and they he is all dry humor

Various Batman Headcanons
  • It’s not so much that Batman sees killing as always morally indefensible as that he understands the role of the Batman as being more that of a doctor’s than of a soldier’s: a soldier must sometimes willingly kill somebody, a doctor must never. For Batman to kill willingly would be to break a sacred oath and, by so doing, invalidate the role entirely.
  • Bruce Wayne has a gorgeous baritone singing voice, which he keeps a closely guarded secret.
  • Adam West’s Batman is Dick Grayson’s retelling of their exploits.
  • Batman does have a sense of humor, but it’s incredibly dry. He’s also an expert level troll.
  • Of course Batman has a weapon to use against Wonder Woman, he’s just not about to let anybody know that. It’s a vial of centaur’s blood, the same thing that killed Hercules.
  • Batman also keeps a box for himself: in it is a gun the same make and model of Joe Chill’s. He keeps it clean and loaded at all times with exactly three bullets.
  • Bruce didn’t really celebrate any holidays until Dick came along.
  • Batman is just as much the conscience of the JLA as he is the brains.
  • Roughly 80% of Batman’s acquaintances are convinced he’s got superpowers of some sort. The JLA was collectively horrified when they finally learned that he was just Bruce Wayne in a suit with some fancy gadgets.
  • Bruce Wayne is actually surprisingly well-adjusted, despite Alfred Pennyworth’s claims to the contrary.
  • Bruce Wayne never stopped loving old movies, and every Sunday he tries to put aside two hours or so for a good classic.
  • Families who owe something to Batman will often display a small bat decal in a window of their home or place of business as a way to say thank you.
  • Martha Kent mails a box of homemade cookies, a couple of jars of preserve, and a hand-knit sweater to the Manor every Christmas. Bruce always makes sure to wear the sweater in public at least once, no matter how ridiculous it looks, and mails back some thoughtful little gift with a handwritten Christmas card.
  • Batman respects Green Lantern. That doesn’t mean he likes him. The two do not get along at all. Each claims that the other is simultaneously a tyrant and an anarchist, a threat to freedom and to the rule of law at the same time.
  • For a long time Bruce was the only one who knew that Captain Marvel was actually a ten-year-old child. Nobody understood why the poster child for acerbic and arrogant was so unfailingly patient with and considerate—even protective—of the polite and kind, if often naive, super-powered strongman.
  • Bruce Wayne and Talia really did love each other, and still do to an extent. However, they love their ideals more.
  • All of the younger affiliates of the JLA treasure a word of praise from Batman above all else. (Except for Robin, who practically levitates whenever Superman asks him for help.) The kids respect and admire all of the heroes, but Batman’s the one whose opinion they care about the most.
  • Gordon could discover and prove Batman’s identity if he set himself to it, but so long as Batman is on the side of justice he’s glad to remain ignorant.
  • For such a wealthy man, Bruce Wayne privately leads a very frugal lifestyle. Unused rooms in the manor are closed off, electricity is used sparingly, things are mended rather than replaced, and Dick, Jason, and Tim were all given fairly small allowances and taught to budget.  Damian refused to adjust to this, so Bruce finally just gave him his own bank account and stood back. (After the ten-year-old came up with and executed his own version of a Ponzi scheme, however, a new house rule was enacted, that any and all money-making plans had to first meet with the approval of Lucius Fox.)
  • Bruce tends to pitch his voice higher when in public and settle into his chest voice while in costume. This method keeps either persona from sounding like he’s disguising his voice, but means the two sound dissimilar enough to prevent suspicion.
  • Bruce goes out of his way to be charming in his socialite role but also out of his way to be grating in his crime fighter role. In his private, off-duty life, he’s quiet, has a dry wit, is a good listener, if not much of a talker, and is just generally pleasant to spend a quiet evening with.
  • When Green Arrow suggested that he get Oliver Queen to financially back the JLA Batman was the first to second the motion.
  • Bruce Wayne went on record for a long time as disbelieving in the Batman and after proof of Batman’s existence was irrefutable he made known his opinion that the man was a dangerous vigilante.
  • Clark Kent was assigned a story on Bruce Wayne shortly after ‘Gotham’s Son’ returned from abroad, the result being that Clark and Bruce became friends before Superman and Batman did.
  • Bruce Wayne dresses up as Superman for Halloween parties.
  • A running joke in the JL is that Batman is basically Chuck Norris. “Batman once had a brush with death. It took Death a month to recover.” “Batman can tell when a lie detector’s lying.” “Batman can’t only sense fear, he can also sense hope, like 'I hope Batman doesn’t punch me.’”
  • Batman and Superman have this thing where, whenever they have the chance, they spread misinformation about the other. “Batman is bald, that’s why he wears the cowl.” “Superman dyes his hair, does anyone actually think that black looks natural?” Stuff like that.
  • Bruce sleeps with a hand hiding his face and always has, since he was a kid. 

