and they haven't stopped since

Here, have a thing


I know we all appreciate when Jack gushes over games, but honestly there’s something so special and so pure about watching a musician in his element. Music is such a personal thing for a person, and how it affects us all is different. From someone who relies heavily on music and who has dabbled with instruments and knows that personal energy and freedom when you get a song down, thank you for sharing this video with us. It’s amazing to see him so happy and at ease in his own element – I can’t wait for more.

guys, we are about to enter a whole new ERA. HAVE YOU CONSIDERED WHAT COMES WITH AN ERA? No, not just new music, we get new MUSIC VIDEOS, new INTERVIEWS, new PHOTOSHOOTS, new MERCHANDISE, new AWARD SHOW APPEARANCES AND A FUCKING NEW TOUR LIKE ARE WE READY FOR THIS??????????????????????????? HAVE YOU EMTIONALLY, MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY PREPARED YOURSELVES FOR WHAT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN BECause i haven’t and it’s gonna hit me like 145 buses get ready to call an ambulance