and they share the same dreams and they get along so beautifully

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I love your stories! Can you maybe write one of the chocobros initially hating their s/o and slowly realizing they were stupidly in love but didn't know how to express it correctly?? (I'm sorry if it's confusing)

OMG thank you! These types are always cute, I hope I did enough variety for you!  (I also have no idea how they got so long)



“Oh hell no.” Noctis groaned, as they entered Hammerhead, seeing the woman standing beside Cindy. “Ignis keep going.”

“Noctis, we need to fix the Regalia.”

“We’ll walk.”

“Noct you’re being ridiculous.”

“We don’t need to go here, we can just push it until we get to the next mechanic.”

“Dude, that’s like another 20 miles.” Prompto whined.

“Don’t care, I’ll push it there by myself.”

Ignis sighed, putting on the parking brake, as the young Prince attempted to keep pushing the car forward. Only to give up and hide behind the door, as the two women approached the car.

“Oh so that’s the reason.” Gladiolus chuckled.

“Was starting to worry something happen to you boys.” You smiled.

“Uh, which one of ya’ll the Prince?” Cindy inquired.

Ignis groaned, as he looked down, “Noctis, get up.”

Noctis moaned as he stood up, his eyes ignoring you standing beside Cindy, “Hey.”

You smiled stepping toward Ignis, and Gladiolus, “Oh you must be Prompto, nice to meet you, I’m Y/N.” You called to the blonde a smile on your face.

“Yeah, nice, nice to meet you too.” Prompto waved nervously as Noctis rolled his eyes.

“I’ll take care of everything with Cindy, you boys can go rest your legs, that must have been a long walk.” You smiled heading back into the garage.

“Y/N hasn’t changed a bit.” Gladiolus chuckled.

Noctis groaned as he stalked off, “You say that, like it’s a good thing.”

Prompto moved beside Ignis, “What’s with him?”

Ignis chuckled, “A very old story.”

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The Sweetness of Singleness

I remember wanting a friend. I remember late at night wishing I had strong arms to hold me. I remember writing him, not knowing who he was, or where- just because I wished I could talk to him. I remember longing for more. I remember feeling ready. But all those prayers never fell on deaf ears, and while I wanted to be impatient, I gave up all these things to Him. I spent some nights in tears, crying out, hoping He hadn’t forgotten me- but I let Him lead me to what He had in store. I had no idea it would unfold so wonderfully.

Sometimes, that desire for a companion can well up so intensely you almost feel miserable. It’s okay to desire something good so deeply. I did. Over and over, I had to turn that desire over to God and entrust Him with it. If you are single, please- do not despise your singleness. I know if you have the desire for more, it can be hard- but listen, singleness is such a special time.

Take it from a young woman who spent 25 years single, had one break-up, and married her best friend less than a month ago. I love being married; but coming back to where I spent most of my time single, I was reminded of the sweetness of that time. I wish I could speak to the girl I was and reassure her how beautifully God had everything planned out. But then, I realize- isn’t that what He whispered in those moments to me?

Yesterday, I took the familiar wide open road to visit the home I grew up in. My parents weren’t home, so I cleared the table and took my favorite spot in the kitchen. I spent so many mornings there –every morning there- with God, studying the Bible, alone with Him. Feelings rushed to me being there again.

Not very long ago, this was my home.

I sat at this very table and spent time with You.

My Bible open, right along with my heart, You were my Best Friend.

Many times, my only friend.

You never abandoned me.

You always understood me.

You loved me and I loved you, deeply, fully, without reservation.

I remember one January spending hours every day, that entire month, just feasting on learning from You. I was learning a lot about being a godly woman, about godly relationships- I felt challenged. I was so hungry for more. There was nothing I was holding back, no area I didn’t open up to you. I grew so much. Truth was pouring into me and saturating my life.

I’m still close to You.

But a lot happened between that time, those moments with You, and today.


I’m married, I have a new home, another Best Friend, it’s not only me and You now.

Yet I’m back at this table, wanting that same friendship as fiercely as before.

Not because I’ve lost it.

But because the I miss the girl I was in those days.

Perhaps it was the innocence between the hurt. Before I experienced the pain of trusting my heart to someone else. 

Before any man had touched my heart or soul- when I was only Yours.

Not because Kyle doesn’t love me well, but because no man has ever loved me as perfectly as You-

And no man can love without it being broken.

I miss the safety of being single, the purity of keeping myself only for God, the sacredness of You knowing me best.

Yet how You’ve revealed Your love for me through giving me such a gift in Kyle. Yet how You taught me about Your truth and nature and heart for me through the times I was met with the opposite. How clear it is to me what Your love looks like. Through heartbreak I learned better ways. My eyes were opened to my own depravity, my need for grace, the depth of it You extend to me, and the forgiveness that doesn’t play favorites. If I hadn’t been through a breakup, I wouldn’t have grown in ways I needed. The brokenness was used to make me whole. 

You used it all for good. 

But here I am, having all I could dream, and wanting still-

Because still, my heart yearns for You.

Nothing and no one, still, ever compares to You.

You don’t get married and everything is good now- because we were created for more than another human heart can satisfy. We were created for an infinite God with infinite love for us!

If you think, being single, dating, or engaged that all your issues will just go away if you were just married already- know that the main purpose of marriage is to sanctify you.

Exactly the same thing God is doing when you are single. 

There is nothing to covet in being married as opposed to being single. Be content where God has you! It is good. It is meant to be enjoyed. Find your joy there, in Christ. Because if you can’t find your joy in Christ while being single, let me just confirm it will just as difficult when you are married. Let Him be your source of joy. Don’t make a relationship your goal. Make your heart resting in Him, closeness with Him, your desire.

Everything is good for our growth in God’s perfect timing. The wrong timing brings a different kind of growing- one that’s painful. Don’t seek something for the pleasure. Every other pleasure will fade away and not fully satisfy if you idolize it, no matter how desirable it may seem. There is no pleasure greater than knowing God. The safety of singleness or marriage, they’re both good. The delicate balance of what you pursue between is the hardest. In marriage, there is only a new level of relationship shared, one where the bond is greater. Because you are not just one, you are one with someone else. It’s not one plus one plus God equals three. It’s one plus one equals one plus God equals one. You all are striving for one. There’s nothing like that, relationally, until marriage. That’s the main difference between being single and being married and your relationship with God.

I love my husband. I love being married! I love loving God with my husband. I love being one with him, and seeking to have one heart with God together. There is so much beauty in growing together. There’s probably nothing more awesome than when you feel one. One mind, one spirit, one heart, one desire, one purpose, one physically. When you marry, you both are two different people and it takes work to become one- it’s not automatic. “One” doesn’t mean the same person, it more means in agreement, not separate or divided. I’m not going to be Kyle, he is his unique self. He is not going to be me, either- he can’t. But together, we balance and complement each other in a way that were one is weak, the other’s strength plays in. This is how we serve each other. This is how we work as one together. And it’s a beautiful picture of how God sustains both of us in loving each other- where we are weak, He is strong.

You don’t want to desire the right thing at the wrong time. You don’t want to be distracted with the wrong thing in the right time. You want to trust God’s timing and seek Him every step of the way. If you are demanding Him to bring what you want to you, chances are you not being patient with His timing. I know it’s hard, it was hard for me. Still, you can trust Him. If you have given up, chances are you are doubting His ability to fulfill that desire. Have hope. Leave that hope in His capable hands. He can do way better than your plans for yourself. I promise.

I’ve forgiven and healed from the times I’ve gotten hurt. I’ve learned from the times I suffered. The best advice I can pass on is always turn toward God. Never stop. If you have to, run to Him. He’ll catch you. He’ll embrace you. He’ll comfort you. If you need anything, Jesus is the one you need to look to. He always loves you, He cares for you, He’s going to be there. Also: never, ever believe the lies that come to you when you’re weak. Tell them to shut up, and shut them down immediately. Don’t even ponder them, don’t give them room. Reject them. Speak the truth instead. Repeat it and stand firm on it. Lies will destroy you from the inside out and mess with your perception. Don’t even let them in.

Marriage is vulnerability. Marriage is not stapled by being alone or keeping your heart hidden. It’s laid bare, swung wide open- and you not only entrust it to God, but also to the care of your spouse. That’s a wild adventure!

If you are single, enjoy the sweetness of that time. It can be sweet. Be alone with God. Grow. Learn contentment. If you are dating, don’t idolize that relationship and stay free in God’s will for you. If you are engaged, keep accountable and patient. God has good for you. He is the greatest love you will ever enjoy, so get lost in that and let Him care for you. He’s got you.

To Sing

Hi hi there!!! Just wanted to write something fluffy and different to take a break from angst!! To the wonderful Nonny who sent this in, forgive me- I changed a couple of them to not all be in the shower… I started writing them in one sitting and this is what I saw, my apologies… 

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Pillow Talks (Pietro x reader)

Hello babes! So, today I won’t have any fics updated, but I do have this imagine that popped into my head! I was planning on updating “Love Divided”, but I needed one more day to sort out my ideas and fortify the plot. Anyways, enjoy this fluff filled imagine. I will have some Pietro smut sometime soon, don’t worry. I hope you all have a wonderful day! xoxo

Description: You and Pietro spend the night cuddling, and talking till one of you falls asleep.

Warnings: None.


It was eleven o’clock at night after a three week mission, and you and Pietro were exhausted. The mission ended in a fire fight and neither of you had been able to spend time with each other since the two of you started prepping for it two months ago. You and Pietro took a hot bath together, both of your muscles relaxing after such an intense couple of weeks. Neither of you wanted sex that night, you both just wanted to be with each other, and Pietro just wanted to hold you close without worrying about whether someone was going to hurt you. The both of you had crawled in bed, and you had your head on his chest while he wrapped his arms around you, stroking the top of your hair. 

“I missed this.” You whispered into his chest, listening to the sound of his heartbeat. 

“Me too, princessa. Holding you right now, keeping you safe in my arms, is all I’ve wanted these past couple of weeks.” He pressed a kiss on your forehead and you tilted your head up towards him, batting your eyelashes. 

“I love you, Pietro.” 

“Baby, I love you too.” He gave you a soft smile, pulling you closer into him. “He took a deep breath, preparing himself for his little confession. “I want you to know that I don’t see anybody else with me in my future, but you. I don’t see a future for myself without you, F/N. You make my whole world complete. With you, the world doesn’t feel like it’s moving as slow anymore.” 

