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Hi! I love your fanfiction and I'd like to ask you for smth: could you please write a little story where modern Sonic meets boom!Amy or backwards? Sorry for grammar - English isn't my first language.❤

So, I’ve done something before very similar to this! :D but I’ll write a new one xD (cause I can! lol)

And thank you! Don’t worry about your English, it’s just fine ^u^


Tails accidentally opens a portal to another parallel universe. Getting excited about it, he doesn’t notice Eggman slowly sneaking in with his robots; and while the team gaze deep into the vortex-swirling portal, he pushes them in!

Down, down, they go! Before Amy pops out of a watery wormhole, crashing through a waterfall and flailing as she hits the surface of the small watering hole below.

Coughing, she swims her way over to the bank, and tries to rest a moment as she wonders who pushed them all in.

Boom!Amy is now on her own, going through this rainforest without a single clue where she is.

“It’s fine. I’m fine.” She rubs her cold arms as she tries to comfort herself. Looking up, she shakes her head and pouts, acting as though she’s not afraid to be on her own.. in a strange… new world.

There were floating rings like she was used too, and taking a few, she continued along a path before seeing a checkpoint crossing in the distance.

“Ah! Finally!” she happily ran off, running into rings along the way as she sped along the trail through dashboards.

A few steps behind her, a figure walked out with his feet bringing up dust from the trail… the foot screeched to an animated halt with a sound effect common in this world.

The shoes were red… with golden buckles as the figure saw the missing rings… and knew someone must be ahead of him.

Amy, at first, tried to figure out how to move passed such a large distance of a gap, peering down and then wishing Tails were there.

She frowned, before hearing a buzzing sound and quickly pulling out her hammer, looking around her.

“Robots!” she cried out, seeing them just hang… motionless in the air.

“Huh?” She was confused why they weren’t attacking her.

They suddenly lifted their heads up, looking like big, hulking metal spinners as they started firing at a blue-…


“Sonic!” Amy cried out, thrilled to see her friend so-

He spun into the robots, landing on the other side, before turning around, smiling, but folding his arms as he raised an eyebrow.

“…W-where’s your…” she pointed to where his bandanna usually hung, before realizing this…

This was an alternate universe Sonic!

“A cosplayer? Way out here?” he teased, before noticing she looked too much like Amy to be a phony..

Modern Sonic smirked and leaned his head forward, not seeing a threat in her, but deciding to play along with whatever was going on. “A new outfit? Slimmer than usual… what happened to your design? Strange…” he lifted himself up, putting a hand to his muzzle as if seriously pondering this.

It was true he was curious, but he wasn’t in the least taking this serious.

“Maybe you’re a robot Eggman designed?” Sonic took on a playful stance, tilting his head to see if she would react to his suggestions.

“Wha? No! I’m Amy! Amy from another universe!” She threw her arms down and shouted over the distance.

Sonic laughed. “You sure do sound like her!”

“That’s because I- Oh, nevermind. Look. I’m looking for MY Sonic. He’s a little taller with a brown bandanna! Oh! And Tails! He’s got googles on his head and a belt…. like so.” she motioned her arms around to gesture what she was talking about, almost as if playing charades.

Sonic found this amusing, and stuck a leg out as he tipped the toe up a bit, listening to her and silently making fun of her acting out the objects she was describing; chuckling slightly.

“Also! Knuckles has-” she was wrapping the ‘imaginary’ bandage around her arms before seeing him trying to hold in a snicker.

“…Grr… You’re making fun of me!” she hollered at him, before picking up her hammer from the ground and starting to walk off. “I don’t need this! Hmph.”

“H-hey! Where you goin’? I thought you weren’t done explaining how funny you look!” He continued to tease, racing up along the edge of where she was till the island broke off and he had to skid to a halt.

He cupped his hands over his mouth, making the sound travel farther. “Don’t go! I’ll help you find your same-universe friends!”

She was surprised he was trusting her, but even more surprised by his friendly wink when she looked back to see him placing his hands on his hips; charmingly.


She felt awkward.

He had insisted carrying her, telling her it was faster as he stretched out.

He wasn’t sure what she was so weirded out about, but could definitely tell as she jumped out of his arm to battle, swinging her hammer at ranges from other robots from his arms, that she wasn’t the Amy he knew.

