and they finally started a real relationship

Silver (BTS Members x Reader)

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General genre : Fluff, some angst, fantasy AU, smut, action.

Warning : Mentions of sex, maybe strong language. 

Word count : 5.8k

Prologue, Chapter 5, Chapter 5 part 2, Chapter 5 part 3, Chapter 5 part 4.

Chapter 5 Part 5 (Final).

“What are you talking about? 3 years of what?”

“Her relationship with Yoongi.. 3 years.. then the real suffering will start for both of us.”

“That doesn’t make any sense Jimin. Maybe she is close with Yoongi but I don’t see them dating.” Hobi lied, he saw them kissing that morning but he wasn’t going to tell him that, he was already heartbroken. 

“I don’t think I can stay here and just see them. See her being happy with someone else, my own selfishness is what ruined us.”

There were a few light knocks on the door before the door slowly opened. Y/n shyly entered the room, she had a tray with the breakfast she made. 

“Sorry to interrupt.. This is for you Jimin.. Your breakfast is already served Hobi.” She carefully placed the tray on the night table next to Jimin’s bed.

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A recap

Sometime before Beyonce was 21, likely around 18, Jay-Z sets his sights on her. The youngest he could have possibly been was 30.

The day she turned 21, he asked her to “go steady” by saying “Don’t embarrass me”. He was cheating the whole time. She had just turned 21 so he would be 33 in 3 months. This is in 2002. That same year Destiny’s Child announced a hiatus. They would release their final album in 2004.

Jay repeatedly boasts about the baddest chick in the game wearing his chain. He’s still cheating left and right.

Destiny’s Child has their last performance in 2006.

“I am alone at a crossroads. I’m not at home in my own home and I’ve tried and tried to say what’s on my mind.” - 2007

Bey married Jay in 2008. He’s still cheating.

She has a few miscarriages. Finds out her dad’s a sack of shit with all types of outside children. Is CONSTANTLY attacked by white feminists. Is told she isn’t open enough and consistently critiqued for “not being real” as she sings about this man, who has been grooming her to deal with his shit since she was 18 and he was 30, treating her terribly and constantly breaking her heart. Home is not the refuge is should be, not at all. Her husband is still cheating and, by his own admission, is not emotionally supportive in the slightest.

The Grammys keep finding reasons to rob her and taint the one thing still kinda working the way she needs. Her husband is still cheating. He’s having threesomes and shit. Still bragging about the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain though. Because, apparently, that’s all she was to him. A trophy.

2011- she’s still trying desperately to get him to be better. She’s still thinking she’s not doing something right (that’s what “getting in early” does for these men). This is when we get that epic love letter to Jay-Z in the album “4”.

She’s finally able to carry a child to term, but not without people constantly accusing her of lying about being pregnant and saying the baby isn’t hers.

Blue’s arrival and Beyonce’s reflection of the hell she’s been dealing with get her to finally consider leaving for real and for good. She’s about to walk away.

With Blue’s arrival, Jay finally thinks he should treat his wife better. It’s 2012. He’s been treating her like absolute shit, after grooming her to take the emotional abuse, for 11 years.

2013 - Beyonce starts telling her story in the eponymous album.

2015, once Blue is old enough to notice things start forming her understanding of relationships, LEMONADE. Trash men get angry at her “airing their dirty laundry”. Delusional stans of the relationship swear it’s not about them but her parents. Stans refusing to believe this man is who he is is part of her hell.

2017 - Jay-Z FINALLY admits to how trash he was, chalks it up to her maturing faster than him. Again…she was 18 when this started. He was 30.

Writing Romantic Relationships

(Even when you have little experience to go off of.)

@dominiquefourie asked:

So I’m writing a story (as I’m sure most of us are) and while it’s not a romance story there is a strong relationship thread that’s needed to pull the story forward, only thing is, I’ve never strictly been in a relationship - tv/books have shown me what relationships looks like, but how can I write about one without knowing what it feels like?? Thanks

Hey, Dominique! I have to admit upfront, I’ve never ‘strictly’ been in a relationship either. But neither have I fought in a war, or raised a kid, or held clandestine negotiations with rebels, or built a brace for a paralyzed merperson, or ridden a dragon, or experienced the death of a best friend. 

Lucky for us, the same techniques which help us understand and write a variety of things we’ve never experienced before will generally work for romance as well:

  • Research. A good old internet search can be a great substitute for experience, especially if you’re dedicated to finding good sources.
  • Relate. Think of similar actions, emotions, and situations which you have experienced, and draw from those. Even if it’s not the exact circumstance you’re writing, there is always overlap.
  • Pseudo-Experience. Your imagination, combined with the human capacity for empathy, can give a lot more insight then you might think. It’s still not the real thing, but after you’ve done the research, the final step is to put yourself in the person’s shoes, at least in your mind. 

You should certainly do your own digging into romance and relationships, but here are a few pointers to start with…

Five tips on writing romantic couples:

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anonymous asked:

I don't get this sudden trend to undermine and tear down Jon and Daenerys' past relationships. Sounds to me like it's coming from a place of insecurity. The ships with Drogo and Ygritte were problematic in some ways but Jonerys is too in others. I for one found Jon/Ygritte more pleasing/interesting. She had great spunk and sense of humor. She was playful and laid back which played off Jon's sullen attitude, balanced it out well. Both he and Dany are so stiff and serious, it's an overkill.

Cool story. No one’s worried about Drogo or Ygritte except the ones who can’t accept they’re the past. Jon and Dany are each other’s present and future. Ygritte is dead, Drogo is dead. Move on already. You’re complaining about people undermining their past relationships yet you’re doing the exact same thing by comparing them to what Jon/Dany have now. I don’t care if you personally like Ygritte more, that doesn’t make her Jon’s destiny or the love of his life. Both of those relationships came from a need to survive: Jon needed the wildings to trust he’d abandoned all his vows and Dany had to learn to love Drogo so she wouldn’t kill herself. They both made the best of their circumstances when they had very little choice.

What many of you fail to realize is that Jon and Dany chose each other. They’re not forced into it. They’re two people who’ve met, found a connection and formed a bond and that’s where their love springs from. They don’t have to compromise who they are to be together. This is clearly shown in the books:

Jon wondered where Ghost was now. Had he gone to Castle Black, or was he was running with some wolfpack in the woods? He had no sense of the direwolf, not even in his dreams. It made him feel as if part of himself had been cut off. Even with Ygritte sleeping beside him, he felt alone. He did not want to die alone. (Jon V, ASOS)

Jon may have loved Ygritte but he could never fully be himself with her. His disconnection to Ghost is blatant evidence of that. If anything Jon and Dany’s relationship is the one where they can be the truest version of themselves. Jon loved Ygritte but he was never his real self, how can that possibly be true love? He had to survive and when he could finally break free from her, she tried to kill him. And don’t get me started on how toxic and unhealthy Dany’s affection for Drogo was:

Every night, some time before the dawn, Drogo would come to her tent and wake her in the dark, to ride her as relentlessly as he rode his stallion. He always took her from behind, Dothraki fashion, for which Dany was grateful; that way her lord husband could not see the tears that wet her face, and she could use her pillow to muffle her cries of pain. When he was done, he would close his eyes and begin to snore softly and Dany would lie beside him, her body bruised and sore, hurting too much for sleep.

