and they fall into tartarus

Everybody talks about a Percy Jackson film series done right, but what about a TV series? Think about how much content we would get! The giffing possibilities, the theorising, the going over of every scene to see symbolism.
- 5 Percy Jackson & The Olympians seasons
- 5 Heroes of Olympus seasons
- Possible Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase and Trials of Apollo spinoffs with actor cameos from PJO & HOO
- Watching lil’ Percabeth being sassy in season one, knowing that they’re gonna be around for years.
- Seeing Percy, Annabeth and Grover’s actors all becoming best friends and starting YouTube/Snapchat/Twitter/Instagram chains/accounts with BTS filming
- Freaking out about the actors chosen to play the gods
- Watching out for little Reyna and Hylla when Percy’s turned back from a guinea pig and praying they keep the same actors
- Filming seasons 2 and 3 in direct succession so there’s no noticeable age difference in the characters, but having to wait to watch on hiatus and surviving by looking at the cast’s social media when filming
- Meeting Bianca and Nico, trying not to get attached to Bianca’s actress but still crying your eyes out when she dies (but screaming with joy if she returns for flashbacks and/or ghost scenes)
- Watching the Nico actor undergo his ~transformation~ and fan casting Will to suit him
- Watching Percabeth’s first kiss in the volcano and crying with excitement because it’s been such a long build-up
- Organising watching parties for the three- or four-hour long season finale in season 5 and screaming at the Camp Jupiter foreshadowing, Will’s first appearance, Annabeth getting injured, Silena dying, Kronos being defeated, Rachel becoming the oracle, Luke dying, Percy turning down immortality and Percabeth finally becoming canon with an orchestral swell and crying behind the scenes because these kids won’t see each other for a year or more

- Finally seeing teasers for HOO and gathering together to watch the pilot
- Watching them cast a Mexican actor for Leo and a Native American actress for Piper
- Seeing them cast Jason and comparing him to Thalia’s actress with FaceSwap
- The theories and rumours about Piper and Jason’s actors being together (which they neither confirm nor deny as Leo’s actor giggles in interviews)
- Annabeth’s return in the first scene of the pilot and people screaming crying when Butch says, “Percy Jackson” and the Heroes of Olympus opening credits play
- Over-analysis of every scene to make up for the hiatus since PJO ended
- Watching the start of the Gaia storyline and crying excitedly at the mention of Nico’s name
- Meeting Festus and realising that his beeps, whirs, and whatnot actually do represent letters and/or words - like Morse code - and learning to speak it
- Shrieking when Jasiper kiss
- Watching Leo start to build the Argo II
- Screaming when Percy returns in Son of Neptune only remembering “Annabeth” and getting super excited to meet Hazel and Frank
- Watching Nico introduce himself and crying at Percy’s vacant expression
- Getting way too excited when Leo’s actor appears as Sammy (in a hat that always hides his face a little) because he looks amazingly dashing
- Fangirling over Reyna because she’s changed so much but she still looks like the island girl she was way back when
- Giffing the Percy/Jason amnesia parallels
- The cast filming seasons 3-5 all at once and being done years before the series finale because it’s all set in a couple months
- Crying at Percabeth’s reunion bc the actors haven’t worked together in years and they really did miss each other.
- Crying some more at Reyna’s expression seeing Jasiper together
- Revelling in the awkward chemistry between Leo, Hazel, and Frank because the actors are super close and friendly irl
- Hearts everywhere skipping a beat when “you dropped this” happens
- Shipping overloads when Leo and Calypso meet
- Screaming from every viewer when Percabeth fall into Tartarus (like the internet breaks, percabeth, tartarus, and hoo are trending on tumblr for two weeks)
- So many tears when they get out
- Even more tears when Nico’s crush comes out because his actor is so good he looks heartbroken
- The internet breaking again when Season 5 of HOO airs
- Nico-Reyna friendship omzgzz
- The final showdown between the gods, the Seven, the giants and Gaia being basically unbearable and many hours long
- When Solangelo meet people start to cry and/or scream bc THe cHemIStrY
- The big final battle taking seven hours and airing one hour every day for a week
- Two weeks later, when the dust has settled, we get a one-and-a-half hour ep with the aftermath.
- Two and a half months afterwards, everyone wants Leo’s ending and it airs with only one trailer (ten seconds)
- After the end of Leo’s epilogue, every cast, crew, production, publisher, and helper is thanked with their most fitting godly parent following their name (i.e. John Appleseed, Son of Demeter)

Just a Percy Jackson TV series, is all.

