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I am so so curious about zabuza and hayate now like?? What would their dynamic even be like?

(For the record, this is like 93% @redhothollyberries‘s fault I stg.)

“Hey,” a gruff, familiar voice says from behind Tsunade’s barstool. “The firecracker said you’re a pretty good medic.”

Tsunade blinks and turns, raising a brow at the sight of the Kiri swordsman looming behind her. “Firecracker?” she asks, then realizes there’s only one person he could be referring to and snorts. “You call him that to his face?”

She can just make out the sharp slash of Zabuza’s grin behind the bandages covering the lower half of his face. “Fuck yeah. It got me laid once, I’m not about to stop using it.”

Tsunade has to laugh at that, tipping her head at the empty stool beside her. “I think you probably got laid in spite of it, Momochi. What do you want?”

Zabuza chuckles, low and rumbling, as he sinks down into the offered seat and waves a hand to head the bartender off. “I need a medic. Preferably a good one.”

Good?” Shizune splutters from where she’s staked out a table with several other kunoichi, including the auburn-haired Kiri woman, a white-haired chuunin from Kusa, a Hyuuga woman, and a pair of Inuzuka twins with identical nin-dogs. There’s a clatter as she pushes to her feet in indignation. “Tsunade-sama is the best—”

Tsunade gives her a mild look, and Shizune’s mouth snaps shut. With a grumble, she subsides into her seat, glaring daggers at Zabuza’s back.

Zabuza, of course, doesn’t seem to notice beyond a faint widening of his grin, and he slouches back against the counter, elbows braced on top of the bar. His dark eyes are fixed on Tsunade, patient in the way of a predator who knows with certainty it’s going to make a kill.

Tsunade meets his stare, unflinching. “I’m a medic,” she says, and can feel the wry, regretful twist to her mouth at those words. Damn Kurama, anyway. “Never good enough, entirely, but what can I help you with? Are you going to bleed out or can I finish my drink first?”

It’s not quite relief that slips into Zabuza’s gaze, but it’s something very much like it. “Nah,” he says, carefully careless in a way that Tsunade has seen all too many times in Jiraiya when he’s pretending (badly) that he doesn’t have feelings. “It’s not for me, and you can take your time. I’m trying to get a good match in with this sword brat but he keeps coughing up blood and interrupting our spars. Fix it and I’ll pay your tab for a night.”

“Coughing blood?” Tsunade repeats, mind immediately jumping ahead into diagnoses and possible complications. “Only when he’s exerting himself, or all the time?”

“Most of the time,” Zabuza says, and he’s still watching her, but this time the satisfaction is a lot clearer. “He’d be a decent challenge if he wasn’t fucking sick. It’s annoying.”

“Oh dear gods.” The Kiri kunoichi, apparently in the middle of getting another round for her table, slaps a hand over her eyes. “Fuck you, Momochi, get that damned expression off your face. I’m not going through this again. It’s a fucking shipwreck, watching you moon.”

“Fuck off, Terumī,” Zabuza retorts, but before he can get any more out, his eyes snap towards the door. “Gekkō,” he says, rising to his feet like a lion about to lunge for a gazelle. “Just in time.”

The teenager regards him warily, but approaches obligingly nevertheless, stifling a small cough into one fist and bowing to Tsunade. “Tsunade-sama, sorry to interrupt. Momochi said—”

Without waiting for him to finish, Tsunade catches him by the back of his flak jacket and tugs him upright, spinning him in place as she casts an assessing eye over his pallor and the heavy dark rings under his eyes. “Chronic cough? And it gets worse when you’re exerting yourself?”

“Er…yes?” Hayate casts a helpless glance at Zabuza, clearly bewildered, but the Kiri nin just relaxes back into his seat with a grin. “I—I was born with it, but it’s not too bad—eep!”

Rolling her eyes, Tsunade presses a glowing hand against his chest. “You’ve got weak lungs, which is easy enough to fix. Then I can do a few tests and figure out just what’s actually wrong with you. Now hold still. Shark-face might try to eat me if I mess this up, and I’m a little tipsy.”

