and they started freaking out and apologizing

Again with the selective nature of “it’s scripted”

Last year Holly was acting like a total nightmare and most reasonable people within the fandom were quick to remind everyone that it’s scripted, that Nia and Kendall’s music careers were all arranged by the producers, that Holly was asked to amp up the drama.

This year they’re clearly aiming to make Jill the “Holly” and people are freaking out about what an awful person she is and, what’s worse, taking it out on Kendall.

Yes, Jill has gone further in what she does to start drama but again we can’t just say that one tiny conflict comes from reality while others are contrived.

I do believe that Brynn’s reaction to Jill’s anger was real but I also don’t doubt that there have probably been a lot of apologies and long talks when the cameras aren’t running — some cast members have said (more so in the past) that when the cameras are off they all talk to the girls about what’s real and what isn’t, and they all clear the air. So while I feel really bad for Brynn, I also don’t doubt that behind the scenes, things were made right.

Because all of the kids have said numerous times that they adore Jill and she acts like one of the kids around them, that she loves to make them laugh. But Jill has clearly been 100% okay with playing a character from day one. She’s played along with a lot of stuff that we knew wasn’t true.


THIS IS THE LAST POST I WILL MAKE ABOUT THIS. Hopefully it will clear everything up (on my end, at least). I don’t know what other people have said, and frankly I’d rather not, but please watch this video (it’s only 6 minutes and it breaks down everything) if you are seeking to criticize or question me.

I apologize for bad quality, the fact that my voice is almost gone (I called Kat aka @muji-princess and started freaking out to her over FaceTime and I think that killed what was left of my voice at this point), and that I may have left things out.

If you don’t know what this is about, then don’t go finding out!

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BTS reaction to you stubbing your toe and overreacting

Yoongi/Suga: He would just look at you and scrunch his eyebrows up a little. “It was only the sofa edge, it couldn’t have hurt THAT much?” 

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Jungkook: He would start laughing at you. Once you threw the nearest pillow at him he would apologize and come and help you up. “I’m sorry you just looked so funny curled in a ball, rocking back and forth” 

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Hoseok/Jhope: Oh god he would freak out. “Holy shit are you okay? Is it broken? Do you need ice? Here I’ll help you up. Can you walk? Do I need to carry you? I don’t mind carrying you! Should I take you to the hospital?” “Hoseok chill I was only overreacting” “…oh” 

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Namjoon/Rap Monster: “Oh my gosh you should be more careful! You could really hurt yourself you know, I don’t want you to do that!” He would be worried but very caring.

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Seokjin/Jin: Jin’s mum side would come out and he’d be freaking out, thinking you were seriously hurt. “Do you need ice? I can get you ice. There you go. What else do you need? Are you hurt anywhere else? Did you hit your head? Are you feeling light headed? Here, lay down and I’ll get you some water. Are you hungr-” “Jin please, I only stubbed my toe” 

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Jimin: This little shit would probably laugh at you. “It was literally the sofa edge ok find your chill” 

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Taehyung/V: “Hahah! Silly jagi, don’t hurt yourself!” He would help you up and say, “here, I’ll cuddle you until the pain goes away!” did i turn tae into a 5 year old kid in the beginning of that lmao sorry. 

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Imagine Hinata visiting Kageyama's house for the first time. There are no parents home, and they just kinda sit awkwardly on the couch for a while because neither of them know what to do. And then Hinata just takes Kageyama's hand out of nowhere, and Kags has no idea how to react so he just stares at him. Hinata retracts his hand and freaks out and starts apologizing and babbling about how much he likes Kags, and how he just wanted to hold hands, and he apologizes until Kags kisses him.

Okay literally my favorite thing is Kageyama kissing Hinata out of nowhere like him just kissing Hinata to shut him up or while they’re walking or just cuz he’s being dumb and cute and so kissable 

I imagine this is how their first kiss went honestly because that’s exactly what would happen??? Imagine Kags gets really flustered afterwards and actually blames Hinata like “You dumbass, why’d you make me kiss you?!” 