Percy is the most powerful demigod I’ve ever met. No offense to you guys, but it’s true. If anybody can survive, he will, especially if he’s got Annabeth at his side. They’re going to find a way through Tartarus.
—  Nico di Angelo, after Percabeth’s fall into Tartarus
Percy Jackson Headcanons
  •  He actually has a very angular face - High cheekbones, narrow face, straight nose. He gets his bone structure from his mother, but where Sally had a softness to all of her features, he gets Poseidon’s natural brooding and regal sharpness. It’s another factor that makes his demeanor a bit intimidating and what makes people peg him as a trouble maker. and so so attractive
  • When he was younger, he used to be left handed. But during the sporadic period when he was rapidly getting kicked out of school and learning how to write, he was placed through many schools that had the old philosophy that being left handed was wrong and forced him to write with his right hand. In the end, it ends up helping him because he learned how to use both hands equally well, becoming ambidextrous, thus also helping his sword fighting.
  • When Sally married Gabe, Percy never told Sally of the abuse he was getting because he thought that if Gabe took out all of his frustrations on him, then there would be nothing left for his mother to receive and was afraid of what Gabe would do.
  • After the Sea of Monsters but before the Battle of the Labyrinth Percy had a mouthful of braces. Annabeth took as many pictures as she could at the time and taped them on the wall of the big house. He tore down all he could find but legend has it, you can still find one or two miraculously appearing up there.
  • His middle name is Dylann, pronounced Die-lin, which means ‘son of the sea.’ Subtlety is not Sally’s specialty and she cannot seem to give him names that are easily pronounced. Teacher’s sigh on the first day of school when they get to his name on their clipboard.
  • Percy is the best get away driver. Paul took him out on his first driving lesson and it was something that came natural to him. And when he was homeless for that period in Son of Neptune and relied on stealing cars he got really good at getting away quickly and efficiently. Especially when he stole that police cruiser.
  • Percy has scars on the insides of his elbows and forearms that almost look like a bad case of chicken pox scars. They’re actually cigarette burns from Gabe. Annabeth, Sally, Grover, are the only ones who know where they’re from.
  • Percy’s clothing is badly torn up. Some is the result of monster fighting, and some is from the constant wear and tear because he refuses to get rid of old clothing, but a lot of it is from skateboarding accidents. He’s actually pretty decent at skateboarding but he’s also pretty decent at falling off of it too.
  • Percy, Piper, and Rachel go skateboarding together sometimes.
  • Before Tartarus, Percy’s eyes were a gentle, warm green, like the middle of a lazy ocean you could get lost in. But after Tartarus they’re fiercer, darker, like a wave in a storm about to drag you to the bottom of the sea.
  • Percy’s favorite type of music is rock. He wanted to learn electric guitar but there was never money he was younger, now he’s too busy with monsters to have the time.
  • Percy is a naturally good surfer, it comes freakishly natural just like anything else that has to do with the ocean. Piper and he go surfing together.
  • When he’s fifteen he is around 5′11″ but he gets in a few more growth spurts before everything is said and done and ends up being just above 6′2″ and parallel to Jason. He loves playfully holding things out of Annabeth’s reach. She punches him when he does that of course.
  • He has a lean build with prominent definition. He has very little body fat and most of his weight comes from his muscles. He has the perfect swimmer body, lithe and agile.  cinnamony roll goodness
  • His hair is black like a raven’s wings and is always windswept and unruly as if he’s always running a hand through it  or like bed hair if you know what I mean
  • He, unlike the other two greek kids of the big three, doesn’t have any freckles or moles of any kind. His mother has very clear skin and het gets it from her just the same, except with the tanner tone of Poseidon.
  • He’s on Goode High’s swim team. He’s much faster than everyone even without his powers and he can’t tell if it’s just a son of Poseidon thing or if he’s actually good. Paul and Sally don’t mind because he knows that’s the only way Percy will get a scholarship with his grades, reputation, and attendance records.
  • Percy is known as the weird kid in school. He has weird scars, disappears for months at a time, and has an off putting demeanor. He doesn’t talk to many people and only does when they talk to him first.
  • His nervous ticks include running his hands through or tugging on his hair, and tapping or playing with Anaklumos in pen form.
  • He walks quietly on his feet, this comes from many different things - Being silent so Gabe couldn’t hear him, trying to sneak past monsters, his training from Lupa, and the period of time he spent running, hiding, and stealing in Son of Neptune.
  • He absolutely sucks at growing facial hair. It grows in in uneven patches and it disappoints him to no end. The guys make fun of him to no end during no shave November.
  • He knows that people underestimate him, he knows that people think of him as a goofball, and he knows that people dismiss him as stupid. Now he uses that to his defense. After torturing the goddess of Misery he can feel that darkness growing in him and his powers growing more, so he spends the entirety of Boo trying to convince everyone he’s fine. He jokes, he smiles, he says stupid things. And for the most part it works. Jason, Leo, and Piper believe it easily, although Hazel and Frank are harder to convince. But he hates the knowing look in Annabeth’s eyes that barely hide that smallest look of fear.
  • After Tartraus he figures out all the things he can do. That he control the blood pumping through someone’s veins. That he can stop someone’s heart stop with the clench of his fingers. That he can make someone die in an explosion of red. The idea terrifies him as much as it exhilarates him.
  • He tries to keep his rapidly growing powers a secret which fails of course, because whenever he has a particularly bad nightmare the ground shakes. That now when he holds Annabeth’s hand he can feel the blood pulsing thickly beneath her skin, gravitating towards him as if he’s a magnet.
  • He trains with Chiron to help find control for several months. 
  • He finds unexpected support from Nico di Angelo, who had gone through a similar thing after Tartarus.
  • He’s angrier often and snaps more easily. He purchases a punching bag and it helps him work through his aggression.
  • Percy and Annabeth go to Montauk for two weeks after the war is over, and he breaks down. Annabeth helps him through everything, saying how he can’t keep everything inside all the time.
  • Percy learns to control the darkness in him, and learns that while it may never go away, he will not be controlled by it.
Nyx-Chapter 2

