and they make me sooo so happy

You’re my sunshine by ClaimTheSkies

Hi there! I wanted to draw something happy and cute, so Mark and his adorable dog Chica were a perfect choice for the subject. I tried to make a card-kind of thingy and I’m thinking about making a night themed one to match this one as well, let me know what you think! : )

They were certainly a fun pair to draw, I hope you enjoy! (also how come Mark looks sooo different everytime I draw him :’D )

Have a great day!

ty lee: boys are always sooo interested in me and i like flirting with them but i dont really? get that much out of it? everyones always talking about how special boys make them feel or whatever but i really just feel that way around other girls…like the other day azula complimented my new chi blocking technique and i felt sooooo happy for so long after it was wonderful! idk. i guess i just need to talk to more boys. my sample size is pretty limited

A fun little story

So, when my friends and I play Pokémon Go in town, we always end up walking along this really long road and dabbing at ever car we meet.
It’s super silly but it’s sooo fun
We’ve had tons of people smiling at us and doing thumbs up, lots of children dabbing back at us and getting really excited.
A few people in cars dabbing back at us.
One dude who put his middle finger up through his window (his friends dabbed at us tho so watchu gon do?)

But my personal favourite is definitely a guy on a motorcycle who literally let go of the handles and dabbed at us, while still driving.

He’s my idol.

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One of my favourite destiel headcanons is Cas always going to Sam to ask him questions about Dean; where he should take him on a date, what best helps Dean sleep, how to tell Dean that he loves him, has always loved him, will always love him. Sam is always happy to answer Cas' questions, especially when he sees how happy Dean is the next day.

Ahh I am sooo sorry its taken me so long to answer this! 

This is so cute though! because even though Cas is millions of years old, he still doesn’t quite get social customs, or what he could do to really impress Dean. But Sam is a walking encyclopedia of Dean knowledge and Sam is of course, always happy to help his future brother in law out!

Plus Sam thinks that Cas is an adorable love sick puppy and of course he is going to give him some tips! 

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14k+ ships

sooo i’m really bored (and am avoiding summer assignments) and i haven’t done ships in literally forever so !!!! and i’m getting close to my next k and i rly wanna hit it!!


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Sooo today is making one year since I created this blog!! I’d like to say thank you for everyone who stayed with me all this time and to the amazing friends that I met in this time!! I had a really good time there and I’m really thankful of that! Also today I hit 17K and I’m like???? OH GOD THANK YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH!! I don’t even think I deserve this? lol. OH and sorry about being so inactive lately!! I had a lot of stuff to do and I got into an another fandom too;; BUT I promise I will be back soon!! So yeah THANKS A LOT AGAIN!! (Sorry if this is too big I’m on the phone rn hehe)

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I love your blog so much, it really makes me happy and it makes me laugh a lot :D I adore your drawings of the characters so much, they are sooo adorable (especially Ralph and Simon) Don't get me wrong, Jack's pretty cute too :3 Does Simon like to make Roger where flower crowns? Does Roger secretly like them?

roger: i have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about

(and thank you ?????? so much, you’re so sweet omfg ,,, we’re all rly glad that you think this blog’s funny and that it makes you happy !! because that’s always what we’re aiming for!)

(and here’s a better quality version if u need it ;^))

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Hello,I am Japanese nekoatsume fan.Your art is sooo---cute! What a cute kittens! Your art always make me smile. I'm glad that you love Japanese culture so much. Thank you,English fandom! (^^)/

ohh hello!! thank you so much i’m glad you like my drawings!! (●ˊω ˋ●) and i’m really happy if my works can help to boost the mood///

actually i started playing neko atsume before the english version was released.  and i guess i’m more familiar with the japanese fandom even though i can’t really speak/read japanese. in fact i’ve been on twitter to follow/interact with other jp fans for quite a while, much longer than the period that i stayed on tumblr(there wasn’t an english fandom when i first got into neko atsume anyway) i got here in hope that i can interact with other fans more smoothly.. english isn’t my first language either but i can at least speak that (-ω-;; (i hope i can speak jp too tho.. orz)

but yes i love neko atsume jp ver very much!! i love how their names all originally come from their looks(colors/patterns and stuff) it just feels so pure and neutral. totally my kinda aesthetic!!!(???) and i’m willing to understand the jp ver bc i know it cannot 100% preserve the same meaning when it’s translated into english.(they even changed sth in english ver to adapt the western culture i guess) i just really love this game and want to know what’s its originally ideas for the characters and stuff. and it’s also very fun to research(?) on this kind of things!! (*>ω<)9 ♥♥

