and they meet up at the end of the day and just start laughing and declare that the prank was a great idea


2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: The reader is drunk and she tries to have sex with her best friend Jensen.

Prompt: “Why are you in my bed?!”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested: @supernaturalgirl85

Jensen tiredly drudges up the stairs in his Malibu home, grumpy as all hell. He just lost $2,000 at a poker game and it’s safe to say that he’s ripshit.

Although he’s not concerned about actually losing the money, being a successful movie director has set his ass up for life.

It’s just the fact that he lost. He’s a competitive fucker, always has been and always will be. It’s in his DNA.

And to add fuel to the fire, his friends refused to give him another chance to win back his money. Claiming it’s too late and they needed to call it a night. It’s only midnight for Christ’s sake. Old bastards.

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Will You Be Mine? - Wanda x Reader *Valentines Day Request*

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(Requested by Anon) Wanda x reader oneshot where you find out that Wanda doesn’t know what Valentine’s Day is and you go all out for her on and become her first Valentine please
Warnings: Swearing, fluff with Wanda
Admins Note: A Valentines imagine or one shot will be up everyday leading up to Valentines Day, so get following us so you can see them all.We are taking requests for Valentines Day, please send them in, along with normal requests for; imagines and one shots. Hope you like this, I haven’t wrote a Wanda request in a while, I miss writing her, she is my ultimate bae. - Rosalee

“What are you guys doing for Valentine’s Day?” you asked sitting down at the breakfast table, Natasha and Clint commented on the fact they were going to the cinema, Sam and Scott had a double date. You looked at Wanda who was frowning at everyone “you okay?” you asked with a small smile. You had a crush on Wanda since you met her, she is the prettiest girl you had met, she was nice and super badass; how could you not fall in love with her?
“Yeah, fine” she mumbled and frowned some more “question: what is Valentine’s Day?” she asked, everyone around the table widens their eyes as they looked at her, how could she not know what Valentine’s Day is? You loved today, all the cuteness plus the decorations were super cute, everyone was just nice on that day; showing their love and affections for the person they love dearly.
“You don’t know what Valentine’s Day is?” Natasha asked, as shocked as everyone else.
“That means you’ve never had a Valentine’s either” Scott spoke up, she frowned even more, she had no clue what any of that meant and it was kinda cute but at the same time sad.
“Valentine’s Day is basically a day where you spoil the person or people you love” you tell her and she nods slowly “so, some people plan dinners or little vacations over the day, it’s just a day of expressing your love or even declaring it” she nods smiles and nods, thinking the whole idea sounded silly but cute at the same time.  

That conversation was three days before Valentine’s Day. Ever since then you had been planning a whole day for Wanda, she had never experienced a whole romantic day on Valentine’s Day or even had a Valentine, so you decided to give her the best experience possible. Tony helped, he got you reservations are the best restaurant in New York, you had brought her roses and chocolates; you were doing the whole works. You wanted today be perfect for her, she deserves it, especially since she is your crush you wanted to go the extra mile and make today a day she would never forget.
Wanda didn’t think anything of today, she didn’t expect a card or a gift because she didn’t really have anyone to share today with, and even Pietro had a date. Everyone had someone but she still didn’t understand fully what today was, or why it was considered an actual holiday, that everyone celebrates. Wanda was thinking about asking to do something with you, since she likes you back but she thought you may have someone else to be with, so she was just going to treat this as a normal day; like she wasn’t alone or confused still.

You pushed the card underneath her door and ran off, the card was pink with a red glittery heart, inside was the message of her to meet you at the restaurant later tonight; you also left the flowers and chocolates outside her door, so when she does open the door she would see them sitting there. You were extremely nervous about today, she could just think you are creepy and weird, or she might find this endearing and cute; hopefully it was the latter.

When you see Wanda later in the day she had a faint smile etched upon her face, you grinned as she told you about her “secret admirer”, she sounded so excited but nervous at the same time; at least you were both on the same page. She did ask if you had something to do, you mentioned you also had a date tonight, she looked a little miffed at that but you didn’t think too much on that; you have a poor judgement of faces, so getting your hopes up about her being jealous over you having a date is farfetched, well in your opinion anyway.
You started to get ready for tonight by doing light, natural make up, also dressing in (Y/F/C) dress that reached your knees. You styled your hair so it was out of your face, once done you looked at yourself in the mirror, you looked good; great even, you felt really good about tonight, hopefully Wanda was feeling the same as you. Deciding you should leave before her, so you are there when she arrives.

You sat waiting for five minutes, nervously twiddling your thumbs as you waited, you watched as she was brought to the table. Her hair was curled to perfection, her lips were painted red and she had a beautiful red dress on, she looked like an Angel. Her smile brightened once she sees you, her mouth going agape as she shakes her head, eyes shining with wonderment. You stand up and hug her gently, both sitting down as she thinks over everything, she had no idea or indication that she would be having dinner with you tonight. She honestly thought it would be somebody else, she even had a feeling Pietro and Clint were pranking her, make her show up to dinner alone whilst they laughed in the corner somewhere.
“This is seriously surprising, I had no idea who I would be meeting, thank you” you shrugged “really, thank you, I was just going to be alone and feel sorry for myself” you chuckled and nodded in agreement.
“Well, I figured since we both didn’t have anything or anyone to be with, why not spend it with each other, right?” she nodded with a smile, you both ordered (Y/F/D)’s and then looked through the menu for something to eat.

As you ate you talked about random stuff, mostly about Wanda getting used to the New York atmosphere, she seemed to be enjoying so far which is good; she talked about her childhood, along with her family before the whole disaster that happened. You talked about yourself, your family and friends back at home, how you became an Avenger. The ‘date’ was going perfectly, when it was time to go you both decided to walk back to the base, you talked as you walked back the cold New York air nipping at your face as you both laughed at some cheesy joke Scott Lang told you a couple days ago.
“(Y/N), I really appreciate tonight” Wanda tells you, you shrug with a small smile, telling her it was nothing “no, I really mean it. It means a lot to me, I never had anyone do anything like this, especially take me to a fancy place like that” she smiled lightly and you smiled back at her.
“You deserve the best experience of today, I’m glad I was the person to give it to you” she nodded, biting her lip as you both carried on walking in silence “I suppose I should declare my feelings for you now” you tell her, she looks at you a little shocked, stopping walking “I did say Valentine’s Day can also be the day you declare your love for someone” she grinned and nodded.
“Well, I guess it’s you and me both” you laugh loudly at each other.

“Can I kiss you?” Wanda asked, you nodded, and she stepped forward so you both were close together. This wasn’t how you pictured the night ending, you figured everything would go back to normal after today but turns out everything is turning out for the better, tomorrow would be a better day because Wanda would know how you feel and you knew how she felt for you.  Her lips were soft against yours, her lipstick tasted of cherries, the whole kiss felt soft and gentle much like how you imagined only this was better than your imagination.
“Will you be mine?” you asked as you pulled away, she grinned and nodded, pulling you into another kiss and if it was possible it was better than the first.

“Valentine’s Day?” Wanda started, walking and holding your hand as you walked back home, a smile gracing her face in the pale moonlight “I think it’s my favourite day” you chuckled and nodded along with her. 

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