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To Be Happy || Sweet Pea

request: Pretty hurts with pea?

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a/n: Yo, thanks for making me cry while I listened to this song over and over! lol. I hope you guys like it. xx, aubree

warnings: parent being “mean”, insecure reader, cussing.

word count: 563

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Mama said, you’re a pretty girl
What’s in your head it doesn’t matter
Brush your hair, fix your teeth
What you wear is all that matters

Y/N sat in her room crying as her mother’s words burned into her brain. Not good enough. She had told her she had made the cheer team, but all her mother wanted to know was if she beat Cheryl for the spot of captain. All her life, Y/N had grown up in a household where she had to look a certain way, act a certain way, but she somehow never fit the mold her mother tried to squeeze her into.

Plastic smiles and denial can only take you so far
And you break when the paper signs you in the dark
You left a shattered mirror
And the shards of a beautiful girl

Y/N paced the room before she moved in front of the mirror the sat on her dresser against the wall. She stared at herself long enough for her reflection to become distorted. Her mascara was now on her cheeks in runny streaks. She wiped her lipstick off with a tissue. Her y/e/c eyes now red and blotchy from crying for so long. Anger suddenly filled her body as she punched her reflection and the mirror shattered. 

She wiped some of the mascara off, grabbed her coat, and ran out of the house. She went to the one spot she knew she’d be alone. There was a lookout of Sweetwater River just passed the train tracks on the Southside. She’d found it when she was fourteen and had run away from some argument her and her mother were having. She had only seen one person there before and she wouldn’t mind seeing him tonight.

She sobbed to herself as she sat on a boulder near the edge of the lookout. Tears flowed consistently down her cheeks with each new wave of sadness. The gravel behind her crunched and she turned her head to investigate.

“You look like shit.” Sweet Pea said when he came into view.

“Thanks.” Y/N rolled her eyes. They had never actually spoken before and the first thing he says to her was ‘you look like shit’, typical.

“Sorry. I just mean you look like you’ve had a pretty shit day.” He walked up to her, “Can I sit?”

“Pretty shit life is more like it.” Y/N moved over so he could sit down.

“How shit could your life be, princess?” 

Y/N just looked out towards the river, “More than you think it could be.”

When you’re alone all by yourself
And you’re lying in your bed
Reflection stares right into you
Are you happy with yourself

They had talked for a while. Well, she talked and he listened, something she learned he was really good at. Y/N told him about the impossible standards her mother made her live up to.

“God, she told me I should get a freaking nose job the other day. I’m sixteen.” Y/N aggressively wiped away another tear that had fallen on her face. 

“From the looks of it, it’s your soul that needs a surgery.” He placed his thumb on her chin so she’d look at him, “Are you happy with yourself?”

Y/N stared into his eyes, “I think I could be pretty cool. If only my mom would let me be myself. I’m not some pageant queen or a cheerleader. I hate being those things. I hate being just some pretty girl. Pretty fucking hurts.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”


Pea’s thumb ran across her cheek as he caught a tear, “Then fuck her. You need to be comfortable in your own skin. What is your biggest aspiration in life?”

Y/N looked away for a moment, then back into his eyes, “To be happy.”

“Then let’s go get you a big ass bowl of happy.”


Realized I’d never posted this on Tumblr directly! Just a quick note on content: this story acknowledges the existence of sex and the desire to engage in it, although no one is depicted having it. Some underage alcohol consumption takes place. There are mentions of period-typical homophobia, a few uses of the f-slur, and mentions of the existence of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Tags: Mike Wheeler/Will Byers, 17,000 words

Summary: It’s been two years since Mike and Will have spoken when he finds the box while cleaning out his closet. Mike is determined to fix things before their last summer in Hawkins slips away–he just has to figure out what he wants and who he is first.

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7 Calls

written for the @sidgeno-fluff-fest, for the prompt “college”. My first foray into writing them!

“It’s fine, I’ll just pull an all-nighter.”