Day followed day, and night followed night, until Dany knew she could not endure a moment longer. She would kill herself rather than go on, she decided one night… (Daenerys, AGOT)

Few things make me more sick than that passage. Imagine thinking her love for him was anything but an instinct for survival, the same that it was for Jon with Ygritte. Instead of people complaining about these relationships being undermined, it’s time to see them for what they really were. It’s interesting it took Dany having to say out loud that she was raped by Drogo for people to register what actually happened to her. It’s sad and what bothers me the most about people shitting on Jon/Dany is that they won’t acknowledge that this is a relationship of choice and that what they’ve individually been through has prepared them for each other. GRRM has painstakingly created two characters with shared experiences and parallel arcs that are supposed to converge. It is destiny.

Also saying Jonerys is stiff and serious is ridiculous because it ignores the context of their courtship. They are playing roles, a king and queen negotiating an alliance while navigating their growing feelings for each other is going to be different than what we’ve seen from them before. I’m just tired of people not recognizing this and thinking it’s a lack of chemistry or a rushed storyline. It is in fact very deliberate. Lastly, I don’t care whether you like this relationship or not but there isn’t a single Jonerys shipper who spends most of their time talking about Ygritte and Drogo. Y’all are the ones who feel the need to bring them up as some sort of competition and if that’s the case, I’m afraid you’ve already lost. 

Bruce Wayne headcanons:

-is forever socially awkward

-had a lot of “dates” but Selina was always his one true love and he respected that she didn’t want to be in the billionaire spotlight

-didn’t know how to interact with Dick at first because he had never had any friends as a child or siblings

-has a very good memory and is attentive to details

-followed Alfred around everywhere when he was learning to crawl and crawled after him wherever he went

-followed him around as a toddler too

-while Alfred cooked, Bruce would sit up on the counter and watch him when he was very small

-helped Alfred cook standing on a chair until he was tall enough to see over the stove/counter

-loses his virginity to Selina Kyle (naturally)

-truly bonded with Dick after he found Dick crying in the living room late at night after patrolling. Dick had been crying often but was too shy/awkward to come to Bruce or Alfred about it

-didn’t know how to interact with Jason at first because Jason was a lot like him and didn’t like being coddled

-is more like Jason than any of his children (this is why they butt heads)

-is a much better and disciplined fighter than all of his children (including Damian who was trained by the same person, but didn’t have the early training from Alfred)

- was trained to fight by Selina, Alfred, and Ra’s Al Ghul which gives him a much more complex mixture of hand to hand combat

- considers Alfred his father (even though he loved Thomas, but the older he gets the less he remembers about him) but also has a fatherly bond with Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox

- gives Oswald Cobblepot more leeway than other villains because of their history (Cobblepot has no real malice towards Bruce Wayne)

- bonded more easily with Tim than Dick and Jason at the start of their relationship

-tends to baby Tim more than his brothers, even though Tim is more mature

-is very smart and enjoys math, science, and history

-views Barbara Gordon as family because of his history with Jim Gordon

-knows how to cook, clean, sew, and dance thanks to Alfred

-legally adopts Dick and Tim and was in the process of finalizing the adoption of Jason before he was killed by the Joker

-is very supportive of Tim being gay, but wary of Kon because of how much stronger he is than Tim

-is not supportive of Tim quit college his first year

-pretends not to be supportive of Dick being a cop, but is secretly proud

-secretly adds money to Jason’s bank account every now and then

-is horrified (like Hank Hill level horrified) when he finds Stephanie’s underwear or feminine hygiene products in one of the bathrooms

-while getting ready for big public swanky events, Dick and Tim often end up redressing Bruce and fussing over his hair and cologne

-enjoys working out with Dick more than any of the others. It’s their bonding thing

-enjoys doing research with Tim more than any of the others. It’s  their boding thing

-despite being Batman, Bruce is incredibly awkward, sweet, and caring. When he asks someone “how are you” he genuinely wants to know they’re okay

-will forever be Alfred’s baby, no matter how old he gets

-keeps all of the boys’ first Robin uniforms. It is the Batman equivalent of keeping baby teeth

-loves it when all the kids are home and checks on them when they’re asleep in their rooms as if they were still little

-has difficulty bonding with Damian because Dick took over the fatherly role in his absence so Damian is more attached to Dick

-bonds easily with Helena because she is the one and only child he knows from birth

-picks Helena’s middle name “Martha”

-has a fairly decent relationship with Oswald Cobblepot (as Bruce Wayne)

-chooses Tim as his heir to Wayne Enterprise because he knows it would interest him more than Dick or Jason

-has only seriously fought two of his children-Dick and Jason, when they were becoming out of control teenagers

-enjoys having a large family and lots of children because he was a lonely, only child

-does not visit his parents’ grave until Dick is in his care. Before that, he was too scared he wouldn’t be able to handle it

-over the course of their relationship, asks Selina to marry him numerous times

-Selina says yes when Helena is already four

-because Selina hates the spotlight, the marriage is done through the court and only a small reception is held at the manor. Bruce’s sons are his groomsmen and Dick is his best man

-Despite being socially awkward, Bruce is a suave SOB when it comes to women, but he only has eyes for one

Texts Between Strangers

Note: female/woman ‘reader’

Hey, it was really nice meeting you last night. Maybe we can grab lunch tomorrow? This is Cisco btw.

The text pops up on your phone screen as you’re scrolling through social media. You’ve been lounging in bed on this rainy Saturday morning planning on doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day but binge watch The Walking Dead and order thai take out later. You just stare at the text for a minute, blinking.

You definitely didn’t give your number to anyone last night because all you did yesterday was pull a double shift at Jitters because they’ve been short staffed lately. A long day at work usually left you looking a bit wrecked so you’re damn sure there wasn’t anyone slipping their digits your way either.

This person has the wrong number.

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anonymous asked:

What are Otabek and Yurio like when they first date?

•When they first start dating, of course it’s a little awkward, but since they were such good friends beforehand it took a lot of that away

•Nothing significant changes at first

•Most of their relationship stays the same, but little things change when they start dating

•They’ll watch movies like they always do, but they’ll cuddle as they do it (it changes from platonic to romantic cuddling, there’s a difference)

•They’ll hold hands as they walk to practice

•Otabek will leave a little peck on Yuri’s cheek when he wakes up in the morning

•These small changes in their relationship come completely naturally to them, they’re just happy they can finally show their affection after years of pining

•But there’s still a lot of blushing

•This is also both of their’s first real relationship, so there’s a lot of inexperience as well

•When they kiss, both of them turn completely red (Otabek is always able to hide his blush a lot better than Yuri)

•They both get super flustered really easily too

•Eventually they get used to it, but even months after they start dating, at least one of them still turns red every time they say “I love you”

-Mod Jess

first date starters

Send me one to see how my muse reacts. Feel free to alter to fit muses.

