and they threw me a shower and were interested in my life and excited about my baby

Dreams vs. Reality

Words: 2.4k

Summary: Castiel attempts to relieve you from the recurring dreams of a particular Winchester.

Warnings: Smut (Dom!Cas, slight orgasm delay, female receiving oral sex, vaginal fingering)

A/N: This has been sitting in my unfinished folder for months because I forgot about it. If you’re interested in being added to my master tag list, send me an ask or DM. (Sometimes Tumblr doesn’t notify my of reblogs or comments.)


You had been dating Castiel for some time now and you couldn’t imagine your life without him. You loved him more than anything and he made you extremely happy. Since being with Castiel, you knew you’d never want anyone else; unfortunately your subconscious didn’t get the memo.

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Close as Strangers: Chapter 7

Close as Strangers: Chapter 7

Word count: 7k

Genre: High school au, angst, fluff, smut

Happy New Year! I didn’t really have much time to edit but I wanted to post this chapter tonight. Let me know if you’re even still reading, haha.

one | two | three | four | five | six 

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The Affair - Chapter 3

Summary: The reader spends some extra time with Negan and things start falling into place…

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC)

Rating: Mature, for eventual smut.

Warnings: Swearing

Notes: Slow burning still, but things are starting to warm up a little bit.

AO3 Link:

Tags: @jasoncrouse @ronweaselz @hiddlesdowneyjr @ali-pennell @melodicdolls @namelesslosers @deepsouth @shanaatjelove11 @warriorqueen1991 @caitydestroys @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy @jaylaelizabethw @prettyepiic @negans-dirty-girl @mamaredd123 @jdmsgal @alyisdead @memphisgirl1977​ *As always, please let me know if you want to be added to the tags or if you wanted to be taken off!*  

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Story Time! Pt.3

Series Tittle: Interview.

Current Celebrity Crush; Tom Hiddleston

Summary: After getting engaged Tom gets invited to the Chatty Man show. Where he talks about how the night of your proposal went down. Embarrassing you in front of everyone.

Warnings; Fluff,


I was sitting in the front row of the public at the show. So the camera’s would turn to my direction every time Tom said anything cute or embarrassing. So when the host asked him how did the proposal went your face and Tom’s turned sligthly red but you both laughed it off. “It was quite interesting really.” He says to the microphone and wipes fake sweat off his forehead and the public laughs. The camera’s turn to me and I cover my mouth with my hands as I laugh.

“Am I the only one who wants a demonstration?” The host asks to the public and everyone goes wild. I bite my lip and smile. Tom crosses looks with me and I could hear his devilish giggles in my head like when he had just done something.

He stands up and walks around the glass table with the microphone in hand. “So we went on a little five-days vacation, and the first day we spent at the beach. I already had the ring and I was supposed to propose on the last day, I had surprises and all.” His tone is eager as he scratches his chin.

“We go to our suite, I order food and she goes to take a shower. And I’m not lying when I say she took like THREE damn hours to come out of that bathroom.” He chuckles and looks at me as he says his next words. “But baby when you did you were the most gorgeous person to ever stand before my eyes.” I throw a kiss at him feeling ecstatic.

“She was wearing this Loki hoodie I’d gotten her a while ago. And her hair was dripping wet and she did not have a single drop of makeup on her face but her cheeks were sunburned and it was adorable. So I literally got dowm from the bed and grabbed the ring and I give it to her and I said “This is everything I wanna see for the rest of my life.”

The audience reacts to that and you look down at your ring. You hoped he didn’t say the next part but you deep down knew he was going to. And deep deep down, you didn’t really mind. “But no no no, it wasn’t all beautiful and pink.” He clicks his tounge and you laugh knowingly. “She literally threw the ring to the side!” He yells and you cover your face. “She looked at me in the eyes all excited and at the verge of tears and THREW THE RING TO THE SIDE!” You laugh even harder remembering the confusion and shock in his eyes. You didn’t know what the hell had happened you just got so excited you stopped working like a human being.

“When she realizes what she’s done she starts to weep so I hold her and comfort her even tho I’m completely clueless of what had happened.” The audience laughs at his imitation of what he looked like that day. You are now trying to hold back the tears as a result of your laughing. “So I thought here I am about to get rejected. And she is the one crying.”

