and they loved each other so much

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do "friends" usually sit outside your job and watch you while with big puppy dog eyes while sad music plays?

Cas asks Sam one day over breakfast.

Sam spits out the juice he was drinking. “Did…Dean sit outside your job and watch you work, Cas?”


‘Wow. Dean could be more subtle with how much he loves this angel,’ Sam thinks, reaching for a napkin to clean up the mess on the table. He’s known for a while now about Dean and Cas. It’s painfully obvious to him how much they love each other.

“So, is that what friends do? Is that normal human behavior? Watching the other?” Cas presses the question.

“Oh yeah, that’s normal friend stuff,” Sam jokes.

“So when I watched Dean rake leaves once. And he didn’t know I was there. That was normal too, right?” Cas asks, not detecting Sam’s sarcasm in the last comment.

Sam just looks at Cas across the table. He makes a mental note: ‘That’s it. I’m summoning a cupid myself to shoot these two.’

And I want to kiss your lips better
I sympathize with the sorrow by stroking the scar;

I know exactly what you mean when you say it hurts too much to talk
I’ve been there; I don’t plan on returning

Maire Lavellan and his one true love, who found each other in a broken world 

(honestly the first time Maire saw Dorian he was like ‘him I want him I’m gonna keep him’ and he did aww)

Bryan Fuller and Mads Mikkelsen on relocating Hannibal, dark comedy and Gillian Anderson

SciFi Now

It also gives us Gillian Anderson a chance to shine, bringing her character from the cold, clinical confines of a therapist’s office and out into the world and the gruesome reality of Hannibal’s life.

“We worked before right so we knew each other well but it’s been fantastic to have this much time,” Mikkelsen tells us. “And we dig into their past, which is obviously not a healthy past, not to mention their future will probably not be too healthy either. But she’s a fantastic wonderful actress and she’s an extremely funny person as well. So we had some good fun quality time together.”

“It does bring out a different kind of energy in the show because you have this suave sophisticated couple who seem almost like undercover spies as opposed to two people who are on the lam,” Fuller teases. “So we get to play up all of those wonderful archetypes of the spy thriller and going undercover in different identities to complete their mission as it were! And what has been so satisfying for me, not only with Gillian and Mads’ chemistry which is wonderful, but there is such a clever quality to Gillian’s performance where she’s balancing so much in terms of tone that she goes from these very serious pontificating scenes about the nature of what they’re doing to virtually a broader comedy of sorts.

“She navigates that so interestingly and always keeps it emotionally honest, but she is laugh out loud funny. You get to see a wonderful silliness to Gillian that is absolutely grounded in who Bedelia Du Maurier and how she’s crafted that character, so it was delightful to just see actors on this show doing things that they haven’t done before and still maintaining our tone. So it feels like a lot of walls were knocked down and we got to see further out into our environment and what we could accomplish on the show that we haven’t before.”

Thor/Loki fic recs

Update in which I round up some stuff that seems to have slipped my attention and approve of some fresh and new additions. All my recs.

Title: Safe and Sound
Summary: They have not called each other ‘brother’ since Svartalfheim, but when Loki gets injured in front of Thor, his reaction is not that of an enemy, or a grudging ally.
Rating: T
Wordcount: 16k
My comment: This was simply brilliant, I don’t know where to start. There’s push and pull, the feeling of an interlude, but with so much happening anyway, a good dose of hurt/comfort and all the delicious details that come with domestic situations.. Love it.

Title: Alienation of Affection
Summary: It’s Thor/Loki, but there are references to Balder/Loki. Note: contains intersexuality, gender dysphoria, size difference, and adultery. ~ Once when Thor was younger, he was severely injured in battle. His friends were able to return him to Asgard. But for over a week he lay in the healers’ quarters, stricken with fevers and bleeding from his sewn wounds. At last Eir went to the king and queen and informed them that while she was doing her best, Asgard might lose its crown prince. So Balder was taken from his foster parents and made known to the court, and himself, as an Odinson.
Rating: E
Wordcount: 25k
My comment: Out of this world. It’s so well done and nuanced. Amazing read.

Title: Five Times Loki Tried To Apologize
Summary: “What is this, brother?” Thor says, way too suspiciously for Loki’s liking. He is still wary around Loki. And honestly, Loki’s attempts at reconciliation would proceed that much more smoothly if Thor would just try.
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1k
My comment: In which Loki doesn’t even try not to be an idiot. Lovely and cute, but still so on point.

