and they flirted with so much ease and ugh they are perfect

Special Instructions (2/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website. (AO3)
Rating: M (lots of unnecessary cursing, sexy times in later chapters)
Word Count: ~3300
Chapters: One

i’m shocked by the feedback on this ridiculous fic haha, thanks all. for the fans of hot mess emma, ch3 is the chapter for you lol

reader requested tags: @lenfaz @ilovemesomekillianjones  (and @stubble-sandwich because lbr you pretty much are the reason i didn’t abandon this idea when i was playing around a couple months ago)


Special instructions: would u buy us more beer? like a lot. i will pay u

“Oh my god, Ems, I think Robin and Regina are getting it on in your room.”

She jumped at the sound of Ruby’s voice yelling in her ear over the sound of the music, then let out a whiny groan.

“Gross, on my bed?” she asked, disgusted at the thought of having to wash her linens before sleeping in them. She was buzzed enough to enjoy the atmosphere but not enough to let her friends fuck in her apartment. “Ugh, let me go stop them before I have to light my mattress on fire.”

Her movements were stilted and she stumbled a little as she walked down her hall. Sure enough, her door was shut and a sock hung from the knob. Her fist banged on the wood.

“Don’t you guys fucking dare! Go to your own apartments for this shit or I’m never inviting you over again. This isn’t college,” she shouted. A muffled grunt that sounded sort of like an apology came from the other side and she figured she’d leave and at least give them a few minutes to collect themselves.

“Emma! Where’s the beer?”

The question came from her brother who was currently losing (horrendously) at beer pong to Elsa, who had surprising accuracy for someone who was drunker than most people in the room.

“Uh, we’re out. I was about to go walk to the convenience store around the corner to get some more.”

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Part 1

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  1,138

Author’s Note:  This is my first series that I’m posting on here! Please let me know what you think, I really love getting feedback.

Table of Contents Here

Scotty looked up at exactly the wrong moment. Jim made a joke and the whole table burst into laughter, including you. Your beautiful eyes crinkled up and your unapologetic smile bared your gleaming teeth. You simply shone.

Scotty couldn’t even bring himself to laugh when you laid your hand on Jim’s arm, steadying yourself as you calmed. Scotty’s heart clenched painfully.

And then there was Jim, that bastard, not that it was his fault, leaning in and laughing with you, tickled to make you smile so beautifully.

Scotty mumbled an excuse and stood, dropping his napkin on his tray and leaving the table at a steady stumble, trying to navigate through the pounding of blood in his ears.

The hallway rang with silence as the mess hall doors closed behind him.  Scotty looked up and down the hall, completely lost. He’s walked every single hall of this wonderful ship with you on his arm and now… what’s a man to do without you? How could he possibly move on and find some semblance of peace when you were in there laughing like that with Kirk of all people? Captain Fucking Perfect Hair with all his goodman charm and warmth…


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river-rider-with-cats  asked:

For a prompt! I really wanna see genderfluid Lance, but he gets a virus that physically changes his gender on a daily basis and it's cool at first (everybody else is super ??WTF?? ), but then he has a day where his body and gender don't line up and he tries to find every way possible to irritate the virus to change it and then it ends in fluff?? Maybe...i just really want to see genderfluid Lance...

“Ugh,” A lethargic Lance moaned as he held onto his bloated stomach, “I don’t feel too good,”

The team looked at Lance as he doubled over, Hunk made his way over to him in worry and rubbed his back. “Maybe you ate something a bit off?”

“All I’ve eaten is that food goo,” Lance moaned and he sat down to ease the pain, he massaged his lower stomach, some relief was given but he still felt uncomfortable. 

“Maybe you just need some water and sleep!” Coran exclaimed and ran out of the room, apparently to get some water.

“Virus’ aren’t too uncommon in space, they endospore and when they find perfect conditions they release themselves and begin reproducing.” Allura stated and pulled Lance up by his arms, Lance sluggishly let himself be lead by Allura. “We’ll run some tests in the pods and see if there’s anything we can do, who knows how a human will react to an unfamiliar sickness,”

Lance heard what was being said and tried to protest but the pain in his stomach was too much, Allura easily maneuvered him into the medical bay and set him up in a pod. After pressing a few buttons the pod began scanning.