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(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader 
word count
: 4 366
summary : Reader and Kai have loved each other before he got sent to Hell and when he comes back they meet again. 
 *gif by jake-riley
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A sigh came from behind her just as she was putting on her shirt but before she had had time to turn around, Kai placed his hands over her eyes.
“Kai what are y-”
“Shhh…” he shushed her. “Come with me.”
Kai led her down the hallway , as she stumbled every few steps. It had been the 7 month anniversary since the day they had met and Kai wanted to make something special to surprise her. He wanted to celebrate every moment they shared together. Preparing the surprise however had been a little trickier with her in the apartment. He had been trying very very hard not to let her see any of it before things are ready.
“You are the most special person I’ve ever had in my life.” he said as they walked to the balcony right outside his apartments living room. “And I know you said you didn’t want me to do anything special for today but I feel like we should celebrate the little moments , you know. Though meeting you was quite possibly the biggest moment in my life and without you I just – I don’t know who I would be anymore.”
“You will never be without me , Kai.” she said smiling. “I will always be by your side. Always and forever , remember ?”
 Kai removed his palms from her eyes and Y/N opened them , finding the balcony arranged so beautifully  her breath got caught in her throat. There were flower petals on the ground and a couple of flower pots here and there. On the small table there was breakfast for the both of them and a small vase with her favourite flowers along with her favourite pancakes with coconut whipped cream , coffee and fresh berries enough for the both of them. Y/N turned towards him with a wide smile on her face , finding him smiling back at her.
“D-do you like it?” asked Kai smiling nervously. “I didn’t have much time this morning. You wouldn’t let me leave the bed and I ju-”
Y/N pressed her lips against his not letting him finish. He was always so nervous when doing things like that , afraid he’s going to mess it up somehow.
“I don’t like it.” she said with a serious tone , gazing into his eyes. “I love it!”
  Kai laughed pulling her into his arms. Y/N was the best thing that has happened to him in his life. There were days where he’d just sit and look at her , not saying a word just thinking how lucky he was that they had found each other. After all the bad things he had done , somehow the universe had decided to reward him with her and he wanted to be better because of her.
“Happy 7 month anniversary since the day we met.” he said pressing his lips on hers. “Remember ? You were at Skull bar studying or pretending to study while drinking beer on the bar when I sat there and in your rush to get back to classes , you somehow spilled all of it on your clothes and you had to borrow my jacket.”
“OH I remember.” she smiled at the memory. Y/N hadn’t had a clue who he was at the time but the moment their eyes met it was already clear he is
the one. Though she still wondered how she had spilled the drink on herself … “I also remember how you couldn’t stop starring at my chest through wet shirt -”
“HEY it had been a while since I had seen anything like it.” he raised his hands in defence. “I’m quite happy you spilled that drink on yourself though. Other ways we might’ve missed each other.”
“Not possible. We would’ve found each other some other way. I’m sure of it.” she smiled at him as Kai sat on one of the chairs and pulled her down on his lap , wrapping his arms around her tightly.
“I hope so. OH and I have a surprise for you. Well , another one.” he said , taking a small box she hadn’t noticed hidden behind the flowers. “This is for you.”
Y/N took the box and opened it finding a key inside. She looked up at him with curious look in her eyes. There had been a lot of things she had expected to find in there but a key was not one of them.
“A key? What does it open ?” she wondered , holding it with her fingers.
“Y/N , we’ve – we’ve been together for more than 5 months now. I don’t even know how I got that lucky to have met you in the first place , let alone to have fallen in love with you and have you loving me back.” he started , not taking his eyes away from her. “You are staying over most nights anyways. I just thought that – maybe you’d like to move in with me ? Officially ?”
“I would love to.” said Y/N smiling. “But are you sure ? You know how annoying I can be. I’ll eat your pork rinds and sing at the top of my lungs when my favourite song plays on the radio , distract you all the time - ”
Kai laughed under his breath , gazing into her eyes. Nothing Y/N did could ever annoy him. What they had was special. It had been this instant connection you see in movies. From the moment he had first seen her , he had felt something towards her - even before the merge. There was just something about her that drew him in like a magnet.  After the merge it had slowly started becoming clear to him what those emotions meant and eventually they found their way to each other. Y/N had changed his life and he had changed hers.  They loved each other more than any of them could put into words. Y/N would do anything for him and Kai was the same when it came to her.
“I love you more than anything Y/N… and I don’t ever ever want to know what its like to live without you.” said Kai , his eyes sparkling like never before. “And I want to wake up next to you every morning. Forever.”
“I don’t want to what life without you is like either. ” she said smiling. “Losing you would mean losing a part of me and I know I wont recover. I love you.” she said softly. “More than words.”

Y/N opened her eyes , feeling a tear roll down her cheek. Every time a moment she and Kai had shared returned as a dream to her , it was always like this. It wasn’t like the memories were sad , no - the memories were happy , but the hole in her heart had never healed. It had been four years since Kai had died and Y/N would still stop by his grave at least once a day or more. Some days her ‘stopping by’ meant spending hours sitting on the ground next to his headstone , talking to him. At least Stefan had been sensitive enough towards her feelings , understanding that they loved each other and had helped her bury him. Damon had had other intentions.
The past few years Y/N had spent hating him and that had drawn a rift between her and her friends. Every time the subject was brought up they’d just start arguing with her how Kai had never changed and had fooled her into believing that he had. Not that it mattered to Y/N. The heart wants what the heart wants and she would’ve loved him either way. None of the people she grew up with was willing to admit that Bonnie stabbing Kai in the back , literally , and ditching him in 1903 had caused the chaos at the wedding. Kai had even said it himself. Damon and Bonnie had had tricked him and Kai had believed them because he had wanted to , not realising what a huge mistake that was. How was he not to snap again ? He spent weeks in 1903 used as a human blood bag to Lilly’s heretics. Being left alone again in another Prison World was going to have it’s consequences. Yet Kai hadn’t been completely gone even then , he never had been. Why else would he stab Jo first , making sure she is dead before killing himself and taking his entire coven with him ? No , Kai cared about his sister enough to spare her the slow painful death the rest of the coven would have to endure after he jammed that piece of glass in his neck. Everyone always expected the worst from him and in the end he had given in , living up to their worse expectations. Nothing Y/N said to her friends mattered though…

A sigh left her lips and she placed her hand on her forehead , trying to blink back the tears. Four years and it was still him. It had always been only him and it would always be him. Losing him didn’t hurt any less with time as people always said. Stefan had offered to take away her suffering , make her forget and help her move on but Y/N had refused. There was no way she’d ever let someone mess with her memories of Kai and – moving on ? How does someone move on after losing their other half ? No. It wasn’t possible.
Y/N’s phone rang interrupting her thoughts. DAMON said the caller ID. A groan left her lips and she clicked ignore. Last thing she wanted was to talk to her least favourite person on this planet. Her phone rang again , and again. Finally she picked up realising there was no other way to get rid of him.
“What is it Damon?” she said sounding more annoyed than ever. “If you have called to gloat again I swear -”
“Don’t hang up , just listen.” he said starting to talk really fast. “I know you hate my guts and you don’t ever want to see my face or hear my voice ever again. You made that very clear but … I think I can make it up to you.”
“What ? Did you invent a time machine that would take me back to the time I tried to stake you so I can finally get some peace of mind?” she rolled her eyes. There was no way for Damon to make it up to her. Not now , not ever. He had tried apologising and she had told him multiple times that  ‘Sometimes I do things I don’t have to do.’  does not count as an apology. One of the few times he had tried that half-ass apology , she had tried to stake him and almost had succeeded if it hadn’t been for Stefan intervening.
 “Let me say HI. Let me say HI.” said a very familiar voice from the other end of the line. Y/N blinked fast a couple of times sure that her dreams were now turning into full blown hallucinations. And even if that was true , all of the sudden Damon had he complete attention.
“No. Not a time machine but something happened.” said the vampire. “Meet me downtown in 30 minutes near the diner ? You know , the one you tried to stake me in after I tried to apologise?”
“Wait , who’s in the car with you?”
“Just come meet me. ”
“Wait , Damon if you don’t tell me who - ”
“And wear something nice. BYE.” said Damon , hanging up a second later.
Y/N stared at her phone screen shaking her head. It wasn’t possible was it ? No. Her mind was playing tricks on her … or Damon was playing another twisted game but either way she had to know. She opened the nightstand’s drawer pulling out the same wooden stake she had tried to use to kill him the first time. If he was messing with her , things would get ugly and this time he was going to get it.
Quickly she got up and put on her favourite jeans and one of Kai’s tshirts. Y/N could never bring herself to give them away or any of his things. Why would she? After he had asked her to move in with him officially , he had practically packed her things for her with magic and they moved in the same day , a few hours after he asked actually. Living in his apartment had been the only thing to keep her from falling apart 100% after his death. Y/N could feel him everywhere around her - sometimes she could literally see him smile at her from across the room or motioning for her to come sit on his lap while watching TV. Everywhere she looked , he was there … only it wasn’t really real. It was all her imagination. Y/N brushed her hair , pulling it in a loose ponytail , grabbed her phone and put the wooden stake in her backpack before running outside.

Y/N walked down the street taking a turn just to where the diner was with her phone in her hands just about to dial Damon’s number when she spotted him in standing at the beginning of one of the alleys talking on his phone and there was someone incredibly familiar with him.
  “Come on Damon. Next victim won’t find itself.”

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i read through your entire masterlist twice today and i'm so thirsty for more good quality nonsmut fanfics.. do you have any more fic recs? you always have such good ones. and thank you for writing! <3

hello, cutie!! oh gosh, i can’t believe you read through my entire masterlist not once… but twice :’) thank you so so much! and yes, i do have more fic recs; i’ve just been too lazy to put them on my fic rec page r i p but i’ll list them down here:

♣︎ untitled #1 and untitled #2 by @gukstudio

[ jungkook x reader | fluff | idol-verse ]

drabble #1.

[ jimin x reader | fluff | unspecified au ]

drabble #2.

these aren’t even drabbles, they’re all over 1k  h ow

ROCHELLE, MY FAVORITE TAEBAE UNSTAN, MY FAVORITE “JINGKOPK STAB”, THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY EGOTISTICAL SELF and okay, anyway moving on. how are these even drabbles, like they’re actual fics and i love them because they’re so sweet and make me soft. except when i misunderstood a certain part of one of them and messaged you about it and laughed for like five minutes straight, but regardless, these two are such masterpieces, and i wait patiently for your big d scenario :)

♣︎ redamancy by @syubits

[ namjoon x reader | fluff | soulmate au ]


elfie, my favorite jin stan, jimin’s baby angel, #1 fluff writer, the one with jimin as her ult bias, the better half of #seokfie and #elfmin, well regardless of what i call her, she has the cutest fluff in the entire world, and i love this fic because i too am clumsy and not very graceful at all, so i relate with the reader and namjoon in this story lmao. also i appreciate the pokemon stickers on tae’s laptop and i see you slipping jin into that fic, elfie. your bias is showing ;)

♣︎ dream a little dream of me by @earlygreytae

[ taehyung x reader | angst, fluff | soulmate au ]


wow, is namjoon cutting onions again?? i swear i’m not crying. min’s writing is so utterly beautiful, and i fall in love with her writing more and more everyday as I continue to read through everything on her masterlist. my favorite scene is when she talks with seokjin about soulmates, and oh gosh, i absolutely adore every single bit of this fic, and please, please, please you just have to read it along with everything else on her masterlist and cry over her stories with me.

♣︎ marble and flesh by @cheelchan

[ seokjin x reader | angst, fluff | greek myth au ]


okay, i am probably the biggest nerd for greek mythology. what can i say? greek mythology is my achilles’ heel. so when i saw this fic, i knew immediately that i’d fall head over heels for it, and as i read it, i was right. cheel portrays jin as pygmalion so perfectly, and her way with words brings the story to life just as jin’s statue was brought to life. i absolutely love this story to bits, and i’m so excited for the namjoon greek myth fic she hints at in the ending. her writing is unbelie-bubbly amazing.

