and they were dancing in a slow circle

the thing about the ultimate cosmic meaninglessness of man is that you can either wallow in your insignificance and the attendant pain that brings in a culture so obsessed with fame and being important,

or you can fall in love with literally everything and everyone in a dozen small ways because everything still exists despite the statistical unlikelihood of it all and that’s a goddamn miracle

immussilus asked:

" psychic -- but, what exactly does that entail?" a slow smile, " do you reads minds?"

She was the seventh leader for a reason. Between the league circle she was the wise mother, her mind had transcended reality and broke free, the strands of time && space had found its way home. Most psychics called on the cosmos for guidance, but her, she was one of the few to converse regularly with them, as if they sent a droll; who walked && danced beside her from sunrise to sunset.

         ‘ Not all the time, no. But when necessary, yes. Now, if I were to know all that was to come, I would be a shell of my true self. the sun would not be as fascinating, The giddiness of what the future holds would disappear. ’

    ‘ I am a helper to all, but, If you would like me to read your mind as a way to prove my words, I can not allow it. One must not use their skill for such petty arguments. On the other hand, if you would like to know more about your future, Hold out your hand; && Let the universe hear my request. ‘

Phil Lord And Chris Miller Developing The Flash For Warner Bros.

They’re working on a story but haven’t signed to direct

Not every story that comes flying out of the magic portal marked “Superhero Rumours” is actually true, but the gang at Latino Review scored a palpable hit when they revealed that Lego Movie duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller were circling Warner Bros.’ cinematic take on DC Comics’ The Flash. Deadline brings confirmation that they are on board the film.

But before visions of the men who made the Jump Street films, Clone High and the first Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs movie directing a DC pic dance through your head, slow things down a little. So far, they have only committed to write a treatment for the film about the super-speedy hero Barry Allen, who awakens from a coma after a strange  incident to discover his new abilities. Lord and Miller are not yet slated to direct, and indeed don’t have a project locked in yet. Chances are that if they come up with a story and/or script that they and the studio all like, they might end up calling the shots, and we’d certainly be happy to see that.

Ezra Miller is in place to play the character, who is rumoured to crop up in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice for what will probably be a quick (no pun intended) cameo. If he doesn’t, then he’ll likely first emerge in Justice League, taking aim at 2017. The stand-alone Flash film, meanwhile, is set for 2018. Lord and Miller are also busy cooking ideas for more Jump Street and overseeing the massive Lego franchise that they helped to start.

- James White