Hayate goes about four shades paler—impressive, given his normal complexion—and Zabuza makes a sound of deep offence. “You and Red are related, aren’t you?” he demands.

Tsunade gives him a mean smile. “You bet we are.”

With a huff, the swordsman subsides, muttering something under his breath. Tsunade ignores him, catching Hayate by the arm as he tries to wiggle away, and says pointedly, “I’m getting free drinks out of this, kid. Stand still. Don’t you want to be able to finish a kata without coughing up half your organs?”

Hayate stops, though he shoots Zabuza a fairly bewildered look. “But—why?” he asks.

Mei, in the middle of collecting her drinks, snorts very loudly. “Because he wants in your pants,” she says mercilessly. “He’s attracted to swordsmanship. My advice? Drop the sword and take up knitting.”

There’s a flush creeping up Hayate’s cheeks, and he gives Zabuza a startled, wide-eyed look even as the other swordsman bolts to his feet with a poorly-contained snarl. “Terumī!”

Mei smiles brilliantly, picks up her tray, and dodges the swing Zabuza takes at her as she waltzes back to her table.

Tsunade just laughs. 

TOG characters texting

Aelin:  Normal texter, except if she’s got a problem with you she’ll send you a vague but menacing “we need to talk” message and then switch off her phone for 14 hours so that by the time she follows up you’ve had several panic attacks and are willing to do whatever she says to avoid being in trouble. 

Rowan: laughs aloud at your response but leaves you on read if he has nothing to add. Doesn’t see an issue with this.

Aedion:  all caps all the time. He will send you a meme followed by “HAHAHAHAHA” and then sign it “AEDION ASHRYVER”  Also he is the meme friend

Evangeline:  you know that one person in the group chat who’s younger than everyone else? That’s Evangeline.

Lysandra:  screenshots every conversation just in case. Half of her messages are screenshots of other messages. Nobody can reach her unless she wants to be reached because all of her messages always come from a different number.

Dorian: this is the guy you text for advice or to vent. He’s 100% in your corner, he never takes the stranger’s side, and if you start out “ugh you’re not gonna believe what happened,” he’ll respond “👀”

Chaol:  still somehow has a phone plan where texts cost 15 cents apiece. Left you a voicemail that you definitely didn’t listen to. Gets mad when nobody listens to his voicemails. When someone suggests he get a phone plan with unlimited texting, he goes on a rant about how he doesn’t need it and people should just check their voicemails more often

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why can't people just respect frank iero's personal space and privacy and appreciate the fact that he's one of the most accessible musicians like ever. why do people feel the need to follow him to his hotel. why do people show up and harass him at the airport. why do people insist on hugging him when he's said it makes him uncomfortable. why do people feel like frank owes them even more when he has no obligation to meet anyone let alone every one who goes to his show for free. why-

Okay this is a sad idea (i love it) but bare w me

So in Beauty and the Beast we all know Gaston shoots the Beast, but specifically in the live action Belle fought Gaston and tried to grab his gun, while the Beast was still trying to get to her..

Sooo what if the gun went off? And Belle gets hurt! So the beast in a rage like throws Gaston off the building (or because he’s a good person now shoves him out of the way and he trips over his boots or something and falls) and then pretty much the same ending only w Belle dying instead of the Beast

And like she says I love you or something with the enchantress there, and then dies and he says it back, and then he’s crying and the last petal has fallen but the enchantress sees he changed & brings it back and brings belle back and REUNION

..I would really love it if someone would write this

So I’m arguing with a guy I know over why rape jokes are not funny and are completely unacceptable. 
And I asked him would he tell a rape joke to a rape victim. He deflected, I pressed him. he said that he didn’t know anyone who he knew for a fact had been raped and it would depend on the person.
Then I said that you do not know the experiences of those around you, anyone can be a rape victim, you just don’t know, and to mock the experiences of the victims of one of the most horrific crimes there is Really Fucked Up. 
His response was literally, “Some people make rape jokes to cope.”
I pointed out that, as he has admitted he doesn’t actually know ANY rape victims, his point was weak at best. I honestly don’t know what else to say.

