and they say i'm a bully

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I saw a comment you made on Reddit where you said the Crying Child/Bullies flashbacks in 4 happen after 1. I thought those happened in the 80s and FNAF 1 takes place in the 90s? Didn't you say you believed 1 and 3 were the two latest games chronologically?

Don’t know where you think I said that. My personal theory on the order of the games is:

SL —> 4 (minigames only) –> 2 –> 1 –> 4 (gameplay only) –> 3.

Also, I don’t think the minigames are flashbacks, but rather a straightforward retelling of previous events for the audience’s sake.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: Does Yuri Plisetsky go to school? Does he get bullied for being a figure skater? Does he get bullied for the way he looks, especially after he begins growing his hair out as he trains to become like a prima ballerina? How much time does he spend in the principal's office for getting into fights or cursing at teachers? We know he's never been asked to become someone's friend before Otabek - has he been pushing potential friends away since he was a small child? How has his family's financial situation and his need to help provide for them impacted his school life? Does he get decent grades? Is he good at any particular subject? Or does he just not care at all because he knows where his future lies? Maybe he's had a private tutor for several years now instead of attending regular school? Someone please assure me that Yurio is getting some kind of education, whether he likes it or not, and that no one picks on him.

You know what’s really Wild, is people who say they can’t ship romione because they’re such good friends that it’s “”“almost inc*st”“” but they think that hermione should instead be with the person who bullied her constantly and wished death on her. Like god forbid two people in a relationship are nice to each other holy shit.

Kowalski Children | Headcanons
  • Jacob and Queenie have a big family – and I mean BIG – because they can’t keep their hands off each other to be honest
  • Toby is an overprotective brother – a boy picks on his sisters or brothers? He steps in and stops the bully. When his sisters are older and dating (he shudders at the thought), he makes sure to give their boyfriends the stink-eye for weeks (and then for months after they break up). Someone says that one of his brothers is weird and he overhears? You can bet he’s there, pushing into the conversation and telling that person off.
  • Daisy enjoys helping her daddy in the bakery, and she loves getting to try new pastries; she’s convinced that she wants to be a baker when she’s older, working in the Kowalski bakery if she can. She also enjoys dancing, especially in her little tutu skirts (because, of course, she gets to do ballet – what the kids want the kids get), and often wears her dark hair in a ballet bun.
  • Ruth is as girly as they come; she enjoys dressing up (usually in her mother’s clothes tbh), loves the colour pink, and enjoys mothering her twin brother. She’s got blonde curls and is the prettiest little thing ever. As girly as she is, however, if you mess with her twin brother then she will hurt you – don’t underestimate her.
  • Abel is quiet – so quiet he barely says a word. He speaks most often to his twin sister, Ruth, and even then his voice is only a whisper. He simply doesn’t have much to say. He’s quite happy just to sit and read, or to help his mother in the kitchen or his father in the bakery – he stays quiet and he stays out of the way. He’s far from stupid, however – he can read before any of the kids in his classes can, and at Ilvermorny he masters charms quickly. Also very kind-hearted and open – he may stay out of the way, but if someone’s hurting then he’s there comforting them.
  • Abel is a Legilimens like his mother.
  • Elijah is a sweet little cherub with dark hair and Queenie’s big blue-green eyes (and I mean big blue-green eyes – the kind that makes all the girls jealous). He got the nickname “monkey” from Ruth because he’s forever climbing/running/playing – he’s a very hyperactive child. The nickname sticks and soon all the family call him “monkey” affectionately. He’s also very fond of music, eagerly listening to the wireless whenever he can.
  • All of the kids love getting to see their British cousins – usually because seeing the Scamander children means getting to see Uncle Newt and his wonderful suitcase of fantastic beasts (Jacob makes all of the children beast-inspired pastries to eat as a picnic in the case)
  • At home, Queenie makes a habit of singing the children to sleep every night – sometimes the children join in, resulting in less sleep but more fun.
  • Okay, but imagine Jacob giving all of the kids piggy-back rides, like…??? How freaking adorable is that?!
  • Like, honestly, all of the kids are so sweet and pure because how could they not be when their parents are Jacob and Queenie Kowalski, like seriously??
  • Jacob and Queenie are just wonderful and amazing loving parents who adore their children.

