and they got married there in the forest

popotum  asked:

also can you give me recommendations for poets to read (especially for someone who enjoys beautiful things but doesn't read a whole lot of poetry)

this was supposed to be a quick & dirty rec list for my girl but then it got out of hand so i’ve broken it off into categories 4 ya! this is by no means an extensive list but i was starting to realize that this was verging on Too Long. happy readings & i hope u find something that moves along the soil of ur soul!!


margaret atwood / they are hostile nations, marrying the hangman, we ate the birds, the poet has come back
louise gluck / all hallows, mock orange, elms, nocturne, vespers: parousia, adult grief, mutable earth 
gregory orr / love poem, trauma (storm), gathering the bones together, origin of the marble forest, when eurydice saw him
mahmoud darwish / your night is of lilac, in jerusalem, in the presence of absence, now as you awaken, psalm one 
mark strand / the dreadful has already happened, eating poetry, keeping things whole, lines for winter, tomorrow
ee cummings / somewhere i have never travelled, buffalo bill’s, if there are any heavens, luminous tendril of celestial wish, pity this monster manunkind
michael ondaatje / application for a driving license, the cinnamon peeler, the time around scars, excerpts from the collected works of billy the kid
jack gilbert / failing and flying, it is difficult to speak of the night, the sirens again, how much of that is left in me?, the forgotten dialect of the heart
pablo neruda / one hundred love sonnets: xvii, white thighs, hillocks of whiteness, absencehere i love you, clenched soul
anne carson / glass essay, book of isaiah, compostela, short talk on hedonism & sylvia plath, ghost q & a, an excerpt from autobiography of red, excerpts from nox 


creuxing / obsessed with redefinding girlhood, the summer starts in your car, another meteor crashed outside, the girl with frizzy hair and thin wire glasses
teamcaptains / a terrible crime in the tropics, reaping, zach calavera, he left, and the pink electricity, golden age 
mythaelogy / an attempt in poetry, atlas hands, wandering hearts, her, psychopomp & circumstance, i thought it had gone away
wefragilehumans / non est, luck is a funny thing, war chant, severe weather warning, a study in restoration
deergodareyoulistening / home (reforming), lighting & thunder, a diagram, ceremony, red elk, how to eat a moon 
starredsoul / a creation tale, how we learn what it meansall along, the mother weepingdreams of the moon and birds singing together
/ deep sea diver.mp3, space age surrealism, the fact of the matter is you need to get your heart back, time travel wears a black tracksuit 
katejustkate / incase it doesn’t work out, iphone notes therapy, coma dreams, it took 3 long-ass days for you to respond to my ‘are u alive’ text
ohgdlights, the way out of winesburg, ohio, to m // for j // from me, we ran like wolves, variations on a tomato
inelegancies /  in the aftermath we are left with a girl, in another universes the sky is always pink, rules for the internet, for children


tonight, in oakland by danez smith
tinder by keith s. wilson
if being a lesbian were anything like netflix movies portrayed it to be by southwestwitch
bad poem by kelsey danielle
padlocked chest pt 1 / afterthelonely
a bronze god, or a letter on demand by clifton gachagua
lilac time by joan newmann
notes from the antichrist’s guardian angel by notbecauseofvictories
with ruins & persimmons by li-young lee 
for my best friend by  crimescened
my first lover speaks to me as i sleep with her by raven jackson
phoenix by overwhelmington
how the signs die, or fall in love, or both, maybe by cursedvideogame​ 
national geographic by elisabethhewer 
your airplanes by rachel mckibbens
sierra doesn’t watch when the world ends by wildflowerveins 
before by carl adamshick 
there is a gold light in certain old paintings by donald justice 
afterimage, 2015 by bhalbers
other lives and dimensions and finally a love poem by bob hicok
folly by antonina palisano 
albuquerque, nm by 7cigars
sometimes when on fire by kathryn regina
heart by bhanu kapil

I was at college and I was engaged but then I cheated on my fiancé, ran away in shame, argued with some moms at a baby play area, got lost in a forest, found an empty city, got married, built a skate park, had a kid, and regretted all my life choices.

