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The Other One : Part 8

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“You’re late, again.” The choreographer said as Jaebum walked into the practice room.

He walks in to see his fellow members sitting around, waiting on their leader.

“Sorry, I was doing a favour for a friend.” And that friend was you. The favour was getting you a job, but you wouldn’t know he was getting you a job. He went to the café next to the JYP building, where you met, to ask if they could offer you a job. It took some high level flirting and he was able to convince them to send you an email.

You were lying on the floor, exhausted from looking for jobs all day. Then your phone lit up with an email. It read:

“Hello, we are offering you the position of barrister at superstar café. Your training starts at 3:00…”

You skimmed the email, jumping as you read it. You suddenly stopped you didn’t remember applying to a position there. But you had applied for so many, it was hard to keep track.

You rushed out and headed over to the café.

“You’re late.” The manager says, throwing the uniform at you.

You catch it and scurry into the bathroom to change. You looked cute, you look at the bow around your neck and straighten it up. You fold your clothes and stow them in the locker assigned to you.

“Hyuna will be your mentor, if you have any questions ask her. I’ll be in my office. Don’t disturb me.” Your manager says before slinking off to the back office.

Hyuna slightly bows to you. You do the same.

“Right, I’ll show you the basics.” She says, smiling.

As she shows how to use the machines, she jokes around. She made you laugh and you needed it, to keep the good mood from being at home flowing.

A loud cheer arose from the crowd seated outside the JYP building. Someone was coming out. It distracted you as you were making your 5th latte, for some reason it was proving difficult to make a milky coffee.

Hyuna suddenly stands up as the front door shuts softly. She bows and smiles to someone who had just come in. You put down your project and turn around. It was Jackson and Mark.

“They usually order easy drinks, so I’ll leave you to it.” Hyuna says, walking away.

You grab her arm and pull her closer, whispering:

“Where are you going?”

“Newbies always get the pleasure of dealing with idols, it’s like initiation. Enjoy it while you can.” She shakes your arm away and goes into the back office.

“Oh hey, I didn’t know you worked here.” Jackson exclaims.

“How can I help you today sir?” You ask.

He furrows his eyebrows and leans on the counter.

“It’s me. Jackson.” He cries, pulling down his face mask.

You stare at him, waiting for him to order. You didn’t feel like being friendly right now, he lived with Jaebum, if Jinyoung knew, they all knew.

“Ah shit, Mark I left my wallet in the practice room, could you run and get it for me?” Jackson asks, patting down his body.

Mark jogs out of the café.

“I am so sorry. I just didn’t think it was my place to say anything. JB is my hyung. I thought it was just a mistake, he loved you. He loves you and always will. You’re probably hurting right now, but so is JB. He is in really bad way. When he heard you were back, he was so happy. He left the fansign.  He is ready to give up everything for y-“

“What can I get for you sir?” You ask.

“I’d like the please forgive Jaebum, he won’t do it again. No ice please.” He jokes, flashing that infamous Jackson Wang smile.

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You fight off a smile, he was cute.

“We don’t have such a drink, maybe try Dunkin Donuts.”

Mark jogs in the café, panting.

“It wasn’t there.” He says, struggling to catch his breath.

“Ah yeah. I found it, it was in my pocket the whole time. Thanks though. I’ll get the iced coffee please.” He hands you the money, as you prepare the drink.

“Thank you.” He says, taking the drink from you.

He tells Mark that he’s going back to the practice room and that he’ll see him there. Mark nods and walks up to the counter.

“How can I help you today sir? Would you like to try some of our winter drinks?” You smile, folding your arms.

“I know you don’t like me or any of us right now, but Jinyoung is truly sorry. He only did what he did because he loves you. He thought you deserve better. And he didn’t want to hurt your feelings by just telling you out right. Just talk to him please, he needs it. I couldn’t think of anyone better than him for you.” Mark says, leaning in over the counter.

You had known Mark as long as you’d known Jaebum and in all those years he only uttered about 5 words per conversation. Here he was performing a full monologue, showing how much he cared for Jinyoung.

“Mark, I don’t think I could ever be with him, I don’t trust him and Jaebum…”

“What about Jaebum? Listen, he’s my bandmate and I love him, but after all he has done, to not only you, but to us. You deserve better and I think Jinyoung would be the best for that. Jaebum would be hurt at first, obviously. But would get over that once he saw that you were happy.”

You hand him his drink. Even though he didn’t order, you had bought the guys drinks plenty of times and Mark always go the same thing.

“You knew Mark, and now you’re telling me to trust you with Jinyoung.”

He slides you the money.

“Just think about it.” He says, before leaving.

“What happened between you and Jinyoung?” Hyuna asks, emerging from the back office.

“Nothing, he just uh broke my bag at a fan sign. And I posted some negative things online.” You say, wiping down the counter.

