and they reach an equilibrium

🔮Tarotscopes🔮 May 2017


This is the perfect time for you to get a jumpstart on your passions. Use this month to take the appropriate steps to manifest that idea that you’ve been toying with in your head, because it’s a good one! You may feel a little self-conscious about what others will think, but rest assured that the idea is brilliant!


The Wheel of Fortune is turning giving out doses of luck, but as with all luck it can be a toss up as to whether it is good or bad. If you continue your self-destructive behaviour and proceed to feed your indulgences and addictions, chances are the Wheel won’t spin in your favour. If there is something specific that you want to accomplish then use this month to straighten up your act to influence the luck given by the Wheel.


May will bring a lot of changes for Gemini so buckle up and enjoy the ride! Brace yourself as things you previously thought would happen won’t happen as you have expected. The Universe has heard your cries and wishes and is in the processes of delivering what you seek. If you start to become overwhelmed this month due to the changes, take a day or two for yourself to recharge your batteries.


Cancerians can expect joyous, and harmonious celebrations this month. Current friendships and relationships will blossom as the two of you grow in understanding for each other garnering a deeper appreciation for the relationship. You can also expect to reconnect with a loss connection this month, be it a long-lost friend or an ex!


It may be necessary this month to let some of your fire burn, as there are people around you that will try to take advantage, which will potentially create a bump in the road in your future plans. Firmly put your foot down to keep this from happening.


This should be a fairly harmonious month for Virgo. If there is a goal that you have been steadily working towards, you can expect noticeable progress and gains this month. If you’ve recently been experiencing some hardships, you can expect this month to provide a safe haven and some resolve to a few of your problems.


You’ve spent a significant amount of time in your head over-thinking and jumping to conclusions, which has caused you worry and stress over the past few months. There is a chance that Libra has been experiencing headaches as a result. Your continued over-analysing is not going to get you to where you want to be and will prove to be counterproductive and futile. Use this month the recalibrate yourself and remind yourself of what is truly important. Consider reprioritizing your life and what you deem important. This is vital for you to calm and slow the mind.


If you feel that you have faced recent disappointment in the work-place or in your studies, rest assured that it was simply a bump that can easily be overcome. If you continue to look as your situation as a failure, then it will be through thought alone that you create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Everyone has snags sometimes so get up, dust yourself off, and charge ahead.


Trust your intuition this month! There are going to be a lot of misleading instances that will cause you to veer off path if you do not listen to your inner voice. You know what is best for you, and there will be circumstances this month that will challenge your already existing knowledge. Don’t be swayed by the opinions of others.


You will face a bit of resistance this month manifesting itself in a competition of sorts, perhaps with family or colleagues trying to outshine you and steal your thunder. Don’t allow this to demotivate you, because you will come out on top anyway. As you long as you stay calm, people will pick up on their antics.


This is going to be very transformational month for Aquarius. You’ve known for quite some time now that you’ve been needing a change, and that the path you are currently on is no longer doing it for you like it did before. If you are brave enough to take a leap of faith this month, or have done so already, you will see that the decision you’ve made is the right one. The cards drawn for Aquarius are asserting that it is time to move on.


It been a very emotional time for you lately. Take some much needed time this month to retreat into yourself. The answers you are searching for already exist within you, so practice trusting your intuition. It is only when you realise this that you will reach a state of equilibrium. It is imperative that you get a handle on your emotions this month.

obi-kenobi-wan  asked:

So, lately I have been thinking on an AU where Obi-Wan is in an accident and somehow is de-aged back to when he was about 19-20. The kicker being that all his memories he made after that age are now gone and he basically wakes up to a war he knows nothing about, his master long dead, and this new Jedi Knight named Anakin worrying over him more like a lover than anything.

He’s struggling.

That’s not unusual.

Obi-Wan has struggled a lot through the years since he became a padawan to Master Qui-Gon though after the initial terrible start and the years after it, they’ve made peace with each other and found a balance.

There had even been pride in Qui-Gon’s eyes when he had looked at Obi-Wan and his accomplishments, the look in the older mans eyes setting a glow in his stomach.

But his master is dead.

He can tell his master is long gone because he can’t feel him at all anywhere and he and Master Qui-Gon has the strongest connection in the temple that has been seen in decades. And he can’t feel him at all.

And the galaxy is at war.

The Jedi are…generals?