i know it’s easy for anyone who isn’t a bruins fan to buy into the whole “the bruins are big bad bullies” mentality, because, well, they do have a Reputation on the ice, but as a team and as an org they’ve been so good about shutting down homophobia and transphobia. marchand calling out that homophobe on twitter tonight is just one instance of lgbtq+ support among a handful.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: it's been 12 years and i have yet to comprehend the fact that jk rowling doesn't understand her characters to such a degree that she singlehandedly killed off multiple protagonists for the sake of shock value, handed a golden trophy filled with rainbows to an obsessive, possessive, bullying, racist, prejudiced, narrow minded, cruel, and unforgiving man who literally dismissed the idea of a child dying if it were in the name of his true 'love' when really, lily was a sick illusion he built and not actually anything resembling a healthy relationship, and then jk somehow forgot to give an underage boy with a similar past the same redemption arc even though he was painted as a pitiful character who did all he could ?? and also. why the fuck did sirius have to die like... y'all he could have raised harry AND teddy ?? and can she honestly leave slytherin's alone for a second we're not all bad guys
ways to face the ace discourse

Because I’ve been following it for the past year (yes, they’ve been harassing us for a whole year! Imagine being that pathetic and desperate for bullying a minority!) and I’ve found out that:

  • Don’t
  • Let me elaborate:
  • The “ace discourse” (but a better way to put it would be: ace bullying, because the term “discourse” implies a conversation and there’s no conversation here, there’s only harassing, suicide baiting and psychological abuse) is basically non-existent in real life LGBT spaces. Which isn’t to say aphobia isn’t real (it is), but LGBT spaces in the real world, aka spaces for supporting marginalized orientations and trans people, pretty much all include and welcome us! So this whole clusterfuck is happening exclusively on tumblr, and a bit on other online communities, but basically it’s all pretty much irrelevant and you should know the large majority of LGBT people welcome us. 
  • Don’t engage. However, there are Discord servers for ace support and conversations with ace people. Go there. Do not engage with the discourse on tumblr. It’s useless, counter-productive and it won’t make the conversation end any time soon (it’ll only make you feel like shit and the aphobes thrive on that because they have no humanity, no empathy and nothing to make them human and they’ll probably try to make you commit suicide for shits n’ giggles the same way TERFs absolutely love trying to induce trans women to commit suicide and triggering dysphoria in them). Believe me, I’ve been watching for a whole year and the arguments literally never changed, even when we brought sources and proof for our claims and no exclusionist ever did once the whole time, yet they’ve always acted like their opinion mattered.
  • But here’s the good news: it doesn’t. 
  • It literally never did. Real LGBT people accept us. Aphobes are just pathetic mono-neuron life forms who thrive off harassing others for no valid reason. They are, for all intents and purposes, abusers. Get away from them, live your life proudly and if you ever interact with them make sure to stay safe. If you’re suicidal, please stay away from the discourse tags. If you see negativity in the positivity tags, block the op without thinking too much about their posts’ contents. 
  • Do not give aphobes a platform. Do not make yourself read what they say. They are abusers using every single abuser tactic in the book and if you engage with them you’ll allow them to get to you, so don’t. 
  • Really. 
  • They’re irrelevant, they lost the argument 6 months ago, they’re just not willing to let go because their whole existence is about abusing and harassing a minority. It’s blatant from the way they operate. 
  • Their rhetoric is virtually indistinguishable from TERF rhetoric. And that says it all. 
  • Shut down TERFS and aphobes and biphobes and all kinds of exclusionists. They don’t deserve a platform and they don’t deserve the common courtesy of being talked to. 
  • Be happy and yourself, loudly, proclaim just how ace/aro you are, and do it in spite of them, block their voices and don’t allow them to get to you. It works wonders. 
  • The discourse is dead and we killed it, everything that remains are just echoes of invalid arguments and people still clinging to a chance to get under someone’s skin. Just don’t let them, because you’re right and they’re wrong and your life is worth more than their fake arguments about “feeling safe”. 
  • I love you. 

people see sex, sexual desire, and sexual activity as one of the “base needs” of being a human. if you dont experience or partake in these things, if youre not ashamed of your asexuality, people get… disgusted. they get confused, violent, afraid. they, very often, make it their mission to fix you with bullying, or straight up rape. corrective rape is a real thing for aces, just like with gay people and lesbians. the look of pity and disgust in my parents eyes when i told them i’ve never had a crush, that i don’t really have interest in having sex with a partner, broke my heart. my mom told me not to worry because a therapist could “fix that for me”. they see us as less than human, missing something, broken. if you can’t see how we belong in the lgbt community then you’re just as bad as them.

