and they got married there in the forest

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also can you give me recommendations for poets to read (especially for someone who enjoys beautiful things but doesn't read a whole lot of poetry)

this was supposed to be a quick & dirty rec list for my girl but then it got out of hand so i’ve broken it off into categories 4 ya! this is by no means an extensive list but i was starting to realize that this was verging on Too Long. happy readings & i hope u find something that moves along the soil of ur soul!!


margaret atwood / they are hostile nations, marrying the hangman, we ate the birds, the poet has come back
louise gluck / all hallows, mock orange, elms, nocturne, vespers: parousia, adult grief, mutable earth 
gregory orr / love poem, trauma (storm), gathering the bones together, origin of the marble forest, when eurydice saw him
mahmoud darwish / your night is of lilac, in jerusalem, in the presence of absence, now as you awaken, psalm one 
mark strand / the dreadful has already happened, eating poetry, keeping things whole, lines for winter, tomorrow
ee cummings / somewhere i have never travelled, buffalo bill’s, if there are any heavens, luminous tendril of celestial wish, pity this monster manunkind
michael ondaatje / application for a driving license, the cinnamon peeler, the time around scars, excerpts from the collected works of billy the kid
jack gilbert / failing and flying, it is difficult to speak of the night, the sirens again, how much of that is left in me?, the forgotten dialect of the heart
pablo neruda / one hundred love sonnets: xvii, white thighs, hillocks of whiteness, absencehere i love you, clenched soul
anne carson / glass essay, book of isaiah, compostela, short talk on hedonism & sylvia plath, ghost q & a, an excerpt from autobiography of red, excerpts from nox 


creuxing / obsessed with redefinding girlhood, the summer starts in your car, another meteor crashed outside, the girl with frizzy hair and thin wire glasses
teamcaptains / a terrible crime in the tropics, reaping, zach calavera, he left, and the pink electricity, golden age 
mythaelogy / an attempt in poetry, atlas hands, wandering hearts, her, psychopomp & circumstance, i thought it had gone away
wefragilehumans / non est, luck is a funny thing, war chant, severe weather warning, a study in restoration
deergodareyoulistening / home (reforming), lighting & thunder, a diagram, ceremony, red elk, how to eat a moon 
starredsoul / a creation tale, how we learn what it meansall along, the mother weepingdreams of the moon and birds singing together
/ deep sea diver.mp3, space age surrealism, the fact of the matter is you need to get your heart back, time travel wears a black tracksuit 
katejustkate / incase it doesn’t work out, iphone notes therapy, coma dreams, it took 3 long-ass days for you to respond to my ‘are u alive’ text
ohgdlights, the way out of winesburg, ohio, to m // for j // from me, we ran like wolves, variations on a tomato
inelegancies /  in the aftermath we are left with a girl, in another universes the sky is always pink, rules for the internet, for children


tonight, in oakland by danez smith
tinder by keith s. wilson
if being a lesbian were anything like netflix movies portrayed it to be by southwestwitch
bad poem by kelsey danielle
padlocked chest pt 1 / afterthelonely
a bronze god, or a letter on demand by clifton gachagua
lilac time by joan newmann
notes from the antichrist’s guardian angel by notbecauseofvictories
with ruins & persimmons by li-young lee 
for my best friend by  crimescened
my first lover speaks to me as i sleep with her by raven jackson
phoenix by overwhelmington
how the signs die, or fall in love, or both, maybe by cursedvideogame​ 
national geographic by elisabethhewer 
your airplanes by rachel mckibbens
sierra doesn’t watch when the world ends by wildflowerveins 
before by carl adamshick 
there is a gold light in certain old paintings by donald justice 
afterimage, 2015 by bhalbers
other lives and dimensions and finally a love poem by bob hicok
folly by antonina palisano 
albuquerque, nm by 7cigars
sometimes when on fire by kathryn regina
heart by bhanu kapil

Master List: Drabbles

 (Daughter/sister of Thorin, Dis, and Frerin or Kili and Fili)

Just There: Growing up with Thorin, Dis and Frerin was not always easy.

Babysitting: Kili asks you to babysit and you are not cut out for it.

Not Good Enough: Fili and Kili always got more praise than you from other dwarves and it was starting to affect you.

Sorry: You feel like your Adad doesn’t love you anymore.

 (Daughter/Sister of Lord Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir and Arwen)

Chicken: Your father has a rather surprising guest.

Darling Daughter: You reassure your father that you will always be there.

Doubt: You are starting to doubt your father’s feelings for you

Reassurance: You return home after the war

Showers: You lose your brother and find them in the most unexpected place.

 (Daughter/Sister of Thranduil and Legolas)

Stolen Heart: Your father, Thranduil, is not too happy with you, but you could careless. As long as you got to see your thief.

Distraction: You fight with Dwalin and go to Balin for a distraction.

Happier: You look for Bard after the battle. (part 3)

Matchmaker: Thorin plays matchmaker, sort of.

No Promises: After escaping the elves, you run into the bowman and you do not like him one bit. (part 1)

Probably Wrong: You think that maybe you were being a little too harsh on the bowman. (part 2)

Staring: You can’t help, but stare at the handsome bowman.

Doggies: You finally get to play with a dog

Understanding: Imagine understanding Bifur without him knowing

Afraid of Love: You did not know whether being in love was a good thing or a bad thing.

A Break From Duties: Your family comes to visit you in the shire.

Mistaken Identity: Bilbo mistakes you for Thorin and you decide to have a bit of fun with that.

Moving Home: You really missed Erebor.

Tiny, Little Hobbit: Thorin doesn’t approve of your current interest.

Bofur: War is brewing.

Dancing: Imagine dancing with Bofur

The Right Dwarf: You and Bofur had a knack for being funny at the all the wrong moments.

Come Back to Me: You are not happy at the fact the Bombur is going on the quest.

Just Like Her: You offer to help Bombur.


Little Shits: Fili and Kili let their mother in on a little secret and you aren’t happy.

Approval: Imagine trying to ask Dori for permission to court Ori

Definitely: The Company thinks you’re a man so when they find out that you’re not, one dwarf isn’t too pleased.

