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Ups and Downs

 So I wrote a Lams oneshot. Here it is, in all its incredibly cliche goodness.

John and his best friend and roommate, Alexander, get stuck in an elevator on their way to work one day. John may or may not have loved Alexander from the day he laid eyes on him.

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You Got Nothing To Prove [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: do you still have my ask about Seb having a soft side with his little sibling or little cousin and reader, who thinks he’s just a big jerk, finding out about it.. and proceeding to tease him about it while he’s all “nope, I’m an asshole you’re confused I’m not nice at all.. what? me? soft? you’re soft!! …ok, just.. can we keep it a secret at least?” ? (if you lost it tho, that was it. that was the request lol ;) )

a/n: i don’t even remember seeing this ha…….i HAD to use the name #sorrynotsorry

Your eyes must be deceiving you. Sebastian Smythe is here, in an ice cream shop, with a little boy. They kind of look alike, other than the obvious; the boy has to be at least seven or eight and has darker hair; both have the same facial structure. The Warbler bends down, knees buckling under him.

When the boy points at you, you try to appear occupied, scuffing your floral print Vans on the bland tiles. “Well, if it isn’t Little Miss Sunshine…” Sebastian taunts, tongue flicking over his top pearly teeth. Your thumbs hook in your thin brown backpack straps, tugging them to the waistband of your dark green shorts, eyes focused on the floor.

“Seb, tell her she’s pretty…” the young boy whispers as quietly as possible. Your cheeks heat up.

Sebastian’s grass green eyes blow wide, long eyelashes batting across his freckles. “Dartanian! What was our deal?” The boy giggles, much to your surprise. “I get you ice cream and this is how you act…” he grumbles, smiling as Dartanian tugs on his navy blazer, licking the cone. “You are so lucky you’re cute.”

A little noise comes out of you and you cover your face with your hands. This is so cute! “I never knew you could be so nice, Sebastian!” you squeak, jumping slightly. The Warbler rolls his eyes, trying not to grin at your level of adorableness. “I thought you were an as-…” you cut yourself off, fixing your black t-shirt.

“Come eat with us! Seb thinks you’re cute!” Dartanian smirks. There it is. There’s the resemblance. Same goddamn smirk.

With wide eyes, the brunette looks at the boy, as if he disrespected his honor or something. “Go sit down!” he orders, voice slightly higher than usual. Dartanian huffs, stomping towards the table with the messenger bag and blazer. Sebastian sighs, straightening his striped tie. “Look, I am an asshole. I’m not nice, I-”

“You like me…” you tease, rocking back on your heels, broad smile on your lips. He turns his head, jaw clenching. “You’re nice and you think I’m cute!” you giggle, twisting from side to side bashfully.

Sebastian frowns, pretending to be annoyed. “Yes, okay, I’m nice to my cousin. Big deal. Are you gonna join us or not?” he bites, glaring; you nod, continuing to smile. “Okay… this is between us, got it?” he grumbles, spinning on his heel.

“Can I hold your hand?” you ask innocently, gaze focused on capturing his hand.

He scowls, “No.” (Plot twist, you end up holding hands.)

Confession:  You asked what we are most grateful for in this game? Well. Cole, in all honesty. He looks a lot like someone I used to know, they speak in a similar manner too. He spoke in riddles, and always had some words of kindness for me. He died two years ago. When I first found Cole in the game, I was going through a rough patch and cried my eyes out while trying to do “Champion of the Just.” They are so much alike! It makes me feel like he’s still here in some small way. That’s something I am forever grateful to Bioware for. They may never know what it means to me, but by the Maker! They’ve given me an angel of sorts. Words cannot express the peace Cole has brought me. He helped.

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their casting is super messy in general, like alec's mom and sister are non white but him and his brother are white, literally what the hell kind of family is this, absolute mess. i can still argue that alec and izzy look a lot alike but the kid who plays max looks nothing like them just a mess

me everyday: idk why they got that non spicy white boy to play max lightwood, he looks nothing like matt and eme who can literally pass as siblings but max? i don’t claim him

The Coloring Book

So, I think it will involve the detailed artwork we’ve come to expect from adult coloring books, but I would just die if it had the little kids coloring book games in it. Like, “Help Cinder reach Luna by completing the maze!” 

“Which two Thornes are alike? TRICK QUESTION BECAUSE THORNE IS ONE OF A KIND.” And all the images look different but one is wearing sunglasses cause he’s cooler than the rest. 