  • “Would you like to come in for a nightcap?”
  • “I don’t sleep with someone on the first date.”
  • “I promise, I have a better track record than this.”
  • “I don’t normally do blind dates, but [name] spoke very highly of you!”
  • “This is my favorite place for first dates.”
  • “So – do you want to get together again sometime soon?”
  • “I’m not looking for anything serious.”
  • “I don’t want the night to end.”
  • “I think it’s best if we’re upfront about what we want right now.”
  • “Wow, you don’t look anything like your picture online.”
  • “It’s so great to finally meet you in person!”
  • “I should probably tell you that I just got out of a long-term relationship.”
  • “Want to come upstairs?”
  • “I can walk you home, if you like.”
  • “Walk me home?”
  • “Let’s go dancing!”
  • “Yeah, I don’t think we should do this again.”
  • “This was fun and all, but I don’t see us working out.”
  • “That movie sucked!”
  • “I wasn’t sure you’d come.”
  • “I was starting to think you’d stood me up.”
  • “I’m done screwing around. I want a real relationship.”
  • “It’s too early to call, but I have a good feeling about this.”
  • “Let me get the check.”
  • “Want to split the check?”
  • “It’s nothing personal, I just don’t think we fit.”
  • “This was the worst date of my life.”
  • “Don’t call me again.”
  • “Oh, God, my ex is here.”
  • “That wasn’t exactly how I imagined our first date going.”
  • “This was nice. Just a simple, sweet first date.”
  • “What, no good night kiss?”
  • “I don’t think I can date a Republican/Democrat.”
  • “It’s important to me that I date someone within the faith.”
  • “Want to play a game? Twenty Questions, or something?”
  • “Trust me – don’t want to go there.”
  • “We probably shouldn’t go there. My ex hangs out there sometimes and I think seeing them would kind of kill the mood.”
  • “I don’t date much, to be honest.”
  • “I hate to come on too strong, but I really, really like you.”
  • “Can I kiss you?”
  • “Why do you even like me? Is it the money?”
  • “Look, I gotta be honest – you were rude to the waiter, and that’s a serious turn-off.”
  • Whoa! That’s off-limits until, like, the tenth date.”
  • “Wow, you come on strong, don’t you?”
  • “I’m not making the greatest impression right now, am I?”
  • “Have you ever been here before?”
  • “I’ve never been here before!”
  • “I don’t normally meet up with people from Tinder/Grindr/OkCupid.”
  • “Where do you see yourself in five years?”
  • “That’s it! I’m leaving!”
  • “Hey! You’re on this date with me, remember?”
  • “I like you, but I think you’re hung up on your ex.”
  • “You haven’t let me get a word in edgewise all night!”
  • “Are you always this shy?”
  • “So, what do you do for a living?”
  • “Why did you even agree to go out with me?”
  • “I think I’m in love with you.”
Better This Way (Chap Thirteen)

So, I almost deleted this chapter, but I thought it was important that they spend some time together talking and being honest and (ahem) naked after finally working through their angst. Also I believe in realistic relationships (as real as ABO can be anyway) and just having sex doesn’t solve a relationships problems, so this entire chapter is them working through things with light smut mixed through.

LONG CHAPTER almost 4000 words.

TAGS ARE CLOSED– theres only two chapters left!


Enjoy :)

“We have a lot we need to talk about.” Peter said quietly, and Wade paused halfway into the bed to nod hesitantly.

“Yeah. We do.” He clicked the lights off and slid beneath the covers. “Um, where do you want to start?”

“Turn the lights back on.” Peter kicked at him. “It’s like seven in the morning.”

“And I need to sleep, so we can go back out on patrol tonight.” Wade argued. “Lights off.” Peter started to argue, started to insist but then he felt the unsure, nervous coming from the Alpha and changed his mind.

He could see in the dark anyway.

“Will you hold me?” Peter asked instead, and Wade grabbed him close without even hesitating, urging Peter up and onto his lap, pulling him down to snuggle. Peter huffed a laugh– freaking Alpha’s with their weird cuddling positions– and straddled Wade’s waist, hugging him with his legs, pressing his nose into the side of the Alpha’s neck.

“Smell good, Alpha.” he murmured and relaxed even more when the insecurity faded from Wade’s scent. He rubbed their chests together, sighing as Wade’s rough skin sent shivers down him. “Feel good, too.”

A shaky sigh from Wade, then big hands on his back, rubbing soothing circles into the muscles. “You feel good, too baby boy. How are your bruises?”

“Haven’t thought about them in about an hour and a half.” Peter teased and nipped a little bite onto Wade’s ear. “Apparently it’s not just your non stop talking that’s distracting. You’re pretty good at being distracting in other ways too. “

“Well, as long as I’m good for something.” Wade laughed and turned his head to brush their lips together. “Pete, um—”

“Will you tell me what happened?” Peter urged, running his fingers over Wade’s side, pressing against the raised scars.

Grateful for the dark, for the chance to close his eyes and try not to think too hard about it, Wade took a deep breath. “Okay, short version. Um—cancer happened. Everywhere. So I went looking for a cure because I was in love and–”

“In love?” Peter interrupted, sounding surprised and maybe more than a little jealous and Wade squeezed him lightly.

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“You aren’t even part of the team” || Keith Kogane x reader

Anon asked: “Ooh a new blog!! Can I get Keith and his s/o getting into a really really bad argument and have him apologize to her after? I live for angtsy fluff. Good luck with the blog!”

 A/N: Same here, friend. Thank youu! I hope you like it! (If you want me to change something just tell me and I’ll gladly do it)

E/C- eye color

So many things had changed since the blue lion had been discovered. Your life turned completely upside down but not everything was bad. Sure you missed your family and friends but you had new ones, including aliens (which was awesome to you). You started to develop relationships with the paladins pretty quickly, especially because you were with them at the Garrison (even though you had never spoken before). 

You still remembered the times before Keith had been booted: you had always admired him, his piloting skills were amazing so you looked up to him, since that was what you wanted to be as well, a pilot. You developed a crush on him and when you went to space you finally got together.

Dating Keith could be a real challenge sometimes because of his temper, but Shiro was always a helping hand. When Shiro disappeared, his anger took a whole nother level since it had been the second time already. Keith was now the new black paladin and leader of Voltron so he was constantly stressed and anxious. Every time you went on a mission he would end up getting distracted from the actual goal and, regardless of the consequences, would risk the team’s safety by pushing it to its limits. He was desperate to find Shiro and you didn’t blame him, you understood how important he was to him, but Keith needed to calm down and you probably shouldn’t have told him that.

