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Review for FireStormBones on Etsy

Hey guys! Recently I was searching for something to pop on my noggin. A nature-based tiara of some sort. After a few hours on the Internet being disappointed by resin and paper mache` copies of antlers on fake flower headbands, I found FireStormBones and their antler crowns. Check it out.

The cost was $35 and shipping took 4 days from across the country (USA).

But this headband, man. Let’s talk about it. Not only is it pretty hella cute, but you can also wear it in lots of styles:

The antlers are real and wearing the headband is comfortable (if it presses in to your head a touch, flip the antlers up and have them rest on your head, like the third photo above)

While the seller themselves are somewhat problematic (Wiccan smudge sticks, anyone?) I love the hell out of this crown and I’m so glad I got it.

Seller: 3/5
Product: 5/5
Shipping: 4 days
Total cost: $37

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I am going to Highlander 2 in August. Can you tell me exactly what happens and what is the protocol please. Thank you so much.

hi, I haven’t been to Highlander specifically so I can tell you a bit about cons in general, if that’s helpful. I’ve only been to one so I’m not even sure I’m the right person to ask but, in my very limited experience, you wait on a LOT of lines for a very long time and you’re generally rushed through any photo or meet and greet opportunities so there’s very little time to actually connect w the celebrities (though Cait was annoyingly amazing at wanting to connect a bit with each fan she met. It meant it took like 4 hours of waiting to meet her though). Both Sam and Cait are incredibly gracious and patient. I found, during their joint photo op at least, Sam was much quieter while Cait said hi and nice to meet you and thank you and chatted as much as she could with everyone but, like I said, they really rushed people through the photo ops so it was very hectic and very overwhelming. 

My biggest pieces of advice in general though: be respectful of boundaries, don’t do anything crazy/embarrassing/obnoxious, drink lots of water, remember to eat, bring a phone charger and remember that celebrities are people too so treat them the way you’d want to be treated. hope that was helpful!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I wanted to draw these two relaxing/talking in that overlook in the Cathedral Ward. It’s one of my favorite places to go in-game and I thought it’d be a nice place to have a quiet date.

Clingy (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: hello! love your blog! can i have a jughead x reader fic where the reader and jughead are dating and she overheard him telling someone (maybe like archie or betty) that she’s clingy and so she distances herself from him? lol idk if that makes sense but if you could write it that would be amazing! thank you!!!!

A/N: I love this prompt so much. I had so many different storylines come to mind but hopefully you enjoy this one! Requests are Welcome!!


– Clingy (Jughead x Reader) –

You were walking towards your locker when you saw them.

Jughead and Archie talking by Jug’s locker.

Your heart skips a beat when you see that he’s wearing your favorite sweater of his. The soft green one that goes oh so well with his eyes.

Stop at your locker then go say hi to your boyfriend and his best friend. Routine. Like clockwork. Only today is when things change.

Opening your locker, you hear Jug say something sounding like your name. Thinking he saw you, you move your head a little to smile at him only to find him and Archie frowning at each other. That’s weird.

You pull out your English book and shut your locker, shrugging it off.

As you start to get closer, you hear him.

“I don’t know Arch. Is she clingy? Are all girls like that?” He sighs and digs around his locker for his science book.

Were you being clingy? Your heart starts to tighten in your chest. Was it making Jughead uncomfortable?

“Nah. You know (Y/N) is just a touchy person.” Archie offers him a smile. Neither of them saw you standing in the hall by the water fountain.

Archie says something quieter so you couldn’t hear but Jughead responds.

“I know. we spend every day together. We do everything together. Sometimes I feel like she’s always there. I can’t concentrate on anything half the time. She’s a huge distraction.” He shuts his locker and turns to Arch.

Archie nods and pats his back, saying something else but you already turned to leave.

Feeling hurt, you decide not to stop and say hi to them. It would be too clingy.

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Could you do a reaction request to *Got7* and BTS of their reaction to their best friend (girl) confessing there love for them?