(…sorry for rambling too much) thank you for your message and have a nice day~

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Can I just say I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE Always You so. much! I love how Jian Yi is happy, I love how Zheng Xi is learning to share, I love how He Tian is making everything so freaking sexy and I ADORE the dynamic between He Tian and Xixi and the way you write them, the way you write all of it is just sooo.... It gives me life. Thank you. (>'o')> ♡

That makes me so happy!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!

Change in plans

Bumped my ride to tomorrow due to a last minute schedule change at work tomorrow that would make me miss the pool completely. As it was, I only hit a portion of my swim. It was supposed to be 3500, with a fair bit of drill work in the w/u and c/d that would have taken too much time, so I jumped right into the intervals. I got the whole main set done and I’m REALLY happy with it. Great last longer swim!

I realized that I tend to turn my right hand as I pull so instead of being a flat paddle hand, I pull pinky first. Sooo I’m working a different muscle which is why my arm hurts but I was taking seconds off like whoa. Gotta stay focused on my form! I also worked on keeping my face half in the water while breathing. Plan was to swim and run but we’re experience “Dangerous T storms” so I’m waiting on that…

// So, it’s this pages Mun here! I really needed to thank all of my followers. yes, all 127 of you!

I am so shocked and amazed that so many people liked and followed this page as quickly as this! I mean I only made this page 8 days ago!!  It really makes me happy that I have so many people who like my lil insomniac!

I send all of you beautiful and amazing people some digital hugs and kisses from this mun! Thank you all sooo much!! I’ll be on here a lot since it’s the summer holidays for me now, so be looking forward to more~~ <333 //

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I just love your blog so so sooo much!!! It's so good that someone is actually always updating news about The Duchess. She seems like a very nice person. :)

Hi Juliana :)

Thank you so much :) That makes me so happy, really :) Camilla’s doing a great job and it’s so sad that so much of it goes unnoticed. So I’m trying my best to spread the word a little more ;)

Have a really lovely day :)

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I just saw that you only have like 400~500 followers on instagram and I don't understand????? You're so amazing and talented and I would follow you 10 million times if i could! Keep up your super talented art! ♡♡

OMG thank you.. such a lovely words!!!! You know, all I do is for you, guys. You sure know how to make me feel confident and I’m really really grateful for that. I have instagram not long ago, but even those 400-500 followers make me really happy… sooo thank you,♡♡♡ love you.

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COCA-CHHANNN YOUR ART IS SOOO GOOD, BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING *Q* I FREAKING LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCH~!!! You're younger than me but you make your artworks amazing. *___* I'm so jealous.... Sorry for bothering you Q_Q

AH THANK YOU SO MUCH SENPAI *Q* ♥♥ I LOVE YOUR ART TOO ♥_♥ Eeh I’m happy >< You never bother me xD ♥

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You know, Red, I'm one of those followers who always stays silent and never really interacts (mostly because I'm too shy, honestly), but I'll make an exception to tell you the hard truth - us, followers, we all care about you, Red, we really do. And I really like you man, okay? So don't forget that.

Thanks for sayin’ that, kid.
((Ooc: Btw, It really makes me happy when ya like my posts~ Thank ya sooo much!))

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Thank you guys sooo much for 171 Followers!! This makes me sooo happy!!! Y'all are so special to me and I’m so excited to share what I'am working on with you all! Also I'am working on a followers gift! It will be a base sim (: So any suggestions PM me or comment💗💗