His hands tremble a bit and Obi-Wan tries not to let it show, takes a deep breath to try and release his fear and anxiety into the Force as he has been taught. ‘Be in the here and now Padawan mine.’ A warm voice echos in his voice.

Slowly he lifted his head to look at the others in the tent, meeting the worried blue eyes of a blond. “So what you’re saying is that I was…deaged? Knight Skywalker.”

The man winces. “Please, call me Anakin. You…yes. I’m not sure how old you are but the Sith artifact has clearly made you into a much younger man.”

“I’m nineteen.” Obi-Wan murmured, struggling with it again. Yesterday he had gone to bed in his quarters in the Jedi temple, he had been thinking about his exam and how good his Master smelled, desperately shielding the last thought from their bond.

Obi-Wan wrapped his hand around his braid, giving it a minor tug to try and center himself as he avoided looking at the people in the tent.

“Skyguy, we got through to the Council, Master Yoda says we should return to the sight of the change and he’s sent of Master Plo and Madam Nu to see if they can help us figure out how this happened.” The young togruta is back and is looking at him with the same fascinated expression as she had earlier.

“Good, perhaps they can get answers and we can get Obi-Wan back to normal.” The blond, Anakin, is looking at him again with those eyes so full of…of…

Of what?

The man is clearly more worried about him then is normal.

Obi-Wan isn’t sure what to do about this information.

He’s confused and lost and his master is not there to help him and apparently he’s in the…future?

For him its the future at least.

Force this was all wrong and he desperately reached for some kind of equilibrium that was fading out of his grip.

“Obi-Wan?” Someone took his hand and pulled it from where he was desperately tugging on his braid, forcing Obi-Wan to look at…Anakin?

The blond gave him a small smile, gently rubbing his hand between his own. “Its going to be alright Obi-Wan, its going to be alright.” He assured as he rubbed.

“…You have a mech hand.” Obi-Wan offered quietly instead, desperately latching onto the fact as if it was somehow important.

“Yes, I lost my arm.” The other hummed, giving a small smile. “And lightsaber. You were very worried about me at the time.”

“I was?” Obi-Wan was so lost.

“Yes, you were my master. You trained me.”

Oh, that made the level of concern make some sense at least. Force knew he worried about Qui-Gon all the time.

“…My master is dead, isn’t he. I can’t feel him.” Obi-Wan whispered, watching the other closely as if to get an indication of his emotions. And Anakin Skywalker wore his emotions on his sleeves, he could tell by the way he shifted and the look in his eyes that Obi-Wan was completely right.

“Yes. I’m sorry Obi-Wan.”

Obi-Wan pressed his lips together, struggling to release the overwhelming grief out of his systems. “Have…I trained you?”

“Yes.” Anakin was smiling at him, still rubbing his hands.

“Was I a good master?” Obi-Wan latched onto that almost desperately, green eyes wide.

“The best. You taught me very well.”

The knight hesitated a bit before reaching out and cupping the back of Obi-Wan’s head, pulling him forward and resting the padawan’s forehead against his shoulder. “Its going to be alright Obi-Wan. We’re going to fix this.”

“What if we can’t…what if this is how I’m stuck now? I don’t…have a master…” Obi-Wan wanted to say so much more. Say how lost he was, about how confused he was. But…

Nothing else came from him as he pressed his forehead against the others shoulder.

“Well…if nothing else, then I know the worth of your skills. You’re a Jedi after all.” Anakin smiled, stroking the short copper hair.

“…You’re very gentle with me. Are we lovers?” Obi-Wan couldn’t help but question.

Ahsoka choked on her own spit in surprise as Anakin recoiled in shock, blinking at Obi-Wan who blinked back, flustering a bit. “N-No. I mean, we’re brothers in arms. Best of friends.”

“Oh, I’m sorry if that offended you…you just…kind of fall in under my type.” Obi-Wan shrugged.

‘Master Obi-Wan has a type?’ Ahsoka marveled at.


Apparently Anakin wondered about that too as he stared at him.

Flustering at the attention, Obi-Wan tugged on his braid. “Yeah…taller then me, blond, bit longish hair and blue eyed…I mean…I only had one not fall into all categories.”

Anakin blinked, mind flashing to Siri and Satine. “I see…that explains a few things.”

“I…I must have been a closed off master if you didn’t know that.” Obi-Wan tried awkwardly.