“Calm down?” he asked incredulously “How do you want me to calm down when Shiro is missing? Again?!” it had been a complicated mission. Lotor made you believe you were close to finding Shiro, he led you to think he was on an abandoned planet as a prisoner, which wasn’t the case at all. He had given all of you hope, he had given Keith hope – and now he was devastated.

“Keith” you called gently, trying not to annoy him “I understand but-“

“That’s your problem, (Y/N), you don’t understand.” He interrupted you, his cold eyes piercing your skin. “How could you possibly understand?” he threw the question to the air, emphasizing the “you”.

“And what do you mean with that?” you crossed your arms starting to get annoyed as well. “Why wouldn’t I?

“I am the black paladin, I am the leader of Voltron-“

“So what? Does that come with some extra privilege to feel things?”

“I am the one who gives the orders, I am the one who has to choose what to do and deal with its consequences!” he rose his tone getting closer to you.

“But the consequences affect us too! And if it wasn’t for your reckless leadership and desperate desire to find Shiro maybe there wouldn’t be any.” You rose yours too, your face turning slightly red.

He stopped for a moment, trying to collect words that could describe how angry he was “Why are you even giving your opinion?” he was now screaming at you “You aren’t even a paladin!” he pointed out “You aren’t even part of the team!” those words echoed in room and you could swear that Allura, who was on the other side of the castle, had heard it.

You stared at him, hurt crossing your face. You never thought he would say that to you, not him. You always had your doubts on being useful to the team, you didn’t have a lion, your fighting skills had improved a lot, sure, but not enough to make you a good fighter, you understood some things about tech… But there was always someone better than you. You tried to push away those thoughts every day by telling yourself “I’m enough.” but you weren’t so sure of that anymore.

You turned and left without saying a word and you didn’t look back, not even when your boyfriend called for you. You ran to your room, locking the door and letting your body slide until you hit the floor. You stared at nowhere in particular and you cried, your sobs muffled against the soft skin of your hands.

You weren’t sure what time it was or for how long you’d been sitting there but you heard calm footsteps that stopped outside your door. You tried to be quiet so that whoever was outside didn’t think you were there but soon enough you heard a few knocks on your door.

“(Y/N), I know you’re in there” Keith sighed when you didn’t answer “Please… let me in.”

You shook your head, refusing to open the door and you stared at the ceiling, more tears streaming down your face.

“I-I didn’t mean what I said..” he started “Shiro… Shiro is like a big brother to me, he-he helped me in my darkest times. At the Garrison, he was always there if I needed anything and I don’t think I would be half the pilot and person I am today if it wasn’t for him. It frustrates me that I can’t do the same for him, that I couldn’t do anything to help him when he was held captive by the galra, that I can’t help him now because I don’t even know where he is or.. if he’s even alive.” He whispered this last part, afraid that if he said it too loudly it would become reality.

“You are right. I have been so blind with finding him that it’s all I think about. I’m being selfish, I’m not thinking about the team.. I’m not thinking about you..” he stared blankly at the floor before continuing “You are part of the team, whether you have a lion or not and I’m sorry if I made you think otherwise. Even the mice are part of the team “ he chuckled “You are very important to me, (Y/N) and I… I hope you know that.” He waited for your answer but when he realized you weren’t giving him any, he got up and started to slowly walk away.

“Keith” he turned around and saw you staring at him, eyes red and cheeks still very wet. He ran to you and without hesitation held you in his arms. You placed your arms around his torso and wept against his chest while he caressed your hair.

“I am so sorry for what I said.” He whispered, inhaling the sweet scent of your hair. He smoothly cupped your cheeks and stared at your (E/C) eyes “I would never do or say anything to hurt you. I know I’m difficult sometimes-“

“Sometimes?” you scoffed, a ghost of a smile on your lips.

“A lot of times” he rolled his eyes playfully “But I love you and just want to do my best to be a good leader and a good boyfriend”

“You are a good boyfriend, Keith. You just need to calm down a little and let others help you.” His gaze started to drift from you but you lifted his chin forcing him to look at you “No one, I repeat, no one can do this on their own. We are human, we all have limits. We just want the best for you.” He smiled cleaning the tears that rested on your cheeks.

You leaned closer to him and united your lips. It was a slow, tender kiss and after all these months of dating, you still felt the butterflies on your stomach as if you were reliving your first kiss with him all over again. You loved him and now you were surer than ever.

Summer Lovin’ (Mark Smut)

Author: Admin Honey 🍯
Pairing: Got7 Mark Tuan x Reader
Rating: 🥀💍💋
Warning: 18+, contains adult content.
Word Count: 2,817
Summary: Mark gets jealous. You get it on.
Request: Can I have an angst/smut where mark from got7 has feelings for his best friend but has a girlfriend already. Then one night mark confesses to her but she refuses because mark has a girlfriend. But mark doesn’t take no for an answer. Thank you! You change any aspect of it if you’d like.

A/N: I changed it a lil bit, hope you don’t mind too much. Prepare yourself… Honestly. This is the longest thing I’ve ever written.

Originally posted by jypnior


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Warning ⚠️: Smut

A long time ago, when Elijah met Celeste, Kol also met you, at the time everyone thought you were a princess and your appearance was completely different. You were Kol’s true love and everyone could see that, you were his Angel and he was your Fox.

No one knew you were actually an angel who decided to make a deal with The Throne you begged them to let you experiment a human life and thanks to that you met Kol, you were both deeply in love with each other. But the day Kol was proposing to you, his brother Klaus put a silver dagger in his heart, putting him to sleep.

You waited for Klaus to reason and un-dagger him but he refused and you eventually died, when you came back to Heaven you were destroyed, you couldn’t live the life you wanted with the one you love.

The Throne felt a huge admiration for you so they offered you to go back to life as the guardian angel of the Mikaelson’s this time with your original appearance. Of course you agreed, the only condition was that you couldn’t tell them who you were or your actual propose.

A year and a half later, you were now one of the most important people for the Mikaelson’s, even Klaus. But a new threat came on your way, now Kol and Finn were back from the dead, you wanted to tell Kol that it was you.

But you couldn’t, you would be punished so you shut up and let Davina stay with him, of course it hurt but life was that way, you were Kol’s true love but he needed to move on and if his happiness was now with Davina, then so be it.

“Y/N!” Hayley gasped running over to you, you looked at her confused
“What’s wrong Hayley?” You asked now concerned

“Kol” she said and your heart stopped for a moment “Finn hexed him and he’s dying” your eyes opened widely
“Where is he?!” You asked terrified
“At the cemetery” she said and you waisted no time before holding Hayley’s wrist and transport the both of you to the cemetery, you entered the coven finding Kol laying on Davina’s lap.

He was dead pail, blood flowing down his mouth and watery eyes, you couldn’t help but rush over to him and caress his cheek on your hand “Don’t worry, it would be okay” you spoke softly, a single tear running down your cheek.

