and they got married there in the forest



Got married last weekend in the mountains with a few close friends.

We spent 10 days camping in the van - hiking, biking, fishing and watching sunsets through campfire smoke.  Our daily jump in the cold water of a snowmelt lake was our only shower.  At week’s end - sun burnt, bruised from crashing mountain bikes, scratched from trail running through overgrown trails, and with our fair share of bug bites - we stood atop a rock on the edge of the forest with the sun setting over jagged peaks in the distance and the crackle of a large campfire cooking tinfoil dinners for 30 of our friends and family and we were married.  There was no agenda - we camped, played and laughed with friends and when the moment was right we took 5 minutes and were married at sunset.  It was simple and perfect.  

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also can you give me recommendations for poets to read (especially for someone who enjoys beautiful things but doesn't read a whole lot of poetry)

this was supposed to be a quick & dirty rec list for my girl but then it got out of hand so i’ve broken it off into categories 4 ya! this is by no means an extensive list but i was starting to realize that this was verging on Too Long. happy readings & i hope u find something that moves along the soil of ur soul!!


margaret atwood / they are hostile nations, marrying the hangman, we ate the birds, the poet has come back
louise gluck / all hallows, mock orange, elms, nocturne, vespers: parousia, adult grief, mutable earth 
gregory orr / love poem, trauma (storm), gathering the bones together, origin of the marble forest, when eurydice saw him
mahmoud darwish / your night is of lilac, in jerusalem, in the presence of absence, now as you awaken, psalm one 
mark strand / the dreadful has already happened, eating poetry, keeping things whole, lines for winter, tomorrow
ee cummings / somewhere i have never travelled, buffalo bill’s, if there are any heavens, luminous tendril of celestial wish, pity this monster manunkind
michael ondaatje / application for a driving license, the cinnamon peeler, the time around scars, excerpts from the collected works of billy the kid
jack gilbert / failing and flying, it is difficult to speak of the night, the sirens again, how much of that is left in me?, the forgotten dialect of the heart
pablo neruda / one hundred love sonnets: xvii, white thighs, hillocks of whiteness, absencehere i love you, clenched soul
anne carson / glass essay, book of isaiah, compostela, short talk on hedonism & sylvia plath, ghost q & a, an excerpt from autobiography of red, excerpts from nox 


creuxing / obsessed with redefinding girlhood, the summer starts in your car, another meteor crashed outside, the girl with frizzy hair and thin wire glasses
teamcaptains / a terrible crime in the tropics, reaping, zach calavera, he left, and the pink electricity, golden age 
mythaelogy / an attempt in poetry, atlas hands, wandering hearts, her, psychopomp & circumstance, i thought it had gone away
wefragilehumans / non est, luck is a funny thing, war chant, severe weather warning, a study in restoration
deergodareyoulistening / home (reforming), lighting & thunder, a diagram, ceremony, red elk, how to eat a moon 
starredsoul / a creation tale, how we learn what it meansall along, the mother weepingdreams of the moon and birds singing together
/ deep sea diver.mp3, space age surrealism, the fact of the matter is you need to get your heart back, time travel wears a black tracksuit 
katejustkate / incase it doesn’t work out, iphone notes therapy, coma dreams, it took 3 long-ass days for you to respond to my ‘are u alive’ text
ohgdlights, the way out of winesburg, ohio, to m // for j // from me, we ran like wolves, variations on a tomato
inelegancies /  in the aftermath we are left with a girl, in another universes the sky is always pink, rules for the internet, for children


tonight, in oakland by danez smith
tinder by keith s. wilson
if being a lesbian were anything like netflix movies portrayed it to be by southwestwitch
bad poem by kelsey danielle
padlocked chest pt 1 / afterthelonely
a bronze god, or a letter on demand by clifton gachagua
lilac time by joan newmann
notes from the antichrist’s guardian angel by notbecauseofvictories
with ruins & persimmons by li-young lee 
for my best friend by  crimescened
my first lover speaks to me as i sleep with her by raven jackson
phoenix by overwhelmington
how the signs die, or fall in love, or both, maybe by cursedvideogame​ 
national geographic by elisabethhewer 
your airplanes by rachel mckibbens
sierra doesn’t watch when the world ends by wildflowerveins 
before by carl adamshick 
there is a gold light in certain old paintings by donald justice 
afterimage, 2015 by bhalbers
other lives and dimensions and finally a love poem by bob hicok
folly by antonina palisano 
albuquerque, nm by 7cigars
sometimes when on fire by kathryn regina
heart by bhanu kapil

I was at college and I was engaged but then I cheated on my fiancé, ran away in shame, argued with some moms at a baby play area, got lost in a forest, found an empty city, got married, built a skate park, had a kid, and regretted all my life choices.