♣︎ bts bulletpoint au by @caputinternubilacondit

[ ot7 x reader | fluff | single dad au ]

post #1. post #2. tag.

i have absolutely no desire to have kids nor do i really like them all that much, but my god, this au makes me rethink everything because maybe kids are worth all the trouble because the tiny cute moments are everything. and also partially because i want a pup family too where we all wear dog onesies lmao. but anyway, peach has the cutest bulletpoint au’s and i’m about to get into reading her day6 ones, which i haven’t yet, but i’m super excited because i know they’ll be A+++ quality

♣︎ it’s the little things by @ontheperiphery

[ yoongi x reader | angst, fluff | college au ]


lori’s writing is absolutely magical pertaining to the way in which she can convey a plethora of emotions and make me feel completely immersed in the story. this fic is one of my favorites because it focuses on what seems to be just another regular moment in life, but it is actually so special and beautiful in its own way. it makes me appreciate the smaller moments and little things in life. and also, her jin fic–joke’s on you–is another one of my favorites!

♣︎ unfairy tale by @jamlessness

[ taehyung x reader | angst | rocker au ]


my emotions were all over the place after reading this, and my brain was going haywire because this was so so so good. and i love the underlying theme of the fic that you kept throughout the progressing storyline. i live and breathe for rocker!tae honestly, like i adored every word of this fic, and i’m pretty sure i read your story at least four times by now. wow, i just love it so much, please never stop writing, you absolute goddess.

♣︎ the last by @littlerynn

[ yoongi x reader | angst | idol-verse ]


this fic made me feel so nostalgic and melancholic and yet so content at the same time. it was written in such a wonderful style, and the ending is bittersweet, like dark chocolate, and my heart simultaneously broke and grew like 129384123x bigger after reading this. i don’t know how else to describe it, but i really really enjoyed it, and to tell you the truth, my words won’t do enough justice for her fic, so please read it.

♣︎ read ‘em and weep by @1honeypot

[ yoongi x reader | angst, fluff | slice of life au ]


goodness gracious, this is the most breath taking piece of literature i have ever laid my eyes on. it was so beautifully written and how the relationship between the two characters developed over time makes me unbelievably happy, and i’m so satisfied with the natural progression. i can really feel myself getting caught up in the story and can imagine myself within the setting so perfectly. this fic is quite honestly one of my absolute favorites, and i always go back to reread it time and time again. and every single time, i die because of how flawless it is. cause of death: read ‘em and weep. gotta save the best for last, right? :D

i hope you’ll enjoy these fics as much as i did and still do! all their stories hold a special place in my heart, and thank you to all you lovely writers for sharing your talent with the rest of us ♡

Relevation (M)

Originally posted by geeminy

New gif I thought would be perf for this scenario~

Summary: The Bangtan Boys come to visit you for the summer and you wonder whether you should come clean to Jungkook about the feelings you’ve had for him the past couple years.

Genre: Fluff, eventual smut Bc why tf not :)))

Word count: 7187 (this is the longest scenario I’ve worked on wtf :’) )

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JEON JUNGKOOK! So I originally planned for this to be released at 09/01/16 12:00AM KST BUT…unfortunately I had to cut a whole day off on writing this due to me falling ill af :’) BUT. ITS FINE. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Here’s a long scenario I wrote about him and really tried to get done before his birthday! This scenario is based on a dream I had with the little bun so it’s written mostly for me to look back on but I hope you all enjoy it anyway! Not all of this actually happened in my dream, just a very small part of where I’m walking next to him deciding whether I wanted to admit the feels for him which will be depicted here in the scenario as well. Also…this is actually me with Jungkook in 98% of my dreams: me pretending I don’t like him even though I’m dying for him inside (RIP me). ALSO. Some details here like what country y/n moves to, or job or career path she has is left for the reader to interpret on their own so that it becomes more relatable when reading. I worked really hard on this so I hope all of you like it! Please show some love for it! <33

P.S. Here’s a shout out for all my fellow noonas out there who have to struggle with biasing the little man bun who manages to ruin us all, this scenario is for you!

Written by: Admin Smuttyfairy

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New to This

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1408

Warning: FLUFF, Dean being a sugar-coated smol bean, Dean defending a burger

Summary: Dean and Y/N have been friends all of their life and are finally coming to terms with their feelings for each other. How will the relationship life treat them?

A/N: This is my piece for Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge. My Quote was “I think you pissed off my sandwich” Dean. Congrats on 2,000 followers, sugar! Thanks for letting me participate @dancingalone21 :)

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Happy Devil's Night, My Beloved. | James Patrick March

It was something in the room. She didn’t have a clue as to what it was that made her feel so..sad, yet joyful? It could’ve been the thought of how many unfortunate souls were trapped here and throughout the property, wandering without purpose. Or maybe it was the fact that she was remembering, little by little. Remembering that it was her home, where she was destined to be from the start, but fate had been unfair to (First Name) (Last Name) and James March. She and James March had a complicated relationship. 

They never acted on their feelings until it was too late. James decided telling her was going to be a perfect idea…on the night she was going on her honeymoon; his one true love had married another. His beloved left in a rush, no doubt frustrated at him. Days turned into weeks, which had turned into months, until he married Elizabeth Johnson, later known as the Countess. James would end up dying before he could’ve completed his Ten Condemmants, slitting his throat when police came for him.

 His infamous Devil’s Night invitations were sent to wherever she was, but left unanswered for decades like she had never existed. James never realized how much of a fool he was to think she’d ever want to see him again, especially after having the nerve to pull off that stunt on the most important night of her life. If there had been a god somewhere in the universe, James Patrick March’s nonexistent prayers would have been heard, then he would’ve had been the happiest man alive, with her.  As fate would have it, James would get what he wanted; someone to carry on his legacy AND his loving (First Name), but there would be a catch. 

The day came when a young woman checked into the Cortez, the spitting image of his true love, reincarnated into the modern beauty. He stopped himself from any rash decisions, focusing on John Lowe instead and training him. Slowly, he would leave hints scattered around his hotel for her to find, such as photographs from a photo album he kept and jewelry (First Name) wore in her past life. It confused her, why such a man like him would bother, with someone like her? She didn’t think there was an explanation to all her questions until it came to her in a dream, one that left her drenched in cold sweat upon awakening from it. The only options were to leave the hotel or confront this mysterious Mr.March, but she chose to go with the latter.

 "I don’t know who you are..or who you think I am, but I’m going to need answers. I’m going to need them now.“ She demanded, throwing the photographs down on the table in his room. The man took a long sip from the glass in his hand, cigar held between two fingers in the other. He merely smiled, standing to face her. 

 "You always were the fiesty kind, Cara Mia.” He reached out to touch the side of her face but she flinched back, looking like she was in shock. What did he just call her? But importantly, why did it feel so familiar? She didn’t know this man, not that she knew of. James pulled back his hand in defeat, “Don’t do that. I wouldn’t hurt you, you know that." 

 "I-I don’t know who you are! I don’t know what any of this is or if I should recognize this hotel. I just want to know what your deal is!” She huffed, tears pricking her sad (E/C) eyes.

 "I’m trying to get you to come back to me, after decades. Please,“ He held out his hand, which she hesitantly took in her own and he abruptly pulled her close. 

The sound of music starting up startled her, making her cling to the man. James smiled at the and gently swayed them to the soft tune; it was one of her favorites after all. They stayed like that, James leading the dance while she followed along, the occasional sniffle barely audible. As the song reached it’s end, he dipped her all the way back, daringly placing a gentle kiss to the side of her neck. It was a simple gesture from him but it triggered something in her. 

 "Mon Cher..” She merely uttered, now clutching him desperately like being afraid he would slip away from her. He accepted his lover’s hold on him, pulling her into an embrace. 

 "It’ll be alright, darling. I got you now.“


 A hand squeezing (First Name)’s shoulder pulled her out her nostalgia, turning over to face who it was. The man of her dreams stood in all his glory, from the pencil thin mustache and slicked dark hair to his finest suit, stood James Patrick March. He leaned down for a kiss, to which she complied, one hand softly gripping the back of his neck.

 "Are you alright, Cara Mia?” He walked around the sofa to sit beside her, grabbing onto the hand she offered to him.

 "I’m fine. I was just thinking about the night I came to you, that’s all. Have your guests arrived yet?“ 

 "Our guests, my darling. They’re all socializing amongst each other, but I was waiting on you.” He caressed her jawline all the way down to her exposed neckline, smirking to himself upon thinking of what they’d be doing for his birthday later, just the two of them. Oh, James couldn’t wait.

 "Better to not keep them then, Mon Cher.“ They leaned in, sharing another passionate kiss where she tugged on his bottom lip before pulling away. James purred at her as he lead them into the next room, where they were greeted by their guests. Richard and Aileen danced with John Gacy and John Lowe over in the middle as Jeffrey watched them while sipping on a green beverage. Richard hollered out, "Well, if it isn’t the master and his lady." 

 "John Lowe, it’s great to see you.” She greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and a hug, John giving her a smile after the exchange. 

 "Same to you, (First Name) March. You look lovely.“

 "Don’t let James hear you.” She joked, looking over at her husband whom was pouring himself a drink. Her husband, she liked the sound of that. 

 "He really loves you, huh?“ She nodded, turning over to look back to John. 

 "You’ll tell your Alex and the kids I said hello, right? Be sure to hug them for me.” He nodded, looking like he wanted to say something else but being interrupted by the others coming to greet her as well. Aileen was vulgar as always but hugged (First Name) like they were old friends, making her promise to dance with her and Richard before dessert started. John Gacy told her a joke that made her genuinely laugh, handing over a small stuffed elephant as well. She exchanged a quick hug with Jeffrey and then did the secret handshake with Richard, ending it with yet another hug. 

James watched on from where his stood, undeniable happiness in his features at the interactions between his guests and wife. He tapped his glass to gather their attention. 

 "If I may, I would like to propose a toast for this special event.“ Everyone gathered to their assigned seats, (First Name) scurrying to stand next to James at the head of the table. Each person grabbed a glass as James cleared his throat and spoke, 

 "It is my greatest pleasure and honor to host this night as both my birthday and event of the year to our ghouls on this fine Devil’s Night, not only with all my students but also my soon-to-be wife, (First Name) March. Cheers.” He turned to look at his beauty, finding her staring at him as well.

 "Cheers!“ The clinking of glasses and shouts followed, as the Marchs downed their glasses as well. Everything was perfect now. 

 "Mon Cher,” James looked down to her, a grin breaking out onto his beautifully handsome face. 

“Yes, Cara Mia?" 

 "Happy Devil’s Night, my beloved.” She kissed the ring finger on his left hand, where a gold wedding band, identical to hers with the exception of a diamond, adorned it. He kissed her full on in return, arms wrapped around her waist, almost never wanting their moment to end. James pulled away first, nose rubbing against hers in a loving manner. 

 "Happy Devil’s Night, indeed.“ He whispered, lips connecting with her own once again.


Chapter 4: Jealousy and Sin


Making up his mind, he made his way across the room and, out of nowhere, bumped into someone by accident.

“Ah, I’m so sorry!” Hinata quickly apologized.

“Oh, it’s alright, I usually forget to keep my eyes up while walking…uhm, I believe we haven’t met before.”

