and they smell like buttered popcorn

Love- Mitch Marner

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Ok so hopefully this was something like you had in mind anon! Alright I’m trying to get another one written before bed for you guys but we’ll see how it goes! Thank you all for being understanding and kind in this time of need for me! Love you boos!

Warning: none

Anon Request: You’re literally the best I love you so much❤️ I would request one with Mitch where the girl hasn’t been in a relationship before, but her parents are divorced and so is her uncle and her friends have had really bad luck in relationships so she is really insecure about love and so, and then mitch does something really romantic and she starts crying cause it was so unexpected and she didn’t really think he loved her? Sorry if it’s too detailed:)


              “I love you.”

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The Good

*The Good* The Bad The Dirty

Genre: Fluff / Angst / Trigger Warning ( It gets more angtsy as the chapters progress )

Pairing: You x Yoongi

Synopsis: A King would never hurt his queen unless a reason is present. Prior to that, until death do they part.

Yandere!Yoongi AU

Word Count: 1833

Note: So basically I, Admin kai, was listening to these songs, and suddenly had the urge to make a scenario with that name and title. and all I knew was that I wanted it to be an angst. And Admin Kat wanted to make a Yandere AU. So why not…

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Requested by @jakesteinberg

Aromatisse is a smelly pokémon. According to the pokédex, it can produce all sorts of smells, both pleasant and unpleasant, to gain an edge in battle. While scent may not be the first thought that crosses your mind if you’re out to sabotage your enemies, it is certainly an effective technique. Let’s look at some of the plants and animals in our world that use the same strategy as Aromatisse!

First and most obviously, let’s talk about flowers. Flowers are the reproductive organs of plants, and they largely rely on pollinators like bees or butterflies to reproduce by spreading their pollen around. Because of this, flowers evolved to smell pleasantly, which attracts these pollinators to them. Other carnivorous plants, like venus flytraps (Carnivine) or pitcher plants (Victreebel), they smell nice to lure in their prey. In most plants, the scent is produced in their petals. In others, namely orchids, have special organs called osmophores which are responsible for producing the scent.

Having a gland to produce scent isn’t exclusive to the plant kingdom. Skunks have two scent-producing glands at the base of their tail. These glands produce a sulfur-based compound called thiol, which is responsible for the notoriously bad smell. When threatened, the skunk can control the muscles around the glands to spray up to 10 meters away with great accuracy, releasing the awful scent and persuading predators that if it smells that bad, the skunk can’t possibly taste good enough to eat.

Other animals that use glands to produce scents include the opossum, which uses a foul scent to improve its facade when it plays dead. Tasmanian Devils, which produce an odor when they’re stressed out. The lesser anteater, who’s defensive stench is 7x more smelly than a skunk.

Many bugs also have smelly capabilities. The Bombardier beetle stores two chemicals in its body: hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide. When it is threatened, it will mix the two together, setting off a horrible chemical reaction that creates a stinky, explosive, and hot (100 degrees C) spray to ward off its enemies.

Other animals which aren’t capable of producing scents by themselves employ more creative techniques. Some vultures, for example, will vomit if they’re threatened. Vultures are scavengers, so many of their meals consist of rotting flesh. Not that barf smells good to begin with, but I’d imagine that just makes it worse. It’s certainly an effective way or warding off predators. 

Similarly, the Hoatzin, also called the a stinkbird, uses its bad-smelling food to its advantage. Stinkbirds have a unique digestive system, like a cow, which relies on bacteria to break down food instead of having stomach acid. This results in the stinkbird smelling like manure, just all the time.

But not all scents in the animal kingdom have to be bad, either. In fact, some animals smell very peculiar. The binturong bearcat produces a compound called 2-AP in its urine. Coincidentally, 2-AP is the same compound that gives popcorn its distinct smell. So, binturong urine smells exactly like popcorn.

Some stick insects produce a peppermint smell. Yellow ant colonies smell like lemons. Spadefoot Toads smell like peanut butter. Beavers have scent glands like a skunk, but uses it to mark its territory instead of as a defense mechanism. The goo it produces, called castoreum, shares so many similarities with vanilla that beavers have historically been “milked” so the castoreum can be used as artificial vanilla flavors in food.

