and they don't even have the channel that played it on my tv anymore

A Visit To The Past (Part II)

It’s been requested many times so here it is. Hope you enjoy it. x 

(Part I)

 "It’s on September 21st.“

  Harry can’t quite put a finger on the way his sister looks at him. Her thick brows pulled together and she’s biting the inside of her cheek. Anne’s asleep in her room, it’s 2 am in the morning and two siblings are having a heart to heart session. Gemma sighs after taking a little time to think about all the things Harry said. "How do you even know the date Harry? I’m sure she hasn’t send you an invitation.” Harry is a little taken aback, he is not expecting her first reaction to be this.

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Last night on my break, I became a person I haven’t seen myself been in probably years. Even if it was for a split second, I didn’t like who I was or how I acted. Buuuuut. I do commend myself for acting how I did because I stood up for myself and those around me.

In the break room there are two TV’s and they can be two different channels. They don’t mind what you put on the channel. A couple months ago, I raised deaf awareness at my hotel and they made sure to include captions on every TV we have in the hotel that is publicly displayed like that. Hotel rooms are optional, of course. But they made sure to give everyone an option to have CC on the telly. And to have it on at all times. I don’t ever watch the telly during my break because I’m not all that much into TV (I’m a movie person) and I usually spend my break time texting my husband.

Someone said she didn’t like what was playing on the telly and I’m like fine, I could care less, I’m not watching it anyway. I WIIIIIISH she didn’t have the nerve to say, “the words on the screen are stupid and pointless, why is it even on there? Some deaf bitch probably put it on.”

I’M that deaf bitch that fought for deaf awareness in this hotel. Nobody’s ever complained about it, at least not to my face anyway. People who had trouble speaking English actually stated they understood English better when CC was on rather than hearing it spoken on the telly.

So she took off the CC and continued to go on and on about how “this shit is so retarded, everybody here speaks English what’s the need for it.”

That shit pissed me off so I stood up immediately and just went off.

“Excuse you???? I’M that bitch that fought for this "shit” to be accessible for everybody in this hotel who the fuck are you? It’s not just for people who can’t understand speech, we got people here who follow spoken English better when captions are on.“

"Whatever, it’s annoying anyway. It’s retarded.”

“You need to erase the word "retard” from your vocabulary before I erase it for you.“

"I’ll use retard however I want whenever I want and this caption shit is retarded I don’t want it on.”

Ok. I snatched the remote out her hands and put that shit on mute. “Now neither of us know what’s going on on the telly.” “Bitch is you ghetto.”

“No, bitch, but in 2.5 seconds, I CAN be—you wanna go? We can do this all day but nothing gonna change aside from me whooping yo ass cause when I leave here captioning will still be on there whether you like it or not. Come on.”

No fighting went on, though. Just a lot of cursing and low blows. I don’t know WHAT came over me because I haven’t gotten to that point in years and it takes a lot to get me that pissed off, and a lot to calm me down. People were standing between us (it was like a reality show lmao) and holding each other back. I wasn’t ever going to hit her or anything, but don’t you ever pull some shit like that, saying “retard” or saying CC is stupid, or calling me “that deaf bitch,” and we won’t have a problem.

She did reach for my hearing aids and tried to take them out, though. I think she was trying to pull my hair. I did pull her hair.. And some of her weave came out.

At the end of the day, I was right, she was wrong, CC was back on, mute was off, she had to apologize to me.

Then I went home.

Bow chicka wow wow.