Leaving: You tell your adad, Dwalin, that you’re leaving.

Locked In: Fili and Kili, your best friends, try to get you and Dwalin together.

Lucky: You meet your upstairs neighbor and his doggo

Mr. Grumpy Pants: It’s Kili’s birthday and you have to bake pastries causing you to ignore your hubby.

Silly Dwarf: Dwalin, you find, is a very silly dwarf.

Teddy Bear: You did not like the way those dwarves talked about your Dwalin.

Welcome Home: You haven’t been home in 15 years.

Being Human: You decide to take pity on the dwarves.

Cheesy: Fili has a hard time asking a question.

King Fili: You don’t really like the blonde prince, but people change and so do feelings.

Lion Man: You’re about to get married to Fili, but your nerves are starting to get the best of you.

Neighbor: The fire alarm goes off and you and your neighbor isn’t too happy.

Not So Slick: Your son brings home another dog and you are not happy

Poking Fun: Fili has some rather interesting marks on his back.

Pretty Braids: You can’t help but play with Fili’s braids.      

Apologies: You reunite with Gimli and Gloin apologizes. (part 3)

Parents or Children?: While on a school field trip, you and Gloin, the parents, get lost.

Regret: You and Gloin get into a little argument. (part 1)

Return: You return Gloin’s beads. (cont. of story above; part 2)

Dresses: Kili tries on a dress

For Nothing: It’s time you meet Thorin.

Ghivashel: Kili lies to surprise you.

Gift Giving: Kili gives you gifts and you make a decision to give him one in return.

Godmother: Tauriel gives birth and Kili has a question for you.

Hold Him Close: You try to go back home, but Kili stops you. (part 3 of Let Him Go)

Let Him Go: You watch your dwarf fall in love with another elf.

Make Him Happy: You ignore Kili and he confronts you about it. (part 2 of Let Him Go)

The One: You’re angry at Kili for flirting with Tauriel and Thorin decides to have a one on one with you.

Stone Cold: It’s Kili’s wedding day and you try to be happy for him.

Stupid, Ignorant Dwarf: You finally confess to Kili (cont. of The One)

For You: You worry about the fate of Legolas after the battle.

Going Home: You and Bilbo embark on the journey home with a surprise guest waiting for you. (part 2)

Got You: Dwalin confronts Legolas about you traveling with him.

Home: You are finally home after ten years. (last part)

Interesting: Legolas takes an interest in you once he realizes that you are an elf and definitely not a dwarf. (part 1)

Let it Be: You’re sick and Legolas decides to take care of you.

Not So Bad: You and the company gets captured and you meet the Prince of the Woodland Realm.

Skilled: Legolas didn’t realize that you lived in the forest.

Caught: Lindir is being a grump and you try to bring a smile on his face. ‘Try’ being the key word.

Sober: The dwarves were going to give someone gray hairs.

Annoying Dwarf: Nori has stolen a drawing of you and you want to know why.

Return to Me: You go to find Nori before they go to the mountain.

Stolen Heart: Your father, Thranduil, is not too happy with you, but you could care less. As long as you got to see your thief.

Surprise?: You’re getting married to the thief.

That’s What Friends Are For: You catch your supposed one cheating and a certain thief decides to help you out.

Your Dwarf: The battle has ended and Nori has a few choice words for you.

Memories: Imagine bringing up Oin’s old memories.

The Last Goodbye: You don’t want your little brother to go to Moria

Promise: You see the Ri brothers off and give something to Ori.

Training: Ori doesn’t want to train.

Bed Pains: Thorin was always rough in bed and you typically didn’t feel it till the next day.

Catsration: You and Thorin find out Sheila is expecting. Thorin is not happy. (Sequel to Cats Day)

Getting His Way: Dwalin accidentally wakes you up in the middle of the night and you learn that Thorin is spending another night away from his bed. You decide to do something about it.

Forgive Me: Thorin finds out you’re an elf.

Keeping Secrets: You have yet to let your students in on a little secret.

Lovebug: You faint while on the journey and that causes feelings to surface.

Mahal Hates Me: You have a miscarriage and Thorin helps you through the pain.

Not Even In Death Do We Part: You and Thorin give your lives in the battle of Dale, but you were happy.

Practice: You accidentally put Thorin’s hair into a ponytail.

Punny: You and Thorin have a small pun-off

Smug: Thorin thinks you’re in love with him and he’s taking the piss out of you

Stupid Raven: Your raven is a little shit. 

Talking Bunny: Thorin gets turned into a bunny.

Unanswered: You have a secret to tell Thorin

Unbelievable: Thorin takes a blow and you are not happy about it.

What Sickness: The king is sick.

Worthy: You are having second thoughts about your wedding to Thorn

Your One: You visit Thorin as he heals and you notice that his hair is an absolute mess. Ballin suggests you clean it for him.

Death of Him: Thranduil is sure you were going to be the death of him.

Cold Feet: Thranduil returns home from his meeting.

First Meeting: You meet Thranduil and he is not as Kingly as you expected.

Getting Somewhere : You and Sigrid have a very in-depth conversation about your past with Thranduil and the King tries to apologize in his own little way. (part 2)

Kicker: Thranduil tries to figure out what keeps on waking him up at night.

Not Fair: Bard is planning to marry Sigrid to one of the heirs of the two other Kingdoms and you’re absolutely livid. (part 1)

Rest of Your Life: Fixing Thranduil’s hair leads to a confession.

Reunited with the King: After spending years in the forest trying to clean it up, you decide that it was time to go back home.

Together Again: Thranduil visits the modern world and you pay him a visit as well.

LovedYou loved your two dwarves very much.

Worries: Being married to both Dwalin and Thorin had its downsides.

Broken: When you invited the dwarves in, you did not know what you got yourself into.

Lost: You meet a few interesting people at the bookstore.

The Cute Warrior: You may be a cute hobbit, but you were also a warrior.

We’re Alright: (Non-Reader Insert)- Dis returns home to Erebor.

Go Away Richard:  You’re Luke’s date to the premiere of Beauty and the Beast, but Richard keeps on trying to steal you away.