And yet, so far all the creatures we’ve talked about can only produce one single scent. Aromatisse has a scent for every occasion–and some animals do that too. The sea hare, a fascinating undersea mollusc, produces an ink to scare off predators. The ink is both poisonous and foul-smelling, but interestingly enough, the ink’s color, composition, and scent can be changed based on the sea hare’s diet.

Sometimes, the ink can be very attractive to lobsters and other natural predators of the sea hare. If it gets captured, the sea hare will produce this ink and the lobster will drop the sea hare in favor of eating the delicious ink instead. Another kind of ink it produces is disgusting towards its predators, scaring them off like a skunk’s spray and many other animals’ defenses we’ve talked about. Another kind of ink still neither repels nor attracts predators, but effectively blocks the predator’s nose-nerves from talking to their brains, inhibiting their sense of smell altogether. It basically gives them a stuffy nose, so they are unable to smell at all. This causes the lobster to immediately stop what its doing and focus on cleaning off its smell receptors, giving the sea hare plenty of time to escape.

Bringing this back to Aromatisse, this fairy-type pokémon must have several different ways of producing scents. It likely has one if not multiple scent glands, which produce different compounds and different smells. Additionally, it might use things like its urine, its digestive system and diet to produce different smells. These fragrances have a variety of different uses, from defense mechanisms like convincing predators it doesn’t taste good, or pretending its dead, to blocking off the enemy’s senses to weaken it during battle. Other scents may help attract prey and food straight to Aromatisse. Others may help calm allies during battle. 

Aromatisse is capable of producing many different scents using special glands, its digestive system, chemical reactions and more. It produces odors as defense to scare away predators, and as offense to weaken or attract prey.

Does all of that make scents? Aromatisse does!

THE SIGNS' DESCRIPTIONS (try sun and moon signs)
  • Aries: is built of fireworks and bullets. (S)he’s built of belly laughs and sparklers. (S)he smells like woodsmoke and (s)he has the best hair in the world.
  • Taurus: is built of glittering diamonds and beauty marks. (S)he’s built of flower crowns and tenacious strength. (S)he smells like chocolate cake and (s)he is up for a cuddle any time of the day.
  • Gemini: is built of dancing feet and Venetian masks. (S)he’s built of bright eyes and fluttering butterflies. (S)he smells like citrus fruits and (s)he has a captivating talking voice.
  • Cancer: is built of warm cookies and silk pillows. (S)he’s built of beautiful handwriting and pearl necklaces. (S)he smells like peppermint and (s)he loves to buy gifts for her friends.
  • Leo: is built of neon lights and sunflower fields. (S)he’s built of dynamic energy and regal pride. (S)he smells like strawberries and (s)he leaves a trail of glitter wherever (s)he goes.
  • Virgo: is built of neat collars and old books. (S)he’s built of starlight and untouchable grace. (S)he smells like coconut and (s)he makes wonderful loose-leaf teas.
  • Libra: is built of lip gloss and bubblegum pink. (S)he’s built of gracious dignity and blooming camellias. (S)he smells like vanilla extract and (s)he loves a happy ending.
  • Scorpio: is built of crackling fireplaces and combat boots. (S)he’s built of black denim and pomegranate seeds. (S)he smells like roses and (s)he reads poetry before falling asleep.
  • Sagittarius: is built of cookie dough and golden sunshine. (S)he’s built of bubble baths and daffodils. (S)he smells like buttered popcorn and (s)he is always photogenic.
  • Capricorn: is built of stained glass and chunky sweaters. (S)he’s built of moonbeams and mint toothpaste. (S)he smells like brewing coffee and (s)he always has perfect posture.
  • Aquarius: is built of choppy hair and street art. (S)he’s built of aviator glasses and unfailing wit. (S)he smells like cinnamon spices and (s)he loves going stargazing.
  • Pisces: is built of fairy lights and dandelion fluff. (S)he’s built of sand castles and faded watercolours. (S)he smells like fresh rain and (s)he doodles on any surface (s)he can find.

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Niall Blurb request - The Rainy Day

I walked towards the family room, the basket I was carrying loaded to the brim with clean laundry and dangerously close to spilling everywhere. I dumped the basket on the couch and turned to look at the television. A documentary on tigers, of course. Niall was sprawled out on the other side of the sectional, Isabella curled up next to him. “Ni……” I watched him as he absentmindedly ran his fingers through Isabella’s curls, his eyes trained on the television.  “Ni……” still nothing. “NIALL!”

