and they probably have silent conversations at night

Pentagon When They Wake Up To Find That They’ve Slept With Their Crush

Author: Ellie
Prompt: “pentagon and sf9 reaction to waking up after a one-night-stand and seeing they slept with their friend/crush” - anon
Notes: SF9 version coming soon, don’t worry. I’ve probably used some of these gifs before… ugh this is so bad

**explicit language, bad humour + sexual references (obviously) warning**

Mortified, to say the least. He can’t believe he’s fucked up this badly - now he’ll never be able to have a relationship with them, with a first kiss and a first date and all those cute, fluffy things… He considers just leaving so that they don’t find out who it was, but that would be unfair, so he stays, making them coffee when they wake up.

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Surprised with himself. He never thought he’d get anywhere with them, but they’re in his bed! He actually managed a one night stand with his crush! He’s pretty elated, and when the other person wakes up he does his best to get them to stay for breakfast (and who the hell could say no to Hui??).

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He’d totally be the type to try and convince them to go for a round two when they wake up. He’s sure if he could hit it once he could hit it again. He makes sure to flex plenty as he tries to charm them… shockingly, it works.

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The type to just sit on the couch drinking coffee and browsing Twitter or whatever while he waits for them to wake up. I mean, damn, it was a shock to find his crush in his bed when he woke up, but he’s gotta play it cool. He doesn’t try to make them stay either, just smiles at them as they leave.

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We all know he’s a giant fucking scaredycat, so when he wakes up to discover what he’s done he locks himself in the bathroom and cries for, like, 20 minutes. It’s his apartment too, so he can’t run away, and when the person wakes up he immediately ushers them out the door, face tinted scarlet. Welp, there goes that one.

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Yeo One
100% the kind of guy to knock aside his shame and fucking make them breakfast in bed, and not cornflakes but fucking bacon and eggs and fruit, the whole deal, smiling softly at them the whole time and letting them shower before they leave… After all, they’re his crush, and if he’s super sweet to them they may even call him back and boom! Dating. Good idea, Changgu, he tells himself.

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Yan An
When he wakes up to see his crush there, he is confused. Why are they in his bed? Why is he naked? Why are they naked… oh. After that, he smiles shakily and shows them out, apologising profusely all the way out. He cries to himself for a few hours, until he receives a text from them (!!!) thanking him for the “awesome night”.

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Poor bro can’t believe his eyes. He’s naked in bed with a vague headache, morning wood and the person he’s been practically obsessed with for three months right there next to him, equally as naked. For a moment he thinks he’s dreaming, that the night he remembers was also a dream… but as the sleep wears off it starts to sink in. When they wake up, he apologises and averts his eyes as they dress, crossing his fingers under the blanket that he hasn’t screwed this up… (And knowing him he probably hasn’t).

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He wakes up at just past 5am, makes himself a coffee and sits on the floor just outside the bedroom, silently and calmly wondering what to do as he waits for them to wake up too. He figures it’s useless to freak out, and manages to have an actual conversation with them. Lucky bitch scores a first date…

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Yes! YES! Wooseok is ecstatic! Now if only he could transfer his drunk self’s skills to now and score himself a date! He tries to talk to them to convince them to hang around, but either they woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or they really hate Wooseok, and they pretty much race out the door with a scowl. RIP Wooseok; better luck next time, bud.

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Confession (Wonho/Reader)

By: Admin Dreamer

Genre: Fluff, a little angsty?, bartender!Wonho

Warnings: None

You decided to drink your problems away after a embarrassingly bad confession, only to find out that your bartender for the night was your crush that you tried to forget about.

“That was terrible.” Your friend whispered as you left your last class of the day with her, your shoulders slightly hunched over in embarrassment and fully aware of the jocks who were laughing about what happened between you and Wonho earlier that day.

“Yeah, don’t remind me.”

“Hey, at least he was nice about it and you didn’t make a total fool of yourself.”

With a scoff, you looked at her incredulously, “Are you kidding, Celia? I totally made myself look like an idiot out there. I’m not the most good-looking person out there, what would he think of me after this?”

“Okay first off, you need to have more confidence in yourself. Secondly, Wonho is a nice guy even though he is part of the swim team. If anything I would rather you date him than anyone else, they’re all douchebags.”

“Thanks, friend.” You mused sarcastically, squinting in the sunlight.

“Hey, I’m going to be having a get-together tonight at the bar downtown, you want to come with?”

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The Note Tree ❋ L.H. Pt.8

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Part E I G H T 

Summary: A cherry blossom tree, residing at the farthest part of the schools courtyard. Nobody dwelled there, and you didn’t care much for it. Until you kept hearing one song played over and over, with lyrics changed to touch at your curiosity. They knew you were listening, and one day you gave in and made your way to the pink tree. Waiting for you, a series of notes tied to a single strand of string.

Word Count: 3.5k

AN: im so so so so so so fucking sorry for my absence. like seriously, i want to apologize. ive been so demotivated and my recent family loss has made me crash quite a bit. and for that im so incredibly sorry. thank you all who love it and support it so much. im going to try my very best to keep producing parts to make you happy, bc that’s all i want right now aha. so 100 notes please and ill be seeing you :) 

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty.

I M A G I N E 


“You were at a diner with Luke yesterday?” Savannah blasted into your ear, having you already dread this Monday morning. 

“Savannah, I haven’t even gotten the chance to eat a single bite of this here granola bar,” you began quietly, already vexed as you held onto your still-wrapped food. “It’s too early for this.” 

You walked down the corridor with the girls, still as exhausted and hungry as you are every day when you’re forced out of bed to attend institution. The girls were dreading it just as much, but once you told them of your small hang out with Luke, they declared it as a date. The squeals, the fangirling, the asking for ‘deats.’ It made you hesitate to tell them what happened between you and Nathan the night of the party. 

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BTS reaction: their s/o loving to play with their hands

Thank you for requesting! xx

A/N: This is the last reaction in my ask, so from now on there’ll only be MTLs and aesthetics (mainly MTLs) ^^

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He probably finds it really cute, as long as the two of you are alone, or maybe with the members. Not anyone else, as he’s probably pretty private when it comes to most kinds of intimacy. His favorite would be if you play with his hands during late-night conversations in bed. He’d love that shit.

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

Another member who wants to keep most intimate acts privately. But, if you were having like a movie night with him and the rest of Bangtan, he would probably let you play with your hands, because he lowkey loves it. Unlike Jin, he prefers if you do it when you’re either watching a movie with him, or when you’re just cuddling silently. Not when he’s trying to talk to you. And if he’d been writing more lyrics than usual one day, it’d probably relax his pretty sore hands.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

He definitely doesn’t mind it. Not at all. But, he’d prefer if you played with his hair instead. Like, he loves when people play with his hair. Have you seen that Bangtan Bomb where he gets all whiny because Jungkook doesn’t play with his hair, and when he does, Hobi looks so very relaxed? Yeah. So if he got to choose, he’d rather have you play with his hair. But you’re cute when you play with his hands, so he doesn’t mind.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

It’s not something he’s against, but it isn’t his favorite kind of skinship either. So, he’ll gladly let you do it, especially after writing a lot, but he won’t ask you to do it. If anything, I can see him as the type to enjoy playing with your fingers during deep conversations in bed, so in that way he’d be similar to Jin.

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

I think he’s kinda embarrassed about how small his hands are. At least he is when he has to compare them to the other members’. So the first few times you do it, he’d be sort of embarrassed about it, because he might think you think they’re abnormally small or something. But with time, when he finds out that you simply like playing with his hands, he’ll really appreciate it and find it cute.

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I love his hands okay

V/Kim Taehyung:

He’d absolutely love this. He loves all the affection he can get. But this would cause a bit of a problem. He definitely wants you to play with his hands, as the both of you enjoyed it. But, at the same time, he’d really want to play with your hair. And he needs his hands to do that. He’d probably solve it by spooning you, and have one arm rest on your waist, so you can play with that hand, while he’ll use his free hand to mess your hair up.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk:

He won’t let you do it if other people are around, including the members. He’s gotta keep his tough act up, even though there’s no point in him doing so, since the members have lived with him for years and know him pretty well by now. But still. But if you do it in private, he’ll absolutely melt because he finds it so adorable.

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One Idiot and a Child - Chapter 1 - Spiked Soda


Boogaloo had been noticing just how little sleep Prof was getting. It wasn’t like it was one or two hours a night, it was more in the ballpark of one or two hours a WEEK. Now they might be dead but that’s excessive, his work is important but he is too! So as he watched Prof continue to work long into the night once more he couldn’t help but frown, his eye colour slowly turning to grey from how much seeing his boyfriend work himself to the bone and then even further hurt him.

Boogaloo didn’t just wear that visor for fun, it’s partially just because it looks cool but it’s also tinted blue to change the colour of his eyes. After the Hero-Tron they’d become what could only be described as Highlighter Yellow. Highly unnatural and, to him, very creepy. So instead of just getting contacts he got the visor, and had THEN gotten it modified by Rusty so it doesn’t fall off his head when he’s on stage. It may be a stupid fix to such a problem but Boogaloo now found the blue tint quite comforting if he was honest.

