and they were all wearing eyepatches


The reveal this week that the volume cover for volume 12 will be Saiko was surprising, as she hasn’t really featured at all in any of the chapters slated to be included in this volume so far. 

But lined up with the last two Volume covers a clear pattern emerges. Now with Saiko covering her ears, we have the line up of the Three Wise Monkeys.

The Wise Monkey’s come from word play on the Japanese phrases Speak Not, See Not, and Hear Not, the negative conjunction “zaru” sounding like the word for monkey, “saru”, resulting in the iconic image.

While in western context, they are often used to indicate turning a blind eye (or mouth or ear) to evil, their original meaning in Japan was about how to not dwell on evil thoughts and live a good life. However, given the Quinx associated with each, it does suggest a turning away from or ignoring of something important.

This meta took me a while to get out, so I’m sure you’ve all already seen people pointing out this motif, but I wanted to go more into depth on the connection between the Wise Monkey’s and the Quinx associated with them. 

The result is quite long, but I hope the points at the end are worth the read. Thanks for bearing with me, and thanks to everyone who pointed out this connection, as well as to @linkspooky​ for helping me untangle and flesh out some of the connections.

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Moments from Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart that actually happened
  • the weirdly sexual lyrics of Flamme A Lunettes
  •  “Do you often sprout Italian ice cream cones?” “Only when I’ve snacked on spaghetti after midnight.”
  • All of Jack’s chest shots
  • Madeleine going to bed without taking out her huge updo
  • Jack the Ripper just randomly showing up about a quarter of the way through
  • Melies and Jack’s sick skateboarding
  • clock boner
  • Joe’s rapping and accompaniment beatboxing
  • The implication that Melies was fucking the conjoined twins
  • Miss Acacia floating away while Jack holds onto her ankle and tries not look up her skirt 
  • The rock music numbers
  • The entire Ghost Train sequence
  • Jack rapidly falling love with Miss Acacia during her flamenco
  • Everyone’s sparkly skin and impeccable fashion sense
  • Melies, a French character created by French people in France, being a walking French stereotype
  • Joe getting his eye stabbed out and wearing eyepatch, which makes him look even more Edgy™
  • Madeleine drinking literal tears
  • A face with legs getting launched out a cannon
  • Melies calling Jack’s freckles “succulent” 
  • Accordion Train
  • Mathias Malzieu being the living embodiment of the “when you do all of the work in the group project” meme
  • Jack walking in and sadly saying “She’s in love with me”
  • A moon with Miss Acacia’s face eating the accordion train
  • Jack carrying Miss Acacia to her room and accidentally bumping her head on a pole
  • “I was practicing kissing you while you were sleeping”
  • Jack getting struck by lightning and no one questions it
  • Madeleine holding a stethoscope up to a man’s crotch
  • Jack’s mother showing up on Madeleine’s doorstep with a frozen dead bird in her hair
  • Everyone’s varying levels of angst
  • Joe showing up in an automobile that looks like a boat

This movie is fuckin wild

KBTBB MC With Heterochromia

Heterochromia: Where one iris of the eye is colored differently than the other

Eisuke: He always thought it was weird. Ever since the day they met she always kept a part of her face hidden, her eye to be exact. No matter what they were doing, whether at home, at a party or even in bed her eye was her main concern to the point that she wore a medical eyepatch around the penthouse. He told her not to wear it at parties and she respected that since it looks too weird for her to be wearing it, but that didn’t stop private time with it.
“My eye irritates me easily and it’s not pretty to look at.” Is what she said. He didn’t press the issues at first because he really didn’t care, but now that they were dating he can’t help but be curious.
He did a little digging when it came to her medical records, but even doctors had their limits on how much they can reveal.
“Looks like I’ll have to do this myself.” He said irritated. He called her up through the pager and just waited for her to come running in.
She’s a tiny out of breath having to get here with her limit, but he had to admit she was getting better at coming within the limit.
“Yes Eisuke? Do you need me to make you some coffee?” She knows him well, but that’s not what he wanted.
“What’s up with your eye?” She immediately covers it the second he says eye.
“What do you mean?” She asks like she was trying to hide something.
“You know I hate it when you hide things from me. Show me your eye.” He said as he got up and walked towards her.
She hesitated, but slowly she removed her hand and he moved her bangs to see her eye. He looked close and she was starting to sweat a tiny bit. Though he didn’t see what the big deal was at first. Her eye wasn’t red or anything that looked like it needed any medical help, but he noticed something within the eye. Compared to how her other eye was it looked slightly off, like it was trying to hide something. Then it hit him. He had seen Baba wear them when going to work sometimes.
“You’re wearing contacts.” He stated.
She lowered her shoulders in disappointment knowing that he found her shield. Contacts, hair and eyepatches were her protection all her life and knowing her guy, he wasn’t going to let this go until he knew why.
“Take it out.” He ordered knowing there was only one contact.
She did slowly as if she was trying to savor what little she could. She took out the contact, but didn’t bring her head up to face him with her true self. He got impatient and took her face and faced it towards him.
There he saw what she had been hiding. A vibrant green eye neighboring her warm brown one. He could see tears starting to form in both. Him knowing her secret was too scary, but she had a feeling what was coming next.
“Well say it.” She ordered not wanting the silence.
“Say what?”
“That ‘This isn’t working out’ or ‘Get out of my sight’! I’ve heard it all before. It’s better than you just having to cheat. I’ve been through all of it with my ex-boyfriends when they saw my eyes. Just spare me the pain yourself the time and just say-Mmmn!” He shut her up with a long kiss with tears rolling down her face.
He could understand why she was afraid. Having two different eyes was something different and while people try to be open, people can still be cruel. What really made him upset is the fact she didn’t trust him enough to actually show him her true face, though from what she just said, it sounded like her trust was shattered by all the guys she dated from dumping her politely to just cheating on her. He wasn’t like other guys in more ways than one, and she should have known that by now. He separated them and looked at her shocked face.
“Eisuke…?” She was completely dazed.
“Did you really think it was okay to hide something like this from me?” He asked.
“I’m sorry. It’s just I love you so much, that I couldn’t show you my eyes. I wanted you to love the me behind the eyes, but I couldn’t show you with what happened. I didn’t want history to repeat itself.” She explained.
“And what makes you think that I’m like all those others guys?” He asked very irritated being compared.
“Well I…” she stuttered not knowing how to respond.
“Looks like I’m going to have to remind you of what kind of guy I am not to mention punish you for hiding something this beautiful from me.” He kissed the green and picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.
She struggled a tiny bit and kept saying to put her down, but she couldn’t help, but feel happy, that she may have found someone that loves her brown and green eyes just as much as they loved her.