So, tell me more about this ‘negative energy’,” Hawke says, kicking aside some boxes to clear a path to the living room.

He’s partly joking and partly not. Merrill sees negative energy everywhere; in old houses, in new houses, in graveyards, in shopping malls, in highway rest stops late at night. Personally, Hawke never feels anything. He has the spiritual sensitivity of a cement block. Nevertheless, it’s always entertaining to hear her theories about it all, even if he doesn’t really believe them himself. He’s always liked listening to people talk about their passions. It’s part of the reason Anders deigns to hang out with him; his political awareness might be lacking, but at least he can always be counted on to act as a convenient sounding board.

“You can’t feel it, can you?” Merrill asks. “I suppose you can’t. Silly question. But really, Hawke, you ought to be careful. Something here doesn’t like you very much.”

“Oh, sorry, that’d be me,” says Anders. “I’ll try and tone it down.”

“I’m being serious,” says Merrill, sounding heated. “I felt it as soon as I walked in here. It’s oppressive. Like a big black cloud.”

“Ooh, scary.” Anders flops down in a nearby armchair, arranging himself in a lax sprawl, and grins over at Hawke. “Hear that? Your flat is being haunted by the ghost of the global air pollution crisis.”

Hawke looks up from his phone, where he’s been scrolling through a list of nearby (and, for the most part, eye-wateringly expensive) pizza places. “Any idea what’s causing this big black cloud? Was this flat once the base for a Satanic ritual or something? Because if that stain on the floor of the bathroom turns out to be chicken blood, I’m leaving.
—  can’t you see we’ve got a good thing here (aka the au in which fenris is a ghost haunting hawke’s apartment)

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about ur latino jason ask: how can a race 'suit' someone? i think latino jason is nice especially bc im latinx but that doesnt make sense, race doesnt = personality/background

What I mean by that is I think it suits his background. Growing up in Crime Alley, there seem to be a lot of minorities which sadly is norm for a lot of impoverish neighborhoods. It’s probably more likely that Jason was Latino or something other than a white kid. Idk, His whole personality is that of one who has been unfairly treated (either due to race or just the circumstances of his childhood). I can see him being pissy with the press over how “lucky” he is a generous man like Bruce Wayne gave a street rat like him a home or basing him off of stereotypes and him hating himself when he fulfills them.

You’re right, ‘suits’ wasn’t the best word for me to use in my last ask and I apologize because what I was trying to say is that race/background do influence people in both good and bad ways. I said it “"suits”“ him because I can see, given his background and personality, how being a Latino can fit that. Some headcanons I see are completely out of left field, to me, and doesn’t make sense regarding the character.

Referring to a tag one of the reblogs had for my at first short post that turned into a small ragefests about Clint and Laura that is written thusly: when will people stop being bitter about Marvel giving Clint family.

Personally I will stop being bitter when they give me something of comic Hawkeye that is not bow and arrow. Give me his hearing disability, him drinking coffee as if it’s what circulates his system instead of blood, give me him cutting the wires of his PS console and then calling Tony to fix it. Anything comic book related really that makes me think ‘I can dig that.’

And since he has been given family, give me Clint who is not going jump out of bed on a say-so of not entirely reliable source that is Bucky and will stick by his kids instead of being flippant about consequences of his actions and then shifting the blame if being caught breaking numerous international laws to another person.

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the sb's think that barry is going to realize that he loves cait and dump iris. it's pathetic.

The best thing to do is to just ignore them. I’ve come to the conclusion that they don’t want what’s best for their favourite characters. 

Firstly, if anyone truly cared about Barry, they’d want him to be with the person that makes him happiest which is Iris.

I’m an Iris fan, as well as a Barry fan. I’m just saying, I need for Iris to be loved and treated like she’s the only woman that her significant other wants to be with, and she has that with Barry.