I’m gonna just do Got7 and I’m also doing where they don’t accept and one where they do. ALSO!!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while…I like making reactions but out of all of my blogs this one requires the most amount of time and it’s hard to set enough time aside to keep up..also sorry if this is shit…this is the only one I did tonight and it took me over an hour and it’s almost 4 a.m. where I am :/


Feelings aren’t mutual-

The second the words “I love you” left your mouth his face would drop. I can picture him scratching the back of his neck and trying to avoid looking at you. He would apologize right away and say he didn’t feel the same. When he heard you sniffle and whisper “okay, sorry” he’d finally look up only to see you running out of the room. Mark would feel awful that he hurt you and would really hope that you could still remain friends.

Feelings are mutual-

Mark has had feelings for you for a while now so when you stood in front of him with the cutest blushing face and wearing his sweatshirt you borrowed the other day he could hardly contain his smile. The second he heard your quiet confession he just pulled you into a hug and kissed your forehead. “Ah you have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say these words”.

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Feelings aren’t mutual-

Jaebum is not normally the gushy type. He is very straightforward and hates beating around the bush. He knows feelings may get hurt but he always cuts out the bullshit, but when it comes to you and your confession he can’t help but feel his heart break. He loves you so, so much but he can’t bring himself to love you in the way that you want him to. After he gently rejects you he spends the next hour or so wondering what the hell he was going to do to save your friendship.

Feelings are mutual-

“I love you” is what he hears echoing through his head after you confess to him. He stares at you for a good 3 minutes wondering if what he heard is correct. You start to get nervous because he hasn’t said anything and he watches as you mumble an apology and walk out and then he realizes that in order to say yes to the girl you like you should probably communicate it somehow. He’d run after you and straight up kiss you so that you knew for sure that he truly does feel the same. 

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Feelings aren’t mutual-

Jackson would mistake your confession as a joke because it isn’t uncommon to make jokes about things like that. He’d respond with a laugh and say something along the lines of “Yeah, sure we can start dating; when pigs fly” and he’d continue to laugh so hard that he’d miss the tears streaming down your face. When he noticed that you weren’t laughing his face would drop, “y/n…y-you weren’t kidding?” He’d try to walk towards you only to stop when he saw you put your hands up and shake your head no. He couldn’t help but tear up when you walked out knowing that he couldn’t give you what you wanted and knowing that meant your friendship was probably over.

Feelings are mutual-

To be honest Jackson probably has already confessed indirectly and you already acted like a couple so when you confessed he’d be like “I kind of thought we were already together?” Really the confession just made everyone else breathe a sigh of relief because they don’t have to step around the “title” of what you guys are. 

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Feelings aren’t mutual-

Jinyoung would be able to sense that you were about to confess and before you could say anything he would make a point to stress how much your friendship means to him. “I don’t know what I’d do without you…your friendship means so much to me.” He could see your dejected face and felt a pang of sadness but couldn’t force himself to have feelings for you because that’s not fair to him or you.

Feelings are mutual-

Jinyoung would do that one smile, where his eyes crinkle, when he heard your confession. He would be similar to Mark in the sense that he has waited so long to hear you say those words. I think he would like you even more because you actually had the guts to confess when he couldn’t even tell you that you were pretty without tripping over his own words. 

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Feelings aren’t mutual-

When you confessed he didn’t quite understand what you meant since you beat around the bush. He got confused but the further you explained the more he understood and the more his heart sank. He doesn’t want to hurt you because your are his closest friend but he can’t pretend to have feelings that aren’t there. He turns you down and when he does it seems to hurt him much more than it hurts you because he knows he’s losing you and he can’t do anything about it.

Feelings are mutual-

Youngjae would be so red in the face when he heard you confess and he would giggle. Imagine him shuffling his feet and looking at the ground and mumbling a “let’s go out on a date…if you wanna” and then getting even redder when you say yes.

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Feelings aren’t mutual:

Bambam would simply say that he didn’t feel the same. He would come off as indifferent and sort of detached but he wouldn’t mean to be like this. After you walked out he realized how cold he was and it made me fear for the future of your friendship because not only did he turn you down but he did it in a way that even he saw as unforgivable. 

Feelings are mutual-

He is so extra that the second you confessed he dabbed and ran out to tell everyone; and by everyone I mean EVERYONE: Got7 members, Twice members, and JYP. In all the madness he’d forget to say yes but you could tell by the way he screamed “SHE LIKES ME; SHE REALLY LIKES ME!”

