and they haven't gone anywhere

I'm sorry, guys, I haven't gone anywhere

The last couple months have been a bit stressful for me. My partner lost his job, I was in a bad car accident, and we had a few health scares. The good news is that he got a new job, so we’ll be moving house from Nevada to Florida by the end of the month. (Look that up on Google Maps if you don’t know how far that is!)

And I think after the move that I will likely have more time to find some great strange pictures for y'all. I love running this blog; it’s so much fun for me and hopefully for you. If you happen to take a picture of Misha that you want to share, please feel free to use the submit feature! (I love personal stories!) (And if you happen to know of any jobs in the Orlando, Florida, area, you know, I’d appreciate you dropping me a hint.)