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Niall Horan's Stylist on Dressing for the 2017 AMAs, How His Look Has 'Evolved' Since One Direction

“He likes classics with a twist and is interested in how well things are made,” says Ellie Stidolph.

Since striking out solo from One Direction, Niall Horan’s personal music and style has developed greatly – something he proved Sunday night at the 2017 American Music Awards in his dashing Paul Smith navy and grey checkered suit. Aside from winning the new artist of the year honor, Horan stepped up his fashion game in multiple stylish looks. To give a better understanding of how the singer-songwriter’s sense of style has progressed over the years and the direction it’s going in the future, Billboard got the inside scoop speaking with the star’s stylist, Ellie Stidolph.

“I think Niall’s style has evolved naturally as he got older,” she said. “He likes classics with a twist and is interested in how well things are made. It’s been fun working on bespoke pieces with some of our favorite British brands like Percival, Folk and Oliver Spencer. Music and fashion go hand in hand and Niall’s style reflects the authentic, personal nature of his music.”

From the casual white T-shirts and sneakers he used to wear with his former bandmates, it’s clear his style has become more sophisticated. “Since 2015, it’s become our tradition to do a suit for the red carpet,” Stidolph said of Horan’s AMAs outfits. “I think it’s a great opportunity to showcase how great Niall looks in slick tailoring. He actually often says he would wear a suit everyday if he could.”


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everytime someone says lances vlog is a bad representation of his character development i lose ten yrs off my life ,,,, i am dead

unpopular opinion: Lance’s blog is an entirely accurate portrayal of his character development as it shows he’s gone from the egotistical, flighty playboy who just flirts with everybody without really getting invested and only cared about Allura for her looks and kept dropping pickup lines nonstop to someone who has a genuine relationship with her, really has grown to understand her more as a person and serves as her newfound support–“You’re the heart of Voltron.” 

And he’s quite honestly truly in love with her, her heart, her personality, her strength, her compassion and unwavering determination. And Allura has started to respond in kind and grows fonder for him as well. He’s also stopped flirting because they’re past the point of his constant, shallow flirts and are now having deep, meaningful conversations and shared moments together. He goes from this:

To this:

As I’ve said before, Lance’s vlog showed his progression as a character. But people chose to ignore it because they didn’t like where it was going. 

Okay, my dad is not a shitty person; he’s a wonderful man who is relatively open-minded, is kind to everyone, and usually has an incredible capacity for empathy.

I say this because we’re watching the news, and he just commented that we need to “just move past” all these sexual abuse allegations or “there won’t be any men left,” and he’s sitting here arguing with me that “women just need to come out with these things when they happen, not twenty years later” and he just DOES NOT GET IT, and it just further proves to me that this patriarchal society—this society that has consistently taught men that they can do whatever they want and consistently shamed women into being quiet about it—is such a poisonous, disgusting way to live because it can make my dad, my wonderful, kind-hearted dad, say and think things that are so incredibly WRONG because he has lived through a world where these things were just swept under the rug for years and years, and he doesn’t understand why it matters now and why it will ALWAYS matter.

OK, let's talk.... *sigh*

Please stop going with Keko to tell her that you hate her by Durik. NOT, ENOUGH. I know she doesn’t care but I do because I know it’s my fault.
Folks, the Fell Poth was never a nice ship, at least not at all; You never knew well how were the personalities of Cupcake or Rurik, never, to say they were. Besides that I always saw them as a forced couple because of the Poth’s fault, despite their different personalities.

Cupcake is not the romantic type, Rurik is the affective type and Dante gives him what he wanted: love, initiative, provocation and perversion. (Let’s not forget the perversion, that leads to a lot of sex and Rurik is very sexual). Dante has everything that Rurik likes.
So in these 2 months that I didn’t have my laptop, I was talking to Keko a lot and the interaction about them both; that at first they were only a sexual partner but Dante attracted Rurik and Rurik ended up falling in love with him for what he was; and that’s how it ended.

For me and Keko, they are the most HOTEST couple we have ever met and they really get along well in all aspects hehe
So I say: Yes, it’s Cannon. I like it a lot and it has a good base, and very solid too.
And although Rurik likes Cup to always be there with him and Cup loves Rurik, but Cup will never  will he show affection to him; besides that Cup really doesn’t care that Rurik “cheats’‘  him. Rurik for the first time has fallen in love as he should and is happy.
That’s the whole story. 