“Jesus, Syd!” he jumped as he turned towards me. “No need for yellin’. What’s up?”

“Maybe if you had heard me the first two times I called you, there would be no yelling.” I grinned.

“Sorry, didn’t hear ya, love. This show is amazin’. Did you know that tiger urine smells strongly of buttered popcorn?” His bright blue eyes lit up as he spoke.

I burst out laughing. “No, Niall. I didn’t know that.” I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. “But now I do.”

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our lips tasted like cotton candy
our eyes melting under the flashing light
our hands gripped ever so tightly -
like we would be torn away by the wind if our grasp became weak
my horse was the colour of strawberry bubblegum
yours like orange soda
and our eyes chased one another as we spun
the motion making our minds go dizzy
tripping on the smell of seaweed and salt and buttered popcorn
we made each other laugh so
and we knew that in that instance we weren’t invincible
but rather we were falling victim to an abundance of intimacy and nostalgia
wasn’t this where we had our first kiss?
i let my eyes wander
you were beautiful but those few moments of peace and warming memories were prettier
i fell off that pretty pink horse
they said it was an aneurysm,
i said it was impossible to live forever

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Roman Reigns Blurb request - The Rainy Day

I walked towards the family room, the basket I was carrying loaded to the brim with clean laundry and dangerously close to spilling everywhere. I dumped the basket on the couch and turned to look at the television. A documentary on tigers, of course. Roman was sprawled out on the other side of the sectional, Isabella curled up next to him. “Ro……” I watched him as he absentmindedly ran his huge fingers through Isabella’s curls, his eyes trained on the television.  “Ro……” still nothing. “ROMAN!”

“Jesus, Syd!” he jumped as he turned towards me. “No need for yelling. What’s up?”

“Maybe if you had heard me the first two times I called you, there would be no yelling.” I grinned.

“Sorry, didn’t hear ya, babe. This show is amazing. Did you know that tiger urine smells strongly of buttered popcorn?” His bright grey eyes lit up as he spoke.

I burst out laughing. “No, Roman. I didn’t know that.” I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. “But now I do.”

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What the characters of Steven Universe smell like
  • Steven: Pancakes, buttercream, and a hint of buttered popcorn
  • Garnet: Black cherry Merlot, mahogany, and black currant
  • Sapphire: fresh apple blossoms, blueberries, and cherry blossoms
  • Ruby: Dove men's deodorant, cherries, and a hint of strawberries
  • Amethyst: Synthetic grape flavoring, sickly sweet tween glitter lipgloss
  • Pearl: fresh cotton, daffodils, and a hint of vanilla
  • Greg: Guitar wax, greasy hotdogs, and vintage records
  • Rose Quartz: roses, buttercream and vanilla
  • Peridot: Clean Apple Store smell, hint of cucumber and melon
  • Lapis: Sea salt, seaweed, and fresh rain
  • Jasper: Good sweat smell and a hint of Axe body spray
  • Centipeetle: chemicals/cleaning supplies, fresh earth
  • Bismuth: Sweat, cucumber, and Fruit Stripe gum
  • Yellow Pearl: Citrus and perfume
  • Blue Pearl: Jasmine and lilies
  • Yellow Diamond: Lemon chiffon, Limoncello liqueur with a hint of a Starbucks latte
  • Blue Diamond: Jasmine, fresh cotton, and a hint of soft musk
  • Connie: Eucalyptus, mint, and books
  • Sadie: Powdered donuts and daisies
  • Lars: Hair dye, new canvas shoes, and a hint of glazed maple donuts
Warm, Wet and Wild-BTS(Smut)

More sweaty and sweet smuts with BTS. Are you sure you’re ready?

Get the fan and some water again guys, enjoy and more to come soon~

Want Me, Need Me- Suga

Req: Can you write a smutty scenario from tae or yoongi’s point of view?? ps I love you guys and wow your scenarios are 👌🔥👌🔥👌 o k a y bye

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I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything this sweet in my entire life, licking around her wet folds as she grinds her hips down into my face, gripping my hair with tight fingers. I love how with no effort I can get her so worked up, with one motion of my tongue or flick of my fingers she’s completely drenched in the need for me.  