One time when visiting samwell, when kent is driving off of campus he notices shitty walking to class / to the corner store to get munchies / etc and he’s like “hey brah want a ride?” And shitty gets in and they start talking and kent says something like how he got his ass kicked by lardo at slapcup the night before (“but why did she have to target me??!” “Bro.. She can smell weakness ”) and kent asks if they’re together and shittys just like “we’re getting married. In a Forest. Under a old oak tree. You’re invited.”

(Ten years later kent gets a minimalist post card with an address, a date and a line of text reading “lardo duan and [redacted] b knight invite you to their union” and he’s like ah yes. The forest wedding with the stoner and the queen of kicking my ass, lardo)

Strike A Deal | Part 11

Pairing: VIXX Ravi x Reader

Genre: Fantasy/Mythology/Hades! AU

Summary:  When he catches you in his trap, what else can you do but make a deal with the King of the Underworld?

Author’s Note: Ba-ba-bummm~ Another update. (I still have to edit this properly so bare with me.) Who is ready for that plot-twist? Who is coming? Who’s ready for part 11? Enjoy~ 

Read more: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

Ravi grunted in pain, his body trembling furiously. You couldn’t help the tears as the thought dawned on you. Could a god die? Just what was the object that could harm a god? It seemed like a triton or a spear, Ravi made work to remove it from his back, collapsing against the floor. You in his arms.

“R-Ravi?” You questioned.

“I’ll a-lways l-love you.” He muttered, his voice soft and fragile. “Promise yo-you’ll come b-back when i-it’s safe.” you looked at him tears spilling down your cheeks as your husband grew weaker.  “Ru-Run. G-get awa… go… wi… Hakye-” Coughs spluttering out a dark liquid from his lips. “Go n-now.”

You shook your head, tears falling from your lashes and onto his cheeks. “I-I made a deal.”A small smile toyed on his crimson covered lips, using a sleeve you wiped them gently. Your fingertips then moving to wipe the beads of sweat from his forehead.

“Ravi” you called softly. You ignored the pain pulsing through you and changed your position. You sat on your knees, pulling his head onto your lap. “Do-Don’t leave me okay?” You leaned down pressing your lips to his softly. “Please.” You choked out. “S-stay with me…”

“I-” a groan erupting from him interrupting any attempt of reply. His eyes fluttering closed. Then he was still. Eerily still.

Leo chuckled deeply, Hongbin joining the other God in his amusement.

“Well, well, well. It looks as if you have won your godhood.” With a flick of his hand, Hongbin’s skin glowed a radiant gold. His muscles rippled, his eyes shone and everything about him seemed more finessed.

“Not only that, I have won a woman too.” He mused, walking closer to where you laid with Ravi still in your arms.

“Stay away from her!” Hakyeon seethed. “You’ve won your godhood back, now leave” his voice was gruff, tears flooding his eyes, he had lost a brother after all. 

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Soo Ya - The Ten Tailed Kumiho

Soo Ya was a kind and naive fox spirit who lived in the sangju forests [Western North Gyeongsang in the modern time] Like all other spirits she lived happily and carefree in the woods, never mingling with the world of humans.

Until she found a wounded fisherman on the Margins of a river. Taking the form of a beautiful young woman, And disrespecting the rules, she used her spiritual powers to heal the injured man.

Grateful, the man came back to visit the beautiful maiden many times and eventually they fell in love with each other And finally got married, they had a beautiful daughter named Ji-a.

Even discovering that Soo Ya was a spirit her husband did not care and they had a happy life until the day Ji-a completed her eighth birthday. That day Soo Ya was in the woods of spirits picking fruits for her daughter, when the other foxes finally discovered where she lived with her mortal husband and the half-breed daughter, As it was forbidden to have intercourse with mortals, the other fox-spirits killed both her daughter and her husband.

Later that day, when Soo Ya returned home and saw everything destroyed and her daughter and husband killed, and the other kumihos partying, the kind and naive spirit was taken by a deep hatred and taken by the madness she killed and fed on the blood Of her own kind.