Summary: Nyx was an ancient deity usually envisaged as the very substance of the night–a veil of dark mists drawn across the sky to obscure the light of Aither, the shining blue of the heavens. Her opposite number was Hemera (Day) who scattered the mists of night at dawn. she was doomed to walk the earth in search of her consort Erebus.

Warnings: My usual. Angst, Violence And Smut

Pairings: Bucky X Reader, Avengers x Reader

The years had passed quickly, blurring into a whirl of golden halls and feasts.

Frigga had been most accommodating, giving you a place in the royal household and title as Princess.

The announcement had Loki giggling for days. “You are a Primordial Goddess, the personification of night and darkness, yet you preen at the notion of being a princess?” He laughs uproariously as you tsked at him, gathering the shimmery silver dress in your hands, ready to launch yourself at him. “Erebus and those pesky children of yours must not have known how to treat a Queen,” he quips. The smile falls from his face as he realizes what he’s  said. True to Loki’s nature he does not apologize, he merely grimaces at you, the apology written in his eyes.

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cinderelles  asked:

Do you like Percabeth? I feel like everyone's kind of over them but I still love them together.

over them??? NEVER. percabeth invented substantial slow burns ok!!! everything they say to each other is Iconic and i wouldn’t have it any other way. to me, percy and annabeth are goals. like. who falls to tartarus together???? and?? survives??? who does that??? try naming a more beautiful canon pairing :/

Something Bitter

Percy’s not as oblivious as everyone thinks he is.

Or an examination into Nico and Percy’s relationship through PJO and HoO (ao3)

The thought first crosses Percy’s mind when he invites Nico in for birthday cake on his fifteenth birthday. He recognizes the look that Nico gives him, but it’s gone within seconds and Percy thinks he must of imagined it, hopes that he has, because Nico deserves better and Percy’s pretty sure he’s already let Nico down enough. The guilt gnaws at him and it’s a bit like Calypso all over again.

He pushes it down just like he did with her. The Titan War (and Annabeth) serve as a good distraction, but it’s hard to ignore when he bathes in the River Styx and Nico’s hopeful eyes about finding information about his mother, about helping Percy are so focused on him. Some part of him almost wishes he noticed it earlier, so he could’ve pulled away, not put through Nico through this. The other part wishes he never noticed at all.  

