and they danced away as well

Ok so in the uk the adverts for an insurance company called Money Supermarket are known for being weird/over the top.
Well they seem to have developed a passion for sexy dancing ads, there were several following a dance off between a group of male office workers in booty shorts and heels, and a group of male construction workers. The construction workers won cause their female boss came and single handedly danced away the office guys.

So obviously the next sensible step

Was sexy dancing Skeletor

As much as I love dancers like Quinn, Club dancers, Stars dancers, etc, it drives me UP THE  DAMN WALL that they have to compete in literally every city BTF goes to, like can you just let the kids from that region (or from nearby) compete and do well please. I understand that dancing and competing isn’t about winning but for goodness sake is it so hard to let kids who are actually from that city have the opportunity.

I just feel like it’s unfair to dancers that they don’t even having a fighting chance to win/place/do well in their home city or the city that is closest to them because other kids, who have attended 10+ conventions already and know the faculty really well just fly in from 4-7 hours away and win first place. 

Like if you want to prove you’re the best, can you just wait until Nationals or something  and please stop invading all the regionals outside of your region.

I’ve seriously lost count of how many times I’ve watched this ending, but god I still keep finding bits and pieces that make it worth praising. Look at this.

They both start dancing, Yuuri looks like he has yet to notice Victor has join him, while Victor appears in a far away corner, it’s like he just decided he needed to join the dance.

Then we see how Victor’s following each and every step, and Yuuri… well he’s to into the dance to acknowledge Victor’s presence, so he keeps on dancing.

Following the sequence, Victor is closer now, and Yuuri has already notice the other man which is dancing along with him. And you see, be it in his posture or his expression Yuuri starts to dance every step with a new gain confidence, and it’s that little smirk he tries to hide which gives it away, because he’s happy. And I know he might have forgotten everything that happened that night, BUT GOD AT THAT MOMENT THIS BOY MIGHT HAVE BEEN THANKING THE GODS HE WAS BE ABLE TO HAVE THE CHANCE TO DANCE LIKE THIS WITH NO OTHER THAN VICTOR NIKIFOROV.

Now look, Victor’s closer to the camera, and Yuuri’s following behind, both dancing to a specific set of steps, trying to keep along with each other, they start to get more and more coordinated.

After that, they finally get to stand in front of one another. And I still can’t get over the fact Yuuri’s trying to act like the bull (look at his eyes and they way his hands are mimicking the horns of the bull, he’s ready to charge), while Victor is of course the Toreador, just staring straight at Yuuri, with that confident look, like…

“Oh come on boy, I’m ready.”

They are definitely feeling it, no one in the dance floor can’t compete with these two.




Which it all leads to this final scene. The closeness in their touch, the fondness and warmth in their smiles, I’ll never get tired of it.

After a dance like this, who wouldn’t fall in love?

What’s important to remember is that the entire banquet scenario wouldn’t have been possible in any other sports anime.

Not because other sports anime couldn’t show a dance-off at an epic party but because other sports anime feature high school kids.

I think it is always important to note and highlight the fact that most characters in Yuri on ice are adults/are of legal age and that changes so many things about the show and makes it stand out from other sports anime.

The banquet scenario wouldn’t have been possible in any other sports anime because it would require underage drinking and most authors stray away from that topic (for obvious reasons). (Not to mention how well YOI handled the topic of drinking.)

The relevance of the character’s ages extends to many aspects of the anime, but the banquet is where this becomes most prominent and most obvious. It’s because Yuuri is 23 and can legally drink everywhere that the banquet scenario, the entire new ED sequence and the plot twist that changed everything was possible.

And I think that deserves to be mentioned.

“Mamae, mamae!”

“Careful, Neris! I just finished that one, we don’t want to smudge it right away,” Vallera said, pushing the freshly painted mask to the side as she shifted to accommodate her daughter on her lap.

Mamae, hahren said that I could be at the dance!”

“Did he, now? Then you need a mask, da’len.” She planted a quick kiss on the top of Neris’s head. “Do you remember hahren’s lessons about the gods?”

“Why?” Neris asked tentatively.

“Well, because for the wolf dance in the new year, the children wear masks of vallaslin. Which of the gods do you favor, hmm?” Vallera waited as Neris pouted and looked away from her eyes for a moment. “I’ll give you a hint. Do you favor like me, the flames of S…?”


