and they say i'm a bully

I am really tired yall.

Lemme just preface this with saying that I am a writer. I have been writing for most of my life. I have taken actual classes about writing and about what fiction can offer you, me, and people as a whole. I have won an award for something that I wrote. I know and love fiction, be it in written form, graphic novels, or film. It is all so good and complex and it’s something I am passionate about. That said, let’s get into this.

A good majority of the discourse that goes on in most of the fandoms I’m in stem from the idea that violence and forbidden sexual acts in fiction will encourage those actions in reality. It is important to know, firstly, that the only time this happens is when a person is immature enough or not mentally healthy enough to distinguish reality from fiction. Growing up, my parents would often stop horror movies (back when I first started watching them) to ask me questions. To be fair, they were pretty shitty people, but in this one aspect, they were so good about making sure I knew this difference. “You know this is just a movie, right? None of the stuff on the tv is real.” They’d assure before continuing the film.

It’s not real.

Now, half of the stuff I read or watched back then was nowhere near pushing boundaries or making me think critically about society or whatever. However, I knew that what I watched wasn’t real. It was images on a screen. If I don’t like what I’m seeing, I can walk away. It doesn’t have to affect me, personally,  unless I let it.

Now, lets circle back. School. College. I took a writing class that used this book:

Granted, it was a screenwriting class and most of the chapters were about various script formats, but the beginning chapters focused on why we write and why we make the stories we do.

It had a section in it describing how human needs and desires are met through fiction. It detailed those needs in a list. This list:

Please draw your attention to the ones on the list that say that fictions helps people to:

Be purged of unpleasant emotions

To have vicarious but controlled emotional experiences

To confront, in a controlled situation, the horrible and terrible

To explore taboo subjects without guilt

Just because you personal don’t need various forms of ‘taboo’ media, doesn’t mean that others don’t. Media, in all of its forms, is a way for people to explore things safely. It’s an outlet that doesn’t harm anyone and it offers the creator and viewer/reader a safe way of exploring the complexities of situations (or in some cases relationships) that these people do not want to be involved in irl. Because we can distinguish reality from fiction. Because none of us are going out killing people or getting into abusive relationships or fucking our sibling.

While being critical of the media we consume is important and it is vital to dissect the whys of the media being created, there is a line between creating open discussion about these taboos, about the society and personal experiences that makes one need these outlets, and verbally abusing and harassing strangers.

If you want to create a dialogue about media or a ship you don’t agree with, fine. Talk about it. Dissect it. Really dig deep into the human condition and the psychology behind these outlets, but don’t shame people for them to the point of telling them to kill themselves or telling them they are human garbage or what the fuck ever.

Fiction isn’t always meant to be picturesque. It’s not always going to be SFW. If that isn’t your cup of tea, then great. Stop going into the tags of things that make you feel unhealthy. You do you. Keep yourself safe. Stop continuously exposing yourself to content that you can’t swallow. To keep getting involved, to keep harassing people, to keep abusing strangers shows that you don’t give a damn about the content. You need an excuse to bully someone else and indulge in holier-than-thou circle jerks with other people who also have no sense of what fiction is for.

it’s necessary to call out your fave on their shitty behaviour. you can still love them and support them. and you calling out that shitty behaviour helps them to better themselves and learn from their mistakes. if you just sit back and remain ignorant, you are condoning their words and actions. don’t be that person.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why did Sky High teachers do nothing to stop children from becoming villains? There is no way they could have missed how sadistically some of the kids acted but they did nothing about it, even allowing physical bullying of dangerously powered kids against kids with basically no powers as well as sexual harrassment. They clearly saw in the simulator that two of the boys liked being villains, they blatantly said that they liked being villains to the teachers and nothing was done. Is it because the kids don't get a choice in having any other career beyond being a superhero? Are they letting them be villains so they can match their supply of heroes with a demand for them? They create villains jut so they can have a reason to become famous and fight them. It is a corrupt super hero society and no one is willing to stop it
  • Bully: I hate you.
  • Boruto: Whatever.
  • Bully: Your father is a shit hokage.
  • Boruto: Kay.
  • Bully: Your Mo-

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i hope you don't ever get a boyfriend like rumple even though you seem to think he's all that.. you'd just end up getting hurt.. that's why toxic shit on television scares me..

