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Careless Whisper (NSFW)

Rating: M
Words: 2,084
Summary: My submission to @thesecondsealwrites‘ Sex, Laughter, Honesty Week 2017. (Also some apologetic fluffy-silly-smut to make up for the angst bomb I dropped earlier this week.) Set in my Sing With Me AU. 
RIP George Michael.

The door felt weighted against Cullen’s tired shoulders as he leaned his way into their apartment. Study sessions proved to be intellectually stimulating, but long hours of reiteration took their physical toll when preceded by a full day of classes. He carted several scholarly journals and textbooks under his arm: Critical comments on music and music education therapy; Educating Musically; The New Handbook of Music Pedagogy and Learning in preparation for upcoming exams. Regardless, he wouldn’t trade his new academic pursuit for the world on a platter.

Griffon had succumbed to sleep long before he got there, or else the gargantuan canine would have assaulted him in ecstatic glee before he’d fully stepped inside. Instead, he lazily opened one eye and gave him a chuff of greeting before adjusting himself around Neb’s cat—their cat. He’d never imagined his adult life would bring him one pet, let alone two. Watching them curled on their shared pillow in slumber made him envious.

Exhaustion pulled at him, summoned him down the hall that seemed to stretch farther with every step he took. He dropped his school bag behind the couch next to Neb’s purse. And shoes. And sweater. And…teacup? The woman was a fantastical paradox of both overwhelmingly ordered and unfathomably unkempt. Layers of her clothing often scattered the floor, yet he could guarantee her record collection was sorted alphabetically, always. He didn’t mind the extra pickup. If anything, it became part of his meditative morning ritual, in between a lengthy run and brewing a pot of pekoe.

Admittedly, he’d often played a hand in all that strewn apparel, anyway—and her glowingly satisfied expression afterward, if he felt especially vain.

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23/06/2017 - 🌹 Prom 🌹

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You guys … just take in for a moment just what a big deal Jen Cohn and Lucie Pohl doing that proposal is. 

The VAs for Pharah and Mercy not only show support for the ship.

But they help their lgbt fans propose to one another, and support their marriage as well.

That’s absolutely amazing, and it means the world to someone like me, who had to go through a span of several years of being in denial of my sexual orientation, due to my disapproving family and the deep-seated and internalized homophobia I had as well.

So to show them showing support for their fans in that way means a lot, and I don’t think I can properly convey it through words.

We are truly blessed to have these two as the VAs for Pharah and Mercy, and we are truly blessed by the Overwatch VA cast.

I absolutely adore them so much, and they truly are wonderful human beings.

My colored part from a collab with @kmittingarts and @crashandburrnart         suze did the sketch and skoop did the line art 

This was a lot of fun to do and id definitely do this again if a chance came along


Look at my babes. Seriously


who!!! should!! i!!! idolize!!!!

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"She thinks she's so high and mighty just cause her kids are all 'naturally conceived'. My kids could be too!" Jack rants one night after a long afternoon of putting up with that bitch's babbling. "One's a three foot tall gremlin, one speaks like Eliza Doolittle, and the other's a jersey shore hooligan in training." Geoff says blankly, "Bright side no stretch marks or diapers." he adds at Jack's glower

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Oh my god, I love this so much. Thank you for sending this.

I lay awake, with my eyes closed and heard rain starting up outside. Great, I don’t want Nia to go home in that. Maybe she’ll stay tonight? I could only hope.


due to popular demand im gonna b posting my verse for persona 5 before adding it to my page !! before i start explaining it though, please note that i did take iwai’s major arcana card, but thats because my only other options were to get rid of morgana or use the world arcana, both of which i Really didnt wanna do ( ESPECIALLY NOT THE LATTER HA,,,,, )

tag: ❥ prince of larceny ( verse )

ANYWAY, so inigo is the hanged man, his persona being marie antoinette ( and before you go into history and how shes not a thief; first, yes i know she wasnt really all that bad, and second, some can say that unfair high taxes to fund the rich royalty is technically thievery so ) EDIT: also i forgot to mention, his codename is azure ! i would go with princess, but theres already queen. 

once max confidant with akira is reached, his persona changes to lady godiva, known historically to have rode naked to protest taxation ( thank u @draakin for help with this btw ) his scheme in general is princess’. why ?? because i love the nickname @destinprxnce’s owain gave him, and because in general he has a princess complex at times ?? people should love him and give him nice things bc he exists blah blah ( i know a lot of it is joking because. this is inigo, but ,, ) 

his role in the story itself is being from australia, moving there to live with a caretaker who teaches him the art of dance. he doesn’t go to school, focusing entirely on dance, a decision hed made a year or so ago. his caretaker, however, starts to become a little obsessed with him, primarily because of his talent, and eventually decides to try marrying him to keep him in japan, and keep performing so they can be famous ( or just get tons of revenue ) 

inigos starting to regret his decision however, and he ends up meeting ryuji, akira and morgana when ann ropes them into seeing inigo’s perfomance. they end up running into inigo as theyre leaving, and from there, they continue meeting and talking. 

from there, it starts being clear to inigos new friends that somethings wrong with his caretaker, and after some snooping around, they decide to change the caretakers heart. however, inigo doesnt believe them at all about his caretakers hidden intentions, and ends up following them into the metaverse. by the time they notice him, hes followed them to his caretaker’s shadow, lilith. ( another shout out to @draakin ) the first form is that of a succubus, but after the first phase of attacks ( id say after 50% or 25% health loss ) the form starts to melt into a blobbish monster that absorbs inigo. after absorbing him, the blob becomes impervious to the thieves attacks, and the others start discussing a retreat, unsure if they can do anything to save inigo; which is when his persona awakens. fed up with being the princess in the tower someone has to rescue, his persona awakens, the princess deciding to rescue himself.

after the battle, inigo joins the phantom thieves, living in an apartment funded by money gained from his caretakers change of heart, finally making a profit for himself, and finally having a say in what he does, as well as how. 

to gain confidant ranks, akira and the others can see his performances, and thus talk to him after them backstage. theyre mostly based on him fully getting away from being rescued ( a slight gimmick from when you meet him )