By breaking the most sacred law of her own race, Soo Ya discovered something else, by feeding on another kumiho, she had also stolen her spiritual powers. Getting stronger and faster every time she killed.

Still overwhelmed by the desire for revenge, Soo Ya decided to become a predator over her own kind. When Soo Ya killed and devoured her millionth victim, She became like the gods with the both power to destroy and to create as her  Yeowu-gusul [fox orb] Turned in a new tail, her tenth. A tail made of pure spiritual energy.

In the years that followed, Soo Ya, the eternal maiden, conquered and ruled both the mortal and spiritual words. With her powers growing every time she prosecuted with her hunt against her own kind, she reigned unchallenged for more than ten thousand years.

The few other surviving kumihos, fearing the wrath of the eternal maiden, decided to join and beg for the dragon of the heavens to intervene and save them. 

Not knowing if their prayers would be heard, the kumihos challenged Soo Ya to a battle. While the eternal maiden was distracted and weakened by the wild fight against her own kind, the dragon of the heavens went down and indulged in favor of the other fox-spirits, Took possession of soon ya and imprisoned her for eternity inside one of the stars of the sky.

They say that even today, if you pay attention, you can hear the bitter cries of soo ya when the night sky is starry…

//This is a tale from the reign of Silla (57 BC - 935 AD was one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea) That i’ve learned about today, and this gave me some ideas about how i will connect Luna with the new vastaya lore and the blood moon by giving Dalnim [Luna’s mother] a background lore inspired on this one.

Also i want to put an visual effect on Luna’s ult that changes her orb into a red fire tenth tail, because:

  1. it’s really cool.
  2. Since soon ya is the only ten tailed gumiho ever registered in any form of fictional work, make luna be the second one will make her feel very unique.
  3. the aesthetic will be very pleasant.

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Would you be able to do a cute and fluffy Sodapop imagine. You can go free range on this idea. I've been having a rough time with work, life, school, and my depression had been bad. Please and thank you.

“Y/n” Soda, my boyfriend, said quietly. I was in the lot. Lying there. Starin at the stars. “Yeah?” I ask looking at him. “Do you ever wonder what’s gonna happen to us?” He asked cuddling into my neck. “Well. I like to think we’ll have kids and that we’ll be married maybe and live long and happy” I say and kissed his head as I began to run my fingers through his hair. “Really?” He asks. I knew he didn’t believe me. I got up and walked to the other end expecting him to follow. I went into the forest of trees once he caught up and looked for a trail. I remember a place we used to go to a lot but once we got caught one too many times we stopped. He knew what I was doing I guess because he grabbed my hand and took me over to the left and we found the small trail. Every tree looking a dark beautiful green. The trail having little sticks and branches popping out here and there. Grass covering the edges. It looked like it was from s book or movie. Perfect. Finally we reached our spot. An old abandoned cabin in the middle of no where that people never go to. We found it one day when we went for a walk. The windows were broken all the wood falling off. Holes in the wall mildew on the ceiling. Or what was left. I think if you cleaned it up and replaced everything it would be a perfect home for me and Soda and for the gang to come over. Soda, the gang, and I decided this spot is hide out. When we are here we aren’t greasers. Were people. If a soc is here he ain’t no soc. He’s a person. He looked at me confused and I ran towards it. “(Y\N)” he called out. He knew I would go to the bedroom. In the room there were two windows the curtains were still there only very ripped and torn apart. Windows broken. Whoever lived here left a lot of clothes in the closet and lamp and bedside table and a bed. It looked like it came from the 30’s. The bed’s headboard was scratched and carved and the sheets were ripped up and the lamp shade was snapped. The bedside table was rotten the carpet that you could tell was once pure heavenly white was now yellow and moldy. I know it ain’t a smart idea but I laid on the bed bringing soda with me. I pulled rubbed my finger through Sodas hair and smiled. “One day we’ll have a house like this only it’ll be better and not abandoned” I said and kissed him. “I love you baby” he said and kissed my cheek nose lips and head. God I loved this boy


I cannot bare this world without you,
But I cannot live in this world with you. (x)