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Feelings aren’t mutual:

When Yugyeom turned you down neither of you could tell who cried more. He was so scared that he’d lose you. With time and separation you guys would meet up again and discuss the future of your friendship and there would be more tears but in the end your friendship meant to much to the both of you end it there. 

Feelings are mutual:

You made the mistake of telling Bambam about your feelings because he threatened to tell Yugyeom that you didn’t wash your left hand for an entire week after he gave you a high-five (false rumor btw). So in the end you told Yugyeom about your feelings and thank god you did because if you didn’t he would have to because Bambam threatened to tell you that Yugyeom didn’t shower for a week after you shared a, in Bambam’s words, “a spicy, yet romantic hug.” 

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I just had an idea. What if we took UT & UF Sans, then US & SF Pap. They're the main 4 that are usually into Science or know about the alternate universes. What if they were working on something and the s/o walked in or were helping the skele with it and the s/os of the 2 Sans got swapped and the s/os of the 2 Paps got swapped. That would be interesting and probably pretty confusing for everyone involved. Cause the s/os are gonna be like why is everything so edgy/not edgy all of a sudden. (P1)

I’m always a slut for the multiverse! 

Okay, just for clarification…. UT sans react to an UF s/o and vice versa, US paps react to an SF s/o and vice versa. 

Just thought I’d mention, this ask calls for some description of S/O’s personality, and as you all know, my headcanons try to keep it as ambiguous and non descriptive as possible so the reader could project themselves onto it. Because I can’t exactly do that with this ask, I’m going to match some of S/O’s personality to the nature of the universe. 

Undertale Sans

Classic is….hella annoyed…and hella turned on…? Like, okay, you need to chill and stop your Edgy McGee shit you’ve got going on and your screaming and threats isn’t going to get you home any faster. But also, he never knew you could be so dangerous and some twisted part of him is a little excited by that. He wonders if he kisses you it’d be considered cheating. I mean, you’re still technically you…just from a different universe? It’s a bit confusing. 

It takes him several days to fix the machine and you are adamant about not being cooped up hidden away somewhere, so Sans lets you roam, on the condition that you act like his version of you and don’t let anyone catch on the fact that you’re from somewhere else. That…does not go well.  You’re rude, aggressive, and extremely jumpy to anyone that isn’t Sans or Papyrus. In fact, you seem to be interested to Papyrus the most, calling him “smol” and an “angel”. You follow him around with awe and you’re even outright over protective of him. 

Still he’s wary and keeps an eye on you until he gets you back home. No offense, but you’re not really his type. 

Underfell Sans

You’re just so…soft. Like, is this really you? An alternative version of you? He won’t hurt you of course, but Red gets so frustrated by your lack of self defense and toughness. He doesn’t know how long it’ll take to bring you back home, but if you’re going to survive in Underfell, you’re going to need to learn how to Fight instead of Mercy. Despite his frustration though, he can’t help but want to protect you all the time and just be around you. It’s not like he isn’t that way with his version of you, but he knows that his version can handle themself, but you can’t. 

Red tries to keep you hidden, but like his version, you get antsy when you stay in one spot too long, so he takes you out every now and then, but always stay by your side. Sometimes he wonders if you’d be up for a threesome with him and his version of you. He daydreams about it a lot in fact, and once, he even tried to put the moves on you, though you shot him down right away. He guesses that you’re in a relationship with your version of himself too. 

Either way, he’s getting you home no matter what. Even if his version is aggressive, sarcastic, and rude, they’re still his and he misses them. He won’t tell anyone this, but he might even miss you when you’re gone. You’re so different from everyone else here, it’s sad to see you go. But you must and he’ll deal with it. 

Underswap Papyrus

Please….stop trying fight him all the time. Or his brother. No, he’s not going to have sex with you. Please. Stop hitting on him. Or his brother. Stretch figured out that your universe must be darker than his, considering your personality and attitude, but you need to chill. You’re high strung and ansty, the complete opposite of his relaxed version and for some reason, you have this Royalty Complex where you subtly treat everyone like they’re beneath you. He could already tell that you would not get along with his friends. 

Yet beneath all that, you’re kind, Stretch could see it in you. Even if you’re kind of a pain in the ass, he has a soft spot for those moments where you help Blue train or help him relax when he’s working too hard on trying to get you back home. He comes home one day, and finds you crying in his bed, hugging your knees to your chest. Stretch can’t stand to see any version of you cry so he goes to comfort you, but you push him away, sobbing about how he makes it worse because he’s just like your version of him and that hurts. Stretch leaves you alone from now on, but he works his ass off to get you back to your universe. 