A yawn from Prof broke him from his thoughts and deepened his frown. He had to do SOMETHING to get the guy to sleep, what he was working on looked finished anyway. He’d been working on something for Zomboss earlier but he was finished with that and had shoved it aside on the desk to join the rest of the clutter, the tyrant could find it himself for all the tired Professor could care. He’d been silent for most of the night, probably being bothered by Storm, the other side of him conjured up by the Hero-Tron. That thing had some interesting effects on people…

Boogaloo had tried to start conversations a few times but Prof had very politely asked him to let him have the silence, which only served to confirm his suspicions that Storm was being a whiny bitch, but there wasn’t much he could do about that problem. To fight Storm would be to fight Prof, but stronger. And that wasn’t a fight he had any intentions of getting himself into.

The only noise in the lab was the soft sounds of the kids sleeping and, currently, the clinking of a small hammer on a part inside the replacement teleporter Prof was working on. After his previous one had blown up in his face and left a lasting effect on him he’d needed a new one but never had the time to get around to making it. Now that he finally had some free time he’d decided that doing that would be better than sleeping. To say the least Boogaloo disagreed.

He was in the middle of thinking up a way to convince Prof to Get Some Fucking Sleep when he spoke for the first time since he’d asked for quiet. “Hey, Francis?” He used Boogaloo’s real name to catch his attention, also just because he liked it.
“Yeah Percy?” Boogaloo responded with his real name. “What is it?”
“Could ya get me a soda? I’m not gonna be able to keep working without one..” Prof yawned after finishing his request.
Boogaloo nodded. “Sure can, gimme a sec.”

He made his way to the fridge and dug around until he found a bottle of soda, shutting the fridge gently he noticed the collection of potions on the counter, a gift from Immorticia after all the potion testing she’d done on both him and Super, Prof hadn’t used them all too often but he HAD seen him heavily water one down and give it to Regi to help him sleep after a particularly bad nightmare… he wasn’t entirely sure what it had done but it worked wonders.

He picked it up, recognising the small, rounded bottle from the times he’d seen Prof pour from it to water it down and silently removed the cork. He opened the soda as quietly as he could, hoping that Prof would be too focused on his work to notice the hiss that accompanied the lid coming off and slowly added three small drops of the potion to the drink. These potions were all incredibly strong and so you only needed a sip from them at most for the effect you wanted, he figured that this would be more than enough.

He smiled as he brought the soda over to his tired boyfriend and set it down next to him on the counter. “Here ya go, Percy. Sorry I took so long.” Boogaloo kept the slight excitement out of his voice as he spoke.
“Thanks Francis, I’m almost done with this and then I can get to work on something else, didn’t you say your phone was acting up? I can take a look if you want.” Prof smiled back, the exhaustion very much present on his face.
Boogaloo shook his head at the offer. “Nah, nah. It’s fine for now. Focus on making a teleporter that won’t blow you up again.” He snickered a little saying that, trying to make light of the horrible explosion.
Prof couldn’t hold back a chuckle hearing that and he nodded. “If you insist. I’d rather not get blown up again.” He finally took a gulp of the soda, he clearly hadn’t noticed any of what Boogaloo had done or he wouldn’t have drunk it. He gently set the bottle back down before scrunching his face up in slight confusion, he was feeling weird… he turned to Boogaloo to say something before he suddenly poofed into a younger version of himself.

Aged Ten at the most he looked VERY confused, looking around and clearly not recognising ANYTHING. Boogaloo’s face was shocked, that’s not at all the effect he had thought the potion had and he’d clearly used too much.
“Prof? You alright?” Boogaloo asked quietly, the shock drawing the usual energy from his voice.
Prof was silent for a moment, looking up at him entirely bewildered.

Until he started to sob.

The Winter Father - Sebastian Stan x Reader

“Baby, can you stop dropping ice cream all over yourself?” You giggled after turning around and seeing that his small face was pretty much covered in the chocolate ice cream you’d given him because of his good behaviour. You were both missing Junior’s father, so you decided to treat him with his favourite food, hoping it would be a good distraction as well as keep his behaviour good.

Junior pouted, as though you were telling him to stop eating the ice cream entirely. Just then there was an abrupt sound coming from the doorway, it swung open and closed shut. Fearing the worst you tried your best to ninja your way behind a wall where you were able to see the doorway without being seen. Junior rushed to stand beside you, though you waved hand signals at him to tell him to stay where we was.

“Y/N?” He called loudly, unable to hear you and so believing that you weren’t in. It was Sebastian, you could hardly hold in your excitement as you rushed into the doorway and wrapped your arms around him.

When you pulled back though, you were given quite the surprise when you noticed he was covered head to toe in his Winter Soldier make up. Though you couldn’t deny it wasn’t attractive. “What are you doing here?” You spluttered, choosing to concentrate on the more important things like your husband returning from what you’d thought to be an 8 month trip away from home.

“They’re doing some filming near here,” the grin on his face was huge and infectious, “I had absolutely no idea, but as soon as we arrived on set I knew I had to come home asap, didn’t even give them time to get rid of my metal arm.”

“Apparently,” you chuckled, playing with his metallic fingers with childish glee. “Junior’s going to be so excited, I’ve fed him some chocolate ice cream because he was feeling a little down earlier-“ You turned around to find that your child was still hiding behind the wall, wide eyes staring up at what he perceived to be a complete stranger. A stranger who resembled the villain in that one movie he’d watched ages ago. “Junior?”

“Mommy get away from him, he works for HYDRA!” He cried, moving to charge forward but quickly cowering back.

You looked back to Sebastian and tried not to laugh, feeling some sympathy for your poor child. He did look quite scary you supposed, and sweaty, he definitely needed a shower. Sebastian also looked to be hiding giggles; still, he stepped towards the little boy which had the same colour hair as him and the same quirk to his lips, and knelt down.

“Junior, it’s me, daddy.” He pulled back his hair, and you were grateful he wasn’t wearing eyeliner all over his face or else this would have made it more difficult for your son. A look of recognition sparkled in his eyes and in a matter of seconds Junior had his small arms wrapped around his daddy’s shoulders, it was a sight that could probably make you cry if the humour of the situation wasn’t still looming. “Miss me then, yeah?”

Junior nodded his head, remaining silent and just taking in the fact that his daddy was finally home. Of course Junior had seen Seb through Skype calls, Seb spoke to his son every morning and every night, even though sometimes the time zones were different, sometimes it was quite funny listening to tired Sebastian attempt to have a conversation, he almost sounded drunk.

A sombre moment passed between the three of you when Seb invited you to join into the cuddling, it was here that you thought you were definitely about to cry. Thankfully Sebastian spoke up, interrupting the peace.

“So, I heard you had some chocolate ice cream?” He asked, and Junior nodded his head, looking a little more excited at the mention of his favourite treat. “You got any more left?” When Junior nodded again he was a bit tenser, suspicious of why his father was asking such a question. Whatever suspicions the little boy had were only confirmed when his dad shot up and ran into the kitchen, yelling out “dibs,” as he did so. Junior released an excited squeal and quickly followed his father.

The next few minutes were filled with Seb and Junior running around the house, Seb holding the bowl of ice cream and teasing his son by almost taking a bite every few seconds. It ended with Junior pretend attacking his dad and knocking the ‘mighty winter soldier’ to the ground, piling on top of him and keeping him down on the ground so that Junior could finally grab his ice cream back. They both soon panicked though at the realisation that they’d dropped some of it onto the cream carpet, though they tried their best to hide it by moving the rug.

Imagine...Sam and Dean catching you with a girl

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Request: Imagine where Sam and Dean find out you’re gay after catching you with a girl after a hunt, you’ve been working with the winchesters for long, so you’ve became pretty close with them and you are scared of what they and everyone else would think?

Pairing: None

You had a tradition after successful hunts. Sometimes you were too injured, sometimes too tired, but last night you had been neither. It started as a way of celebrating, something to mark the hunts as not being about monsters, but about a brief connection you could share with someone. Even if it only was for one night.

It was early the next morning when you heard knocking at your door. The bed dipped and the warm body lying next to you quickly pulled away. She leaned down and whispered, “If you’re ever in town again…”

You hummed in response, still-half asleep as you heard her move about the room, the knocking having drifted to the back of your mind. Sitting upright, you threw the covers back and threw on some undergarments, jeans and a plain t shirt. She gave you a quick but satisfied smile, one you returned as she opened the door.

Then you remembered the knocking.

“Oops, uh good morning,” she said as she walked past the pair of tall hunters now standing quizzically outside your door. Once she was out of earshot, they turned their attention back to you.

“Y/N, we didn’t know you had any friends in town. She could have come out with us,” said Dean, walking in the room carrying a tray of coffee. Sam followed after, shutting the door behind him.

“They probably wanted to hang out alone Dean. That’s why Y/N didn’t want to go out with us last night,” said Sam, reaching for one of the cups of coffee.

“Y/N never wants to go out with us, she always goes off and does her own thing,” said Dean, trying his best to sound like it didn’t bother him.

“I’m just glad Y/N got to have fun last night, right?” said Sam, his blue-green eyes looking straight into yours.

“Yeah, lots of fun,” you said, fidgeting where you stood. Sam and Dean shared one of those silent conversations that often had between one another before turning their attention back on you.

