and they keep breaking

got7 is truly my ult bias group and I want to give these boys only the best in the world, but I’m gonna vote for monsta x in the upcoming shows because got7 already have 4 wins with this comeback alone and monsta x don’t have a single one yet…at all…
 they deserve this so much and their music is honestly so good and I feel like it would make got7 happy to see them win too… remember when jackson said he hopes monsta x gets their first win soon?! so do I 

Dua Bast, The Protectress of the People, for keeping our spirits calm and our hearts high during these terrifying days. For allowing us to remain positive and bright in these times of turmoil, and for unveiling our strength and claws to rend those who would harm us apart.

Dua Set, He Whom Before the Sky Shakes and Trembles, for filling our spirits with fervor and might, that we may fight for ourselves and others, and make those who seek to betray our trust tremble and weep.

Dua Anup, Counter of Hearts, for guiding us through these isfet-filled days, for allowing us to come to terms with what is happening but to not quaver under the injustices being wrought. For knowing that we may bend to the point of break, but giving us that much more to keep our strength in these hard times.

Dua Netjeru. May we hiss, spit and yowl at those who would do us harm because of greed, and may we tear those same fools apart when our warnings are not heeded.



Request: I’m so excited that requests are open! I know you said that you don’t write death but idk if this will be okay: Do you think you could do a Bucky X Reader where the Reader is dealing with a recent loss of a family member and she keeps breaking down but she’s afraid someone will see her crying because it makes her feel weak and then one day Bucky finds her crying and comforts her and it all leads to fluff and cuddles? Thank you! And if you don’t wanna write this then it’s fine. Have a great day!

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A/N: I lost my grandfather nearly two years ago, so I sympathize with this loss; I understand how it feels and I hope you can move through. It helps me to see things like a rainbow, like he’s saying hi, or have a little laugh when something happens and saying it’s his way of “I’m here!” like when my transmission went out on his birthday week. That vehicle used to be his.

Warnings: Reader has lost a family member.

Word Count Total: 597

Short Imagine #110

Title: Loss

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Day Seven: Imprisoned

Second to last prompt for @vldangstweek. I’ve never written for Matt before, and I wanted to give it a shot. 

This one’s a little darker than my others, so mild warnings for mentions of abuse, suicide, and character death (nothing super graphic though). 

He had given up hoping, if he was being honest. He was going through the motions, keeping his head down and his nose clean, never breaking order. He’d die if he did. He’d seen it happen one too many times, to his cellmate, his neighbor down the hall, the girl in the other quadrant.

His father.

Sam Holt had died because he fought back, because he made waves, and the Galra didn’t like it when their prisoners made waves. So they killed him, sabotaged his work space so he was hit with pure, unaltered quintessence, something humans couldn’t survive.

Matt stopped hoping after that.

There was something about watching the one person you had left in the universe burn to death in a pool of liquid lilac and cobalt. Something about having to step over their dead body, like they had never existed, never tucked him in, read him bedtime stories, helped him apply for school. Like he had never been his father.

Matt had been numb since that moment.

Let himself be lead in iron shackles, cuffed to other prisoners and never stopping the monotonous, literal back breaking labor that they put them through. Forced himself to eat the slop they put in front of them, cold and unappealing and sometimes still moving. Comforted the newbies without letting the guards hear, made sure they knew that they would die if they kept crying.

He fell into the routine of being a prisoner, didn’t flinch anymore when he was whipped and beaten, lowered his gaze when he was yelled at, didn’t cower when they loomed but didn’t stand up straight, either.

He missed his mom, and his sister, but cared too much about them to try and get away, to go back. He couldn’t go back anyway. Not without Sam. Without his crumbled remains. With the shame that he had watched his father die at the hands of an evil race that wanted nothing more than to destroy them all.

So he stayed locked up. Kept behind the ragged bars of his cell, listening to his cellmate cry at night when they thought he was asleep, listened to them destroy themselves physically and mentally, and when it was morning, he picked himself up and stepped over their body, waiting silently as the Galra came in to dispose of the corpse and lead him to breakfast.

He didn’t blink anymore, didn’t dream, didn’t even have nightmares. He was living one, so his subconscious probably thought that was enough. Every now and then he’d catch a whiff of something that reminded him of his mother’s freshly baked bread, or his sister’s shampoo, and he would find his breath catching, his throat tightening.