By then Coran had found them all and had a bottle of water ready for Lance. The paladins looked at Lance in worry, none of them had gotten sick while in space, they had no clue how this may effect Lance. A few beeps omitted from the pod, Allura and Coran began to read the results and a confused look over came their faces.

“What’s the matter?” Shiro asked and stepped up to the from behind. 

“The pod isn’t detecting anything that could be causing this,” Allura stated and opened the pod, Lance caught himself before he fell out. He looked around in confusion before shifting uncomfortably. He reached his hand down and felt his chest, when his hand met with a soft, squishy surface Lance jumped in surprise, he let out a feminine squeak before bolting out of the medical bay and into the nearest bathroom.

“What’s his deal?” Keith asked. Allura and Coran shared a long look before they both left the room in search for Lance.

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Emerald Eyed (A Victuuri Fanfiction)

Emerald Eyed

*Quick note: A fluffy, flirty little fanfiction one shot based on the artwork of aquaxixi on Tumblr. To see the original artwork, here’s the link: This features jealous!Victor, some mild romance, and mild swearing; hence the T rating. Please enjoy my first fanfiction for Yuri! On Ice.  @aquaxixi @n3rdlif343va


“It’s another beautiful morning.” Yuuri thought to himself as he prepared himself for practicing the new step sequence for his short program. The competition season was approaching rapidly and Yuuri and Victor were spending every day at the rink in St. Petersburg, trying to perfect their new routines for the upcoming season. Yuuri in particular was feeling the pressure now that Victor was re-entering the arena; he had to be better than flawless if he wanted a shot of surpassing his lover and skating idol. The Japanese man, the vision of grace, glided across the ice in the complicated sequence of fast paced beats with the fire of determination lighting up his chocolate brown eyes. On the outside of the rink, stood the trio of Yurio and Mila and Georgi who were watching Yuuri occupying the rink.

“I can see what Victor saw in him. It is his passion above all else that shines through his performances.” Mila gushed about the Japanese man in Russian, as she stretched and warmed up for her practice later. She ignored the nasty side eye coming from Yurio and Georgi nodded in agreement.

“Not to mention the way he tells a story through his movements and his sequences are his strong point.” Georgi noted. Yurio scoffed, this time not even glancing up from his phone.

“Too bad his jumps are utter shit.” This earned the Russian teen a shove from Mila and a stern chiding.

“Be nice, Yurio! Yuuri has significantly improved under Victor’s tutelage. If I remember correctly, you barely beat him by a hair’s width at the Barcelona Grand Prix last year.” Mila countered and Yurio growled.

“Whatever.” The group went back to focusing on Yuuri gliding across the ice; even Yurio was paying close attention behind the guise of scrolling through his social media feed. Yuuri finished the ending of his short program with his end position, breathing hard and face flushed. He blushed from the round of applause, courtesy of Mila, bowing his head and skating off to the side of the rink. His eyes searching for the glimpse of silver locks that he was dying to run his hand through, but he couldn’t find them.

“Maybe Victor has run on some errands?” Yuuri muttered under his labored breath, leaning his back against the rink’s wall. The Japanese man was content to stay there until Victor returned when an unfamiliar voice reached his ears.

“That was a beautiful display.” Yuuri turned around, finding himself almost face to face with a stranger causing to nearly fall since he was startled by the stranger’s close proximity. He was decently handsome, with sandy blonde hair and brown eyes not unlike his own, but was nothing compared to his Victor.  

“Umm… thank you.” Yuuri’s humility forced a blush onto his face.

“Can I learn your name?” The stranger leaned in closer which triggered Yuuri to jump back further and turn red all over his face from awkward embarrassment. The stranger flashed him million megawatt smile and winked at him.

“I am with someone. So, umm…” The Japanese man showed the stranger the ring on his finger, the gold glinting under the natural lighting filtering into the rink. The stranger’s eyes narrowed for a brief moment before shinning with a glint.

“They don’t have to know…” Across the rink, the trio was watching the stranger flirt with Yuuri with wide eyes and desperately looking around for Victor.

“Oh my… Seriously, is that guy hitting on our precious katsudon?” Georgi grimaced, wiping the singular bead of sweat from his forehead. Yurio, much to their shock, appeared irritated.

“Umm… Maybe he doesn’t know about #Victuuri yet?” Mila giggled nervously yet amused at the same time; flustered Yuuri was really cute to watch. The Japanese man was barely beating back the stranger’s flirtations in the most awkward way possible.