✧ Seasonal Feathers

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                                        “Of course I would.”

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: angst
Word count: 1.8k

➳ Summary: He found you in the winter (冬), You found him in the spring (春). 
He fell ill during the summer (夏) , You tried to save him in the fall (秋).
And He lost you during the winter, as You lost him in the 冬.

A/N: Based off of the story from Kagamine Rin and Len’s Feathers Across the Seasons (四季折の羽) with some changes, of course! If you haven’t watched/listened to it yet, I highly suggest you check it out after reading~ ♬ And try not to cryyyy ; u ;)9


Once the sun ducked down behind the high grey mountains and the snow began to fall, your loud and desperate cries softened to low and helpless coos for your vocal chords were sore and your chest could not bear anymore. 

Tucking in your white wings, you attempt to wrap yourself up and sleep, cringing when you accidentally move your sprained leg, long claws curled up in pain. There were no stars tonight, nor was there a moon, and shivering from the crystallized snowflakes that had begun to collect on your ghostly feathers, you chirp yourself gently into an everlasting slumber.

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Re: Assembling IKEA gear. My ex-parents-in-law have been married for 50 years (they are in their 70s now) and they claim that the THREE times they have been really close to breaking up have all been connected to hanging wallpaper. Five kids didn't even dent their resolve, but the wallpaper bitching came close.

man wallpaper is a BITCH and my parents only did it once (a spread of a forest in my room, sorry mom!), and handled it by letting Mom did it solo and dad took me and my sister to the aquarium so we’d be out of the way and got dinner on the way home.  She said it went up way faster when she could do it on her own terms. Some things are just not meant to be group activites- too many cooks etc.

One time when visiting samwell, when kent is driving off of campus he notices shitty walking to class / to the corner store to get munchies / etc and he’s like “hey brah want a ride?” And shitty gets in and they start talking and kent says something like how he got his ass kicked by lardo at slapcup the night before (“but why did she have to target me??!” “Bro.. She can smell weakness ”) and kent asks if they’re together and shittys just like “we’re getting married. In a Forest. Under a old oak tree. You’re invited.”

(Ten years later kent gets a minimalist post card with an address, a date and a line of text reading “lardo duan and [redacted] b knight invite you to their union” and he’s like ah yes. The forest wedding with the stoner and the queen of kicking my ass, lardo)

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Stumbled upon your headcanon of them both adopting kids during peace time and got a funny scene. Yuu took the kids on an outing to the forest nearby and the group came back covered in mud, twigs and detritus. Mika is horrified. Because scrubbing dried mud off so many little kids will not be easy...

Poor Mika
It’s like he married another kid


Back in the late 1990s, I was traveling to Queens from Brooklyn, while riding the train I bumped into my old homeboy Chris, he was major player with the girls until he told and settled down and got married. We talk and got of the E-train at Forest Hills, we went upstairs and he saw the men’s room open to the public. We entered the subway station bathroom, not my first time entering and the it was clean smelling like pine, I figure the attendant must had worked on it and the doorless toilet stalls was stack with paper. When Chris told me had to use the bathroom real bad, I didn’t think he would be sitting on the toilet with his pants blasting turds out his ass, he was laughing while taking a shit going comfortably, Chris was never shy about wanting to shit, as long I had known him, heck he’ll do it on the street. But I forgot he grew up in a house full of sibings, did time in Juvi, and prison so he kind a adjusted. This one man enters the restroom sneaking peeks at him, while we were talking, Chris started becoming annoy at this man molesting him on the toilet and tells the man: Yo Mister is okay if you want to watch me on the toilet shitting I don’t mind. The man takes Chris up on his offer as he stands directly in front of Chris watching him and scrutinize way. Chris ask him is he gonna just stare and don’t say nothing, I tell you what Im about done, you can feel free clean my booty hole with the toilet paper or your tongue mister, if not get the fuck out of here. The man choose C, by leaving the restroom not uttering a word. As Chris got off he bowl wiping his own ass confessing to me, I don’t really role that way, I just like shitting in restrooms.