On the other side of the Skype call, Sid can see Geno pull a face. It’s the same face he’d pulled when they were sixteen and Geno was on his exchange year in Cole Harbor, even if Geno’s grown up in the last five years. His fond, exasperated concern is still the exact same. “Overworking yourself?”

“I’m pulling an all-nighter, it’s not overworking.” Sid looks over his computer screen to where Tanger’s sitting on his bed typing on his computer, his headphones in. “Right?”

Tanger pulls out one earbud. “Hm?”

“Pulling an all-nighter isn’t overworking.”

“I am not getting involved with your fight with your boyfriend,” Tanger says loftily. Just for that, Sid is definitely going to tell Carol-Lynne the next time Tanger does something especially stupid at one of their team nights out. “But also, you really should go to sleep.”

“What he say?” asks Geno, from the screen. “Tanger tell you that you overworking and need to get sleep?”

“Tanger said nothing,” Sid says, glaring at Tanger to emphasize it. Tanger’s headphones are back in, though, so it loses its emphasis. “And I need to finish this paper by tomorrow, so I have to pull an all-nighter.”

Geno makes a face, his brow drawing together. “I hang up now, then? You work soon—”

“No!” Sid yelps, and then can feel himself go red as Geno and Tanger both laugh at him. “I mean. No, it’s not like it’ll make a difference, and I want to hear about your day.”

Geno smiles at him then. There’s still that concern in his gaze, but no one smiles at Sid quite like Geno does, like he sees all his neuroses and weirdness and loves him for it, not despite it. Sid likes to think that Geno doesn’t smile at anyone else quite like he does at Sid, but he hasn’t seen Geno in person for about two years, so he can’t be sure about that. “Okay, Sid,” he says, gentle. Like Sid’s one of the animals he deals with at the clinic. “I tell you.”

When they finally hang up forty-five minutes later, Sid looks over his screen again at Tanger. “You know he’s not my boyfriend, right?” He asks. He’s been friends with Tanger for going on four years now, ever since basically the first day of college, has been living with him for one since Flower left, but he still wants to check. People sometimes don’t get that.

Tanger raises his eyebrows. “I know you think he’s not your boyfriend,” he replies, which is honestly less chirping than Sid expected, so he lets it go. People don’t get him and Geno, really. It’s understandable—in a lot of ways, Sid doesn’t get them either. No one would expect that Sid, whose focus on things other than hockey and school is admittedly sometimes shaky, would stay in touch with the exchange kid from his high school all through college; no one would expect that Geno, who’s outgoing and laid back and easy and everything Sid isn’t, would want to stay in touch with Sid. But they did, and now graduation is coming and there’s a world opening in front of Sid and all he knows is that Geno will still be there.

And maybe Sid would like to kiss him sometimes, when he’s getting worked up talking about an animal that came into the clinic that day or when he thinks about his family or just whenever. Geno’s on the other side of the world, and they’re best friends, and that’s enough.

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Alright, monster kids are pretty well grown up now, I'm picturing Tom at twenty, and none of them really has their own thing going on yet they still all live together; then Kathy, the next time they're in shop, somehow convinces them to take a mystery egg off her hands. She doesn't give it to edd though, but rather Tom and Matt, insisting they need to look after it as it potentially hatches and report back to her, since she's still too busy with her own r! kiddos. 1/?

ahhhhhh blessss

glossers replied to your post: i know ive talked about this before but theres…

all the while they’re pushing the « love yourself » narrative and talking about how looks don’t matter while profiting off of their looks and insecure girls aaaaa it makes me so mad

EXACTLY… like i get really annoyed when i see grown women posting pix in full faces of makeup, facetuned pictures w the caption like “no makeup! love ur flaws!” like idk now that im older i know damn well when someones wearing makeup and photoshopped but when i was younger i really didnt? and like it just seems sooo messed up to profit off of young girls insecurity and then turn around and be like “love urself flaws and all!:)” as if they arent selling products that destroy these girls bodies 

Why am I so taken by the Jonerys hand grab?