“When she stopped whipping I question her, scared that she’s going to say she’s not ready to marry or something but she looks at me with this thrilled face and this gigantic smile and says “I’m sorry I’m just so happy I forgot how to function” .“ Everyone in the audience and even the hosts laugh again and my face turns bright red when the camera’s once more turn to me.

“I remember laughing soo hard as she got the ring and gave it to me to put on her finger. I couldn’t even make the words to ask her to marry me properly” he laughs and so does the public once more.“

"And after she accepted what happened?” The host asks curiously and Tom grinned. Some music starts playing and Tom does a little dance that has me shook. He looked so hot while doing it that my mouth dropped and I chuckled nervously.

This man would be the death of me.

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Tiger Stripes || Jax Teller Imagine *Requested* (TRIGGER WARNING)

“Abel? Abel, where are you, Bud?” I called out from the kitchen.

“In my room.” I smiled when I heard the small voice .

“Hey, c’mon Abel. It’s time for breakfast and you don’t want to be late for school,” I said as I walked into his room.

“I can’t find my other shoe.”

“Alright I’ll help you look. You look in your closet and I’ll look under your bed.” After about five minutes, I heard Thomas start to whine from his bouncer in the living room. I took that moment to look at the clock and realized we had to hurry.

“Hey Abel, you might just have to wear these today,” I said holding up a pair of black shoes. He looked at me with his resting bitch face and I already knew the answer. 

“Right. Okay, you keep looking and I’m going to go check on your brother. But you have to look at lightning speed or you’ll have to eat breakfast at school.” He turned his nose up at the thought and continued rummaging through his room. 

I started to walk down the hallway to Thomas when I felt my heart stop for half a second. 

“Holy shit! Oh my god,” I said as I almost ran into someone.

“Mornin. Did I scare you?” Jax asked kind of amused.

“Uh nope. Okay yes, I swear I died for a second.”

“Haha, sorry about that.”

“No it’s fine, I just wasn’t expecting you to come back so soon,” I said walking over to a fussy Thomas.

“Oh I got him. Yeah, I thought I’d be gone longer, but business got handled in a timely manner, so here I am.”

“Oh okay.”

“Daddy!” Abel said running up to his dad.

“Hey Buddy, aren’t you going to be late for school?”

“I can’t find my shoes”

“Abel, you have about five pairs of school shoes. You’re telling me you lost them all?”

“Just one of the light up ones.” I went to get my phone off the charger in the kitchen and happened to look down on my way back to the living room.

“Abel, is this the one you want?” I said holding up a pair of black and red Spiderman light up shoes.

“Yeah! Where’d you find it?”

“By the front door,” I said.

“Where it’s not supposed to be,” Jax said looking at Abel.

“Sorry, Daddy.”

“It’s fine, just no more leaving your shoes anywhere but your room, alright?”


“And what do you say to Y/N for being the best babysitter and helping you look?”

“Thank you,” he said turning to me.

“You’re welcome. Hey, maybe if your dad isn’t too busy, he could take you to school today?”

“I like that idea. What do you say, Abel?” He nods with excitement and runs off to eat his breakfast.

10 minutes later, Abel comes and gives me a big hug before walking to Jax’s car.

“Looks like you’ll have the house to yourself today. I have something to do, so when Abel gets out of school you and the boys can go to Diosa and I’ll be there when I’m done. My mom and Wendy will be there, so you can have time to yourself for a few hours,” Jax said as he stood by the front door.

“Sounds good. A few hours will be nice, I have so much work to catch up on.”

“Yeah, that’s college for ya. Alright, I’ll see you later. Oh, and thanks for helping Abel out with his shoes today.”

“Oh, it was no problem. I’m just glad they were found and he won’t be late for school.”

“Yeah, he hates being late. Speaking of which, let me get him to school. I’ll see you later.”

“Bye,” I said as I closed the door.

*3 hours later*

After sitting at my desk for an hour distracted as hell, I finally got up and ran to the bathroom. I looked at the time and had 45 minutes until it was time to get Abel. Even though he’s a baby, I closed and locked the door to feel more comfortable that Thomas was there. I rummaged through the medicine cabinet and found a little pair of scissors.