“Back off” you instructed everyone, they couldn’t help but exchange puzzled expressions
“Y/N, what ar-” Rebekah asked but you cut her off
“I’M GONNA SAFE HIS LIFE, BACK OFF” you yelled, everyone including Kol seemed surprised at your behavior but they complied.

You took a deep breath before letting your wings show, they glowed so bright in the dark place and they slowly went back down, your wings were the color of a pearl and the feathers were so long and thin.

No one could stop looking at them, specially Kol and Davina.

You moved your hands in slow and delicate motions making a crystal ball appear, you gave the ball to Rebekah, who kneeled by your side as you moved closer to Kol.

“Your gonna be fine fox, I promise” you said, Kol’s eyes opened widely and everyone stared at you in awe, there was only one person that called him fox, and that was you.

You put your hands in his chest and closed your eyes, you focused on his soul and there you saw it, the black aura that surrounded his soul, you slowly pulled your hands away from his chest, pulling the black aura with you, your hands started to burn but you couldn’t stop, you needed to get the hex out of him.

You could feel the blood on your hands, a few drops failing to the floor “Y/N stop!” Elijah said but you ignored him, tears falling down your cheeks due to the pain inside you.

Kol seemed to get better, the light within his eyes started to show again, his breathing was normal again slowly.

After some moments later you managed to get the hex out of him with the strength you had left you managed to place the aura inside the crystal ball, suddenly the room started to move slightly, making you feel dizzy, but Rebekah held you in place.

“I’m okay” you mumbled


Everyone was out, except for you and Kol and the relationship between the two of you was really tense since everyone discovered your real identity, for that you stayed on your room.

“Y/N, we need to talk” Kol said entering the room, you took a step back
“There’s nothing to talk about” you said simply, Kol closed the door and your heart skipped a beat
“Angel…” he whispered and you shook your head

“No, don’t call me that” you pleaded as he started to walk towards you, your sight still on the floor “You have Davina now” you reminded him, finally looking into his eyes, he caressed your chin with his thumb. “Kol stop” you stated firmly getting away from him, you tried to walk away but he grabbed your hand making you turned to him

“I’m not gonna loose you, not again” before you could say something he brought his lips to yours and you melted into the kiss, you tried to pull away but your body and soul screamed for Kol and you couldn’t hold back anymore.

His hands wondered all over your body and yours went to his hair, he bit your lip making you moan into the kiss, a smile drawn on his lips, he laid you down on the bed, breaking apart. “I’ve missed you so much” he whispered on your lips as you cupped his face in your hands, he left a trail of wet kisses from your cheek to your collarbone. “My sweet, sweet angel” he whispered.

You sit up and let Kol take out your dress, leaving you in underwear he pulled his shirt over his head throwing it to the floor as he started kissing your neck, you brought him closer holding him in place as he swiftly pulled your panties off, you shivered feeling the cold air in between your legs.

You helped him unbutton his jeans and he pulled away to finally take them off, you finally switched positions and now you were on top, you started to grind on his crotch as your fingertips touched the waistband of his shoulders,he grabbed your legs and smirked “Don’t tease me like that angel” you licked your lips before finally take his boxers off.

He unclasped your bra leaving completely exposed to him, he wondered all over your body, your chest, hips, and every small part of your body, a dreamy smile upon his lips and he started kissing your breast making you jolt.

He held your hips as he continued to pleasure your while his other hand massaged your other breast “Kol” you gulped and he put you down and kissed your stomach, he stopped as he slides his fingers inside your thighs to were you needed him the most.

He slowly thrusted his fingers inside you, your walls clenched at his digits as he started pumping in and out of your core and you couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure. Then he took his fingers out of you making you whimper at the loss, he lowered himself to your core and he kissed you provoking a sea of sensations you thought you would never feel again.

His ministrations were turning even more passionate and rough, he grabbed your thighs and you kept him in place by gripping onto his dark locks, his tongue went all over making you feel on the clouds “Don’t stop” you whimpered and he complied, the knot on your stomach growing, he stops and without warning he thrust into you.

You both moaned at the feeling of being inside each other, he placed one of your legs in his waist giving him more access to you, you placed your hands on his shoulders as you moan his name in his ear like a silent prayer. He reached in between your bodies and stimulated your core.

Finally you both reached the edge, the pleasure washing all over you.

Kol tugged a lock of your hair in your ear and nuzzled your cheek with his thumb, staring into your eyes “I love you” he said smiling and you smiled back before kissing him ones more.

B99 + Mafia AU: in which Jake and Amy are New York’s Most Wanted… or so he thinks. Amy’s actually an undercover cop meant to take him down – except it’s a year into the assignment, her fake feelings for him are a bit too real, and she just can’t imagine turning over this big misunderstood softie to the feds.

Jake is kingpin of the infamous McClanes, the mafia rumored to have ties with everyone from your average petty theft to the Pontiac Bandit. For Amy, being assigned to gain his trust, uncover the secrets of his criminal network, and ultimately throw him and his cronies in jail is a dream

It’s two months into the assignment and one month into their fake relationship when he finally starts to let her in. She’s ready to hear him name his next main accomplice, but she’s not at all prepared for his speech on his Robin Hood way of thinking. It’s messed up, it’s convoluted, but holy crud does it make her realize the world isn’t all black or white. 

It’s ten months into the assignment and nine months into their fake relationship when he holds her close, wipes the blood from her temple, and says “I love you” for the first time. Her response comes out almost instantly, and it scares her how easy it is to say it back, to feel it back. 

It’s twelve months into the assignment and eleven months into their fake relationship when the higher-ups decide it’s time to send someone else in. 

“You alright, babe? Who’s the butthead I have to send a hitman out for?”
“My boss.”
“Gonna need some more details here, babe. You know my assassins aren’t the brightest… Alright, paper and pen ready, who’s your boss?”
“The FBI.”

Props to @cassianperalta for linking me to this mafia au prompt and helping me come up with the story for this!  

But also: this is an AU that I NEED. If any fic writers out there feel compelled to pick up this plot bunny, please feel free to do so! It seriously would make my entire day/month/year/life.

Being In A Relationship With Pietro Maximoff Would Go A Little Something Like...

In The Beginning…

~ Pietro is a total flirt per usual

~ Him becoming increasingly confused and frustrated when you don’t give him the time of day, no matter how much he turns up the charm

~ After about three weeks Pietro finally realizes he likes you way more than he originally thought. It takes about another two weeks for Wanda to convince him to ask you out.

~  When he first asks you out he has to repeat himself three times because he’s so nervous it keeps coming out either too fast or in Sokovian.

~ You think he’s joking so you turn him down. The first eighteen times.

~ After you finally say yes Pietro takes you on the most fun date you’ve ever been on. He plans an entire scavenger hunt around New York City with planned stops at your favorite places for lunch and ice cream. By the end of the day you’re laughing and Pietro is carrying you on his back after you made one small comment about your feet hurting and you realize he has you hooked.

