and they name him siegfried

I’d noticed that you guys have posted something on Stephen Tennant before, but considering how uninformative that one was I decided I should chip in :)

So, homeboy over here was born in England, and his mother’s cousin was Lord Alfred Douglas, who was Oscar Wilde’s partner for like a year. 

During the 1920s and 1930s, Stephen Tennant had this fling with this poet named Siegfried Sassoon (who was 20 years older than him), but before that he had proposed to a friend but had been rejected (probably because he wanted to bring his Nanny with them on their honeymoon).

Also, it’s widely believed that the last seventeen years of his life was spent in his bed at his family manor, and when he had guests over to see him he would paint the tops of his legs so that he looked like he had a tan.