He was more used to having her just sit tight and when he let her down, start fighting, not so much take action while still in his arms!

His mouth formed into an ‘o’ as he watched her fire her hammer at another robot, before gripping it again as it came back to her.

“You’re pretty nifty!” he complimented, as she looked back to him and proudly swung her hammer around in a circle.

“I try~” she winked to him.

He smiled, seeing some familiarity with the subtle flirtation.

He then looked around, “I still don’t see your friends though…”

Amy grew saddened, looking around as well.

He then shrugged, “Oh well. Maybe they fell out of that portal thingy near Tails’s place? Hungry?” he tilted his head.

She wasn’t used to such a considerate Sonic, and nodded, blushing slightly in her awkward way.

“O-oh, um.. t-thank you. That sounds like a good plan.” she nodded, having already dried off but something nice and yummy in her tummy wouldn’t hurt!

Getting to Modern Tails’s place, he was baffled by her story, asking about specifics from his Alternate Universe’s machine; but she could only remember some minor details.

“Sorry… I really can’t remember much.” she looked truly apologetic, but also awkwardly taking in all his bombarding questions.

Sonic had looked to her funny, and she shrugged, stating silently that her Tails was just a little different…

“This is amazing! But of course, let’s make sure you get home and back with your friends first.” he nodded, and took out his Miles-Electric, hooking up wires and placing them on her forehead and arms.

Her eyes widened as she stopped eating a moment from the bowl of food he had given her as he started placing them around him, and then bent down to dig into a tool box.

“If you’re really from another world, you’re magnetic field should have a different polarization then us.” he got up, smiling in a perky manner. “Say Ah.” he put a device in her mouth as she felt the force push her back slightly, and turned to Sonic.

He shrugged with a weak smile, as if saying, ‘This is OUR Tails…’.

“In simplified terms, you basically have a different frequency pattern than we do. So if I can isolate it, I should be able to create a location device for it in my Miles-Electric!” He showed off his invention, then leaned forward a little to her.

“…Can your me do that?”

She shrugged, still having the device in her mouth.

He pouted, leaning away.

“All you two ever do is shrug at one another.” Tails commented, looking to Sonic, putting his hands full of wires and gadgets to his hips, suspicious.

“What are you two communicating that I can’t follow..?”

“Stuff.” Sonic shrugged.

Tails looked to Amy.

“Swhuff.” she shrugged again, having her words muffled.

The two looked to each other and smiled, tilting their heads back in a pleasant notion while Tails groaned and continued his research.

After a moment, Tails’s experiments were done and they began hunting the teams down.

They were shocked by Sticks, having been captured by one of Eggman’s robots.

Shadow had a run in with Boom!Sonic, who had attacked him, thinking him evil or somehow responsible for putting him in this mess.

Knuckles and Knuckles… met?

They both thought it was a reflection.


I don’t know.


It’s Knuckles.

Tails was found by Cream and Vanilla, who took him in, worried he had lost his memory somehow before the team showed up.

Having everyone, they were headed back to Modern Tails’s place. The Tails both got busy working together on the machine, seeming like long-lost brothers.

“Could you pass me the-” “No one ever gets it when I ask for that!” “Dude, I don’t want to leave! Tell me more about the different forms your X-Tornado can do!” “Sure!”

“Hey, no distractions!” Boom!Sonic warned, “It’s all fun and games till Meh Burgers deal coupons expire before you even get them.”

Modern Sonic made a odd face, and that’s when Boom!Amy approached him.

She rocked on her heels, being curious about him. “So… You… Like burgers?”

“Dunno.” he smiled to her, “I like Chilidogs way better though.”

She giggled, making Boom!Sonic’s ear hone in on the sound, and turn his head around.

He grumbled with folded arms, seeing them getting along so well…

“Well, of course you do. You’re Sonic!”

Boom!Sonic looked forward, making a grumpy face as he muttered to himself some insults about how that statement wasn’t completely true. He felt he was the ‘better’ Sonic… but never stated it.

Something made him intimidated by the other universe’s Sonic, he didn’t know why though.

“So, what’s the ‘Amy’ here, like?” she leaned on a table, using the bunny ears and being cutely friendly as he happily turned to give her more attention.

“She’s a lot more impulsive.”

Amy’s face dropped.

“But just like you, she’s gotta pretty smile.” he winked.