~ Pietro only takes you on one more date before asking you to be his girlfriend because he feels he’s already wasted enough time with you not being exclusively his. 

As A New Couple…

~ Pietro introduces you to all the Avengers at one of Tony’s parties, making sure to rub it in Tony’s face extra hard at how beautiful you are. 

~ Wanda is so excited there’s another girl around to try and handle her brother she steals you away from Pietro for a “Girls Day” and then takes such a liking to you that she decides to make it a monthly thing.

~ When Clint first meets you he’s so shocked he asks how much Pietro was paying you to pretend to be his girlfriend. When you and Pietro finally convince him that your relationship is 100 percent real Clint hugs you tightly and invites you over for dinner. 

~ Pietro asks if he’s invited over too, and Clint just shrugs and says “I mean I guess I can’t technically stop you”

~ Pietro is an extremely protective and jealous boyfriend. Whenever he sees someone even look your way he just glares at them and holds you close until they go away.

~ When they don’t you have to physically drag Pietro off so he doesn’t start a fight…. Again.

~ PDA is one of Pietro’s favorite pass times as he loves showing off how lucky he is to have someone as beautiful and amazing as you. Honestly the other Avengers can’t even go out in public with you two anymore. 

~ After dating for about 16 months Pietro decides he’s finally mature enough to take the next step with you and asks you to move in.

As An Established Couple Who Lives Together…

~ You guys rent a small apartment near the Avengers Tower, that way he can be close for work. But mostly it’s because Wanda didn’t want you guys too far away in case of an emergency, Pietro quickly agreeing when he thought about you being all alone when he was off on missions.

~ You both agree that you don’t want any pets because they are a lot of responsibility and you both would rather focus on each other. You end up with a fish anyways.

~ Cooking and other chores are split 50/50. Which is rough at first because Pietro is a hopeless mess (a cute mess but still hopeless), but he gets the hang of things quickly.

~ Weekly Sokovian lessons which usually just end up in heated make out sessions after Pietro has started muttering seductive Sokovian phrases in your ear.

~ Every time you fall asleep on the couch Pietro will carry you to bed, whispering Sokovian fairy tales when you start to stir.

~ Pietro is hands down the heaviest sleeper you’ve ever met. He sleeps through every alarm, and he’s even slept through you pushing him off the bed when you were late to a brunch date with the Bartons.

~ Lots of relaxing afternoons interrupted by Pietro being too hyperactive to sit still so you either go exploring around the city, or if you’re too tired or busy he goes and runs errands

~ Attracting a lot of attention when you run errands together, not because Pietro is an Avenger, but because you’re often yelling at each other about very important things like whether you should get gogurt or “real people” yogurt. (By the end of it you realize you had both been team gogurt all along so all is forgiven with a sweet kiss)

~ Pietro is oddly into conserving water so there’s a lot of shared showers.

~ It’s during one of your impromptu redecorating sessions when you’re standing behind Pietro with your arms around his waist and your face buried in his back and you’re groaning about the lack of “fung shui” and he’s laughing as you start to sway gently and he turns around to pull you in for a dance and he looks into your eyes that he knows. He knows he couldn’t do this with anyone else. Because who is going to wake him up at 3 in the morning to decorate and him be wiling to do it? Who is going to argue with him at the grocery store about the importance of yogurt? And most importantly who is he ever going to love this much as he looks into their eyes as they stare at him with just as much love in theirs? 

Which Leads To…

~ Two months of Wanda and Clint having to suffer through going to every jewelry store in New York City to help Pietro find the perfect ring


Hope you guys liked it!:D If I can knock a few more requests out of the way I will open requests again! Be expecting some more stories and preferences this week!^.^

upsettoland  asked:

thoughts on the relationship between marvin and jason? :0 (i know we've discussed this a bit before but !!! i love them)


As a preface, let me just say that Marvin and Jason are indisputably the most important characters in the entire musical. It’s honestly a fierce debate on which of those two are the quote-unquote “main character” because literally everything is centered around these two (the conflict, the subplots, the other characters, etc). They both single-handedly as well as together drive home the whole musical through their internal struggles, dynamic with the other characters, and character developments. I cannot articulate how much I love these two characters and esp how they mirror and struggle against one another.

Act One

The whole focus of Act 1 is centered on the estrangement between Marvin and Jason. As we know from the preface in Tight Knit Family, Marvin not only “divorced his wife…ran off with a friend” but he also “left his child.” Marvin essentially abandoned his family (or at least, that’s definitely how Jason sees it) in order to pursue a relationship with Whizzer and cultivate his true sense of identity as a gay man. Marvin’s abandonment of Jason is the direct cause of Jason acting out, and - as we see Mendel assuming the role of father figure after Tight Knit Family (Reprise) - Jason seems way more grounded and controlled while Jason’s (and Trina’s) perceived abandonment causes Marvin to snap (as seen clearly in “Marvin Hits Trina”). It was very, very pointed in the behavior reversal - In “My Father’s a Homo / Everyone Tells Jason to See a Psychiatrist,” Jason is shown to be stomping around and knocking over blocks, much to the annoyance of his parents; in “Marvin Hits Trina,” Marvin does the exact same thing. They pull the exact same temper tantrum (except Marvin’s is obviously way more extreme).

Jason is very visibly angry and hurt by his father’s abandonment, and this anger clearly manifests in his fear of being gay (he is so averse to being anything like Marvin). Throughout Act One, he tries very hard to make Marvin angry and exasperated (”Daddy is a prick…Daddy isn’t mine” / ”just because you failed as parents” / “I wanna speak with Whizzer” / there’s more, but you get the gist). It’s to the point that Marvin is convinced Jason doesn’t even love him (Jason, “I love my mother,” / Marvin “Why not me?”). And what’s so frustrating is that Marvin even thinks that he’s trying so hard (taking him to ball games and museums, encouraging Jason about how smart he is, trying to speak “words of wisdom”) when it’s then revealed/heavily implied in “Father to Son” that Marvin had never even apologized for what he had done to his son until then. Marvin literally was “marching in one place” because he refused to see his actions as selfish and kept trying to have this “tight-knit family” when he was the one who tore it apart in the first place.

And it just always hurt me because it’s not like Marvin and Jason don’t love each other. In “I Never Wanted to Love You,” Jason says, “I love my dad / I love the things I never had” (which could mean a positive role model in the form of a father but shh that’s just me being super super meta). Jason - despite his behavior and affirmations to otherwise - loves Marvin and desires his presence in his life. Marvin had just been so blinded by the perception of what a family should look like that he had ignored Jason, who was acting out specifically to get Marvin’s attention. And Marvin acknowledges his son’s internal conflict (“How he adores and hates me”) as well as admitting (quite cruelly) that he never even wanted to love Jason in the first place. He just wanted to “see [Marvin’s own] face in [Jason’s].” He wanted a mini-Marvin, but Jason wasn’t that. And it frustrated Marvin to no end throughout the entire first act, and it isn’t until “Father to Son” that he gives Jason “his blessing” to be his own person and learn from Marvin’s mistakes.