In Slavic Mythology, Kupalo and Kostroma were twins, children of the gods Simargl and Kopalnica. One day, they went to the river, despite their mother’s warning, to listen songs of the mythological bird Sirin. However, the Sirin’s voice was enchanted with a spell that made people forget everything and then it took Kostroma away. She and Kupalo were separated for many years until they met again, when the girl was walking by the river with a flower crown in her hair. Wind threw her flower crown into the water and it was then caught by Kupalo, passing by on his boat. He gave it back to Kostroma and, as a tradition, that gesture meant that he was now to marry her. They fell in love without remembering each other and got married, but the gods, angered by their decision, told them the truth and because of the shame they killed themselves. Kostroma drowned herself in the river, becoming a forest mermaid and Kupalo threw himself into the fire. But the gods, seeing what their anger had done, brought them back to life, not as people but as a flower that is now called Ivan-da-Maria. In this tale it’s also mentioned that they both were made gods: Kupalo became the god of the summer sun and Kostroma, the goddess of fertility.

I wanted to write a fic for the friday thing, but I couldn’t get the words to fit correctly together. So instead I’m giving a list of hc’s that I was gonna use in the fic that I couldn’t write. It was gonna be a Hinny fic.

  • aromantic pansexual Ginny with multiple sexual partners but never falling in love; eventually that’s what ended a lot of her relationships.
  • aromantic demisexual genderfluid Harry who figured out they were demisexual when they started having wet dreams about her (canon for that, lol)
  • Ginny helping Harry figure out that they’re genderfluid, as they were freaking out about it during their fourth year, what with the Yule Ball shit going down.
  • They freaking love cuddling - especially after they play a game of Quidditch
  • Speaking of Quidditch, these two nerds can have a 3 hour conversation on what tricks they could use against Slytherin, throwing a Quidditch pun or sex joke in about every five minutes
  • These two adrenaline junkies will be exploring the Forbidden Forest at all hours of the night. Hagrid has to keep eye on the tree line for them rushing out after messing with a animal.
  • After the war, they help each other deal with their PTSD and stuff.
  • Holding each other after nightmares.
  • Marrying because hello married couples’ discounts
  • They’re kids getting used to switching between calling Harry Dad, Mom, and Creator (something Ginny started, the kids caught on, and Harry find absolutely ridiculous)
  • Them not naming their kids after dead people; instead, they’ve got gender neutral names (just in case, ya know). Jesse Potter, Alex Potter, and Sam Potter.
  • generally just Harry and Ginny being in a cute qp relationship with their little womb nuggets as sidekicks

jkyungmin  asked:

could you do yoonmin from your fantasy au?

Sometimes, Yoongi forgot just how different Jimin actually was. He forgot that he had grown up in a completely different world to his. And because of that, he sometimes got surprised by Jimin’s words.

“What’s the purpose of marriage?” He had asked one day, when they had been sitting by the edge of the forest, curious to see what all the music was, only to come face to face with a wedding. Apparently, angels didn’t get married.

“Have humans forgotten how to speak to the Gods on their own?” He had asked another time, after learning what the purpose of Oracles was. Angels didn’t need a messenger between themselves and the Gods.

“Why do humans fight with themselves?” He had cried once, watching with sad eyes as a village burned to the ground. He could never understand the hatred humans seemed to harbor for their own species. He could never comprehend how one would hurt another one of his own. Angels never turned on their own.

Except for when they ripped Jimin’s wings clean off.

Send me a pairing and an AU and I’ll write you a short fic

wenmark/markdy fanfics collection 2015

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- The Ineffable Christmas by cassjaerinmiyasha (link)

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- babysitting by Lee_Junnie (link)

- we got married : brother sister edition by SaraeKim (link)

Request: Sins + Non-Sins and what their weddings would be like


Meliodas: Wouldn’t really want a big wedding, would prefer to gather his friends at the Boar Hat and get drunk. Ban was his best man.