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anonymous asked:

top 5 (or maybe 10 upto you) percabeth moments

every moment they spend together is a damn blessing imo but here we go

  1. Percy refusing to let go of Annabeth and falling with her so she won’t be alone in Tartarus I’m already crying I’m not gonna survive this list.
  2. Percy going all the way across the country on a stolen pegasus and holding up the entire sky for Annabeth
  3. when Annabeth is fighting on the bridge with Percy and she takes a knife for him after instinctively knowing where his Achilles’ Heel was
  4. Percy rising up from the depths of the ocean when Annabeth drops her dagger in and he just goes “you dropped this” what a nerd
  5. Percy refusing to be god after looking at Annabeth’s face and realizing that her love is a lot more important omg just kill me
  7. every single fucking moment in Tartarus the best is Annabeth telling Percy that she wants a life in New Rome if it means being with him and keeping each other afloat and together
  8. Annabeth baking a giant misshapen blue cupcake and kissing Percy on his birthday aw
  9. Their cute little cuddle/makeout session (probs) in the Argo II’s stables
  10. Annabeth judo-flipping Percy and he just laughing it off because that’s what she does and he loves her.

Bonus: I love you, wise girl.

Double Bonus: Annabeth spreading her arms out in Cabin 6 for a hug after hearing the prophecy in Labyrinth, and Percy’s heart fluttering as he hugs her all aloneee in the Cabin and Malcolm walks in all red all the gods can’t save my heart now

(also @rick I have never been so disappointed in a book as I was with BOO I mean you just sidelined these two amazing people we’ve been reading about for 10 years and basically just erased all the struggles, the darkness and didn’t even make them come exceptionally close to each other as well, as you should when someone jumps into Tartarus for you)

everything is extremely censored (for the kids), so all battles are replace with kahoot, instead of dying characters are sent to timeout, the argo II is a minivan, and instead of falling into tartarus, percabeth have tea time with hera which separates them from the rest of the crew as they go to visit grandma gaea

I just need you all to take a minute and imagine something with me here

Imagine if the Percy Jackson movies were done right.

Imagine if they did all of the original five and then all five Heroes of Olympus.

Imagine if they were done right.

Imagine the thrill of getting characters like Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia cast, knowing we would get to watch them grow up before our eyes.

Imagine watching baby Percy, Annabeth, and Grover on their first quest.

Imagine the yearly anticipation for new stills, trailers, and a movie.

Imagine Reyna and Hylla being cast for Sea of Monsters, knowing we would see them again later on.

Imagine watching Zoe Nightshade become a constellation.

Imagine Uncle Rick supporting the cast and the series and being happy and satisfied with the way they are made.

Imagine seeing Luke with golden eyes.

Imagine everyone in the theater cheering at the Underwater Kiss.

Imagine the new castings for HoO, getting a Hispanic actor for Leo, a Native American actress for Piper, an African-American actress for Hazel, and a Chinese actor for Frank.

Imagine the thrill we would get at seeing Percy Actor and Annabeth Actress reunited for MoA after a couple years with no movies together, after watching them grow up together for five years.

Imagine seeing Festus fly.

Imagine Leo Actor playing Sammy in the flashbacks.

Imagine all these demigod actors becoming actual best friends, bonding off screen, getting goofy Instagram photos and back-and-forth tweets.

Imagine watching the Tartarus fall on a movie theater screen.

Imagine watching the gods battle the giants with their demigod children.

Imagine the heartbreak we’d feel at the end of the movies…if each one was made, there would be ten at least.

Imagine a Percy/Annabeth/Grover group hug on the last day of shooting, reminiscent of the Dan/Rupert/Emma one for Deathly Hallows.

Imagine falling in love with this cast and growing up with these movies, shaping a generation the way other great ones did before them.

Just imagine.

Okay so I have this headcanon

That Percy is a Hufflepuff. I mean yeah, he is brave and ambitious and could be both a Gryffindor and a Slytherin but if you think about it he belongs in Hufflepuff. I mean look at his fatal flaw- loyalty. What is the main quality of Hufflepuffs? That’s right, loyalty. Also his strength and bravery come from his loyalty to his friends and family. Like, the most brave thing he ever did (fall into Tartarus with/for Annabeth) was because of his loyalty. So yeah I think that Percy belongs in Hufflepuff.

Also I think that Annabeth is a Slytherin. I mean yeah, she is also clever and witty and brave and could be both a Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor, but her fatal flaw is hubris, otherwise said, she thinks she can do everything better than anyone else (including the gods). Also she is very ambitious and cunning (the way she tricked Arachne? That was pretty sly). So yeah I think that she is a Slytherin.