“Bar on 5th,” they said in unison. You didn’t quite understand what they were getting at and it showed.

“The Bar on 5th? Come on Y/N, we saw you there last night,” said Dean, some authority in his voice. You swallowed hard. 

“Yeah and so what?” you said, voice coming out much higher than intended. They sighed. They were disappointed in you. You readied yourself for the worst.

“Y/N, why didn’t you tell us? We don’t care if you like girls or boys or anybody else. I mean Sammy’s girlfriend was a demon. You don’t have to hide stuff like this,” said Dean, still sounding a little hurt.

“I was scared,” you said, looking at the ground. They weren’t disappointed with who you were, only that you didn’t trust them enough to let them know. In your world, this was still the best way things could have turned out.

“Hey,” you heard Sam say. Carefully you looked up at him, both brothers with gentle smiles on their faces. “We aren’t mad, just no more secrets okay?” he said, holding out a cup of coffee for you to take. 

“Okay,” you said as you walked across the room and took it, sitting down at the small table besides them. 

“So you’re going to come out after hunts now?” Sam asked. Dean chuckled.

“From what I saw last night, she’s far better at picking up women than either of us Sam. She’s definitely coming,” said Dean. You smiled.

“You sure you guys are okay with this?” you asked, one last time for your own reassurance. 

“We love you, Y/N, no matter who you are,” said Sam, Dean nodding in agreement. As you sat their sipping your coffee, you wondered why you were ever worried in the first place.

Color My World - Part 2 (Final?)

So, it seemed a few of you guys actually liked this! As promised, here’s the next part.

Sorry it’s a bit shorter than the last part, but I’m pretty happy with how it wrapped up. I don’t think there’s much more I can to this, but if you guys have any suggestions for Part 3, I’d be happy to hear them!

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AN: I tried to make sure that reading the first two imagines wouldn’t be a requirement :) regardless, I’ll leave links listed below. 


Part 1 - Imagine Sam and Dean finding you during a hunt. 

Part 2 - Imagine Sam and Dean attempting to gain your trust. 


“You’re trying to tell me that a werewolf attacked and killed my roommate?”

Walking out of the bathroom and into your bedroom, you tried to make sense of the events that had just transpired.

You had returned home earlier that evening to find your dead roommate lying on the floor of your sitting room. She had been completely drenched in her own blood, making it hard to see the full extent of her wound; but you had been able to tell from the look on her face, that when she died, she was terrified. After witnessing two men break into your apartment not five minutes prior to discovering your roommate’s body, you had tried to hide, only to be found within a small utility closet. 

Was it likely that this chain of events was a coincidence? 

Probably not. 

But then again, why would these men, Sam and Dean Winchester, spare your life if they had truly been the ones responsible for your roommate’s death?

You had watched enough CSI to know that the witnesses were usually next in line for the chopping block.

“Do you really expect me to believe that?” you questioned, continuing your previous thought. Trying to avoid looking at the array of bloody footprints covering the white carpet of your bedroom, you eyed Dean as he haphazardly fiddled with a small figurine resting on top of your bookshelf. “Werewolves don’t exist.”

“Wrong.” Dean bellowed creepily from across the room, running his calloused index finger over the spines of your many books. “I hate to break it to ya,’ sweetheart; but werewolves are as real as you and me.”

“Has anyone mentioned that you’re a fucking psycho?.” you quizzed, rushing to retrieve your cellphone from its resting place on your nightstand. “This is too much. I’m calling the cops.”

Squeaking when Sam snatched your wrist, you looked up at him with frightened eyes, too scared to make an attempt at escaping his hold.

“Don’t do that, [Y/N],” he pleaded, his hazel eyes seeming apologetic and sincere. “Dean might come off a little strong sometimes, but he isn’t lying when he says that werewolves exist.” Glancing over your shoulder when Dean accidentally knocked the figurine onto the floor, you sighed at his sheepish expression before returning your attention to Sam. “We’ve been over this. Remember? You need to trust us so that we can keep you safe.”

“Why? Is there some sort of target on my back?” you asked softly, doing your best to gauge the situation. If by some chance the men were telling the truth, you wanted to keep your options open, you wanted to understand what had occurred, and most importantly, you wanted to make sure that this didn’t happen again. “Why would you possibly need to keep me safe?”

“It’s tragic enough that we couldn’t save your friend.” Dean joined in, wanting you to hear him loud and clear. “If you’ll let us help, we’ll make sure that this son-of-a-bitch can’t come anywhere near you.” Pulling a small silver trinket from the pocket of his suit pants, he held it out for you to take. “Here. Hold onto this for me.”

Without hesitation you took the metal piece from his hand, rolling it into the center of your palm so that you could examine it. “What is it?” you quizzed, scrunching your face in confusion. “Some kind of ward?”

Seeming almost relieved, Dean smiled and shook his head. “It was a test.” he admitted, motioning for you to return the metal object. “Werewolves can’t touch silver. It burns ‘em.”

“And you thought that I was the werewolf?” you asked incredulously, dropping the silver into his open hand.

“You can never be too sure, [Y/N].” Sam justified, his hazel eyes wandering around your bedroom. “But like Dean said earlier, if you let us help, you won’t ever have to worry about coming in contact with the werewolf that hurt your friend.”

Swallowing your doubts and fears, you nodded your head. “Alright, so what do I do? Hammer the windows shut with silver nails?” you questioned, folding your arms across your chest. “Replace all of the door knobs?”

Innovative…” Dean commented, obviously impressed. “…but no. There’s always a way to get past doors or windows.”

You wanted to ask how he knew so much about breaking into houses, but chose to stay your tongue. 

At least for the moment. 

“And though its highly unlikely that the werewolf will strike the same place twice in one night, it might be best to leave your apartment all together.” Sam added, his adam’s apple bobbing when he swallowed. “Plus, you’re probably going to have a hard time explaining what happened to your friend.”

“Probably.” you agreed, realizing that the authorities might have a more difficult time accepting that there was a rampant werewolf on the loose. “Where do you think I should go?”

Facing each other, the two men exchanged a series of glances and shrugs, apparently having a silent conversation amongst themselves.

“[Y/N]?” Dean inquired, after coming to some sort of agreement with Sam.

“How would you feel about going on a road trip with two strangers?”


anonymous asked:

so another figrid headcanon bc why not? kili wants to talk to sigrid, so she expects the "if you hurt him" talk, but kili just hugs her and tells her that she's welcome to the family and "if he ever does something stupid just let me know, i'll take care of that" and he grows to really like her, so he gives fili the talk too ("she's so amazing, i swear to mahal, fee, if you mess this up") and fili facepalms, but secretly is really happy that everyone accepts her bc he was a bit worried

and when thorin finds out he just sighs and obviously he’s happy fili’s happy, but just damn it, this has to be statistically impossible that they all love someone from different race and when he meets her, bilbo does most of the talking, because he’s worried thorin’ll say the wrong thing and accidentally start a new war (obv bard is there then too) but it goes pretty smoothly and afterwards thorin is like “so when’s the wedding”

YESSS THANK YOU ANON. this is giving me such an urge to actually write figrid fic but we’ll see ahah

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Myers Briggs Types at a Party

ISTJ: Will be most comfortable in their group of friends, seeking out low-key, one-on-one conversations. Probably stay mostly quiet in the conversations, but add in a joke or laugh once in a while in a way to engage. Probably silently shaking their head at all the stupid things other people are doing. Drinks no more than one beer the entire night.

ISFJ: Making sure everyone in their group of friends is having fun, going along with whatever they decide. Is probably watching their friends very closely, and may be the designated driver home. However, by the end of the night or by the next morning they will be exhausted and craving time by themselves.

INFJ: Making sure everyone feels comfortable, asking anyone who looks uncomfortable questions about their interests. If they feel comfortable, they will probably appear very extroverted, engaging in conversations and having fun with their friends. However, by the end of the night or by the next morning they will be exhausted and craving time by themselves.

INTJ: Likely to cluelessly rebuke someone who is interested in them, becoming extremely confused when their friends later explain to them the situation. May become disinterested, because they see this idea of socializing as pointless and superficial. Probably silently shaking their head at all the stupid things other people are doing.

ISTP: Attempting any crazy dare that is waged. Engaging as many people as possible in loud discussions about their job, technical projects, something interesting they heard on the news, etc. Also likely to throw the first punch if anyone annoys them or starts a fight.

ISFP: Dancing and taking in the night as a sensory experience. Likely to go along with other people’s crazy ideas. Or they will be shy and sitting in the corner watching others. May leave early or is at least exhausted and craving time by themselves by the end of the night.

INFP: Extremely drunk and either super happy, telling all of their friends how much they love them or bawling their eyes out. Likely to drunk text/call an ex. This is the friend you have to watch to make sure they don’t wander off.

INTP: Extremely high the entire night, coming up with a bunch of “philosophical revelations”. You can basically convince them to do anything in this state. Find them the next morning in some random place five miles away from the party.

ESTP: Absolutely hammered and eventually they pass out from participating in a drinking contest. Attempting any crazy dare that is waged. Also likely to throw the first punch if anyone annoys them or starts a fight.

ESFP: Is completely in their element at the party, having a blast. Talks to almost everyone at the party, although more like running by and yelling hi than actual conversations. Is extremely loud and spent a lot of time making sure they looked nice for the party.