“Ugh… What the fuck? Where is the pig’s husband?” Yurio was embarrassed by the scene in front of him and scoured the arena for Victor. Only a second later, a familiar mop of hair re-entered the rink and raced over to where the others were. Georgi was the first to notice Victor’s sudden arrival; nearly jumping out of his leotard from shock. Mila and Yurio’s jaws dropped when they realized Victor’s arrival. But Victor didn’t seem to notice as he was too busy staring down the stranger who was harassing his Yuuri. Blue green eyes narrowed in a predatory anger; the man was too close to his Yuuri.

“There he is! Do you have a Yuuri radar or something?” Victor winked at Georgi and with ease leapt over the railing of the rink.

“Can’t help when your husband’s too hot… Just going to help my Yuuri a little bit.” The Russian man shrugged and flipped his hair.

“Yeah! Go go jealous Vitya!” Mila cheered, whistling a little. The red-head woman was eagerly awaiting the green-eyed monster to emerge from within Victor and defend Yuuri.

“Aww guess I’m okay, Mila.” Victor laughed. But the Russian skater knew that the burst of envy within him had settled over his mind the moment he laid eyes on some stranger trying to snatch his Yuuri.

“Yeah yeah…” Yurio grumbled, seeing easily through Victor’s obvious lie. The man was jealous and it showed. It was hilarious to the Russian teen to see the world-famous skater Victor Nikiforov losing his cool over a guy flirting with his husband; of all the things it could have been- a man was not what Yurio would have expected.  Victor elegantly skated over to the two and smoothly slipped his arm around Yuuri’s slender hips; eliciting a little squeak from the Japanese man. The stranger turned pale at the sight of Victor staring him down.


“I am back my little katsudon…” The stranger when he first saw Victor approaching noted that the silver-haired man seemed oddly familiar. It was only until the black-haired skater he was trying to flirt with uttered the name ‘Victor’ did the missing puzzle piece click into place. Standing before him was Victor Nikiforov, five-time Figure Skating Grand Prix Champion and the pride of Russia. Victor made sure to flash his ring to the stranger a couple of times to really emphasize the point that Yuuri was his husband  and that the stranger was barking up the wrong tree by flirting with him.

“Umm…” The stranger started moving backwards slightly, under the heated glare from Victor.

“Fuck off.” Victor calmly growled with the intensity never leaving his eyes. Yuuri shrank in his arms and turned beet red from Victor’s sudden aggression towards the stranger. The stranger didn’t even wait before speeding out of the rink as if his life depended on it. Victor witnessed the man running with a deep satisfaction; the jealous quelling his chest.

“Victor-” The silver-haired man looked down at the handsome man in his arms, still slightly flushed from his encounter with the flirting stranger.

“Yes Yuuri?” Mila and Georgi were listening in from the opposite side of the rink with bated breath; holding in their cheers for Victor scaring off the threat to their precious katsudon.

“I never would have taken you as the jealous type. The mighty Victor Nikiforov, the pride of Russia, jealous over another man flirting with me?” Yuuri joked with his husband, who turned scarlet in the cheeks at the accusation.

“I was not jealous! I was merely coming to your rescue!” Victor stuttered sheepishly, lending all sorts of justification to why he scared off the stranger. Yuuri chuckled and leaned in, close to his husband’s ear. His hand traced along Victor’s shirt collar and the Japanese man lower his voice to a whisper.

“That’s too bad. I was going to say that jealousy made you even sexier than you already are.” Yuuri declared brazenly before removing his hand and skating off the rink. The silver haired man could only blink and gape at the sudden confidence from his husband, watching the Japanese man slide across the ice confidently. Yuuri shot his husband a wink once he stepped off the ice before retiring next to Mila.

“Well, I’ll be…” Victor breathed out.  

In which Gabriel is king of flirting

For @casandsip because fluff.

Gabriel was the king of flirting. Everyone knew it. He told them so all the time.

He was charming. He was witty. He was reasonably good-looking and knew how to persuade people he was more than that. He could flatter his way into anybody’s good books.

But he still couldn’t get that gorgeous, adorable, floppy-haired art student to notice that he was hitting on him.