Thanks for the advice, Anon, but I’m happily married to another woman.  

And in addition to that, I’m also capable of empathizing with characters who have problems–and who are dark!–without wanting someone like that in real life.  Shocking, I know.  But strangely enough, perhaps due to the fact that I’m capable of differentiating between fiction and reality, I can like characters like Rumplestiltskin.  I find that his journey through darkness resonates with me because he is flawed and human, and because he screwed up like all people do.  Would I date someone like him?  Hell, no.  (And I’m bi, so yes, I’ve dated men).  Would I date anyone on OUAT?  Probably not.  Even Belle has some serious judgement issues that I’m not sure I could live with.  But you know what, Nonnie?  They’re fiction.

That’s the funny thing about liking fictional characters. I can like whomever I want, and can empathize with them - and yes, even point out why they aren’t pure evil! - without wanting to be like them or be around anyone like them in real life.  I can even create characters like that without being like that in real life.  Fiction isn’t required to mirror reality, and my fictional tastes have no bearing on my conduct in the real world.

So, while I appreciate your patently false attempt to sound like you give a damn about me, you’re welcome to take your bullying elsewhere.  Because, frankly, if you cared about me, you wouldn’t have sent this message on anon.  I understand that you’re butthurt because a ship you don’t like got a happy ending, but why don’t you try concentrating on what you do like instead of sending hate to people who like things you don’t?

And because your reference to “toxic shit” clearly meant Rumbelle, riddle me this: which relationship between these two are more toxic?  1) A man who doesn’t take no for an answer, pushes a woman into a relationship so hard that she ends up putting her morals aside to keep him happy, and then takes away his agency by doing the exact thing he begged her not to.  2) A man who screws up, gets kicked to the curb by his wife after doing some pretty bad things, and then isn’t taken back until he realizes he was wrong and corrects his bad behavior.  Honestly, I don’t want either of those men for the many reasons canon provides us, but if you’re fearing toxic shit on your television, Nonnie, let’s just say this show gives you lots of reasons to worry, and lots of them have nothing to do with Rumplestiltskin.

On a completely different but related to your strange grammar note, my wife would like to know if you’re trying to make up for years of not using periods, so now you’re using two until you catch up?  Thanks for giving us both a good laugh.

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A Drabble with Lance saying replying to something actually horrifying with "Don't worry, I'm used to it."

AHHH I’m so sorry this took me so long, I couldn’t think of anything for this! 

I’m not sure how I feel about this tbh 

Mentions Of Bullies 

Lance had always grown up with bullies. Throughout elementary school, to middle school, to high school they were always there. 

They only started getting physical in high school. Lance hide it from his parents, he would make sure that they never found out. He knew that they wouldn’t be able to stop them and they didn’t have enough money to move Lance to a new school. I guess I better get used to it. And he did. 


Moving to the Garrison was the best decision of Lance’s life. He had the best roommate ever, a strange communication buddy and he was far away from his old bullies. However his bullies were quickly replaced by his officers. 

It wasn’t hard for Lance to learn about the pilot prodigy Keith. Every teacher and officer made sure Lance knew he was a replacement to Keith. Everything Lance did was always “Keith did better” or “Don’t forget you’re only here because Keith dropped out.” Lance never got “Good job Lance!” 

Oh well, better get used to it. 


Lance didn’t have to deal with ‘bullies’ when he became part of Voltron, the team and Alteans were usually pretty good at being nice to him. 

However not everybody was nice to Lance. 

They had just gotten done saving a planet when the all landed to meet the aliens. Each alien was about 9 feet tall and looked like they could lift a schoolbus. They also didn’t look the friendliest.

As soon as Lance stepped out of his lion he was targeted by them. He didn’t know exactly what they were saying all he knew is he flew too close to their sacred tomb.  

Lance tuned them out as they scolded him, maybe I shouldn’t save everyone.

After about 10 minuets of them telling him what he did wrong and how they didn’t understand why Voltron pick him out of everyone, Lance walked to his lion and flew away.  

The rest of the team immediately followed Lance, barely even saying goodbye to the aliens they recently saved. 