Title: heartbeat, same as mine
Summary: Loki becomes part of a time and place not his own. roughly based on the viking/time travel romance prompt going around a while back, where Loki is a sad hipster boy who accidentally falls through time and starts living sort-of-not-really alongside a band of warriors and Thor takes a keen interest in him.
Rating: M
Wordcount: 10k
My comment: I don’t think you’ve lived until you had the image of Viking warrior Thor asking hipster Loki to take a selfie with him. Seriously. I love this with all my heart.

Title: So Far Away
Summary: It’s been three years, give or take a few days, and it seems like nothing has changed between them in spite of it all. He’d expected it to take longer, finding him. He hadn’t known, had no way of knowing, that Thor was just one town over with nothing but an old photograph and his unfaltering hope. Somebody had pointed him in the right direction and then there he was.
Rating: E
Wordcount: 3,8k
My comment: Runaways? Tattoos? Hotel rooms? Hot desperate sex? That’s all I want from human AUs like these. Loved it.

Title: Can I tell you a secret?
Summary: Loki looked up from the papers he’d been staring at for what had to be at least thirty minutes and blinked at the man standing in front of his desk. “Don’t be ridiculous, Thor. You don’t have secrets,” he pointed out, and let his gaze fall back to the paper at the top of the big pile, trying to make sense of what was written on it.
Rating: T
Wordcount: 1k
My comment: Adorable and hot.

Title: My Life as a Palimpsest
Summary: This is a story of Loki, and it starts in Vegas, when instead of getting a time-out from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Thor drags his bruised, beat-up brother off the street and into a nearby motel room. Things only get messier from there.
Rating: E
Wordcount: 17k
My comment: Watch out for some serious story-telling skills. And I don’t mean Loki’s. Brutal, amazing.

Title: Philophobia
Summary: Would you have come willingly? If I simply asked?“
Rating: G
Wordcount: 4,8k
My comment: This was like the pure essence (and tragedy) of these two put into one short fic.

Title: Caffeine and Filth
Summary: ‘Thor should feel ashamed, he really should, but there’s still adrenaline running through his veins and he craves more of it.’
Rating: E
Wordcount: 4k
My comment: Shameless. Awesome stuff full of tension, infidelity and age difference.

Title: Last Try
Summary: After a year of ruling Asgard under the guise of Odin, Loki comes to Thor for help.
Rating: T
Wordcount: 11k
My comment: Extremely intriguing fic dealing closely with the aftermath of canonical events. Bunch of hurt/comfort, impending angst and adventure and tons of plot? I’ll take five, thanks.

Title: Unexpected
Summary: There had been yet another terrible fight between him and The Avengers that had ended with Thor grabbing him by the throat, whisking them away with his hammer and taking him to an abandoned building. Loki had let him, wanting to see what his dear old brother would say to him this time. It had started with their usual yelling, harsh, unoriginal jabs thrown back and forth between each other. But then harsh words had somehow turned into a harsh kiss, bruising each other’s lips with sharp teeth and tongues searching for something. Thor pulled him to the ground, and there they tore their clothes off, tangling their bodies together in the rubble until they both went slack.
Rating: M
Wordcount: 38k
My comment: Angsty, fluffy and cracky kid fic. As in, Thor and Loki have a kid. Head this way for some awesome domesticity that is only hindered by the fact that Loki and Thor know how to be right idiots.

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you know what ship

mako/korra my most glorious otp of otps

when I started shipping it if I did: almost immediately, but conflicted through out book 1, and then hardcore after the book 1 finale

my thoughts: as jesus christ is my witness i will always love them, this is my favorite relationship of all time

What makes me happy about them: the fact that they love each other and understand each other and admire and respect each other and they’re passionate about each other and they think the other one is SUPER COOL and they demand the best of each other and iT’S JUST. I LOVE ‘EM. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. i love how mako immediately pinged onto korra’s defining flaw - Too Much Avatar, Not Enough Korra - and certain mako/korra moments in B1/B2 lampshade her development through that arc. i love how korra’s selflessness inspired mako to think outside his own intensely small circle and devote himself to service. and god help me, i even like that they fought, because it jump-started important points of character development for both of them - mako learning that the end of a romance is not the end of a relationship, korra learning she can’t run roughshod over everything without pushback from people who care about her (and manage to finally be honest with her)