Not going to lie, Stretch is going to miss you when you leave. Despite being super edgy, you’re pretty much the same as his version, well, you two are the same people anyway. But before you leave, he plants a chaste kiss on your lips and tells you to take care of yourself. 

Swapfell Papyrus

Rus does not like you. Okay, well, he likes you because you’re an alternate version of his S/O, but it’s complicated. Whenever he’s around you, all he wants is his version back, you’re too nice to him and it’s been awhile since he’s the one who has to be the one in charge and figure out what to do. He’ll still protect you with his life though, because a part of him does love you. But he also doesn’t want you to be here. Like I said, it’s very complicated for him. 

Despite being from a pacifist universe, you actually get along very well with the people of Swapfell. Even Black has taken a liking to you because of your flexibility and your willingness to adapt to your environment. Black likes that about you, especially since it’s not something his version can do so easily. Rus allows you to cuddle with him, especially when you’re feeling homesick, but it makes him feel hollow, because you don’t carry the same love for him his version has, it’s not the same. 

Despite his feelings about you, Rus is glad to have met you in the end, but you need to leave so he could have his version of you back as soon as possible. 

Nessian Wedding Headcanons

I made these at 4am when I couldn’t sleep so yeah keep that in mind.

Nessian Wedding Headcanons:

-Nesta wears a simple elegant lace dress with her hair in her usual braid crown.
-Elain insists on putting a few flowers in it. Nesta pretends to be annoyed but really likes it.
-They have a last minute quick wedding on Starfall on top the House of Wind. Nesta says it’s so Cassian won’t forget their anniversary. (Like he ever could.)
-Cassian insists that having the wedding on Starfall will be good because everyone will be so focused on the occasion no one will bother paying any attention with them.
-An hour before the ceremony Cassian comes to see Nesta to make sure she’s okay since he knows she’s probably freaking out. They talk through the door. She thinks it’s cheesy but she doesn’t want him to see the dress.  
-Nesta asked Nuala and Cerridwen to help her make the cake. She had them decorate it. Only they know. It took 4 tries to make something edible.
-Amren gives Nesta something old and borrowed (necklace), Elain gives her something blue (hairpins to secure the braid crown.)
-Feyre and Mor decide to be a little cheeky and give her lingerie for her something new. Nesta is completely mortified.
-When the time comes for her to walk down the aisle Cass looks awestruck and cries. He even has to move a stray piece of hair that’s fallen out of his bun from his eyes.
-When Nesta gets to him she asks him if he’s seriously crying and he tells her it’s from trying to contain his laughter. She scowls thinking he’s laughing at her until he tells her that he didn’t think this day would ever come. When someone decided to be stuck with him for the rest of their life. She sheds a tear at that.
-Helion performs the ceremony after “randomly” showing up at Cass’s bachelor party. He’s makes a joke that Cazigan may not happen anymore but he’ll hold out hope for a Nessian threesome. Nesta informs him that’s never going to happen.
-They choose to write their own vows. Nesta promises to try to not bite his head off on every occasion. Then reads a poem because she doesn’t quite have the words. She stares at her paper the whole time.
-Cass promises to be patient with her mood swings, to always make sexual innuendos when possible, to call her ‘Nes’ even though she says she hates it, and to allows protect her and the ones she cares about. Then he reads a quote from her favorite poet because he knows it will surprise her that he remembers.  
-When Helion tells Cassian he can kiss the bride Cass gets the most devilish smile on his face and does the super dramatic dip kiss much to Nesta’s embarrassment and horror.
-When they cut the cake Nesta doesn’t mention she helped make it. She wants to surprise him with accepting the mating bond. When she feeds him his bite she eyes him suspiciously to see if anything happens. When he figures it out he gets that up to no good look on his face so Nesta takes the rest of the cake and smashes it into his face. This of course backfires when he tries to kiss her all covered in cake.
-The whole garter/bouquet toss is painful for everyone. Amren catches the bouquet even though Mor was jumping around like a crazy person for it. Azriel catches the garter and drops it immediately.