Every weekday morning at eight he’d shuffle into the coffee shop where Gabriel worked, rubbing his eyes and mussed-up and yawning hugely behind his hands, rubbing them together in their patched brown woollen gloves to chase away the late-winter cold. Every day he’d order the same boring boring black coffee in a take-away cup just in case he had to run away early (which he never did), and he’d smile the same sleepy distracted adorable diffident smile when he thanked Gabriel for making it. Then he’d curl up at one of their corner tables with his books and pencils (or charcoal, or pastels, or whatever it was that day), and go to work.

Gabriel had considered the question at great length over the last month or so—usually out loud, to Balthazar or Charlie or Anna or Castiel, until Balthazar draped a towel over his head to shut him up—and had come to the conclusion that there was absolutely nothing in the world so attractive as the expression of concentration on the face of a gorgeous genius as he made gorgeous works of genius. Unless it was the way he sometimes nibbled on his thumb when he was thinking. Or lowered his glasses on his nose to squint over the top of them for a different view. Or the way he filled his worn old shirts. Or—

Or the way he completely failed to notice every time Gabriel winked and flattered and tried to draw him into cheerfully suggestive conversation, because apparently his brain travelled straight from sleep to art without bothering to notice mundane details like the cutest of baristas in front of him.

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Roasted Strawberries

For: querida Raimu, @reraimu

Pairings: TsukkiYama

Rating: PG

A/N: Raimu you said in your tags that you were too shy to request a ficlet so I just made one inspired by this art of yours: here. Thank you for always reading my tsukkiyama stuff, supporting me, and for being awesome.

Summary: 1.2K words. Fluffy AF. Yama tries to secretly make Tsukki breakfast for his birthday. In the same universe as my adult au fic Worse for Wear where Tsukki is an apprentice pâtissier and Yama is a hairstylist.  

Read on Ao3

It was his day off and Tsukishima had no plans of waking up this early.

It was freaking 8 am. If it were like any of his other days off, he’d be sleeping in until midday. But here he was, rubbing at his eyes and pulling off his covers—something was different. Not only was Yamaguchi missing from his side, which never happened since Yamaguchi would practically live in his bed if he could, but there was also a sweet smell wafting into the room followed with an occasional expletive.

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Going Up! - Ryosuke Smut One Shot

Going Up!

Pairing: Ryosuke X MC
Genre: Smutty Smut Smut
Rating: well 18+ naturally
Description: Rysouke and MC find themselves stuck in the penthouse elevator…oh whatever can they do to pass the time? ;)

Finally back into a smut mood rather than fluff haha, I’m still in a block with my KBTBB fic ‘It’s Been A While’ I’m sorry I am trying to fix this by writing different things so I don’t lose the flow completely. I absolutely love Ryosuke <3 so thought I’d give this a go!

Tagging kittycricket cause she’s my best mate and deserves to forced to read my writing :P but also tagging the usual ikkybaby yamyyams and julia-greenietea oh and icedragonsprincess since this is a KBTBB one shot :) enjoy

Once again Eisuke had summoned me to the penthouse, and as usual, I only had 5 minutes to get there. He always had to page me at the worst possible moments, I’m still surprised that so many of the staff didn’t get annoyed at me more. But I guessed Eisuke had Kenzaki, the manager, sort any of those issues out. I was thankful really, but being paged when I’m literally inside a duvet cover remaking a guests bed, it did anger me.

I had flung the duvet cover off of myself when I felt my pager go, it landing on Chisato as I rushed towards the penthouse elevator. Shouting my apology to her, I heard her laugh as I hurled myself down the corridor. In the distance I saw Inui getting into the lift, the doors beginning to close.

“Hold the door Inui!” I yelled, making him jump out of his skin, but he quickly stopped them from closing on me. I skidded to a halt, grabbing Inui’s arm so I wouldn’t go flying into the wall. He grabbed my arm in return, making sure I didn’t hurt myself “Thank you” I said out of breath as Inui let the doors finally close.