Grab Ass:  Playing grab ass is a typical thing in your house hold.

Great Actors: You are set to play Thorin’s lover but no one knows that you’re Richard’s lover as well.

Collaboration: Lee finds your Tumblr

Tumblr: Richard, Aidan and Dean ask you to show them what Tumblr is.

Reunited: You did not plan to fall into Westeros, but you did not regret it at all.

Sly Slytherin: According to Fred and George, you are getting weird looks from a certain Slytherin.

Fairest of Them All: You move to Rivendell and meet a very handsome elf.

A Little Crazy: Your husband might be a little crazy.        

Badass: Haldir questions things.

Idiot: In which Rumil and Orophin are jerks, you have an announcement to make and Haldir is an idiot.

 (Daughter/Sister of Feanor)

One Big Happy Family: Celegorm tries to train you, but your other brothers won’t let him.

 (Daughter/Sister of Sam and Dean)

No: You want to go on the hunt, but Sam and Dean don’t let you.

Baby Girl: You meet Jared Padalecki and he sees your self harm scars when you ask him to sign something, and starts crying and takes you to the back room and tells you you’re beautiful and kisses your scars.

Panel Breakdown: You talk about your past and its not too good.


Stories: You tell the panel about your racing days

Surprise: You surprise the boys at a panel.

Nightmares: You comfort Alex after a nightmare.

Color Blind: You run away from home only to run into a very yellow man

Dead and Forgotten: You don’t really know how this bald guy knew who you were.

Mind Your Own: Charles decides to read the minds in the school

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So prompt time Madi calling the ringkru and Octavia Abby kane indra miller and anyone else you can think of by nicknames/codenames that Clarke called them by in her stories(she rarely used the real names) And the characters reactions to their respective stories that Madi knows by heart and word by word Bellamy has ignored Clarke up till now you decide why and if that changes My pen name on ao3 is GriffindorBy Birth Thank you

It starts with Murphy, but it’s impossible for Bellamy to be upset by that on, because they’re halfway through unloading the ship when Madi says, “Oh, you’re the Rat Prince!” and that’s just hilarious.

Clarke chokes, and Murphy looks vaguely alarmed. “Me?”

“Yeah. In the stories, you were the Rat Prince.”

“Rat Prince,” Murphy repeats, looking at Clarke.

She tries to play it cool, which is not going to work, but that’s kind of been the theme ever since they got back to the ground. Everyone’s trying to be normal, and normal doesn’t exist anymore. After six years, Bellamy doesn’t know how to be on the ground, and Clarke is back from the dead with a child. Normal isn’t a thing.

“I used to tell her stories,” she says. “Fairy tales. Based on our lives.”

“And you called me the Rat Prince?” he asks.

“Why wouldn’t she?” asks Raven. “That sounds right to me. Hey, kid, who was I?”

“Oh, you were easy. She just called you the Raven.”

Raven snorts. “Not much of a nickname.”

“Ravens show up a lot in mythology,” say Clarke, glancing at Bellamy like she’s expecting him to confirm this. When he doesn’t, she looks away again, and her voice gets a little brighter. “It’s a good name for you, why would I change it?”

“I want to hear more about the Rat Prince stories,” says Murphy. “What did he do?”

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5 Creatures from Nordic/Scandinavian Folklore (Norwegian Version)

**Keep in mind that the Norwegian version of these creatures are not necessarily the exact same as they would be in other Scandinavian or Nordic countries (and the Norwegian versions can also vary slightly depending on the area you’re in) . 



Creatures in Norwegian folklore are often referred to as Vetter, a word which has the same origin as the Old English wight. Vetter are usually categorized by their place of residence; havvette (ocean spirit), skogvette (forest spirit), landvette (land spirit), husvette (house spirit), and so on. They can also be categorized as either “en god vette” (a good spirit), or “en ond vette” (an evil spirit). 



Their appearances and personality may vary, but a troll is usually a mix of dangerous and dumb, and traditionally lives in caves or inside the mountains, where they hoard gold and treasures. They’re often huge in size, hairy, with large noses and tails. Sometimes they have multiple heads, or trees growing on the edge of their noses. Troll despise gods and humans, and can easily smell the blood of a Christian. In some tales, they turn to stone when exposed to direct sunlight, and often go into hiding or home to the mountain once the sunrise arrives. They also have a tendency to “bergta” (lit. mountain-take), or in other words: spirit people away into the mountains, often beautiful and young girls.

*Fun fact: one of the Norwegian words for magic is “trolldom”, and wizards and witches can sometimes be called a “trollmann” (troll man) or “trollkvinne” (troll woman).



Huldra is a female skogvette (forest spirit)– though there is also a lesser known male version called Huldrekall. Huldra usually takes the form of a beautiful young girl with golden hair and a cow’s tail– and sometimes, if one is able to catch a glimpse of her from behind, one might be able to see that her back is hollow. It is said that huldrer were created when God came to Eve while she was giving her children a bath– however, as she did not have the time to wash them all before he arrived– she hid the dirty ones out of shame, to which God said “let all that is hidden, stay hidden”, dooming the dirty children to a life as a hulder. Huldra, while occasionally helpful to men working out in the forest, can also be very seductive, and if she’s able to get a normal man to marry her in a church, she will finally cease being a hulder. However, she will also turn into a very ugly, but kind-hearted, woman.



Draugen was originally any dead person haunting the living– though it later became common to think of him as the ghost of a fisherman who got lost at sea and had never been buried. He could often be seen sailing half a boat with ripped sails, sometimes rotting, headless (or with a head made out of seaweed) and carrying the stench of decay – a warning that whoever saw him were about to die or experience an accident. Draugen possesses the ability to change his weight and size at will, and occasionally devours the people he kills.   



A nisse is a husvette (house spirit), and usually lives inside a farm– and they guard said farm as long as they’re treated with respect. They’re usually tiny men with long beards, gray clothes and a red nisselue (nisse hat), quite similar to how the farmers were dressed in the olden days. Fjøsnissen (the farm nisse) often helped take care of the animals as long as the owner of the farm put a bowl of rice porridge out on Christmas Eve for him to eat. However, the nisse has a temper, so if the farmer forgot about the rice porridge, the nisse would often turn to mischief and shenanigans during the next year, or even kill one of the animals as revenge.