Soryu: He didn’t know why, but he just couldn’t let it go. He respected her privacy and probably has a story, but it just made him want to find out what it was even more. The eyepatch she always wore, the bangs that were always parted a certain way. She said eye irritates her so she wears the eyepatch at home and her bangs when she went to work. He said that he could afford the medical treatment if she wanted it.
“Don’t bother, I’ve had this ever since I was born. There’s no point in trying to do anything other than making myself comfortable.” She explained.
“But you’re only dealing with it rather than taking care of the problem. Wouldn’t you rather take the eyepatch off at home instead of wearing it around the the house.” He gestured to her covered eye.
“Well I would, but…” she looks down almost as if she was ashamed. He hated seeing her like this with him. They were at the point there couldn’t possibly be any secrets, so he knew her eye was a major gap even though it was small.
One day Soryu had to take her to the doctor, nothing bad or anything, merely a physical for the hotel.
“Alright. So everything looks to be in order. Your eye needs to breathe a bit more with you constantly wearing your eyepatch, and there’s the fact that it won’t be used to light if you keep wearing it. So I recommend you take a break.” The doctor ordered. She looked down due to the ordered, but Soryu saw it as a perfect opportunity.
As soon as they got how you were about to go and find your eyepatch, but Soryu grab her hand to stop her.
“Soryu let go.”
“I don’t want you to wear that patch anymore, you can’t wear it all the time anymore anyway.”
“Can’t you trust me?”
“I just don’t want you to be scared. Every time I think I have a decent guy to love, something happens and it’s all because of me eyes. Every time they see them something happens. I don’t want that again.” She explained her voice trembling a bit.
“Then it won’t, the only thing I’m frustrated about is the fact that something that’s so big for you to carry isn’t on my shoulders since you can come to me with this.” He explained.
“Just show me.” She stayed still for a second and slowly walked towards him.
She parted her bangs and did what Soryu didn’t exactly expect; she put her index finger in her eye. He was about to stop her only for her to pull out a contact. She slowly looked up with her bangs still in her face. Soryu slowly pushed them away to see her insecurities. He saw a bright green eyes that was sparkling with unshed tears.
“Well say something.” She ordered as the tears began to slip from both eyes.
He really didn’t know what to say, but he just pulled her into his arms to comfort her. He understood why she was so scared. Appearance, while aren’t being judged so much anymore still counted out in the world and he was a victim of that whether he wanted it or not. He on the other hand had to deal with the criticism, even gone through some broken hearts because of it and she wasn’t as tough as he was. He couldn’t care what people thought, but she was a sweetheart. Making friends where ever she goes, even in the mafia world she can make people smile with her kindness alone. So knowing that just made him want to track every boyfriend she had down and make sure they know what they did to make her feel so insecure.
“Never wear those contacts and that eyepatch again.” He told her.
“You can wear the contacts during work, but I don’t want you to hide your eye from me. And if the others say anything about your eye I promise to always carry my gun.” He said.
“You do that anyway.” She giggled a bit causing him to smile and kiss the eye that was ignored, but will now be shown for what it was in his eyes. Beautiful.

Baba: He really wanted to see her. It had been a while since they had been together, but a thief’s job is never truly done. Going around the world was exhausting, but now back home he can relax a bit with his princess. He wanted to surprise her so he didn’t say he was coming home just yet. If he was lucky he would be able to catch her before she went to bed.
He opened the door slowly and saw his girlfriend watching a movie with her bangs parted out of her face and no eye patch which was very refreshing. It’s not that he didn’t love her look or eye patch, it was just nice to see her face for once.
“Tadima!” He shouted causing her to jump a bit in her seat. Her hand went to her eye right away. He thought it was weird, but went to her lips instead. After he released her she was shocked. It was like her brain was going ninety miles an hour and her warm brown eye was showing it.
“What’s wrong pretty lady? Aren’t you happy to see me?” He took off his fedora.
“Uh…yeah I just…wasn’t expecting you till tomorrow morning.” She confessed. Her thoughts were calming down, but there was a bit of a wreck as if she was trying to figure out what to do next.
“My flight came early. Why are you hiding your face? It was nice to see your entire pretty face for once.” He teased.
“You saw it you saw my eye!” She yelled.
“Yeah. I thought you looked very pretty.”
“But a lot of my ex boyfriends dump me or cheat on me because of my eye.” She explained.
“Then they’re idiots for doing something like that for someone beautiful, but I have to thank them for clearing the way for me.” He explained not knowing what the big deal was.
She looked shocked as if those were the kindest words that anyone had ever said to her. As if those were the words she was waiting for her whole life to hear. She lowered her hand and opened her eye.
“Do you really mean that Baba? Really?”
He was taken back a little when he saw that her eye was green, but held it together well. He saw her face, but he didn’t see the small detail that was her eye color. He understood why she felt insecure to hid behind hair and patches, but really he just fell in love all over again. He knew he was  luckiest man in the world for having someone so rare as her and now he felt like he had the rare treasure of all. He just smiled.
“Like I said beautiful. Truly.” He kisses the eye that was shunned, but promised to give it enough attention for the world along with it’s shunned keeper.

Ota: It was supposed a date. That’s how it was until they ran into her sister at the park. She was on her way back home doing some shopping when she saw them tossing a Frisbee, that was Ota’s idea of a date and decided to say hello. She was somewhat surprised to see that her sister was dating someone famous, but wasn’t as well since her job was the Tres Spades.
“Is that why you decided to work there? So you could meet a guy?” Ota teased.
“It is not! I’m going to get some water.” She got up and went to find a water fountain with he face a bit red.
“I really want to thank you Mr. Kisaki.” Her sister bowed to him.
“What for?”
“Well my sister has always been insecure with guys. In fact there was a point our family was worried she would never learn to love.”
“Whys that?” He asked wanting to know about his Koro’s past.
“Because of her eye. All of the guys take one look and all of a sudden they become jerks. She says she’s cursed, but we keep telling her that her eyes are pretty, both of them. But maybe she needs an outside opinion rather than a family members’.”
“Both…?” Ota was having trouble following. And now he was curios to see what was truly the secret behind his girl’s eye.
After her sister left he was left to ponder what she meant. Was there something wrong with her eye that she had to cover it. He hated being kept in the dark, especially from his girlfriend. He knows a thing or two about trust being broken, but you refused to let him go it alone and felt that it was fair that he do it for you too. He wouldn’t do it for just anyone. He would only do it for you.
After they got home, he explained what her sister said.
“She what?”
“She told me about your eye. At least enough to let me know, you don’t trust me enough to see.” He explained
“I just feel so curse with it. Guys do bad things the second I show it. Cheat, break up, insult. I couldn’t bear that with us.” Her body shakes as the memories flood back to her.
He grabs her and can feel her tremble like a leaf. He wanted to drop this, but she needed to get over the wall that she built in order for them to be close.
“I promise I’m not them. There’s only way to figure that out.”
“Do I have to?” She asked sounding like a little kid.
“Show me.” He pulls her away. She shakily takes off the eyepatch that she put on as soon as they got home. He tilts her head up when she doesn’t let him see. And he sees the problem and yet he doesn’t.
“You really do look like a puppy.” He teases as he finally sees the green eye that was hidden from him.
“From you that is a compliment. Right?” She asks.
“That’s right.” He nods him head and brings her in as tears begin to fall through her eyes. He gently kisses the tears away and makes sure her eye gets a kiss too.
He had so much inspiration from his muse. He took mental notes on her eyes. The color and the shape to make sure his next master piece would make her see the true beauty that was in her eyes.