ENTP: Coming up with a bunch of crazy ideas about future or current endeavors. Arguing with other for fun, but may end up inadvertently getting themselves in a fight. Hopping from party to party all night.

ENFP: One of the socialites who wanders from group to group and wants to have a conversation with everyone. Happy, bubbly, having fun. Coming up with crazy ideas to do as a group.

ESTJ: Engaging as many people as possible in loud discussions about their job, technical projects, something interesting they heard on the news, etc. At a party they can be very goofy and fun to be around, making jokes and entertaining those around them with their stories.

ESFJ: Making sure everyone at the party is having fun. One of the socialites who wanders from group to group and wants to have a conversation with everyone. Probably very loud, telling everyone how much they love them. However, if any of their drunk friends propose something too crazy, they are likely to be very skeptical and speak up against it.

ENFJ: One of the socialites who wanders from group to group and wants to have a conversation with everyone. Either jump into other people’s crazy ideas wholeheartedly or condemn them as too crazy (in which case people actually listen to their sagely advice).

ENTJ: May see the party as an opportunity to network or tries to take over it. This can be positive, as they are probably the one organizing fun games and competitions and making sure everything is running smoothly.

Darling, Don’t Break My Heart - CALUM FIC - PART ONE

i wanted to write something like this and you all wanted a new calum fic so here ya go - part one x


“Looks like the boys have come out to play tonight!” Your friend yelled over the thumping beat of the club, nodding her head in the general direction of a group of handsome boys your age, “Dibs on the blonde!” She continued, grinning confidently.

You glanced over at the group, catching the eye of a tan boy with dark hair. You held his gaze for a few seconds with a small smile.

“Dibs on the brunette.” You muttered to yourself, turning your attention to your friend and giggling whilst dancing to the music.

It wasn’t long before the boys had made their way over to you and your friends, buying you shots or dancing crudely.

“What are you drinking?” A voice called over the noise.

You turned your head to see the boy you were eyeing up from before leaning on the bar counter next to you.

“I don’t drink. I’m a horny drunk.” Your line was composed obviously, you’d done this a million times.

“That makes two of us.” He winked at you then turned to the bartender, “Two vodka shots please. Care to join me?” He slid the shot glass towards you, and for the first time you saw his arm was covered in tattoos.

“Cheers.” You clinked glasses and downed it in one, both slamming the glass back down, you angled your body towards his, running your hand along his ink, “Do you have any more of these?” You suggested, now inches away from his face; close enough to tell that the shot was not the first drink he’d had tonight.

“You like them?” He grinned, his eyes lingering on your chest just a second too long.

You leaned in close to his ear to whisper, “Love them.”

“Let’s get out of here.” He turned his head to look you in the eye.

“No,” You grabbed a pen from the counter and then his hand, “Here’s my number. Don’t keep me waiting.”

You slid off the stool you were perched on and gave him one last look as he called, “I’m Calum by the way!”

“Nice to meet you Calum!” You denied him of your name, therefore guaranteeing a call.

He surprised you with a text just a day later, inviting you out for dinner. You obviously accepted, never denying yourself a free meal with some new arm candy.

You had been an expert at this for a while. Your first love broke your heart spectacularly and you swore you would never be taken advantage of again. You liked having power in a relationship, no matter how short it was. And you especially liked making your partner think they had the power.

You knew Calum would take you to a nice place due to the huge watch slung around his wrist the night you met, as well as his designer clothes and abundance of tattoos. You didn’t know what he did but he was definitely one to throw money around.

Your friends simply laughed with you as you informed them of your new date. They knew your game by now, and most of them played the same moves but none as well as you did.

You showed up late of course, but then were surprised to hear that Calum hadn’t arrived at the restaurant yet either. This was a first for you, so you were slightly thrown off but sat down in the dimly lit booth, checking your makeup in a small compact mirror.

20 minutes later and you were about to leave. You were impatient and mortified at the prospect of being stood up. You don’t get stood up. You stand other people up.

“Hi babe.”

Your head snapped up from your phone with your lips pursed in a curt grimace.

“You’re late.” You simply said as Calum slid into the booth next to you.

“Oh yeah… I was busy.”

You were about to make a retort before looking at him fully for the first time that night. He was dressed in a tight fitting black denim jacket that made his arm muscles look huge, not only that but you’d seen it in a recent Calvin Klein campaign. You decided to stick around, not for him, but because you wanted your own back.

You hated to admit it, but after a rough start you actually had a pretty good time. You both made easy conversation and he expressed passion for more than just his daddy’s company; which was typical in the boys you usually went for.

He insisted on paying for the meal, good thing too because you hadn’t brought any cash. You shrugged on your jacket and let him escort you out the restaurant, his hand idly resting on the small of your back.

“Walk me home.” You silently tested him, wondering if he would decline your instruction.

“Sure, which way are you?”

You smiled and began walking, “This way.”

Halfway home Calum grabbed your swinging hand and laced his fingers with yours. You looked down at your hands in confusion before he chuckled.

“I’m holding your hand, is that okay?”

“What? Yeah…” You were a bit taken aback by the sweet nature he had after a rocky start to the night.

When you finally got to your front door you turned to Calum, leaning against the brick of the building and twirling your keys in your hand.

He bit his lip as his eyes swept your body. You grinned and grabbed his jacket, pulling him towards you. Calum instinctively rested his hand on your waist and he couldn’t keep his eyes off your lips.

You could cut the sexual tension between you two with a knife, and felt like you would explode if you didn’t press his pretty pink lips to your own. You did just that, feeling Calum’s grip on you tighten and tingles wash over your body.

You let the kiss carry on for only a few seconds before gently pushing him away from you. Gotta keep it PG on the first date, got to leave him wanting more.

“I’ll see you soon, yeah?” You unlocked the door, but looked over your shoulder as Calum replied.

“I’ll make sure of it.”

The next few weeks you couldn’t get enough of each other, practically inseparable. He would turn up at your apartment and whisk you away on fancy dates. You’d text constantly. Something about him had you hooked, always coming back for another fix. You felt yourself slipping, falling for him despite all the terrible things you’d heard from your friends, but you desperately tried to stay on top of your feelings. You couldn’t do this again. Love… no, not love, you’re not in love.


“Are you gonna stay the night?” She nudged me as I lay in bed next to her.

“I can’t actually.” I was trying to catch my breath, still dazed from my orgasm.


I never stayed. I could tell it annoyed her but it was for the best, it kept us both less attached.

“I’m meeting someone.” I avoided her gaze.


Oh no, she sounded suspicious. Truthfully I didn’t even want to make her jealous, I actually kinda liked her. But that was the exact reason I was leaving. I can’t let myself do this whole ‘relationship’ thing again. I ruin everything. By this time I needed to stick to my act or I might have fallen asleep next to her, a no go.

“Don’t get clingy.” I scoffed, pulling on my skinny jeans.

“Clingy? So I can suck your dick I just can’t get mad when 10 other girls also do?”

Shit, I forgot she likes a fight.

“Come on! It’s not like we’re exclusive!”

“Don’t pull that fucking line on me Calum, we’ve been seeing each other for weeks!”

“Yeah well I don’t think I’m the only guy you’ve been seeing either!” I raised my voice.

We both played the game. That’s why we’d worked for so long, we knew all the tricks, we knew what to do to keep the other begging for more.

“Wow, where have you been hiding that?” She put her hand on her hip as I pulled a t-shirt over his head. God she looked good.

“You’ve been texting.”

“And you’ve been spying.” Her voice wavered, sounds like she’d been caught off guard. She probably still thinks I’m a trust fund idiot.

Her phone was easy to get into, I knew how to read a password by the movements of thumbs. She’s been texting more than just her friends, she’d done more than texting too.

“Don’t turn this around on me!”

“I don’t have to, I have friends in this town, you know! Ones that aren’t blind!”

“Look why don’t we both be honest.” I was fed up with this conversation and wanted a shower.

“Okay let’s try that!” She was still talking loudly, enough to get her anger across but still cautious of neighbours listening in.

“I have been with other girls since… you.”

Lie. I hadn’t… Kissing didn’t count, right?

“Knew it.” You muttered under your breath.

“Your turn.”

She threw her arms up in the air, “Okay so I may have sent a few nudes. Big deal.”

“See, now we’re both admitted whores, we’re perfect for each other.”

Fuck, that was probably too far. She was silent for the first time that night, and I looked over to see her arms folded across her heaving chest.

“Sorry.” I offered, zipping my hoodie up.

“You’re an asshole.”

“Yes.” I could tell my cheeks were flushed and I felt truly bad, “Come here.”

She didn’t say anything, just lingered a few meters away before slowly walking towards me.

I wrapped my arms around you, still keeping our chests at a distance so I could look into her eyes. I hadn’t noticed she was crying until I properly paid attention to her. I reached up with one hand to wipe away a tear.

“I need to go.”

I didn’t want to. I didn’t need to. I had to.

“Course you do.” She spoke softly now.

“I’m sorry.”

I was unsure if I was apologizing for my outburst or leaving.

“I’m sorry too.”

She lay her head on my chest for a minute, just breathing in my scent. I stroked her hair, not wanting to let go.

