and they try to cover it up

(Keith and Lance are on their first date at a restaurant)

Keith: I hate cheesy things, they make me sick to my stomach.

Lance, desperately trying to cover his heartbreak as he subtly types out a text to Hunk and Pidge from under the table telling them to cancel the incredibly cheesy gesture he had planned for after their date: (voice cracking) Oh.. really? I didn’t, um, know that about you.

Keith: (shrugs) I try not to be too open about it. Shiro says it kind of ruins the mood whenever I bring it up.

Lance: (having a crisis) Yeah, uh huh. I totally get that. Yeah. 

Keith: … Are you okay?

Lance: Who, me? I’m fine! Never been better! (all the moments where he picked up Keith in a suit and gave him flowers and held the door/chair for him in the restaurant flash before his eyes) Oh, no. Ohhhhhhh nooooooooo.

Keith: Lance??

Lance: Keith, buddy, light of my life- Wait, shit! You literally just said- Keith, I’m so sorry. I had no idea but I- I should’ve asked if you were alright with all the romcom stuff before I did it. I’m so sorry, I never meant to make you feel uncomfortable or, or that you were being pressured. I just, I really like you, and I wanted to do everything right, but instead I- (he jumps when Keith’s hand touches his own) Uh, Keith?

Keith: Lance, calm down. What are you talking about?

Lance: You said you hate cheesy things!! And-

Keith: Yeah, because I’m lactose intolerant.

Lance: -I’m a cheese master! I’ve been grinding cheese all evening!! I’ve been inhaling that shit, sprinkling it, we’re literally neck deep in- Wait. What?

Keith: Lance. I was talking about my lactose intolerance. I- (he unsuccessfully tries to pass his laugh off as a cough even as he tightens his grip on Lance’s hand) I’m sorry, I swear I’m not laughing at you! It’s just, you’re getting all worked up, and- It’s sweet that you care so much, thank you, but I was talking about- (he starts laughing again)

Lance: You’re talking about your lactose intolerance??? You said, you said cheesy things- (he wheezes) Oh my god, cheese makes you sick to your stomach, you weren’t trying to give me a hint, you were talking about shitting-

Keith: I wasn’t-! I never said that, I said it hurts my stomach! That’s so gross Lance, don’t say that when we’re in public!

Lance: (still laughing) Okay, okay, sorry. I’ll keep it PG.

Keith: That’s all I ask. And, um. About what you were talking about. I don’t… usually like big romantic gestures, or pda.

Lance: … Oh. Well, that’s okay! We can-

Keith: (staring intently at a scuff on the table) But. I’ve found that I don’t mind it when it’s, um. (he stares harder at the table) When it’s. (his ears are starting to turn pink) Whenit’scomingfromyou.



Lance: (subtly sniffles before smiling) We’ll make a romantic of you yet, Kogane.

I just woke up and I had a dream about thiam gifs…

the gifs were a bloody liam dying and a dirt covered theo is holding onto him trying to take his pain while mason is constantly saying that it’s not gonna work, that liam is gonna die, but then we see the black veins on theo’s arm

now it’s 7am and I’m crying bc of my dream. if thiam isn’t endgame or at least canon friends in the finale I will riot bc they deserve so much better.

In a Heartbeat Headcanon #13

Sherwin and Jonathan have known eachother since elementary school and had the same class every year. Neither were popular or cool kids (Jon became “cool” in middle school) and both were picked on for seperate reason (Jon for ethnicity and Sherwin for looks) and didn’t have friends.

They didn’t become “friends” but Jon would help Sherwin; when bullies took Sherwin’s lunch Jon would split his, when they said mean things about Sherwin’s hair ,Jon would come up to him and say “…well….I like your hair..”; when they drew mean pics of him in the bathroom stalls Jon would cover them up or draw over them.

And eventually vice versa, because Of Jon, Sherwin became a little braver. When other kids try beating Jon up (Jon has a mouth on him and doesn’t tolerate being called names) Sherwin would hide in trees and throw rocks at them and watch them run away. He’d tell the teachers on them when they’re around Jon.