Diane: Super excited about her wedding, will not shut up about every single detail. Her wedding dress required special tailoring, courtesy of Merlin, to accommodate her huge bust. All throughout the wedding, her laugh rang out through the obviously outdoor venue. It was the first time since her meeting with Meliodas that she hadn’t thought about him. 

Ban: He knew King did not approve of him marrying his sister, but he still made sure he asked permission of Elaine’s older brother to marry his little sister. King was so touched, that he allowed it to happen. Just kidding, Ban didn’t ask shit. Meliodas was his best man.

King: His wedding was entirely decorated with flowers that he grew himself. All of the fairies attended, and it was held at the new Fairy King’s Forest. Helbram was his best man.

Gowther: It’s possible he got married. Merlin did hang around to make sure the groom or bride was not brainwashed, and she provides monthly checkups on the coupld, just to be safe.

Merlin: Ha ha, you’re funny, kid. Ain’t happenin’

Escanor: It would have to be during the day. It took him a long time to find a extra stretchy suit that could accommodate his changes throughout the day. He’d make sure the banquet was at noon so he’d be at his best when he gave a speech. And of course, he loves his partner dearly and had a ball dancing with them at the reception.


Elizabeth: Meliodas might want a small wedding, but Elizabeth’s a princess. King Bartra does not want a small wedding. The pair ends up having a great ceremony with most of the nobility invited, with the rest of the kingdom free to celebrate on the streets. She would either have Diane or one of her sisters as her maid of honor.

Gilthunder: He also married a princess. But, unlike Meliodas, he bore the social pressures with grace and dignity. He smiled and waved and everybody commented on what a fine prince consort he would make for the crown princess. Howzer was best man.

Howzer: He would have a nice little wedding with his blacksmith parents in the town square. He probably married some nice villager, and the entire town, and some holy knights, were invited. Gilthunder was best man.

Arthur: Merlin would not let anybody else organize or officiate the wedding, despite not being legally able to officiate it. His wedding would be a royal wedding, of course, and Barta would send a delegate. Arthur would be so happy to marry the person he loved, he was practically bouncing up and down. He would have either Meliodas or Gowther as his best man.

Guila: She probably loved planning her wedding more than actually participating in it. She made sure everything was perfect and every single flower petal was in place, and of course Zeal was absolutely adorable walking in front of her and throwing flower petals, acting as her flower girl.

Jericho: Claimed she would never get married, and then she did. It was a sweet wedding, and Gustaf was so proud of her. He walked her down the isle, and they had a brother-sister dance.

Elaine: Got married to Ban, of course, much to King’s displeasure. She would have Jericho as her maid of honor.

Helbram: We’re sorry, but he’s the forever bachelor of the group, and honestly, he doesn’t mind. He did get a kick out of being King’s best man, though. And by that, we mean a literal kick. He told one too many embarrassing stories at King’s wedding.

KagoMay Drabble: First Episode Comparison

eA/N: I thought it’d be interesting to compare when Inuyasha and Kagome initially met to when they got married. More of an excuse to just load a prompt up for Kagomay. But it was the only thing I could think of for a drabble. “How did you get into Inuyasha?” Well I saw the 1st episode and it was all sorta downhill from there. Or up in my opinion…;)


Kagome was making her way through her husband’s namesake forest, stumbling through the foliage with the grace of a porcupine in the jungle. Her sandal hit a stubborn boulder making her stop in one quick fluid motion, “Ouch!!!”

“What did you do this time, stupid?”

She shot a scolding glance at Inuyasha but his words betrayed his actions and he was already knelt down inspecting the poorly-offended foot in question. The nail was chipped at the edge and a dribble of blood was drawing a line down to her bare soles.

“This is why I told you to cover your damn feet.” Inuyasha grumbled as he reached down to yank the foot up, catching Kagome when she fell backwards. After being married for little over twenty-four hours, Kagome only crossed her arms in a silent pout as she starred at the sky through the veins of the green branches. Although usually she’d squeal in protest and surprise, now she half-expected it. Of course he would just lift her foot like it was no big deal and then catch her on the drop before she split her head on another rock.

“The socks in this era reach up too high for this weather.” She reasoned.