Hinata’s eyes widened as he set his eyes upon the girl before him. She was beautiful and dressed in a lovely peachy dress that matched her hair, her waist tied in an elegant black bow. He must have not caught sight of her in previous gatherings before.

Hinata blushed at his late response and stammered, “I-I believe so too. My name is Hinata Hajime, and you must be…”

“Nanami Chiaki.”

Chiaki… she seemed cute.

Looking back at Komaeda and then to Nanami, he decided it was best to spend a bit of his time with someone other than Komaeda. Maybe if he did, he would prove to himself that his infatuation with Komaeda was, simply as the word implied, just an infatuation and nothing more. Besides, he should mingle more with the rest of the elites.

Sharing drinks and even small talk with Nanami, he learned that her talent was her ability to invent all sorts of wild ideas for games. An elite in the entertainment business, a game inventor.

When he mentioned that he’d played some of the games she invented, she smiled all shy and happy, and somehow her personality made him feel comfortable enough to confide his concerns to, admittedly mentioning he was talentless, only an elite wannabe.

Expecting some sort of criticism afterwards, he was shocked when it never came. Instead, she quietly expressed that what mattered the most was being one’s self. That he didn’t need a talent. Her words consoled him and made him smile, somewhat relieved to hear her say that.

Soft music played and many of the elites were heading to the center of the ball for a dance. Gathering courage, Hinata got up to ask her for a dance and she shyly accepted.

Out of all the girls in the room, Hinata found Nanami to be the most charming and actually enjoyed her company to the extent that he wouldn’t mind spending the rest of the night with her. She was delightful and sweet, he thought, but somehow thinking of her in that way nudged him with a bit of a twinge in his heart. Namely, he presumed, because his mind was trying to find excuses.

Nanami and Hinata spent their time sometime later playing different forms of games, from using matchsticks to table napkins, but Hinata practically failed all of them. Nonetheless, they shared smiles and laughs, thinking to himself, and here he thought all the elite girls were too much for him but Nanami was not all that bad. He found that he can actually get along with her quite smoothly. If his mother were here, she’d definitely be cheering for him.

He sighed at the very thought and Nanami turned her head to him, “Do you find this game to be boring, Hinata-kun? We can play something else.”

“Haha, not at all. I’m actually feeling confident that I might have a chance at winning this thing.”

Nanami smiled.

Sitting so close on the table, with their shoulders touching almost intimately, Hinata couldn’t help but blush innocently especially when Nanami had leaned forward towards him showing just a bit of her chest. Hinata gulped and looked away quickly, trying hard not to be rude to her. However, he just couldn’t help but look. Especially when she laughed, and her soft shy blush would accent her so well. When she smiled, her soft and glossy lips would look so enticing and her warm eyes would glow and look so very welcoming. Everything she did just made him feel so nervous inside.

Thinking about Nanami and spending time with her, it made more sense that he should overlook his apparent ‘fancy’ towards a certain white-haired boy. Especially because it was inappropriate and unacceptable to have that sort of fascination towards another man to begin with. Besides, being with Nanami proved not to be bad either. If he could get closer to her, he might even fall in love. Maybe.

He paused and thought it over some more. This is probably for the best, for his own sake as well as for Komaeda’s.

Hinata calmly took the night to stride. However, he did catch himself checking Komaeda out of the corner of his eyes. Whenever he could get away with it, he would turn his head and watch him for probably the hundredth time that night.

Feeling hungry, the two head over the various colorful delicacies presented beautifully on tables by the walls. Hinata turned around just in time to see Nanami trip over herself when she had accidentally stepped on her dress. As she was about to fall, Hinata approached quickly and with one swift motion, caught her before she made contact to the ground. Nanami held onto him and blushed while Hinata’s cheeks mirrored the same bright red.

“I’m sorry.” She shyly apologized.

“Don’t mention it.” He said quickly as he bashfully pulled his arms back from her waist.

A quick sense of deja vu hit Hinata, as he remembered the same particular incident with Komaeda. He willed the memories away as he joined Nanami to the table.

Across the room, keen pale-green eyes watched the whole ordeal, staring straight into the scene as he watched in wonder, thinking, if perhaps Hinata has found a more fitting companion to associate with. If Hinata were to get closer to Nanami, it would undoubtedly bring about a more hopeful outcome than if he were to stay with him and lay his time in waste with someone so mundane, he thought.

Komaeda watched as Hinata conversed with her and how they looked to be having fun. Just when Komaeda was about to leave the room, he noticed another elite close to him who didn’t seem to have company. She kept to herself and looked incredibly nervous.

Komaeda was about to ignore her as well and proceed outside, but he was stopped from taking the first step out when the elite who had been nervously fidgeting at the corner earlier approached him.

“I’m, I’m sorry if I bothered you but…uhm…, is it alright i-if I stand here with you?” Mikan had said with a stammer.

Komaeda guessed that she probably found him to be the least intimidating out of the bunch. Nonetheless, he flashed out his welcoming smile, “Not at all. If you don’t mind spending your valuable time with trash like me, nothing could make me happier to stand along a beautiful and hopeful elite such as yourself.”

Mikan’s face showered with shades of red and happy tears at the words.

It was when he noticed how Nanami seemed to have dozed off several times while playing that got Hinata to smile warmly at her before pulling his gaze from her to where Komaeda was again, out of simple curiosity of course, and his eyes widened when he saw how Mikan approached Komaeda nervously.

Hinata didn’t know why his heart skipped a beat, his surprise and fear suddenly overwhelming him. But why though? There was nothing wrong with Komaeda spending time with other elites. He was doing the same with Nanami. Shouldn’t he feel at ease that someone else was willing to spend time with Komaeda instead of being alone? But still he couldn’t help but wonder out of curiosity.

What were they talking about?

Hinata become gradually perturbed and unsettled, agitated even, as he found himself keeping eye on their every move.

‘Calm down, Hajime. You’re with Chiaki, remember? Just… ignore those two!’ he mentally scolded himself.

He tried his best to ignore them but seeing the two together, he suddenly felt downcast, like for some unexplainable reason he felt like Komaeda could easily slip away from him. He hasn’t thought about his leaving though, nor was he prepared for it. He felt an even stranger emotion wrap around his heart when he watched Komaeda offering his hand to Mikan for a dance.

Holding her close, they danced as Mikan smiled shyly at Komaeda and when he smiled back with exactly the same smile he usually gave Hinata, it bothered him to a great degree. Hinata shook his head hard, trying to dismiss the riled up emotions swirling, burning, inside his chest.

Burning stronger with every passing moment.

The more he watched, the more he drank, glass after the other, feeling the burn down to that strange ache in his chest.

It was incomprehensible! Seeing Komaeda dance with someone else disturbed him, to say the least. He didn’t like the feeling he got seeing them together. It was just so foolishly selfish of him. He disdainfully knew that yet he couldn’t help how he was feeling.

Hinata placed his hand on his chest, eyes perplexed in thought at putting a definition to what it was. Watching them, he gasped softly at the realization, eyes widening in considerate proportions.

T-This… This disturbing feeling was…

It was… jealousy.

Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy!

Hinata snapped himself out of his thoughts with a slap on both cheeks, snatching his eyes away from the dancing couple. Angrily, he questioned himself; Why was he feeling jealous in the first place? He had no right. Besides, there was no prospect that he could actually hope to have him, or ever dream to. His desires were foolish enough to consider the possibility that he could have Komaeda in the first place! Yes, they shared few kisses but there could be nothing more. He shouldn’t dream of anything more because he could not have that sort of relationship with him. He wasn’t allowed to! It was unheard of, scornful even!

Hinata honestly tried to turn a blind eye to his feelings yet his eyes kept averting back to them.

Another glass, more burn.

As he watched the two dance, for a brief moment, his mind flashed an image of him dancing with Komaeda; his pale green eyes locked with his own with no one else surrounding them. Just them in the room, swaying to the music. Foreheads lean toward each other, crossing the dance floor in smooth steps and circular motions. Dipping him down, pulling him back up then holding him close. And ever so slowly, their lips close the distance for a-

Wrong, wrong, wrong! No… stop.

A girl. It should be a girl. Her hair swaying as he twirled her around, her dress fluttering with the motion. Then, he would pull her in his arms and give her a chaste kiss on the lips like in many romantic classics he read growing up. But when Hinata opened his eyes to that girl, he only saw sharp eyes, black suit, Adam apple dancing with the laughter of a boy that was so beautiful, it made his heart skip a beat. His lovely voice echoing in his mind, saying his name in affection and warmth through an adoring smile, “Hinata-kun.”

Putting his glass down, Hinata inhaled a shaky breath and thickly swallowed the emotions bottling up in his throat.

Being with Nanami and avoiding Komaeda really proved to him one solid and undeniable truth.

Pulling up a shaky hand to cover his flustered face, he gritted his teeth in shame and contempt as he peered through the spaces of his fingers at Komaeda.

I tried, I really tried. I’m sorry mother, father. I-I… I really do have feelings for him. I might have… f-fallen… in love with him!

Upon waking up from her brief slumber, Nanami opened her sleepy eyes up and saw Hinata fixated on something with a strange expression on his face, so she called out in concern “Hinata-kun?”

Hinata gasped softly and looked over Nanami, his face pale and eyes trembling.

“Are you okay?” she said, tilting her head with worry evident in her eyes.

Hinata’s lips form a thin line, quivering slightly. With hesitance, he whispered, “I… don’t know.”


Mikan kept apologizing as she repeatedly stepped on Komaeda’s foot more than they could count but Komaeda did nothing but laugh warmly.

Leaning on her forehead, he said in his most charming voice, of how he didn’t mind being a stepping stone for her. Her cheeks flushed as she held onto him more firmly. He pressed his hand on her lower back and pulled her closer as he glided her around the room. Her hair swirled, covering the blush burning on her cheeks as she gazed upon his warm smile. She smiled back as she moved her hand that was resting on his shoulder to move closer to cup the nook of his neck and pulled his face slightly closer, their lips barely apart.

As the music ended, Komaeda and Mikan pulled away from each other and retrieved back to their place. Suddenly, Mikan tripped, grabbing onto Komaeda, bumping and causing them to be pushed against the wall.

Wincing softly from the throb, Komaeda held onto her arms and asked in concern, “Are you okay?”

Mikan jerked her teary eyes up and apologized profusely. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”

Komaeda quickly smiled, “As long as you’re okay, there is nothing to worry about.”

Mikan smiled shyly but when she stepped back, noticing the patchwork of her dress had entangled around Komaeda’s suit button, she gasped in dread.

“W-w-w-w-what s-should I d-do? My mother would s-scold me i-if I ruined this d-dress!”

As she panicked, Komaeda tried to give her a helping hand but his body suddenly trembled when Mikan accidentally grinded against him. She tried to free her dress without ruining it, all through her heavy sobbing and hysteria which made the task difficult.


Mikan pressed herself against Komaeda’s chest because pulling back any further will tear the fabric. Her wobbling and trembling causing further grinding against a very sensitive part of him.

“Tsumiki-san, if y-you may please stop… moving?”

She wept and apologized some more, pressing harder , causing Komaeda to throw his head back against the wall, giving light gasps.