“God I hate you.” She whispered into my body.

“No you don’t.”

“I know.”

“I’ll call you.” I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder, kissing her on the cheek.

“You better.”

I practically ran down the stairs, gasping for fresh air when I reached the front of the building.

This can’t happen again. I need to leave, I need to leave.

I rested my back on the crumbling brick wall, running my hands through my hair and over my face. I felt wet tears run down my cheeks, I was in too deep.

I need to get away from here. I took out my mobile and punched in a number.

“James? Let’s skip town.”


He didn’t call for three weeks. You nearly gave in and called him but then decided to fuck your frustration out on a ginger you’d met a few times at a club. Luckily for you, they liked to leave hickeys, perfect revenge if Calum ever decided to come back to planet Earth.

The day he called you almost didn’t pick up, letting it ring for a while before finally picking up.

“Hello?” You posed the word as a question, rather than a greeting.

“Hey, how are you?” He must have known that his absence drove you crazy but he sounded delighted to talk to you.

“Sorry, who is this?” You narrowed your eyes despite Calum not being able to see you. Of course you knew who it was, you just wanted to be have control again.

“It’s Calum,” You stayed quiet, and heard him clear his throat before continuing, “Hood.”

You smiled, he definitely sounded disgruntled that you seemed to have forgotten him.

“Oh. You.” You made sure he knew you were less than happy with him.

“Yeah…Hi.” He paused for a brief second, you wondered if he would hang up, “I have a spare ticket to a concert, want to come?”

“I’m a bit booked up, when is it?”


You were a bit taken aback by his confidence.

“Cutting it a bit fine, aren’t we? Had a hot date cancel so you’re settling for me?” You made sure irritation laced your voice.

“You are my hot date.”

You were left a bit speechless at that, unsure if he was lying or not.

“Lucky for you my friend cancelled on me so I’m around, you can pick me up from my apartment.”

“I’ll be there at 7pm. I can’t wait to see you by the way.” He sounded genuine.

“See you tomorrow Calum.” You hung up and sighed loudly.

He really was driving you insane. But you couldn’t let him win. He can’t play a player.

“He can’t play a player.” You confirmed out loud, getting off your bed and walking to your mirror, inspecting the bright purple marks on your neck.


The hours leading up to when I had to pick her up were frantic. Piles upon piles of clothes graced my floor and multiple calls from friends reminded me to calm down.

I was finally ready, smoothing over my hair one last time as I got out the taxi and rang the bell to her apartment. It was 7:00pm on the dot, a change from all the times I’d stood her up.

She buzzed the intercom.

“I’m here to collect my hot date.” I grinned, just happy she’d answered.

“I’m coming down,” She smiled politely when she came out the front door, “Hi.”

I greeted her with a wide smile, I missed her voice. She looked good, amazing even. Wait. My heart dropped to my feet. Was that a hickey? No, that was three hickies. Huge bruises dotting her skin. I immediately felt jealous, probably the reason she had them. This was payback. She’s got another thing coming if she thinks I’m going to just lie down and take this. We’ll go to the gig together, oh yeah, but we might just leave separately.

“How’ve you been?” I attempted small talk, directing my eyes at my feet so I didn’t have to see the marks on her skin.

“Pretty good, how about you?” Her voice was light and airy, she knew she’d had the desired effect on me.

“I’ve had a busy few weeks actually.”

“I’m sure.”


Travelling there you warmed up to each other again, somehow he was always so easy to talk to. Arriving at the venue he guided you to a back entrance, shaking hands with a bouncer on the door.

“VIP’s are we? Are you trying to impress me, Hood?”

“Maybe just a bit.”

You grinned at him and felt a little bad at the fact that you had hickeys all over you. The VIP area was relatively crowded and Calum seemed to know everyone. You couldn’t have a solid conversation as someone would tap Calum’s shoulder every minute or two and say hello.

When the show started it got better though, the music pumping through the speakers made you feel alive even though the chords were unfamiliar. Half way through the concert Calum told you he was getting a drink. You nodded and clapped wildly as the song ended.

After another two were played, however, Calum hadn’t returned. You were quick to locate him still at the bar, whispering into the ear of another girl. You clenched your jaw, this was obviously his way of getting back at you for the hickies. You watched, green with envy, as the girl laughed at something he said, placing her hand on his.

“Idiot.” You didn’t know if you were referring to yourself or Calum.

You stormed out the venue, wading through sweaty bodies to find the exit. You thought you heard your name being called but you didn’t stop. You’d had enough humiliation. Calum was never a good idea, you knew it from the first date but you let yourself get tied up. You let yourself lose at your own game.

You brushed past the bouncer and instantly shivered in the cold night air, cursing yourself for wearing a tank top.

“Y/N! Y/N wait!”

It was Calum, his voice made you slow but you kept walking, you almost didn’t want to face him.

“Y/N, please!” His voice cracked, making you halt finally.

“What do you want Calum? You’ve won! Congratulations! You’ve got me where you want me!” You were yelling. You assumed people were looking by the way Calum was nervously glancing over your shoulder but you were past the point of caring.

“I’m sorry, okay?” It was him who was shouting now, “You drive me crazy! I love you.”

Your heart skipped a beat.


He was close to you now, but you still spoke softly and were unsure he actually heard you.

“I fucking love you and I don’t know what to do! So yeah, I ran away. And I’m sorry. I just saw you today with those damn hickies and it fucking hurt, so I tried to get back at you and that was wrong.”

“I’m sorry too.” You murmured, feeling guilty for making Calum feel bad.

“Y/N, I told you I love you, I need to know how you feel.” His golden brown eyes were begging you and your chest tightened.

The player you met months ago was standing in front of you, declaring his love for you and almost reduced to tears. And you had no idea what to say.

“I…” The words were on the tip of your tongue, so close to spilling, “I…” Your heart was pounding in your chest, those three little words that everyone wanted to hear, “…need to go.”

To everyone who thinks talking to bigots is a waste of time...

My coworker is one of the most racist, homophobic people I know. She’s not even discreet about it and I have to call her out on slurring people all the fucking time.

So, tonight is my first night back to work since the election and I was debating whether or not to bring it up. I debated for only a short time because, we can’t be silent anymore. So I engaged in the conversation.

And you know what? It didn’t go terribly. She admitted that she’s seen that people are afraid for their lives, so I explained to her why. Is she going to do a magical 180 turnaround? Probably not. At least not all at once, but I think she at least saw things a little differently.

These discussions have to keep happening. White people HAVE to talk to other white people. We ARE the problem. White people are dangerous to begin with, and even if you are the least bigoted white person in existence, if you’re not talking, if you’re not taking action, you’re part of the problem.

I truly want to believe that the white people fueled by hate and fear are the minority. I’m not sure that’s true but those of us who aren’t need to speak over the ones who are. We’re the only ones who can and we owe it to literally EVERYONE.

White people are quite literally the only ones who can stop racism because we’re the ones who are racist, and it only ends when we stop.

It’s not easy and it’s not comfortable and yeah, you might lose friends, but other people are losing their lives. It’s time to do something about it. Actually, it’s long past time…

I just listened to one of the most bigoted people I know say out loud that Donald Trump should not be president, and that she hopes the protests are successful and the electoral college elects Hillary instead… it’s about time that was the norm and not the exception, don’t you think?

One and Only

Anon Request: In which you’re in a relationship with baekhyun but you know that you are just a ‘rebound’ of his beloved exgf. A year passed and still going strong and you thought that baekhyun might have loved you already. Then you learned that his exgf was back for him so you decided to break up with him. Ends with you still with baekhyun. I want to write it but I can’t. I don’t have the talent hahaha. Thank you in advance.

Mending a broken heart by creating a new love didn’t work. It never would, not with you. You were in love with Baekhyun for a majority of your life, starting from around your first year of high school. And you knew that he wouldn’t ever love you back. 

He had the most wonderful girlfriend. They dated throughout high school, into their first couple of years in college, and you could have sworn they would get married right in front of your eyes. 

All of that changed when her entire family had to move overseas, and she didn’t want to suffer a long distance relationship. They broke up. Baekhyun was a different person because of her. 

His smile was a thousand times brighter than the sun, he was more cheerful and playful, and he had love in his eyes. His love filled eyes came crashing down like a meteor when she broke his heart.

He was an emotional wreck for months, refusing to see anyone else but his best friend, you. The rebound girl. He stuck to you like glue, wanting and needing to fill the void of love that had been missing from his life. 

About 6 months after the break up, you couldn’t handle it anymore and told Baekhyun your true feelings. How much you cared and loved for him, wanting to see him happy again. 

You wanted to make sure to stay by his side through thick and thin, even though you knew it would take him a long time to love you, if he ever did. Even after a year, you had your doubts. 

You could admit that you were happy with the little things, like Baekhyun needing you there to sleep, or him latching protectively onto your arm when you were out on a date. It was the big things that you seemed to wonder about your so-called relationship and how real it actually was. 

Baekhyun said he loved you once in your relationship, and hadn’t since. You’d say it to him, he wouldn’t say it back. The glint of love in his eyes never shown with you, the one you noticed with his ex. And you came to the painful conclusion that deep in his heart, he still loved her. 