“Fuck, Yoongi!” Her melodic voice calls as I grip her thighs, holding her in place as I smile.

“Hmmm? Yes, baby? Tell me what you want.”

I’m already hard and throbbing, standing to attention and just waiting for the magic words, her whiny words my undoing as she moans over and over again, letting herself go in the sensation of my tongue slipping in and out of her slit, tight and warm even around the wet muscle.

“I-” She gasps as I work a finger into her, tightening the grip of my hair, painfully erotic and pleasurable. “I want you to fuck me.” She finally gets out, earning a groan from my throat.

I lick my lips, tasting every last drop of her candy like cum before looking up at her, watching her eyebrows scrunch and throat work as I wiggle another finger into her tight entrance. “My baby is so tight.” I murmur, gazing at her parted lips with a newfound hunger. She looks amazing above me, the rosy tips of her breasts hardened with lust, long strands of her hair messed around her head from my fingers, lips swollen and pink from my kisses.

She meets my eyes, gaze intense and heated as she watches me slip in and out of her, breathing steadily increasing with each raw pump of my long digits. “Are you ready to cum?” I rub my thumb over her clit, the sensitive bud bringing a cry from her.

Fervently, she shakes her head. “No, I- ah!- I want to feel you first.”

My lips curve into a smirk, pulling my fingers out of her, listening to her whimper until I swiftly roll us over, the most effort I’ve put into this whole operation since we started. “Let me give you what you want then, baby.”

The Pefect Solution- Rap Monster


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“Do you know what answer this is?”

“Hmm?” I shake my head, eyes lost in the plumpness of his lips as he speaks. Of the pink tongue that slips through them as he licks them, getting them all glossy and wet. “24?”

He laughs, coming right in front of my face. “Nope. You’re not even paying attention are you?”

“No…” I trail, smiling at him before realizing what he’s said. “Wait! Yes I am!” I look down at my paper. “I meant 26, not 24.”

He chuckles, giving me a long look before turning back to the whiteboard and working out the problem for me to see. Let me tell you though: that backside is nice as fuck, especially as he rolls his shoulders and the fabric of his button up strains against the muscle. God, I’d love to just rip it off of his torso, to feel him beneath my fingers as I climb on top of him, sliding down so I can ride his long length, hearing him groan in pleasure, calling my-

“Y/N!” He throws his expo marker at me, face flushing as it sails right down my shirt, the most perfect shot in the entire world. He turns around abruptly, starling as he realizes there are no more markers left.

“I’m gonna need that back.” He says, slowly walking towards me.

“Why don’t you come get it then?” I ask, a challenge in my voice.

He swallows thickly, chuckling as he braces his hands on my desk. “You do know I’m technically your teacher right?”

“Technically.” I echo, giving him a smile.

He licks his lips once more, eyes faltering as they settle on my cleavage, down to my bra where the marker is still sitting, waiting to be found. “You know…?” He begins, eyes flicking to mine before he gets on his knees in front of the desk, tracing a cool finger up my thighs. “I dream about doing this to you.”

I release a slow breath, squirming as he toys with the hem of my skirt. “I do too.”

“I know you’re smart baby girl. You don’t need this tutoring…” He pinches my inner thigh, earning a sharp inhale from me as my eyes flutter closed. “It only seems like you need me.”

“And you?” I arch against my chair. “Do you need me?”

“Does this answer your question?” He traces a finger up my throbbing clit, hissing at how wet I am.

“Ah! Yes!” I moan, gripping the desk with white knuckles.

“Wow, I’m impressed, who knew math could be this… stimulating for you.” He smirks at my breathless form, pressing his thumb into my clothed core.

“Namjoonnn, ngggghh.” I whimper, rocking my hips into his finger. God I’ve wanted to feel him for so long and who knew he’d feel so good, pressured and firm against me, driving me crazy without having to do anything.

“Y/N!” My eyes shoot open as a marker hit me square in the forehead hitting the desk with a loud clunk and rolling ot the floor. Kim Namjoon is looking at me from the board, everything on him still intact and lots of extra markers stacked behind him. “It’d be great if you didn’t sleep while I’m trying to teach you.” He pauses, giving me a small smirk. “Especially when you sleep talk.”  