Nøkken is a vannvette (water spirit) that lives inside rivers, waters and ponds. He plays the fiddle so well that anyone who hears him play will mindlessly wander to his home, and drown. He is often invisible, though can sometimes take the form of a tree trunk floating in the water;; the seaweed and and glowing orbs surrounding the trunk often eerily similar to a floating face. He may also propose to teach someone how to play the fiddle as sweet as he can, if he gets three drops of blood in return. One of the ways to defend yourself from nøkken, is by spitting or throwing steel into the water– or simply by calling his name once you lay your eyes upon him, which might even be the death of him.


Even the Grinch Has a Heart

….But Billy Russo’s a panther challenge

Billy Russo Prompt Challenge

Prompt #54 “I don’t want to get up….I’m so warm beside you”

Prompt #62 “Fuck it – do you wanna to get married?”

A/N: Guys – Billy Russo and Christmas??? Like….yes please ha ha. Also this is a Billy AU where he’s not trying to kill Frank. Think its important to distinct that because Billy is a goddamn villain and Ben has made that complicated!

Hope you enjoy @boypansies

Billy wasn’t the kind of guy who got into the holidays. In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that New York literally got vandalized with sparkly garland, bows and so much trees and fir you could probably repopulate a forest, he wouldn’t even know it was that time of the year. The holidays, for him, had always been a reminder of his loneliness – of the fact that he was indeed unloved and had to figure out how to cope that. The holidays was a reminder that humans were broken and that if you didn’t learn how to fend for yourself, you were going to be left behind. The holidays lied to humanity and made them feel the opposite and even worse you had to spend money to fulfill it.

Fuck. That.

You, on the other hand, LOVED the holidays. Couldn’t get enough of it. Started singing Christmas jingles the day after Thanksgiving, already digging through your stuff in storage to find all of your Christmas decorations while brainstorming Christmas gifts and holiday parties. Made the house smell like goddamn cinnamon and nutmeg for damn near two months, having to sweep up tinsel as you invented new holiday drinks to get drunk off together.

He wanted to be annoyed by it, he really did. Instead, he found it adorable. He loved the way your eyes sparkled as you spoke enthusiastically about spending the holidays together, loved coordinating parties and baking cookies and wrapping gifts and placing mistletoe everywhere in your shared apartment to have an excuse to make out with him. Even though he groaned and bitched and moaned about it all, he never let on that after three years of dating he hated the holiday. Couldn’t bear to truly break your heart and your spirit of Christmas.

Even the Grinch had a heart, even if it was small and fragile.  

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Camp Mockingjay - Ch 10

Originally posted by recked

We’ve reached the end of Camp Mockingjay, our first - but definitely not last - Everlark-your-own-adventure. Before we let you dig into the gorgeousness that is this final chapter - expertly penned by the always amazing @burkygirl - we wanted to take a moment to thank our incredible round one authors. 

@peetabreadgirl, @katnissdoesnotfollowback, @hutchhitched, @javistg, @appleblossomgirl0305, @titaniasfics, @xerxia31 and @burkygirl - each of you has brought your enormous talent to this adventure, each of you is responsible for its success, and we are all enormously grateful!

(Find the previous chapters here.)

And now - the final chapter of Camp Mockingjay.

The picture is a bit faded. I’d sort of forgotten about it. It’s the first one that was ever taken of Peeta and me, young and in the heady throes of new love, grinning stupidly at the camera on the last day of our summer job at Camp Mockingjay.

Things sure have changed a lot since then.

I tuck the snapshot into the cardboard box in front of me and reach for my tape gun. The tape makes a horrifying scritching noise as I drag it across the seam of the box, but the snap it makes when I cut it off at the other end is rather satisfying. The last box. The house is finally packed. Thank god. And I didn’t manage to slice my thumb on this one, so there’s that.

Gale pops his head in the bedroom door. “That the last one, Catnip?”

I stand up and dust off my knees. “Yep.”

He hefts it into his arms and grins. “I’ll pop it in the truck.”

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Rate all the cc ships u can think of from favorite to least favorite

OH BOY okay so there’s … a lot. I might not hit them all so gimme any I seem to have missed if you care about my blatherings. :)

But okay, in order of fave to least (and I went with literally every one I can think of. There are a lot, so many we gotta put this shit under a cut):

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sweetiepie1019  asked:

I'd like a Bellarke AU based on the Princess Bride, please. Thanks for doing these again!!! :D

Being kidnapped three times in one week is, Clarke has to say, excessive.

The first one admittedly isn’t what most people think of as a kidnapping; it’s supposed to be wonderful news. The prince sent riders throughout the kingdom to look at all the young ladies of marriageable age and select the most beautiful one to be his bride, and she was chosen.

In theory, it’s a great honor, but as far as Clarke’s concerned, if she can’t say no, it’s less an honor and more a nightmare.

Which doesn’t mean that she’s happy about being kidnapped, obviously. Her current best-case scenario is escaping from her captivity and running away, and she liked the palace best for that. After all, once she found out she wouldn’t be able to get out of the marriage, she switched to acting as if that had been maidenly shyness and not active hostility that made her say no. It probably wouldn’t have been so hard, to slip away from one or two guards in the night. She wouldn’t have known where to go, but she wouldn’t have been there, trapped into a marriage she didn’t want with a prince she didn’t like.

Getting away from the first kidnappers would have been much less simple; there were three of them, and none seemed interested in her pointing out that the prince would pay handsomely for her return. The second kidnapper is alone, at least, even if he isn’t any more interested in her offers of ransom than the first group.

“If you don’t want money, you could just leave me at the port,” she finally says.

As she’s getting used to, he doesn’t respond. She hasn’t heard him say a word, yet.

“I’m sure you’re planning to sell me to someone, but my family isn’t actually wealthy, and if you want to sell me somewhere, the prince is my first choice. But if you wanted to just rescue a princess, the port would be best. You’d be my hero.”