Across the room, Hinata’s eyes were round as plates at the scene before him and jealousy burned at his heart hotter than iron on fire. He gripped on his fists, his heart trembling with dread at the sight.

Komaeda distracted her when he placed his hands on her cheeks to stop her from panicking. She broke through her hysteria and, just like that, Komaeda loosened the dress from his button. However, Mikan continued crying, and Komaeda comforted her by placing his fingers on her cheek, wiping the soft tears away. His kind words and genuine smile made her smile through her tears.

Leaning towards his touch, Mikan’s voice dipped to a seductive tone, “As a reward for your kindness, maybe there is something I can do for you to return the favor.”

Offering herself and nudging her breasts against Komaeda’s chest, she said, “I can do anything you ask for since you were so nice to me.”

She moved her fingers to dance in a suggestive manner on Komaeda’s chest, while the other ran down his arm, entangling her fingers with his, insinuating what she meant.

Komaeda blinked, and he thinks he might have blushed as well at the notion. He felt so honored and moved that an elite would bequeath garbage like him with such an offer. However, he simply closed his eyes and smiled brightly at her, respectfully pulling her back. “There is no need. You’ve already paid me with your delightful company.”

Mikan blinked before her eyes got teary again. Wiping her tears away, she whispered a thank you before planting a soft chaste kiss on his cheek to show her appreciation.

The moment where her lips lingered, Komaeda stared in shock, mouth open and eyes wide.

Across the room, eyes trembled.

“…Hinata-kun?” Nanami tilted her head in confusion at the facial expression Hinata was giving. Her confusion rose when she followed his line of focus at the couple across the room, adding more question marks.

“Nanami-san, it was nice meeting you but… I have to go now.” Hinata’s voice was curt and calm. She nodded hesitantly. Hinata lifted his eyes toward her and gave a courteous smile before it quickly disappeared as he turned and headed for the couple across the room.

He charged in and pulled the two apart, not caring about who was watching. Mikan cowered in fear as Hinata pulled Komaeda away and stomped out of the hall, earning few gasps and stares.

When Hinata pulled him outside, Komaeda could do nothing but feel confused. He asked if there was anything Hinata wanted to tell him.

But Hinata was quiet. He even started wondering to himself as to why he did what he just did. Then, Hinata let go of his hand and apologized.

He felt so angry and jealous but it was wrong to take it out on Komaeda. He wanted to tell him how much it bothered him to see him with that girl, how jealous it made him feel, but he couldn’t. It wasn’t his place. He didn’t have any right.

Hinata must have drunk too many that his emotions were all over the place.

“It’s… nothing. I’m sorry for dragging you out here. If you want to go back inside… it’s fine.”


Hinata didn’t know if Komaeda noticed his subtly trembling shoulders, gripping his fists because he couldn’t act upon his feelings.

Komaeda took one step toward Hinata and Hinata lifted his dejected gaze to meet his.

Komaeda tilted his head with what seemed like an affectionate look with a slight blush on his pale cheeks. A smile and eyes so warm that Hinata’s heart skipped a beat. Komaeda took one step closer and swiped his finger on Hinata’s lower lip, causing Hinata’s eyes to lock with his in shock. Komaeda slightly tilted his head in thought, slit eyes conveying wonder, but his lips pursed like he was undeserving.

“Goodnight, Hinata-kun.”

As Komaeda turned away, Hinata felt his heart panging so strongly, his throat becoming stiff, his mind screaming to hold onto his wrist and pull him back for a kiss.

But he just stood there, watching his figure walk away.


If the Shadows were Real

Kim Yoosung One-Shot 

Word Count: ~2,500

Prompt: Yoosung had always been alone, but… was he really?

The wind howled through the trees, blowing violently against the walls of the building. Along with the cacophonous pitter-patters of the rain against the roof, these sounds pierced harshly through his ear drums. It was storm season, and there was no escaping it; later, there would be thunder and lightning too, taking their turns rumbling loudly across the sky, tearing white streaks through the sea of black clouds. Another night of restlessness, another night in the dark.

Another night with company in a house where he was supposedly, the only resident.

The darkness that surrounded him was not empty. As night fell, a shadow would appear, it would wander the premises, taking whatever he had to be its own. It swallowed any light that peeked through the curtains—but no matter how dark the night would be, he’d still be able to make out its shape, its form… its body.

It was frightening, he didn’t want to be alone in this house anymore. No, actually, he didn’t want to have company—at least not this type of company. What this shadow was, he didn’t know, nor did he want to know. It was much too terrifying for him to try and find out. All he could do was pull his blanket over his head, hiding from whatever roamed the halls of his home and lingered in his room. It would become hot under his cavern of bed sheets, but as stuffy as it was, he was too afraid to risk lifting the covers for a breath of air. Who knew what would be waiting for him just outside that thin layer of cloth? Who knew what horrendous sight he would witness? Soon or later, this night would pass, and he would be able to rest during the day.


There was always something unsettling about the place he lived. It wasn’t just the creaking doors or the loud thunks he heard from the attic every now and then; it was the way things always seemed to fall perfectly into place. It was almost like someone was helping him, taking care of him. But there was no one else with him, so he could only assume that it was by mere coincidence or his own problem for not remembering things like when he took the laundry off the clothesline before it started pouring outside. It was probably just due to short term memory loss that he rushed back into his house to turn off the gas stove only to find it never even on at all, or that he thought that he’d forgotten to email his professor his mid-term report only to discover that it was apparently sent in one minute before the due date. Just what was helping him? Who was helping him? It was a mystery he soon realized that he might not want to understand.

The phenomenon went on without a hitch for some time; but as time passed, he became more sensitive to the presence of whatever resided this home along with him. Sometimes the wind chimes on the patio would sound even when there was no breeze. Sometimes, he’d catch a whiff of a floral scent in the middle of the day while he worked on his thesis essay. Most importantly, he’d see its shadow. At first, it seemed like his eyes were playing tricks on him, like his sleep deprived mind was going berserk; but it gradually became real to him, and he knew that he was no longer alone.

It wasn’t to say that he hated the shadow, but he feared it all the same. One more year and he would be able to move out of this apartment. Another year and he’d be free from the grasp of this ghostly spirit. As kind as this thing was, it was unnatural and disturbing, he wanted nothing more to do with it than he already had. He wanted out of this hell of a home.


“Leave me alone, leave me alone, please. I’ll be out of this house in a year, please just leave me be.” He whispered quietly under the covers, as if chanting this over and over would prevent the shadow from coming to get him.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work and something began tugging at his blanket. At first, it felt timid, like a child; but it grew stronger, more aggressive—desperate, almost. His mind went blank, the words ‘it’s coming for you’ dominating his thoughts. It was mortifying. What was it? Was he dreaming? Oh God, please, let him be dreaming. Please let this nightmare pass, please wake him up. But he was already fully conscious, there was nothing that could bring him out of the reality he was facing. There was no doubt that the haunting voice that came from outside the covers, repeatedly taunting him to remove his protective skin, was anything but real.

“Yoosung, let go of the blanket.”

He squeezed his eyes shut, fighting with all his will against whoever—whatever—was out there. He wasn’t going to give into it like this; not tonight, not ever.

“Okay, then I guess I’ll have to pull this off myself.”

His violent trembling did not help him in terms of grasping his blanket, so in one swift motion, the white sheets were pulled away from his crumpled body. They flew lightly in the air, like a feather, softly lowering itself to the ground.

“P- please, don’t- I’ve never done anything, don’t hurt me.” Wet tears began soaking into his pillow as he held his body in his arms as a cold hand touched his arm and a shiver went down his spine. Unable to bear the rawness of the other’s skin against his own, he cried out. It felt so real, so human; it was terrifying yet familiar at the same time. A mix of emotions bubbled inside of him but it hurt attempting to make sense of the situation, so all he did was sob in fear.

“Yoosung, I won’t hurt you. Open your eyes, I’m not as scary as you think.”

With no other choice but to face whatever he had coming, his eyes cracked open, and he gasped at the sight of the thing that knelt shyly next to his bed. This thing was a person… or something along the lines of that anyway. Her brown hair cascaded down the side of her white dress, her soft features a pale white, and her eyes, that twinkled like the stars in the sky, held a sort of affection that made it hard to look away. In a way, she seemed normal, other than the fact that she had the wings of an angel and was strangely, a little translucent; but she glowed so beautifully in the moonlight that it made it hard for him to form words.

“I’m your angel,” she smiled sheepishly, twisting her hair out of nervousness, “though, I never thought you’d grow to realize my existence.”

“Realize? So you were the one who always took care of everything I forgot to do?” he sat up with this remark, suddenly embarrassed for all the mistakes he’s ever made. He felt like an idiot. Way to go, Yoosung, and in front of a cute girl too.

She nodded sweetly, blushing a little from his concentrated gaze.

“When did you start… um, taking care of me?” He looked away, realizing how invasive his staring must’ve felt.

“Ever since you entered college. When you left to live on your own, your mother prayed to God hoping that he would send some help over so you would live healthy and happily.”

“E- ever since 1st year?” Oh, he might as well have died of embarrassment right then and there. His face turned red enough that it was visible even in his dim lit room.

“Haha, yes, I’ve known you for 3 years already.” she replied innocently, not quite realizing what Yoosung was referring to.

It went on like this for the rest of the night, with Yoosung confirming previous coincidences that were… probably not so much of a coincidence after all and with this angel telling him all about the place she came from, and why she was chosen to care for him. From that moment on, he was no longer afraid of the shadows in his room or the wind chimes sounding despite the lack of a breeze. He was able see her whether it was day or night, outside or inside the house and that in itself was a soothing reminder that he had made a friend over a course of 3 years without even knowing it himself.

He enjoyed the time they spent with each other, and as much as he looked insane talking to seemingly no one on the streets, they went to many places and had fun while doing it. They visited museums, amusement parks, aquariums and more; there was nothing known as awkward silence, in fact, as unbelievable as it was, Yoosung couldn’t shut up. He felt like they could share anything with each other. She didn’t judge him for his decisions and she listened to all he ever had to say. They became really good friends… maybe even closer than that.

At some point, he began to feel heat rush to his face whenever she giggled at his lame jokes. Her cheeks that flushed a light pink whenever he did something a little embarrassing or said something a little too bluntly made his heart quiver. Her eyes would twinkle softly, full of love and kindness; she was an angel, and not only did she look like one, but she had the heart of one too. As selfish as it sounded, he wanted her heart all to himself; he never wanted to go back to the way it was like before, he never wanted her to hide in the shadows out of his sight ever again.


Yoosung woke up with a jolt, his heart beating so fast it felt like he’d just ran a marathon. Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead, stinging his eyes as he tried to calm his breath. His eyes were wide and full of apprehension, like he’d just lost the most precious thing known to man.

“Where are you?” He voice was shaking with panic, his dream, anything but good, still running through his head. The voice of his angel saying goodbye lingering in his mind, twisting his heart painfully.

“Where are you?! Come out and talk to me! I know that you’re still here.” his mangled thoughts took all sanity away from him, he jumbled through the house, tripping over everything as he searched the small apartment over and over again.

“Please! Come out, you can’t leave me… You just can’t.” he sunk to the floor, cradling his head as tears steadily fell down his cheeks; his body, exhausted from the rummage, collapsed onto the floor. The only company he had left were the cool floor tiles beneath him.