A long time ago my mother taught me this old song about two lovers dancing and enjoying each others company, the main line is, “If you love me honey dear, wont you dance with me under the moonlight?” I was humming it today, and given that we’ve seen Pearl and Amethyst be so comfortable casually dancing with each other, i decided to draw a pic of them inspired by the song. ^_^


The most common uncommon words of SGFG // part 1
   ↪ part 2
-photos are not mine-



attic bedroom


friday, april 21 2017 ||

i keep forgetting that it’s friday…

since i’ve been slacking on posts and such, i took some quick snaps of my current bullet journal and am sharing them! it’s in a dotted notebook i found at tjmaxx and i’m so in love with it. 

i’ve had a full day of classes pretty much, just two hours of break between them over all. right after my last class gets out at 4 today, i’ve got to rush over to work for a six hour shift. i’m already exhausted and took a 10-minute “nap” before starting an audio lecture and taking these pictures. it was nice to just lay my head down and close my eyes for a few minutes. also it’s absolutely pouring today, and i think that’s the only thing keeping me in a somewhat cheerful mood, despite my exhaustion.

only one week left of classes and then i have finals week. I CAN MAKE IT. 

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[There ain’t no heaven… 
-  Only hell exist… ]

    Wooyee !! This one is for @ssaravinter​ for the permission to use her design of Young McCree with skull mask , it’s so beautiful that it stung me with a concept ! So I asked if I could use the design to develope it, more correctly, to combine with my Sniper McCree canon [==> COLLABORATION YAY ~! ] that got a lot of support recently ! And yes there we are ! The result [ that took my 4 hours of dubstep music and cringes * cries* ] 
    About this ? Imagine that McCree got in Talon early, after the Deadlock gang made an agreement with Talon to join their force because they offer a change to make Deadlock the most fearsome troops in the world. McCree, serve under Talon that got his prosthetic eye for better shot, a very dangerous sniper that kill target with only one bullet and no more.
  Codename: Skull Vulture.  


Around 100 Marines from my area, of 3/5, took time off of their 96 hour liberty to go back up to 1Sgt’s Hill and place over 2 dozen crosses back to their rightful spot.

Orginally about a week ago, 4 Marines and 2 US Navy Corpsman went up the hill because the fire in Camp Pendleton was spreading pretty well all over the base. They made it just in time, taking down the last cross before the fire (only 30 ft away now) engulfed the rest of 1Sgt’s Hill.

The Marines vowed that they would get the crosses back up at the end of the week and stuck to it, restoring one of the most beloved memorial us Marines have.

15/01/17 (January 15th, 2017)

  • Stole my cousins laptop since mine is being fixed
  • I also took her old notes and made notes off of them for biology and physics📝
  • Only studied for 4 hours but they were productive hours studygram

[Listening to: Impossible by Anberlin]

I was born on a child farm

by reddit user IamHowardMoxley

“There is no free will.”

Those are the first words I ever read. I woke to them every day for many years. They were written on a sign. The sign was hung above the opposite row of bunks in the Sleeping Barn. I have no memories from before the farm; I assumed I was born there.

None of the children there knew why we were here or where we came from…nobody even knew how long we had been at the farm. Some children aged. Some didn’t. I can’t remember much, but that’s what happens when you are not given too much to remember.

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Full consent (Joshua scenario)

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Joshua/ Reader

It was about 4 A.M. when you woke up. Everything was dark so it took you some time to adapt your eyes to see empty bottles of alcohol, shoes, a traffic cone (?) and a bunch of unconscious people on the floor. It really had been an amazing birthday party even though you didn’t drink much (it was your own house after all and you wanted to make sure they didn’t break anything).

“Make a wish” you told yourself smiling and were about to close your eyes again when you felt a gentle pair of arms tighten around your waist and pull you closer to a someone’s warm body. You tensed against the unknown source of heat and looked around. Jeonghan, S.coups, Mingyu, Wonwoo and DK were sleeping on the floor a few meters away from you. Vernon, Minghao and Dino had somehow managed to fit on the couch. Jun and Hoshi were lying down under the table. The bed only had room for two: one of them was Seungkwan (because he said he refused to sleep on the floor) and the other one was Woozi (no one was brave enough to argue with him). That could only mean that the person sleeping next to you on the floor and hugging you was…

“…Joshua?” you asked but you didn’t get any reply. His steady breathing next to your ear could only mean he was asleep, which made sense because he had never hugged you consciously.