“Yeah… Okay, I don’t believe that for a minute. What happened?” She questions.

You didn’t know her, or trust her. You didn’t want to spill the beans about your life, and especially involving idols.

“I don’t really feel comfortable, disclosing that information.” You say, busying yourself, wiping down the counter.

“Disclose? What are you? Some sort of Lawyer? Listen, you can trust me, I’m not some crazy fan, and I couldn’t care less about idols.” She probes you.

“I just don’t know you and if I were to ‘disclose’ any information about myself, we would have to be friends.” You fold your arms and lean against the counter.

“Well we can get to know each other at your birthday party.” She smiles.

You look at her confused.

“What birthday party?”

“It’s your birthday on Friday, we are going to Hongdae and we are going to get lit.” She says, dancing to the non-existent music.

“How did you know it was my birthday?” You ask.

“It’s in your file. I’m not taking no for an answer. If you come out with me I will stop asking you about your secret life.” She proposes.

You really didn’t want to answer any of her questions, and if all it took was to go out for a few hours, you would go.

“Fine.” You sigh.

“Yes, I’ll come to your place after work, we’ll get ready and have a proper girl’s night.” She wraps her arms around you.

You move back.

“You’re very full on.” You say, trying to block her hands from attacking you once again.

“Well, you don’t have any friends and other girls don’t tend to like me.”

“Hey, I have friends!” You exclaim.

“Your mom doesn’t count.” She laughs.

You smile back at her, you didn’t really have friends in Korea. You preferred to keep yourself to yourself, and the fact that you managed to snag Jaebum was a surprise. At a time like this, you needed a friend. Even though you defeated the purpose by not telling her anything about you, but with time you could see yourself trusting her.  She had a trustworthy look about her, from her short brown hair to her wide smile.

You slowly walk up the stairs to your apartment. Usually you take the stairs, but you had put a bit of weight on, from being at home. You swear your mom cooked you a big meal every day for the duration of your trip. You needed to lose a few pounds, or just a bit. You were deceiving yourself if you think weight in time for Friday. But might as well try. You lug yourself up the few last stairs, huffing and puffing. Turning the corner, you see Jinyoung leaning up against your door.

“I guess you should come in.” You pant, walking up to him.

Your hands shake as you enter your pin, it felt like his eyes were  burning a hole in the back of your head.

He follows you inside, and takes a seat on your couch. You sit down on the chair opposite him.

 You sat in silence. You could a pin drop

“You got a new job?” He asks, eyeing your uniform.

You nod, it was awkward. Seeing him for a few seconds at a time, you could do, but to sit for an expected long period of time was worse.

“I was waiting for you to call, but I got restless and I came here.” He says, playing with his fingers.

“I never said I was gonna call. Mark asked me to think about it, and I said I would. Jinyoung, I need time away from you. I’m getting my life back on track. Maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to be acquainted with you, but for now, I need to be alone.” You explain.

Your eyes follow him as he gets up and sits next to you, he takes your hand in his and holds it tight. You are captivated by his chocolate orbs boring into your eyes.

“I’m so sorry for what happened. That I lied to you, I put myself first and that’s not the type of person I want to be, I want to be perfect for you. I never thought that I would fall in love with anyone, especially you. I tried hard to ignore the feelings I had, but I couldn’t. And when I saw the opportunity with J-. When I saw an opportunity, I took it.  I knew that I could make you happy, and you could do the same. You make me happy. I love you.” Jinyoung caresses your hand.

Here he was pouring his heart to you, he put everything out there. You had always suspected that he liked you, but to hear his feelings like this was overwhelming.

“I don’t know what to say…” You confess. You really didn’t, you were too shocked to reject his feelings outright.

“Don’t say anything.” He says, touching your lips with his.

His lips lock on to yours, knocking the breath out of your body. His lips were everything you imagined, soft and ample. He kisses you slowly, his gently pecks turning into open mouth passionate caresses. He feels your body relax and mould into his, as soon as you do his tongue darts into your mouth. And with that you push him away. It was wrong, he was Jaebum’s friend, and he used to be your friend too. It was all too much. As you were caught in a stare down, the doorbell rings. You rush over to check the monitor, it was Jaebum. He was holding your favourite drink and a bag from 7/11. You didn’t owe him anything but you didn’t want him to see Jinyoung coming out of your apartment with your lipstick all over his mouth.

“It’s Jaebum.” You mouth to Jinyoung. He gasps.

You push him into your bedroom.

“We’ll talk about this later.” You whisper, before closing the door.

The doorbell rings again. Jaebum expected you to be home by now, your shift finished just over an hour ago.

You rush to the kitchen and wet a napkin, wiping the lipstick from around your mouth off, you stand there for a couple of seconds, in shock. You had just kissed Jinyoung. Jinyoung! You run your hands over your uniform before answering the door.