Ever since Yoosung was little, he’d been lonely. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to make friends, more so, it was because he couldn’t. His mind drew a blank when it came to making conversation, there was never enough to say and always too much silence. Slowly, he grew accustomed to the silence, to the voice of his own thoughts circling his mind day and night. He escaped reality through video games, finding comfort in his teammates who bonded through working together with actions, not words.

At fifteen, the one and only friend he ever had passed away; she was a puppy named Sally, only 2 years old before a drunk monster drove blindly into their dog house, selfishly taking her life away from Yoosung. From that point on, he was broken, and he was determined to help any and every animal he ever saw.

But now, nothing meant more to him than his angel, not his game mates or his beloved puppy. Nothing felt more precious than her flushed cheeks, her soft smile and her blue eyes. She was finally someone he could connect with, someone he could share his stories with, someone who’d listen to a days’ rant, someone who accepted him—loved him—for who he was and who he wasn’t. She was perfect in every way, and he loved her more than anything.


A soft tap brought him back into reality, his mind jumped at the touch, desperately hoping to see her face so he could pull her into a tight embrace and never let her disappear.

But it wasn’t her.

“Yoosung, what are you doing lying on the floor? My, what a mess your house has become, I should’ve come earlier. We’ll make some kimchi-”

“H- have you seen her?” His voice cracked and his eyes begged his mother to tell him. He was so frantic to find her that he almost told his mom about her existence. It was forbidden, he knew, but he didn’t know what else to do. After his mother left, he laid defeated on his bed. His heart tired from aching, eyes sore from crying. But was it time to give up? Never. He would continue searching for her until he would no longer feel his limbs, until his heart would become numb from the pain—until he would lose himself to the world.

It was only a matter of time before he drifted off into a deep slumber. The voice of his angel whispering in his dream. She was gracefully risen above the clouds, her wings spread wide as she floated in the air. Her beautiful features enhanced by the glowing sun behind her, a golden gate above her, welcoming her in with open arms. But the beautiful mirage felt oddly strained; the supposedly peaceful environment brought stress and anxiety instead. She was anything but happy and when she spoke, her voice was full of sadness, the sparkle in her eye nonexistent.

“I’m sorry, but I need to go back.” tears gathered at the corner of her eyes, “It’s time to erase your memories. I hope you’ll be okay without me.” She came closer, caressing his face with her small hands.

“No! You can’t leave! Stay with me, please, I’ll cause you less trouble, I’ll do anything-”

“I have to go back to Heaven no matter what, Yoosung. Promise me you’ll be okay. Promise me you’ll live your life to it’s fullest even without me.”

“But why?” He asked her even though he knew that she didn’t have an answer. There was a pang of guilt that hit his gut as those words left his mouth. As painful as this was for him, it was for her; and she was the one who’d have to keep the memories between the two of them—she was the one who’d have to suffer for eternity.

“Just promise me.”

There was a divine force that made him promise her all of those things despite his reluctance. He knew better than anyone else that it wasn’t going to happen, but he minute the made his promise, he pledged the removal of her from his life and his memories entirely. As she disappeared into the sky, he forced himself to remember that even after he woke up, there would still be lingering feelings. There was no way that he could erase her from him; what she left in him was permanent. 

No matter what happened, he would find comfort in the wind chimes that now stood still without a breeze, in the floral scents that no longer came with his thesis essay unless a pot of flowers sat at the edge of his desk…

And definitely in the shadows of his room that were once, real.

thanks for reading!

(original idea)

~Cherry L.

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probalicious17  asked:

What are your favorite web series? I just started finished Poe Party and I need more!!!!!!

Ooooh my dear you have opened a Pandora’s box of webseries fangirling. 

So because Poe Party’s cinematically shot, I’ll start with a few of those:

(Mostly) Cinematic Webseries

Firstly if you haven’t seen it, Shipwrecked’s previous series “Kissing in the Rain” is very sweet, just about 2 sets of actors who always end up playing romantic leads (usually in literary adaptations) and how different their relationships off-camera are. . Although it’s lots of mini-adaptations of pieces of writing she likes rather than a running narative, I also really like Yulin Kuang (1/3 of Shipwrecked)’s series “I Didn’t Write This”, it’s so pretty.


is about a misfit group of American College kids who basically start their own pirate radio channel and it’s adorable and funny:

 (And also this creative/production group generally have the BEST bts videos, almost as fun to watch as the actual series.). By the same team there’s

Pantheon University ,

which is a series of interlocking stories all based on modernisations of different myths about gods in the Greek Pantheon. And every episode is also really stylistically different which is cool, there’s even a musical episode :)

Bright Summer Night isn’t my favourite series by The Candle Wasters but it has moments of pure genius, it’s a modernisation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream set at a New Zealand house party.

The Vault is more of a thriller-type series with lots of cool twists where you’re constantly trying to work out what’s going on. It’s based around the idea of a reality show where college students are all trapped in a vault of rooms trying to solve this huge puzzle together but then things start going wrong and no one’s sure whether it’s part of the game. I personally wasn’t thrilled with the ending but it’s still a great ride. Trigger Warning for scenes suggesting suicide.

Couple-ish is a comedy-drama where Dee is a non binary person whose sister convinces them to pretend to be in a relationship with her crush Rachel to stop her getting deported but Dee’s also just got a new boyfriend and it all snowballs. There’s some vlog-style videos too because that’s the main way Rachel and Dee stage their fake dating to the world. It’s pretty excellent. 

Titus and Dronicus is really short but it’s about a duo of incompetent detectives trying to solve the case of Hamlet and it’s hilarious.

All’s Fair Play basically about an engagement party that goes horribly wrong and also every character is based on a Shakespeare character. Definitely gets better as it goes but it’s not that long really anyway.

Webseries about Famous Writers

The Writing Majors is vlog-style and also one of my all time favourite series. It’s basically about if Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde and Emily Dickenson were all modern day college students who shared a flat and it’s really sincere and lovely.

Words with Wilde is another vlog-style series, this time about the life of Australian teenage Oscar Wilde (Isn’t he popular)

Blank Verse I haven’t personally seen this one but I know it’s about modern versions of renaissance writers

A few more of my all-time favourites

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre is a vlog-style modernisation of Jane Eyre, revolutionised vlog-style series and beliefs about the budget and resources you needed to make one when it came out and just really beautifully told, probably my favourite ever webseries.

Nothing Much to Do is based on Much Ado about Nothing, its sequel Lovely Little Losers is based off Love Labours Lost, both made by a group of young women in New Zealand about a group of late school/early university kids in Nnew Zealand, both vlog-style and warm and inventive and excellent. They are why Jane Eyre is only “probably” my favourite ever webseries. 

From Mansfield with Love is a modernisation of Mansfield Park and their take on “Frankie” Price especially is truly amazing. It’s also one of the relatively few british literary vlogseries. . (It is also super long.) Don’t want to be too overdramatic but these 3 lots of series in combination at least helped get me through a lot of bad times, at most possibly saved my life, so they’re pretty special and brilliant. 

The Misselthwaite Archives is one I helped to develop and write a bit, it’s gorgeously shot and snarky and sad and hopeful and concise. part vlog style, part cinematic, path other styles.

Currently Airing

If you want something new to follow along with…

The Better Strangers is technically a sequel series but watching the first one isn’t mandatory and I think the crew really hit their stride with this one. Vlog-style loose modernisation of As You Like It, very funny.

The Adventures of Serena Berg is a modernisation of Cyrano de Bergerac. Again, snarky and sad and great fun. Also the first literary webseries I’ve seen with a trans woman protag which is cool

The Cate Morland Chronicles cute modernisation of Northanger Abbey where Cate is like a fandom journalist (There’s also a previous vlog-style adaptation of Northanger Abbey which I probably prefer, Northbound  but I just love that there’s 2 to pick fro. )

Project Green Gables A vlog-style modernisation of Anne of Green Gables that constantly makes excellent adaptation choices (For example Anne’s black and buys dodgy hair relaxer instead of green hair dye.) very charming, currently airing it’s second season . Again, there’s a previous, more sticking-to-the-source-text adaptation called Green Gables Fables that finished a few months back and is adorable.  

I haven’t managed to catch The Uncanny Upshurs yet but that started a few days ago, promises to have magic and drama and has a great team behind it

Mina Murray’s Journal finished like last week? It’s quite a clever Dracula modernisation with great production value.

There’s also the series I created (With a lot of collaboration and help with amazing people) Away from it All, which is a vlog-styleish modernisation of Far from the Madding Crowd and we’re releasing our 6th episode this Thursday :)

This got shorter as it went because I really should have gone to bed an hour ago xD anyway, hope that helps!! Wishing you good fortune on your webseries journey  x



A Ripple in time

Summary:Emma is on her way to Granny’s when a teen version of Regina Mills seemingly pops out of thin air and smacks right into her. Emma and present-day Regina must work together to figure out why the curious young teen is there and how to send her back before the past is irreparably changed, thus altering their entire lives in the present. Young!Regina Rated T, subject to change.

A Totally Weird And Illegal Swanqueen Story 

Summary: A Swanqueen Story. Emma is an emancipated teen new to Storybrooke. Regina is a crazy, perverted mayor/High school teacher, wanting to gain dominance on Storybrooke’s newest resident.

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Oh my god single dad Calum (the bath one) literally has my heart will you please do a part 2??

A/N: Sorry this took so long. But here everyone! Please enjoy some more single dad! Calum and tiny Taine, fluffy goodness. The first part did really well so thanks to those who loved it so much! This doesn’t pick up exactly where part 1 left off, but this takes place after. Sorry the ending here is somewhat abrupt, but I left it up to have part 3 if more people want it.

Flashback scene in italics

part 1

“You know, Taine hasn’t stopped talking about it all week.”

“Yeah?” you half mumble, half yawn.  “Well I’m pretty excited too.”

Calum laughs softly, his hand continuing its slow trek up and down your back. He always did like drawing patterns into your skin. Meanwhile, you snuggle in closer to his chest, stroking his cheek the way you’ve grown into the habit doing. His cheeks literally beg for it though. They are always so smooth beneath your fingers, and they fall off into such a beautifully strong jaw. The combined smell of you and him together lingers on the sheers, as does the bodily warmth. And Calum’s steady breathing only lulls you one step closer to sleep.

Only thing is, you don’t want to sleep. You much prefer staying awake enough to revel in this moment. It’s better to remember each little detail, to not take it for granted. Calum has come a long way in trusting you. Just three weeks ago, he was scheduling your visits to his apartment far in advanced. He wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be any premature introduction of you meeting his son. And before that, Calum was even cautious about when to call you. He didn’t want to risk Taine overhearing a conversation. Worst of all, Calum feared Taine would get the wrong idea that you were trying to replace his mom, who Taine falsely believed would come back one day.

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sorry [yoongi&you]

Summary: yoongi is lost and completely nothing without you, but what more can he do when an apology is all he really has left to say?

a/n: @marelynn-neko so you gave me about four guys to choose, i think…? lol and while looking at them, i kinda figured this would match the sugary plum turtle the most. enjoy and uhmmm… hold a tissue box. i mean it :DD scenario based off of big bang - haru haru and lies.