Makeup or Makeout?-V

Req: hella intense make out session with tae (no sex) while watching a movie or something (?)… thank youuuu!

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“Oh, please!” I scowl at him. “You and I both know that he’s a better actor.”

Taehyung makes an exaggerated gesture and rolls his eyes. “Shut up, you uncultured duck, you wouldn’t know what a good actor was if he hit you in the face.”

“Excuse me? An uncultured ‘duck’?” My eyes narrow dangerously.

“Yeah, an uncultured duck.” He reiterates, leaning forward until he’s an inch from my face.

I can feel the smile on his lips without looking, loving how easily he can get me riled up. Gripping the back of his neck I pull him against me, gaining some sort of victory as I seal his lips to my own. “You’re hot when you get angry.” He says into me, hot and ragged.

“Oh, shut up.” I chuckle breathily, gripping his shoulders and pulling him back to me.

I love the way his lips feel against mine, soft and plush and pink. So perfect and moldable to my own. “Taehyung…” I moan lightly, crawling into his lap as his wet tongue slides with my own. He tastes like butter and popcorn, smells musky and sweet. I can never get enough of him, not of his smile, his laugh, his humour, his love, his passion.

Everything about him breathes life into me. Gives me air to keep on living.

A small trail of saliva connects us as he pulls back, placing his forehead against mine and fitting his hands into the curve of my waist. “Baby?”

“Hmm?” I hum with closed eyes.

“I love you.”

I open my eyes, smiling widely and contently. “I love you too.”

And faster than I can blink he’s back against me, hoisting me up so I drape over him as he lays back, bodies moving as one whole unit. I can feel myself getting worked up by him, grinding my hips down into him and playing a domination game between our tongues.    

His rough growl washes me in a sense of euphoria, resounding somewhere deep inside my chest. Running my hands down his chest, I feel the muscles flex beneath the cotton, moaning as he rolls his lower body up again. He adds more pressure to the kiss, my stomach churning with lust and fire as he continues our hot and heavy session.

Taehyung’s lips slip from my own and go down my jaw and over my neck, sucking on the skin harsh enough to leave a blossoming love bite on the supple skin, hands sketching outlines over my lower back. His tongue flicks over my pounding pulse, teeth gently grasping my earlobe and tugging.

“I have to tell you something.” He whispers sensually into my ear..  

I nod, too breathless to say anything.

“I don’t really think you’re an uncultured duck.” I can taste and feel and hear the smile in his words.  

“You better not.” I purse my lips, tracing my hands beneath his shirt.

He hums, lips going further south to nip around my collarbones, earning him little moans of shock and pleasure with each new purple flower. He pulls back to look at me, an innocent look on his face. “Taehyung…” I maon. “Do that again.”

He slips my shirt off with ease. “Do that mean I’m forgiven?”

Leaning to meet my chest he begins to do wicked things with his tongue, licking and nipping and continuing the journey I’d begged for. I can’t even comprehend anything other than his lips, the only understandable thing coming from my mouth a long moan, full of sensuous need. “Yes.”

Was It Worth It?- Jimin

Req: The title I thought of was “was it worth it?” You’re an amazing writer so I’m sure you can do spending with this ^^ pls make it with jimin too!!

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Lips. Hands. Moans. Sighs. Pleasure. Pain. A beautiful symphony of Park Jimin.

This is what I remember as I open my eyes after a very hazy night in someone’s apartment other than my own. Jimin’s hand is still tight around my naked waist, peaceful and cute in his sleep, so different from the dominating, rough demeanor of last night.

I run my fingers lightly over his hair, holding my best friend closer to my chest as he snores lightly.

But I guess we are more than best friends now.

I move my legs a tad, soreness making me gasp aloud a little, the soreness that he’d given me. But this amount of pain doesn’t even compare to an ounce of the pleasure he’d given me until the dawn broke through the night sky, until my voice was raspy from moaning and my knees were too weak to stand on my own.

Jimin stirs a tad, throwing his leg over mine and snuggling me closer, warming me against the cool morning air. My head is beginning to pound with the effects of a hangover, one that I know we both will be suffering today.

Yet even though we both got drunk and horny off our asses last night I can still remember every hair standing, pulse racing, goosebump inducing detail, down to the first kiss, the first touch, the first orgasm.

“Is it going to be worth it?” He’d asked me, kissing down my neck.