Strike A Deal | Part 11

Pairing: VIXX Ravi x Reader

Genre: Fantasy/Mythology/Hades! AU

Summary:  When he catches you in his trap, what else can you do but make a deal with the King of the Underworld?

Author’s Note: Ba-ba-bummm~ Another update. (I still have to edit this properly so bare with me.) Who is ready for that plot-twist? Who is coming? Who’s ready for part 11? Enjoy~ 

Read more: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 (Last)

Ravi grunted in pain, his body trembling furiously. You couldn’t help the tears as the thought dawned on you. Could a god die? Just what was the object that could harm a god? It seemed like a triton or a spear, Ravi made work to remove it from his back, collapsing against the floor. You in his arms.

“R-Ravi?” You questioned.

“I’ll a-lways l-love you.” He muttered, his voice soft and fragile. “Promise yo-you’ll come b-back when i-it’s safe.” you looked at him tears spilling down your cheeks as your husband grew weaker.  “Ru-Run. G-get awa… go… wi… Hakye-” Coughs spluttering out a dark liquid from his lips. “Go n-now.”

You shook your head, tears falling from your lashes and onto his cheeks. “I-I made a deal.”A small smile toyed on his crimson covered lips, using a sleeve you wiped them gently. Your fingertips then moving to wipe the beads of sweat from his forehead.

“Ravi” you called softly. You ignored the pain pulsing through you and changed your position. You sat on your knees, pulling his head onto your lap. “Do-Don’t leave me okay?” You leaned down pressing your lips to his softly. “Please.” You choked out. “S-stay with me…”

“I-” a groan erupting from him interrupting any attempt of reply. His eyes fluttering closed. Then he was still. Eerily still.

Leo chuckled deeply, Hongbin joining the other God in his amusement.

“Well, well, well. It looks as if you have won your godhood.” With a flick of his hand, Hongbin’s skin glowed a radiant gold. His muscles rippled, his eyes shone and everything about him seemed more finessed.

“Not only that, I have won a woman too.” He mused, walking closer to where you laid with Ravi still in your arms.

“Stay away from her!” Hakyeon seethed. “You’ve won your godhood back, now leave” his voice was gruff, tears flooding his eyes, he had lost a brother after all. 

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A List of Terribly Underrated and Underrepresented Fantasy Books

The Land of Elyon, by Patrick Carmen

Fab series about Alexa Daley who solves riddles, find Jocasta stones, and can understand animals, specifically a squirrel and a wolf. The Dark Hills Divide (the starter) also features a killer chess game

look at this art work, this is masterful canonical scenery (doesn’t pop up until Stargazer so get to it)

The Echorium Sequence, by Katherine Roberts

Gorgeous gorgeous series. Trilogy starts off with Song Quest, follows Rialle and Kherron, two young singers from a fantasy world steeping in musical magic. A lot of blue hair dye. Half-people appear throughout the entire series. 

So. much. angst. The character arcs and subtle romances are brilliant.

Side note, Spellfall (by the same author) is a good one-shot fantasy for younger readers. And older ones with good taste.

 The Chanters of Tremaris, by Kate Constable

Fuck yeah more magical singing. The Singer of All Songs starts this trilogy off with Calwyn, an up and coming ice priestess who lives in a world where people control shit by singing- wind, metal, ice, you name it. 

Also features Darrow, aka Hot Older Man. Tragedy, bamf characters, more sweet subtle crying romances.

Study Series, by Maria V. Snyder

Move on over girl on fire, we’ve got a new fabulous female lead. Yelena is the bamf of all bamfs. After suffering creepy torturous abuse she becomes the food taster for the Commander of Ixia, and is trained by the ever so mysterious and sexy Valek. Yelena also has a personality and a sense of humor she is five stars 

Age gap romances are the shit, but the magic in this world and the fucking descriptions and writing are the most delicious things you will ever read.

Also there’s a cool trans character in a mighty high position of power

The Kiesh'ra Series, by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Like some shape-shifting in your fantasy world? Like your fantasy world to be so fucking well crafted with such amazing cultural depth? Start off with Hawksong. It’s your typical boy and girl gotta get married to unite feuding kingdoms, but the races here are so fantastic. You got your Avians (bird people), you got your Serpiente (snake people), you got the shm'Ahnmik (falcon people), you got lesbian wolves and lion mercenaries and mystic tigers.