“Yes! Good girl,” she said with a smile, “Or maybe the wings of D…?”




“Dirthamen, yes, like your…” Vallera looked over to the edge of the camp, where Neris’s father conversed with one of the lead hunters. “Your papae?”

“No.” Neris shook her head to the sides and Vallera laughed.

“So… what do we do?”

“I want to be a hunter!”

“A hunter?”

“Yes, I want to track down the Dread Wolf and defeat him like Sulanin!”

“Oh, to find Fen’Harel you’ll need the guidance of Ghilan’nain, but to defeat him you’ll need the blessing of Andruil,” Vallera paused, “So whose will it be, da’len?”



“Yes.” Neris smiled.

Vallera laughed at her child. “Alright, my love. Do you want to paint yourself?”

Neris nodded, amber eyes fixed on her own.

“Very well, let’s see what you come up with,” Vallera said, kissing her daughter’s cheek three times in quick succession, and handed Neris her painting brush.

My piece for @thedosianlny, featuring toddler Neris and her mamae, Vallera, Lavellan’s clan artisan, painting masks for the Dance of Fen’Harel, where the children don vallaslin masks and help the dream warrior Sulanin defeat the Dread Wolf.


Alexander Hamilton:

  • You know how sims walk when they’re tired. He walks like that.
  • He sometimes forgets to eat because he can’t shut up long enough to put food in there.
  • When he laughs he throws his head back.
  • Short af.
  • PTSD
  • Abandonment issues and tends to push people away.
  • Naturally blushy cheeks. (This is based on truth!!)

John Laurens:

  • Short but muscles.
  • Also all the freckles.
  • Gets sunburnt very easily.
  • Usually has his hands in his pockets.
  • Almost always having a smal smile on his face because he has great hair.
  • He has a light step.
  • Skateboards(???) a lot.


  • Long and slim.
  • Has a great ass though.
  • Clothes has no gender.
  • Says please and thank you a lot.
  • Sucks at dancing.
  • Is fantastic at english but doesn’t understand chat speak that well. “Why would we name a ship after them?”.
  • Always cooks extravagant meals.

Hercules Mulligan: 

  • Tall and buff.
  • But very kind and sweet!!
  • He naturally has his chest a bit puffed out and it’s so !!!
  • His beanie is his safety “blanket”.
  • When he laughs his cheeks get bLUSHY
  • He has very soft hands because he gets manicures
  • Makes nicknames to everyone

Aaron Burr: 

  • Cool and collected.
  • Very good posture.
  • Likes K-pop.
  • Is lowkey a flaming pile of garbage.
  • Awful hand-eye coordination.
  • Walks in long strides.
  • Recycles

Eliza Schuyler:

  • Very kind and trusting like jesus The Man doesn’t have any candy Eliza.
  • Loves soda.
  • Always wear skirts.
  • Great hair.
  • Naive but we love her anyways.
  • She tries to look dangerous but it doesn’t work.
  • Once stepped of ladybug and cried for 2 hours.

Angelica Schuyler:

  • Her back is as straight as Laurens is gay.
  • Very supportive of her sisters.
  • Very kind but if you fuck up… I’ll come to your funeral.
  • Shit is together.
  • Poise and elegant.
  • Loves fuit sallads.
  • Donates a lot of money.

Peggy Schuyler:

  • Seems very sweet but knows literally all your secrets.
  • Everyone is like “protect Peggy” and yet…
  • Not the greatest at spelling but fantastic at math and science.
  • She’s either an engineer or doctor.
  • Pastel colors and flower crowns.
  • Her hands are always touching each other.
  • Very sad and gets ignored a lot.

Thomas Jefferson:

  • Teases a lot and is very ego-boosted
  • Quite the emotional nervous fella.
  • Tall and muscles.
  • Loves attention.
  • Has a very cocky posture.
  • Has a bunch of ironic shirts.
  • Definitely shitty but feels bad for being shitty.

James Madison:

  • Short but muscles.
  • Has epilepsy.
  • Very closed posture.
  • Good friends with Peggy because mutual anxiety.
  • A good friend.
  • He’s very mentally strong and stuff.
  • Sometimes Thomas has to hold his hand in public.

