and they hook up once just for fun but then they're stuck on each other

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Fic prompt: Beca and Chloe just get into a relationship, without the Bellas knowing, but slowly one by one they realise they're together. One morning Beca and Chloe go down stairs to tell the Bellas and are confused when Amy and CR and swapping money and no ones shocked :) love the blog

They weren’t terribly good at hiding it. While most of the Bellas would’ve expected it to be Chloe who gave it away - all doe-eyes and sappy cooes that were enough to maybe pull a blush from Beca - none of them thought that Beca was going to be the almost unbearable teenage boy in the relationship. 

And if they thought that the stares during rehearsals were bad before anything happened between the girls, well, none of them were fully prepared for Beca’s uncanny ability to completely and openly undress Chloe with her eyes for the three hours of practice they had to endure. 

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