“…No, I think you were just a very hurt master.” The knight offered quietly, thinking back to those first few days in the temple. ‘Only one didn’t fall into all categories huh…I bet that one was someone you spent the most time with.’ It explained quite a few things about Obi-Wan’s behavior back then.

“…So we’re friends then.” Obi-Wan latched onto that.

“Yes. Good friends. Best of friends.” Anakin grinned a bit. “We have each others back. And this is our padawan.” He gestured to Ahsoka who waved happily.


“Well technically mine but eh, we share custody.” Anakin laughed.

Obi-Wan blinked then chuckled a bit in amusement. “Is that so. Well then.” He stood slowly and gave Ahsoka a bow. “Its a pleasure to meet you my padawan.” He teased a bit, eyes sparkling.

Ahsoka squeaked then bowed back, giggling happily. “Oh no, no one told me Master Obi-Wan was cute as a padawan.”

Obi-Wan promptly turned deep red.


KARAMEL || Kara x Mon-El || SUPERGIRL || S02E08 vs S02E13 || OK. Not to read too much into anything, but… two flowers. The sunflowers standing in a somewhat shaky ground panning out. And the roses laid down in a stable surface zooming in. I think the sunflowers were foreshadowing these past episodes where everything was somewhat confusing and still up in the air. But now… Now everything’s changed. They’ve reached an equilibrium, a stability that will last both in their personal lives and in their hearts.


Feelings of adoration, admiration, and platonic love towards a person, such as a family member or a friend. Loyalty and strong bonds between two people, as represented by the strong and upright stem. Seeking out positivity and strength, as the bloom turns to face the sun. Nourishing yourself and others, since the sunflower produces an abundance of edible seeds. Brightening your mood, through the vibrancy of the yellow or orange petals. Good luck and lasting happiness, especially in the Chinese culture.


The rose is considered a symbol of balance and still reigns as the ultimate symbol of passionate affection. It expresses promise, new beginnings, and hope. Its thorns represent defense, physicality, loss, thoughtlessness.

“You know, pretty much none of the default preferences on these things are optimized.  You can get more out of the gravity drive if you dim the interior lights, the internal dimensions need to be scaled up to reach an equilibrium where the system isn’t fighting itself to keep it constricted, all the control panels scroll text from left to right when clearly top to bottom is easier to follow…”

“Peridot!  Who cares!  Nobody cares!  We gotta go!”

“Oh, don’t worry, Pearl, he’ll wise up eventually.  When he notices his thrust ratio is four percent less efficient than it should be, he’ll come craaaawling back to Peridot, begging for my help, and then I’ll show him how these things are really done.”

I feel like you can tell which Shades of Magic character you are by what you want to see most in CoL

Do you want reveals about the pasts of the world and characters, a deescalation of all the drama in the present, and some kind of assurance that there’s a chance for happiness in the post-book future? You and Kell are on the same page.

Like do you want, more than anything, for a reconciliation between Kell and the King and Queen? Or for the King and Queen to at least apologize to Kell? You’re probably Rhy.

Is what you want action packed scenes full of breath taking fights and a high stakes, heart pounding climax? You are Lila Bard .

Do you want a promise of balance? Of some kind of order being restored to the four Londons? Of a restoration of both Black and White London, of the magic no longer being solely in the hands of Red London, and some sort of equilibrium reached? You are the most beautifully suffering Holland.

Are you highly, foolishly invested in everyone reaching some kind of emotional stability? In Rhy not hating himself for lack of power and learning to appreciate what he can do without magic? In Kell finding a balance between responsibility and self-care? Of Lila learning when to step back, when to slow down, and when it’s okay to stay and grow close to people? If so, You are Tieren, my guy, bless your heart.

And finally, is what you want more than anything else in this book is for Lila and Kell to have sex? You are Calla, and your single-minded focus is admirable.

How to read persona charts

Persona Charts: A How to

As those who follow the stars, we have many tools available to us to gain insight into facets of our being, and the archetypal energy present within not only our psyche, but very souls. One of these tools is know as the persona chart.  The persona chart is the chart cast by using the time the sun passed over a particular planet or other celestial body/point in your natal chart.

For those of you into dominance, I would say persona charts should be you best friend as they provide intimate knowledge, on the behavior of a certain planet in regards to you as a person.

How do we read these arcane little doo-dads? Is it just like any other chart?  The answer to that is, yes and no.