 “Don’t do it. Just breathe. Everything will be okay,” I thought to myself as I felt the stress and weight of of all these deadlines and drama pouring into my life. I looked at the piece of hope and serenity in my hand thinking and rethinking everything. I rolled up my left sleeve and stared down at my arm. Fuck it.

I took the sharp object and slid it against my arm. One. Two. Three. 

I dropped the scissors and sank down in front of the sink. I just watched the blood seep out of my freshly cut skin until I picked myself up off the floor and grabbed a towel. I cleaned my skin and threw the bloody towel into the hamper before leaving the bathroom. I went back to my desk and packed up my school supplies, laptop, and chargers and put them into my backpack. I changed my clothes, put on some make-up and went to go get Thomas ready to leave. After getting him and his bag ready, I got a few of Abel’s favorite things so he won’t be bored at the brothel.

I grabbed the bags and walked out to put them in the car. As I was turning around to get Thomas and my sunglasses from the house, I heard the roaring of a Harley coming down the street. When Jax was in sight, we both threw up a wave at each other and I went to go get Thomas. As we got back to the car, Jax was just turning off his bike and started to get off.

“Hey,” he said as he took off his helmet.

“Hey! I thought you were going to meet us at Diosa.”

“I am, but I need a shower and I’ll probably do a load of laundry. Surprisingly, I’d rather shower at home than in a brothel.”

“Haha, I feel you. I was just about to go get Abel, do you want me to wait?”

“No, go ahead. I’ll stick to the original plan and just meet you guys over there. Plus I still have some errands to run for Gemma. I shouldn’t be too long.”

“Okay, then we’ll see you later.”

“Alright,” he got off his bike and kissed Thomas on his cute little head before going inside the house.

After driving the short distance, I got to Abel’s school and he was waiting with his classmates and teacher to be picked up. I got out of the car and helped him into his carseat.

“How was your day?” I asked as I strapped him in.


“All I get is a ‘fine’?” I jokingly asked as I tickled him before closing the door and getting back into he drivers seat. 

“So your dad wants us to go to Nero’s work so Grandma can see you and your brother. How does that sound?”

“Okay. Is my daddy going to come too?”

“Yeah! He will meet us there after he does some things for your grandma, okay?”

He nods his head and continues looking out the window. I turned on the stereo and played his Kidz Bop CD while we drove to Diosa.

We finally arrived and Gemma came out and helped me unload everything.

“You’re doing really well with them, you know.”

“Did you expect me to do a bad job?” I asked her kind of confused.

“No. It’s just that you’re young and well you live with my son and his two kids who adore you. You know, he and Tara just got divorced and I don’t think he’s ready for anything that isn’t quick pussy. And I don’t think you’re ready for this. There’s so much you don’t know. You just focus on keeping those boys safe.”

“Gemma, I’m not interested in Jax like that. Everything I do is to help those boys. All I am is nice to him and I love those boys more than you know. This is what drove Tara away. Please stop trying to make this into something it isn’t.” I grabbed the last bag and walked away, leaving her in the lot. 

*30 Minutes Later*

It didn’t take long for me to get situated with my school work in one of the back rooms. Again I was distracted by the loud men in cuts and the stench of sex and cigarettes. I couldn’t clear my mind of what Gemma said earlier. It’s just that everything she said to me today and has said in the past wouldn’t leave my mind. I don’t know why it was bothering me so much, I guess I couldn’t help but think that everyone thought that about me. It made me sick to my stomach to think that she feels like I’m only helping those boys to be close to Jax. It reminds me of why I’m not talking to the bitch that gave birth to me. 

Before I knew it, I was searching through my backpack for the “spare tool” I kept in there. I got off the bed and went to the bathroom by the closet.

“Hey Abel, your snack is ready. Why don’t you go wash up,” Wendy said.


“Hey Gem, what did you say to her out there?” Wendy asked as she walked up to Gemma.

“Oh, nothing. Just proving a point.”

Abel ran to the room where Y/N was and was about to go into the bathroom before stopping dead in his tracks. He just stood looking through the cracked bathroom door, watching her harm herself.

He turned around and ran out to get his grandmother.

“Grandma, Y/N is bleeding.”

“What do you mean, Baby. Bleeding where?”

“In the bathroom.”

“Oh it might be that time,” Wendy interjected, “I’ll get her.”