Mamoru: He really didn’t care at first being the guy he was. He just let her do what she wanted when it came to her weird habits that came with her eye. He was curios, but decided to ignore it.
One day he came home late and tired. He did what he had to do and just left the rest to the others. He opened the door to see his girlfriend on the floor on her hands and knees looking for something.
“Hey. You okay kid?” He asked with her not facing him.
“Oh Momaru welcome home. Just uh, dropped something.” She kept looking without facing him.
“What a pain.” He hot down on his hand and knees and started to look. She said she could do it herself, but it was going to bug him if she was going to crawl everywhere. He was looking for a bit until he found something weird. Something small and round. He picked it up to discover that it was a contact. Not just any contact though. A colored contact that was the same color as his girl’s eyes.
“Baby girl? Why is there a contact here?” He asked and she stiffened up.
“Well uh…”
“I usually don’t meddle because it’s a pain, but are your eyes even brown?”
“Yes! Mostly…” she muttered the last part still not looking at him.
“Mostly? Sweetheart is it one or the other?” She starts to tremble.
He hates being the bad guy with her. She really does look like a kid when she gets like that, but it just made him want to protect her more. And he couldn’t do that with her not letting him in.
“Sweetheart? Can you look at me please?” He asked as he knelt down next to the part of her have that is usually covered, but she turns her face the other way.
“No you’ll hate me. Just like all my other boyfriends.”
“We don’t know that for sure, unless you look at me.” He says as he takes a set next to her.
She sits on her knees and stays frozen for a bit. He just waits for her without saying a word. Slowly, but surly she turns to him and opens her eyes. He was surprised, but he didn’t let the green eye faze him.
“It’s weird isn’t it. My eye, it just makes people hate me.” She said with he head starting to go down, but he picks it back up.
“You really are a kid if you think this fazes me. I’ve seen bad stuff as a cop, but this doesn’t. I’m just a bit hurt that you kept it from me.”
“Really? It’s good?” She asked.
“It’s good. So there’s no need to play pirate around the house anymore.” He teased.
“Meanie! Stop treating me like a kid!” She ordered but couldn’t help, but smile at the fact that he was treating her the same way as he always does.
He pull her into his lap and just smiled at the fact there was no more secrets between them. He kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her lips and finally her eyes and paid special attention to the one that never got any good attention, but promise to make sure it wouldn’t be shunned by him.

ok so there’s only one thing I don’t really get about the new chapter, and it’s how NONE of the other characters noticed that Ciel wasn’t?? wearing his eyepatch????? Like that was the FIRST thing I noticed about Real!Ciel and it bothered me so much I didn’t even recognise him as Ciel for a moment. Why were both Soma and all the servants(excluding finny) all like Huh!!! I guess?? young masters eye is just?? All dandy now!??!? like wth you’ve never seen him without it

MUCC Uka in Osaka

MUCC 20TH ANNIVERSARY 97-17 羽化 -是朽鵬6極志球業シ終T脈殺-

Setlist in Zepp Osaka Bayside 2017/04/09

01. 脈拍 (Myakuhaku)
02. 絶体絶命 (Zettai Zetsumei)
05. 我、在ルベキ場所 (Ware Arubeki Basho)
06. 悲観主義者が笑う (Hikan Shugisha Ga Warau)
07. 商業思想狂時代考偲曲 (shogyo shisoukyou jidai koushikyoku)
08. 死して塊 (Shishite Katamari)
09. BILLY×2 ~Entwines ROCK STARS~
10. 勿忘草 (Wasurenagusa)
11. EMP
12. コミューン (Commune)
13. 狂乱狂唱 21st Century Baby (Kyouran Kyoushou)
14. シリウス (Sirius)
15. ハイデ (Heide)
16. 茫然自失 (Bouzen Jishitsu)
18. Mr Liar
19. 蘭鋳 (Ranchuu)
20. 孵化 (Fuka)

EN 1. 誰も居ない家 (Daremo inai ie)
EN 2. 名も無き夢 (Namonaki yume)
EN 3. 故に、摩天楼 (Yue ni, Matenrou)
EN 4. 1997
EN 5. フリージア (Freesia)

During the first short MC, Tatsurou stepped forward, picking at his nails and not looking at the audience at all.
Tatsurou: We’re Mucc~
Audience: (cheers)
Tatsurou: (keeps picking at his nail, mildly uninterested voice) Is this fun? Are you having fun? (audience cheers, Tatsurou doesn’t even look up)

Tatsurou: Who went to see L’Arc yesterday? What did they play?
Audience: (calls of “Fate”, “Caress of Venus”, “Niji”, …)
Tatsurou: (finally looking up) NIJI?!?!? How nice~
Miya: (plays some niji riffs)

Yukke was talking about the restaurant he went to last night and
Yukke: The young granny there-
Tatsurou (and audience): What the fuck? What do you man by that? Which is it?
Yukke: Well she was an older lady who was made up very pretty, (gestures to audience) like you
Tatsurou: You’re horrible, man! That was so mean! (Yukke getting very flustered)

Usually in Osaka, there are always many younger bands who will come and watch MUCC’s concerts. Yukke had kept spots on his guest list for a couple of them (mentioned umbrella and XaaXaa specifically), but
Yukke: They didn’t contact me ahead of time, but I put them on my guest list anyway. And then the day before they still hadn’t contacted me, which made me wonder what was going on. Turns out they play their own lives today (laughs).

Satochi: I went to a big bathhouse. And a young guy new to wearing glasses came it, together with a senpai I think? He asked him “Is it ok to enter while wearing glasses??” and the senpai said “When you’re wearing glasses you must not take them off!!” “OK!!!”, but… does anyone really wear their glasses in the bath?? (some “yes”es from the audience) What, really? Don’t they get cloudy?? (audience calls out something he couldn’t catch) I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU
Audience: It’s ok once you dunk them in the water
Satochi: What, you put them in the water? That works? My eyes are horrible, less than 0.01. When I don’t have my glasses it’s impressively bad. Everything around is jungle!
Satochi: A long time ago now, when I had to go to my part time job, I had just lost a contact lens so I called the manager and said “I lost my contact lens so I have to take today off” to which he said “what a shitty excuse, get your ass over here!”, so I went all the way to Shinjuku but it was reallllly scary.

Miya: My eyes are not as bad as Satochi’s, but they are pretty bad. When I was a little brat- I mean, when I was about 18, I left in colour contacts for several days and ended up with a peeled off retina. I had to wear an eyepatch, even for concerts at the time. So now I always use 1day lenses and usually during a tour, I just throw in a handful of them into my luggage but this time I forgot to…
Yukke: What, so what are you doing today?
Miya: (in a tiny tiny voice) wearing yesterday’s contacts again…
Yukke: Second day??
Miya: (still worried small voice) yes…
Yukke: Everything ok? Like normal?
Miya: Yes, all normal.