So please, don’t go tell Keko such childish things that she doesn’t deserve it…

I can’t believe I forgot about this

Guys, in my excitement over 13x06 followed immediately with honcon, I forgot this important story. So my family has this friend who is the biggest flirt you’ve ever met. He flirts with my older sister a lot because she’ll flirt back with him and I shit you not, a few months ago they started this thing where every time he walks up to her, he’ll drop his voice and say “I’m your huckleberry.”

based on people i’ve taken ballroom classes with/danced with

  • julian’s the dude who isn’t necessarily a great lead, but people flock to him bc he’s tall. he is, however, a great follow
  • nadia’s the person who has a dance background and is taking the class for fun; she comes to the first class with the right shoes when everyone else is in converse and flip flops. the person the teacher uses as an example but you can’t dislike her because she’s so fucking gorgeous
  • asra’s great as a lead or a follow; as a lead, he’s firm but not too firm, not too tall and not too short. dancing with him is easy and he never ever makes his partner feel bad for getting a step wrong
  • lucio’s the dude who insists on leading and when he messes up, makes a spectacle of it and blames it on the follow 
  • portia’s the gal who loves everything about dance even if she doesn’t get all the footwork right; if she messes up, she’ll laugh and go along with it and maybe even make it into a new dance move
  • muriel signed up for the class because he needed the credit but the teacher lets him sit to the side and push play for the music to start; occasionally he hums along 

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Just a question, I as an autistic person headcanon Sherlock as autistic, what're your thoughts on it?

hes canonically autistic for sure, like canonically, you dont have to delegate it to just a headcanon or an “au” or something and i feel very strongly about that. john specifically suggests he has aspergers in thob and as far as im concerned that plus sherlocks “i heard them say aspergers and im looking around like i just walked into the room and knew people were talking about me” face is like….the most we can expect to get on a show that typically has no exposition per se (like mycroft actually saying sherlock has OCD in tab was the most exposition we get on stuff like that as far as i remember? but it was strongly implied he had it through example in HLV before that, so)

and anyway to add to this id think he was (canonically) autistic even without the line in thob because everything he does rings true to me, he visually stims on screen several times (rocking, hand movements, bouncing around, playing with objects), he has difficulty making friends and poor understanding of social cues, flat affect, wears the same thing every day, wears lots of soft fabrics, very heavy coat (a weight stim/comfort object), like john mentions he does enjoy the familiarity of things and people he knows (all the knick knacks in his place that hes sentimental about for example), bit of a finicky eater, literally has comfort objects/people stored in his mind (redbeard) uhhhhh OH CRIME AS A SPECIAL INTEREST how could i forget thats literally such a huge one oh my god

as far as ive ever been concerned his “im a high functioning sociopath” thing has always clearly been a schtick because he tries to seem bigger and scarier than he is, and the moment he says it is conspicuous: when his boss who clearly undermines him has broken into his flat and accused him of being on drugs when he’s at that point worked hard to be clean for what we can tell is some time, if he just yelled “leave me alone im autistic!” unfortunately it would only make him seem like. more childish and in need of pity, which isnt great but thats my take vis a vis the attitudes of the world around us as a whole, u feel me??? (also this is why he seems annoyed in thob that john blew up his spot in front of this very boss) (also also the same goes for this recurring thing about sherlock being a child on the show which is def an autistic coded thing to say and i have mixed feelings abt but kjdfgldhfgl im not trying to yfip anyone here ANYWAY)

MORE IMPORTANTLY even beyond bbc i think its really clear autism is a thread running through sherlock holmes starting from the jump and it should be a core element of who he is in any good adaptation like you cant have sherlock holmes without john watson, without mystery, without him being gay, or without him being autistic. (and in my personal opinion trans too)

IN CONCLUSION TL;DR: my opinion on headcanoning sherlock as autistic is that the only thing wrong with it is calling it a “headcanon”

Another Round of Being Broken

Clarice comforts John. Post S1xEp8.

Ao3 |

John can still feel the grave on his hands.

He wipes his palms against his jeans again, brushing off dirt and blood that isn’t there anymore. If he was a regular person, his hands would’ve been red and blistered from how many times he’s washed them in scalding water. But he’s not.