“No, let me do it. Great bonding experience”

Gemma walked to the back room and entered when she didn’t hear anything after she knocked. She peered into the bathroom and saw Y/N standing at the sink, with her head down. Thinking she was crying, Gemma went in and put a hand on her back before seeing the horror. 

“You stupid bitch.” Gemma said as she backed out of the room.

“Gemma! Wait, please!” I followed her out into the room full of people and saw Jax was there.

“Mom! Are you okay?” He called out to her as she went to the bar.

“I’ll check on her,” I told him hastily. I noticed that everyone was kind of looking at us.

“Y/N wait. I found a bloody towel in the hamper when I was doing laundry. Did you or one of the boys get hurt?”

“Yeah, I was cooking and cut my finger,” I said trying to control the panic and rush in my voice. I really needed to talk to Gemma.

“She’s lying,” I heard Gemma say as she slammed her empty shot glass down.

“I knew she wasn’t right for those boys. You need to let her go, Jax. It’s what’s best for you and your boys.”

“Mom, what the hell are you talking about?!”

“Hey, is everything alright over here?” Nero asked putting his hand on Gemma’s back.

“It will be. Why don’t you tell him the truth, Y/N. Because if you don’t, I will.”

“Gemma, please.”

“Mom, you’re drunk! Stop!”

“Look at this, Jackson! Look at what she’s been doing. What Abel saw!” She stormed over to me and yanked up my sleeve.

“She cuts, Jackson! You really want this in your house?! Around my grandkids?! No, I won’t allow it.”  

At this point everyone was looking at us and I couldn’t bare to look at Jax or anyone for that matter. I yanked my arm out of Gemma’s and ran to the back room and sobbed. I slid down the wall and just stared at the floor for what felt like hours. Nero came in and tried to talk to me, but I was paralyzed. I couldn’t even blink.

Finally, Jax walked in and sat on the floor across from me. He took my arm and lightly ran his fingers over the fresh and old cuts.

“I love you and those boys more than anything. Seeing this feels like I left you alone,” I could hear him getting choked up and a few silent tears rolled down my face as I stared at the floor beside him.

“I need help,” I said finally looking at him.

All he did was nod. We stared at each other for what felt like an eternity.

*One Week Later*

Knock Knock Knock

“Come in,” I said as I sit up on my bed. 

I was shocked at who walked in.

“Can I sit?”

I nodded.

“I’m sorry. I just want what’s best for my son and my grand babies and seeing you in that weak moment did something to me. Wendy was weak, Tara was weak and I wanted better for you.”

“The difference between me and the other two is that I’m not with Jax or tangled up in the club shit. I was like this before I was hired for this job. Being around Abel and Thomas made me feel happy and loved, something I haven’t felt in a long, long time. You embarrassed me and made me feel even more worthless than I already did. Do you hate me that much?”

“I dont hate you. I see the way he looks at you. You say that you and those other two don’t have Jax or the club in common, but you will. He loves you and so do those boys. It destroyed him when he saw that you harm yourself. It hurt me too because as I said I had hoped you were stronger than that. You’re part of this family whether you like it or not. And that means you’re stuck with me, Jax, those boys and all the club and it’s shit. You are loved and don’t forget that, Sweetheart.”

I gave her a slight smile and wiped the tear from my eye. We hears the for open and we both looked as Jax walked in.

“We all good?” he asked looking at the both of us.

“We’re great, Baby,” Gemma said to him as she kissed him on the cheek and walked out, leaving us. He stepped in further and closed the door 

“Wendy should be here soon. I told her you guys can talk in here about anything you need to,” he said leaning against the cabinet.

“Thank you. Jax, I can’t express how sorry I am. Knowing what Abel saw destroys me in every way. Nothing I say can excuse what I’ve done, but please forgive me.”

He nods, “I know. He still loves you and he wants you to get better. He said that they look like tiger stripes and that means you’re strong. He’s 5 and hopefully he won’t remember it, but if he does at least he’ll understand. I was never mad at you. I love you and want you to be healthy and safe.”

“I love you too. Thank you.”

Author Note: If any one needs to talk about absolutely anything, my dms are ALWAYS open. I love you all ♡

Stockholm Syndrome - Harry Styles Imagine


So this is based off the song ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ by One Direction off their album ‘Four’.

Basically, Harry has captured you to protect you from the other men, and when he does it turns into a little more than just a quick way to make money for him.