Miya: Back when we were touring in Europe many years ago now, in France, I was around the Palace of Versailles with the crew and we saw some people dressed like real nobility, playing with a butterfly toy going “ahaha~ ahaha~” ヽ(´▽`)/ (Miya imitating the jumping around and the laughter was SO ADORABLE OMG)
Miya: Anyways, we were watching that happen and someone came up to us and got reallllllly angry at us in French, but we didn’t understand a word. And we only found out about this later, but apparently at the time Marie Antoinette was filmed! So somewhere, there is some unusable tape of that scene with 10 Asians in the background just staring with their mouths wide open.

Since they were playing in the Zepp Bayside, only one station apart from Universal Studios Japan, USJ had to come up during the MC.
Miya: I don’t know if it’s ok for us to talk about USJ here, but I saw something on the news.
Tatsurou: If it was on the news, why would it not be ok? It’s not like we have a contract with Disney Land or anything.
Miya: Some years ago USJ didn’t have that many visitors, but in the past years they are setting record after record, it’s amazing. I’ve never been but I’m curious about it.
Tatsurou: USJ is really close right? Has anyone gone to USJ before the concert? (quite some people cheering yes) Wow, you guys must be having the best day ever!!

Miya: I’ve never been to USJ, and I’ve never read Harry Potter, but I’m so curious about Butterbeer. I always hear that everyone only drinks it once, so… (shouts from the audience that it’s sweet) Sweet? Oh, I will like it.

Tatsurou had trouble with his monitors on and off during the concert and disappeared for a big chunk of the MC, I think all of Satochi’s part and some of Miya’s too? Seeing how he still was missing from the stage center,
Miya: When will that tall one come back. Ooooooy~ (calls to Tatsu at the side of the stage)
When Tatsu was back,
Tatsurou: Fixed it. The main set was supposed to end before 7pm, but we are already past that. Your last trains might go! Are there people who have to take the Shinkansen afterwards? (quite some “yes”es from the audience) Alright, we’ll continue so you can make your last trains!! Let’s go!!! (and started Heide, song 15/20 of the main set..)

During the encore, Namonaki Yume,
Miya: OsakaaaaAAAAAA! LET’S WRECK THIS NEW VENUE~!! ARE YOU READY~! LET’S GOOOOOO (to tons of shouting and cheering from the audience)
And after the 目を閉じて明日を思い描く line (close your eyes and picture tomorrow),
Tatsurou: And from tomorrow onwards, please do you best at school or work again ok~! (too real ;_; )

jakathine replied to your post “imagine chirrut as a space pirate and he wears two separate eyepatches”

Baze (when asked why chirrut does this): he thought one eyepatch was cool, so ‘logically’ two eyepatches were way cool

you just know Baze is that first mate who does all the actual logistics and smoothing over while Chirrut is fucking swinging between ships wielding two lightcutlasses and holding his peg leg between his teeth

Spider Bites: Always with You

Request: Could you guys do an imagine where the reader is an avenger with spider dna and powers similar to peters and the reader and peter are attracted to each other and they’re always kissing and making out because of their spider dna so tony and the rest of the avengers have to like separate them? Hopefully this makes sense 😬

Part 1        Part 2

You sat in your front room trying to ignore the fact that everything was absolutely against you. First of all, you allowed a grown man into your home without your mom’s permission. You let Peter in the house, without your mom’s permission, AND you left the house without your mom’s permission. Why did you let them talk you into this plan? This was a dumb plan, a really dumb plan. But what were the alternatives, figure out what was happening to you on your own? Pretend to be normal despite constantly breaking things with your super strength, none of that sounded like a good idea either. You were really stuck against a rock and a hard place. Oh and if your mother found out this all started because she let you go to a party, that’s it your social life would be over.

“Hey, speedy, maybe take a seat,”Tony called.

You realized, what you called nervous pacing was actually your body zipping from one side of the living room to the other, “I can’t just take a seat. This is a big deal, okay? If mom says this is a no go, it’s a no go. That’s it we are done!” you pointed out, hoping Tony Stark could get the idea. You don’t know why you thought he would, he was like dealing with another teenager.

“I can be very persuasive-”

“Imma stop you right there Tony Stark. The shit you pulled with Aunt May worked because Aunt May is white. And don’t get me wrong I love her to pieces, but black women they’ve got an intuition that was cultivated from years of adversity. If my mom even gets the inkling that you’re lying about something, anything, there will be no helping me. Not even the CIA could burst in here to try and take me. I am her child, which means she is inclined to say fuck off to anyone who tries to oppose her.”

“Okay, don’t you think you’re exaggerating? What about that time in eighth grade when we-”

“HA, she found out about that the next day! That woman is not to fucked with. All of you are going to tell the 100% truth or I’m calling you out! I’m snitchin’ this woman is not about to be mad at me for lying of all things.”

“I can tell the truth,” Mr. Stark vowed.

“You better.”

A few more minutes passed and you heard the keys begin jingling in the door. You tried sitting down, acting unworried. The act almost made it believe, except that every muscle in your body had locked up and you were stock still.

“Y/N,” she called as she came in. You looked back and noticed a man wearing all black and wearing an eyepatch was right beside her.

“Hey, Fury,” Tony called from on the couch. You looked between the two, confused as hell. What was going on, who was this extra guy? You stood up, stressed by the situation and trying to make sense of it all. Your mom and the man seemed to continue a conversation they must have been having outside.

“We want what is best for your daughter, the medical research and testing will come as no cost to you. But for her protection and the protection of the United States of America, your daughter has to be monitored.”

“But she doesn’t have to leave home for good right?” your mom asked looking at you with big worried eyes. You expected her to be angry, and to come in guns ablazing, but right now she just seemed worried and scared. You wanted to hug her, but you knew you weren’t quite in the clear yet.

“Alright… just let me read over the papers you gave me and I’ll sign them and give them back.”

“Wait, what’s happening?” you finally asked.

“Stark sent me a message detailing your predicament, Ms. L/N. It seems like something that needs to be looked into. I would like to help you, keep you out of trouble and danger… and we both know those two aren’t the poster boys of safety.”

You looked over at them a nodded to yourself. Well he certainly had a point. You sat by quietly just watching everyone move around and talk. You were sure Peter hugged you before leaving, and that Tony said something to you before he left, but you were just frozen. It had finally hit that your life might never be the same. This normal, unbothered life was crumbling down and you had to be a hero. Hours later, your mom came into the front room with the papers.

“You were bitten by something… and no one knows what. It could make you really sick, or it could make you… superhuman,” she spoke softly and you could hear in her voice that when she disappeared in her room after everyone left, that she had been crying, “I want to sign this to be sure you get the help you need to figure out whatever is going on, but if you don’t want to go…”
“I think, it might be for the best… but I’m not leaving am I?” you asked.

“No, no, you’d be able to live here with me still. You wouldn’t go to school but they’d give you your work.”

“Okay,” you pulled in a deep breath and tried to be brave, there was no use in crying and making her more scared. You had to be strong, act like it really didn’t matter.