So they’re not.

Sage is saying something about refugees and supplies and what’s been going on since he left, but he isn’t focusing on her. He’s only been gone for a few hours. Feels like years. How has it only been a few hours?

His head is pounding, the leftovers of a migraine beating around his skull. Or maybe it’s a whole new migraine. He rubs his thumb against his fist. His hands feel dirty.

“Hey, are you okay?” Sage asks, worry on her sharp features.

John shakes his head. No, he’s not, but he can’t talk about it, he doesn’t want to, not yet. But he can’t stay in the surveillance room right now, not with its constant hum of information, a reminder of all the work that needs to be done. There’s a hard drive on the desk, one of the two that were stolen so they could get information on—

There’s an unwelcome heat behind his eyes, and he can’t do this right now. “I’m going outside.”

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Everyday of my life.

Everyday of mine too, he said.

I have been torturing myself.  I have been enveloping myself in a beautiful story that reminds me just how complete and terrible the pain inside of myself is.  I have read and reread each of the words on each of the pages.  I have witnessed Elio’s pain, because it is my own.  Maybe that is why I have this fixation, this unbelievable desire to think only of this book, this story.  This love.  This loss.  Because what a loss it is.  There is nothing greater on this planet than love.  And there is nothing that hurts more to lose.  Especially when it seems like very little was lost to the person we say goodbye to.  

I feel such pain for Elio, because he has this ability to remember that even years later, if he had gone down a different winding road, he could have spent his life with the one he called by his own name.  Because sometimes I fear that I have become the person that Mr. Perlman talks about, the ‘bankrupt’ ones who filter the pain into a deeper part of themselves until it becomes them entirely.  And I don’t want that.  I don’t want to be tired of love, one of the things that I have sworn to live for.  One of the things I have sworn to find.  I don’t want to take the path where I don’t even get one experience like Oliver and Elio’s.  If I end up with a great love and that great love ends, I hope to be able to consider it a piece of beauty that I was even able to love at all.  I wish to be like Elio who remembers it all his life.  Who remembers it every day.  And like Oliver, who remembers everything.  Because to remember means to keep alive.  

And even though it is a book, I will remember it.  Because to me, it is alive.

Ok so there’s this really poisonous caterpillar that we have here called an asp and my sister has found a few at her house so I showed my four year old a bunch of pictures,explained how much it hurts if you let one touch your skin and told him that if he finds one he should not touch it and go tell a grown up.

Well he’s been walking around for two days saying “I stepped on an ass!” And I don’t even know how to fix this.

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i saw a lot of comments saying that JK has a gf. So as so who has the similiar personality and been through relationships, I would say this. I think JK is in love w so( possibly JM because of his behaviors), but even if its not JM, Idt JK has gf yet. If I was him, and I had a gf outside, I would minimize touching others even its male. I wouldn't try to create more rumors about me being gay and then has a gf so fans will hate me more. There are so many behaviors JK has that can prove that he is i

he is in love but there is no proof about him being in relationship. He still hovers around JM a lots and he’s still touchy towards members. He spends most of his time w JM especially on holidays even though these days he can sneak out easily and be w his “gf”. So what I am trying to say is that if JK is in love, I think he either dates JM or he hasn’t dated anyone yet outside the group. Its just my opinion, I want to know what you think too???

;jaef where’d they get taht conclusion lmaoooooo. i mean, we don’t know if he’s in love or not, we odn’t know if he’s dating. we know nothing. as far as we know, he’s not dating anyone. i don’t think we should speculate this hard lol. but i guess i can see that, him liking jm as more than friends. i can totally see that. especially with how he acts around jm and the things he does. and i agree, that if he were to have a secret gf,  he probably wouldn’t spend all his free time with jm like we know he does. 

SK saying that Sasuke’s parents will not be happy about their son being married to a civilian woman. That they will like it more if Sasuke married a woman who came from a prestigious clan.

I wonder if Mikoto and Fugaku will be very happy to allow their son to be with a woman who works for criminal like Orochimaru? Will they choose the woman who he doesn’t love over to the who he regarded as a precious person to him?

Well it’s true that Sakura is not part of a known clan, but as an individual, she has already a name and position in the village that she can be proud of. In young age of 16, she has contributed a lot to the village being one of the top medics in Konoha.