She grinned, lovely. As though her heart was melting inside.

Boom!Sonic double-taked, before getting annoyed and stepping in between them, waving his arms around.

“Alright, alright. That’s enough chit-chat! The Tails say they need some more materials to make the machine. I say we go!” He stuck a thumb up to himself, and looked to Amy.

The gesture made Modern Sonic raise an eyebrow, before smiling as if knowing what the other Sonic was supposing..

“Right! I’ll carry Amy!” Modern Sonic walked over, quickly with the intent to get the other jealous, and scooped her right off her feet.

She blushed, as was his intention, as Boom!Sonic grumbled, fire in his eyes.

“Put her down!”


“She’s not yours!”

“Well, no. She’s not anyones.”

Amy’s heart literally fluttered as she lightly swooned and dipped in his arms.

He watched her and smiled, thinking she was playing along.

The two Sonics had a race for who gets to take Amy, but Modern Sonic let Boom!Sonic win. He stated that two Amys would have been a hassle anyway.

The two departed as Amy remembered why she liked her Sonic better… Unlike Modern, Boom!Sonic treated her with great consideration, while Modern Sonic seemed to only notice her when it seemed he was up for it; or it mattered too.

Heading home, Amy wrote about her experience, but Sonic still seemed pretty hot-headed about her repeatedly mentioning him.

“What? Think he’ll come here and sweep me away?” She teased, kicking up her feet as she closed her book.

“Did he say that!?” Boom!Sonic flung around, growing paranoid as he ran around her home, shutting her binds and locking her doors, leaning against it. “She’s not here!”

She laughed, “Oh, you.” she rolled her eyes, giggling before going to hang out with him and team some more~

(Way AU, but I hope you enjoyed it :3 Slight jealous!boom! lol)

  • Me: *looking at my art* Man! That's just nifty. Pretty creative too. I'm kinda good at this.
  • Me, ten minutes later: *looking at someone else's art* Umm ok this is flawless and bursting with new ideas that I never even considered. I'm in the wrong business. Can't even compete! Time to become an accountant. Or anything else.

hello friends; don’t be alarmed if you pop on my blog and the purple galaxy background is gone. I just redid the entire layout for something a little more minimal, and I might keep tweaking it for a while but I think it looks pretty nifty.

also some links got moved and stuff but everything is still somewhere, I promise

Bacterial Taxonomy 1 - Classification Based on Morphology and the Gram Stain. 

Taxonomy, is literally the science of classification. Look at the picture above, and imagine that all those little divisions, like “firmicutes” are different phyla under the kingdom of bacteria. Then those phyla are further subdivided into different classes, then orders, then families, then genera, and then finally species! Take a look at how this works for one particular bacteria, called streptococcus mutans. 

Wow, there’s a lot to classify, probably why it’s taxonomy: it’s such a taxing job.

Ahem, right, so. As you’ve probably noticed, Streptococcus mutans is named using its Genera and its Species name. Similarly, all organisms have a scientific name comprising of two parts: The genus, followed by the species. It is very important to classify organisms in this way because: 

  1. It establishes criteria for identifying organisms. 
  2. Allows arrangement of related organisms into groups. 
  3. Provides important information on how organisms evolved.  

Bacteria are classified, usually, according to their morphological, metabolic and biochemical differences, although genetic and immunologic factors are also now being considered. 

One of the earliest, and most fundamental methods of classifying bacteria depended on the use of the Gram Stain. 

Gram Stain

Unlike large organisms like humans, parrots and dra-, erm, Komodo Dragons, which are easy to spot and have a distinct appearance to the eye, bacteria are colourless and invisible to light microscopy. Thus, gram staining had to be developed to give bacteria a colour, and visualize them. Since bacteria would either respond to the stain, or not, all bacteria were subsequently classified into gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. 

There are 4 steps to the Gram Stain Procedure. 

  1. Pour crystal violet stain (a blue dye) and wait for 60 seconds. 
  2. Wash off with water and flood with iodine solution. Wait for 60 seconds. 
  3. Wash off with water and then “decolourize” with 95% alcohol solution. 
  4. Counter-stain with safranin (a red dye). Wait 30 seconds and then wash off with water. 

Basically, when viewed under the microscope, cells that absorb the crystal violet dye and hold on to it become blue: These are gram-positive. Alternatively, if the crystal violet is washed off by the 95% alcohol, the cells absorb the safranin and appear red. These are gram-negative. 