That you were a cover up. The only reason that he and his ex broke up was because of the distance, not because they didn’t love each other anymore. Slowly, this was killing you. 

You knew from the beginning that you were just being selfish in dating Baekhyun, him finally yours and not someone else’s. After all those years of having an unrequited love to feel like it was returned was utter bliss. And that bliss was a lie. 

He was more distant than normal, staying his unusual quiet self for a majority of the day. You’d ask how he day went, and he’d reply with simple, one-worded answers. You tried to be your cheerful self as much as you could, but holding that façade for a year now had become incredibly tiring. 

You didn’t know if you could hold it up any longer. He was sitting on the couch, mindlessly flipping through his phone. 

“Babe, dinner is ready!” You called, without answering he got up and made his way to the table, leaving his phone on the couch. The both of you ate in silence, something you had been accustomed to for the last month. 

Baekhyun cleaned up the dishes in total silence, and you went to the couch to watch tv. You plopped down, accidentally sitting on his phone. You dug it out and placed it on the table in front of you, when it lit up with a text from Chanyeol. 

You would have ignored it, but the lock screen picture caught you off guard. It was her, his ex on his phone. Your mouth fell slightly open, but you shouldn’t have felt so surprised. She was in his heart, after all. 

You shifted on the couch so that you were lying down, resisting with your whole body not to shed any tears. You didn’t remember when you fell asleep, but you woke up on the couch, body stiff. It was around 3 in the morning, you noticed Baekhyun’s phone was gone, and the whole apartment dark. 

You stumbled into your bedroom, seeing that Baekhyun was on the bed by himself. He just left you on the couch? He didn’t try to wake you up or anything? You decided to go back to the couch rather than join your boyfriend in bed. 

He must have been ok with not sleeping next to you anymore. Your body was more stiff when the sun came up, but your forced yourself awake to make breakfast for your boyfriend. 

The day went on with tension, and you needed out of the apartment for a little. You told Baekhyun you were going to go shopping, hoping that he’d offer to come with you, but he didn’t say anything. You bought yourselves a nice dress, much happier than in the morning. 

Maybe it would get Baekhyun to take you out on a date. While you were walking back to your shared apartment you heard your name being called out. 

“Hey, Junmyeon.” You smiled, seeing the man jog up to you. Junmyeon was practically your older brother, incredibly protective over you. You were walking back with Junmyeon who wanted to say a quick hi to your boyfriend. What you weren’t expecting to see was Baekhyun standing outside of your apartment building…with her. 

With that look in his eye, the love that returned instantaneously. She saw you, and had a big smile on, as did Baekhyun. You hadn’t seen him smile that big in all the time you had dated. Junmyeon glared at her subtly, not happy that she had returned. 

“Mari, you’re back in Korea.” She gave you a hug and smiled. 

“It’s great to see you! How have you been?” 

Junmyeon interrupted her, “She and Baekhyun have been great.” 

You saw Mari’s smile shrink, eyes started to fill with understanding, and that look broke you. She must have come back for Baekhyun, she was still in love with him. And there you were, standing in her way. 

You had pleading eyes to Junmyeon, begging him not to say anything more. But he wouldn’t have it. 

“Why don’t you two invite her in? We shouldn’t be standing out here.” 

Mari’s eyes widened, “Oh, no. That’s ok, I was just passing by. I’ll see you all later!” She scurried off, and in the corner of your eye you could see Baekhyun longingly staring at her leaving. 

His face returned to the blankness, the one that he always gave you. Junmyeon gave you a quick goodbye and you and Baekhyun returned to your apartment, you waiting for impending doom. Baekhyun didn’t say anything to you, but it was time for you to have a talk. 

“Baekhyun…” It seemed like the first time in awhile that you used his full name, and that caught him off guard. “I…I don’t think we should do this anymore.” 

His face fell slightly, you could see the wheels turning in his head. “What…what do you mean this?” 

You were more firm. It had to be done. You were done doubting your relationship with him, feeling like the rebound girl even a year after. Once he saw Mari, everything was like it was back then. His face was different, his eyes were filled with love again. Even the time when he told you he loved you, there was still love for her as well. 

“I mean us. I think…we should break up.” 

You could see his eyes glazing over, and everything in him was trying to suppress his emotions. “Do you love me?” 

Of course, I love you. I’ve loved you more than anyone else.

“Do you love Mari?” He stayed silent, and that was confirmation enough. You softly sighed, feeling a small need to explain. 

“Look, Baekhyun. I know you still love her. You…you looked so happy today, and I don’t think I can give you that. You should be with her, not me. I don’t deserve you. Thank you, though. For being with me, I mean.” 

Baekhyun stayed silent, and it was tearing you apart. This was how it was going to end? He was just going to agree and go back to her. 

“Ok.” He mumbled, before turning around and walking out of the apartment. At that point, you couldn’t hold back your emotions and fell to the ground, crying out. 

All of the tears from your pain the past year flowed out so easily, your first ever relationship had been a complete failure in your eyes. As fast as you could move, everything that was yours in the apartment was packed and you left without a word, spending the night at one of your girl friends houses. 

About a week had gone by, but Baekhyun still had an empty hole in his heart. He didn’t know if it was because he wasn’t used to having Mari around, or because you were gone. 

He went back to his first love, but it just didn’t feel the same. Others around him let him know that as well. While Mari was happy that Baekhyun was hers again, everyone around him, sometimes Baekhyun himself, didn’t agree. 

Everyone was gathered at a casual party, just a catching up sort of gathering. When Baekhyun and Mari walked through the door, the room went close to silent, everyone participating in giving their own glares. 

Junmyeon’s was probably the worst, having to endure seeing you a complete mess the past week. Junmyeon had never seen you in that kind of state, lifeless, and depressed. 

You were rapidly losing weight over refusing to eat, bags under your eyes from lack of sleep and crying all night, just like Baekhyun was when he and Mari broke up. 

Baekhyun was trying to have decent conversations with his friends, but he could feel tension from each of them. The night wasn’t going smoothly for him, and once Junmyeon walked into the room with a distraught look on his face, it wouldn’t ever go smooth. 

To Baekhyun, it looked like Junmyeon was about to break down and cry. “Baekhyun, I need to tell you something.” 

Junmyeon didn’t feel the need to pull him aside, but Baekhyun felt his heart beat faster when he heard your name escape Junmyeon’s lips. 

“She…she was in an accident. Baek…she’s not going to make it. You have to go to the hospital.” 

Baekhyun’s mind was blank. All he heard out of that was you weren’t going to make it. Baekhyun’s silence was making everyone in the room angry. He didn’t dash out of the room like a loving man would, he just stood there, next to Mari. All the anger pented up in Junmyeon, as he grabbed the collar of his jacket and pushed him against the wall, no one holding him back. 

“You’re just going to stand there and let her die, you bastard?! Do you know how much she loves you?! All she ever did was take care of you and treat you a thousand times better than Mari ever did! She’s going to die with a broken heart and you don’t even care! Damn it, Baekhyun, you don’t deserve her!” 

He shoved Baekhyun off and stormed off into another room. Baekhyun felt his heart rip in half, torn. In his heart, he was starting to believe that Mari couldn’t be the one for him after all. Even she believed that, slightly pushing Baekhyun out the door. 

Once his feet were moving, they couldn’t stop. He was in a trance as he entered the hospital and begging the nurse to tell him where you were. The sight of you bruised up, arm in a cast, and unconscious made everything feel all too real. 

You were leaving, right in front of him. Your friend quietly explained to Baekhyun what happened, something about a drunk driver and you carelessly walking into the street. But Baekhyun didn’t catch most of it, as he stood over your hospital bed listening to the faint sounds of the heart monitor that he was afraid would come to an end. 

Your friend quietly left the room and gave him alone time with you. That’s when the tears finally broke out, when Baekhyun finally agreed with his heart. And at the worst possible moment. 

You leaving him struck him hard, it just had a delayed reaction, and he wasn’t ready for it. He was a blubbering mess, saying that if you lived he would tell you he loved you a thousand times more than you did. 

That he was sorry that it took him so long to realize everything you have done for him, and how much you loved him. He loved you, and it was too late. He grabbed your hand and kept his head lowered on your bed, muffling his loud cries. 

After about a minute of spewing out all of his feelings, he felt tiny fingers raking through his smooth hair. His head shot up, widened eyes to see yours open and brimming with tears. “Baby, don’t hate me. It was Junmyeon’s idea.” 

He choked on a gasp, pulling you close into his arms, too tightly for your comfort. You groaned at the force, and Baekhyun immediately let go, afraid to hurt you anymore. He cupped your face, uncontrollably sobbing. 

You used your hand to wipe away the tears on his face, seeing so much love in his eyes. He leaned in, desperately kissing you like it was your last time, though it wouldn’t be. He pulled away, a relieved yet loving smile splayed across his face. 

“It’s impossible for me to hate you babe. I love you.” 

Your heart fluttered, body warming at the sound of his words. He gently rested his head on yours, “What happened?” 

Your face turned red, blushing out of embarrassment. “I ran into a delivery boy…” 

You heard him chuckle, pulling you in for another kiss, this time slow and passionate. “You might have to take care of me for a little while.” 

You whispered against his lips, begging for another kiss. He gladly gave you whatever your heart desired. “How about I take care of you forever?”