So what did Karin contributed to the humankind? She helps Orochimaru maniacally experiment on people. If you’re a parent with a right mind, will you really be happy on this?

Karin saved Sasuke in his battles, and so Sakura also did.

Itachi will go to whatever will make Sasuke happy. As per Karin, (and Kishimoto in his interview), Sasuke is already happy with Sakura. So, what’s the problem?

edit: Is there really similarity between Kushina and Karin other than having hair color? As far as I remember, Sakura is very similar to Kushina as per Minato.

Okay so I was looking for photos of Bill and somehow stumbled across some threads, and wow, in the first five minutes I found all this news and backstory of his life, like past relationships and family stuff, and I was so shocked, I’m not saying that all of it is true! (I’m very gullible so I have to remember to be wise about these things) but I just found out about Bill’s past relationship and it’s just scary to remember that Bill is a real person, he has relationship and family issues… he’s so much more than just an actor. I think the idea just baffles me sometimes.

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I'm not really understanding your persistent jabs at people considering wish Hook and real Hook different people. They are. They're separate people. That's not to say they don't share many of the same traits, given that they were the same to a point, but you seem to think fans who go with the canon and conclude they're separate, different people mean their personalities are 100% different, and that's not what most are doing at all. We're saying they're separate individuals. That's what was shown

I’m not taking jabs at anybody seeing them as separate people. OBVIOUSLY they’re separate people. They became two completely different people the moment Regina was prevented from casting the Dark Curse. 

My issue is what you did up there - ‘real Hook’. This implies the Killian Jones from the Wish Realm isn’t real. Which canon has already established that he is. Calling him not real, or “fake Hook” makes it easier for people to write off his existence. Which, they are free to do in their own space if they choose. But here, the Killian Jones who climbed a tower, found a magical flower, slept with a witch*, and had a daughter who he gave up everything for? He is VERY MUCH A REAL CHARACTER and I am free to be critical in this space of those who are saying otherwise. I haven’t gone to a single person calling him ‘fake Hook’ and said ‘HOW DARE YOU!! CHANGE IT NOW!!!’. I have been critical of the choice (that people use to justify not acknowledging him) in my spaces.

Both versions of Killian Jones are real as established by the canon narrative. You can like it, or not. But that doesn’t make it not the case. And as a blog that is pro all things Killian Jones (even his fuck ups), that’s something that I’m gonna emphasize here. Which is exactly what I did in MY tags on post reblogged to MY blog.

*Killian chose to sleep with a woman. That doesn’t mean I’m saying it wasn’t dubious consent.






Mamo show her the biz dear! You better tell her the galaxy belongs to no one!

Well At least he TIRED to get a lick off of her unlike other folks.. For a person who has been called useless by the fandom…. 





Galaxia is like “ Bitch who are you talking about?”



MAMO!! *falls out the chair crying* 

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What would you think Widowmaker would do if her S/O was gravely injured, but was on the way to recovery?

Tagging: @blacknoctis @sylvennia

Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker:

  • Would constantly be on edge about your condition in the event that you get worse instead of better
  • Reaper actually convinces Doomfist to let Widow have some time off just to be with you
    • He’ll say that it’s because she won’t be fully focused on the mission, but at the same time he knows that if something happened to you while she was away, she would have a meltdown of sorts
  • At times, Widow does have hope that you will make a full recovery when the medical staff informs her of your current condition
  • If they needed to pull you in for an emergency operation of sorts, she would be pacing around the entire hospital until she received word from your doctor
  • Sombra has to personally drag her from your room just so she could get just a bit of sleep
  • However if there was one person that Widow absolutely banned from your room, it would most definitely be Moira
    • Who knew what she could do to you while you were unconscious or if someone wasn’t there with you
  • When you do wake up, Widow’s right there by your side in an instant
  • She chides you for being so reckless and ending up in the hospital in your condition, but you take it all in with a smile, knowing that she was grateful that you were going to be alright

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Sonny volunteers himself and Barba to baby Noah and Jesse for the weekend while Amanda and Olivia go for a weekend romantic getaway. Noah and Jesse are current age (5&3)

Rafael doesn’t hate children, as much as Sonny likes to tease him about it. He really doesn’t, he actually likes kids, he thinks they’re cute and funny, and he gets a kick out of the sassy little attitude that Jesse has developed. But kids also terrify him, because it says a lot about a person when kids don’t like them. He’d never trust a person who Noah or Jesse didn’t like, because they’re intuitive. 

