • Thanks for being so mean.
  • Remember it is not the end.
  • Can we just have a few more days off?
  • Keep it on your mind.
  • He was the first person who had the same dream. 
  • But it’s cold out and I’m so scared.
  • The boys were together when they were younger.
  • For some reason, I can’t believe it was a bad thing.
  • I’ve been throwing my days away.
  • Strangely enough, I don’think I’ve ever seen this before.
  • That night was just too bad.
  • I was just a liar.
  • Get me out of your head.
  • I just got pushed back into it.

Ear Biscuits Ep. 69 at 42:13

Link: We decided to get on opposite sides of your room.

Rhett: I cannot believe you’re telling this story.

Link: And then we would just throw the ball at each other’s balls…

Rhett: [laughter]

Link: And see who could take it. We would take turns. I’m gonna throw it at your balls and see if you could ta- i mean, we were fully clothed.

Rhett: Yeah, fully clothed. We’re sitting across from each other.

Link: With our legs spread… we had to devise a test of manhood.

Rhett: I haven’t thought about this in a long time.

Link: I’m sure we’re like groaning and laughing and giggling and being complete idiots.

Rhett: The first thing I hear is the sound of my father coming up the stairs. And my dad had a bit of a quick fuse.