This series is the shit, go get the books, they will suck you in (also you kind have to keep reading because the endings are literal drops like the end of normal chapters)

Side note, go check out In The Forests Of The Night because the author wrote this when she was like 15 years old 

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SS Zelink hc where later on in life when Link and Zel are married and have their own kid, Zelda accidentally loses her child in the forest while too distracted trying to help the Kiwis. And when she realizes this, she freaks out MAJORLY but refuses to tell Link because omg what kind of mother is she for losing her child?? So instead of seeking his help, she spends HOURS looking for her kid all over the place and asks literally everybody but Link if they've seen her son/daughter but they all (1)

tell her no. So near the end of the day, Zelda gives up and tries to hold back tears as she imagines what might of happened to her child, and how Link will take the news. Dirtied and weary, she heads home trying to keep calm, but when she sees her husband greet her lovingly and look so innocently unaware to the situation, Zelda can’t help but sob and spill the beans because Link deserves to know how horrible of a mother she is. She goes on about what happened and that she didn’t mean to lose (2)

their kid but she did and she worked so hard on finding the tiny youngling but never came to Link because she didn’t want to appear like a bad mother but now she sees that she was /so selfish/ and– Link isn’t even mad at her?? What?? The knight stares at her patiently for the longest time until he starts to laugh, and Zelda cries even harder because “Link this isn’t funny! Our child could be dead by now and you’re laughing about it?” But then Link grabs her hand and leads her to their (3)

child’s room where the kid lays in bed, safe and sound asleep. Cue Zelda’s confusion, and Link with a smile explains to her that, like mommy, they wanted to help with the Kiwi situation too. They didn’t do much help, but the kid did eventually find Link training somewhere in the woods, and requested that he help too; but, kids have a terrible sense of location, and so does Link, so instead the two settled on recreating Link’s adventures (with the kid portraying Link, of course). Kid tuckered (4)

themselves out, and Link brought them back home fifteen minutes before Zelda had returned. Zelda goes through various stages of emotions at this point, not sure whether to feel angry, relaxed, or stupid, but she just simply sighs and says, “I’m never doing the Kiwis another favor ever again” as she walks over to her and Link’s room to sleep. Link laughs at his wife’s exhaustion, but understands how she must feel- he follows her, and once he catches up to her, places a gentle kiss to her cheek(5)

asfhfjg this is adorable

Legolas: To The Rescue

Words count: 1790

Warning: None 

REQUESTED: By @isamaegreenleaf I hope you like it.

‘Can I please have a request where the human reader falls gravely ill and the LOTR crew (Frodo, Strider, Pip, Merry and Sam) care for her as they go to Rivendel. Then they run into Legolas on the way and he takes her to Rivendel and she’s rambling about how beautiful he is etc. Then Elrond and his elves help her and when she wakes up the LOTR crew rejoice and fret over her and make sure she’s ok and Legolas is there being cheeky and Gandalf catches on with the flirting. Protective hobbits please’

“FRODO!” You yell and push the young Hobbit only to be met with pain yourself. An arrow was sticking out of your side, before you couldn’t even think about what happened another arrow was fired this one hitting you in your shoulder. Your sword falls from your hand and you fall on your knees from the pain.

“(Isa)!” You hear your name being shouted by different people. You were in so much pain that you didn’t notice the fight was over. The young hobbits were by your side in no time. You screamed in pain when Pip accidently moves your shoulder.

“Get back.” Aragorn said and pushes the Hobbits from your side. You quickly woks on you, and cuts a bit of his shirt to make a makeshift bandage. Aragorn turns to the hobbits. “I need Athelas, it’s a weed.”

“I know it.” Sam said and quickly got on his feet and tan into the forest with Marry and Pip following him, Frodo however didn’t leave your side. You were moaning in pain.

“Is she going to be okay?” Frodo asked Aragorn, worried he was feeling guilty as if this was his fault.

“She will, we just have to get her to Rivendell.” The ranger said and took a glance at Frodo before turning back to you, Aragorn took his knife out and tore the part around you wound still not removing the arrows, knowing if he removed  them you’d bleed to death. “It’s not your fault.”

