and they smell like buttered popcorn

What EXO probably smells like

Xiumin - a clean, cotton shirt
Luhan - coffee… hehe
Kris - too much cologne
Suho - nothing. if you opened a bottle of water and smelled it that’s what he’d smell like. he’s too pure
Lay - fabric softener
Baekhyun - honey, out of the bear shaped bottle
Chen - lemons and citrus-y things
Chanyeol - cologne that smells like he drives a Bentley
D.O. - butter popcorn
Tao - dirty money
Kai - poodles fresh from the groomer/baby naps
Sehun - we all know his ass smells like milk

What the characters of Steven Universe smell like
  • Steven: Pancakes, buttercream, and a hint of buttered popcorn
  • Garnet: Black cherry Merlot, mahogany, and black currant
  • Sapphire: fresh apple blossoms, blueberries, and cherry blossoms
  • Ruby: Dove men's deodorant, cherries, and a hint of strawberries
  • Amethyst: Synthetic grape flavoring, sickly sweet tween glitter lipgloss
  • Pearl: fresh cotton, daffodils, and a hint of vanilla
  • Greg: Guitar wax, greasy hotdogs, and vintage records
  • Rose Quartz: roses, buttercream and vanilla
  • Peridot: Clean Apple Store smell, hint of cucumber and melon
  • Lapis: Sea salt, seaweed, and fresh rain
  • Jasper: Good sweat smell and a hint of Axe body spray
  • Centipeetle: chemicals/cleaning supplies, fresh earth
  • Bismuth: Sweat, cucumber, and Fruit Stripe gum
  • Yellow Pearl: Citrus and perfume
  • Blue Pearl: Jasmine and lilies
  • Yellow Diamond: Lemon chiffon, Limoncello liqueur with a hint of a Starbucks latte
  • Blue Diamond: Jasmine, fresh cotton, and a hint of soft musk
  • Connie: Eucalyptus, mint, and books
  • Sadie: Powdered donuts and daisies
  • Lars: Hair dye, new canvas shoes, and a hint of glazed maple donuts

The Bearcat is a real animal and it smells like buttered popcorn

Meet the bearcat (also called the binturong), a small, shy, bushy-tailed mammal that also happens to smell exactly like buttered popcorn. People who’ve spent time around these little critters have likely noticed their familiar odor, but a new study published last week nails down exactly why bearcats smell so much like they hang out in movie theater lobbies.

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1/6/2016 Today they were testing some sort of ordinance at the bomb range, and Goofus the Peacock decided that every explosion needed a rebuttal. So we were treated to Concerto For High Explosives And Clown Horn In D# Major. BOOM. Honk! BOOM. Honk! BOOM. Honk!

Concerto For High Explosives And Clown Horn In D# Major was apparently very well-received, because we got about ten hours of encore. If I ever figure out what concert-going paragon of refined artistic discernment requested the encores, I plan to thank them with a gift box containing a bottle of fried-seaweed-snack-scented cologne and a coupon for a free afternoon with Tesseract the Goat.

Trimmed Soup-Nose’s back hooves today. Goat hooves collect gunk, same as fingernails. Soup’s hoof-gunk smells like grass, mud, and fake super buttery movie theater popcorn except just slightly wrong somehow and you can tell it’s from some terrifying alternate universe where instead of butter being made out of cow milk it’s made out of spider milk. 

Farm life: a feast for the senses.

Her fascination with red pandas… and all cute animals
Oh my, yeah, dude. It’s really crazy – they look like babies. There aren’t very many animals that stay super, super cute when they’re fully grown versions of themselves. But red pandas – they’re just as cute as the babies, I just want to have a pet [red panda] just wandering around the house, being naughty and causing mischief, chewing up my DVDs and all that sh*t. Oh, that’s my dream.
Oh! But the new thing I’m into is pygmy marmosets. Like I didn’t even know these things existed until I saw a video of someone brushing it with a toothbrush. I just want to get three or four for the house… you know, I wake up in the morning and they’re pulling at my hair because they want to go for a walk or whatever pygmy marmosets want to do.

And that moment we told her about binturongs, an animal that smells like buttered popcorn…
WHAT?! Okay, what are they called? Oh my god, great, that’s great – you’ve just given me a whole new category of YouTube videos to waste the day away with.
—  Anna Kendrick Outtakes, Renegade Collective, Issue 21