“Okay,” she agreed, after a second she pulled you in a tight hug and rocked you gently.

Testing wasn’t as bad as you had feared it would be. Sure you got poked with all kinds of needles… a lot but it was mostly just training. You met Captain America a few weeks in. He taught you how to control your strength until it became second nature. Natasha Romanoff, better known as the Black Widow taught you how to fight, though you couldn’t imagine why she was teaching you. You had no intentions of being a superhero. Peter was there when he could be and he helped you figure out how to keep from sticking to surfaces you didn’t want to stick to. He was often the only thing keeping you sane. However as fall changed to spring there came a new problem. It had been confirmed that your DNA had been altered. It was altered in almost the same way as Peter.

You were doing your usual fight with Natasha then Peter walked in and you didn’t have to look to know. The scent of the room had shifted, and not the way it normally did when new people entered the room. Then it was just an added scent to the mixture, no this new scent saturated the entire room. It hit you hard and as an automatic response to unexpected stimuli you froze. Natasha stopped her punch inches away from your face. She looked at you concerned by your sudden stillness.

“Hey, Spidey-girl,” she called, that’s what they had started calling you, courtesy of Tony Stark. Despite hearing the dumb nickname, you simply turned around to look at Peter only to realize he was also staring at you. There was a feeling, a familiar feeling, one you would often deny feeling for your best friend at all. It was stronger than it usually was, as opposed to a faint stirring in your stomach, it was a full blown fire of want.

“Y/N,” Natasha called touching your shoulder. You turned to fast, forcing yourself to look away and break whatever connection had just been made between you and Peter.

“Yeah sorry… I don’t know what happened.”

“Are you and Spiderboy fighting?”

“No,” you shook your head, “Let’s just go another round.”

She studied you carefully then did as you asked. However, you were barely paying attention, your mind was rather preoccupied with the fact that you could feel Peter still staring at you. Tony was not oblivious to the looks shared between the two of you.

“You’re sure that’s not your girlfriend?” Tony asked.

Peter pulled a slow breath in, his throat dry, and his face a bit red, “No… we’re just friends.”

“Have you ever felt like you could be more than friends.”

“You said it yourself, she’s too pretty for me.”

“Okay, forget that, she willingly hangs out with you, so obviously she doesn’t think she’s too good.”

“Are you trying to give me dating advice?” Peter asked, confused.

Natasha almost punched you square in the face for the twelfth time, “Hey, what’s up with you today?” she asked, seeming somewhat concerned and annoyed.

“I feel weird,” you admitted.

“Would you like to go see Dr. Cho?” she asked.

“Yeah, that seems like it’s for the best.”  

Everything there was to know about your abilities was discovered by Dr. Helen Cho. She was the first to realize that your skin was covered in a layer of silk like webbing that was stronger than even the strongest metals. She learned about the roots of your strength, speed, and discovered a hint of clairvoyance present in you. If there was anyone who would know what was going on with you it would be Dr. Cho.

“What is the matter?” she asked warmly.

“I don’t know…. I got this surge of… hormones,” that was the best way you could describe it without out right saying you got the urge to jump your best friend’s bones in the middle of a training filled with adults.

“Well it could attest to normal human puberty… but I will take some samples, and see if there are any hormone imbalances or anything of the like.” She went to get some of the vibranium syringes from her supply drawer. Since your skin was so strong it took nothing less than pure vibranium to pierce it.

She let you leave after acquiring the sample. As you walked out of the sliding doors Peter was there waiting for you. You smelled him before you saw him, and when you saw him you stood still again.

“Hey…your mom asked me to come walk you home. She’s doing overtime,” he explained, his voice seemed shaky, and strained. You were confused by this development. Peter was never uncomfortable with you.

“Sounds good,” You managed to get out. He took your hand as was per usual but this time it felt like an electric shock, but the good kind… if that exists. You kept quiet, ignoring the weird urges in your body and choosing to continue on like normal.

You made it home and you let Peter come in with you, something you usually didn’t do if your mom wasn’t home, but she trusted him enough to let him walk you home right? As you took of your jacket and got comfortable you noticed Peter just standing in the doorway like he had never been in you house before.

“You can sit down,” you offered.

“Y/N… this is… you… do you like me?” Peter stuttered out.

“Of course I do, you’re my best friend,” you answered because you knew he couldn’t  mean what you hoped he meant.

“No, I mean yes that’s good, but I meant something more. Do you really like me?”

“Peter where is this coming from?” you ask unwilling to expose yourself emotionally like that.

“I… I just… I’ve always had this feeling, and today I just, I feel like I need to know. I need you…. To know,” he finished awkwardly. You were closing the distance between the two of you very slowly.

“I don’t like you, like a friend anymore, it’s different, and it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way-”he continued rambling, and then you kissed him and you felt like you were burning from the inside out. What was supposed to be a demure, accepting kiss, turned into something that had you pinned against the wall with your tongue in Peter’s mouth. His hand was snaking its way under your shirt, then a phone rang and the two of you were scared apart. It was Peter’s phone and he looked down at it with frustrated sigh.

“It’s Aunt May,” he explained then answered. It turned out Peter had to leave to help his aunt. You couldn’t help thinking it was for the  best, the two of you were like wildfire, and nothing moving that fast could be any good for either of you.

When you walked into the Dr. Cho’s office she had figured out your problem.

“You feel attracted to Peter,” She guessed.

You nodded, it didn’t strike you as odd that she  would guess that, he was the only boy your age here.

“I would advise you to stay away from him… some spiders have a mating season, while I can’t be sure of all the details of that it would seem your elevated attraction might be caused by hormones alone.”

“But I’ve always felt sort of… attracted to Peter.”

“And it’s possible that the change in your DNA is amplifying those desires. It’ve already told Natasha, Steve, and Tony. They’ll be assisting you two in separation, at least until things die down.”

You frowned but nodded, she was probably right. However, you really didn’t like the idea of not being able to see Peter. It was a hard day. For most of the day, you and Peter weren’t eve allowed in the same room. It wasn’t until your usual training break that you saw him. Deep down you knew you should have turned tail and went the other way when you smelled him, but young love is a reckless thing.

“I haven’t seen you all day,” Peter smiled, though he still looked worried.

“They’re doing it on person, something about spider mating seasons and weird hormones.”

“…Is that all this is?” he asked curiously, trying to mask a bit of the hurt that was tainting the bliss he got just from being near you.

“I have liked you since I was 12 and I was an ugly little duckling.”

“You were always beautiful,” he cradled your face in his hands and just like that you were in the same predicament as yesterday. This time Steve came down the hall and separated you two.

“Hey! Cut it out,” he demanded as he took the both of you by your shoulders and physically separated the two of you. This was definitely a hormonal thing and it wasn’t cool. For the rest of the day, out of embarrassment and fear, you hid in Dr. Cho’s office. She was formulating a shot that would counteract your hormones. It was apparently similar to birth control with just a few tweaks.