I mean, generally speaking, holding hands is barely something to get this excited over right? (or as my friend so eloquently put it, “It’s freaking Game of Thrones and you’re excited about people holding hands???”). To which, my answer is:

I’m not just excited about them holding hands (although I’m crazily obsessed with it, and have watched that scene a couple million times already). It’s the fact that Jon ‘You-know-nothing’ Snow, clueless Jon, naive Jon who despite being told this:

Still didn’t make the first move. Who’s always had that ‘I’m adorable but I don’t know it’ aura around him. Who’s always been so reserved and so..just so unsure about himself nearly always. 

The thing which made me go crazy about the Jonerys hand holding was Jon making the move y’all!! 

Jon!!!, our Jon!!, reaching out!!, grabbing her hand!!!, not letting go!!! 

I can watch this forever and still not get tired, because this shows Jon Snow reaching out for something that matters to him, Jon Snow holding on and not letting go because he wanted this. He wanted someone for the first time in forever and he went for it and he didn’t want to let go!

And this, this, is why the Jonerys handhold will always be the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen on GoT, because we have a vulnerable hesitant Dany, and a ‘dammit all, I’m going for this’ Jon, and that was the most beautiful scene I had seen in a really long time!

I love how Tsukishima went from

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being unsure about asking his coach for advice.

To this:

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Demanding to be put back in the game, because he knows he can help turn the tide

I’m so proud!!!

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moffat era meme || five relationships ➡️ [2/5] eleven x his parents-in-law eleven x the ponds

Because you were the first. The first face this face saw. And you’re seared onto my hearts, Amelia Pond. You always will be. I’m running to you, and Rory, before you fade from me.

The Sunday market was bustling. Victor had lost Yuuri amongst the crowd some ten minutes prior, but he did not bother seeking him out. Markets had become one of Yuuri’s not-so-secret loves whenever they landed in a port and the siren had grown accustomed to navigating them. He had eagerly jumped into a pair of boots as soon as the parrots squawked their calls of land and dressed himself in Victor’s clothes, almost more eager than the crew to get off.

With the turning of the season came typhoons, meaning Victor kept them close to the coast in order to catch protection from the storms. It also meant fewer ships on the water, merchants not wanting to risk their cargo to the temper of the summer sea. Less to pirate meant the days grew longer and rougher, while the supplies on board dwindled.

Victor weaved between stalls and people, picking up some local herbs that he knew Chris would debate on buying with his own coin, supplies and food stores for the crew, medicine powders to restock Emil’s chest. He stopped to look at some beautifully dyed fabrics which he could use to make into robes for Yuuri, but the siren always preferred his own. Not that Victor faulted him, they were as mesmerizing as Yuuri himself.

When the sun hit high noon, Victor found Yuuri kneeling at a stall selling birds. There were fowl in large cages, a few parakeets shuffling around perches, a pen of clucking chickens. Yuuri ignored them all in favor of chirping at a small nest of eggs set out under the warm sun.

“Of course you’d be with the birds. You’re as bad as Minami,” Victor teased, but Yuuri’s attention did not waver even for a millisecond. Chuckling to himself, Victor examined the chickens pecking at feed in the pen before turning to the small elderly lady manning the stall. 

A few chickens on board could produce fresh eggs for the crew or serve as a decent meal themselves if food stock ran low. He doubted Yuuri would mind too much, and they would keep the bird nerd happy enough. If Chris complained about the extra work, he could task Yurio with their care. The powder monkey had trained the parrots remarkably well, right under everyone’s noses.

“Yuuri, what do you think about–”

The old merchant lady next to him gasped. Victor would have done the same if he had not grown used to all of Yuuri’s little surprises. Extremely little, this time around.

The nest no longer contained eggs. Only cracked eggs shells scattered around, broken into jagged pieces.