Each chart is like a person, a person within the theater that is the human mind.

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Humans Are Weird: Women’s Edition Part V

We last left off with Cyborg, Jay’va, and their crew trapped in the hangar control room after the hangar doors disappeared when the lights returned. What caused this you ask? Just read the story.

Part I >> Part II >> Part III >> Part IV < > Part VI >> Part VII >> Part VIII >> Part IX >> Part X


Jay’va stared out at the hangar, watching as its walls bent with the pressure change. The ship rocked again as the hangar walls collapsed. Her mind was numbly aware that the hangar was reaching an equilibrium with the low pressure of outer space. She couldn’t even feel her three stomachs drop.

Sish. Sish. Sish. Her mind continuously cursed their situation while her body worked mechanically. She was ordering the others to don their lightweight EMUs, helping them dress and check their oxygen saturation levels and air filtration systems. We need to evacuate the crew and contact Murakami. She needs to know the current situation. I doubt the outside sensors are functioning in the Comm Tower. It’s likely they are navigating like a Boolov without its sense of taste.

“This is just perfect,” Jay’va muttered as she and Cyborg helped each other don on their own EMUs. “Everyone, stay in pairs and head to the main level. We’ll catch up,” Jay’va reminded the crew as they began climbing up the ladder to relative safety.

“Okay, you’re all set, Jay-Jay,” Cyborg affirmed as he fastened the last strap to her suit.

Jay’va confirmed, “You’re all set, too, so let’s get outta heeeeere.” The ship rocked again as the hangar walls got closer to the control room. And again, Cyborg caught her before she fell.

Pushing her upward, he hurried her up the ladder. “C’mon, Jay’va. Hurry.” The urgency in his voice betrayed his usually cheery demeanor. She looked down at him once she was on the above level, holding out two arms for him to take.

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Planet Definition

Alan Stern, chief investigator of the New Horizons team, a planetary scientist, wants Pluto defined as a planet again. While I don’t agree with ALL his criteria for a planetary definition (assuming what I’ve read is true) I do agree that the minimum size is that it should have reached hydrostatic equilibrium (rounded by its own gravity) but not so large to fuse or having had fused elements in its core. It should NOT have to orbit a star - many multiple star systems likely have kicked countless planets out of their gravitational influences those becoming Rogue Planets. The Pluto-Charon system is a binary planet with the barycenter (center of gravity of the two) in space. Other than that, the major body of a system should be designated Planet (assuming it’s round but not fusing) and all other bodies caught in its gravitational influence, regardless of size, should be designated as moons.
That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

(I’d email this to Alan but we’re not speaking)

Oh, and for all of you who insist on siding with the IAU using the clearing out its area criteria I give you this:

A few orbits of the over 10,000 detected near-Earth objects not cleared. Will Earth be eventually excluded from the family as well?

Have a nice millennium.
JN, Ph7.5


“Big whirls have little whirls that feed on their velocity, and little whirls have lesser whirls, and so on to viscosity.” - Meteorologist Lewis Fry Richardson (“Weather Prediction by Numerical Process.” Cambrige University Press, 1922)

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On Infinite Earths - Chapter 2


Summary:  Kara shows Cat the possible and the impossible

Note:  Huge thanks once again to @reginalovesemma for being a stellar beta.

Chapter 2 on AO3

Or from the beginning

The portal spat them back out onto Cat’s balcony.  Strong arms around Cat prevented her from hitting the ground or tumbling over the side of the building.  Between years of carefully calculated landings and weeks of world-jumping, Kara landed on her feet like an old pro.  And if she exaggerated how long she needed to hold onto Cat in order to steady her, well, saving people from harm was her job, after all.

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I am laced at the hip with the post-doctoral fellow MD/PhD, aspiring-PI with whom I work. We’ll call him C. I, a new post-bacc, was paired with him rather causally at first. Knowing that C does extensive coding and that I am fluent in coding, the lab PI said upon my arrival, “Perhaps we’ll pair you with C.” And so I was paired in a non-committal fashion, just a test run to see if I was of use to him.

But our working relationship has morphed and grown into something quite complex and integrated. I am now his assistant in a multitude of ways – more than I would have imagined, more than I suspect any post-bacc who has worked with him has ever been. I am his personal secretary, editor, cheerleader, software engineer, data scientist, graphic designer, confidante, writer, lab tech and sound board. Emails go between us at all hours of the day, hushed conversations kept out of the ear of other lab members make us a distinct unit within the lab and we sit, both symbolically and literally, next to one another each day, at our adjacent desks. We are decisively a team.