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I was at college and I was engaged but then I cheated on my fiancé, ran away in shame, argued with some moms at a baby play area, got lost in a forest, found an empty city, got married, built a skate park, had a kid, and regretted all my life choices.

Legolas - Embarrassing

Words count: 1827?

Warning: None


“FRODO!” You yell and push the young Hobbit only to be met with pain yourself. An arrow was sticking out of your side, before you couldn’t even think about what happened another arrow was fired this one hitting you in your shoulder. Your sword falls from your hand and you fall on your knees from the pain.

“(Y/N)!” You hear your name being shouted by different people. You were in so much pain that you didn’t notice the fight was over. The young hobbits were by your side in no time. You screamed in pain when Pip accidently moves your shoulder.

“Get back.” Aragorn said and pushes the Hobbits from your side. You quickly woks on you, and cuts a bit of his shirt to make a makeshift bandage. Aragorn turns to the hobbits. “I need Athelas, it’s a weed.”

“I know it.” Sam said and quickly got on his feet and tan into the forest with Marry and Pip following him, Frodo however didn’t leave your side. You were moaning in pain.

“Is she going to be okay?” Frodo asked Aragorn, worried he was feeling guilty as if this was his fault.

“She will, we just have to get her to Rivendell.” The ranger said and took a glance at Frodo before turning back to you, Aragorn took his knife out and tore the part around you wound still not removing the arrows, knowing if he removed  them you’d bleed to death. “It’s not your fault.”

“Yes it is, these arrows were meant for me.” Frodo shook his head tears gathered in his eyes. He watched as Aragorn broke the arrow so only a bit of the wood was sticking to the metal part.

“Frodo, (Y/N) knew what she was getting herself into.” Aragon said even when he was pained as he watched you moan and groan.

“L-listen t-to Strider, F-Frodo.” You said before squeezing your eyes. Knowing fully that the arrows were poisoned. You grabbed Strider’s hand and squeezed. “Get me to lord Elrond.”

“I will, as soon as the Hobbits get back with Athelas.” Aragorn assured you, he moved the hair that fell out of your braid out of your face. Just then the said Hobbits came back from the forest with as much Athelas as their small hands could carry. You meant a lot to them and you being a human made them even more scared about you dying. Aragorn then ripped out the arrow in your side and you screamed all of the hobbits flinching at how the scream was laced with so much pain. Quickly treating the wound on your side, wrapping it and repeating the same process to the wound in your shoulder. “Come on, we need to get her to Lord Elrond, the elves will help her.”

Aragorn carried you bridal style in his arms and started walking, you put arm around his neck, and snuggled your face into him, hiding from the burning sun that was starting to hurt your eyes. Seeing as the orcs killed the hoses and ponies they had to walk all the way to Rivendell. It was a long and tyring journey that will take a long time. Aragorn’s arms ached after a few hours, but he pushed through the pain knowing that you felt even more pain than he felt at the moment.

“Maybe we should take a break.” Marry said seeing how much pain both you and Aragorn were feeling.

“Yes, you feeling pain and dropping from exhaustion wouldn’t do us any good.” Sam said to Aragorn.

Aragorn agreed with the hobbits and they set up camp, you had been sleeping for hours, making the hobbits worried about you. Every few minutes one of them would turn to see if you’re still breathing. And thankfully you were.

You groaned and opened your eyes, the first thing you saw was the dark sky, and turned your head to see the Orcs. You screamed and tried to move, only for one of the orcs to come and hold you down as you tried to move back, to your surprise it called your name as did the other four orcs.

“(Y/N) it’s me. It’s me Strider calm down.” The orc that was holding you said and you blinked a few times and cried when you saw it was Strider and the hobbits and not some orcs. “It’s okay, it’s okay you’re fine.” Aragorn pulled you close to him as the hobbits watched sadly.

“We need to move.” Frodo said looking at your shaking body.

“Yes, thankfully we rested for a few hours.” Sam said and moved to gather his things.

“Come on Pip.” Marry said and he and Pip copied Sam’s movement and started to gather their thing. You stopped crying and just hugged Aragorn. You were in pain but tried to hide it from everyone, they were already panicking and you didn’t want to cause them and more stress.

“I’ll stay with her you go and get your things.” Frodo told Aragorn and you pulled back from Aragorn and leaned into the tree behind you. Aragorn moved in silence trying to think of a way to get you to Rivendell as soon as possible on foot. If he had a horse it would’ve taken a few hours to get there.

Frodo sat beside you and you closed your eyes as a wave of pain hit you.

“Are you going to be okay?” Frodo asked you as he watched you in concern.

“Yes, we just need to get to Rivendell and I’ll be fine.” You gave the young hobbit a smile.

“But, it’s poison and-and…”

“And I’m one tough human that you can’t get rid of easily.” You took Frodo’s hand in yours and gave it a squeeze. “Come on help me up, they finished.” You told Frodo and with his help and with the help of the tree you stood on your shaky legs. Aragorn was by your side in a second and helped you walk. You started your journey the sky was becoming lighter and lighter by the second.

It was midday when you all heard an animal’s footsteps.

“Stay here and stay quit.” Aragorn said and you leaned on a tree as he left, you started to feel dizzy as if you were drunk. Aragorn was gone for a few minutes when you all heard footsteps coming your way, the hobbits stood in front of you protectively. Thankfully it was Aragorn, but he wasn’t alone. Behind him came an elf, with a horse.

“Legolas!” You exclaimed and let out a giggle. You pushed yourself of the tree, and tried to move, but started to sway on your legs. Legolas was quickly by your side he had his hand around your waist and supported you.

“Hello (Y/N).” Legolas said and looked at you in concern, before turning to Aragorn. “I’ll get her to Rivendell by nightfall. I’ll let Lord Elrond send you some horses.” Legolas said, Aragorn pulled the horse so he was beside you, he took a hold of you as Legolas mounted his horse, and the Aragorn carried you and you giggled as he placed you in front of Legolas. You snuggled into his chest.

“Take care of her my friend.” Aragorn said and Legolas nodded, before lightly kicking the horse in his side to move. The horse started running, and you watched as the scene moved quickly. It was quite for a while. You then looked up at Legolas and the sun shown on his hair. You smiled and took a strand in your hand, playing in it.