It was because of these little moments that Sherwin started developing an interest in Jon by the time Sherwin realized he had a crush it was to late. They separated and stopped talking in middle school for 2-3 years (Sherwin still crushed on him from afar) but still remembered the nice things they did for eachother. Until they were “reunited” by Shirley, after that they started talking about those times and admit to eachother that both were scared to say the first word to eachother after so long. (Fear of rejection and stuff)

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Distraction - Steve Rogers

Can you write something with with reader x Steve or Wanda where the reader is an intimidating secretive agent from some secret task force that the avengers need help from? And throughout the whole thing the reader is so serious and Steve or Wanda is trying to be friendly but keeps being put to the side and when it’s all over it’s like the reader flips a switch and they get to know each other? :-) I love your stuff! (Also my phone’s acting up,, this is meant to be anon

Distraction - Steve Rogers

There were about eight different voices going off in your ear. You sat at the base of a digital mountain, computer screens lined the wall and the long desk was covered in equipment. The room was dominated by this mass of technology, only allowing enough extra space for yourself, the rolling chair you were sitting in and one other seat, which was occupied as well. By a super-solider that was adding an extra voice to the constant noise in your ears.

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@madmadcat wanted something where Hux’s and Kylo’s child is having trouble at school with the other kids because they’re Force sensitive. So, here! 💛

“Daddy? Papa?”

Both Hux and Kylo jolt awake at the sound of their daughter’s voice and look to the light of their doorway to see her standing quietly, grasping her Ewok plush in her arms and sucking her thumb–a habit they’re trying to stop.

“Mara,” Kylo says, sitting up, flicking on their little bedside lamp with the Force. “It’s the middle of the night, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t wanna go to school anymore,” she sniffles, wiping her nose on the sleeve of her soft yellow pyjamas.

“Why ever not, darling?” Hux beckons her closer and she toddles around the bed to him, opening her arms so her Dad can lift her into the middle and cover her with their blankets. “I thought you liked school.”

Kylo hums in agreement, brushing his fingers through Mara’s messy red hair and combing it back into place, fastening it with her tie.

“They’re not nice to me,” Mara says, unfazed by Kylo’s styling of her hair. She cuddles her Ewok and Hux sees her lip wobble. “I want to play with them but they won’t let me ‘cause I’m sesitib and they’re not.”

Kylo frowns, mouthing the unknown word to Hux carefully so Mara can’t see or hear. “Sesitib?”

“Sensitive,” Hux whispers. “Force sensitive.”

“Josie says her Daddy told her that I’m bad,” Mara looks up at Hux. “But I’m not, am I, Daddy? You and Papa always say that I’m being good!”

Kylo’s heart melts but he can feel a frustration growing inside him, remembering how it felt when he was at school and bullied for being able to make toys float and sense the thoughts of the other children. And now, his precious daughter has to suffer too–

“You’re not bad, Mara,” Kylo says, kissing her head. She whimpers and climbs into his lap, resting her ear against his chest whilst reaching out to want Hux’s hand to hold. He obeys her. “You’re our little star, aren’t you?”

“But they–the other children–”

“It doesn’t matter what they say about you, love,” Hux rubs her little hand and moves the blankets over her, content when she yawns and nestles down deeper into Kylo’s arms. “Papa and I love you very, very much. And we’re so proud of you and your powers.”

Mara sighs and her eyes drift closed as Kylo rocks her gently, Hux watching as the famed Jedi Killer hushes his daughter to sleep.

“What are we going to do, Ren?” Hux whispers, careful not to disturb her. “I will not have some idiotic children make her feel like this.”

“I’ll go and speak to the teacher tomorrow,” Kylo says. “When I pick her up. Have a stern word.”

“Good idea,” Hux says, leaning against Kylo’s arm. “Oh, and Ren?”


“Take your lightsaber with you.”

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so uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kylo and hux as neighbors who keep trying to one-up the other's halloween decorations except also it's mostly just kylo who keeps going and going long after Hux has given up

omg yes.

Hux is Extra AF so his yard always looks like a Martha Stewart catalogue cover no matter what the holiday. For Halloween it’s little tombstones in the yard and  pumpkins and a nice festive wreath on the door. It’s all very tasteful and classy. Kylo gets pissed because he’s a giant goth child and Halloween is HIS FUCKING HOLIDAY GDI so he has this ridiculous petty urge to one-up Hux by covering his house in like a million little hanging ghosts and lights and spiderwebs and plasticy things that pop up, and it pretty much looks like a Party City threw up on his yard. Hux is way too competitive so he tries to outdo Kylo at first. Kylo takes this as a declaration of war.

Also one of them has one of those awful doormats that screams.

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Ohhh so excited for the soulmate AU! It's been so long since I actually logged into this account and requested something haha, how are you? Anyways, can you please do 2 with Gokudera? Thanks!

well then it’s a welcome back for both of us.

2. The first words that you say to each other are tattooed on your arms.

You woke up to your forearm itching aggressively.  Looking down at the red claw marks on it from your nails you saw black writing start to appear.  “Is this really happening now?” you sighed.  “Please don’t let it be anything bad,” you prayed.  

When the writing had fully appeared, you stared down at it, your blood pressure rising.  “What the fuck am I supposed to do now?  Where long sleeve shirts every damn day so the kids don’t see?” you yelled, startling your dog from his sleep.  

Throwing your covers off, you walked to your closet to try and find something to cover up the tattoo.  “Ain’t no way I’m letting preschoolers see this,” you huffed.  “I don’t need to get fired over my dumbass soulmate not knowing who I am,” you continued to huff.  

You scratched at the words again, ‘Who the fuck are you?’ and growled.  “I really fucking hope his tattoo says “Fuck you for almost getting me fired,” you said, grabbing a long sleeved shirt off a hanger and heading to the bathroom.

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109, with Alex?

Alex isn’t a bad roommate per se, it’s just that sometimes he does things not realising that anyone is home. At least that’s what Hercules says when the two of you are hanging out on the couch and Alex walks out of the bathroom, dripping wet and stark naked.

“Dude!” Herc says, staring at Alex with a glare.

“Why are you naked?” You exclaim, trying your best to keep your eyes on his face.

It doesn’t work.

Alex’s jaw drops in shock and he quickly covers himself.

“When did you get home?” He asks, backing away slowly down the hall.

“Like 20 minutes ago? Didn’t you hear us?” Herc asks.

You try to speak up, but all you can do is stare at his hands trying to pull your eyes away but you just can’t.

“Can you just go put some clothes on man?” Herc grumbles.

He throws a cushion at Alex who quickly runs into his room.

“You okay Y/N? You’re blushing,” Herc says and you swear he sounds smug as he asks.

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Hi! I was hoping maybe you or someone who sees this post can help me. I read a fic a while back where Alec is stuck in a time loop because of a warlock relic, all I can remember is every time he wakes up Beyoncé is playing. Help please! I love this fic and want to add it to a rec list! Thx! ❤️

Time loop by theonetruenorth (Mature | 1/1 | 7,146)

Alec is done.

“You win,” he whispers as he sits down, his back against the wall of the crypt. He rubs his fingers together, trying to brush away the ash that covers them. He looks at the podium and the orb resting on it. Alec finds it hard to believe that such small thing can be the cause of such great grief.

“I’ve tried everything.” Alec looks down at his hands and in the past he would have cried, but he is already out of tears. They are all used up by now. “So you win.”

Wee Update:

Got my first taste of freedom today from The Clinic (if you didn’t know I was re-admitted early to hospital). My covering psych gave me an hour of leave so I could pick up a few things from the shops. My God it was fantastic, I felt so bad that I had to return.

But from besides a few hiccups (an episode of hallucinations and a few severely bad depressive episodes), my admission so far as been fine. My usual psych comes back on Monday and then we start trauma therapy. Very terrified of this happening, but it is something that I need to do.

Much love, will try and be as active as possible on here during my stay.