And it has been endlessly interesting to work with an MD/PhD, when I am myself a pre-MD/PhD, with very little prior idea of what it means to be an MD/PhD (I would not hesitate to call myself naive when I first arrived in lab) . In my mind, being an MD/PhD who has both won a significant award for translational medicine and is currently on the precipice of starting a lab entails that you must be an unstoppable force of nature in academia – more than human, more than merely mortal. Yet watching his struggles, his triumphs, his day-to-day, I am consistently surprised by how human he is and how much of his day is composed of flat-footed, menial tasks more about navigating the world more so than Science with a capital S. And so I compose below, which will be consistently updated when I think of something else, things I have learned about being someone of his stature that I have found interesting/surprising/enlightening:

  1. You will not feel prepared to do everything you need to/want to. There will not be preparation provided to you for everything you will have to/want to do. You will just have to learn on the job and jump into something completely different on a moment’s notice. You have to get used to that.
  2. Once you reach the sort of stature in academia he has achieved, it does not mean you are done growing as a person. It may seem like that, at that point, you have worked through all the tangles in your emotional landscape. Because such detangling seems prerequisite to reach the sort of emotional equilibrium necessary to achieve your stature. But emotional intelligence is a constant struggle. The emotional learning curve is always sharp – always, always.
  3. For better or worse, science, as a career path, is as much about creating knowledge as much as it is about salesmanship, showmanship and staying abreast and ahead of what’s “hot” in science (Coming from a fashion background, the parallels between the fashion industry and science is actually kind of alarming!).
How to get the girl... Ask her (Parker x reader)

A/N: Just a cute idea at 2 am. Also totes listening to Gambino when I can’t sleep.

Tags: @imamotherfuckingstar-lord@courtneychicken, @thecupcakeconsumer, @bitch-m-fabulous

Warnings: language, situations of a sexual nature, too tired to be operating heavy machinery but I wrote this anyway

Originally posted by stormborn

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I’m not sure if this is an arts, or statistics or physics project here. It’s in building 8, near the maths computer lab level at RMIT so perhaps that’s a hint.

Assuming this is an experiment and not a graduate prank it appears to run through 3 stages - first the balls gradually climb the escalator, as they are climbing they reach a fairly uniform mixture throughout each level, but eventually they reach a steady state clustering at the top with only a few falling to the lower levels before being pulled back up again. I can’t help but think of a chemical reaction reaching equilibrium - even at equilibrium there’s still a few going back in the reactant direction of a reaction.

anonymous asked:


hi i’m still in rarepair hell i hope y’all are prepared to continue the ride with me

oikuroo is,,,, everything. its everything. i drew em all cute on a frickin ice cream date but dear god can you imagine the audacity of their courtship. just like. they end up in college together and oikawa sees kuroo “tall dork and handsome” across the lecture hall and he’s like. dibs. but kuroo is a) immune to his sass and b) gives back as good as he gets and they just. tease and tease and tease and embarrass/piss off all their friends with the unresolved sexual tension and suggestive eyebrow-raising every other sentence until one of them gets serious about it and (very publicly) gushes out a super romantic confession and both of them stare in silence at each other in the aftermath becoming more and more embarrassed because wait, this is overwhelming and i really like this guy, help

but eventually. eventually they reach some kind of equilibrium between snark and provocation and kissing and they become that kind of couple that’s like “ride together, die together, make fun of everyone else together”

halo-117-rotg  asked:

For the writing prompt! Death, a majestic lady and Life, a handsome man kinda like each other, but in their sort of relationship Death accidentally kills him, and the role of Life falls onto a 5 year old boy, and Death has to teach him how to be Life while struggling with her grief over Life's death (sorry if its complicated haha)

Ok so btw, this isn’t actually finished. But im 2500 words in and 3 weeks over due (sorry but university is a bitch). So i thought I would post it and add to it later when I finish. Sorry n advance for any stupid spelling/grammar mistakes, i mainly write at night, when creativity is high but logic is not!