If Barry constantly thought about, professed his love, and wanted to be with another woman, other than Iris, then i’d want better for her. 

I’d want my favourite to be with a man that always thinks of her.

If Barry went to Flashpoint, and never bothered to look for Iris until he needed her help i’d want better for her.

If Barry had to beg Iris to save the life of the woman he loves then i’d want better for her.

If Iris was so deeply scarred by Barry’s decisions, that she tried to kill him out of her own pain and from the consequences of his actions, i’d want better for her and for him.

If Barry constantly looked happy whenever Iris was in a other relationship and never thought about being with her romantically, then it would be time for me to examine why exactly I wanted her with this man because it’s obvious they don’t want to be together.

I don’t understand watching a show that you obviously hate, because why else would you have to bend the narrative every episode to find things that don’t exist. When you get to that point, it’s time to give in and find a show that gives you the canon that you are trying to fabricate to make you happy. 


by Saṃsāran  

Some people equate “humble” with “humiliation”. This gives it connotations of weakness. The opposite is true. Only a proud person can be humiliated. The humble person, without false pride, without the great burden of “I am in competition with everyone else” is a powerful person.

Think of Jesus of Nazareth, beaten, in chains, on his knees before Pontious Pilate. Yet, Jesus was unbroken. It was the great teacher Jesus who showed true power that day. Why? Because he was a humble man without pridefulness.

Now, I know that some of you are not convinced by this. Let me give another example a little closer to home. Say you are an artist. You make your art and somebody comes along and says “your art is terrible”. If you are a prideful person this might devastate you because it would shake your sense of who you are. A good artist. 

Now a humble person has no such worries. This person simply realizes that what is simply is. My art is. Because your heart is at peace you take no offense and simply wonder at what was in their heart to say such a thing. 

We become strong. The Buddha saw this. Jesus saw this.

Humility, strength, acceptance. Id est quod est, it is as it is.

him taking those cases and traveling and sitting on that jury and doing all that and its fun and hes distracting himself in the moment but he has to go “home” to whatever crappy apartment or motel hes holed up in and miss john……the only person hes cared to be around, the only person hes probably lived with in that way….even when the amount of time away from each other was longer than the amount of time theyd known each other they both still only missed being together ;________;


The word Murji is from the root word irjaa which means to postpone a ruling. it can also mean to give hope to a person. In the case of the Murjia it would be false hope because they believe as long as they recite the Shahadah its incumbent on Allah to give them the Paradise even if they commit sins that eject them outside the fold of Islam.

They don’t even make takfir even when the text is clear. Claiming we are not here to judge. If we are not here to judge, why Allah commanded us in the Quran by saying: So judge between them by what Allah has revealed. Q5:48

The Murjia are so clueless about Tawheed when they are asked to define iman they give 4 definitions which are all wrong. Some say, iman is mere awareness. So if a person is aware of the fact islam is the truth he’s a Muslim. The 2nd group say iman is conviction of the heart only. The 3rd group claim, iman is the mere declaration with the tongue. The 4th definition which is also wrong is: iman is conviction of the heart and declaration with the tongue. This 4th definition is wrong bcs they leave out implementation with the limbs. Iman is heart, tongue and limbs.

The Murji claims our actions are not a part of our iman. But the ulama refuted them with the Hadith: To remove a harmful thing from the road is a branch of iman.

The Murji also claims our iman is static, so it doesnt go up nor down. However the ulama of haqq refuted them with Surah 3:173. In this Ayah Allah said: I caused the believers to grow in iman prior to them marching forward at the battle of Uhud.

The Murji likes to say: I am a non practising Muslim. This is an oxymoron bcs Allah lays down 3 conditions to accept a person as our brother in deen, tawba from his kufr, the 5 daily Salah and zakah. May Allah save us from the murjia and all other stray sects for us to be successful in both worlds.