Gram Positive = Blue 

Imagine yourself sitting by the beach, opposite crystal blue waters, or kayaking across deep waters, or even river tubing across the bluest of rivers.. won’t you say yes to that? So, Blue = Positive. Note that Gram-Positive bacteria may also appear purple if the red safranin is not effectively washed off. This is because blue + red is purple. 

Gram Negative = Red

Now you’re sitting in sweltering red heat, sweat pouring down your body, the sun red in the sky. You don’t want that, do you? Or for comic book fans, you can picture Superman’s face when he sees a Red Sun in the sky. NOPE, thinks Superman. So Red = Negative. 

This difference occurs due to a difference in morphology of the bacteria. 

Gram Positive vs Gram Negative Bacteria 

Unlike eukaryotic animal cells which contain only one cell membrane composed of phospholipid separating the nucleus from the ECF, both gram-positive and gram negative bacteria contain more than 1 layer: the layer outside the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane is the peptidoglycan layer. 

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I have this headcannon where the marauders are all talking about the hottest girls in their year and James turns to Moony and is all, “so moonster,” *wiggles eyebrows* “that Amanda is pretty nifty, what do ya reckon?” and Remus looks up from his advanced transfiguration book in mild surprise and says, “oh. No thanks, I’m gay.” casual af and in the same way someone would say “oh, no more helpings, I’m full.” and James just nods sagely and carries on to Pete and Padfoot, who are of course, choking in shock.

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But how can they be endgame? If anything I believe that their talk made it obvious that, yes they love each other but no, they will not get together. Their love is incompatible and for one of them to completely change their view of the world and their persona for the other seems irrational and wrong. Don't you think?

Ok so I completely agree that a person, any person, should not change who they are for the sake of a relationship or for another person, let me make that clear before I start. That’s bad kids, don’t do it.

But lets look at this in more detail. The major point of contention, the reason they don’t work, is because a) Carmilla doesn’t give a shit about the world outside of Laura (and Mattie, though not to the same extent) and b) Laura views the world in such definites, such blacks and whites. To her x is good and y is bad and that’s it, which creates a whole host of problems.

Now lets take their relationship out of the equation here completely. I think it’s fair to say that one can’t, and shouldn’t, go through life not caring about anything or anyone except one or two very special people. Regardless of her relationship with Laura, that’s something that Carmilla should maybe work on being better at, no? She’s developed into this apathetic person over centuries, but maybe its time for her to see if she can’t find something that makes the world around her worth caring about, no matter how badly its treated her in teh past. That’s character growth that, in my opinion, should occur regardless of Laura. I’m not for a second arguing that she should turn into a schmooshy wubby vampire, but giving at least a bit of a shit isn’t a bad quality. 

And Laura. It’s been spoken about at length that we need to see something of a shift in Laura’s view of the world. Her intentions are great, and she cares to a fault, but her intentions and her care mean that she doesn’t always approach things the best way. Just look at the situation with Vordie- she was so caught up in the belief that Mattie was bad and Vordie was good and look how that turned out? And it’s not because Vordenberg particularly hid anything about his vampire vendetta. She needs to learn that some ideals are not only unrealistic, but harmful in the way she sees the people and situations around her. 

If these traits were to be addressed with both of them, as separate entities from their relationship, I reckon that would be some pretty nifty character growth and then hey, look at that, their relationship would be an actual thing that could work.

And while I don’t think its the function of a relationship to make a person ‘better’ or to change them, I also think that if a relationship does contribute to some positive growth then that is an awesome thing and a big tick in the ‘pro’ column of those people being together.

tl:dr not only do I think they’re endgame, I think that the journey there will help them grow as people.

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So, here are some images from my bullet journal this year. I run a small business and I tend to plan a few months out so I incorporated that into my journal. I also like the printed calendar to glance at. I tend to use bullet journaling to feed my washi tape enthusiasm but I also find photo corners, pens, and even a little thing that looks like a pen but it actually glue pretty nifty to glue stuff into my journal really helpful. I keep stickers and stamps and envelopes there as well as blank sticker paper labels, important phone number, addresses, and a few pages of my favorite recipes.

Ok, back to making this ranchero sauce from scratch for enchiladas tonight. My house smells delicious.