“Yes it is, these arrows were meant for me.” Frodo shook his head tears gathered in his eyes. He watched as Aragorn broke the arrow so only a bit of the wood was sticking to the metal part.

“Frodo, Isa knew what she was getting herself into.” Aragon said even when he was pained as he watched you moan and groan.

“L-listen t-to Strider, F-Frodo.” You said before squeezing your eyes. Knowing fully that the arrows were poisoned. You grabbed Strider’s hand and squeezed. “Get me to lord Elrond.”

“I will, as soon as the Hobbits get back with Athelas.” Aragorn assured you, he moved the hair that fell out of your braid out of your face. Just then the said Hobbits came back from the forest with as much Athelas as their small hands could carry. You meant a lot to them and you being a human made them even more scared about you dying. Aragorn then ripped out the arrow in your side and you screamed all of the hobbits flinching at how the scream was laced with so much pain. Quickly treating the wound on your side, wrapping it and repeating the same process to the wound in your shoulder. “Come on, we need to get her to Lord Elrond, the elves will help her.”

Aragorn carried you bridal style in his arms and started walking, you put arm around his neck, and snuggled your face into him, hiding from the burning sun that was starting to hurt your eyes. Seeing as the orcs killed the hoses and ponies they had to walk all the way to Rivendell. It was a long and turning journey that will take a long time. Aragorn’s arms ached after a few hours, but he pushed through the pain knowing that you felt even more pain than he felt at the moment.

“Maybe we should take a break.” Marry said seeing how much pain both you and Aragorn were feeling.

“Yes, you feeling pain and dropping from exhaustion wouldn’t do us any good.” Sam said to Aragorn.

Aragorn agreed with the hobbits and they set up camp, you had been sleeping for hours, making the hobbits worried about you. Every few minutes one of them would turn to see if you’re still breathing. And thankfully you were.

You groaned and opened your eyes, the first thing you saw was the dark sky, and turned your head to see the Orcs. You screamed and tried to move, only for one of the orcs to come and hold you down as you tried to move back, to your surprise it called your name as did the other four orcs.

“Isa it’s me. It’s me Strider calm down.” The orc that was holding you said and you blinked a few times and cried when you saw it was Strider and the hobbits and not some orcs. “It’s okay, it’s okay you’re fine.” Aragorn pulled you close to him as the hobbits watched sadly.

“We need to move.” Frodo said looking at your shaking body.

“Yes, thankfully we rested for a few hours.” Sam said and moved to gather his things.

“Come on Pip.” Marry said and he and Pip copied Sam’s movement and started to gather their thing. You stopped crying and just hugged Aragorn. You were in pain but tried to hide it from everyone, they were already panicking and you didn’t want to cause them and more stress.

“I’ll stay with her you go and get your things.” Frodo told Aragorn and you pulled back from Aragorn and leaned into the tree behind you. Aragorn moved in silence trying to think of a way to get you to Rivendell as soon as possible on foot. If he had a horse it would’ve taken a few hours to get there.

Frodo sat beside you and you closed your eyes as a wave of pain hit you.

“Are you going to be okay?” Frodo asked you as he watched you in concern.

“Yes, we just need to get to Rivendell and I’ll be fine.” You gave the young hobbit a smile.

“But, it’s poison and-and…”

“And I’m one tough human that you can’t get rid of easily.” You took Frodo’s hand in yours and gave it a squeeze. “Come on help me up, they finished.” You told Frodo and with his help and with the help of the tree you stood on your shaky legs. Aragorn was by your side in a second and helped you walk. You started your journey the sky was becoming lighter and lighter by the second.

It was midday when you all heard an animal’s footsteps.

“Stay here and stay quit.” Aragorn said and you leaned on a tree as he left, you started to feel dizzy as if you were drunk. Aragorn was gone for a few minutes when you all heard footsteps coming your way, the hobbits stood in front of you protectively. Thankfully it was Aragorn, but he wasn’t alone. Behind him came an elf, with a horse.

“Legolas!” You exclaimed and let out a giggle. You pushed yourself of the tree, and tried to move, but started to sway on your legs. Legolas was quickly by your side he had his hand around your waist and supported you.

“Hello (Isa).” Legolas said and looked at you in concern, before turning to Aragorn. “I’ll get her to Rivendell by nightfall. I’ll let Lord Elrond send you some horses.” Legolas said, Aragorn pulled the hose so he was beside you, he took a hold of you as Legolas mounted his horse, and the Aragorn carried you and you giggled as he placed you in front of Legolas. You snuggled into his chest.