“Well tell that to your broken toe,” Inuyasha burrowed his hand down Kagome’s pant pocket, looking for the piece of cloth she routinely brought along to carry the berries and nuts they were looking for.

“It’s not broken.”

“Maybe this time it isn’t.”

“Inuyasha,” Kagome deadpanned, “A sock isn’t going to save me from a broken toe.” 

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oh because relevance and looking at katie’s bastian tag, im remembering now that the only good thing to happen to mara WAS ashley and how in love she was and how they got married, exchanged rings, made promises

and then mara went and died on her


A/N: This is about Inuyasha and the mirsan twins (nothing romantic). Canon divergence. 1249 words.

When she was just a skinny little girl, Mana learned that love was a complicated thing.

“Doggie,” she called, tugging at one of his white forelocks. “Why’s Mama so mad?”

“‘Cause your old man left your baby brother alone for half a second.” He snorted. Then, surprisingly, he added, “He’s a moron.”

She tore her eyes away from her sleeping sister, who rested her head on Inuyasha’s other shoulder, to stare at his profile. “She don’t love him anymore?” Mana asked in a small voice.

“Don’t be silly.” Inuyasha sighed, sounding like a suffering man. “Women can love morons, okay?”

“Why would they?” Mana wrinkled her little nose.

Inuyasha stopped walking.

At the innocent question of a confused child, the world seemed to hold its breath. The forest was silent around them; Mana couldn’t even hear the birds’ chirping.

“T-To help them,” Inuyasha eventually managed to say. “They think they can help them.” He looked at her out of the corner of his eye. “You’ve nothing to worry about, got it?”

Mana thought that was the stupidest reason she’d ever heard, but she took pity on Doggie and let it go.

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The Problems of Ronald Weasley - Fire Dragon

The Weasley’s are a family of fire-dragons, all of them born in one clutch but hatching slowly, as how it usually is with Molly’s line, the Great Dragons.

Ron thinks his family is weird.

This is attributed to coming across some dragon books and realizing that dragons were apparently supposed to be territorial and resent sharing space. He comes to terms with it though, like he comes to understand that while other dragons might be like that, the Weasley’s were different. He attributes this to his dam’s line, the Great Dragons of the East.

Ron’s hoard is achievements.

Not even great, outstanding achievements like his clutch-brother Bill achieves in Hogwarts School of Magical Creatures, or world-breaking achievements like his clutch-brother Charlie.

No, Ron’s hoard is a small collection of achievements, like watching the dawn through the first time on top of a hill. Making his dam laugh long and loudly after she’d argued with his sire and stank the den with her smoke in anger.

Ron’s hoard is small and understated, something his family struggles to understand. He understands why that is, though it doesn’t prevent the hurt from settling in.

After all, the entire family’s hoards are large, flashy and attention grabbing.

Bill hoarded beautiful things and guarded them. He was good friends with the Veela’s, and even moved there after he’d graduated, much to their dam’s dismay.

Charlie didn’t hoard things, but he chased after dangerous, exciting things. Usually adventures. He’d go through adventures in his human form and enjoyed the struggle of it. It was certainly attention grabbing. Mostly for their dams stress levels.

Percy hoarded facts. Everyone initially assumed he hoarded the printed word – libraries, but after clutch-sister Ginny had accidentally burnt his books and he didn’t get angry, they all realized that he’d already hoarded and memorized everything written and didn’t mind having the hard copies burnt.

The twins hoarded innovation. New things, exciting things and frequently invented them because the world moved too slow for them after all.

Ginny hoarded things that were different, like witch-sprite Luna who showed she was more sprite and less witch than the rest of her clan. This was difficult to their sire’s stress levels too, since sentient things are difficult hoards and there are rules about it that the government

Compared to that, was it any surprise that Ron’s small hoard is negligible? The twins even tease him sometimes, of having no hoard at all, that he wasn’t a dragon after all.

It hurt, but Ron persevered. His hoard may have been small, but it was still beautiful and he guarded it jealously.

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Take Me Home

TITLE: Take me Home


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki bringing home an abandoned child and you immediately fall in love with the little bundle.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: None, unless you count my (hopefully not failed) attempts at fluff.