They (kids) had already taken multiplayer photos. Realized dream. Then Neymar arrived. They at the height of the excitement … “Neymar, do you play ball with us?”
I replied: “No, now he’s going to rest because tomorrow he has a game. Another thing, remember what we agreed, if you enter the field Uncle (security) will drive everybody out.” Then Neymar turns and says: “You want to play ball?”
A: “Siiiiiiiimmmmm”.
He: “Then come!” There, their lives will never be the same again.
Isn’t he the cutest person in the world? 😍💕

Ok... Here Goes Nothing... Ask Answers in a batch pt.1...

Such a long post. OMG.  So I’m putting it under a cut.

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Is it relevant that Harry's music is registered as a UK domain and not a com one? I think it's interesting that his label is Columbia US, but he's so far been paying tribute to his UK roots and I really like that :) But of course the big SNL performance is a US based one so I don't even know what I'm saying :') Also, just cause I'm curious - if he has Erskine Records, will that mean that music in UK will read Columbia UK licensed by Erskine Records or something? or Columbia US, or idk?

Personally, I think it was a conscious choice to show that he is a UK artist, label affiliation aside.  But beyond that, who knows?

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When it comes to discourse, I'm always confused. I mean, Laito from HDB may never love you, but Laito in LE does. They never seem to take the character development throughout the series into consideration. They always seem to use examples from the 1st two and berate the later games because they aren't acting like they were from the beginning.

It’s like they don’t have much faith in the diaboys at all…like believing that their trauma has screwed them and there’s nothing they can do to move past it. And it’s the worst when they try to use their mental illnesses as evidence. Like “ayato has narcissistic personality disorder, he cant love anyone but himself” like omg what a disrespectful thing to say towards people with npd…of course people with npd can love other people…yikes 😥

I dont mean to vague people but I really hate that

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Can you tell us a little bit about nameless? I've heard it was made by cheritz but like nothing else! You dont have to of course~ I hope you have a calming day

Sure thing and thank you~

So the premise of the story is the MC (Her name is Eri but you can change that if you want) is in high school and lives alone after her grandfather passed away because her parents are always traveling for work. 

For the most part she’s a pretty normal student and has a few friends, but she’s also really self conscious because she collects ball-joint dolls (she has five) and one day these dolls come to live, so now she’s living alone with five guys who are pretty new to being human. 

I’ll try and describe them in reference to Mystic Messenger characters. 

Yeonho (he’s most like Yoosung)

Lance (he’s pretty unique to the series, i’d say he’s like Jumin and Jaehee if you mixed their personalities)

Red (He’s really like Seven) 

Yuri (like Zen and Jumin if their personalities were mixed) 

Tei (he’s like Jaehee I guess, he’s also pretty unique to the game) 

Some things happen, they talk a bit, and Eri is supposed to go to school, but her principal (who lives in the same building or something, that’s kind of vague) notices the boys so Eri comes up with an elaborate story for why they’re all there and while Eri’s at school, one of the dolls decides it’s best to enroll the others in her school and become a teacher there to be their legal guardian

Hope that helped~

That’s pretty much all I can say without spoilers, if you have any more specific questions, I’d be happy to answer them. 

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Sean x Female Mc please. 😆 Thanks.

Sean x Female MC Sleeping/Shipping Meme

In His Arms

Who is a night owl: 

He’s a man who thrives on routine. So mundane, you tease him, as he goes about bed like clockwork, by clockwork. He winks at you and climbs into bed, knowing that he has about an hour of winding down to do before he’s asleep by 11. You know it, he grins, pulling you down beneath the sheets. You giggle as he wraps his strong arms around you, giving you exactly what you want in the next hour. When he’s asleep, you give him a kiss on the cheek, then turn off the lamp on his side of the bed. You keep yours on and catch up on some reading.

Who is a morning person:  

Wake up, sweetheart, is what he always says at exactly 5:30 am. You rub your eyes and see he’s already laid out your sports bra, running shorts and shoes for you. He laughs when you hide under the covers again, but wakes you up with a dozen kisses. You’re dressed a few minutes later, but not without a couple of morning growls at him (not the sexy kind). Sean just laughs it off.