Having your crush so close to you should have made you feel nervous but he was so warm and the his heart beating against your back was so comforting that it made you want to get even closer to him. Well, it was your birthday so there was nothing wrong with enjoying the situation… Or so you thought until you felt something kind of hard touching your ass.

You stood still and Joshua’s breath hitched for a moment before going back to his relaxed state. You hadn’t had enough beer to be drunk so you had no excuse for what you did next: holding his arms you started to slowly rotate your hips against him. Joshua’s hold around you was even tighter now and his lips released a tiny moan.

Feeling brave you grinded against him harder and he mumbled something unintelligible against your neck while thrusting his hips weakly. His arousal was evident now, his hard cock against you, his soft moans and his hands wandering under your shirt. This was the best birthday you had ever had. Until he gasped and held your hips in place and pushed himself away from you. He was definitely awake now.

“…Y/N?” he asked in a low voice you had never heard before. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-“ he started apologizing but you turned around and kissed him firmly.

“I started it” you said. Your eyes had already gotten used to the weak light and you could see his confused face. It was clear he didn’t know what to say so you took it as a sign to continue. If he rejected you, you would have time to feel embarrassed and regret it in the morning but now you could only think about how much you wanted him.

“Y/N, wait a minute. Let’s talk about this” he tried to say between kisses, his hips betraying him. “Y/N you’re drunk, I can’t do thi-nnghh” he found himself lying on his back with you on top of him shamelessly grinding.

“Jisoo, I had two beers and it was like 4 hours ago. I know what I’m doing” you replied moving your hips in tiny circles and that’s when he moaned louder than expected. You both stood still, looking around in case someone had woken up. When Joshua was sure everyone was still asleep he buried his fingers on your hips and looked at your eyes, his own lidded and dark.

“Ok fine. If you really feel something for me, then we can do this but if you’re just doing this because you’re horny, you better go find somebody else” he said sternly.

“How can you be so dense? I’ve always been crazy for you” you huffed. His eyes widened but he didn’t say anything so you started to get insecure “Please tell me I haven’t been reading the signs wro-“ you couldn’t finish your sentence because he was kissing you in a desperate way.

“Y/N, look at me” he said his hands still holding your hips in place. “Do I have your full consent to touch you?”

“Are you kidding? That’s literally the only thing I want right now” you answered. That was all he needed to finally grab your ass and snap his hips up. It was your turn to moan now.

“Shhh, love” he whispered kissing you again while rubbing himself against you. “We don’t want the others to wake up”

“It’s your fault. You could have warned me” you said kissing his neck. He sighed in delight and his hands slipped under your shirt to play with your breasts through your bra.

“I really wish we were alone now” he murmured.

“Yeah?” you teased “And what exactly would you do if we were alone?”

“I would sit you on my face” he said hotly next to your ear “and eat you out until you pass out”

You gasped in shock and arousal, almost coming just from hearing gentleman Joshua speaking like that.

“Then I would come all over your pretty face, tie you up and eat you out again until you wake up from oversensitivity” he continued and you honestly couldn’t believe your ears.

“J-Jisoo” you moaned already close to your orgasm.

“What’s wrong, love?” he chuckled nibbling your earlobe “Are you close?”

You couldn’t even speak coherently but he could tell you were close because of the way your body reacted to his touch. You could tell he was close too when you heard a loud gasp and the word ‘harder’. So you did just that, grinding harder and faster until you felt his cock twist against your clothed clit and you both came with a shaky breath. You collapsed on top of him and he hugged you, kissing your forehead.

“You don’t think they heard, do you?” you asked and someone (Jun) literally snorted before you heard Jeonghans laugh.

“Seriously?” he asked laughing hysterically “You were so loud!”

“Jeonghan!” scolded S.coups.

“Guys, you’re making it more awkward” complained Minghao.

“Oh my god” you whined hiding your face. Joshua was speechless, all the confidence he had just showed long forgotten.

“Do I have your full consent, DK?” asked Hoshi imitating Joshua and everyone started laughing, except for S.coups and Mingyu, who were defending him saying that consent was important.