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Seb stands up for his girl and get's called a bully. The kid that really crossed the line isn't a bully though. "He shouldn't have been so mean" What do they expect, you talk shit you get called scum by Seb lol

The words that would’ve fallen from my fingers for that ridiculous account are far less amiable than “scum.” Besides, it was super sweet of him to wish them a life, right? That’s what he meant by “get a life,” after all. He just wants them to go! Go enjoy their world, their life! Live the dream! LMAO

I know the bastard’s not perfect but I fucking love him. 

Besides, the same random fandom were basically yelling at him for not standing up for her and then when he does, they pout and sigh and mutter, “But he…he did it all wrong!” *cries* *stomps feet*

He’s never going to make them happy, because they don’t know how to be happy. They need the drama. They feed off of it, which is fine by me, because I’m going to fucking feed off their odd assumptions and weirdly scattered scrutiny for as long as they give it to me. 

GRADE (for name-calling Seb): D A bully? Really? LOL What a meanie you are, Sebastian Stan! hahahaha

kidz bop navyseals cover

What the heck did you just really say about me, you big bully? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on the playground, and I have over 300 confirmed flags. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sneaker in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will swipe the heck out of you with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my sincere words. You think you can get away with saying that stuff to me over the Internet? Think again, wise guy. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, booger. The storm that swipes out the pathetic little thing you call your flag. You’ve freaking lost, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can swipe you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed flag retrieval, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Swiper Corps and I will use it to its full extent to swipe your miserable flag off the face of the continent, you little boy. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your lying tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you grinning child. I will swipe all flags from you and you will lose from it. You’ve already lost, kiddo.

Also there was something so sweet about Ian just talking normally? Cause I feel like we never get to see how he is just in his natural state. Like just chill and talking about his friends and just being nice for once since his whole channel is based on I guess you could say “bullying” people so it’s kinda refreshing

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: the more i think about cursed child, the more i am confused like on what drug JK Rowling must have been when she agreed to publish a script of her almost flawless series where voldemort had a child, where her hero orphan selfless boy tells his son that sometimes, he wished he was not his dad, where the child of hermione SPEW granger allows her daughter to bully the son of her best friend for some mysterious reasons, where draco malfoy has the same haircut as his father while he apparently dispises him very much, where ron weasley gave a love potion to the son of his best friend while he has himself been traumatized by a love potion he consumed during his sixth year, where apparently ron’s love for hermione was only due to viktor krum, where the purest hufflepuff boy turned to the dark side because he was humiliated, where lucius/draco malfoy had the possibilty to change the time and the fate of his family the whole time and they didn’t while they had th ebest redemption arc in the whole series, where hermione would have became cold/angry/mean person because she did not marry ron?????????????? i mean what kind of fanfiction did i read 

I love how people in this fandom are like “Snape bullied Neville because he could’ve been the Chosen One” like do you think that makes it any better?? Like damn kid, I’m gonna abuse you mercilessly because you didn’t die when you were a baby. Honestly, how do people defend this man?

desi girls don’t get enough love here so you know what

shoutout to my desi girls who are dark skinned, to my desi girls who are light skinned, who are a mix of both, who are chubby, who are skinny, who get asked when they’re going to get married or when they’re gonna have grandbabies

shoutout to my desi girls who get teased and bullied for daring to embrace their culture and then turn around to see white girls wearing out bindis for ‘’’aesthetic’’’, who have their names mangled into something else because it wasn’t ‘worth the effort’ to pronounce

shoutout to my desi girls who might not be culturally aware, who don’t fit into those neat little boxes they try to class us into

shoutout to my desi girls who are lgbtqa+, especially those who are ace or wlw when it comes to the ever present marriage talks

shoutout to my desi girls who don’t look desi

just shoutout to all my desi girls because y’all are lovely and beautiful and deserve the world

So my grandmother and I were having a political conversation, she is pro-trump. So at some point, she mentioned Melania, and how in a speech a few months ago, she said that she would work to end cyber bullying. Ok, nice, she’s not the only one. So I say “so?” And THEN my grandmother says, “So? It’s the biggest problem facing youths these days, right?” And I’m like ????? The fuck???????? No???? Child poverty??? Starvation??? Sexual abuse??? Physical abuse??? Verbal abuse??? 9 year olds joining gangs because there’s literally no other option for them??? Mental illnesses that the Republicans say are bullshit??? Lgbt people getting “the gay” ELECTROCUTED out of them??? Fuck out of here.