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Forbidden Fruit (Ch.4)

Step Brother Series

A Dylan O'Brien Fan Fic

A/N: Here is part 4! It was requested by a lot of people and I am so happy thay you all like the series so far. This chapter isn’t as near as smutty but has some rendezvous and introduces some new characters. I hope you like it! There’s plenty more to come…

Previous Chapters

With a long stretch I rolled over and noticed the bed was empty except for me. Frowning because Dylan wasn’t still lying here with me I let my arm fall over the edge until I felt a shirt. I picked it up not even paying attention has to whose it was. The article of clothing covered my chest and some of my legs so it was perfect. When I stood up my nose caught a wiff of something amazing. Was that bacon? And blueberry pancakes? I hurried out into the hall and down the stairs. Entering the kitchen quietly I noticed Dylan was shirtless with nothing but sweat pants on. They hung ever so lowly on his perfect hips. His hair was now a mess and his cheeks were still flushed from a few hours before.
“Wow this smells amazing!” I spoke up. Dylan jumped and looked at me like a deer in headlights.
“Shit Y/n you scared me! I didn’t even hear you come down! ” he replied with a light chuckle.
“Sorry. I thought you would hear me coming down the stairs. ” I said.
“I sure didn’t. Well well I have to say you look better in my baseball shirt than I do. Keep it. ” He said seductively. His tongue licked over his lips. His eyes were glued to where to shirt ended.
“Why thank you but don’t you need it?” I asked sweetly.
“No we are in the off season. Just practice from here on out until spring. So its all yours.” I couldn’t help but blush at his gesture. I would be honored to wear it. Dylan plated all of the food and poured us each a glass of milk. As I started to dig in I realized how hungry I was. My plate was empty in no time.
“Ugh I feel terrible for eating that much but I was starved out for some reason. ” I said while rubbing my full tummy. Dylan laughed and said “Well with all the calories you burned this morning I can totally understand. ” He winked and stood up to clean the table. I blushed profusely and joined in. After loading the dish washer Dylan slowly cornered me near the sink.
“Thank you for the wonderful breakfast I had no idea you were such a great cook. Best pancakes ever. ” I said. My hands went to the bulge growing in his pants. Slowly palming over him the breath almost left his body.
“Hmmm oh yeah well when its just you and your dad you manage to learn a few dishes here and there.” He said with a strain in his voice.
“You are driving me crazy in that shirt Y/n. I want to fuck you right here. How are you doing this to me?” Dylan asked. His hands ran down my waist and cupped my ass. He massaged there and earned a moan. Just as he was leaning in to kiss me the door bell rang loudly. 5 times it chimed. I jumped back out of fear and Dylan groaned.
“What the fuck? Why are the here? ” He said angrily.
“ They? What should I do?!?” I gasped.
“It’s just my friends. They are the only ones who rings the bell like that. Uhm just go throw some clothes on and act normal. ” Dylan spoke calmly. He gave me a quick kiss and I hurried upstairs. Throwing on some leggings, a bra and a tank top I brushed my hair out and went back down stairs like normal. Well as normal as I could be. Voices were now filling the living room. Dylan had somehow managed to grab a shirt and answer the door with ease.
“So this must be the new sister?” One of them asked as I entered the room. I smiled innocently.
“Step sister Tyler. And yes this is Y/n. Y/n this is Tyler, Thomas and Max. ” Dylan spoke as my eyes scanned the 3 boys in front of me. Tyler was smiling widely. I noticed he was exceptionally muscular and wore vans with some shorts and a band tee. His hair was dark as well as his eyes and perfectly tanned skin. Thomas was much slimmer, tall, had brown eyes and light hair. He simply nodded and smiled. Max was like a typical surfer. Blonde hair blue eyes and sun kissed skin.
“Nice to meet you all. ” I said shyly.
“Dylan failed to mention how beautiful you were when he told us about you. ” Thomas spoke up. I noticed he had a British accent. A blush crept up on my cheeks. I used to never receive those types of comments back home.
“Why thank you. I must say you have a great accent. ” It was his turn to blush now. I didn’t mean it as flirting, I just really liked how different his British accent was. Dylan rolled his eyes but played it cool.
“Any particular reason you guys just came over without calling first? ” Dylan asked with a yawn.
“Uh dude you told us we could come over and swim before school started back and well its Friday so we just stopped by. ” Dylan then realized he had made them a promise a few days earlier.