“Take care of her my friend.” Aragorn said and Legolas nodded, before lightly kicking the horse in his side to move. The horse started running, and you watched as the scene moved quickly. It was quite for a while. You then looked up at Legolas and the sun shown on his hair. You smiled and took a strand in your hand, playing in it.

“You’re so beautiful.” You told Legolas with a grin on your face. “Look at this hair, it’s so long and amazing, and-and your eyes, they’re so… blue.”

Legolas glanced down at you and smiled at you. You really were out of it.

“And strong too, you’re strong and could really fight well. I remember seeing you practice your archery you never, ever miss. Like ever.” You said your voice getting quitter and quitter. You wrapped your hand around his neck and closed your eyes, Legolas glanced down at you.

“Isa?” Legolas said trying to see if you’re still awake or not, you let out a groan. “Isa stay with me, okay stay with me. Don’t fall asleep.”

“But I’m so tired and it hurts Legolas.”

“We’re almost there.” Legolas kicked his horse so it was running faster. Legolas kept trying to keep you awake, after two hours of repeatedly asking you if you’re awake and telling you to not fall asleep finally Rivendell came in view.

In no time Legolas was off his horse and you were in his arms. Rivendell elves, guided him to the room where Lord Elrond already was waiting in. He has seeing you two coming.

“Lay her here Legolas.” Lord Elrond said and Legolas did as asked.

Legolas then was escorted out of the room as Lord Elrond and his elves worked on you.

It took them a long time to work on you in that time Horses were sent to retrieve Aragon and the hobbits. Gandalf has also arrived. They were all worried at you and sad, the hobbits were quite, as was everyone else. It was dawn when Lord Elrond left your room.

“She’ll be okay, you don’t have to worry she’ll be fine in not time.” It was as they were all holding their breath and by hearing this they could breathe again. They were all happy but still not satisfied, only seeing you awake would really relive them if the sadness they were all carrying.

You were asleep for a day after arriving to Rivendell, everyone took turns staying with you so when you woke up, you’d have someone with you. And when you woke up, the hobbits were the ones with you. You let out a groan, and your eyes fluttered.

“Isa?” It was Pip’s voice that made you opened your eyes fully. “Isa, she’s awake, she’s awake.” You suddenly were surrounded by the hobbits. Sam took one good look at you and ran out of the room.

“I told you I’ll be okay.” You smiled at Frodo and the other hobbits. Your room soon was filled, as Aragorn, Gandalf and Legolas came in.

“Glad to see you awake, dear Isa.” Gandalf said kindly.

“Thank you Gandalf.”

“I never doubted you’d wake, you are one of a kind of a kind Isa.” Legolas said. You blushed remembering all the things you told Legolas, Legolas gave you a smirk knowing what you were thinking about.

Gandalf gave you two a knowing look and a smile.

“Yes, well let’s just hope this doesn’t happen again.” Aragorn said and sat on the bed beside you.

“Yeah let’s hope.”


I cannot bare this world without you,
But I cannot live in this world with you. (x)

In Slavic Mythology, Kupalo and Kostroma were twins, children of the gods Simargl and Kopalnica. One day, they went to the river, despite their mother’s warning, to listen songs of the mythological bird Sirin. However, the Sirin’s voice was enchanted with a spell that made people forget everything and then it took Kostroma away. She and Kupalo were separated for many years until they met again, when the girl was walking by the river with a flower crown in her hair. Wind threw her flower crown into the water and it was then caught by Kupalo, passing by on his boat. He gave it back to Kostroma and, as a tradition, that gesture meant that he was now to marry her. They fell in love without remembering each other and got married, but the gods, angered by their decision, told them the truth and because of the shame they killed themselves. Kostroma drowned herself in the river, becoming a forest mermaid and Kupalo threw himself into the fire. But the gods, seeing what their anger had done, brought them back to life, not as people but as a flower that is now called Ivan-da-Maria. In this tale it’s also mentioned that they both were made gods: Kupalo became the god of the summer sun and Kostroma, the goddess of fertility.

◈magical realism fics◈ 

( ♕ = favorites)

a long way down (to the bottom of the river) by MediaWhore or @mediawhorefics 

a practical magic au in which Harry and his sister accidentally kill her abusive boyfriend with magic and Louis is the D.I working the case. (24k - read the tags, please - series)

if you build yourself a myth by pukeandcry  ♕

Harry is six the first time he makes something change. (12k) 

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Years Later

Dipper and Mabel pines grew up. But not to much. They stayed best friends, having learned the hard way what it would be like if they grew to far apart. The first time the twins asked to go back to Gravity Falls, their parents were a bit surprised to say the least. What was so important about some tiny town in the woods? They obliged, nonetheless. It’s good to get outdoors when you’re growing up. Builds character. However, the parents always wondered why their son and daughter tended to avoid the question of “what did you do this summer”.

Dipper Pines stopped wearing hats. His hair still covered his birthmark, but he wasn’t as ashamed of it anymore. He had gotten that from his great Uncle. He also started wearing tons of flannels. He got that from his first crush. He sees a psychologist every Thursday. He didn’t like trigonometry as much as he thought it would. On the summer of the twins 14th birthday, he started his own journal. It has a pine tree on it, though that symbol doesn’t mean anything to him anymore.

Mabel pines kept making sweaters. In fact she started her own business, relying on some not-so-legal tips given to her by her Grunkle Stan. She wears her hair up in a ponytail now. It doesn’t cover her face when she needs to run anymore. She wanted to cut it, but she likes playing with it when she gets nervous. She sees a psychologist every Thursday, after her brother. She’s fantastic at lying, though she’d be embarrassed to admit it. She loves to draw, and has much improved since the days of rainbow court.

Stan and Ford sailed around the world. They saw everything, from the Eiffel Tower, to the pyramids… They hated the pyramids. Stan died in his sleep when the twins were 19. Ford passed away a few years later.

Melody and Soos run the mystery shack now. They got married a few years after they first met, and have a tiny baby boy named after the only real father Soos ever had. Stanley.

Wendy went to college. She ended up getting into wildlife studies, and spends most of her time doing the only thing she wants to put effort into: being outside. She’s the third person, after Stan and Ford, to hug the twins when they come back the next summer.

There’s a statue that sits in the middle of the forest. Most people avoid it. Their scared of what will happen if they get to close. Sometimes teenagers spray paint it with foul language, or cover it with toilet paper. But it’s always clear of fault the next day. There are two people in the town however, who come during summer. And it the end of every summer, they take a stroll through the forest and find the statue that has its hand out. Like its waiting for something. When they reach, they get close, and standing tall with their hands together, they whisper “we won”

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Weddings and OUAT. Snow and charming got a couple of minutes in forest first time. Ten seconds of I do before crashed by Evil queen 2nd. Rumple and Belle got a couple of minutes in the forest with vows fading in and out to other sences ( CS first kiss). I think whatever happens Sunday CS is getting way more than most and I am happy about that.

Yeah, but none of those were actually touted by the creators as actively not wanting them to be about the couple getting married. It’s hilarious tbh but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I recently got engaged and we are trying to get a jump on planning. We want to get married in a forest to feel closer to Mother Earth. Other than that I don't know how to go about planning. I was wondering what types of wedding traditions are pagan based. What are recommended. And maybe get an idea of what might be best for us. I don't want to be gimmicky. This is all so overwhelming. Thanks.

The only one I know of is the Druidic Handfasting Ceremony. Look and see if there is a Grove around you. I know a lot of times they will do one (make sure the officiant is legally able to marry you otherwise it won’t mean anything).


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could you do yoonmin from your fantasy au?

Sometimes, Yoongi forgot just how different Jimin actually was. He forgot that he had grown up in a completely different world to his. And because of that, he sometimes got surprised by Jimin’s words.

“What’s the purpose of marriage?” He had asked one day, when they had been sitting by the edge of the forest, curious to see what all the music was, only to come face to face with a wedding. Apparently, angels didn’t get married.

“Have humans forgotten how to speak to the Gods on their own?” He had asked another time, after learning what the purpose of Oracles was. Angels didn’t need a messenger between themselves and the Gods.

“Why do humans fight with themselves?” He had cried once, watching with sad eyes as a village burned to the ground. He could never understand the hatred humans seemed to harbor for their own species. He could never comprehend how one would hurt another one of his own. Angels never turned on their own.

Except for when they ripped Jimin’s wings clean off.

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