and they look like old man chic

Honestly tho Id join the hunters just for their Sweet Threads
Like you’ve got Gascoigne who’s an ex-priest, married man and aging father of two and he’s wearing goth cowboy chick with an Alexander McQueen undervest and a plush fur belt featuring buttons encrusted in silver from Tiffany’s

And the old man Henryk looking slim and trim in a tastefully yellow Miu Miu runway set that’s Ready For Winter on top of being extremely fitted

Then there’s Eileen rocking that all black Alexander McQueen ensemble with the androgynous trench coat and chic crow feather overlay with some baggy trousers tucked into polished leather spats

The Cainhurst Knights all look like they game straight off the winter runway with their deep reds and lacework on the cuffs like come on give me a break

But then you have executioners wearing ill fitting uniforms made of straight burlap and then you remember every group always has one person who can’t dress themselves