“Oh yeah well let’s go for a swim then. Just let me put some trunks on first. Y/n you should join us. ” Dylan said. The other boys eyed my reaction.
“Sure let me change too. You guys go on out. ” They nodded and went to the back deck. I jogged up the stairs with Dylan close behind. Once we were out of range he picked me up and pinned me against the wall.
“As soon as they leave you.. are.. mine. To be honest I really don’t know if I can handle seeing you in a bikini. I just hope the water is extra cold.” Dylan spoke softly with a cheeky grin while grinding his hips into my core. I bit my lip and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“I may have to torture you a bit then. They’re your friends and they ruined the plans I had for us today. ” I replied smoothly.
“Plans? What plans?” Dylan asked. His eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store.
“I wanted you to join me in the shower. I was thinking yesterday that I liked the idea of me sucking you off while we are both soaking wet.” His mouth dropped at my response, He finally spoke up.
“Those plans are definitely still in motion. As soon as they leave.”
“We’ll see. Our parents are supposed to be home later today. So it may not happen. Now let me down, they are probably wondering where we are ” Dylan rolled his eyes but obeyed and sat me down on the ground. We each went to change in our rooms and he made it down there before me. I listened as he jogged down the stairs. I eyed myself in the mirror to make sure I didn’t look too slutty but it was a bikini so I couldn’t help but feel borderline naked. I decided to throw a towel around me until I made it to the pool. As I entered the back deck I noticed everyone was already in the water just splashing around.
“There she is!” Tyler yelled. He was smiling but then Max tackled him down into the water.
“Making it the obvious now bro? ” Max said as Tyler came back up to catch his breath.
“What are you talking about?” I asked.
“Tyler maybe has a little crush on you.” Thomas replied. I instantly looked at Dylan. His face was in sort of a pout.
“Wow I’m flattered but I am taken Tyler. Sorry. ” I said with a light smile.
“Oh I didn’t know! Well he is a super lucky guy then. ” Tyler said frowning. His eyes looked like a sad little puppy.
“Its okay. You didn’t know. We’re still cool though! ” I said to ease the tension in the air. He smiled and everyone felt more at ease. I took my towel off and slowly stepped in. The water was cold but it felt good in contrast to the hot California heat that seemed to weigh you down. We swam for at least 2 hours before I felt tired and some what bored. I made my way to the latter.
“Leaving already Y/n? ” Max asked.
“Yeah I’m feeling tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night” I replied.
“That’s our queue to leave then boys. Let’s call it a day.” Thomas spoke up from his spot on the intertube. He was working on a tan even though his fair skin proved that to be impossible. The rest of the gang followed behind me exited the pool. Dylan looked very relieved that they were leaving so easily. 
“It was nice meeting you guys. Now I will have at least a few friends on my first day. ” I said to the group.
“Oh hell yeah if you need help finding a class let one of us know we’ll be glad to help. You are cool in my book. ” Max replied with pat on my back. I laughed and thanked him. The other 2 guys agreed and it made me feel more comfortable. Dylan let them out the front door and peeped through the curtains to make sure they had left.
“Your friends are really nice Dylan. ” He scoffed at my comment.
“A little too nice. Well Tyler was pushing it but you set him straight pretty quick. ” He spoke with a hint of jealousy.
“Well I was being honest. I’m technically taken. I don’t want anyone else but you. ” My words were laced with seduction. I walked towards Dylan and pushed him down onto the love seat. Straddling him I removed my shirt and displayed my breast in front of him like a buffet. He couldn’t take his eyes off of them. His large hands automatically cupped them up. Tweaking my nipples I moaned out his name.
“Dylan don’t stop. I love it when you play with me. ” I cooed. His lips made their way to my left bud and he sucked lightly. The sensation went straight to my clit. Turning me on instantly.
“I’m so wet for you ” I said while urging his hand down to my now wet core. Dylan’s long and skilled fingers slid between my shorts and into my folds. He slowly moved them in and out. Just as I was grinding down to get more of a feel I heard a car door shut.
“Holy fuck they’re home!” I yelled and jumped back.
“Dammit no. Not now. ” Dylan growled. Looks like our plans were ruined afterall.