“This should keep you crazy teens level. Give it 24 hours before you see Peter again, okay?” she instructed. You nodded and left, Tony took you home. You laid in bed wondering if all of the feelings on Peter’s side were just weird spider hormones. You knew how you felt, how you had felt for a long time, but perhaps there was a reason he never asked you on dates, and that you were just another one of his friends. Your 24 hours was up in no time, and Peter was there to take you back home. It wasn’t a wild fire any more, just a warm fireplace in the hearth of a familiar home. He smiled a little bashfully and held out his hand for you to take. You took it without hesitating.It was a while before either of you said anything.

“I still mean it,” he spoke suddenly, “about liking you more than I should like a best friend… it may not be so overwhelming now… but I did mean it. Do you think maybe we could start over… you know if you feel the same way?”

“I would love that,” you smiled up at him. You knew that you’d be together  no matter what. Peter was there for you through years of training, and he was there for you when you decided to be a part time superhero. Through all of the weirdness that ensued from that dumb spider bite, Peter was there and you were with Peter.

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I wish you would write a fanfic about Gabriel Reyes getting way too worked up about sports.

There was a moment that he’d never forgotten, a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, a tightening of his heart, as he’d dropped into a hot zone ten years ago and realized that the grey beneath him was not, in fact, a paved street, but a churning mass of armed and furious omnic droids.  The feeling that a problem already too big to handle just was actually a thousand times worse all along and you were far, far too late in realizing it.

“What…the hell are you wearing?  Did you join the mariachi club of the damned or something?” he asked slowly.

“Haven’t you ever been to a ball game before?” Reyes replied.  He was grinning.  The death-mask that covered the better part of his face made the expression ghoulish.

“You look like something outta one of those old Day of the Dead flicks,” Morrison said with a shake of his head.  “What’s this gotta do with a ball game?”  But Reyes just stepped past him.

“C’mon, Morrison.  We gotta get going or we’re gonna get shit parking.”

“You’re kidding.  How are you gonna drive with-”

“And turn that thing inside out.”

“-that hat…what’s wrong with a Sox jersey?  You told me to wear black and white!  This is the only thing I’ve got!”

“I know.  Turn it inside out.”


The last time the ground had shook like this, he’d been under aerial bombardment.

Eighty thousand people were on their feet and roaring.  Most wore team colors - well, yeah - but he hadn’t been prepared for the gear.  Men wore helmets, pauldrons, gauntlets and chains and freaking sabotons.  It was all fake; plastic or styrofoam, but sabotons.  Freaking sabotons.  People wore skull-masks and skull-paint and horned helmets and tricorn hats and eyepatches.  Three rows up was a man wearing the headdress of an ancient pharaoh, wielding a snake-headed staff.  Amari would love that guy. Two rows back a guy in a gorilla mask was directing wave after wave of cheers from the people further up by throwing up a pair of hands hidden by ape-like mitts.  The massed hordes of the undead mingled with pirates, viking raiders, mongol warriors, and Darth Vader.

And beside him, the head of Blackwatch was on his feet and furiously twanging a guitar he’d assured security was entirely fake but sounded pretty damn real in a heart-pounding beat that was made all the worse as people nearby stomped their feet in time with the music.

It was like the archway had been a gate to another time - stepping from the 2060s where vendors sold cheap soy-dogs and sausages and lite beer beneath neon lighting to a colosseum of stone and stand - except for the gigantic jumbotron that currently showed an old, scratchy recording of a man, speakers transmitting his voice through the air with more decibels than a jet plane - “when you have great coaches - then after you have great coaches you get great players…you have a great organization, you tell them one thing!”

Every single voice in the place, it seemed, roared along with the last three words- “JUST WIN, BABY!”


Even in the midst of violent revolution, Jack Morrison had never seen a crowd turn so fast.  The cheers turned to ferocious booing mid-breath.  Weapons were brandished.  The few people that had started to sit back down had leapt back up, howling in outrage.  He almost dove for cover, half-expecting people to charge the field.  Beside him, Reyes was snarling something that Morrison lost in the tumult, but the single-digit salute was unmistakable.

“Jesus, Gabe, calm down,” he murmured as he leaned over, already silently apologizing for the blasphemy.

The wide-brimmed hat swung about and Jack Morrison was suddenly being stared down by a silver-plated skull.  “We never forgive, Morrison.  We never forget,” growled something that was less like Gabriel Reyes and more like some atavistic spirit of vengeance.


The air shook.  The stands shook.  The beer in the plastic cups shook. And Jack Morrison wished he’d had the foresight to bring a medic.  At the very least he was never betting on a pool game again.

It was a decent game, he said later.  Good guys won.

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Could you write Tsukiyama, Kuro!Kaneki, and Yomo seeing their smaller s/o trying on their clothes?



Tsukiyama’s eyes widened when he entered the room. His s/o was laying down on their bed, wearing his shirt that seemed to go down to their knees.

“Mon amour, why do you do this to me?” His happy voice woke them up and they looked up at him with sleepy eyes.

“Shuu? What is it?” He laughed, admiring how adorable they were. “Oh, nothing.” He kissed their forehead before turning to leave the room.

“Keep being gorgeous, my sweet.”


Kuro!Kaneki blushed when he walked in on his s/o trying on his eyepatch, posing in front of their mirror. He was wondering where that eyepatch had gone.

“_-______? I-I’ve been looking all over for that.” His s/o turned around, surprised to see him standing there. “Oh, sorry, I’ll give it b-”

“N-No, that’s fine! You can use it for now! I don’t really have any use for it right now. I’m already done with work and I’m not going out anytime later tonight. I mean, unless I need to for something. B-But not like t-that! Ah, I’m rambling, aren’t I?”

They giggled and gave him a light peck on the cheek. “You’re really adorable, Ken.”

Kaneki turned tomato red.


Yomo stood in the doorway of his s/o’s room, watching as they danced around in his black coat. It was so long, it almost draped onto the floor.

“Oh, Yomo! I didn’t see you there! Do you want this back?” A light blush dusted Yomo’s cheeks.

“Not if you want it for now. You can go back to…whatever you were doing.” Yomo awkwardly walked away from his s/o’s room.

He heard them giggle from afar. “Ren-kun is so cute sometimes.”

Pharmercy Drabble: Crisis Averted

Angela considered herself a patient person. She was always careful to be polite and kind to her patients as well as people she met in her everyday life. She didn’t expect much from others, just the basic level of respect that should be afforded another human being. When others were rude to her, she usually bit her tongue and ignored their actions.

But, when she reached for a single “Delicious in a Can!” and was denied because of the actions of an old woman wearing an eyepatch. She would not tolerate the stranger’s transgression.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she challenged, her gaze sharp as her hand tightened on her shopping cart.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m shopping for groceries.” The woman answered as she finished depositing all twenty cans of “Delicious in a Can!” into her cart.

Angela pinched the bridge of her nose as she tried to contain her anger. “Would you mind, if I just had one of those cans? If it were anything else I would just go to another store, but this is the only one that sells “Delicious in a Can!”.” She breathed in a steadying breath, “Please?”