“Connect the dots to find the fairest of them all.” And you’re like, omg it’s going to be Winter and then it ends up being Thorne. “ME. THORNE. I’M FAIREST. I’M TOO RAD TO LOOK BAD. TOO HIP FOR THIS TRIP.“
I don’t care how old you are that’s the coloring book you need in your life. 

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omg I need to get this off my chest to someone who understands: a year ago I had a crush on a teacher and like I don't anymore but I still think he's cute smart funny etc etc etc. and now his brother (who is 20) is in my drama (not in school like it's in a drama school) class and they look JUST ALIKE how do I deal

Omg the kind of thing you would read in an imagine 😩 I don’t know what would I do, I think I would try to get close to the brother!!😍 Good luck!! Update me on that!

BTS reaction to finding out you’re the younger sister of a SNSD member

This was kind of special, but I just felt like making it! I hope you like it!

Jin: J: “Jagiya you really remind me of someone when I look at you closely” You: “Hmmm, Seohyun from Girls Generation, maybe?” J: “YES exactly..but how did you..wait.” You: “Seohyuns my sister, silly. Oh I didn’t tell you?” J: “No, you didn’t! Wow you really look alike!”

Jin would be so shocked that your sister actually was Seohyun, but at the same time he got more excited to meeting your whole family later. “Is your whole family as gorgeous as you two?”, he’d ask.

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Namjoon/Rapmonster: RM: “Y/N, from where do you know Yuri sunbaenim, because she just posted a selca of you two. I didn’t know you two were friends”. You: “Namjoonie, Yuri unnie is my older sister.” RM: “REALLY? Jagi, you never told me!” You: “Yes I did, you most likely just didn’t listen!”

Namjoon would be surprised, but after looking at you for a while, he would notice the similarities. He would find it cool that his girlfriend had such a cool older sister.

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Yoongi/Suga: You and Suga where on your way to meet your whole family. Suga had met your parents before, but never your siblings. As you two walked in, Yoongi suddently stopped at the door, as he spotted Im Yoona in the living room. “What is Yoona sunbaenim doing here”, he’d ask. You’d laugh and tell him that Yoonas you’re sister. “You told me you’re sister was named Yoona, not that she was that Yoona!” He would try and act cool so that your sister would like him, but on the inside he was dying.

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Hoseok/J-Hope: Hoseok would come home to your apartment, to find you talking to someone on skype. He would hear: “I miss you unnie, I hope to see you soon after the tour!”. JH: “WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO Y/N” YOU: “Oh, Hoseok come meet my sister, you haven’t talked to her yet, right?” Hoseok would come running to the living room and sit down next to you. Then when he would look to the screen, he would see no one other than Kim Hyoyeon smiling at him. Hoseok would become nervous and talk really politely until Hyoyeon would tell him to stop and talk unformally. I feel like they would get along really well.

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Jimin: Jimin was going to visit you at your parents house, where you were staying for a couple weeks while your apartment was getting fixed. He would knock on the door and take a step back. When the door flew open, it was no other than Sunny. JM: “Sunny sunbaenim, what are I…right house”. Sunny would laugh. SY: Yes, yes, come in. Y/N hasn’t told you about me? Aish, that kid. I’m Sunny and you must be Jimin!” JM: “I know, I mean yes you are.” Poor Jimin would stutter til the end of the world. Thank god it was only moments later you came to greet him. SY: “Aish Y/N, you should really tell your friends & boyfriends more about me”, she would say teasingly.

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Taehyung/V: You were attending the same music gala event as Taehyung with his group. When you came to your seats, you realised that you had the luck of sitting behind Taehyung. He wouldn’t notice at first, but when you started talking to someone next to you in english, he would turn around. Next to you was no other than Tiffany of Girls Generation. V would become shocked just staring at you two. You would then introduce her to V. You: “Taehyung this is my sister Stephanie.” He would then awkwardly whisper to you: “You’re sisters with Tiffany sunbaenim”, making Tiffany giggle a little.

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Jungkook: You: “Kookie, come here. Have you seen Taeyeon unnies new video for Rain yet?” JK: “Yes I saw it. She’s really good. I’d love to do music with her someday.” You: “Unnies voice would sound nice with yours, that i’ll admit”. JK: “You keep talking about her in a way, jagi, do you know her?” You: Taeyeons my sister, kookie.” JK: Oh, Jagi, could you show sunbaenim my covers?”. You would laugh at Jungkooks fangirling and promise him to show your unnie his music. He would become the happiest little one.