A ton of people have been asking about Kenma’s role in my undercover cop AU, and tbh I couldn’t come up with anything awesome despite my love for this boy. 

HOWEVER, after chatting with our lovely @eicinic we decided that Kenma will be a criminal profiler working for the police. He’s extremely intelligent and has unbelievably amazing observation skills. He was assigned to assist Akaashi with the gambling ring case, but he’s also been helping the others to crack some older, unsolved cases. He’s very liked in the department despite all his dry humor and puns that are too smart for their own good.

3 vampires are having a competition to prove who's the most vicious vampire among them.

3 vampires are having a competition to prove who’s the most vicious vampire among them. The strongest one started 1st, “watch this,” He said as he flies so fast, about 100 miles/hour. After only 10 minutes, he comes back with blood all over his mouth. “what happened?” they asked. “did you see that house over there?” “yes?” “well.. I killed the entire family and sucked the blood dry!” “wow!? fascinating, as expected from the strongest vampire” Then the eldest one takes the next turn “watch and learn,” he said as he flies even faster, about 120 miles/hour. After only 5 minutes, he comes back with blood all over his mouth and his neck. “what happened??” they asked. “did you see that village over there?” “ye..yes?” “well.. I killed every last person on that village and sucked the blood dry!” “wow!? magnificent! truly amazing, we can expect no less from the eldest one!” Finally the last turn belongs to the fastest one, “don’t blink or you’ll miss it” he said as he flies really fast, even faster than the other two, about 140 miles/hour. After only a mere 30 seconds, he comes back with blood all over his mouth, his neck, and his nose. “wh..what happened???” they asked. “did you see that big ass tree over there?” “ye..yes?!” “well.. I didn’t”

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Hey could I get a match up? (SFW if that's okay) I'm 5'3.5, chubby, and a red head. I'm a total mom friend and worry so much for my friends I forget to take care of myself sometimes, but I'm also rather sarcastic and have a dry humor. I like to cook, play videogames every once in a while (mainly pokemon), I'm a huge reader, and work as a freelance artist. I do suffer from anxiety and schizophrenia, but I do my best to keep it under control •3•. I love your blog and you're really adorable!

*a/n* thank you munchkin for the support, I love you!* 

Your pair is the amazing, wonderful, caring Jihyun Kim/V 

Originally posted by wiiwiipyon

This man will put you above him!! He understands your caring tendencies that he won’t try to change you at all. V will make it his mission that you are taken care of physically, mentally, and emotionally. When your episodes happen, he will be there trying to reassure you that everything will be okay. He will try to research ways on how to calm you down and he will try all those techniques with you. Your sarcastic ways and dry humor, will bring color into his life c: You need the love and care and he will give it to you. He needs the color and happiness in his life and you will give it to him c: 

Journal 14: Reflection

In a number of ways, I’m a lot like my father. Mom says I frown the same way that he does, that I give the same terrible excuses, that I inherited his stubbornness and his thoughtlessness but also his dry sense of humor and his “roguish charm.” (Her words, not mine.)

Also much like my dad, I’m a long-standing nonbeliever in things that cannot be proven. I’m not talking about the Force, because I have no choice but to believe in it, but I am talking about positivity and resolutions and mindfulness and other hokey, fluffy things that some people rave about as the all-powerful solutions to overcoming life obstacles.

“If you start out expecting the worst, you’ll only be pleasantly surprised by anything else,” says my dad, and I agree. “Life sucks, kid.” Shorter, sweeter, truer.