What makes me sad about them: they weren’t allowed to flourish together. i wish bryke had kept them together for the whole show, or at least for much longer than half a book, to really, really underscore the good qualities of their relationship and why this relationship is valuable to both of them

things done in fanfic that annoys me: over-reliance on smut. (spritzes you)

things I look for in fanfic: a strong sense of emotional messiness (which they overcome)

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: NO ONE

My happily ever after for them: get back together in a few years, get secretly eloped a few years after that, they don’t spend all their time together - like a few months here, a few months there, on and off, they love each other but they do have separate careers, and they support that in each other as much as possible - mako wants kids but korra doesn’t want to slow her roll for a pregnancy so they adopt.

who is the big spoon/little spoon: mako is our big spoon here. that height difference is there for a reason u know

what is their favorite non-sexual activity: working out together. bugging mako at work. mako reading books while korra plays with his hair. drinking and playing pai sho w/ bolin and asami. going dancing, painting the town red

I love the stydia fandom so much. Like, one picture of our otp standing next to each other is enough to get everyone excited and fangirling. We enjoy the small things in life and I think that’s beautiful.

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Akaashi getting jealous of Kuroo because Kuroo so easily talks to Bokuto and they joke about loving each other (bro love!) and getting bromaried, while Akaashi can't even get himself to confess to Bokuto and can't talk to him like that or just so casually hug him or touch

oh god yes nooo, poor baby ;; 

imagine when he first joined the club and he never was a person who got befriended and affectionate with people easily, but then  there’s bokuto who treats him like they’ve known each other for years from the start. and akaashi finds himself leaning into the tight hugs and casual touches bokuto gives him, and thinks about his bright smile late at night when he can’t sleep and oh god he’s so in love. he’s so in love but he can’t tell him nor show him because he’s so afraid of showing emotions, or that bokuto might reject him.
but then he sees him with kuroo and how perfectly they fit together, and all their dumb joking and it hurts so much. he would never show it though. until his hurt slowly morphes into anger and he shouts at them to stop fooling around already. and he regrets it a second later because not only that he has no right to call out his senpai, but also bokuto keeps acting dejected for the rest of the day for his outburst. and then there is kuroo, who keeps looking at akaashi suspiciously, like he might have noticed something, and it makes him so uncomfortable. and he blames himself because why can’t he control his goddamn feelings for once…?


I knew I could always count on you guys through ups and downs. You are always there for me, and also for each other. I may not feel completely fine right now but I know I will eventually. Thank you all for being there with me. This day might not be a good day for me but I know it will be a better day tomorrow. I owe you guys so much! *HUGS FOR DAYS FOR ALL OF YOU BEAUTIFUL CREATURES*

reasons to love seventeen

- their songs are catchy
- Their dances R ADORABLE
- they’re amazing dancer
- they have a amazing rapper line??
- they are 2 cute
- they are all smoll
- they’re funny n cheesy
- they take care of each other LIKE BROTHERS
- they’re were woke when they were 10
- they’re adorable they are all adorable
- they are hard worker who went thru so much to get where they are
- they’re just amazing wtf

this is so cute you guys are so cute i love these little ask prompts where you all go around talking about how much you love and appreciate each other and *bursts into ugly tears*

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a lazy day in bed with luke where you both cancel all plans and watch shitty reality tv and listen to music and just lay there with each other and then someone has the idea to roll a joint and that turns into a couple joints and passing smoke to one another and that turns into a lazy tickle fight and so much giggling and then youre straddling him and next thing you realize you're grinding on him moaning and luke looks so needy and asks you to ride him and you have super lazy wonderful giggly sex

god i wanna get high with luke and have wonderful giggly sex @ the universe… when is it gonna happen?

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People've seen Connor at LAX on Monday around 10-11 pm then Con was offline for 14 hours. He tweeted about gala ant then went offline again for 6 hours and then tweeted again. Flight schedules fit perfectly

yup, wow im convinced connor is definitely in australia hahaha. the fact he was in lax at that time is so important too, the only time to get a flight to australia is at night from 10-12pm, so boom there it is. wow this makes me so happy aww i never doubted he would go, but it still just always makes me smile and warm inside when they do this kinda stuff bc you realize how much they love each other and how much effort they go through to see each other and be there to make each other happy. it’s beautiful- happy birthday troye.

