and they post horrifying things

you all need to think about how you interact with trans men online, like really think

recently one of my posts about being a trans man and casually interacting with another trans man got about 90,000 notes and the tags and comments are full of ‘too pure for this earth’, ‘i’m a dirty sinner i don’t deserve to read this post’, ‘adorable cute sweet precious boys’ despite the fact that it’s mentioned that i am in college and not a child in the post and you all need to think about how some trans men do not want to be referred to that way and being okay with being referred to that way is pretty much exclusively a young teenager tumblr thing that makes a lot of guys uncomfortable. i’m just a man. none of this is necessary and it’s very performative, but…

along with this infantilizing, with this obsession with the proposed purity of another man and myself just for existing, there’s also dehumanization that comes with it, for example:

somewhere along the post, someone decided it would be a good idea to add, ‘all i can imagine is two eldritch horrors trying to get their voices as horrifying and fucked up as possible’ (not exact quote but that’s the gist of it)…

and someone decided that it would be a good idea to take my experience, wildly change the context and make a FANFIC, on MY OWN POST, of two eldritch MONSTERS upset because their voices didn’t sound ‘as horrific’ as the ‘monsters’ around them, and bonding over it together. nowhere in this fanfiction was being trans mentioned.

this is, quite possibly, the most horrifying thing someone has added to one of my posts and going beyond dehumanizing my experiences as a trans man enjoying my voice getting deeper, but also writing a fanfiction onto the post that changed the context of ‘two trans men finding validation between one another and our voices’ into ‘two monsters are sad they’re not scary enough and bond over trying to be scary together’. i shouldn’t have to explain how horrible that is for me to read, and how horrible it is to see that added on my own post & circulated through hundreds with no criticism.

quite frankly, it’s devastating to see how people talk about and interact with trans men. we are either children who must be protected and are weak and vulnerable and ‘too pure’, or we are fuel for your fanfics that completely strip us of our humanity. i consent to neither and if you think that any of these things are okay to do to a complete stranger, all you’re doing is patting yourself on the back for your performative ally points while making trans men uncomfortable with sharing their experiences and talking about their lives and trying to be happy with themselves. stop it. 

Alternatively for older Mob: buys a cheap apartment and turns out theres this demonic spirit that lives there, but its very tormented and Mob would feel bad for exorcising it right away. So he lets it live in his little complex and treats it like a rowdy dog. Leaves it out some food and some specific chairs to flip and float around the kitchen, maybe even a few old dishes to break if it has to.

Eventually it decides it likes Mob, and basically becomes his spirit familiar.


Fern’s buzzing cellphone made her put her book aside and check Simbook. She clicked a notification button and cringed at the photo that appeared on the screen. ‘Jeez’, she moaned.

‘What’s wrong?’ Her mom leaned slightly in her direction.

‘It’s Auggie,’ Fern sighed. ‘He’s posting his thing on Simbook again!’.

‘His thing?’ Ocean asked, obviously horrified by what the ‘thing’ could mean.

Fern laughed. ‘Relax, mom. Not the thing thing. He bought a guitar. He doesn’t even know how to play but I keep seeing him with the damn thing all over the internet’.

there’s no actual reason the silvergifts couldn’t have biological kids. sauron is perfectly capable of turning into a form that can bear children

this could be taken in a cracky direction but I actually find it more compelling as horror. pregnant!annatar torturing his boyfriend to death while patting his belly and cooing about their unborn child

“you’re, going to make, a terrible father,” tyelpe pants out between screams

sauron smiles wistfully. “I know we planned to coparent, but somehow I don’t think that’s going to work out now. oh well. some things just weren’t meant to be”


Even if you don’t speak french, you have to watch this video because it is the most horrifying thing you will ever see. We were forced to watch this show for grade 10 french and to this day I still have nightmares of the “ananas" 

What type is most likely to post private things on public platforms? Like in the comments of public facebook posts?

blacksirencry replied to your post: Random Psylocke thing. In the 5 Ronin series,…

Petition for every comic book character whose origin is heavily based off East Asian themes/martial arts to be portrayed as Asian. From elektra to danny rand

and then scarlett johansson isnt allowed to play a single one of them in cinematic adaptations!!!


You are no better if you do this. 

and because I know some asshat is going to take this and go “ermahgerdd so ur fine with doge rape u monstur!!1”, when a human being commits a crime, they don’t turn into a monster. They are still very much a human with feelings. Let them know you’re upset by spreading information so people will know not to buy from them. Harassing the person directly does nothing 


Both Turkey (red flag) and Pakistan (green) have suffered devastating terrorist attacks in the month of March 2016. There have been more than 10 attacks in Turkey in March alone by several organizations. Pakistan suffered a terrible suicide bombing in Lahore today (3/27/2016) and hundreds of people were wounded and killed–many families were in the park today, some celebrating Easter. It’s important to remember that theses attacks are not as visible in western media for a variety of reasons. But they’re happening way too often in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. That they happen at all is too much, but please remember the people who are grieving in those places too. My heart broke for people in France and in Belgium this year, but also for the people in Pakistan today.


CS hiatus meme :
→ Week 2 : Captain Swan + smiles

She was crying but the pirate smiles and instantly her face lights up.

i was always under the impression that until they started getting obvious about it, the “this is a horrifying post-apocalyptic world” thing was subtle

i was mistaken

Pet peeve: angels being depicted as attractive human-like things with fluffy wings instead of the terrifying celestial beings they really are.

rok is the website that posted the charming (read: most horrifying thing i’ve ever read) article on “how to seduce a lesbian as a straight man”

just so we’re on the same page about what these men think of women like me

An Ex that Won't Quit or I was Very Nearly a Waifu
M- the weeb

S- my friend

B- another friend

And my mom

I had been seeing this guy for about seven months. My mom had introduced us and we had gotten along at first my messaging on facebook and texting. He considered me special because I liked Star Trek and Monty Python, and one he knew I was into anime I was some ‘special snowflake’ creature. I should of seen the signs, just like everyone here. But I had never dated seriously and I was excited.

As we’re dating he does some things I find annoying. He was hardcore into classic anime. 80’s style stuff all of which I blocked from my mind. He was also huge into Claymore at the time and my haircut then was very much like the main characters. I was playing with going with short hair at the time and was nervous, but he went on and on about how cute it was and how I looked so much like the character. It was kind of weird but I persisted with the relationship.

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Hey, I’m not sure how much you pay attention to some of the other stuff going on around Tumblr, but right now, there’s this kind of war going on between the feminist corner of Tumblr and the /b/ forums on 4chan.  So far, their attacks have been limited to mostly feminism and fandom tags (posting disturbing explicit material in them), but they’re gearing up for a new wave, and it looks like it will include some food tags.  The link shows a screenshot from the 4chan servers. 

These are people who think that people wanting a safe space means they’re weak and that they should be punished for it.  This is exactly the kind of blog that they would target, and I want it and all its followers to stay as safe as they can.  Staying away from food tags for a little while might be a good idea for anyone who has triggers of any kind (they posted some truly horrifying things that could easily cause nightmares or flashbacks).  Turning off anonymous asks and submits is another good idea.