He didn’t let himself cry. Couldn’t, if he wanted to survive the prison.

Homesick in hell, with death left and right, Matthew Holt let his soul die so that his body could survive. But no matter what he did, there was always that sliver that jumped at him when he least expected it to.

There would be stories, see. Of lions, giant, magical robots that were going around and rescuing planets from Zarkon’s grasp. They were told in the dead of night, in whispers and hushed voices and fearful eyes that glinted with scared hope.

There were rumors, that there were Galra who stood against Zarkon, that some of them had infiltrated his ranks. That he had soldiers he trusted sabotaging him every minute, that there were Galra going about freeing all of his prisoners.

Matt tried not to let himself believe the stories; they were too good to be true. But every extra tremor his ship endured, every nervous gaze of the soldiers on each other, every single squeeze of a hand or muttered word of assurance lifted the weight from him, made him more likely to believe.

He still wasn’t hopeful, not in the slightest. But when his cell was broken into and he was pulled from his dingy sheets by gentle, clawed, Galra hands, he let his belief carry him out over the threshold and into the path of freedom.

He had to leave his father behind. But ahead of him, according to the rumors he had pieced together, waited his sister.

I'm taking a break...

Yep, I’m taking a break from Tumblr for who knows how long. My parents don’t know I have this blog and the guilt is kinda starting to get to me (it may not seem like a big deal to most people but it is to me) and I’m afraid I’m starting to get careless with it and I’m way too dependent on it so I’m gonna end up getting caught.

I really don’t want to delete my blog, it’s done so much for me and I’ve met so many amazing people and it’s helped me through rough times with my anxiety lately, so I don’t want to completely get rid of that. So, I decided to delete the app off my phone for a few days and try to transition back to Instagram (my queue is long enough to last me a while), until I decide what to do about this, I may be back after a few days and I may come back just to delete it, I really don’t know

To my amazing internet friends ( @sweetpotatoirish1-7 , @islysmiley , @imsherlockedtotv5xq , @ale-le-me , @mediocre-anime-fangirl) I love you guys so much and this is just in case I decide to delete (it may be for nothing because I may end up deciding in a few days), thank you for being such great friends, you really are the best ❤️

I’ll probably delete the app off my phone tonight or early tomorrow, so if you want to talk to me before I go you can send in an ask and I’ll make sure to answer it before then :)

This goodbye post may end up being for nothing because I may decide in a few days to come back, but I really don’t know at the moment so just in case, thank you all for following me, this blog and this fandom have done so many good things for me, I just need time to distance myself from this site and decide what to do from here, but I love all of you so much ❤️


With his hands linked with Gon’s, Killua felt his heart beat a little bit faster. The heat on his cheeks radiating a little brighter as a rich laughter escaped their lips. If it was possible, the new color on his pale skin would have been enough to light up the night what surrounded Gon and himself.

The stars that shined above them were enough in that moment, along with the fire that Gon had built. It was silly, foolish even how with everything falling apart about him, Killua still found himself able to smile, laugh and forget.

Of course, the reality of what was occurring wouldn’t fade away. Not until he got the answered that he was waiting for. Still, small moments when he would forget were enough… Enough to keep him stable and not break down.

I’m thinking about dropping R. He’s super fucking cheap (gives me 50% of my usual allowance) but the money is reliable. I’m just at the point where he bugs me constantly and every text that gets sent is an annoyance. Those texts have become a daily routine and he never wants to drop the convo. Not to mention that he pushes for regular sleepovers and wants to do a road trip to Maine (wtf) this summer. He also thinks that he’ll be visiting my new apartment next semester (nooo) to save money on hotels. He’s amazing at sex, decently attractive, and perfectly nice but I’m starting to lose my ability to stomach him. 

Tbh I know he hates boob jobs so I’m thinking of keeping him on the leash for the next couple months and ‘breaking up’ with him once I get the surgery. It’ll be easy to use my recovery as a reason to drift away or hopefully get him to no longer be interested. Will stack an extra bit of cash in the meantime and then be freeeee. He does have my info (I’ve been seeing him for a long while and trust him) but I can’t imagine he’d ever be malicious about it - especially because the arrangement is disguised more as a relationship than anything questionable. Like, there’s no way he could prove shit aside from bi-monthly venmo transfers. I’ve never ‘broken up’ with a long-term SD before so this will be new, if any of you guys have advice that’d be bomb.  