Originally posted by what-bangtan

Why must beautiful memories be remembered when the love have already become vain and completely lost? Why are we left in this despair entrapment of broken affections?

To be drowned in alcohol and the smell of other people, tears everyone away from reality. Who would want to stay stuck in a life with nothing being offered?

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change of plans

A/N: thank you for the request! i’ve been really busy with school and other stuff so it may not be the best scenario ever but i hope it’s okay (:

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[wonwoo x reader // word count: 1175]

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blackbatpurplecat  asked:

prompt: steve braiding peggy's hair <3

“It looks different when you do it, why is it sticking out?” Steve examined the small section of hair he’d managed to braid, it ran along the edge of Peggy’s hairline.

It was neat, so he’d done something right, but it hung separately from the rest of her hair, instead of tracing around to the back of her head in a gorgeous arrangement of curls, as he’d seen her wear it before.

Peggy met his eyes in the mirror, before glancing at the section of hair he held out for inspection. “You need to add a little more hair to it each time. Start again.”

Steve glanced at the braid – his most successful effort yet – before reluctantly unravelling it, running his fingers gently through the loose strands.

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Happy (slightly belated) Birthday, Sophie!!

So, this is only like 7 weeks late, but better late than never, right? =P

As requested, this is a (I hope!) fluffy drabble with the lines: “Oh my god you’re in love with her!“ and/or “I’m sorry I didn’t know. he told me you were in the past” (slightly tweaked, sorry!)

I hope you enjoy it, justanotherfiveminutes! I really loved writing it. Many, many thanks to my wonderful beta arustykiss/ckhybrid <3


"Caroline.” Her name fell off his lips in a whisper, the word breathy and barely audible above the busy crowds. “What are you doing here?”

It had only been seven years since the Decade Dance in high school where Klaus had vowed she would turn up on his doorstep one day, whether it would be a year or a decade from then. The 18 year old her had brushed it off with an internal scoff before melting back into Tyler’s arms, wondering where the Original got the nerve to make such bold statements on her behalf.

The 25 year old her had realised he was right. Mystic Falls had been far too small for her, but she had been willing to stay as long as she could in her eternal youthful state. It was home; where all her childhood memories and friends lived. Where her family had settled and where she could conjure up a memory at every street corner.

But then the reasons why she had stayed no longer existed. Her mom died, leaving her an orphan at the tender age of 20. Her friends had eventually scattered around the country, with Bonnie in Atlanta and Elena in a glass coffin somewhere in North Carolina to keep her safe. Stefan stayed nearby his epic love, whereas Damon bounced around the area of New York, New Jersey and Ontario. Only Matt remained in Mystic Falls, and the last time she had heard from him had been to tell her he was now a Deputy in the police force.

Caroline had decided to travel. Packing a small bag of memories and essentials before heading out into the night the moment she finished college. There had been no plan or itinerary; just her power of compulsion and the whole world waiting for her.

For six years she was a nomad, going from country to country, stopping by great cities and small villages. She learnt foreign languages, wore different clothes and tried her hand at new skills. The world was her oyster, and true to the saying, she was the only pearl.

Her time discovering the world allowed her to discover herself. With no one to influence her but herself, she had come to many conclusions.

Mystic Falls truly was too small.

Being a vampire was the best and worst thing to ever happen to her.

She didn’t need anybody else to make her happy.

Experiences that scared her only made her stronger.

Six long years of travelling in solitary, wondering what her friends, Klaus and her mom would say if they had been with her. She had photos and souvenirs. She even had places she had invested in wherever she knew she would come back to. She had planned for the future and for the changes to come.

The only place left to discover was New Orleans. Purposely leaving it until the end, Caroline knew she would only travel back to the States once she had satisfied the wanderlust in her and her insides began to tingle for a new kind of challenge. To settle down, to lay down new roots and to take the helm of a supernatural city.

“You said ‘one day’, right?” she reminded him with a tilt of the head and a gentle smile.

Klaus grinned at her repeated words, lips curving up slowly and deepening the dimples until all she could see was pure elation in his features. Adoration sparkled in his eyes and she knew with a small bout of relief that he was still true to his words of being her last love.

Caroline was ready for a new home.

The time alone had allowed her to explore her sexuality. Men, women, multiple and both. With no one to judge her or to remind her of her past, she was free to move forward any way she wanted. Whether it was with a beautifully bronzed man in a villa in Spain, or a voluptuous Malaysian woman with hair up to her waist, Caroline had learnt a great deal about her wants and needs, and she was pretty sure she had learnt almost everything there was to know about sex.

But then there was Klaus. Klaus, who had shoved her against a tree before spending hours worshipping her body many years ago. The same man who had spent the night ravishing her, and had yet still left her nearly insatiable.

Caroline kept her breathing as regular as she could when she turned around to look at the hybrid. Klaus slept on, face only inches away from hers as he laid on his stomach. The warmth of his arm seeped into her skin where it rested heavily around her waist; the other tucked under his pillow to cradle his head.

He looked mesmerising; beautiful and innocent. It was probably the only time his features were free of the shadows of a thousand years, the scars of his brutal past and the depths of the horrors he had seen (and orchestrated). Nobody else would ever dare to call the Niklaus Mikaelson innocent because nobody else got to see him as she did. Guard down and sleeping peacefully, he wordlessly entrusted her with his life, heart and humanity (whatever was left of it).

Inhaling contently, her deep unintentional sigh was enough to stir him instantly. She pulled her lower lip between her teeth, smiling softly when his eyes flickered open to catch sight of her with a slow smile.

Reaching out, she ran a hand through his hair, soothingly trailing it down to cup his jaw and caress his cheek with her thumb. “Go back to sleep,” she whispered so not to break the spell of laziness they were under.

“Join me,” Klaus murmured back, eyes sliding shut and tightening the grip around her until she was pulled flush against his body.

Shifting until she was comfortable in her new position, Caroline shared his pillow. She could feel the crook of his elbow under her cheek as she laid her forehead against his; noses brushing when she unceremoniously pressed her lips to his. He was caught off guard; not responding for more than his usual split second instinctive reaction.

Breaking away with a tug on his lip, dragging her teeth gently along the lusciously soft and plump skin, she settled her head down next to him again and fell asleep before she even knew it. These were the kind of nights she was looking for.

Ghosting a hand over Caroline’s bare back, Klaus smirked proudly at the content hum of approval she elicited deep in her throat in reaction. Still asleep, she buried her face deeper into the pillow she had hijacked from him the moment he had untangled himself from her form and slipped out of bed.

Freshly showered and clothed, he threw a final look over his shoulder at the beautiful blonde currently occupying his bed and burnt the image to memory in case it didn’t last longer than one night.

Klaus had learnt long ago not to get his hopes up when things started to go his way. Paranoia had kept him alive for so long, and pessimism came hand-in-hand with it. He could profess his feelings for Caroline all night long, recommit to his promise to be her last love and vow to give her the life she could only ever dream of. However, Caroline (this Caroline that had come to him six years since he had last seen her) was a fierce woman unto her own, one he had to start to relearn. Last night had already shown him how much she had changed, but it had been all for the better.

The fact she hadn’t left with the sunrise, or informed him of any impending plans, or given him a timeline of her stay, was enough to placate him for the moment. Leaving her behind in his bed, he made his way through the French Quarter compound in search of breakfast.

Passing through the foyer on his way to the kitchen, Klaus’ head snapped up when the telltale sounds of heels approaching the living area of their home echoed through the empty hallway. Detouring, he headed in the same direction, stifling a sigh at the sight of their early morning guest.

“Cami, please, do come in,” Klaus deadpanned, retreating to the wet bar for a glass of whiskey before his morning blood. It had been a good 8 hours since his last drop, and in New Orleans, the party never ended; something that fed his alcoholism well.

Cami made a show of taking in the immediate area and him, causing him to arch a querying brow at her. “Well, I can’t see any blood which is a great sign. I wanted to check that the innocent blonde girl you left with last night is still alive. I doubt she knew what she was getting herself into,” she attempted to berate him, though her accusation only brought him amusement. After the night (and morning) they had spent rediscovering each other, innocent could never be used to describe Caroline again.

“I assure you, Camille; Caroline is perfectly fine and not someone I would entertain the thought of killing,” he informed her, downing a glass of his drink to satisfy his thirst until he got what he was really craving and refilling it.

Cami blinked at him incredulously, brows furrowing in confusion. “So, what; she’s a valuable asset to you?”

“Yes,” Klaus nodded with the vague answer, hoping to end the conversation when there was nothing for her to pick a thread with. He had learnt early on in their acquaintance that any little bit of information he gave to the human, she would naturally analyse and pull apart to discuss. Whether then or at a later date, it always came back to bite him on the ass, and rolling his eyes and shooing her away no longer worked now that Elijah had made her one of the representatives of the human factions.

Though he rolled his eyes at this instance nonetheless as Cami inhaled sharply and crossed her arms, indicating this wouldn’t be a time where she would leave well enough alone.

“For what, exactly? I thought the city was finally in peacetime now you and your siblings agreed to a truce with all the factions,” she pried, worry taking over her features.

Not that he could blame her, exactly. The war for New Orleans hadn’t been bloodless, and humans paid the price as much as the rest of them. In fact, it still amazed him at times when he truly thought about how the bartender made it out of everything alive. Between her relationship with Marcel and constant presence in their lives, she would have been the perfect target for any insurgents.

Klaus wasn’t ashamed to admit that it would have been a sacrifice he probably would have allowed for the greater good of his city.

“Oh, we are. However, Caroline is valuable for a more personal reason,” he clarified with a defensive tone, eyebrows raising suggestively, which earned him a passing look of disgust.

“You knew her from before,” Cami commented suddenly, voice low as if the realisation was a bit disbelieving to her own ears, arms dropping to her sides in surprise. Choosing not to reply, Klaus leaned casually against the bar and stared into his drink, hoping to portray a bored stance to urge her to leave. A quickening of her heart beat drew his attention again, tilting his head curiously at what she was thinking about that had elicited such a reaction. “You’ve never mentioned her.”

Pressing his lips into a line, Klaus nodded once. “Yes, well, there is a lot I have never mentioned before; most of it on purpose, most of it for a reason.”

“She’s important to you, huh?” she asked sharply, swallowing loudly in the otherwise silence of the house.

Klaus remained quiet again, schooling his features into a blasé mask and clenching his jaw in an attempt to throw her off her train of thought before she could come to the right conclusion. Caroline was more than just important to him, a fact that the young vampire had known before even he had truly embraced the idea himself. He was irrevocably in love with her, and for anyone else to know that would leave it open to possibly exploit her as his weakness.

An exaggerated wry chuckle spilling from Cami’s lips drew his attention, irritation now flowing through him at the student psychologist’s inability to read his body language. “Oh, my god, you’re in love with her.”

Pushing away from the bar, Klaus made a conscious effort to ignore her and her statement as he gestured towards the door with the hand still clutching his tumbler. “If that’s all you came for, Cami, then please see yourself out. I have to go fetch some blood for breakfast.”

Caroline awoke slowly to fingers trailing down her spine, though she did her best to clutch onto the last remnants of sleep with all she could until her eyes finally cracked open reluctantly. The early sun lit up the room in hues of orange and red, indicating that it had only been a couple of hours since she had last fallen asleep after being devoured by Klaus once again. This time, she had taken charge until she had felt his control snap (physically in the form of his hybrid features coming out to play), where he had twisted them around within a blink and left her crying out his name at the mercy of his devotion.