Death sat on her throne, her pale skin illuminated by the torches that lined the walls. She held a chalice tenderly with her fingertips, taking sips every now and then, listening to the cries of the dead that filtered through her palace. They weren’t crying because they were sad or because they hated the Underworld; they were crying because they were lonely, most of them had no family down there to comfort them. Their screams and cries however gave Death a sense of accomplishment and triumph. She felt like she had accomplished her job, done what she was created to do. She was amidst her self-congratulations when a knock at the door interrupted her thoughts.

“Come in.” She said, slightly disgruntled.

“My apologies Madame Death but someone is here to see you.” Said one of her minions.

Like all her minions he had no eyes, a mouth which more resembled that of a turtle and wrinkled, dry skin. They served her without a second thought, she liked that about them. She just wished they weren’t so hideous to look at. Her minion beckoned to the open door and a man walked in, not just any man. This man was Life himself. He stood tall and proud. His hair was golden and gave a slight glow, it was curly and bounced when he moved. His face was perfectly sculpted, his cheekbones and jawline were prominent and he had the face of someone who could sell you a car with only a wink. But this wasn’t why Death liked him, no. It was because he was her counterpart, she would not exist without him, he gave her a purpose and for that she admired him. Most people assume that they are in a never-ending feud but it is quite the opposite, it’s more like an unspoken trust.

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Hc: Lance is an actual heat box. He radiates heat at all points of the day but heats up when he's going to bed. On the other hand, Keith is always freezing. Whenever they snuggle they reach an equilibrium and that part of the reason they love cuddling so much.

where’s that post about thermodynamic equilibrium?

Weird is the wrong kind of feeling

Request: That’s it. If you throw up one more time we’re going to the hospital.” With klance sick Keith, college au bc Im a huge sucker!! And you’re writing is amazing, I know I tell you this a lot but it is -Rae

Summary: Finals week is coming up fast, and more than anything, Keith just needs to study. So when a stomach bug hits him hard, there’s nothing he can do but try and ride it out. But there are only so many times Keith can puke before Lance is forced to take charge, and arrange a little day trip to the local ER.

(Look who finally got their shit together and wrote a request! I’m four weeks off graduation and ready to drop. Help me.)

Keith couldn’t focus. No matter how many times he blinked his eyes and shook his head, he just couldn’t force his brain to take in the words in front of him. He was staring, forlorn and exhausted, at the text book sitting on his desk, body drooping down in his seat. The words were swimming on the page, bouncing against the margins and jumping about between each other, and in the swirling vagueness of his mind, he was convinced that if he could just convey to them his desperation, they would stay still.

But, alas, they did not listen. How he wished he could persuade them to - finals began in a week, and he had so much left to do. He just simply did not have the time to be arguing with his study books.

Sighing, he ran a hand over his face, before letting it drift down to sit softly against his stomach, his fingers curling slightly in a weak attempt to curb the bubbling discomfort he had been fending off for hours. He had already thrown up three times that day - once as soon as he had woken up, and twice more after he had forced three red bulls down his throat in a desperate bid to coax his body into functioning normally. Or at least somewhere near normally. Keith didn’t think anyone’s body could work in the way it was meant to during the run up to finals week. Even Lance had been suffering, and he was the most on-top-of-it person Keith thought he had ever met.

A disturbing gurgle from his gut cut short his little reverie, and Keith groaned into the back of his hand, internally begging his stomach to just let him work in peace. Or at the very least refrain from returning his lunch to him. But with an alarming jolt, he realised that his prayers were futile, and scurried to his feet, not caring that he had knocked his chair over in his haste.

He couldn’t have timed his collapse next to the - mercifully open - toilet better if he had tried. As soon as his knees hit the floor, he was doubling up, throat constricting and spasming with effort as yet another wave of vomit forced its way up from his gut. The sounds of it splashing into the bowl were muted by his heaving gags and coughs, and tiny, barely there sobs interspersed the violent upheaval every time he took a breath.

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thirtysixsavefiles  asked:

How to tell if you're in a callmearcturus fic: you feel like you've reached an equilibrium point in your life. Things aren't perfect - you're not sure you believe in perfect, not for people like you - but you've learned to manage or at least compartmentalize. Then someone interrupts the careful equilibrium you've built, and you find that maybe you aren't managing, after all.

That is literally the story of everything I write. That is the basic set up. Person A has a troubled life but they are surviving, until X happens and upheaves that tenuous stability. THAT IS ALL I WRITE. V accurate.