Almost 7 Weeks Post-Op
So at first, once I was able, I started massaging my scars lightly with coconut oil, then after about a week or two I started using scar away, something I bought previously. I didn’t like how they didn’t stick all day and when I would come home from work they would be mostly all peeled off, so I decided to get some cream, gel, and these strips I found online. They feel a lot better and I like how they’re more like tape. We’ll see how they hold up after working 8 hours.
Nipples are still a bit discolored around the edges, but those should return to normal with time.
Also, a note to trans guys who bind a lot. Make sure to take breaks and keep your binders clean. Seriously. I went to the doctor and found out I got a yeast infection (or some type of fungal infection) just from binding all the time, even when I was working out and sweating, and I thought it was just acne at first. So make sure to keep your binder clean and let your skin air out once in a while, especially as the weather gets warmer.

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Same anon - I still feel the same way! I run a blog that experiences similar drama (I get berated pretty frequently for my opinions or my way of doing things) so I totally get how draining it is. If you continue to get hate there are a few things you can do to create a buffer between you and the drama (like turning off anons or turning off notifications, or even taking a break from Tumblr for a few days). Keep your head up, and remember that you are loved!! You can do this!

I just wanted to have a nice stim blog, to vent and just relax. Paying attention to who follows when they aren’t causing me issues is just extra stress on my already stressful life. I am just trying to keep staying alive everyday. 

People who have been following me for a long time know I’ve had issues with my partner and his brother. His brother just a few weeks ago pulled a knife of me, I finally got him out of my house, I’m also swamped trying to find a house to move to currently, dealing with viewings, the bank, etc, I am working on my career and obviously everyone right now can see how hard it is to do that, theres always the crazy shit happening in america looming over me and fearing my life as a woman poc everyday, not to mention my depression and suicidal tendencies. Theres sooo much more too though. People think I have the capacity to check who follows me and force people to not and whatever, but I just don’t have it in me? This is my venting and chill space and I can easily just keep it something positive for me, I don’t get how that affects anyone else. 

I’ll just have to see how this goes, because a lot of people prefer to use anon so I would hate to have to do that, but I’ll definitely keep an update if I decide I need a break. 

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Hi so a few months ago I came out to my mom and she told me she was fine with it. I started dating this girl and I told her, and suddenly she's not okay with it anymore, so in order to keep seeing my gf I have to lie and say we're just friends. But sneaking around all the time is really putting a toll on our relationship but neither one of us wants to break up. I don't want my mom to keep me from seeing her... But I don't want to lie anymore. What should I do?

Hello! It is time to say “Mom, she is my girlfriend and I will not leave her” and accept that you cannot force her to be fine with it. Grow up and stop needing your mother’s approval.

Day 202 border village to old telegraph station 185K

I would like to give you a fantastic description of today’s ride, but my eyes were firmly fixed on my handlebar stem as I counted down the K’s and tried to keep upbeat and positive. Man, this road would break the strongest wills. It hasn’t broken me yet, but a few times I wanted to throw the bike down and start walking. Thank Goodness for a few friendly cyclist to break the monotony. The IPWR cyclists are dropping like flies on this stretch. The van picked up some poor guy today who was a blithering mess.

Even stopping for something to eat you are attacked by March flies, so it’s a case of walking, eating and slapping the buggers. The good thing March flies are slow, so the kill factor is high and very pleasurable.

Speaking to some truckers they said a man walked it last year holding a giant cross. Grow up and go to church! Another pushing a shopping trolley, what some people will do to get their dollar back! Man walking in darth Vader suite. One word, nutter.

Off to bed. 150 tomorrow, so a short day!

Im really upset because the Geoff shirts are now sold out and its kinda unfair?? like just keep it going until his break is off
Im really tired of them doing stuff like this because not everybody is able to get to a computer right away and even if they are it would probably be gone (like last year and my autograph ticket situation)

Its one of the main dislikes I have about RT