But they like him for some reason, and the less time he spends with them the easier it is to make sure that doesn’t change. So yeah, he likes to buy them presents, and give them gifts, and he likes to watch the little videos that Liv and Amanda always want him to see. But he doesn’t really want to spend time with them, so when Sonny volunteers them to watch Noah and Jesse for Liv and Amanda’s anniversary weekend, Rafael is miffed.

“Here? For the entire weekend?” Rafael scoffs from the kitchen table, a plate of toast and coffee in front of him, and he sets down the newspaper he had been reading. “This place isn’t exactly kid friendly, Sonny.”

But Sonny waves him off with a laugh, and sits down across from him at the table with a huge bowl of some kind of sugary cereal. “Rafi, its just a couple nights. And we’ve both got the weekend off, we don’t even have to spend a lot of time in the apartment, we can take them to the zoo, or the park, or I was reading about this bounce house place in SoHo,” Sonny smiles brightly, and its infectious but Rafael is still skeptical.

“I don’t really have a say in the matter, do I?” Rafael grumbles before taking a bite of his toast.

“Not unless you want to be the one to tell Liv that she has to cancel her romantic getaway surprise.” Sonny smirks with a mouth full of Captain Crunch.

But the first day isn’t really that bad, to Rafael’s surprise. Noah and Jesse are cute kids, and they really do like him and all he has to do is go along with what they say, so he sits on the couch and reads them books that Sonny bought a few days earlier, and Jesse falls asleep with her head on his arm, and Noah tells him how good he is at doing the voices when they read. 

They go to the park, and Sonny drags them all to an Italian bakery and lets them pick out whatever they want, so they spend the rest of the afternoon nursing tummy aches, and Rafael shoots daggers at Sonny every time Jesse whines that she feels sick. But they recover before dinner and Sonny makes lasagna and lets Noah and Jesse help him in the kitchen, despite Rafael’s concern about them standing on chairs at the counter.

“Relax Rafi, my ma always let me and my sisters help cook,” Sonny waves off his concerns, and Rafael has to admit that it’s pretty cute, Noah and Jesse standing on chairs in oversized aprons, helping Sonny stir a pot of sauce, helping him layer the noodles, watching Sonny teasingly dangle the wet noodles in front of their faces, eliciting adorable giggles.

 They go to bed easily enough, after a few “I’m hungrys” and a few “I have to go to the bathrooms” and Jesse insists on Uncle Rafael helping her brush her teeth. And then Rafael falls into his bed next to Sonny, too exhausted to change out of his khakis and polo.

 “I don’t know how Liv and Amanda do it, working all the time and taking care of those little hellions,” Rafael grumbles against Sonny’s shoulder, but he’s smiling. 

 “They were pretty well behaved, Rafi,” Sonny laughs, turning over on his side to look at Rafael. “You sure you couldn’t imagine it? Because I could…” He trails off, but Rafael knows exactly what he’s getting at. Sonny has always wanted kids, and Rafael has always been acutely aware of that.

“I don’t know how they do it, but I think I could learn,” Rafael admits softly, and he swears he’s never seen Sonny smile so wide.

707 - Mystic Messenger Head Canons

It was my curiosity that led me to Mystic Messenger. A mutual of mine had written some head canons for it. I saw it was a mobile app and decided to check it out. Next thing I know? BAM! I am drawn into the sleep deprived chat known as Mystic Messenger! I, personally, find it to be a wonderful app and very well done. I love all the characters and have been playing it long enough to say that I’ve successfully romanced everyone except Jaehee, Yoosung, and V (I’m on day 9 of his route right now). I romanced Zen first. (omg he’s so devoted and sweet!) ❤ Then Jumin ❤ ❤ ❤. (I totally wasn’t prepared and wanna go back to smooch him again o.o) Then there came 707 who so far has been the both the most heartbreaking and rewarding romance in my quest to smooch them all. I also went through Secret 01 and Secret 02 and I just…it…it fucked me up, ok? lol there’s no other way to put it! I was shook! 

SO! That all having been said! Let’s get onto some 707 Head canons shall we!? XD 

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