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watching Netflix A Series of Unfortunate Events. Just finished episode three, I’m so impressed so far! Neil Patrick Harris is absolutely great, he keeps to the character of Count Olaf while adding dry humor that makes it very different to Jim Carrey’s version but just as funny. the cast is all great so far and I’m really impressed with the production design (the cgi is extremely noticeable whenever it’s used but I can easily overlook that). so far, this is the version of the story I always wanted to see (the movie is fine standalone but it doesn’t represent the books)

also I know this is unfair and Patrick Warburton honestly does a good job as Lemony Snicket but whenever he speaks, all I hear is Kronk from the Emperor’s New Groove

i think it’s just like. the amalgamation of look and attitude and the way he carries himself and the way he speaks about things and responds to things and seems to treat other human beings is just very all-around appealing and tasteful and done with incredibly dry humor that’s very much in tune with this subset

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Dear wingdin, What is your opinion on puns? Tibia honest, I'll get down to Bare Bones and say that My sense of humor is more Bone dry that skelepun related. Honestly though, I goty into them to keep my worlds sans in good spirits

“Well, you have a pun-derful sense of humor, my friend… but I am afraid I cannot be coming up with witty responses, when there is still so many other thoughts in my head… ”

“While Caddy is sleeping I will do the laundry for him, and make hot water for tea when he is waking up. He is spending all this time taking care of his family, so it is about time that he gets taken care of.”

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Another one of JG's influences was Rocko's Modern Life. If you've seen it, do you see the influence in the show? If not I recommend you give it a shot and get back to me!

ahahaha i can definitely see how rocko was an influence on jg, it’s got a similar style of humor as regular show (especially early seasons) - dry, more adult, a decent amount of focus on the misfortune of characters lol. i was never a suuuper huge fan of the show when i was younger but i watched it and thought it was funny, same with the angry beavers. yeah, it’s pretty obvious that jg watched a lot of cartoons when he was growing up and it really shows in his work. it’s cool to imagine all the future show creators who will be inspired by cartoons that are currently running. :^o

so i saw this post a while ago about andrew and renee’s relationship and god okay here we go:

  • listen these two have the lamest and absolute corniest inside jokes
  • andrew’s humor is dry af and comes out as a threat 99% of the time (with the other one percent being a threat which people mistake as a joke rip), so it’s hard to tell when he’s actually trying to make a joke
  • but when he does it either makes everyone groan or sets renee (and eventually neil) laughing
  • andrew never really laughs at their inside jokes but he’s much less in a mood for murder when theyre told, which is partly why renee tells them
  • (”looks like andrew can lighten up, guys”)
  • (”nicky if he wasn’t with renee right now you’d have your racquet up your ass.”)
  • they like to have conversations and debates over the oddest things, ranging from the quite possible zombie apocalypse to the great peanut butter debate: crunchy vs smooth
  • andrew: “peanut butter was made to be smooth. if i wanted peanuts in them i’d fucking buy peanuts. also, who the fuck wants that crunch in their pb&j?”
  • renee: “i think it gives more variety and flavor.”
  • andrew: “and they call me the problematic one.”
  • this may or may not have led to a “who can make a better sandwich” war, ultimately resulting in renee teaching andrew how to cook (he doesn’t often display this skill, but does so exclusively for renee and neil what a sap) 
  • the two also like to go shopping together, and andrew only ever takes her advice when it comes to choosing which clothes to buy for neil. renee is also one of the few people he buys clothes for (he has her style down)
  • renee paints andrew’s nails (with permission ofc)
  • andrew helps renee dye her hair an assortment of colors
  • sometimes andrew’s nails match renee’s hair
  • their deepest and most personal conversations happen when theyre sparring, and are almost never brought up outside of that, which both of them appreciate 
  • she’s the first to confirm about neil, and the first to support him 
  • she gives him advice and chastises him, but doesn’t pry, doesn’t push. she is aware of both their boundaries, and so is he
  • andrew considers renee to be one of his best friends, though he doesnt tell her that 
  • instead, theyre reflected through his “thank you”s and his cooking, his rare smiles and their debates. renee knows through his skype calls and messages, their sparring and their meetups and his small gifts. 
  • renee is one of the few people who doesn’t let andrew let them be, and andrew is aware of that.
  • she is one of the two recipients of andrew’s rare hugs, only given at his most vulnerable moments, his vulnerable moments only shown to the people he most trusts and values in his life
  • also let’s be real renee is maid of honor at andreil’s wedding and you can fight me on this
  • renee walker and andrew minyard have such a strong, beautiful relationship, and no one can convince me otherwise. 

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I love Martin Freeman to death. If you watch him in interviews and such, he just does not give a single flying fuck about anything and I think that's beautiful. That dry, straightfire humor is everything I want in life. He's 20 years older than me and I don't give a damn, my ace ass would be all over that, in a no-genitals, just say stuff at me/around me/in my general vicinity sort of way. Do you have this kind of thing too? Not like a crush, more like a... fancy? Smitten? Adoration?