Fandom Appreciation: Fan Art

Okay, so I know there a lot of weird riffs in this fandom and people can get on each others’ nerves, but I think we should all take a step back and recognize how many amazing people we’re fortunate enough to have in this fandom. And all of them have so much talent it blows my mind.

This will be a series of Fandom Appreciation goodness, split into a few parts including fan art, manips, edits, fanfic, videos/vines, and more. I want to spread some much-deserved love for all the lovely people here. Here’s part one: Fan Art, with links and my personal favorites because that makes it all the more fun.

I know this list will only be a fraction of all the artists in this fandom, so please feel free to add any artists I missed so everyone (including me) can discover more great people. I follow 500+ blogs, but most of them are Larry-centric; so that means most of the art I see is Larry-centric as well. I looked for artists outside the Larry fandom, but there are clearly going to be a lot I missed.

I don’t wanna take over people’s dashes, so the list/links/brief statements are below the cut, in alphabetical order to try and maintain a semblance of organization. (some users wouldn’t tag)

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GREETINGS! ( a lil cute intro )

I feel like something for my followers is long overdue. I know I am closer to 600 followers than I am 500 since this graphic was made. I just really wanted to mark this important milestone and pay tribute to some very important roleplayers. I started roleplaying as Darcy in April 2014 on shieldagentdarcy, and the experience was so much different. No one took my account seriously, and most refused to write with me because they viewed my muse as simply comic relief or desperate shipping. I felt like I constantly needed to validate myself to everyone that asked me why I chose to write as someone they didn’t see neccessary to the fandom. After a long hiatus and dabbling in other fandoms, I returned to create this account. All I have recieved is POSITIVITY and LOVE from each and every mun that has contacted me. Darcy Lewis isn’t a very complex character. She doesn’t have decades of backstory. But to me that just means she is a clean slate. I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to plot with me, write with me, and read my work. Below are some people I interact with on the regular, and a list of mutuals I very much admire.

Favorite Midgardians ( they’re pretty cut )

execucio - The Alpha Adult. We’ve been writing together since I first started roleplaying. Her OC Jac is brilliantly developed, and just as badass as her mun.

pxchemushka - I absolutely love it when muns approach me to make pre-established ships. Their writing is so entertaining, and the mun is a sweetheart. I love writing threads with Darcy/Bucky, especially when they’re always so down-to-earth. 

pxtts - Absolutely hands down the BEST Pepper I’ve ever written with. Our interactions should seriously be put in the movies. If you think Tony pesters Pepper, you haven’t read our threads.

notadiick - What a hilarious Peter! Don’t be a stranger. I see Darcy/Peter having some amazing interactions. I think Marvel should take note.

russianonzebridge - Their Chekov is a darling and I love writing with you. I’m not a Star Trek fan, so I follow the fandom VERY SELECTIVELY. All I have to say is that I am so glad I followed you. It’s a joy writing with you, and everyone should check out this blog.

datseabass - Both IC and OOC you are hands-down the friendliest person to talk to. You’ve helped me vent about personal issues, and our interactions are just darling. I admire both Jane and you personally. I hope you know how much you mean to me as a roleplayer.

xorbusx - The Beta Adult. It feels like we’ve written with each other forever. Honestly, you’re such an amazing friend and you mean sosososososo much to me, girl!

The Worthy ( mutuals to admire )

walkingitcff | dcvils | outlawiism | becausearrows | dareidiabolus | devilout | xscxrletwitchx | mischiefwithabite | qxill | hisbestgiirl | ofvirago | vdovapauk | mindgamcs | waitfxrit | worthey | amediic | kniivesandlint | buyxwarxbonds | isaidlanguage | krigarofwar | rcgality | wxngman | heromaterial | weirdtwiin | wcrldaflame

The Games We Play

At first it was cute how Kristoff tries his best to include Elsa in everything.

When you had introduced them, you had a lot of trepidation in how they would interact. With him being very outgoing and outspoken (like yourself), and with her being more on the reserved side (which you love), you were actually quite convinced he would scare her away.

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honestly i love the way carm and laura look at each other it’s like a mixture of ‘you are the hottest girl alive and i just want you to fuck me already’ and ‘i literally adore you you are a goddess and i’m completely and utterly in love with you’ and ‘you are my queen and i want to worship you and devote my life to you’ like it’s the best look ever and how every gay girl should be treated bc we’re all amazing. i love girls so much and im so gay.