and they do that cheesy 'u jump i jump' thing


T__T I decided to update Echotale in unplanned manner - with the Indirect part (I started the rough work before Valentine but couldn’t finish because it became longer. It’s 22 pages now, from planned…7? lol life choices yo). I wanted to finish Blue Lab parts first but it’s getting a bit complicated to keep those short  -I need to figure out how to do it but I don’t want you to wait too long, so I hope it will be okay this way. Confusion ahoy, jumping in timelines ahoy. Now ya all get taste of how Sans must’ve felt when Frisk kept resetting and jumping to SAVEs haha. Ugh. *whispers, I’m sorry - gives ya all candy* After this I want to update Second Promise and then I’ll do Blue lab ;) Take care!