Excuse me while I go rip my heart out. Hope my anon liked it <3

Learning Love Pt.1

this came to me when reading some angst-y stuff and it just went from the first paragraph, i’ll try to plan this out properly :) Thank you for reading~

[ANGST] Somehow or another your life involves BTS, first as a fan and now as friends and co-workers. How do you learn love? You fall head first of course.

Words: 1229

[No More Dream]

“Heh,” You sneered at yourself and wondered how you had gotten your stupid ass here. Leaning against the worn out brick wall that you could tell once was of a vibrant red colour that painted shy smiles on passers-by, you faced the ground threatening the tears to show themselves, prepared to battle this out with all your will power. Stay in.

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4/4 he thinks your dress is too short

da blurbs are back 

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haiiiii can you do one where your friendship falls out cause they picked their girlfriend over you and after like a month or so they come back to you then you don't give in that easily and stuff but yeah ??? :-)

Oh my goodness Anon, you and several other’s have wanted a part two of this and I am so happy you guys like it.

(H/G/N)- His Girlfriends Name


It was a mess, your friendship was a complete train wreck and it was all because of Michael’s girlfriend. Since that little talk with (H/G/N) you admit you were pretty moody, and like a good friend Michael was concerned. When you admitted to Michael on what really happened he went in immediate denial. “(Y/N) why are you saying that? Dude, I thought you would be happy for me.” “Michael I am, but I just don’t think she’s the right girl.” “I don’t believe you.” He says shaking his head. “Michael, I’ve been friends with you for 4 years, I wouldn’t have told you this if I didn’t think it was an issue.” “You know I’ve been wanting a girlfriend, for a long time-” “I know but-” “Can’t you just put it aside and be happy for me??” He says and you stared back at him knowing he wasn’t going to budge. “You know what, fine. Have fun with your ‘girlfriend.’ Maybe she could fill in my shoes and play player two on COD, if she knows how to work a controller.” You said before exiting out of the house… A month later you were playing online with a few of your gamer friends. You haven’t talked to Michael, and Michael hasn’t even tried contacting you. Even though you had a touch exterior, you did your share of crying your eyes out, staying up at odd hours tweaking on video games, and eating junk food. It’s not like you were in love with him, you weren’t his girlfriend, he just played a very special role in your life and when he was gone, nothing filled the void. You stayed up till 2 in the morning, still in front of the screen and playing in the dark. All your friends were offline, until a named popped up in the corner of the screen. It was Michael and he wanted to chat. You put on your headset and listened to what he had to say. “Hey (Y/N)…” “….” “Okay, you probably don’t wanna talk, and I’m probably the last person you wanna have a late night conversation with but…. Can I come over?” “No.” “This is something I really can’t talk about through a headset…” “No.” You said again feeling the tears forming in your eyes. He was silent for a moment, and you didn’t know how to feel. A part of you wanted him to go away, but another part of you wanted him to stay online and try to get you to give in. “Okay, one match, you and me, and if I win, I’ll be there in 20 minutes and you better let me in okay?” “….Fine.” You said to the agreement. You faced off and you honestly didn’t even try to win, you were too emotional to give it your all and Michael won easily. He logged off and in 20 minutes he was at your door. You let him in and you two sat quietly in your living room with mugs of hot coco. “I broke up with her.” “….” “(Y/N) I’m telling you this because you were right.” “What did she do?” He sighed, “nothing, that’s just it, she did absolutely nothing. I mean, I like a girl that I could do nothing with but… I wanted to do something. She couldn’t play video games so what we ended up doing most of the time is fooling around.” You rolled your eyes, “and you don’t like that?” “I liked it, for a good couple of days, but then I just got so tired of making out with her, and fooling around, and touching her boobs.” “Okay, ew, less details Michael. I mean, I know we’re bros but please, I do not wanna know every single thing you guys did.” You said and he starts laughing. “I really missed your humor (Y/N).” You smiled at him then looked away, “I’m still mad at you though….” He frowns and looks down, “yeah, I know, but can we just try and start over again?” You looked at him and arched your eyebrows. “(Y/N), will you please be my player 2 again?” He says pouting slightly. You roll your eyes and thought for a moment. You gave a sigh and smiled at him before bumping your fists together. “I’m gonna kick your butt in the next game though.” You said and he smiles.


“Really Calum? You believe what she is saying?” You said gesturing to (H/G/N) who was just behind the door of the room you were in. “Well, what do you want me to do (Y/N)? She’s my girlfriend and-” “I’m your best friend Calum, you’re supposed to believe in me. You knew me for how long? You really think I would threaten her?” You asked and he hesitates on his answer. “Whatever,” you said giving up on the argument, “sure you ask if I’m okay, but then you decide to push me down again, fine, I see how it is Calum.” You said backing from him then rushing out the door and past (H/G/N) who gave you a slight grin. The reason you and Calum were fighting is because (H/G/N) took matters into her own hands and decided to tell Calum that you threatened her and their relationship. It was a crazy story, but she put on a sob act for him to believe it. You told him it was the other way around, but you had the disadvantage, you were on the other end. During the month you’ve ignored every single text message, call, and face time Calum made. You didn’t want to deal with him, you felt so betrayed. A new month was starting and you were still in the middle of figuring out if you missed Calum or not. You felt weird without him, like an empty space was beside you and nothing you did could fill that big space. One day, one of your friends told you to get on Twitter, you logged on and found a lot of missed notifications. You haven’t been on for a month and you knew everything was gonna be cluttered. When you refreshed the app to everything recent you saw the tweet. “I don’t date liars, get off my grill.” You stared at the tweet for a long time and digging through the comments of what was going on. You found out that Calum dumped (H/G/N). You decided to dig through the tweets you missed and most of them were indirected towards you. Calum missed you, he regretted not choosing your side, he wanted to start over. Overwhelmed by the drama you logged out again and tried to sort everything out in your head. Your phone buzzed again only to see another text from Calum requesting if he could face time you. After 2 missed face time calls you gave in to the third. “Hey (Y/N)” he says. “…. Hey.” “Listen, I know you probably hate me right now but, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry I didn’t believe in you.” “Hmph.” He chuckles slightly and gives a small smile, “I was blinded, but not anymore okay? (Y/N) you are one of my best friends and I miss having you around. I want to start over….” He says and you just stare back at him. “That’s just what I wanted to say…. I’ll let it sink in-” “I miss you too.” Was all you managed to say. Calum was slightly surprised by you talking, his blank expression turned into a growing smile and you couldn’t help but smile back.


“Okay (Y/N), nice joke.” “I’m not joking Ashton.” You said crossing your arms. “Seriously, stop fooling around, you expect me to believe that my girlfriend, who by the way is pretty soft spoken, told you to stop being friends with me?” “Yes! Why is that so hard for you to understand?” “(Y/N), (H/G/N) knows how important you are to me, she wouldn’t say that.” “And I’m telling you she did Ashton.” Ash looks at you a bit upset that you weren’t letting go of your accusation, “well, I’m not breaking up with her.” “What?” “I’m not breaking up with her, and just like you said, I get to decide who I could hang out with or be with in my life.” He says using your words against you. You looked at him slightly stunned. “Well then, if you could do that, so could I….” You said turning your back on him. “(Y/N) come on, don’t be like that.” He calls out but you ignore him and leave. A month later you haven’t spoken to Ashton. He didn’t contact you back and you were convinced that your friendship was over. One day you were passing by a Starbucks and saw the “couple” outside. You kept your distance only to notice that they were arguing. You could tell Ashton was upset when he wasn’t smiling and his eyes weren’t perked. “Well then, who is it going to be, me or her?” You heard her question. Ashton paused for a moment, silently looking at her before answering, “her.” “What?” “H-E-R, her.” He repeats. She balls her hands into fist, but opens her hands before slapping him in the face and stomping off. “Damn.” Ashton mumbled rubbing his cheek then looking to the side where you were. You were stunned, no one has ever hit Ashton, he was literally the nicest guy you knew. Seeing him like that was a whole other perspective. He walks over to you and smiles, “hey (Y/N) I guess you saw that.” He says. You nodded slightly and put your hand on his cheek, “what were you two even arguing about.” “You.” He says simply. “What? Why?” You asked. Ashton was silent and held your hand, “you know I don’t like fighting, and you know you mean a lot to me. You’re my best friend and I don’t want to lose you. Ending on a bad note really bothered me and I kept asking (H/G/N) for advice and apparently she got sick of it and snapped at me.” “Well, I would get a tad bit mad if my boyfriend kept talking about another girl.” He chuckles a bit, “okay which side are you on now?” You smile slightly and shrug, “I’m just speaking my mind Ashton.” He laughs again before looking at you, “can we stop fighting now?” He asks. You sigh trying to not give in to his hopeful smile, “buy me coffee and I’ll think about it.” You said smiling and walking in together.