The older woman watched her carefully for a long moment. So long, in fact, Angela was sure that she would give her a can.

“No.” With that, the old woman turned and pushed her cart away.

Angela watched the old woman’s retreating back. She didn’t even have the decency to leave the aisle after her victory. Her dreams of sitting down to enjoy a nice dinner of “Delicious in a Can!” disintegrated before her eyes.

She was just telling herself that the only reason that the old woman was doing this because she must have been miserable, and alone, and and and… old! When the old woman turned from further down the aisle and locked eyes with Angela before she smirked.

Angela felt something snap.

“You… have got to be one of the worst people I have ever had the displeasure to meet!” Angela began, pushing her cart as she closed the distance between her and the old woman.

A young, black man entered the aisle with a basket in his hand. His cheery smile and bouncy walk disappeared when he saw the scene that was being created. He turned around and left as he said decidedly, “Nope.”

Angela continued, “And I have met a lot of people. Even my most unpleasant patients have nothing on the level of disrespect you have for others. You know what? You’re probably going to need a clinic soon. Because you’re so old… and mean. I hope you come to my clinic. We’ll take good care of you.” She finished angrily. She could hardly believe herself that she’d just said that.

The woman shrugged, “Okay.” And continued out of the aisle.

Angela panicked. She’d just threatened someone with not providing the best health care possible. She’d violated her hypocritical oath. What if that old woman brought her to court because of this? She seemed petty enough to do it, too. My practice’s name would be ruined.

Angela finished her shopping in a daze.


It was several days later and Angela had just managed to put the incident out of her mind. She was in her office taking a break from reviewing her patients’ updated charts. She swiveled back and forth in her chair as she stared at the ceiling trying to clear her mind for a moment before she got a headache. As she was trying to think about not thinking, she heard her receptionist talking with someone.

“I’ll be representing your practice.” She heard a woman finished speaking.

Oh shit. Angela sprang up from her chair and left her office to investigate further.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Zeigler.” She announced as she held out her hand over the counter that was the reception station. “What’s this about representing our practice?”

“Oh yes, Dr. Zeigler this is Fareeha Amari. She’s from the law firm that has recently been hired to represent this clinic.” The receptionist introduced.

Angela watched as the intimidating woman reached for her hand and gave her a firm handshake. Fareeha nodded her head when she was mentioned and smiled at the doctor.

Angela felt her heart skip a beat and wasn’t sure if it was because of the woman or the reason she was here.

“Nice to meet you.” Fareeha greeted pleasantly.

Angela could do this. She could be strong. She could play it cool. “Hello.” Oh shit, I already said that.

Fareeha’s smile widened, “Hello.” She said with a laugh.

Angela pulled her hand back and put her hands safely in her coat pockets. She’d messed that up. Terribly.

“So. You’re representing us? What are the case details? Or can you not go into it?”

“Case?” the tall woman asked.

“Yeah, you are here representing us. What are the details?”

Fareeha’s brow furrowed in confusion before she came to a sudden realization, “Oh, no. There is no active case yet.  I was just coming down here to introduce myself. You know… establish a relationship.” It was clear she found the whole situation amusing.

Angela felt her face flush in embarrassment. “Oh.”

“Would you two mind taking this into your office, Dr. Zeigler?” the receptionist asked as she saw visitors approaching their unit.

“Oh, of course… sorry. It’s this way.” Angela motioned to the door behind her.

She turned and entered her office and found it a complete mess. She straightened papers and tried to make it look less trashy while she waited for Fareeha to enter her office.

When the tan woman entered, Angela straightened and turned to face her. “So uh. Was there anything else you’d like to go over?”

Fareeha paused and watched the blonde in front of her. “Forgive me if this is being too forward, but would you be interested in going on a date with me sometime soon?”

Gott yes.

Fareeha laughed and Angela realized she’d spoken out loud.

“I’m glad. When would be a good time for you?”

“I’m off tomorrow and am not on call, barring an emergency.” Angela replied.

“Perfect. Does dinner and a movie sound acceptable to you?”

“Sounds great.”

Fareeha paused in thought before she took out her phone, “Could I get your number?”


It had been a few months since Fareeha and Angela had started dating. When Fareeha asked if her girlfriend wanted to meet her mom, Angela had agreed nervously.

She’d been having mini breakdowns for the past hour trying to make herself look presentable for the family dinner. Now, here she was, standing in front of the Amari residence, wringing her hands. She supposed she should knock already, but couldn’t bring herself to do it.

She steeled herself and gave a confident knock that was probably too loud and hurt her knuckles. After a long moment, the door opened and Fareeha was standing there.

“Angela! My mom was beginning to wonder if you would show up.” She joked as she motioned behind her.

Angela peered inside and found that mean, old woman from the grocery store.

“You!” she cried accusingly. Fareeha stepped back in confusion.

The older woman sized her up, “You! You’re that girl from the grocery store.”

“You two know each other?” Fareeha asked and her mother nodded as Angela stood mortified.

“Yes, she told me that if I ever went to her clinic she’d take good care of me. I almost felt bad about stealing all of her “Delicious in a Can!”.”

Angela couldn’t believe her luck! Using the older Amari’s spin on the story to her advantage she smiled nervously at her girlfriend.

“Yep, that’s me. Friendly neighborhood doctor.”

“Though, I didn’t care much for the assumption that I would need a clinic soon.”

“Aren’t we supposed to be having dinner? I know I’m hungry. Thank you for letting me join you.” Angela redirected.

At the mention of food, the two Amaris forgot all about the encounter and began to argue over where Angela was going to sit at the table.

Crisis averted.

i had a great, fever-induced dream last night. i dreamt that anyone who cooked chicken in 1989 was sentenced to death, and everyone was like “well how the heck are you even gonna prove that, it’s 2017” and the police were like “we have a trustworthy source that no one can refute”, and then in my mind it pans to a news reporter holding a microphone to a chicken wearing an eyepatch:

chicken: *bok bok*
all: *gasp*

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"hide was the one who took kaneki's mask" OF COURSE OH MY GOD I KNEW ABOUT THE BOOK BUT NEVER CONNECTED THE MASK. i think fandom headcanoned it was uta who sent it? i can't remember (but while he could easily make another, why would he?). but it was hide who last seen kaneki with a mask, mask that wasn't there later. where the frack is hideeee

This is why i feel so ridiculous. 

We were all wondering about this annoying mystery concerning the book and mask, and suddenly… you realize, there. was. no. fucking. mystery.

The last time we see Kaneki with his mask, he was taking it off when he was losing his mind down in the sewers.

He drops it in the water right before Hide turns up.

And then the next time we see Kaneki after he wakes up from his blackout

…he’s magically wearing his eyepatch again.

I wonder how that happened? Like gosh, I have no clue who could have possibly been able to pick up Kaneki’s mask after conveniently seeing him drop it into the water.

I’m sorry I’m so sassy, it’s just

ok yeah where the fuck is Hide, that sneaky little bastard.