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5x17 “99 Problems” // 10x16 “Paint It Black” // 11x21 “All in the Family”
The Thing about God, Belief and Faith

You have to admit, if there is one thing God knows how to do damn well it is to play the blame game, to project, shift focus from his own shortcomings and flaws to those of others. I won’t even go into the possible readings here of when Chuck looks at which Winchester and what that may imply, because it makes me angry (lol I am kind of in awe just how much I react exactly how I think we are meant to react lol) and therefore will treat this as a statment made by God on both Winchesters alike. Because both Winchesters have expressed doubts in God. And did so for good reason too, which only now again proves to have been completely valid. Sure, Sam has always been more open to believe than Dean, but ultimately - as gets apparent over the course of S5 - Dean had some tiny bit of faith in God left. And how was he thanked for it? How were both brothers thanked for it? By Joshua telling them to “back off” in 5x16 “Dark Side of the Moon” (a title btw I find exceptionally interesting in light of the current season with the moon being the light in the dark, etc). Joshua outright mentioned Dean “losing faith” (implying that despite everthing Dean had helld onto some small last bits of hope and believe and faith in God though all his instincts told him otherwise) in himself and Sam and now God providing the last push over the edge.  So now tell me again how the Winchesters never returned the favour and why should the Winchesters have any kind of faith in God?



When I was 8ish, my mom cut my backside long hair to reach my shoulders (fucking childhood trauma, that one. If she comes near me with scissors, I scream bloody murder. I’m 21). That was around 2002.

About six years later, wonder what happened? FeaKING D.GRAY-MAN.
Or more specifically, Kanda did.

Now, Kanda is a specific kind of asshole (with understandable *let me cry to death* reasons, but still a shit most of the time), which I find enjoyable. More importantly, Kanda is a kind of asshole that takes shit from no one and looks so good while doing so, it just makes one growl with envy and anger. Being as insecure as I was, and being a sarcastic shit as a coping mechanism (aside it also being a family trait ahaha), I admired him. A lot.

I still do and forever will.

Aside all of that, I was always made to feel (by the hands of peers and adults alike, for many reasons which I’m still not comfortable with and find too cruel to be ok) not enough.
I have problems with that even today, but it’s getting better.
And Kanda played a role which no one, aside those who read this, knows or will ever know. Not even my mother.

All those years ago, seeing him, I had an epiphany.
I had loved my long hair, it was just that one thing that defined me and made me who I am, and no one would stop me from growing it out again. No annoying comments, no mom who said it would be hard to take care of. No one.

I just realized it was probably one of my first indipendent decision about my body, and all that in middle school. I feel proud about myself, dammit (Underappreciation is my forte).

So, taking shit from no one, with progressive annoyance and all yada yada, 8 years later, I find myself with a mane of freakingly long hair. And I LoVE it.
If someone asked what I’m proud of, my hair would be it. 70+ centimeters (from the rubber band to the tips, the longest one I found was 80 cm, I think) of proud feelings which no one has the right to take from me.

It gave me a more secure vision of myself, of what my stubborness is capable of, that just being me is ok, dammit.
I still have a long way to go, but I’m at a good point.

And all of that thanks to Kanda, which may not be the perfect person to look up to, but for me was life changing. He gave me comfort and will.

But most importantly, he made me feel ok about being myself.

So thank you, Hoshino, for making someone who’s able to give comfort.

Thank you, Kanda, for being such a lovable asshole.

tl:dr Kanda is the asshole which made me grow out my hair out and I feel FABULOUS.

Also, I saw someone suffer because their hair started progressively looking like young Mana’s *cough* @brendachanblr *cough* and I remembered my motivation. Dgm hair for the win.

so i said i’d do this when i got home and i figured i’d lighten the mood a bit with a few pics ft. me mum (she kind of forced me to duckface bear with me ok)

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considering i never do these things i’m tagging a shitton of people to compensate

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Why do white people think it’s funny to call black people stereotypical black names or not learn the names of specific black people and constantly mistake black people for other black people? There is this white boy in one of my classes who constantly calls me by the name of another black girl who is also in our class. Don’t get me wrong the girl is pretty, but we look NOTHING alike. We are different complexions, I have braids and she has long weave, and we have different body builds. This boy has called me by this other girl’s name so many times that I’m starting to think he does it just to be an ignorant ass. The first few times I brushed it off and corrected him because I was used to white people mistaking me for other black people all my life. 

