and they were actually y'know

Alright, for as much shit as the new TMNT movie has gotten, please take a look at this gif.

Mikey using practically everything as his drumset and bringing the beat.

Raph’s inner thug coming back to him and raising that roof one handed.

Donny not knowing what else to do except contribute and bring the beat. I mean, look at the way he handles his staff.

And my favorite of them all, Leo succumbing to the beat and turning down for what.

So I got that glitch where companions merge into one and this happened :D Kind of looks like Fenris hugs him and buries his face in those feathers and I just–

Brink of Love

To those who are alone on Valentine’s Day, no need to fear, Kim Taehyung is here! Happy Valentine’s Day! <3 

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Reader/Taehyung

Length: 1038

Summary: As a well known skater, you teach Taehyung how to ice skate on Valentine’s Day.

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I am crossing the streams as we like to say but last night I was out scoping the set and I was posting some stuff on my locked Twitter but I figured I’d share the cockles moments I caught glimpses of here!

j2m return to set and Jensen and Misha were walking very close together, meanwhile Jared is trailing like 3ft behind. Nothing dramatic happened but Jensen had a small smile on his face in response to whatever Misha was saying before they waved at us across the street. But even so Jensen and Misha still stayed huddled together while walking up and into the church set. (It was interior shooting so I couldn’t see actual scenes lol but y'know.)

J2 were standing at the entrance to the church dicking around while Misha was inside still shooting, Misha comes out and 1) Jensen just kind stops joking with Jared briefly 2) has this really soft and fond look on his face

Misha chatted with us a few times but when he left to get in the car to go back to the crew park Misha was like ok time for me to leave, Jensen [a beat] and Jared are waiting for me

If there’s any other I remember I’ll post them here!

but can u imagine if they made a proper series of movies based off the Animorphs books today though? 

with like…a big budget for epic space battles and really awesome looking morph effects and top-of-the-line CGI for the alien monster stuff??

that’d be sick

I’m just saying, I’d watch it, and I bet I’m not the only one


And here’s some more shots of these paintings! Though that post has better angles. The shiny red ‘veins’ were actually thin pieces of plastic- y'know, that kind used for making friendship bracelets and whatnot. Unfortunately they became unwrapped from the nails on the backboard and started slipping off, and I kept having to find new ways to keep them on. I eventually removed them completely!