This does obviously contain images of kidnapping and its quite a mature subject. Just be warned now, if you want to stop reading here I dont mind at all :). 

I got the information from this website -

This is strictly fictional, I do not in anyway think Harry would ever kidnap someone, hes basically a giant cupcake with extra frosting. Just trying to make an imagine fit the song and the actual ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. 

So, that’s about it! Love you guys! 

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Macaroni (pt. 3) // Luke Hemmings

Requested; Yes

Summary; Luke is a struggling single parent and you’re his son’s teacher.

(pt. 1) // (pt. 2)


You turned around to find a sleeping and very naked Luke. Oh my god. You felt your heart beat rapidly as he let out another moan and you slowly tried to untangle yourself from his long limbs. Luckily, you were able to slip out from underneath him and you couldn’t help but to stare at him. It was almost creepy. Luke looked so adorable sleeping, almost innocent. Once you moved he instinctively curled up and you instantly regretted not staying in the man’s arms a little longer. The temptation to wiggle back into place in his arms had you on the edge but you couldn’t bring yourself to do so. Instead you decided to tear your eyes away from Luke and that maybe a shower would help you clear  your mind.


Stepping out of the bathroom with an oversized band t-shirt and spandex shorts, you take a look around the room and see that Luke’s not there. So maybe this was a one time thing, maybe he was just looking for some release and you were an outlet. You sighed as you went to open the curtains to at least lighten the mood, even though it was chilly and not to mention cloudy outside.

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Heart, Body and Soul

A/N : A mark appears at the place your soulmate’s hands first touch you. When Emma is marked - by a complete stranger, no less - she freaks out and tries to block it all out. Captain Swan AU (although this first part focuses more on Mama Snow and Red Swan) (part 2 coming up soon - with way more Captain Swan) 

“Are you following me ?!“ Emma shouted over the noise of the packed bar. 

“We’re made for each other, Emma, why don’t you see that ?” Walsch answered desperately. “You can’t just push aside everything we’ve lived together.” 

Emma sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose and closing her eyes. She counted to ten. Made it to five. “One date,” she corrected under her breath. “We went on one stupid date and it sucked,” she added louder. 

“I proposed that day !” 

“Exactly ! Who the hell does that ?!” 

Emma could still remember the way it had gone - the fancy restaurant, the first date jitters. She had barely made it to dessert when she’d seen the ring. A freaking ring. On a first date. With a man she barely knew. And he’d honestly believed she would accept. But the worst thing was the utter incomprehension he’d shown since then. 

“Look, I gotta go,” she said, already turning around. 

“Emma !” he shouted after her. Looking over her shoulder, she saw that he’d stayed put. Which was a really good thing because if he’d kept insisting she wouldn’t have resisted the urge to - 

She collided with someone, her hands landing on a hard chest as strong hands landed on her lower back, holding her upright. Startled, she looked up and into the bluest eyes she’d ever seen. The man held her gaze without blinking, staring right back at her until Walsch’s voice woke her from her daze. 

“Sweetie, please !” he was still shouting. 

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Alrighty Then - Harry Styles

{ Harry Styles - Dad Styles Series - “Family Man” Part Five }

All -  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |


{ Four Weeks Later - Five Weeks Along }

“Now if you have any questions just go on ahead and ask them. Just remember not to worry yourself or you’ll drive yourself mad.” The doctor was better than either of us expected her to be. “Just before you ask, you’ll get your first ultrasound picture at nine weeks.” The doctor was putting some papers away in a folder labeled Styles, {Y/N} {Y/M/I}.

{Y/N} looked at me, signaling me to go ahead and ask whatever questions I might have. I took a second to think about it and opened my mouth to speak. “Is it normal for her to orgasm without even the slightest touch?”

The doctor took a seat on her rolling chair without a back. “Let me explain some things to you, then I’ll get to that. Basically,” she sighed and {Y/N} sighed as well. “Your baby is the side of a sesame seed at most. She’s getting the urge to have to use the restroom more and there is some pressure on her bladder. Now with women who aren’t even pregnant, there are some who can orgasm without touch. Let that me thought or anything else except touch of course… Back to the fact that you are pregnant - you’re just a little more delicate and since it’s happened …”

“Once.” {Y/N} replied, her cheeks flushed as if she was embarrassed.