Cupped in Yuuri’s hands were four tiny yellow chicks, peeping excitedly. The smallest wings flapped up at him and they all hopped, beaded black eyes directed at Yuuri in the equivalent of pure adoration.

“Oh dear, I thought those weren’t going to hatch for another day,” the stall keeper said, shuffling toward Yuuri. “Look how healthy they look though. And they’re imprinted on you, it seems, the bitty cheepers.”

Yuuri looked delighted. The chicks continued to peep and he imitated them, peeping back.

“You’d make a good mama bird.”

Laughing at the cuteness before him, Victor scooped one yellow fluff ball up and deposited it atop Yuuri’s head, letting it nest in his hair. Another peep. Yuuri went entirely still to make sure it did not tumble off.

Victor tucked a silver coin too many in the old lady’s hands.

“We’ll take the lot.”

When they got back on board the ship, Yuuri set all four chicks down and shuffled in experiment across the deck. They followed behind him in a single file, peeping all way.

You can’t defend Logan Paul. What he did was absolutely disgusting and the pinnacle of him making a jackass out of himself in Japan. Throughout his visit he has been obnoxious to the Japanese. Tourists like him are why people from other countries dread when Americans visit. 

There is a process to making videos. You have to go back and edit them. If he was truly that troubled by seeing that hanging, he would have most likely edited it out. He would have cut the footage there. 

But, Logan wanted to see a suicide. That’s the reason why he came into that forest with his crew, that’s the reason why he purposely went off the designated trail (they have that in place so tourists don’t see anything). And the worst part of it is, he exposed his very, very young audience to an actual hanging. He blocked out his face, but he still zoomed in, he still showed the purple, swollen hands to children. If he was truly that shaken, he would not have put the man’s corpse in his thumbnail. He put that there to get people’s attentions and views, to prove he wasn’t click baiting. 

What about the children who watch his videos who did lose someone they loved to suicide? That could be extremely triggering for them. 

If he had really cared, he would have stopped recording and he would have alerted the park. But, no, he and his friends laughed and joked and focused on the corpse. Remember, his audience is mostly consisted of kids and young teens. If any of them were struggling with their mental health, what kind of message does that give them? 

And for that poor man, we don’t know why he did it. Maybe he had mental health issues or maybe he struggled with a chronic, physical illness and didn’t want to hurt anymore, but not long ago, he was a breathing, living human being with family and friends. Those that knew him would be able to recognize him immediately from the video, and to have this dumbass American and his merry band of idiots put his hanging corpse all over the internet and make a complete joke out of it must be the worst feeling in the world. No matter what they do, that video will never go away. They saw their friend, their brother, their husband, father, son, boyfriend’s corpse in a thumbnail of a viral Youtube video, used to get views and coverage. 

He chose a secluded spot to end it all, hoping not to get any attention, and look what happens. His struggle and lost battle was turned into a joke for millions of people to see. I hope he found peace because even in death, he couldn’t get it. 

Logan is twenty-two. He’s not a kid, stop babying him. He’s a grown ass man who knows right from wrong, and he should face consequences for his actions. He purposely exploited a suicide victim. Even a teenager can tell you that’s fucked up. He knew what he was doing. 

Most importantly, though, parents seriously need to start monitoring what their children see on YouTube and be aware. Between this and Elsagate, their children are being exposed to horrific images. YouTube needs to get their shit together. 


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November 9th


You were the first to ask me if I’m okay. It’s not even a big deal, but those words…strangely comforted me.

Imagine the Avengers in some sort of battle with aliens or whatever and Vision suddenly flies off and phases into an enemy ship. A few seconds later the ship explodes from the inside, and Vision emerges. The Avengers all gape at him, wondering “how did he think to do that?” and then Vision just gets this mysterious look on his face and says “Did you ever hear the tale of Jonah?” Everyone’s confused except Tony, who’s grinning proudly as he says “I wouldn’t consider him a role model.”

When you realise there are probably tons of other photos from Harry’s album photoshoot that haven’t been released: