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Chapter 27 Teaser pt.2

So, I promised a more serious teaser for chapter 27. Here it is. 

He knows, deep down, that no matter how Victor reacts to the bond, he won’t leave Yuuri. He’s stuck with him through everything so far, so he won’t just up and run. But even if he won’t run, it doesn’t mean he’s going to reciprocate anything.

But knowing is better than wondering, isn’t it?


Youngmin k-fans has come up with comments for  Youngmin’s V-Live  for Thursday 6pm kst  .

For those who will be streaming, please remember them ~

start of vlive: 영민아 보고싶었어  
end of vlive: 수고했어, 영민아 기다릴게

 these translate to:

Youngmin ah I missed you 
You’ve work hard, Youngmin ah I’ll wait for you

cr. @woojins_

Also , dont forget to keep sending hearts (◕ㅅ◕✿) Thank yous !~

Exciting Things Ahead

So guess who finally got an AO3 (Archive of Our Own) account? That’s right, this trash can did! Anywho just a little update that I plan on extending my Blind Lance AU and making it into a full fic, so wish me luck! I hope you like it! Also, my account is watsonthebox (shocking, I know). I will update you all when I’ve posted. Thank you for all the love and support!!!  °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

anonymous asked:

Did you see Liam's insta pic? I had a quick chuckle because I immediately thought about Louis liking that post of the matching father/son yeezys, but then my heart kind of melted thinking about Louis recommending that to Liam? Or them just..talking about the cuteness of it? It's just great cause it's super super cute, but also kinda funny how we were all 'worried' Lou'd end up posting this pic & now it's Liam. (admittedly, I thought it was Louis for .02 seconds at first when I saw it on my dash)

lol i had a similar chuckle because.. this is the kind of pic we used to get from louis (except this baby’s hand is actually moving). i’m glad we’re past that for the time being. super cute if he did indeed give/rec them to him tho.

salv-adorable  asked:

STELLA!!! our bby girl miss yoon bora got herself a MAN and lawd he is fine as hell. She escaped the evil clutches of starshit, got herself an acting contract AND has nabbed herself a fine slice of man look at the TRUE WINNER of sistar yaaas lmaooo (i love all my queens relax yall lol)


I always knew she was the smartest lmao!


So I’m working on a new story...

Dean has always loved the Impala, sometimes seeing her as much a Winchester as his brother. And when push came to shove, he even took care of her like family. But what happens if he can’t repair her this time? With a beyond damaged Baby, and reconnecting with an ex, Dean is stuck between a rock and a very hard place and finds himself going back to his roots.

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