“Once, I predict it’ll happen in your pregnancy maybe a few more times. Then again maybe it was a one time thing.” I nodded, looking from the doctor and back to {Y/N}. I didn’t ask {Y/N} what any of her questions would be before we got here. I expected for all three of us to drown in questions from her.

{Y/N} shifted on the table, her hands clasped on her perfectly sized thighs. “Do I need to exercise while I’m pregnant? Like is there too much any kind I can’t do?”

“Nothing drastic! No machines, more yoga and pilates if you care for that sort of thing. You’ve probably seen those films of ‘pregnancy workouts’ no? That kind of thing you can also find on the internet of course.” The doctor smiled, happy with {Y/N}. She then went on to mention women who come in here that are more or less pregnant than {Y/N} don’t even mention exercise - they believe it to be a free pass for nine months.

“Also,” {Y/N} bit her lip, “do you know when our due date will be?”

“I’ve estimated it from the time you gave me your last menstrual cycle, I say,” she then looked down to the file and peered at it. “You’re looking at July 25th next year.” She smiled and we concluded our very first pregnancy-doctor visit - or whatever they call them.

{Y/N} drove to the doctors so I slid into the passengers as she buckled her belt. “Surprised you didn’t ask a million questions.” I commented as we drove back home. {Y/N} rolled her eyes and laughed just enough to let me know that was rude. I’ll admit I didn’t think it was rude but everything always comes off different to the person you’re talking to.

“Didn’t want to scare her plus I didn’t want to know stuff I don’t need to know right now.” I felt bad for some reason, seeing the expression on her face.

“But you wanted to secretly, didn’t you?” I rubbed her thigh, lining circles and figure eights on her leggings. “Alrighty then…” I didn’t know what to say to her.{Y/N} only nodded slowly. I knew she was loaded with questions but we forgot about the topic. “Is there a particular time we get to start the nursery?” I tried hard not to smile as wide as I possibly could - honestly the second most exciting thing of this pregnancy for me.

{Y/N} smiled even wider than ever. “Well we have to find out the sex first! We’re going to find out the gender at our baby shower - right?”

“Absolutely, I was hoping you’d suggest that because I was about to.” I chuckled for a minute or two, “can’t we start our nursery now? Why do we need to know the gender?”

“We can’t decorate a room pink and then have a boy.” We arrived back at home, going back up to our bedroom on the rainy Wednesday to take a nap.

“Who said we were going to decorate our nursery pink or blue. {Y/N} we have to be super creative or our child will hate us when they’re older!” {Y/N} laughed, lying down with her hands on her stomach.

She giggled a little bit more, motioning me to get on the bed as well. “We can decide that later. We have so much time to worry about that kind of thing.

{ Four Weeks Later - Nine Weeks Along }

“I’m making the cake for you two’s baby shower.” Gemma told us as us three stood in the kitchen making lunch.

{Y/N} smacked my ass hard, “I told you she would want to do it.” I was becoming more and more confused by {Y/N}’s emotions. One minute she could be upset - on the edge of crying and then she’s happy and excited about possibly anything. She also has been picking fights with me which I read would happen sometimes. I honestly didn’t think that half of the things that have happened would occur.

“I expect it’ll be good.” I joked with Gemma seeing how excited she was for something that’s months away.

“I’m gonna get going, have to pick Charlotte from school.” Gemma picked her things up, waving and closing the back door behind her. I stood in the kitchen, on the other side from {Y/N}. She didn’t seem to have any particular expression, only staring at a book Gemma had when she was pregnant.  

I walked over to the kitchen to start making dinner, bearing the silence enough to hear {Y/N}’s taking of each breath. She’s giving me the feeling that we’re fighting even though I have no clue what I’ve done. What she thinks I’ve done. “Would you like steak, chicken or do you have any other preference?” I stood next to her smiling sweetly at her out of true feeling. She blew me off, shrugging and flipping through the pages of the book. I kept smiling but turned and walked to the pantry. Once in the pantry I let my smile fall and had a fit on the inside.

“Apparently pregnancy in the first few weeks threaten relationships.” {Y/N} said, no specific tone in her voice. Not terrified, nor upset nor happy which would leave me a little suspicious.