Are they cuddlers:  

Totally. You love melting into Sean’s huge arms. If there’s anything, anyone, who can protect you from the world, it’s this guy and his biceps. Sean loves wrapping his arms around you as much as you love being cuddled by him. Watching TV is cuddle time. Reading in bed is cuddle time. What you love about it most is that not all cuddle time leads to sex, but if it does, why not?

Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon: 

By sheer size, Sean is the big spoon. This is also your default sleeping position. He likes protecting you, keeping you safe from behind, with his arms protecting you in front. There’s no safer place in the world than this man’s arms. The best thing about it? He loves this position too. He feels like you are his

What is their favourite sleeping position:

Sean definitely likes big spoon-little spoon, but your favorite sleeping position is snuggled up against his neck, your nose against his jawline. You love falling asleep to the sound of his breathing, and his scent on you. 

Who steals all the blankets: 

You do. Sean isn’t big on blankets, not getting cold easily. In fact, you don’t need to steal the blankets. Your boyfriend can anticipate your shivering so well that before you even tell him you’re cold, a blanket has been wrapped around you. My burrito, he said once, making you giggle. You had craned your neck for a kiss and he had indulged you in a sweet one, prompting him to unwrap the blanket and keep you warm himself.

What they wear to bed: 

Sean wears a loose white shirt and pajamas to bed. You wear a shapeless cotton nightshirt. This is what you ordinarily wear. But on nights that call for something more special – a winning game, an aced exam, or both of you just feeling particularly… hot –  you wear something sexier. You’ve noticed he gets especially turned on when you’re in workout gear. Perhaps that’s why after your morning run, you end up in the shower together and going for a more intimate kind of workout.       

Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt:

You love wearing Sean’s shirts. There’s something about his scent on you that makes you feel all will be right with the world. He loves seeing you in his shirts too. He’s given you quite a few to wear - an old jersey, his freshman Hartfeld shirt. You wear them when you know he’ll come back to suite late from team meetings or practice, wanting to have a piece of him close to your skin. He loves coming home to you in his shirts too. To him, it makes the suite feel more like… home.

Who falls asleep mid-conversation: 

Sean does. When the lights are out, you love telling stories about each other’s past. He loves telling you about the happier days of his childhood, and he loves asking about how you were in high school. The conversations could go well into the wee hours.  But like clockwork, Sean is usually drifting off to sleep by midnight latest. It’s just how his body works.  

Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares: 

There have been moments when Sean would wake up breathing heavily. These are the nights that memories of his father would come flooding back. The violence in his father’s words and fists come back to life in his dreams and he’d wake up, punching his father back, punching the air, the pillows. Once, you woke up to the rustling beside you and hugged him till he stopped boxing the invisible man before him, till he broke down into tears, till he calmed down and went back to sleep, all in your arms.

Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep: 

Sean may have punched pillows and air in his sleep, but his fists have never landed on you.

Who can’t keep their hands to themselves: 

You can’t. When all that’s between you and Sean is his t-shirt, you can’t help but let your fingers graze his damn-hard abs. On nights where you want to take it slow, your fingers graze higher. On nights when you can’t wait to be taken, or to take him, your fingers graze lower, lower…

(Have you read After Midnight? Something sexy happens between Sean x MC ;) Part 1 - M | Part 2 - MA/NSFW)

When Hannibal says, “you know how I feel,” that’s usually the final word in an argument. Will might come back with a rejoinder along the lines of “yeah, well a lot of times I wish I didn’t,” but even if he’s still inclined to grumble it’s usually enough to defuse real anger. 

(Unless Hannibal has given him something to really be angry about, but in those situations he wouldn’t encourage Will to stop and consider his sincerity/motives). 

If Will says, “I know just how you feel,” to someone that they’ve targeted, that’s a threat. The recipient might not know it yet but they are in about as much trouble as a person can be.