“I’ll tell you in the morning.” I’d slurred, too wet and needy to oppose his love and lust.

Swallowing down the dry lump in my throat I tighten my grip around his muscular torso, sighing as I settle into him. “Yes. It was worth it.”   

“Babyyyy?” Jimin’s deep, throaty voice suddenly whines, nuzzling into my bare side with the tip of his nose and the flesh of his lips. “My head hurts.”

I smile, running my fingers through his hair and humming softly. “You’ll be okay. We can hurt together.”

I feel him smile. “Okay, jagi. We can help each other with more love.”

We eclipse into a moment of comforting silence before I speak again. “Hey Jimin?” I lean my head against his, inhaling his musky scent. “Do you-”

“No.” He says firmly, knowing exactly what I was going to say without saying it. “I don’t regret it.”

“Neither do I.” I say, honestly, kissing the crown of his head.

“Well in that case…” He rubs his lower half against my leg, hard and ready to go again, a mischievous grin painted on his face as he looks up at me. “How about a morning round?”

I laugh, burrowing my head under the blankets with him and kissing him passionately, pouring everyhting I have into this kiss, and into our new love story. 

//Part Two with the rest of the members is coming out tomorrow! Anticipate it a lot and much love! Tell me what you thought of these please~:)//

~Admin Eggplant


Chara or ‘Butters’ as Risk called them, barely just escaped from the ruins, closing the door of the ruins behind her. Risk smirked and put her hands on her hips. “Wow I didn’t expect you to actually pull it off. Your more devious then I thought~” Risk teased while Butters bit her lip and readjusted her bag which contained Temmie. “L-Let’s just get moving Risk… I-I really hope all monsters aren’t like him…” She said softly, referring to Lord Asgore who had been the ‘caretaker’ of the ruins. What sounded like a roar came from behind the Ruins Door but it quickly grew faint as the pair made their way away from the Ruins. 

The pair eventually passed a branch, Risk stepped on it, snapping it with a crack causing Butters to jump. “R-Risk! Don’t do that! W-What if someone hears that?” She asked while the dark haired female snorted and made her way in front of them. “Really, you think someone would be all the way out here?” She asked while leaning towards them before crossing the bridge, making Butters quickly follow after her. “…I-It’s possible..” She said softly while noticing a sentry station up ahead, unaware they were no longer in their own verse anymore.

“W-What’s that?”

Send Help (Task Force X x Reader)

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“It’s been quite some time since we had a movie night.” You suggested while getting in the chopper for the way back to Belle Reeve.

“YEES!” Harley didn’t lose a second to endorse the idea.

This mission was a super easy one and you could have all evening and night just for yourselves.

The others agreed on some of them reluctantly while others with excitement.

“I am picking the movie!!” Harley said and looked around to see if anyone had a problem with that. You all just nodded knowing you would watch some silly romantic comedy again.

“Alright. Who’s in charge for the food?” you asked to see if anyone was offering.

“I am the master of the popcorns.” Chato smirked and you chuckled. “Ok then.” You agreed.

“I am up for the snacks!” Boomer offered, showing off some m&m’s that he already had in his pockets.

“Perfect!” you said and Floyd offered to build the blanket fort along with Tatsu, but Rick wanted that too. Before they could start a fight you assigned them all three for this simple task.

“So we go to our rooms, have a shower and then start preparing everything, alright?” you asked as the chopped landed.

Everyone agreed and you headed to your room.

After a while, the smell of buttered popcorn, just like you adored them lured you downstairs.

You saw Chato making many bowls of popcorn and smiled as you headed towards the common room.

Harley had picked “Bad Moms” and you rolled your eyes as Rick and Floyd were fighting over where to put the last pillow. You grabbed the pillow and hugged it tight.

“Here, problem solved.” You glared at them and they got their seats.

You sat next to KC, who was looking at rick and Floyd’s shenanigans and leaned onto his arm.

He looked surprised but soon relaxed as you got comfortable. Tatsu, who always changed where she sat because they person turned out to be annoying- like when Harley would cuddle with anyone near her or when Floyd murmured comments about the movie or when Digger spoke the lines along with the protagonist of the movie he had already watched- decided to sit next to you.

Chato brought the popcorn and Boomy brought the snacks, most of them covered with chocolate. And the movie began.