Cramped- Castiel/Reader Imagine

 Request: Could you do a really fluffy Cas/Reader?? Like they bicker and what not but are cute about it and they aren’t dating but they some how start to cuddle and maybe Dean catches them? Possibly have them in the Impala and they’re all cramped ‘cause of their wings. Have their wings in there. I would adore that :) I’m not sure, that is so incredibly undetailed, but just a lot of fluff? :) Thanks.

A/N: I apologize for any grammatical errors, it’s 3:00 in the morning where I am at and I haven’t gotten much sleep… so I am sorry if this is bad. But enjoy anyway, I hope this is what you’ve wanted/asked for. n_n    


  “Cas, would you move?” You asked, pushing him slightly so that he wasn’t in the middle of the Impala.

  “Why does it bother you?” He asked, scooting to the drive’s side and leaning against the door.

  “Because your dumb wings are poking me.” You retort, aggravation running through your body. Castiel shifted again, moving his wings so that they were now behind him fully.

  “Would you two stop fighting like an old married couple? You bicker all the time.” Dean complain.

  “Well if his wings were out of the way.” You snarled towards as, your own wings folding behind yourself a bit more comfortably.

  “I apologize that they are so big.” He smirked, a facial expression you don’t always get to see from the angel’s face.

  “Mine are bigger, don’t even play that card.” You replied, chuckling quietly.

  “Alright, no comparing sizes now!” Sam laughed, looking as his brother who rolled his eyes and stopped the engine.

  “I’m going to stop at this Gas 'n Sip, Sam you should come with me, get some money out okay?” Dean said, grabbing a few things and slamming the door shut behind him, Sam trailing behind closely.

  “Do yours ever get sat on?” You ask, referring to his wings. You looked at the window noticing the quietness of the night and soon looking back at the quiet Castiel that sat near you, staring at the window behind you.

  “Sam at times, I find he does more so than Dean… though, neither of them mean it I presume.” Cas smiled, looking at you with a wry intent, his cerulean eyes locking with yours.

  “Why are you staring at me?” You ask, raking your eyes over him. You two had a weird kind of bond, the type where you could snap at each other one seconds and the next be perfectly fine. The type of relationship where you two would do 'friendly-flirting’ and act all dumb. The two of you weren’t dating or anything, nor were you 'friends with benefits’, but you both could tell that the other if given the chance would pounce. Though, it was a silent mutual agreement that it would be better if that did not happen, and the Winchesters would not need to know.

  “You’re just a sight for sore eyes, I apologize, I will never look at you again.” He chuckled, his teeth glimmering through the dim darkness. You loved when Cas was sarcastic and jokey.

  “Dick, but you can’t help it. I get it. Dis’ body is just far too perfect.” You push him playfully, eliciting a small laugh from him, and receiving a small push back.


  “That’s the-”

  “I like it.” Castiel cut you off. You catch him looking over you again before his tossed back his head to lean against the window behind him. 

  “Dork.” He said with his eyes closed and mouth in a soft smile.

  “Nugget.” You respond.


  "You heard me angel boy.”

  “Shut up.” He joked, looking at you with squinted eyes that wore dialated pupils that looked fiercly into yours.

  “Make me.”

  Cas laughed, pushing you back and making the car shift and settle against the pressure. You ould have sworn you saw a glimmer of lust flash through his eyes. He was so much different when it was just the two of you, it was relaxing and great to see him like this. It made you happy to see him… happy. You loved the relationshiop you had though, you cuddled at times, yelled at each other, picked, prodded, joked… and it only ever showed when he was comfortable or when you were alone. 

  You pulled your knees to your chest with your back still against the door, looking through the window into the cool night that seemed so perfect to take a stroll in. “Maybe they died in the store.” You said with a heavy sigh, realizing how long it was taking them.

  “They’ll be back if so.” Cas responded, referring to their passts of coming back to life all the time.

  “Probably fighting over carbs and pie.”

  You spread out your wings and groaned, trying to situate yourself in a way that wasn’t too uncomfortable. Long car rides were a bitch for angels. This is why they chose flying over vehicles. Shoving large projectiles into a cramped car wasn’t fun nor comfortable. Sam and Dean tended to forget about that small issue due to the fact, they don’t have wings. Though, they forced you and Cas to ride with them instead of just flying to the bunker.

  Cas movied his arm, placing it just on your left wing. It made it twitch and convulse enough to make it uncomfortable and for you to get annoyed at the pull, “You’re a dick.” You grumbled. They folded behind you, “it wouldn’t be so bad if we had more room.”

  “Lay down then.” Castiel said, shrugging his shoulders and sighing, feeling a little more comfortable when he stretched out his legs; one dangling off the seat, and his right propped up, bent at the knee against the back of the seat.

  “That’ll be slightly weird though.” You reply, realizing that your head would either be against the door, or in his lower abdomen. The thought of laying down sounded so good though. The hunt you were leaving from had left you both tense and tired, and none of this cramped up business was helping.