- Love, Allie (Grosser) xx

Would anyone be into an AU Vincent/MC (or OC) piece where the forgeries from Season 2 are something that he notices years prior and tries to find someone he thinks can investigate for him?

MC isn’t a journalist but a gallery assistant/art historian.

I’ve had some scraps of writing where she ends up much like TJ, indebted to Vincent, and she ends up getting in deep on the forgeries, and gets too close; by the time Season 1 rolls around, she’s deep into a forgery ring with ties to the KoL, trying not to blow her cover. Lots of sensual/sexual tension towards the second half of season 1 (they’d been working together for years at this point; roughly around a year after TJ started working for him).

And then somehow I would weave Season 2 in.


Its Voltron but soft #2 (full)








Youtube lower octave

Yall free to make covers of this and write sheet music and download it with youtube converters for whatever purpose you want! Please message me if you make something so I can yell about it!! 

  • Harry: I have the urge to do something stupid.
  • Draco: *mutters* So if I was something stupid, would you do me?
  • Everyone: ...
  • Draco: Uh, I mean... You must want to... do yourself... because you sure are something stupid...
  • Blaise, in the background: That was as smooth as sandpaper
Don't ever leave the table in the middle of an argument...

I’m DMing Pathfinder for a group of six players (around level 7) whose characters don’t really see eye-to-eye. They had just taken down a boss with a sleep arrow and were discussing whether they should kill him or let him live.

LG Monk (IC): I say we let him live. Killing him only makes us as bad as him. And anyway we need to question him.

Rogue (IC): But if we let him live nothing will change.

Oracle (IC): I agree.

LG Monk (IC): No. No I won’t let you. We’ll question him and take him to the guards.

OOC the guy who plays the monk goes to the bathroom.

While he is gone:

Rogue (OOC): Can I stealth and then make a Coup de Grace attempt on him without (LG Monk) seeing?

DM (Me): Oh my God, OK, give it a shot.

*Rogue proceeds to roll an insane Stealth check (somewhere in the 30s) and roll huge damage on the attack.*

DM (Me): *laughing* OK, Jesus, yeah. You fire an arrow straight into the unconscious man’s skull. He is well and truly dead.

The monk’s player returns to the table.

DM (Me): Hey, can I get you to make a perception check real quick.

LG Monk (OOC): (Assuming he’d just missed something) Yeah sure, that’s a uhhh… 16?

DM (Me): Yeah ok, never mind.

LG Monk (OOC): Right, I pick the man up and put him on my shoulder. We can take him somewhere safe to question him.

At this point the rest of the party is trying really hard to keep from laughing. The monk is getting suspicious.

LG Monk (OOC): Actually I’ll try to wake him up here. I give his face a slap.

DM (Me): As you go to slap his face you see the shaft of an arrow protruding from his skull, his face is covered in blood.

LG Monk (OOC): WHAT! (Looks at the people giggling around the table) I SENSE MOTIVE THE PARTY!!!

Everyone rolls terrible Bluff checks.

DM (Me): The rest of the party bursts into uncontrollable laughter.


OOC everyone actually bursts into uncontrollable laughter.

The next session that player swapped characters. He said playing someone Lawful Good wasn’t a good fit for the party. He was definitely right.

How to be more Self-Disciplined

1. Choose to act, or to do what you should you. Don’t wait until you feel that you are in the right mood.

2. Decide to keep on going, and to finish what you’ve started. Don’t allow yourself to give up when you’re only part way through.

3. Be honest with yourself and call yourself on the excuses. They’re often just a cover for not wanting to do something.

4. Plan ahead and break large goals down into smaller, short-term goals – and put these on a calendar, and tick them off each day.

5. Remind yourself how great you’ll feel when later you’ve achieved and reached the goals you set yourself, and have that better life.

6. Also, separate what is important and matters down the road, from what is temporary – or seems worthwhile right now.

7. Try not to be distracted by the things that eat up time - like gaming, watching movies or just hanging out with friends.

8. Hang out with other people who have self-discipline, and understand the value of working hard right now.