I didn’t answer, I only gathered things to make some steak and potatoes. I could feel her staring at me as I turned the oven on and rolled my sleeves up. Neither of us said a word, I only went along preparing everything as I usually would any other night. {Y/N} walked around near me, grabbing some water and walking to the bar stool where she originally stood. I felt awkward standing there cooking, knowing she was probably staring at me as I did so.

I finished earlier than I expected to, placing some on a plate for her and then some for myself. I handed her the plate and she smiled, thanking me. Both of us ate in silence until {Y/N} finally brought it all up. “I’m fucking pissed you don’t seem interested in me now that I’m pregnant. I know this is the biggest joke of all but I feel as if you’re cheating on me…”

I nearly choked on chicken, making that terrible - deep throated cough. “Honey!” I moaned sorrowful. “You’ve got it all wrong sweet baby.” I leaned my hand on the back of her bar stool back and placed my other hand on hers that sat in her lap. “You’ve never been more wrong. I’ve wanted you so much for the past few weeks. Gemma and my mom said not to pressure you about it. I didn’t bother because I read in a few books I got and online that you’ll feel fatigue and that’s not the best feeling to have when having sex. I’m sorry baby…” I leaned my forehead against hers softly. “I love you and I could never imagine thinking about another woman - even if you ever left me I would only be able to love you.”

“You’re so sweet.” Her voice was cracking softly as she let me rub her cheek. “I don’t understand these emotions. Harry I’m not ready.” She broke into a fit of sobs and coughing. I grabbed her a tissue and cleaned everything up. Telling her to come with me to the living room. I sat down in the huge chair we keep in the corner near the coffee table and bookshelf. I pulled {Y/N} into my lap, getting a blanket and pillow from the basket under the table. I got {Y/N} all snuggled up and cuddled her till she stopped crying and could speak to me.

“I’m not going to be a good mother.” She rubbed her nose against mine, her lips softly brushing mine.

“Who knows. Maybe you’ll be the best mother. All that matter is that you do what you think is right, we do what we think is right. Our main goal is to raise a well rounded kid that knows right from wrong and wants to make something of hers or his life. Baby you’re only a woman right now - you haven’t experienced it yet.” I whispered to her, rubbing her legs and up to her thighs.

{Y/N} didn’t need to respond I knew that she understood everything I had told her. Quickly she fell asleep, completely limp with her blood red cheeks beginning to turn back to normal. I turned the tv on and just at there for awhile as she slept which she probably hadn’t in days. I fell asleep as well, waking back up around two in the morning. I threw the blanket to the couch and left the pillow on the edge of the armrest. I lifted her head slowly, sliding her into the chair as I stood up. Picking her up bridal style and turning the lights off.

I took her upstairs, carefully laying her down under the covers, tucking her in. I went and retrieved {Y/N} and I’s wedding book. I pulled my vows out that I had written on a piece of stationery I found in Louis’ house when he was writing his boyfriend that’s currently stationed. I looked them over a thousand times, getting under the covers as well.  

I looked over at a medium sized blue box with a perfect white colored bow I tied at least ten times and still am not happy with it. “Happy Anniversary baby girl. I guess the hormones made you forget.”

The Camping Trip - Part I

Ok, I lied, not intentionally though. While writing this I, once again, got carried away. So this has turned from a one shot into a little fanfiction.

I’ll post the rest over the next few days, I swear.

As always: Let me know what you think, my ask box is open ; )


Part I

When Harry told you about the camping trip, you were only somewhat excited. You weren’t really the camping kind of person and a bad experience in your childhood hadn’t made you feel any better about it. Well, it hadn’t really been a ‘camping-in-the-woods’ experience, but more a garden-camping one, but still, you liked having access to a bathroom with a toilet and the possibility of a hot shower. That wasn’t too much to ask for, was it?

Seeing Harry so excited though had made you agree to come along with him, the boys and their girlfriends. At least that meant you wouldn’t be alone against the boys, so you thought. It was only the night before the trip, which started unspeakably early, that Harry told you that Eleanor actually had quite the wild-life experience already, because she and Louis did this a bit more often, and that Sophia wasn’t coming. So it was only you and Perrie up against Mother Nature… and the boys. This was gonna be interesting.

Harry woke you bright and early at 4am. He was usually the one who was hard to get out of bed, but he was too excited, which explained why he wasn’t very nice about waking you.

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