Once up in their lions the team tried to speak to Lance, who hadn’t said anything the entire time 

“Lance don’t believe what they said. You’re a fantastic pilot and a great asset to the team.” Shiro prayed that his words reached Lance. 

“I agree with Shiro, even though we fight I still believe that you amazing.” Keith flew Red around Blue to try to get a response. 

“Lance you’re like another brother to me. You can’t believe what those freaks said about you.” Pidge attempted to keep their hands steady as they fumed with anger for what happened to Lance . 

“Lance, buddy, you’re my best friend. I know you and you are amazing. I need you to understand this, okay? Lance? Can you answer me?” Hunk was trying not to freak out, but he was starting to freak out. 

After a few moments of silence Lance finally spoke “Don’t worry, I’m used to it.” Lance turned his coms off. 

The team was speechless. How could Lance be used to being yelled at? How could he easily take the blame for something he didn’t do? 

“When we get back to the castle, everyone report to the common room, we need to discuss what to do with Lance.” Shiro watched Blue fly in front of the group and narrowed his eyes. He wasn’t sure why Lance was like this but he would fight to make sure Lance was happy. 

Like I said I’m not very happy with this.

I hope you like it though! 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: it's been 12 years and i have yet to comprehend the fact that jk rowling doesn't understand her characters to such a degree that she singlehandedly killed off multiple protagonists for the sake of shock value, handed a golden trophy filled with rainbows to an obsessive, possessive, bullying, racist, prejudiced, narrow minded, cruel, and unforgiving man who literally dismissed the idea of a child dying if it were in the name of his true 'love' when really, lily was a sick illusion he built and not actually anything resembling a healthy relationship, and then jk somehow forgot to give an underage boy with a similar past the same redemption arc even though he was painted as a pitiful character who did all he could ?? and also. why the fuck did sirius have to die like... y'all he could have raised harry AND teddy ?? and can she honestly leave slytherin's alone for a second we're not all bad guys

*Takes Deep Breath*

my dog is NOT a pitbull, pit bull is not a blanket term for all bully breeds, there is one breed called a pit bull and that’s the American Pit Bull Terrier, They ARE majority dog aggressive, most bully mixes do have it in their genetics to be dog aggressive, you can not ‘train’ out aggression, you can only manage and train to reduce it, it really doesn’t matter if you ‘raise them right’ its in their genetics, you can’t train herding out of a herding dog, If you have what you think is a 'pit bull’ mix say bully mix instead, it covers all the bully breeds and doesnt add to breed confusion and screw up bite statistics.

*falls to the floor*

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I'm going to be a DM for my friends but all of us have never played d&d before. Any knowledge I know is from the Adventure Zone. Is there any tips you can give to me?

What you say goes, don’t let your players bully you. Don’t worry about everything, just relax. Its okay to wing it. Its okay if your players go the wrong way. If your monster is way too strong, or way too weak, lie. The dragon totally hit them, but they don’t know that. 

Read up on the rules, know your NPCs and towns pretty well. Be prepared for the dumbest and most unrelated questions you will ever hear. Get really good at winging stuff! This isn’t a whole lot of info, but I’m planning on writing a giant post about this soon. 


when people say 13 victims, they aren’t denying that Eric and Dylan suffered, were victims of bullying, had mental illnesses etc  It just means they weren’t victims ON THE 20TH OF APRIL 1999. That’s all they mean by it. 

13 innocent people who DIDN’T WANT to die had their lives stolen from them. 

Have some fucking respect and remember that.

You know what’s really Wild, is people who say they can’t ship romione because they’re such good friends that it’s “”“almost inc*st”“” but they think that hermione should instead be with the person who bullied her constantly and wished death on her. Like god forbid two people in a relationship are nice to each other holy shit.

I love how people in this fandom are like “Snape bullied Neville because he could’ve been the Chosen One” like do you think that makes it any better?? Like damn kid, I’m gonna abuse you mercilessly because you didn’t die when you were a baby. Honestly, how do people defend this man?