“What’s going on?” asked Vernon who had just woken up and now everyone was laughing. At least 5 minutes passed before they calmed down and you heard S.coups voice again.

“Ok now, who stole a traffic cone?”


Andrew’s breath was coming out just a smidge shallow. Not noticeable but to himself. He was sitting on the ground. The carpet beneath him warm and soft and familiar. He was sitting propped up against the doorjamb of their walk-in closet. His phone was on the ground next to his right hand, just out of reach because he didn’t have the willpower to move his arm the 1 inch it took to reach it. It had vibrated a few times, probably texts. Maybe reminders. Perhaps a phone call. He’d lost track of time. It could have been an hour it could have been 4. He wasn’t sure. He’d spaced out for a while now, only coming to when he heard Neil greeting the cats and giving them the food Andrew was supposed to have given hour? 2 hours? ago. 

He’s breathing slowed even more than before. He wasn’t sure if there was any panic interwoven in his exhalations, but at this point there was very little he was entirely sure of. 

Neil’s keys clattered on their dresser the way they did every day.

“Hey,” The way he said every day. 

He smiled at Andrew the way he did every day. 

His head tilted to the side when Andrew didn’t reply

Andrew didn’t know whether to be pissed or relieved that Neil didn’t ask why he was sitting on the ground. Why he hadn’t replied to any of his texts. Why he couldn’t seem to summon the strength to do much more than move his head.

“How are you?” There it was. Not a ‘How was your day?’ like every day but a ‘How are you?’ instead. 

Andrew swallowed, his throat parched with disuse. He inhaled slowly through his mouth and exhaled even slower. His nose stung with unshed tears. He wasn’t sure why he had tears to not shed in the first place. 

Andrew swallowed again, “Hey.” 

“Hey - hi. What’s up, Andrew?” 

“Can’t move.”

Neil’s eyebrow twitched, not enough to qualify as a lift. His head tilted further in confusion. “Ok. Ok…Want me to help you up?” 

If there had been anything to throw up, Andrew would have emptied it right then. The thought of moving, so far as standing, were as close to unthinkable as they could get. 

“Ok, no. No, that’s fine.” Neil quickly retracted, seeing the nausea overcome Andrew’s features. He crouched a foot away from Andrew, careful to stay completely in Andrew’s field of vision. 

“Fuck off,” Andrew mutterred. Neil smiled wryly. Stubborn jerk. 

Neil reached forward slowly, Andrew followed his movements. He picked up the disregarded armbands by Andrew’s side and started folding them. He set the first one aside and started on the other, but his fingers caught near the middle of it. Neil straightened it out. 

It was torn. There were slashes, the fabric ripped to shreds along its length. Meticulous slices, each equidistant from each other. Each the same length. 

His brows scrunched infinitesimally, before his shoulders slumped in grief.

His eyes caught a flash of the blade glinting in Andrew’s left hand

Neil’s legs were numb, he slowly moved from his crouch to sitting criss-cross to the left front of Andrew. He exhaled, “Andrew -”

“Don’t. I fucking know.” 

“I’m not, I’m not.” He swallowed.

Neil reached out again, this time stopping an inch from Andrew’s wrist, He looked up without raising his head at Andrew. 

Andrew sighed. “Yes.” 

Neil nodded a thank you, carefully, but not gently taking Andrew’s wrist so as not to make him feel fragile. He turned Andrew’s arm so it was palm up. 

There were no new cuts. Neil mentally sighed in relief. Physically, his eyes closed for a second in relief. 

He swallowed again, and moved to the other arm, waited for another yes, and had the same reaction to the same result.

“Ok…ok. I -” Neil choked on emotion for half a breath. What was he supposed to say? Thank you? “Thank you.” Apparently. 

“What the fuck are you thanking me for dumbass?” Oops. 

“I just - for not going through with it, even though -” Neil swallowed, the shredded fabric in his left hand, “ - even though you could have.” 

Andrew didn’t reply. Just continued to keep his breathing controlled. 

Neil sniffed. He held his hand out, not saying anything. 

Andrew stared at Neil’s outstretched palm for a moment. Hot tears burning his nose, he blinked them away, and ever so slowly brought out his own hand and placed the knife in Neil’s hand. 

Neil made a fist around the blade, not moving for a moment, and then slowly retracting his fist. 

“Thank you.”