SPEAKING OF FATHER TO SON - OH MY. Most musicals have a “let’s see how many throwbacks to prior songs we can fit into this last one in the act” song as the act one finale (obv it should be noted that Finn maybe didn’t do this because “Act One” of Falsettos was originally written as its own stand-alone musical entitled “March of the Falsettos”), but Falsettos didn’t do that. No, it stayed focused on the one relationship that Marvin had any semblance of saving: his relationship with his son.

And it’s just so powerful because it’s in “Father to Son” that you really see Marvin’s redemption arc. Like, he realizes his mistakes (”what I’ve done to you is rotten”) and he freely admits to wanting that closer connection to him (”Kid, be my son”) and he is finally dropping his expectations of Jason being a mini-Marvin (”I’ve made my choice. You can sing a different song”). And Christian Borle and Anthony Rosenthal really, really did an amazing job with this scene - the soft tones, the crumpled looks, the hug at the very end oh don’t even get me started. Like, it was one of the most powerful songs in the entire musical and it can get me real choked up so I’m just going to move on to Act Two now, okay?

Act Two

Act Two is less heavily focused on Marvin and Jason’s relationship, but it is still very prominent. Marvin is a lot more open and doting on Jason (”My child” - tbh literally all of Year of the Child), and his “becoming of a man” is shown to be really, really important to Marvin. He supports Jason and is a lot less self-absorbed, but we can still see some friction between them. In “Everyone Hates His Parents,” Jason is shown to be really fed up with his parents bickering and fighting, demonstrating that though Marvin has grown up considerably, he can still be over-bearing and self-absorbed about things. 

And like? I wasn’t going to mention this, but it should be mentioned that Jason is the whole reason that Marvin found happiness again by inviting Whizzer to his baseball game, knowing damn well that Marvin is still not over him. Like honestly?? Jason, way to be a bro.

But OH LORD, JASON’S BAR MITZVAH!!!! Don’t even talk to me about “don’t know why but he looks like Marvin.” It is one of my favorite lines of the musical, and yeah, it seems kinda offhanded and stupid (because of course he looks like Marvin - it’s his son???) but it ISN’T. 

Do you remember how averse Jason was in act one to resemble his father in any way (see: Jason’s therapy)? Act One Jason would have balked at this line, but that’s not the reaction that we see from Jason. Instead, we have Marvin fiddling with Jason’s clothes and Jason smiling up at him and Marvin’s whispering words of encouragement, and it’s important because that line isn’t an insult anymore. 

In Summary

Jason and Marvin are parallels to each other. They throw temper tantrums and are very, very idealistic (Marvin’s “Tight Knit Family” Dream and Jason’s “Another Miracle of Judaism” Prayer”) and wrestle against insecurities and had loved and lost someone that meant the absolute most to them. 

Trina was right in that Jason certainly is “Marvin’s child.”

natalia--alianovna--romanova  asked:

Steve/Tony number 91 (“Tell me you need me.”) if you're still accepting these

(This got long, so I had to put it under a read more.)

“Tell me you need me.”

The words punctured through their angry silence like a knife slashing through a tire, and Tony’s head shot up from where it had been staring at the table in order to look over at Steve in surprise.

Of all the things he’d expected Steve to say, that certainly hadn’t been it. 

“I…what?” Tony asked, momentarily forgetting his fury in order to stare at Steve in confusion.

They were in the middle of a fucking screaming match. Steve had just been yelling about how he was sick of Tony, and Tony had been yelling right back, harder and sharper and more furious, because they always had to try and fucking one-up one another, they always had to have the last word. 
You didn’t ask that in the middle of something like this.

And so Tony immediately knew that something was wrong.

“Tell me… just… you know what, fucking forget it, I don’t care-” Steve waved it off, shaking his head and clenching his jaw as he turned his back again and leant over the tabletop.

And god- Tony wanted to just let it go, like Steve was telling him to. He wanted to get back to the screaming; he wanted to ask why the hell Steve had been so rude and cold and distant over the past few weeks; why he’d chosen to drive off to fucking Washington on their goddamn anniversary and leave Tony with nothing more than a note to apologise for it.

But Tony’s brain was fast; it was his goddamn curse sometimes, but it meant he could connect dots pretty quickly, and in the space of a few seconds he was meticulously breaking down all the events over the past few weeks, working out the source, finding the root of the problem in the same space of time as it would take a person to click their fingers.

“Three weeks ago. We were fighting Loki again. You disappeared for a few minutes,” Tony said quietly, and he watched as Steve stiffened minutely under his gaze, and knew he was on the right track.

“What did he show you,” he eventually said, crossing his arms and standing up straighter.

(read more// beware mobile users!)

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Ever Since You Left Pt. 4

Part one. Part two. Part three.

A/N: Blame @whitechocolateperfection (for everything, tbh) sorry it’s short!! 

When I saw Shawn’s name on my caller ID, I wanted so badly to ignore it. To pretend that we’d never fought, that things were still as they were. I knew though that we needed to clear the air in order to move on, so I reluctantly answered.

“Y/N, look- I don’t like the way we left things. Dinner was tense and weird and I don’t want it to be like that every time we have to be in the same room together. We need to talk.” he said from the other end of the line. I pursed my lips.

“That’s the only reason you want to talk? So things aren’t awkward for other people?” I replied. Shawn sighed.

“Can you just come over? Or should I come to you?” he asked. I paused.

“Come over here.” I said finally. My parents weren’t home, which meant we had the privacy to yell and get all our feelings out. Shawn agreed, and said that he was coming before the line went dead.

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A Girl Called Mike - Part Five

Pairing: Dean × Reader

Word Count: Around 2900

Summary: The reader disguises herself during hunting jobs as a man named Mike and has met up with the Winchesters several times. They are unaware of her true identity. Feeling they know and trust Mike, they agree to invite the reader to the bunker.

Click Here for Part 1

Part 2

Part Three

Part Four

Warnings: Language, Violence

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

@misguidedconqueress thank you so much for reviewing and sharing your wisdom! I love working (and chatting) with you!


Dean sped down the freeway in the middle of the night, Sam had been able to trace your location to a small town outside of Lafayette, Louisiana. He didn’t understand Dean’s intentions or change of heart, but it didn’t matter. He didn’t want you deal with Crowley and hounds alone. So he didn’t ask Dean any questions and followed his lead. Dean insisted he drive, it would take over half a day to reach Lafayette with no stops, and that didn’t account for the time it would take to find you. As Crowley had not disclosed the timeline, in Dean’s mind, he needed to get to you as soon as possible.