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Yes, it is my job to ask people if they would like to apply for a store card, I know asking is a requirement. So I will ask...once. I will not, however, sit there and harass them over it. They either want one, or they don't, and I am not going to push it. Management can't say I'm not doing my job. I am, I'm just not going to go overboard with it. People are there to shop and purchase, not to be bullied into applying for a card.

Do y'all remember when you bullied msrafterdark off of tumblr because of something she supposedly said…but that was okay, right?

Or how about that time SJ (beyondtherealmofscience7) left and everyone started attacking her behind her back and talked shit about her character…but that was okay, right?

Or how about the time you attacked Gillovnyphile for a medical license that was probably altered…but that was okay, right?

Or…what about when you attacked & bullied (and for some reason still seem to talk about) ill-show-you-later just because they claimed to have a “source” and their beliefs didn’t align with yours…but that was okay, right?

Or when someone decided to attack justholdinghandsok on one of her posts and added SCREENSHOTS of her previous posts to prove their point…but that was totally okay, right?

Or how someone decided to be immature and shit all over a post made by campaignofmisinformation just because it didn’t match their “ship” and they felt the need to scroll her blog (and it was a lot of scrolling) to find that particular post…but that was totally okay, right? 

Wait, let’s not forget about those times that I received a bunch of hate and had other blogs talking MASSIVE amounts of shit about me for multiple reasons (how I was able to go to the X-Files premiere, or how I knew Bricks name before anyone else or when Gillian tweeted one of my posts)…but that was all  totally okay, right??

It’s not okay. It’s not okay that people bully and attack other people.  It’s not okay that it’s done by certain people who then complain when the same shit is done right back to them.  Some people on here are malicious and disgusting and have this idea in their head that they seem to be better than everyone else…when they’re not.  We’re all human beings.

I keep saying that the world outside is very shitty right now, Tumblr and this fandom should be a place where we get to celebrate our love for two amazing characters and the actors who play them.

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Opinion on Keith X Lance? Like I know, Shiro X Keith but besides that.

If I’m being completely honest, I do not like Klance. I’m more than fine with ppl shipping it & don’t police shipping because, you know, I’m not an asshole. It’s just a ship. 

I wish I liked Klance. Then I could experience going under a tag without endless callout posts and pedophiliac claims being thrown at other users. Then I could stop getting nasty messages in my inbox and not have to read comments on my YT channel saying I’m a FILTHY Sheith shipper. I could frolic happily, enjoying my popular, unproblematic ship. 

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that Klance seems like a cute ship, but after being bullied by like?? that “side” of the fandom?? It’s just… it just makes it really hard to ever possibly enjoy it. Not all Klance shippers are antis, like duh, I know this. If you like Klance, then Klance is a good ship. And Voltron is a good show. It doesn’t deserve to be disgraced by a shitty fandom. 

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I was thinking and Dan's part about not hating the people who try to enforce gender rolls and say dumb heteronormative things but rather feeling bad for them? Very relevant to the way he used to act too. Poor internalized homophobia Dan that's a real shitty situation to be in I know firsthand :( I'm happy he's happy now in who he is and how people may perceive that

it just makes me so happy that dans become so comfortable in himself after having to deal with homophobic bullies and shit on and offline it makes my heart go ✨🌈

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I'm being bullied what should I do

Ok coming for someone who used to be boycotted I think I can give my opinion:

1. Do not bend: we do not bend until we want to, if you know what you do is right and it makes you feel happy, do not bend to what they say. No matter what they do, do not bend to their will. Just be you.

2. Fight: You can fight in many ways, take record about what they did to you and report it to the people who can take action. You can just ignore the shit out of them too, that’s also what I did because I honestly don’t see the reason why I have to blend in to fit what they want. I still have friends and we’re still close now, and the boycott was never a problem to me. Or if you want, react aggressively for once, fight with all you have for once. They for sure will scare.

3. Don’t give too much fuck: Again, you can just ignore. Because if you don’t give them the reaction they want, from time to time they will eventually give up because what’s the point of hitting a brick? 

4. Focus on what is better for you: If there’s anything that makes you feel happy when doing it, just do. Don’t have to care about what those bullier said because after all people can’t talk for long (ok but don’t do anything bad to your body or animal thats just make you sadder)

Don’t wait for a hero, be a hero to yourself. And always remember, you’re art.