A bout of panic settled in her stomach when she registered the cold and empty space next to her, rolling onto her side and wrapping the sheets around her to retain her modesty. During the years of exploring herself she had come to learn that there were certain parts of her that would never change; primarily her fear of abandonment by those she cared about. And try as she might to deny it, Klaus had fallen into that category a while ago.

The sound of voices drew her attention, relief flooding her at the smooth, deep timbre of Klaus’ voice as he sarcastically invited someone in. They entered deeper into a room further away from his bedroom, meaning Caroline could no longer hear their words clearly. However, the tones in which they spoke travelled easily through the house.

She didn’t recognise the clearly feminine voice but she could detect the anger, hurt and jealousy in it. The words were clipped and rough, pushed through a throat choked with emotion. It was her tone of familiarity and entitlement, however, which made Caroline come to the conclusion that she didn’t like the other woman. At all.

Keeping a mental note of her voice, the timbre and the way it struck her ear, she inhaled deeply to take in her scent. It took a bit of filtering through the musky, heady scent of Klaus and sex that permeated her immediate area, but eventually she was able to store the fresh smell of soap, floral perfume and ink to memory.

The sense of smell was supposedly the one linked to most memories, something Caroline took advantage of when needed. Her heightened vampire senses definitely helped, as it would when she came across the woman once again. Preferable not whilst naked in another man’s bed, and somewhere where she could have a private word with her.

Though by the sounds of anguish and disbelief in her voice as she accused loudly enough for Caroline to overhear of him loving the vampire, Caroline could definitely give up her dignity for a dramatically stunning entrance. If she had the energy or want to leave Klaus’ bed, that was.

Caroline tapped the toe of the ankle boots she was donning impatiently against the railing of the bar. Sat on one of the stools, she kept her back straight, forearms resting lightly on the counter giving her an almost formal stance as she awaited the blonde barmaid serving another customer on the other end of the bar.

Getting away from Klaus with a simple request for a few hours alone to explore the area was easier than she had thought it would be. A part of her wondered how many of current patrons in the bar were there to keep an eye on her, whether for her safety or to ensure she didn’t run. The other part of her, the jaded and confident part, shrugged it off and accepted that Klaus’ paranoia was what had kept him alive for so long. Someday, it would surely save her, too.

Once onto Bourbon Street, Caroline had made her way back to the bar she had sought out Klaus the previous night. One deep breath as she crossed the threshold, and she was pleasantly surprised to discover the scent she had committed to memory earlier that day lingering in the air.

Using her nose, she followed the scent as it grew stronger until she heard the voice that had woken her up. Only, it was now spoken with subdued friendliness, taking orders and serving customers whilst clearly withdrawn by her thoughts. Whatever the acquaintance between the woman and Klaus was had supposedly earned her a reason to feel entitled enough to barge into the Mikaelson house without invitation and yet leave with a beating heart. It also clearly left her quite upset to find out he loved another woman.

Schooling her features into that of a polite customer, Caroline offered the other woman a subtle smile to finish her mask when she approached and asked for her order. “G&T, please.”

“I’m going to need to see some ID first,” she replied, brows furrowing almost stressfully. It was clear her mind was in overdrive, preoccupied undoubtedly from the events from earlier on in her day.

Slipping out her driver’s licence from her purse, Caroline slid it across the bar top. “Of course, Camille,” she replied, catching her nametag high up on her shirt when her hair shifted as she bent over to take a look at Caroline’s date of birth.

It didn’t take long for realisation to sink in, and Caroline could see Camille’s entire body freeze, tensing up as it did. Looking back at her, the bartender seemed to take her in for a long moment, and if Caroline wasn’t so determined to have her play her cards first, she might have enquired what it was she was searching for in her.

“You’re Caroline,” Camille finally said, seemingly shaking herself mentally and putting on a smile that was so entirely halfhearted, Caroline was sure she would have made a better impression had she not attempted it at all. “I’m Cami.” It was clear she expected the vampire to recognise her from her name alone, but Caroline continued staring blankly at her until the human backed down in embarrassment.

Caroline would have felt bad had she not recalled the conversation she had overheard earlier that morning. “That’s nice,” she answered back diplomatically, if not tonelessly.

“Yeah. Actually, I’m good friends with Klaus,” Cami added, a strained laugh accompanying her words. Her eyes continued to bore into Caroline’s, and the latter held them easily (and slightly boredly). “Well, to be truthful, it’s been a long few years but we’re building something past friendship, I think. He’s the kind of guy who’d rather push people away than to work on things. I guess being a thousand plus doesn’t do much for his courting skills.”

Caroline’s goal for the day had been to locate the woman and find out who she was. In the matter of a couple of minutes with her, she had also gathered how much she despised her. At the back of her mind and somewhere deep down inside her, she wasn’t naive enough to discredit the fact that it had something to do with the similarities between the woman and her teenage, human self. A part of her she had left behind, determined to never revisit her idealistic view of the world with the expectation for life to follow her very specific, colour-coded plan.

The part that would have let a man like Klaus swoop her up in a whirlwind from the moment he had first laid eyes on her, only to end up in an early grave not a few months later.

“Klaus doesn’t have friends,” Caroline finally remarked, pointedly but not harshly.

She took back her licence and replaced it in her bag as she felt the atmosphere around them shift. Caroline could pick up on the gentle whooshing of blood through her body, gradually rising in speed as her heart beat a tad bit faster and her face began to redden. Although she bristled  (and hid the shiver that went down her spine) at the sound of her teeth grinding; her molars scraping the together akin to the sound of nails down a chalkboard.

“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t know, okay? He’s never even mentioned you before,” Cami apologised, albeit reluctantly. Her words took on a defensive tone, and Caroline had to hand it to her for standing up for her feelings. It was too bad she had formed an unwavering predisposition after her conversation with Klaus meaning she would never feel anything but hatred for the woman who might be her competition.

“And now you’re laying your claim on him?” Caroline questioned dryly, the courteous smile and doe eyed look still in place. Without allowing Cami time to answer, she carried on, dropping her voice so only the human could hear but making sure to keep it free of any malice. “Let me tell you some things, Cami. Klaus doesn’t push the people he likes away. If anything, he fights to keep them as close as he can. You’ve heard about what he does to his siblings, haven’t you? He promised to be my last love and, he doesn’t know I know this, but for the past seven years since I last saw him, he’s had people follow me everywhere I went. The only people he pushes away are those he can’t be bothered to deal with, and even then, he usually just kills them.” Caroline paused, watching dismay play out over the other blonde as she took in what she had been told. Leaning forwards, Caroline gently said, “Oh, and Cami? You can try to claim him, but he was the one claiming me last night. Multiple times.”

Shocked, Cami remained silent for a moment, visibly letting Caroline’s words sink in. She eventually cleared her throat, saving Caroline the awkwardness of asking if she was alright. “Did you still want your drink?” she asked stiffly, stepping away from the bar.

Nodding, Caroline sat up straight in her seat once again and elegantly brushed back a curl of hair from her face. “Please.”

Striding up to Klaus in his studio, she framed his face with both her hands and pulled him into a fierce kiss. The brush in his hand fell noisily onto the table set up next to the easel before he gripped her waist tightly and pulled her into him. Hard, firm and lean, his body pressed against hers in every way possible.

Pulling back when his tongue darted out to skim over her cupid’s bow, Caroline glanced at the painting he had been working on. It was evidently her from the previous night, dressed in the jeans and strappy top that were no longer wearable.

“Do you want me?” she murmured, holding him back with a hand to the chest.

Klaus gazed back in confusion, the lust in his darkened blue eyes clearing far too slowly for a man who was always so guarded with his emotions.

Although, he had never been that way with her.

“I always have,” he replied earnestly, squeezing her hips and tugging at her again, but she pressed harder against his chest to keep him there.

Steadily holding his gaze, she asked gently, “Do you love me?”

Klaus didn’t reply, merely studied her with his beautiful raspberry lips parted slightly to emphasise their attractiveness. The next thing she knew, he was pushing her to take a seat onto the couch and hovered above her, said lips attacking her neck as his hands made their way up her legs tantalisingly.

But Caroline was stronger now. In a blink of an eye, just as he came up to kiss her, she grabbed his chin in her hand to halt his actions.

Caroline had learnt a lot about herself over the years. She was no longer the submissive young girl who clung onto every throwaway hope of affection with all her might. She had left all that behind before it could have chewed her up and spat her out, leaving her behind in its wake instead.

Klaus had the audacity to smile as she gripped tighter, bringing him to his knees on the floor in front of her. Strumming her thumb along his full bottom lip, she revelled in the sight before her for a moment. Caroline was no longer the submissive one, but that didn’t mean she didn’t crave the opportunity to be dominant in a relationship for once. And who better than the Almighty Original Hybrid to be her first (and possibly last)?

They would be equals someday, but that day wasn’t today. Today, she wanted to feel drunk on the knowledge she had the one and only Klaus Mikaelson kneeling before her in a way she knew he would never for anyone else. Any other lover would have been drained and replaced by now, she was sure. If they had her nerve to do what she did, that was.

She knew her answer before she even asked the question again, but to hear it would fuel the passion burning deep in her and never let it extinguish.

“Do you love me, Klaus?” Caroline repeated imploringly.

Raising on his knees, he took her hand into his and slid it down to his neck to allow him to lean in. Rubbing circles into her inner thighs with his rough, calloused thumbs, she bit back the shudder of pleasure that flooded through her veins and up her spine as she awaited his reply.

”More than you’ll ever know,” he insisted, words thick and raspy with intense emotion. Caroline had a feeling that was probably the most truthful answer he could have ever given her.

A slow, content smile curved at her mouth, watching as Klaus’ dimpled version graced his features. Her new home, the one she had sought after years of estrangement, was right there. Klaus, not the US or New Orleans, had always been the last destination of her travels, no matter where they would have taken her. Home was where her heart was, and she was just discovering that it was no longer restricted to being a place.

INTRO: It took me a bit longer than expected to put together a brand new set of recs in the SAILOR MOON fandom, but there have been a few that I’ve not just enjoyed, but really and truly loved. I went more for a variety this time, various pairings and characters, so hopefully there should be at least something for most people to enjoy here! As always, NOW GIVE ME MORE FIC, PLEASE. ♥

Everyday Senshi Life by A Kiss of Fire (TigerDragon), TiaNadiezja, usagi & sailor soldiers + mamoru/usagi + some ocs, nsfw, 14.3k wip
Here’s the thing by Lina_Natsudori, mamoru/usagi + background characters, 1.5k
all the small details by fated_addiction, mamoru/usagi + usagi & minako, 1.4k
She Breaks Just Like a Little Girl by hauntedd, minako, ~1k
Breaking the Dam by dracoangelica, usagi/ami, NSFW, 2.3k
Pillow Talk by reconquer, minako/rei, mildly nsfw, 1.1k
The Girl On The Bus by predilection, usagi/rei, fluff, ~1k
Divided Hearts by Serenade, kunzite/zoisite, 1.1k
The Black Key by soylent_green, kunzite/zoisite, NSFW, 1.5k
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