and they hugged it out because they're awesome like that

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Can you write headcanons (separate) for Tamaki, Shinsou, Mirio and Bakugou with their s/o who is drunk. Can the s/o be one of those drunks that becomes really silly and overly affectionate when they're drunk? PS: I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH! STAY AWESOME YOU COOL BEAN!

Thank you that means a lot! I hope you like it!

Tamaki Amajiki

  • emo baby is all smiles because of the cute drunk
  • “Are you oka-No you’re not I’m sorry…”
  • Tries to put them to bed but they’re just like, “noooo”
  • Worried that they’re going to get hurt or regret something later
  • Passes out from all affection

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • He’s not totally against stopping you drinking because of their giggling
  • He goes after his s/o and they sit on his lap and start making kissy faces
  • Light blushes
  • “Okay you’ve had enough to drink let’s get you home.”
  • He can control a drunk person to go home right?
  • He doesn’t want to leave, he’s having too much fun seeing his s/o doing dumb stuff

Mirio Togata

  • He’s dancing just like his s/o
  • And he’s filming them to help his s/o
  • He’s not even drunk and he’s as silly as they are
  • He receives kisses, he gives kisses back
  • “I like it when you’re drunk! Buuuut it’s time we leave!”
  • Picks his s/o up and leaves, the next day he puts a glass of water and pills on their nightstand for the hangover

Bakugou Katsuki

  • So confused, one minute his s/o is normal and the next they’re all over him kissing his face
  • He sees them dancing in a cute way and it’s just making him laugh
  • He’s a little tipsy too but he’s soberer (is that a word?) than they are
  • “Hey hey no more shots- WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY?”
  • Hugs his s/o to keep them away from making any mistakes
  • Blackmail and teasing for the next few weeks
My goal in life is to one day have this kind of friendship

What is personal space

Making each other laugh

Propping each other up

Casual loving judgement of each other

Being the gayest heterosexual out there

And looking amazing in costume together

More and more gay and 0 fucks given

The best hugs fucking anywhere

I want this. So badly. It always seemed like that kind of awesome friendship only existed on a 90s sitcom or Grey’s Anatomy but these are real people who walked on a set one day and met their new best friend and it’s so unfair.  I’m so obsessed with them because I’m so…fucking…JEALOUS.