“You’re so beautiful.” You told Legolas with a grin on your face. “Look at this hair, it’s so long and amazing, and-and your eyes, they’re so… blue.”

Legolas glanced down at you and smiled at you. You really were out of it.

“And strong too, you’re strong and could really fight well. I remember seeing you practice your archery you never, ever miss. Like ever.” You said your voice getting quitter and quitter. You wrapped your hand around his neck and closed your eyes, Legolas glanced down at you.

“(Y/N)?” Legolas said trying to see if you’re still awake or not, you let out a groan. “(Y/N) stay with me, okay stay with me. Don’t fall asleep.”

“But I’m so tired and it hurts Legolas.”

“We’re almost there.” Legolas kicked his horse so it was running faster. Legolas kept trying to keep you awake, after two hours of repeatedly asking you if you’re awake and telling you to not fall asleep finally Rivendell came in view.

In no time Legolas was off his horse and you were in his arms. Rivendell elves, guided him to the room where Lord Elrond already was waiting in. He has seeing you two coming.

“Lay her here Legolas.” Lord Elrond said and Legolas did as asked.

Legolas then was escorted out of the room as Lord Elrond and his elves worked on you.

It took them a long time to work on you in that time Horses were sent to retrieve Aragon and the hobbits. Gandalf has also arrived. They were all worried at you and sad, the hobbits were quite, as was everyone else. It was dawn when Lord Elrond left your room.

“She’ll be okay, you don’t have to worry she’ll be fine in not time.” It was as they were all holding their breath and by hearing this they could breathe again. They were all happy but still not satisfied, only seeing you awake would really relive them if the sadness they were all carrying.

You were asleep for a day after arriving to Rivendell, everyone took turns staying with you so when you woke up, you’d have someone with you. And when you woke up, the hobbits were the ones with you. You let out a groan, and your eyes fluttered.

“(Y/N)?” It was Pip’s voice that made you opened your eyes fully. “(Y/N), she’s awake, she’s awake.” You suddenly were surrounded by the hobbits. Sam took one good look at you and ran out of the room.

“I told you I’ll be okay.” You smiled at Frodo and the other hobbits. Your room soon was filled, as Aragorn, Gandalf and Legolas came in.

“Glad to see you awake, dear (Y/N).” Gandalf said kindly.

“Thank you Gandalf.”

“I never doubted you’d wake, you are one of a kind of a kind (Y/N).” Legolas said. You blushed remembering all the things you told Legolas, Legolas gave you a smirk knowing what you were thinking about. You will never hear the end of this. Thankfully Legolas cared too much for you to say the things you said to him. But it gave him all he needed to act on his feelings for you. Gandalf gave you two a knowing look and a smile.

“Yes, well let’s just hope this doesn’t happen again.” Aragorn said and sat on the bed beside you.

“Yeah let’s hope.”

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Yo, what's up my dude. Can you recommend any yoonkook fics of like... fluffy smut? where they just love each other and are nice to each other? the kind one may need after a 50k fic ending in character death. thank you 🎃👍

My guy, fluffy smut is my JAM. I love that shit so much you have no idea! So I got you, my guy :} I got you!

Chocolate Isn’t Just For Eating by TheOrgasmicSeke
[Domestic AU][Sensual Play]

a night hotter than the sunlight in July by Miro (KuroTsubasa)
[Praise Kink][Body Worship]

temporary love by strangedesires
[Slight VKook Mention][Idol Jungkook]

mind, soul, and body by hakho
[Domestic AU]

The First of Many to Come by Tankunish
[Domestic AU][Married]

I Wanna Be Locked in You and Swim in You by trippingyoongi  
[Sub!Yoongi and Sub!Top!Jungkook][Sequel to ‘I Want to Know You More, Venture through Your Deep Forest of Mystery’]

it’s just me and you by makemebegin  
[Domestic AU][Slight Size Kink]

hold me close by wonyoongs  
[Domestic AU]

because it’s a meaningless dream anyway by hakho
[Two-Shot][Mentions of Homophobia][Mentions of Suicide]

The Tortoise and the Hare by agustadams  
[Crush at First Sight][Strangers to Friends to Lovers]

Let me know what you think :D Just an FYI, some of these are a bit long before it gets to the smut, or there is moments with smut before it gets to the fluffy/loving smut, but I promise it is worth the read!

This fall, two dear friends got married under this tree. I did this painting to commemorate their wedding. As the tree has gotten old, a large branch fell and made a heart right through the tree. To tie this piece together, I charred a piece of wood from the tree and made pigment that I used in painting the tree. “Wedding Tree” egg tempera 4 ft x 3 ft

hijack Disney au’s, a thread

this isn’t a ploy to get people to roleplay these with me, no way!!!!!

the little mermaid - the ocean is vast and empty af, and even though jack, the salty merboi, has the guardians for friends, they don’t understand him, so he lusts after the equally sassy, one-legged, land-fish hiccup and rescues him, effectively driving him crazy and sending him on a quest to find the hot boi who rescued him so he can marry him and get his dad off his case about him needing to settle down.

cinderella - wow, look, king stoick is hosting a party to try to find anyone, literally anyone who will marry his son, but jack doesn’t care, tbh, because he is trying to find his sister at the palace—she’s an indentured servant like him, and they got separated. jack escaped from the cellar he was locked in with the help of some fairies, and now he’s lookin’ pretty fine at this ball and hiccup is floored. he wants to dance with the pretty boi.

sleeping beauty - hiccup just got lost in some enchanted forest, okay? and now there is a pretty boi and they fall in love. but the joke is on them!!! bc jack is cursed to fall asleep forever in a couple of days by the nightmare king, and hiccup is engaged to some stupid prince he’s never met, and everything sucks!!! and no amount of sass and snark will make it better!!! or will it????

atlantis - hiccup with glasses… need i say more? adventurer boi falls in love with magical ice boi living in a lost city full of magical people. they’ve got moon crystals and everything. jack is the prince of the moon crystals and he turns out to be one rare gem ;))))))))))))))

hercules - hiccup has a flying dragon so he’s cool now and wants to impress his dad, and he travels around the archipelago trying to save the day, and he tries to save jack from some bad men but jack is not impressed. hiccup ends up learning to use his intelligence instead of trying to be a manly man like his dad wants, and jack works for the bad guys and tries to seduce him, and everything is a m e s s but it’s great

indulge me plz

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16 with everyone's fav cowboy?