Sam was catching up on some shut eye - leaving Dean alone with his thoughts. He knew he blew off Sam by spewing generic ramblings the night they found out, but to Dean, it felt like more than just being deceived. It felt like he had lost a brother, a best friend, replaced by someone he knew nothing about. Someone who he had put in danger on more than one occasion. Someone whose captivating smile and hypnotic eyes he couldn’t get out of his mind. He rolled his eyes at himself, putting those thoughts aside. No, they were going to save your ass this one time but that would be the end of it.

Of course that rat ran back to his master. It was your fault in the beginning for making a deal with a demon. You rubbed your arm where the deal was scrawled. To hold up his end of the bargain he did have to dig up information on Corson. But if you were being delivered the king of hell himself, one mere salesman’s deal wouldn’t matter.  Surely Crowley would have information. You’ve heard about him before; he was cunning, ruthless, and unforgiving. One good thing that came from that phone call was the head’s up.

You didn’t know what to think about the rest of the phone call. You were baffled as to how they found out in the first place. Sam you could understand. He wanted you out of harm’s way. But with Dean, all you could see was the look of animosity on his face when he found out who you truly were. He obviously wanted nothing to do with you; so why should he care about your wellbeing?

Replaying the call in your head, you laughed at yourself hearing the condescension in Dean’s tone. He didn’t think you had what it took to handle Crowley, which is why he ordered you out of there. Well, you would surely show him.

The third day came fast. Your shovel hit the gravel, remembering the patch from the same hole you dug a few weeks back. You removed the old box and replaced it with a fresh one, full of new belongings. Taking a deep breath, you covered it back up. Seconds later he arrived. You scratched at the wig as you contemplated his appearance. He wasn’t what you expected; resembling more of a slimy salesman than royalty, but by the way your skin crawled, it was undoubtedly him.

“Your Majesty, I presume.” You mocked by partially bowing, but did not lower your gaze from his.

“So, they gave you a heads up…” Crowley smiled. “You should have heeded their warning.”

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anonymous asked:

Could it be that the Japanese female audience would never blame the authors for queerbaiting or fanservice etc? More like they are grateful for it actually. Like "please give us all those hints here and there, so we could use them as a base for our own FANON fantasies". Like it's normal for them?

Yes, in Japan actually the concept of “queerbaiting” doesn’t really exist. For Japanese fangirls it’s normal that m/m couples are all fantasy and would never happen in the actual story (unless it’s a BL manga or they are clearly shown/stated to be homosexual from the start of course), therefore they would never expect the creators to confirm something like the kiss in episode 7, or whether they eventually get engaged or not. They just take the hints to create their own headcanons and fan stories (and doujinshi), but they don’t actually hope or expect a couple to become canon. Though I have the feeling (judging from all the comments I see on Twitter) that even Japanese fangirls can perceive that the “fanservice” in YOI doesn’t really fit within the boundaries of what is normally called “fanservice”, and I believe some of them are starting to think that their relationship might not be just a fantasy, lol. (I’m amused just because it’s rare for “normal” Japanese fangirls to think a couple might be real) But yeah even if they thought so they wouldn’t expect the creators to say it out loud.

More under the cut because it got somewhat long as I delved a bit deeper into the topic.

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a/n: i miss all the dreamies so dearly ㅜㅜ

Originally posted by nakamotens

  • first thing he thinks when he sees/meets you is ‘ohmyg0sh she’s pretty’
  • he starts getting super red and embarrassed because he doesn’t even know who you are but his hands are sweating already
  • instead of being normal by starting a conversation like jeno is telling him he decides to casually bump into you and be like ‘oOps i’m so sorry!’
  • and jeno’s just in the back facepalming himself
  • he introduces himself to you with his dazzling and handsome and charming and bEAuTIFuL smile i’m-
  • and you’re just there thinking to yourself ‘this kid’s smile is brighter than my future-’
  • then jaemin starts getting super awkward not knowing what to say as he starts feeling his hands sweat again
  • trying to break the awkward tension he lowkey yells ‘SO can i get your number????? hahha??????’
  • cause that’s better than nothing amirite
  • you both get each other’s numbers
  • he doesn’t end up texting you that day because he doesn’t even know what to say so you start getting worried like ‘am i supposed to text him??’
  • so you do 
  • ‘hey! it’s y/n, we bumped into each other today at school’
  • and he’s been holding his phone for quite a while now staring at your number but then a message suddenly pops up so he jumps and accidentally presses the ‘send’ button of the message he had typed
  • ‘hey, it’s jaemin. you seem really kind and sweet, i would love to get to know you more! do you want to go on a date tomorrow? there’s this new horror movie that just released :)’
  • then he’s like nO NONONONOO i wasn’t supposed to send that!
  • but all is good when you immediately respond that you’d love to
  • on the first date he’s the typical school-sweetheart, yanno? he pays everything for you, lets you cling onto him during the movie, and then your hands TOUCH when you both reach for the popcorn 
  • ooOh ;)
  • anyways moving on
  • suddenly at school he’s always asking to borrow a pencil from you, partner up with you for projects, and eat lunch with you
  • he buys you a cupcake one day awe
  • during break as he’s talking to you one of your close guy bestfriends comes up and steals your attention for a moment and jaemin’s just there like ???
  • as soon as your friend leaves he hints at jealousy but tries not to show it
  • ‘uh, so.. y/n, are we like… a thing?’
  • and you’re like ‘what?’
  • ‘you know… boyfriend girlfriend’ he’d ask as he rubs his neck and looks down
  • you’d start giggling at how cute he looks and then tell him ‘only if you want to’ with a super sweet smile so he’s all OF COURSE I WANT TO AFGHFSDJFI
  • further into the relationship he’s so freaking clingy like is this real???
  • when you’re studying for finals he comes over and your mom lets him in cause let’s be real, she loves him
  • ‘na jaemin such a handsome kid who knows his manners y/n@@!!@$’ your mom would constantly tell you
  • as you and him study your mom would come in with snacks and drinks and he’d just shove all of it down his throat
  • i could not have worded that in a more articulate way ofc seoi 
  • he’s always somehow trying to make his hand brush past your’s as he hints at what he wants but you’re just too oblivious so he ends up just tackling you in a hug
  • though you guys are lovey-dovey, you’re also the perfect pair of best friends
  • sitting together in the back of class and you guys are always whispering and laughing
  • the teacher ends up making you two stay after class to clean the classroom but that also isn’t necessarily a good idea cause you end up using the brooms to reenact harry potter
  • ‘and na jaemin catches the golden snitch! hufflepuff takes the win!!!!!!’
  • since you guys are still young, typical dates would be what to go for: such as the carnival, movies, mall, etc
  • he prefers hugging and holding hands the most, kissing doesn’t really happen until a couple months into the relationship
  • even then the kiss isn’t too serious, it’s from you two being super flirtatious and playing around- you both would be smiling and giggling during it
  • honestly, jaemin is such a dream boy who’s capable of making so many girls’s hearts to flutter, let’s appreciate this handsome nana ❀‿❀