Today however, I kind of snapped on him because I was just really fed up at that point, I mean it was literally the 7th time he’d done that! He came up to me while I was with my friends and called me by the other black girl’s name and I was just like “I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to tell you this, but that is NOT my name. My name is _____. Please stop calling me anything other than that.” I can tell he was really embarrassed because his entire facial expression changed and he started apologizing repeatedly before walking away. My friends (two white girls) told me that I was being mean and that he probably wasn’t good at remembering things so I should have cut him some slack. 

Really though? I think 7 different occasions of having to correct him on what my name actually is and the fact he can remember the names of the other Becky’s and Susan’s in our class proves to me he is fully capable of remembering the names he only cares to remember. My name is of Yoruba origin and I find it to be pretty unique. If they aren’t butchering the hell out of its pronunciation, they’re calling me by another black girls name or a name that sounds more “fitting” to their image of blackness. I’m sick of it, and I know many other black girls/boys can relate too. I feel like it takes away from our individuality; it’s a further reminder that they see us all the same at the end of the day.

  • Carlton: I still don't understand why you hang around Spencer. He's a bad influence with all his stupid schemes and pranks.
  • Gus: Most of his ideas are harmless, and some are quite funny.
  • Carlton: That's no excuse. He needs to grow up and start behaving properly. You shouldn't just let him push you around.
  • Gus: Indeed.
  • Carlton: I like talking with you, Guster. You listen. You're also kind and mature. You're far too good for him.
  • Gus:
  • Carlton: Hang on, you came to speak with me for a reason, right?
  • Gus: Nothing in particular.
  • Carlton: So, you just came to let me rant at you for 15 minutes?
  • Gus: Your company is always appreciated.
  • Carlton:
  • Carlton: You're distracting me whilst Spencer does something stupid.
  • Gus: Look at the time, I must be off. I don't want to be late for work. Pleasure speaking with you, Lassie.
  • Carlton: They're both alike.
a gaмe oғ тнroneѕ sentence/starter meme || part 3

“I told you to leave. We don’t want you here.”
“I need none of your absolution.”
“Leaving is harder than I thought.”
“Stick them with the pointy end.”
“Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.”
“All the best swords have names.”
“I am the blood of the dragon.”
“We have matters of state to discuss.”
“I’ve half a mind to leave them all behind and just keep going.”
“I will fight that battle when the enemy appears on the field.”
“I seem unable to stop you.”
“It was no less than they deserved.”
“I shall not trouble my sleep over it.”
“The gods mock the prayers of kings and cowherds alike.”
“I want to feel the wind in my hair again.”
“Look at me and tell me what you see.”
“Is this some kind of trick?”
“My mind is my weapon.”
“Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.”
“It’s a mercy. He’s dead already.”
“If this is true, he will pay for it.”
“I’ll kill him myself!”
“Never draw your sword unless you mean to use it.”

!WARNING! Although my recent posts have been spoilers too, this comic contains material of Heart of Thorns last story chapter. I believe everyone already knows but just in case.

So in the end, Trahearne just went to live in Moominvalley. 

One morning I poured coffee to a Snufkin mug and started to think that Trahearne and Snufkin are kind alike. To me they both are sort of big brother kind of characters. And look at their colors! 

And of course, our Trahearne walk happened yesterday! My first time commanding and I was nervous, so nervous. We started by giving speeches and there was a music performance too. I made a fool of myself by falling of the rock during my super-improvised speech. 

After awhile we started our journey to Fort Trinity. And we actually walked! It was fun but I was overwhelmed with map chat, squad chat and whispers, luckily my guildies helped by inviting and kicking people in the squad. 

We had these lower level characters with us who got one-shotted all the time and while crossing a bridge, one of them decided to go AFK and fell. We just continued walking and commented saying “RIP, bye”. Of course Iliosgouna went to rescue, we are not that heartless, it was just fun.

There were several toilet/food/coffee/vodka breaks. The only time we were really alarmed was when several angry kraits summoned before us because of an ongoing event. No Triple Trouble giving us trouble in Bloodtide Coast. Some trolls of course came by and said thing or two but we tried not to feed them.

Finally at Fort Trinity there were fireworks and pheromones and a group shot (that I didn’t really get into because I fell…).

Was so much fun, I want to do something like it again!

Didn’t have a chance to take photos so I’m just gonna link some here