16: Will you marry me?

You can use the same prompt and the same character if you want, I won’t x off a prompt or a character if I’ve done it!

He had planned this for months and you never saw it coming.

You two were going on a camping trip to a forest not to far from the overwatch base. Jesse had picked out the perfect place just by a tiny river and was now setting up the tent while you made a fireplace.

“Do you need help?”, you smiled and walked up to the nearly put up tent.

“No, I got this, honey!”, he said.

“Are you sure?”, you chuckled and caught one of the pins for the tent.

“Fine, you can help…”, he gave up as he held the tent up.

Together you managed to get the tent up and it actually looked pretty good.

“Aw, it’s already getting dark!”, you said as Jesse fixed with the fire. You walked up to the tiny lake and dipped your feet in, it was cold but refreshing. You could hear Jesse walking up behind you.

“Um… I need to ask you something that I’ve been wanting to ask for a while…”, you turned around to look at Jesse, he helped you up.

“What is it?”, you looked him straight in the eye before he got on one knee. Your face lit up as he pulled out a tiny box.

“I love you with my intire heart, Y/N. Will you marry me?”, he smiled up at you.

“Oh my god, yes!”, you said and let him take your left hand and put the ring on your finger. He then stood up but you tackle hugged him so he fell back down again.

“Ouch, be careful there sweetheart!”, he laughed and held you close.

“I’m sorry!”, you smiled with tears in your eyes.

“It’s okay, honey!”, he took your hand, “Or should I say fiancé?”, he smiled and looked into your eyes.

When it was time to sleep you two didn’t let go eachother for the whole night.

Artist Evan


Tag list: @sea-creature-anons @watch-the-whole-world-disappear @stargirl-murphy @unicorn-anon @piano-anon @avocado-anon @spade-anon @imperfectanatomy

•Evan started drawing as a kid but he never really thought anything of it. He’d just doodle on pieces of paper and on tests

•he found it relaxing, his style when he was younger was much more cartoony and cute. He use to draw little pictures for his mother and put it in her bag before she went to work

•he stopped drawing when he reached middle school after a teacher yelled at him for doodling in class. He got so anxious about the teacher yelling that he just stopped completely

•Evan had to admit he missed drawing, it would take his mind off everything for an hour or so. He put all his art supplies in his closet and didn’t even look at them again until high school

•it was around high school that he saw a new therapist and they recommend he starts picking up art again to help with his anxiety. While nervous Evan did start drawing again and over time his art style evolved from cartoons to more realistic landscapes

•Evan even started to pick up watercolour, it easily became his favourite thing to paint with. He’s really good at landscapes and nature scenes, especially forestry

•he’s a super clean artist. Rarely gets paint on things, paint brushes always clean and places newspaper or old sheets under things so paint doesn’t get on anything

•he also has a wet cloth near him to wipe his hands whenever he gets paint or smudged pencil on them

•second year of high school he took up art as an elective and LOVED IT! It was one of the few classes that he didn’t feel anxious in. He could just openly talk about his art and even made a few friends through the class, you being one of those people

•you say beside him in art and you two automatically clicked. Evan fall for you near instantly, you two would often talk about art and literature. Evan started to work up the courage to ask you out but whenever he saw your face his was at a loss for words.

•so Evan came up with a plan, if he couldn’t use his words he’d just reply on his art. So for his final project for the year when he had to create something representing something he cared deeply about he decided to do a water colour of you

•he stayed up all night on the last day to make sure it was perfect. A imagine of you sitting under a tree surrounded by wild flowers. He had to admit he was proud of it but he still didn’t think it captured your beauty

•he was terrified when he entered class the next day, your smiling face being the first thing he saw. You asked him what his final project was of since he refused to show you until it was done. Evan’s face went bright pink as he fiddled with his hands, what if you hated it? Or thought it was weird?

•he started to panic until he felt your hand gently on top of his. A small smile on your face. Slowly he showed you, watching the way your eyes widened in shock “I… like you a lot Y/N I know it isn’t very good and I get if you don’t want a guy like me… you could do a whole lot better than me but-”

•you stoped his talking by pressing your lips against his. Your eyes watering as you told him you felt the same way. That painting became permanently hung in your room, whenever you felt down you would stare at it and think of Evan

•Evan loves to paint and draw on your skin. Sometimes when your anxious he’ll start painting on your hands, mostly flowers. He one painted a sunflower on your forearm stating that “just like the flower you can stand tall and proud, even in the harshest winds you can stay upright”

•your nowhere as talented as Evan but you do draw with him. You two have often gone out to the park and draw/paint while sitting side by side. Once you fall asleep with your head on Evans lap and the nervous boy had to draw it. You just looked so happy and peaceful

•Evan doesn’t go to art school but he does continue to paint well into collage. During exam season sometimes he locks himself in his dorm and just paints to calm himself down with all the stress of school

•during those times he gets pretty quiet but he’ll always let you in to see she his work, he won’t talk but he’ll sometimes snuggle against you

•okay so when you two got married you got a pair of plan white heels and asked Evan to paint them. He did and governed them in intricate flowers, probably bluebells. You nearly cried when you saw them and you damn well know you keep them

•high key if you guys plan to have kids he’s paints the nursery. He has a whole feature wall of this cute little enchanted forest scene and it’s just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen

•Also for his kid/s birthdays he’ll paint their faces because he thinks it’s so adorable to see them all excited about being Spider-Man or a cat

•he paints pictures of his kids and you every year, it’s just become a thing he does every New Years at this point and it’s so adorable

•encourages his kids if they show interest in art. He’s the kind of parent that hands his kids art on the fridge for months and then keeps them in a folder for the rest of time

•over all artist Evan mostly uses watercolour but he does use graphite pencil every once and awhile (he’s also used pastels but it’s too messy for him) and he paints as away to relax.