“Why are you dressed like that? It’s so weird.” Luke says laughing slightly. You took a second glance at yourself, and you admit you hated what you were wearing too. Mature like clothing that just didn’t fit you the right way. “It’s just a look Luke.” “It’s weird though, are you trying to look like (H/G/N)? It really doesn’t suit you.” He says holding in a laugh but going to his closet to let you borrow a shirt of his to change into. You took his shirt in your hands feeling some what offended, “why, you don’t think I could pull this off? Sorry I’m not mature for it Luke.” You said sarcastically. “Hey, why are you concerned about your looks all of a sudden, you’re fine the way you are (Y/N).” You gave a frustrated sigh, “You don’t get it Luke, I’m just trying to prove a point.” “That point would be?” “That I could be just as mature, I’m just trying to prove (Y/G/N) wrong.” You said crossing your arms. “Why do you need to prove yourself to my girlfriend?” You started to feel a bit irritated by his questioning, “she said that I shouldn’t be in your life because I’m childish and that I’d ruin your image.” Luke frowns, “image? I wear pink boxers with burgers and fries on it. Anyway, that’s besides the point, (Y/N) don’t take it as an insult, she can sound a bit…” “Mean? Rude? Robotic.” “Okay stop, you’re talking about my girlfriend.” “Oh, so she can insult me and call me childish and a bad influence but I get scolded for pointing out the truth?” “(Y/N), come on, she’s the first relationship I’ve had in a while, since my fetus years, could you just drop this and move on?” “No Luke, I will not just ‘drop this’ issue.” You said before throwing his shirt back at him and leaving his room. You ignored every text Luke sent you, you would glance at the message before deleting it. His way of trying to fix things only seemed to tick you off even more. He was looking at the situation in one view, and that view just so happened to not be yours. A month passed and it seemed like Luke had given up on trying to mend your friendship, until you received a call. At first you didn’t pick up, but then he left a message. As much as you wanted to ignore it as well you couldn’t help but listen to it. You admitted to yourself that you missed his voice. “(Y/N)?” You heard him say before sniffling, “listen, I’m probably the last person you want to see but I really need a friend. This sounds so girly, but I just want to talk to you….” You sat there replaying the message 2 more times before calling him back. “(Y/N)?” You heard him answer. “You okay Luke?” You questioned. “Could I come over? I don’t think I could really talk about this on the phone…” He says. You thought for a moment and sighed, “fine, you can come over-” You said before being interrupted by your door bell. You open the door to see Luke, obviously upset. “What’s going on?” “I broke up with her….” He says before letting himself in and sitting on the couch. “Wait, why?” “She kept controlling everything I did and I got fed up with it. Then she made fun of you and I snapped at her. So then I broke up with her and I felt free, but realized that I’m single again and…” “Oh god, Luke, don’t give me that, ‘I’m gonna die alone’ attitude.” “It’s just that, I don’t have time for dating and it just sucks because I blew my only successful relationship.” You sighed, “it isn’t successful if she kept trying to change you.” Luke sat there quiet for a moment before you decided to make tea for the both of you. When you handed him the mug he took a sip before speaking, “I really missed having you around.” “I….  Missed you too Hemmings.” You said and he smiles slightly. “I’m really sorry for not believing you (Y/N), could we just…. Start everything over?” You looked down at your cup, “I don’t know Luke…” “You can still be mad at me, just…. Don’t go radio silent on me….” He says quietly before lightly nudging you. You couldn’t help but smiled at his stupid gesture and nudged him back.

Part 1

A/N: Thank you Anon for your request, and every other Anon (and th3littlemermaid14) for requesting a part 2. Literally, there was a lot of you who wanted a part two and waking up to all the messages really made me happy.




I questioned whether or not to share this. Perhaps it will be useful to someone.

My relationship has ended with POT of three dates, and the one who bought me my chanel and Hermes. On our third date after shopping we went for dinner at Daniel, a 2 star michelin restaurant. It was a Friday evening around 8:30 pm. I suggested that we order dinner al la carte rather than a tasting menu; partly because I wasn’t very hungry and partly because I was tired. Dinner went well, maybe I’ll write about it in another post. Due to a disappointing menu and my exhaustion I decline dessert. While waiting for the bill my POT began making comments about how the night was a perfect night to watch woody Allen movies and cuddle. *cue internal eye roll. I know what come over and watch a movie means. I wasn’t born yesterday* So I mention that I am tired from a long day and that the wine I drank had made me drowsy. My POT lightly protested through a thinly veiled joke. He laughed that it would be totally fine if I fell asleep and stayed the night at his apartment. I told him that I was aware of what coming over for a movie meant and that it was not the first time I had heard that line. He laughed and joked that he “didn’t even have condoms” at his apartment. *Cue eye roll and vomit creeping up my throat. Don’t say the word condoms at dinner* I again politely decline his offer.

I reluctantly shared a cab with him towards our respective homes. I did not disclose my address, just a vaguely near-by intersection of streets. When we entered the cab we held hands and my POT kissed me lightly on the lips. He then continued trying to ‘persuade’ me to come over. My patience began to run thin. It felt like I was re-watching a movie for the 100th time-where I already knew both actors lines and knew how the movie would end. I had been in that position countless times before with men whose names and faces aren’t worth remembering. And because I had been in the same position many times before, I knew how it would likely end. I suspected that if I denied his advances then he would take back the items he purchased for me. And I suspected that our scheduled Chanel shopping trip for the following week would be canceled. Those were my options.

My POT asked me to come over at least four times. But what really ‘broke the camels back’ was when my POT asked me to go with him to his office so that he can give me a book. It was 10:30 pm on a Friday night. And he was asking me to go with him to an abandoned office, which I have never seen before, and on our 3rd date within a week of knowing one another. This is also the second time he suggested that I see his office (at night) and the first time I politely refused ((he suggested it once before on the second date)). I didn’t ‘snap’ so to speak. There was no yelling or cursing- I’m a wasp after all. But I immediately lost any remaining shred of my strained politeness. I curtly told him that I would not go to anyone’s abandoned office at 10:30 pm because it was not safe for me. My POT immediately pulled his hand from mine as if he were repulsed by holding it. He was silent so I began to reiterate that I am a young lady and that I am uncomfortable going to his office. He avoided eye contact and rambled that he would think the office is safe “because it has cameras and security.” I gently reminded him that I had never been to his office before and therefore I was unfamiliar with it. Still avoiding eye and body contact, he told me me that he understood and that the thought had never occurred to him. I told him that I understood and then I attempted to change and lighten the conversation. But he remained silent. The remainder of the cab ride was silent and he would not touch my hand. It was probably the longest and awkwardest cab ride I have experienced. We exited the cab and he handed me my shopping bag. I had expected that he withhold it because I refused to go over his place.

I felt truly bad when I arrived home. I felt guilty for saying ‘no’. I doubted myself for saying ‘no’. I didn’t sleep well that night. The previous night was the first thing on my mind when I awoke that morning. As the morning progressed my feelings switched to anger. I disliked the feeling that if I didn’t go back to his apartment then I wouldn’t get Chanel. I became angry at myself for feeling bad and for feeling guilty. And I became slightly angry at him for not recognizing that he was pressuring me to come over.

So that next day I invariably assumed that we parted ways. I didn’t text him- partly because I was uncertain of what to say. So midday he texted me a simple hi. I responded and he told me that his plans for the day canceled and asked me if I wanted to get dinner that evening with him. I was very surprised. I politely declined because the weather was garbage, I was tired, and because I was feeling awkward about the previous evening. He then texts me and asks if I could speak with him on the phone. *😱 who the hell talks on the phone these days?* I lie and tell him that I’m expecting a call but that I’m free to text. I’ll include some photos of the conversation.

•Looking back, I don’t believe his silence in the cab ride was due to him being angry for being rebuffed. But rather he was speechless and shocked. And perhaps he was offended, and perceived the conversation as me accusing him of being malcontent.

•Maybe I could have been more tactful. As I mentioned, I was extremely tired. I have to wake up early for work and had been awake for ~20 hours. My exhaustion likely contributed to how I handled the situation.

• I don’t know that I’m proud of my decision or proud that I stood by my principles. My decision was not innately right or wrong. I likely would have felt bad if I had chosen to go back with him to his apartment. I truly believe that I was in an unfortunate position, where no matter what I chose to do, I “just couldn’t win.”

• There is a very fine line between pressuring and persuasion.

• I likely would have went home with him after the 4th or 5th date. I had no intention of “sucking him dry” and disappearing. I was simply tired that night and wasn’t looking/feeling my best.

• I figured it may be strategic to agree when he asked me if we could be just friends.

• A lady should never have to tell a gentleman No more than once.

• I feel a bit vulnerable sharing this.

• Win some to lose some.

Beauty and Mr Charming: Chapter 8

TITLE: Beauty and Mr Charming


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / fluff 

FIC SUMMARY: After being let go of her temp job, Stella finds herself in a sticky situation when her flatmate, a bearded and poorly dressed man named Tom, leans in for a kiss and only finds cheek. Staying friends and not lovers, Stella is in complete shock when Tom completely transforms from looking like a slob to suddenly someone…hot.  Can she sort out her emotions for Tom in time before it’s too late?


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Thank you to all who have sent in messages and feedback! This is the second last chapter and I haven’t written the last one yet so this is a danger area. Let’s see if I have the motivation to write the last chapter this week. I would love to hear what you guys think! Much love :)

Chapter 1 \ Chapter 2Chapter 3 \ Chapter 4 \ chapter 5 \ Chapter 6 \ Chapter 7 

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