Haha I really enjoy his sassy attitude as well. :D I’m not sure exactly what you’d like to call it, but it’s the same for me with my celebrity “crushes”, because they aren’t romantic or sexual, I just think they’re delightful people. I love Misha Collins to absolute pieces, but I don’t want to date or have sex with him, I just love him and think he’s special.

You might call it a ‘squish’, which is a word we use for a friend-crush or platonic attraction, the type that makes you go “I really want to be around you and I enjoy your company but in a totally non-romantic and non-sexual way”. Sometimes aces and aros feel this really strongly, since we don’t experience the romantic or sexual types of attraction.

There’s also something called alterous attraction, which is described as “wanting emotional closeness without necessarily being (at all or entirely) platonic and/or romantic”. It’s sort of an in-between, such as people who are in queerplatonic relationships might experience. I have an attraction tag if you want to read more stuff. 

I think in Brit-speak, saying you ‘fancy someone’ has romantic/sexual implications, but I have to say that it sounds rather nice, like someone is just special to you. 


(Requested by Anon)

You loved going to the Cullen home. Not only did your boyfriend live there, but you enjoyed spending time with his adopted family. Tonight was your weekly ‘sleep’over and the game was on.

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Eric - "I'm not him. I WON'T be him."

He’d been hearing it his whole life, about everything.  His fondness for books and words, his debate championships, the magic he’d learned from his grandmother.  Even the way his build differed from his otherwise identical brother’s, due to his bend toward studying and solitary jogs over knocking people over on a football field and showing off with barbells, and his dry sense of humor.  All of it pointed to a bizarre likeness to his adopted uncle, the one who’d died what his father called “a hero’s death” before they’d even been born.

The older he got, the more he could feel the darker side of this likeness, the wariness of what he may one day become.  Because dying a hero doesn’t make up for life as a villain, not really, not completely, not ever.  Mother claimed that it was good for Dad, to remember the person Loki had been, before the ice giants and insanity, before power became a substitute for the parental love he believed had been withheld from him.  But he could feel the careful way some of the older ones looked at him sometimes, the ones who’d fought his dear uncle’s alien army, when he made a particularly caustic comment or said something about what he’d do, were he in charge of something.

It was the same sort of careful guard he kept on himself.  The kind that didn’t diminish when the small band of disgruntled citizens came to him, beseeching him for aid in a revolt against his father.  Something about the trust placed in inferior Midgardians and bizarre transdimensional xenophobia that would put Earth countries to shame while Dad tried to scrape together whatever tenuous peace he could between the realms.

“Why in god’s name would you come to me?” Eric demanded, narrowing his eyes at the small man who was, fittingly, the leader of the underwhelming group before him.

“Everyone knows how much you take after your uncle,” the man said, leaning toward him.  “Some sort of magic gave you his ideals, despite no blood shared between you.  We thought that you, of all people, would be the most hungry to snatch the throne from the clearly undeserving.”

Eric took a sip of wine, relishing the taste in his mouth as he held up the goblet for thoughtful inspection for a long moment, before swallowing and setting it down on the table.

“First of all,” he said, leaning back with far more apparent calm than he actually felt, “you should know that I married one of those Midgardians you claim to be inferior last year, and, if you like your kneecaps, you won’t use that particular term within earshot of her.  Second of all, my father has done more for Asgard, Midgard, and any other realm you could name than all of you put together, often with help from Midgardian allies that would have to notice you in order to spit on you.  Which they still wouldn’t do, except possibly Tony, because they are good people, and clever, and strong, as are countless individuals in other realms, apart from possibly Jotunheim, and just as deserving of your respect as anyone closer in proximity to the place you’ve deemed worthy simply because you happened to be born here.  That’s what my father’s efforts are for, and he has not time for your tiny views of how things should be.  And neither do I.  Because, apart from what you or anyone else might believe or fear, I’m not Loki.  I won’t be him.  Because I’m not insane, because my motivations in life have nothing to do with fear or jealousy, because I have no desire to crush people under my heel.  So I would suggest you lot stand up, walk away, and never, ever approach me or my family again, or I promise you, although I have no desire for the abusive power over the masses that my uncle craved, I’ve learned enough of his tricks to make your lives in particular a misery beyond imagination.  Is that clear?”