~Mod Keiji

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i'm just rlly fond of the idea of like? sabo getting Srsly Pissed around his s/o and then getting embarrassed by it like oh gosh sorry i lost control of my temper kinda thing and meanwhile it's like, whoa that was super attractive? (lmao gotta love inappropriate fear responses)

That is too precious and I could totally see Sabo doing it!!

Like, the minute he gets scared, he gets irrationally angry and starts cussing like a sailor. 

He’d grab his s/o and hug them tightly, like bone crushing tight, to protect them (and himself too). When things calmed down, he’d laugh it off and start apologizing for freaking out so much. “Oh golly that was so inappropriate of me. Are you alright? Are you hurt? I’m so terribly sorry!”

Of course his s/o would be blushing because good lord that was hot. 

Something kinda like this

asbar bruce is horrific and yet also he makes so much… sense… to me… sure hes an absolute violent freak and kidnaps and hits dick but AT LEAST ITS VERY EXPLICITLY BECAUSE HE’S PROJECTING HIS OWN INABILITY TO PROCESS TRAUMA…. he’s convinced that not allowing dick any time to process will somehow make him turn out better than bruce did, he thinks that having the same type of trauma somehow permanently damns dick to the exact same life bruce has had, he projects so so so intensely and then actually starts to regret it, and he cant quite apologize but he still at least finally gives dick some time to grieve for real… even when everything else in a comic is absolute shit i will still cling to this scrap of surprisingly lucid traumafeels buried in it. even when it’s freakish and absurd and abusive that’s still a lot more satisfying than the usual batfam “everyone has Trauma but once they become a vigilante theres absolutely no lasting effects of it” lmfao…. its the most rational explanation for why bruce would drag a kid into his Shit ive seen and the fact that its unbelievably fucked up and bad for dick’s health is, uh, kind of the whole Thing about robin as a mantle u know

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Noted. I'll send a starter when you're good to go from @askthequiteslytherin. I also need to think of how I'm going to start it.

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Johnny Weir acknowled my presence. Johnny Weir looked me in the eye, smiled, and apologized for cutting through the off ice warm up area. Johnny Weir was less than two feet away from me and I couldn’t keep a straight face and talk to him JOHNNY I’M SO SORRY I NEVER MEANT TO BE RUDE I MEANT TO SPEAK I’M SORRY



I am giving you here a free painting lesson, and also, I am totally freaking out about David Bowie’s death. I am still under shock, and I apologize for this…

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"Of course I'm freaking out! You're my friend!" - jae bc reasons

Ah yes, this ought to be expected. Really, Adalaide’s more upset about her own weakness and inability to resist this urge than anything else. “You’re right to panic. I apologize. I didn’t mean to make you upset with all of this.” 

Using a blanket to wrap around herself for what little sense of modesty she had left at the moment, Adalaide rolled out of the bed they’d shared the last night. “I’m supposed to be protecting you, not…” allowing her voice to trail off, it didn’t feel quite right to say making love. “Anyways, this won’t happen again.”

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Thor, It's Cissy, I messaged in october about panicing about my grades, and it was mostly better. its really bad again. Finals have just started and I have never done finals before in college. I was always able to get good grades in high school, but i feel like I haven't learned anything this semester and it's freaking me out. I am studying really har, but nothing is sinking in. I cant fail these classes! im so scared. Im trying so hard, what if its not worth it and i fail anyway. (1)

Greetings, Cissy!

I apologize for my extended absence.  I was on Asgard for a time.  I am sure you did well on your finals.  Remember that you are more than your scholarly achievements!

Thor Odinson

real life crazy story

I found out on Saturday that while I was gone one of my roommates started smoking pot in our living room. Apparently before this she just smoked in her room which I really hadn’t realized, when X first moved in in November (sublet) at some point I heard her talking about pot and freaked out making sure she didn’t smoke it in the apartment - which she agreed to. I asked her to stop smoking inside, made it clear I wasn’t okay with any kind of smoking in the apartment, and she had stated otherwise before. Then she apologized and said she would keep it to her room, and I said again about no smoking in the apartment, and suggested she smoke outside or in her car or anywhere else. X got really mad, said it was too cold outside and she needed to use her car because she drives for Lyft so she can’t smoke there. Whatever.

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