✧ Seasonal Feathers

Originally posted by jun-kookie

                                        “Of course I would.”

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: angst
Word count: 1.8k

➳ Summary: He found you in the winter (冬), You found him in the spring (春). 
He fell ill during the summer (夏) , You tried to save him in the fall (秋).
And He lost you during the winter, as You lost him in the 冬.

A/N: Based off of the story from Kagamine Rin and Len’s Feathers Across the Seasons (四季折の羽) with some changes, of course! If you haven’t watched/listened to it yet, I highly suggest you check it out after reading~ ♬ And try not to cryyyy ; u ;)9


Once the sun ducked down behind the high grey mountains and the snow began to fall, your loud and desperate cries softened to low and helpless coos for your vocal chords were sore and your chest could not bear anymore. 

Tucking in your white wings, you attempt to wrap yourself up and sleep, cringing when you accidentally move your sprained leg, long claws curled up in pain. There were no stars tonight, nor was there a moon, and shivering from the crystallized snowflakes that had begun to collect on your ghostly feathers, you chirp yourself gently into an everlasting slumber.

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sleeping arrangement pt. 2 [bjorn x reader]

requested: Everyone finds out about Bjorn and Y/N’s relationship.

a/n: (old one shot) If I remember this correctly, this part is absolute crap and I only wrote this because people requested for a part two.

warning: none

gif credit:

I woke up this morning due to my younger siblings running past the door laughing and screaming. My eyes slowly adjusted to the brightness of the room. I sat up and looked behind me at Bjorn. He was still asleep.

“So what exactly happened last night?” a man’s deep voice came from the doorway.

I looked up in surprise. In the door way is Ragnar. He had his stupid shit eating grin on his face. I rolled my eyes at his childishness and got up. Luckily I had my long gown on and not my usual short one.

“Nothing special. We just confessed our feelings to each other and went to sleep.” I answered.

Ragnar nodded and walked towards Bjorn, who was still asleep. He grabbed the water jug from the nightstand and tossed the water onto Bjorn’s face. Bjorn woke up with a jolt, gasping for air. Ragnar started laughing at Bjorn, who was glaring at his father.

Instead of angrily shouting at Ragnar, Bjorn grabbed a towel and dried his face.

A big grin spread on Ragnar’s face again. “Your mother will be pleased to hear that you found such a good woman to call yours,” he said while patting Bjorn’s shoulders.

He turned to me. “And hopefully your parents will be pleased too.” Ragnar gave Bjorn a last pat on the back, then left our room.

Bjorn shook his head and sighed. I walked over to him and wrap my arms around his muscular torso. “What’s wrong, Bjorn?” I asked, then give him a light kiss on the lips.

Bjorn wraped his strong arms around my waist. “Nothing, just that we’ll be teased a lot when everybody finds out.”

“Well, we’ll just have to suck it up!” I say.


After Bjorn and I spend some time together in our room, we changed and joined everybody. I sat down next to my mother and Bjorn sat down next to me.

We dug into the food that was already served, but I could feel the gazes of everyone on me. I looked up with a mouthful of food. Everyone had shit-eating grins on their faces like they knew about something that we didn’t.

“So a bird told all of us about you two finally confessed your love to each other,” Lagertha smirked.

I glared at Ragnar, who is quietly laughing to himself. My father came over to Bjorn and I. He patted Bjorn on the back, causing Bjorn to choke on his food.

“This is great! I couldn’t ask for a better man for my daughter!” my father roared.

Everyone cheered at my Father’s approval of Bjorn. Even if he didn’t approve, Bjorn and I would still continue our relationship. Most of my older siblings married someone Father didn’t approve and now he’s completely happy with their choices. Indecisive man he is.

As everyone got drunk (it’s early in the morning for your information), Bjorn and I quickly ate our breakfast. We left the table to go outside.

We stumbled through the forest, quietly talking to each other. Suddenly I heard twigs breaking. I pulled out my sword and get in a defensive stance. Bjorn pulled out his ax, looking at me with confusion.

“Who’s there?” I yelled.

Giggling comes from the bushes. My father, Ragnar and a few men stumble out the bushes. They fall over and land on each other.

“Just wanted to see what you’re doing!” Ragnar mumbled.

My father reached out his hand to me. I grabbed it and help him up. He held onto my shoulder to balance himself.

“I wanted to make sure that you two are not making any grandchildren just yet!” My father said.

The men who are still laying on the ground started to roar with laughter.

“Father! Don’t just yell that out loud!” I yelled and hit him.

He fell back over onto the pile of men on the floor. Bjorn put his ax away and grabbed my waist. He pulled me closer and leaned in. His breath was tickling my neck.

“I wouldn’t mind having a little fun time,” he mumbled, grinning into my neck.

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Re: Assembling IKEA gear. My ex-parents-in-law have been married for 50 years (they are in their 70s now) and they claim that the THREE times they have been really close to breaking up have all been connected to hanging wallpaper. Five kids didn't even dent their resolve, but the wallpaper bitching came close.

man wallpaper is a BITCH and my parents only did it once (a spread of a forest in my room, sorry mom!), and handled it by letting Mom did it solo and dad took me and my sister to the aquarium so we’d be out of the way and got dinner on the way home.  She said it went up way faster when she could do it on her own terms. Some things are just not meant to be group activites- too many cooks etc.

One time when visiting samwell, when kent is driving off of campus he notices shitty walking to class / to the corner store to get munchies / etc and he’s like “hey brah want a ride?” And shitty gets in and they start talking and kent says something like how he got his ass kicked by lardo at slapcup the night before (“but why did she have to target me??!” “Bro.. She can smell weakness ”) and kent asks if they’re together and shittys just like “we’re getting married. In a Forest. Under a old oak tree. You’re invited.”

(Ten years later kent gets a minimalist post card with an address, a date and a line of text reading “lardo duan and [redacted] b knight invite you to their union” and he’s like ah yes. The forest wedding with the stoner and the queen of kicking my ass, lardo)