“Crystal,” the man said, eye twitching in obvious anger as he stood, then turned and ushered his misguided followers out of the hall.

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Hey can I have a ship? I'm a plus size woman w/ red hair blue eyes 5'5" I love books, tv shows, movies (scifi mostly but classic lit is bae) and music (P!ATD, FOB, PTV, SWS, MCR, etc) History nerd. Love kids and animals. I’m quiet and sweet to most but around my bffs I’m also really sarcastic and self depreciating. I have a morbid/dry sense of humor but puns are cool too. I have a temper/violent tendencies that I mostly can hide but not always. Thanks, Love <3

Of course @memento-amare <3

Jason Todd 

-You don’t remember how you met Jason…it sorta just happened. Where you at a park that a cafe, perhaps. Whatever, all you know is that you both hit it off pretty well. You remember that handsome smile, that warm chuckle and how sweet those blue eyes looked. 

-Jason’s brothers always tease him saying he’s taking after Dick with the redheads. 

-Jason isn’t a fan of kids but he always feels warm when he sees how kind you are to children. Sometimes giving  the less fortunate ones a little food and bottles of water. Being a person who was nearly homeless as a kid, it touched him. He always helped you donate old clothes to foster kids. The fact that you like animals automatically got you on Damian’s good side. Jason isn’t  a fan of them either but still shows them kindness like you do.

-He watched tv with you and it’s funny how confused he could get. A movie he secretly enjoys with you is Star Trek. He doesn’t want to seem like a nerd so he pretends to be uninterested, even though you can tell he loves it.

-Jason loves everything about your body. He always squeezes you tight and if you’re feeling low in confidence, he always tells you how beautiful you are.

-Jason’s seen your temper but he doesn’t mind. He’s really no better yourself. You hide it ok but sometimes when you both argue, it comes out. You say a few things you don’t mean, as does he but in the end you both make up. You both love each other deeply and never let one another forget that.

The Uncharted Characters at a family gathering

Nathan: friend to all, is the one they look forward to seeing. always seems to leave too early even though he’s one of the last to leave. your dad/brother always showing him some new upgrade to the house. brings an awesome dip everyone enjoys. watches a sports game with your uncle. helps clean up the kitchen/dishes.

Sam: arrives somewhat late, friendly to all, brings his dry humor. your dad thinks hes a good guy, but a few members of your family give him a hard time so he stays by you most of the time. brings the ice for the ice chest and helps with the grilling. stares at you from across the room. always compliments your parent’s cooking. pinches your butt from time to time. sits on the porch with you after your mom embarrasses you. smokes away from the kids.

Elena: Always bringing an awesome dish over and stays long after everyone leaves. has a few glasses of wine. on everyone’s level and friends with everyone. a social butterfly. with you in the kitchen at 3 am sitting on the floor talking about guys and other stuff. helps clean up.

Rafe: everyone likes him especially your mom, arrives with you holding a dish of delicious food. is the smartest person in the room at any time. mingles with the crowd. accidentally a show off even when he doesn’t mean to be. gets hit on by your horny relative all the time. buys your little brother/nephew a super expensive toy that his parents wouldn’t let him have. openly flirts with you. talks alot of stocks and bonds with your dad. drives the car after you drank too much.

Victor: Always comes with a hug and harmlessly flirts with all the women, tells a joke as an icebreaker, talks about how kids have it easy these days. gives grilling tips. hangs out with your dad mostly. brings the fun out in people. tells funny stories of old times.

Chloe: arrives late, but always in style. brings margarita mix and a dessert. is a mega flirt with everyone. the married women envy her. she makes sarcastic comments about everything and can keep up with all the jokes. starts a game of Texas holdem’ or strip poker in the basement. is surprisingly good with children. does a few tequila shots and brings out the blender to make a batch of margaritas. stays the night.

Charlie Cutter: brings the dark beer, only acquainted with a few of your family members. intimidates most of the younger men with his jawline. seems unsociable at first, but after a few drinks opens up and all the men crowd around him. leaves drunk.

Marlowe: arrives on time, greeting you with the double kiss on the cheek but not actually touching you. is a sassy bitch who tolerates gossip and scares children. smells like a floral section. judges people silently while talking to them. pretends to like your moms curtains.

Talbot: arrives on time, is kind of awkward. over helps at times usually causing an accident. over laughs. is friendly. accidentally hits on your mom. isn’t really anyone’s close friend but he was invited because your family is nice. your brother tries to connect with him on a bro level sometimes. drags out a joke too long.