    Marissa was used to strange things. A thousand years of observing and living human history will do that to a dryad, and marrying a god of mischief certainly didn’t help.

    Or did, depending on how you look at it.

    They had met a year ago, when Loki had quite literally crashed into the trees she’d been living in, followed by a particularly angry Thor. Marissa had no idea what they were fighting about, who started it, or who was in the right, and she hadn’t cared much; she had stopped them both by conjuring vines to wrap around them with vice-like grips and told them off for destroying her dwelling before poisoning them with spores from the deep red flowers that adorned her dark brown hair. The brothers had been sick for a week, though Loki, whose jötunn physiology had an allergic reaction to the spores, was worse off by far.

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Teddy/Victoire Headcanons!

•When Victoire was born, the family made bets on when she and Teddy would marry. When the time came, Bill was farthest off and Ginny and Hermione won the pool.

•Teddy didn’t like Victoire at first. He thought she was spoiled and bratty. It wasn’t until the great adventure of ‘06 (Teddy was 8, Vic was 6) the two got along. Both found an injured unicorn in the forest behind Andromeda’s house and tried to nurse it back to health. The adults eventually got involved but this was the first (and definitely not the last) time the two cooperated and had fun together.

•When Teddy went to Hogwarts Vic cried. A lot. She didn’t realize she would miss him that much. It was at the tender age of 9 that Vic realized she liked Teddy more than just a friend.

•When Vic came to Hogwarts and got sorted into Ravenclaw, Teddy enlisted the help of some older students to watch over the blonde first year. He was extremely overprotective and always kept an eye on her. It was at the age of 13 that Teddy realized he liked Vic more than just a friend.

•For years, the two skirted around the idea of a relationship. It wasn’t until the night before the 2014 Quiddtich World Cup that Teddy (finally) made the first move. Vic was ecstatic and the two were practically glued together the next day. It was just their luck that Rita Skeeter was there as well. Teddy still grumbles about that damn article.

•Teddy’s graduation was bittersweet for Victoire. She was proud to see her boyfriend graduating but she didn’t want him to go. She expected the metamorphmagus to break up with her the following night but it was to her surprise that Teddy gifted her with a beautiful charm bracelet. It was engraved with a simple inscription that said, “We will never part.” Vic never takes off that bracelet.

•Their patronuses are the same. They both have a wolf. It was emotional for Teddy when he found out his patronus was the same as his parents, it was even more so when he found out his soulmate had exactly the same.

•Vic’s 7th year was hard for both of them. She was studying hard to get the proper N.E.W.T’s to qualify for the Healer program and Teddy’s Auror training was taking a toll. They came close to breaking up many times but they always found their way back together.

•They moved in together as soon as Vic graduated. Bill didn’t approve but Vic couldn’t have cared less.

•They got married when Teddy was 25 and Vic 23. They waited awhile only because they wanted to grow a little more before they officially became married. At the wedding Bill came up to Teddy and said angrily, “You couldn’t have waited for 10 more years!” Teddy, who was very confused couldn’t help but notice Ginny and Hermione (who just walked by) had very mischievous smiles and their bags looked very heavy (as if filled with galleons).

•They name their first daughter Dora Ginevra Lupin and their son Remus Harry Lupin (they call him Remy). They haven’t told the family yet but Vic’s pregnant again. They’re hoping for a girl.

Side Note: I love Tedtoire! They’re soulmates, they really are :’)

The Tree House - Part 4

Summary: Dean and you have been friends ever since you were children. The two of you always were inseparable and no one could ever come between you. He has always been protective when it came to you which he proved in High School when problems occurred around you. To your disappointment your parents came between you and Dean, wanting to move “for your own good”. Years have passed since you’ve seen Dean, but in the end you always find your peace together in one place, whether  it was alone or together. The old tree house.

Words: 1103

Pairing: Dean x Reader

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Warnings: none

A/N: So next part is going to be the last one, including smut, but not only smut sooo yeah :)

The Tree House Masterpost

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