How to Introduce Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War

After the events the papers dubbed “The Battle of New York” and the “Age of Ultron,” the young people known as “Miracles” are common knowledge now. Whether by birth, design, or some species of accident, there are hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of people with amazing abilities roaming the streets of the world. This most recent calamity is over, and Captain America has won the day…but at what cost? The quick-eyed city residents will have caught glimpses of a pattern of red and blue, moving almost at random and at spectacular speed throughout the fight and now, tragically, scraps of fabric in the rubble are all that remain. Even without confirmation, they know what they’ve lost, and New York City mourns.

Weeks pass. A teenage boy with dark brown eyes, black curls, and a dark complexion walks home from school through a reasonably friendly neighborhood. Though his neighbors wave and say hello, his head is downcast, and his mind is wandering. The city’s loss has been a particularly personal one for him because he knows, now, that he’ll never look up at the buildings downtown and see someone like himself, there. Someone who looks like him. He walks in the front door, calls out to his parents, and, hearing no answer, walks to the refrigerator for a snack. As he turns to the table to sit, he sees it. Waiting there near the centre of the table, torn, stained, cracked… is the mask. HIS mask.

He doesn’t drop his food, but he makees sure to set it down very, very carefully, and as he does, he sees the note. Typed and short, it reads simply, “I never found the time to try it, but if you reinforce the weave with a permanent variation on the webfluid polymer, it should be more resilient than mine was. But you’re a smart kid; I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

As his heart is pounding in his chest, his blood roaring in his ears, a voice cuts through, stopping them both, and says, “I don’t know that I’d wear that, if I were you. Some people might think it was in bad taste. Lucky for you, the folks in the lab have been working on some designs, for just such an occasion.”

The boy spins around saying, “Who—”

“That’s not important, right now,” says the man with the eyepatch. “What’s important is that the man who used to wear that knew all about you, and obviously thought that you should be the one to carry on what it stands for.”

“What do you mean, ‘What it stands for?’”

“You know exactly what I mean. You’ve known it since the first time you looked up and saw him swinging from rooftop to rooftop. Since the first time you saw him save someone’s life. You’ve known ever since you first knew what YOU were, and what that meant for you in this world. It stands for HOPE.”

They both stand silent for a few seconds, and then the man says, “You know, I never could convince him to work with me. Always thought I was too secretive, too shadowy. But you’re your own man. So I’ll just ask it:

“Miles Morales, have you ever heard of the Avengers Initiative?”

Outside the kitchen window, a spider weaves a web in a bush, which suddenly shakes coinciding with a noise that’s only faintly heard; a noise that sounds almost like… *THWIP*


“A flower bloomed already wilting. Beginning its life with an early ending.”

- R.J. Gonzales


Saying goodbye 

Toriel: Me

Asriel:  mephisbaapheles

photographer: striderian

thank you so much for humoring this old goat and allowing me to get some pictures with you!

Starter for @bewarethefireworks !

Wolf does not feel very pleased to have to walk around Corneria without wearing his eyepacth or his eye gear…but it’s the only thing he could resort to in order to be able to freely walk around without being easily recognized and ending up having authorities chasing him around again. One of the big cons of being leader of the most knows space pirate teams out there…and also for having quite the bounty put on his head as well.

The lupine shrugged off the eerie feelings of being watched, hands shoved into his jacket’s pockets and head turning to look at the nearby buildings, and even so he avoids eye contact with passing by civilians, which, luckily weren’t that many at that time of the night, perhaps a nice, relaxing night would be the best way to go for him at this time. 

Looking a bit further, the space pirate notices a restaurant he hasn’t seen before in Corneria…maybe all of these skyscrappers just prevent people from noticing the smaller places. Though soon the lupine makes his way to said restaurant, glancing over through the window and feeling glad that there were almost no one in there, which made Wolf walk in, feeling at ease, looking around the place while taking out his eyepatch out of his pocket and finally putting it on. At least in this place he could wear it just fine. 

Wolf takes his seat in a more far away table from the others, though still not far from the reception…picking up the menu and looking at what could make his night less boring, elbows over the table, tail just hanging from behind the chair, and of course, something caught his attention, which made the lupine speak to himself:

[☆Ⓦⓞⓛⓕ☆] - “…hmm…they have cappuccino here, huh…”


If Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22 are about revision, then Evangelion 3.33 turns its eye toward critique. 1.11 and 2.22 celebrate the series and strengthen its central character. 3.33 leaps forward fourteen years, and in this new status quo, The surviving Eva pilots—all women, save for Shinji—are trapped in adolescence, in the exact form you could purchase from your friendly neighborhood bishoujo statue dealer. In the interim, Asuka has taken to wearing a track jacket and an eyepatch, which recalls Eye Bandage Ayanami. The difference is that Asuka’s accessory is a yandere one, while Rei’s bandages were meant to make you feel like your little sister needs your help and yours alone.

The eyepatch is a toyetic change, which speaks to the subtext of the film. Shinji is a boy out of time, confused by the new context he’s forced to relive. His father Gendo and Gendo’s assistant are both set in their ways, determined to see their plans through no matter the consequences, with a Rei Ayanami as their tool. Misato and Ritsuko have turned against NERV, with Asuka Langley and Mari Makinami firmly on their side.

Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo is about the men who are determined to have things their way, the women who would do anything to escape the story that has preserved them in resin for years, and the boy who stubbornly resists them because he doesn’t understand how what he knows to be true could ever be wrong, since the pain he’s familiar with is more comforting than the confusion that’s new to him.

The steps echoed, the time was early morning and Denki was climbing up to the shrine once more. He had a small wobble to his step, as he was a bit injured in the last battle, and he was wearing an eyepatch, so almost all of him was there, but regardless, he moved up. He managed to make a truce with another allied company, once his long lost brother Kai had recognized him, and for the last fighting country, he fought tooth and nail. Word hadn’t spread yet, the soldiers were still resting in camp nearby. But he had to go, to see Aversa. 

At the top now he stood and prayed a bit in front of the statue of the war god. “Thank you for your divine protection. I’m home now.” he spoke quietly, then moved towards the guest chambers and near silently entered a room switching into the yutaka.


zeldamaniac23-deactivated201612  asked:

Wolf traveled the city, looking around. Cops were giving him dirty looks, eyeing the various throwing knives that adorned his chest., the sheathed swords on his back, and the gunblades at his sides. Brushing his hair out of his face, he revealed an eyepatch. His good eye was red. He wore a black tunic and trousers, with lamellar armour over top of the tunic. Looking into an alley, he thought he noticed a human/cat hybrid.

Iris was in an alley, wearing skin tight black pants, a dark grey tank top and a black leather jacket over it. Her long blonde hair falling all over the place, in her face and down her back. Her ears were pulled back, showing her anger and intimidation with her snout all scrunched up, growling at the person in front of her. She had someone up against the stone wall, with a pocket knife to their throat, threatening them.
“Where is it! *low growling* ”
She reached in his pocket and pulled something out, it looked like dog tags. Then she noticed someone watching her and shoved the person to the ground, bolting up the walls of the alleyway.