Nadine Ross: arrives an hour early. rough around the edges but smiles a lot. really funny on a mature level. helps your mom and dad in the kitchen prepare food while listening to your mom and her friends gossip. smells like a goddess. can carry on a conversation. reminds you what you were talking about after getting off track.

Tenzin: Arrives on time. very polite. just nods his head when he doesn’t understand. impresses your dad and brother with his carving skills. smells like leather. drinks an unknown brand of liquor. hangs out in the back. randomly points and talks about things. everyone is interested in getting to know him.

Flynn: arrives late, brings a food that everyone asks what it is but won’t try it. drinks Corona or some other nasty beverage. is kind of a prick at times, and puts on a fake smile to your close relatives. acts impressed by things he doesn’t care about. gets along with your brother. starts a small argument with you.

Atoq: Comes for the food. brings out the hard liquor and dares anyone to shots. bathes in axe or some other strong cologne. stares blankly at times. charms everyone with his accent and smile. wears snakeskin/alligator boots with a huge belt buckle all the time. gives random smolder looks.

Eddy Raja: arrives early like in the middle of the day. parks in your yard while playing loud music. over colognes himself. wears man jewelry to the max. talks alot of bullshit and pretends to go along with the pranks pulled on him. starts unnecessary drama. can’t handle his liquor. cries when drunk.

Gabriel Roman: arrives with a fruit cake all the time. gives Altoid mints to the children if they are being brats. likes to roam the liquor cabinet and drink whiskey with your dad and sit in a leather chair. wont actually eat at the party.

Alcazar: arrives on time. brings odd gifts to the kids. really friendly. gives a mean stare. accidentally scares people with his unusual knowledge on how to cut meat. drinks whiskey or don julio. good with kids. is quite polite. tells dirty jokes. alot of back/shoulder patting randomly. mumbles when drunk.

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2 SVT/MX, 7 JB, 28, 31 MX, 33. Is this enough?! :D ♡

holy kpop batman! thanks for asking sweet pea :D <3

2) do you prefer SVT’s maknae or MX’s maknae? 

ugh. making me pick my favorite child. i think i prefer changkyun - the oldest looking youngest member. 

7) if you could spend a week with JB, what would you do together?

cuddle, snuggle, eat all the things, pet all the cats, go sweater shopping, get his lip pierced, read to each other, did i say snuggle already? oh, snuggle with cats. 

28) truthfully, do you get jealous/envious when you see your bias with another boy/girl?

honestly, no. if they are interested in said girl, they deserve happiness, and their happiness makes me happy. 

31) you’re favorite thing, personality-wise, about each member of MX?

  • shownu: his humor. it’s so dry and he’s so funny without even trying. 
  • wonho: his fragility. he loves to pretend he’s tough, but he takes everything to heart. 
  • minhyuk: his optimism. he doesn’t let life get him down, no matter how low he’s feeling
  • kihyun: his pettiness. he is just so full of himself sometimes and it simultaneously drives me nuts and makes me cackle. 
  • hyungwon: his perseverance. he doesn’t let himself be limited as the “pretty boy” as so many have labelled him.
  • jooheon: his swagger. he’s confident and that’s attractive. 
  • changkyun: his weird. he’s not afraid to show the odd ticks in his personality. he’s 100% him all the time.  

33) which idol is closest to your ideal type?

honestly? probably minhyuk from monsta x. he’s strong, kind, determined, and funny. i’m a firm believer in opposites attracting, and we couldn’t be more different. 

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i feel like yea nick has the book and the bar and stuff but he's more doofy/dumb than he was when ness were dating so would it really be better this time if they got back together ? a lot of the time this season she looks unimpressed/irritated by his dumbness so it seems worse honestly

The tone of his humor changed. Instead of writing more of that dry/grumpy humor for him the writers decided to go all the way for dumb phrases and stupid affirmations, that’s why he feels incredibly immature and not that funny anymore, at least to me. I think the writers are trying to show us that he grew, though. The bar, the book, committing to his relationship with Reagan, etc. These are signs of growth, is just that the writing is really bad so it’s hard to believe he’s maturing and ready for Jess lol. Same goes for her, it’s hard to see how she matured… The way they wrote her relationship with Ryan, her chasing Sam in “300 feet” and the fact that she’s still dating Robby even though they have no chemistry and she loves Nick just makes her seem more desperate for a man than ever.