As you watched the movie you felt Tatsu resting her head on your shoulder and you patted her head affectionately. While KC got you in his arms, in a tight hug.

You enjoyed the movie and especially the scenes with Jesse.

You were ready to get up when you noticed that something- no, more like someone- stopped you from doing so.

Both KC and Tatsu had fallen asleep. KC’s tight hug had become crushing while Tatsu had started snoring slightly.

“Guys!!” you whispered to the rest of your friends.

They turned around to see the mess you were in and all burst to giggles.

“This ain’t funny! Help me out.” You begged them as you felt the oxygen in your lungs reducing- not really- from the hugs and Tatsu was now snoring next to your ear.

“I need to wash the bowls.” Chato excused himself and ran to the kitchen from where you heard him laughing.

“And I need to go to my room cause I left Pinky there. She must be all alone and cold.” Digger said and ran upstairs.

“No! Come back here! I need help!” you pleaded but June and Rick left too, holding each other’s hand.

Harley casually lounged on the couch while Floyd just shrugged at you and went upstairs.

“Traitors!” you whispered as you felt Tatsu hugging you too.

(A/N: I watched Bad Moms because of Jay and even if the movie was a cliche high school movie but with moms, I like his character, Jesse, and his scenes a lot ;) )

The Bearcat is a real animal and it smells like buttered popcorn

Meet the bearcat (also called the binturong), a small, shy, bushy-tailed mammal that also happens to smell exactly like buttered popcorn. People who’ve spent time around these little critters have likely noticed their familiar odor, but a new study published last week nails down exactly why bearcats smell so much like they hang out in movie theater lobbies.

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What EXO probably smells like

Xiumin - a clean, cotton shirt
Luhan - coffee… hehe
Kris - too much cologne
Suho - nothing. if you opened a bottle of water and smelled it that’s what he’d smell like. he’s too pure
Lay - fabric softener
Baekhyun - honey, out of the bear shaped bottle
Chen - lemons and citrus-y things
Chanyeol - cologne that smells like he drives a Bentley
D.O. - butter popcorn
Tao - dirty money
Kai - poodles fresh from the groomer/baby naps
Sehun - we all know his ass smells like milk

Tag, You’re It

Summary: 1940′s AU, based on the song Tag, You’re It by Melanie Martinez without the elements of sexual assault.

Pairing: young, 1940′s!Bucky Barnes & Reader

Word Count: 2,986

A/N: Just a little idea that I had! There is definitely some 1940′s references going on, because I like my fics to be somewhat realistic (even though I have no idea how much popcorn and Milk Duds were back in the day, despite extensive research). I hope you like it. Warning: lots of making out, self masturbation, not self masturbation???

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She knew Bucky Barnes. 

It was hard not to, due to his reputation as New York’s biggest flirt.

He was the subject of every girl’s dream. Including her two best friends, who both fought over who was going to marry him first. And he strung them all along; not caring how many hearts he’d break along the way.

Bucky Barnes lived in the next building over, and his bedroom window was a mere six feet away from hers. She knew what he looked like without a shirt on, she knew how many girls he had snuck in late at night, and she knew that he had a hard time sleeping on Thursday nights. 

She also knew that he liked to watch.

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Bureau of Badass

The Adventure Zone Roller Rink and Arcade opened in 1979, and has been struggling ever since. There is really only one thing that keeps the doors open, and that is roller derby.

Aka, the Late-90s-Everyone’s-Alive-Roller-Derby AU that no one asked for but you’re getting anyway.

Chapter 19: Julia Takes a Hit

     Steven settled onto a bench, munching on popcorn. That Robbie guy smelled like weed, but he didn’t skimp on the butter. Probably because he smelled like weed. Steven hoped he could see the action from here. He’d forgotten his glasses.

     He tapped his foot, not steadily like he usually did when he was sitting still, but erratically. He always got nervous watching Julia’s bouts. He tried very hard not to be the sort of father who lock up his daugher in a tower, but the casual approach to danger put him on edge anyway. Julia had mentioned how friends or competitors got injured. She hadn’t yet herself, but still…

     Even if he couldn’t make himself come to every bouth, it was a treat to watch her play. Her look of determination as she passed the opposing team’s blockers on jammer or slammed into someone on blocker… it reminded him of her mother.

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