  “No, not really- it would be comfortable for you.” He said innocently. A quiet smile cross his face, his heavy blue eyes illuminated by the street lamps near by. You shrugged and blushed slightly and scooted over, putting your body over his, between his legs, and laying your head down on his chest, twisting yourself so that you were a little more on your side. You had to admit… it was pretty comfortable. The way his chest rose and fell, the quiet breathing and light shutter as you placed your hand gently on his abs, just barely felt from beneath the thin white fabric. “Are you comfortable?”

  “I suppose.” You say with a breathy laugh.

  “My turn.” You look up at him and saw him smile and situate himself. When he finished you two were finally in a comfortable position and finally at ease. You felt his wings flutter down around you almost like a blanket and relax.

  “Ugh, ew.” Dean said tossing a big bag of food into the middle section of the front. Sam unlatched the passenger side and peered in into the back and looking at the two of you and snickered, sliding into the seat.

  “Aw, such cute little angels.”

  “Shut up Sam.” You mumble, your voice slightly muffled by Cas’s coat. You nestle your head further into it though, hiding your face just a bit in embarrassment.

  The engine roared to life again, vibrating the seat and slowly beginning to move. A few moments passed and you felt Castiel’s rough hand slide down yours, stopping at your wrist and slowly rubbing careful circles around the soft skin, the small touch sending a chill down your spine. Reflexes made you tighten your hand a bit, grabbing a bit of his shirt and letting it go along with a pent up breath. You heard nothing but the rumble of the Impala, the beating of his heart, and the slow breaths of his lungs. The rise and fall of his chest lulled you, knowing he was as comfortable as you were. You almost debated whether he was asleep or not.

  “Olani hoath ol.” He whispered Enochian into your hair. ((I love you))

  “What as?” Dean asked, his head peeking up and looking through the rear view mirror.

  “Nothing Dean, I was talking to Y/N.”

  “In Enochian?”

  “Don’t worry about it Dean, she hoaths ol abai.” ((loves you too)) Dean groaned at the last part and clutched onto the steering wheel tighter.


  “Hey, humans are just as-”

  “Shh.” Cas interjected the two of you and pointed towards Sam who had grumbled in his sleep. The youngest Winchester wrestled with the seat slightly trying to get his massive body to cooperate with the enclosed area.

  When the car grew silent again you spoke, “Olani hoath ol abai.” ((I love you too)) you whisper. Cas bent his head forward, his breath in your hair smiling into your head. His hand moved from your arm to your chin and his tipped your face up, locking eyes with you and staring deeply into them. He leaned you forward, you knew what was happening, and well… you didn’t want to stop it. His lips landed gracefully against yours; soft and sweet.

  “I have a mirror, I saw that.” Dean interrupted, making you both jump and equally wear a wild blush.

  “Finally.” Sam mumbled, smirking and cracking his eyes open as he peered over the seat.                   

anonymous asked:

Prompt request, because I love you're writing :D How about Gail and Holly go on a ski trip and they get stuck on the chair lift and one of them freaks out? Pretty please!

Alrighty friends. How are we all doing today? Let’s have some fun. But before we can begin, safety precautions must be taken. Please fasten your seat belts. Please keep hands and feet inside the moving prompt at all times. And finally…please enjoy the ride :) (T for Teeny bit of salty language):

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anonymous asked:

The 100, Bellarke. I invited you over to Netflix and chill but this is actually really good, so no sex for you!

So, I kind of took this and ran with it.  Hope that’s alright! 


Netflix and Chill: An Evolution
Rated: T (lauguage & some content)

It started out of laziness.  Procrastination hadn’t helped matters either.  The deadline for their thesis was due the next day and Clarke was all but dumbfounded as to what hers should be.  That is what lead to Raven insisting on them all doing shots while they brainstormed ideas for these senior demonstration presentations.  For every bad idea they take a shot.  Needless to say, Octavia — the only junior in the circle, but participating nonetheless for “solidarity” purposes — is seven shots in before Raven practically shouts, “Netflix and Chill: the newest way to fuck.”

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lonely my love

Fandom: Love Live
Pairing: KotoUmi
Summary: Umi tries to flirt with the hot bartender. Meanwhile, Nico’s a supportive best friend, and Eli’s sort of getting there. Features drunk Umi and Kotori in a bartender suit.
Notes: sort of a prequel, sort of a spinoff from the prompt thescarletwings sent me, which can be found here

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