George Washington:

  • He’s done with everyone.
  • Very kind but also like protective of himself.
  • Not used to physical affection.
  • Offensive posture + long strides.
  • Protects all of the above when they have their weak moments.
  • Takes proper care of himself by fucking sleeping and eating which nO ONE ELSE DOES.
  • Give him flowers.

This god damn anime is ruining my life as well as representing something that needed to be done for so long and break down every barrier that blocked the way.

Finally, for once, we’re being given an accurate (well you know) representation of a healthy, normal, and not sexualitized lgbt+ relationship and it’s so…it’s so realistic that it just takes your breath away. It’s not dancing or the skating that caught our eyes or the hearts of its watchers….it’s the characters, their realistic struggles and triumphs, the relationships it’s portraying, the real world life styles! We’re all here now because finally we’re being given something we can relate to and scream over for the right reasons. For once we aren’t a sexualized tag or somethubg to be shamed on. We’re being normal- not set on a pedestal, highlighted, tagged…just…normal. As we SHOULD be.

Yuri on Ice single handedly knocked down so many preset barriers that, with every episode, it’s become a part of us in various aways. It’s encouraging others to do good things for themselves and for others. I swear if you look around, THIS is the purest fandom around. Because that’s what we’re bring given. A pure, healthy, story with a pure and healthy relationship.

Don’t let this ever change, not now, not later, not even it’s long after its ended.

Let YOI’s legend live on and be the domino that sets off the line. Keep posting, show support, freak pray for a season two, and stay positive.

i am TIRED of this ten is one of the most talented and well rounded idols sm have he can sing rap dance does fan service and aegyo and everything and idol should and yet sm treat him like DIRT they debut him and give him 10 seconds of whisper lines and then put him away and then take him out again and USE him to promote nct on hts and having him gain attention and fans only to be put in the basement AGAIN they literally used his talent without giving him anything in return and i am TIRED ten does not deserve this even the rest of nct knows he doesnt deserve this so why do they keep doing this to him what has ten ever done to deserve this what are sm gaining from this

Ep 10 changes everything

We have found out that Yuuri was the one who suggested the idea of Victor coming to Japan and being Yuuri’s coach when he was drunk. And people say Victor is forgetful . So keeping that in mind let’s revisit ep 1.

Ep 1 consists of a sequence where Yuuri runs into Yurio and Victor.His old coach asks Yuuri if he wants to take a picture with Victor. Victor notices yuuri and is willing to take a picture with him. Yuuri walks away ignoring him. 

Yuuri was behaving so overfamiliar at the dance off and was now being cold. What happened? Victor didn’t know Yuuri well enough to make sense of the situation. (Quote ep 2 where Victor is holding yuuri’s chin saying that he want’s Yuuri to tell him everything about himself. Let’s not forget the “Let’s sleep together” attempts.)

Can you feel the ouch ? You also see him contemplate this further when the media asks him what he’s next step will be

Moving on to the next scene Basically Victor saw the person who stole his heart copy HIS routine.He has been secretly taken aback by Yuuri since then. Can you imagine how entranced Victor must’ve felt having Yuuri ‘seduce/dance’ for him by performing his act as if to say “I want to be your equal”. Victor is acclaimed to be the best skater and for Yuuri to pull off what he did must’ve impressed him severely.

Victor’s flirtatious choice of words however leave Yuuri puzzled. Not that it’s Yuuri’s fault. Victor may be referring to the events of the past which Yuuri has zero recollection off since he’s the kind of drunk who forgets.

Victor never stopped looking at Yuuri. You see his eyes glued to him in every ep. The look of uncertainty(left) that made people accuse Victor of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing may also be debunked by ep 10. Victor definitely had a lot of internal monologue going on in this scene . Victor may be expressive but he doesn’t tell Yuuri EVERYTHING. There’s some things Yuuri has to figure out by himself at his own pace. Victor is more a man of actions than words. This I want to elaborate with the scene where he dropped his career and came to japan to be Yuuri’s coach (there may have been other factors as well). That is a huge feat. Victor isn’t always confident with what to say to cheer up people when they’re feeling low (ep 7).

Which begs me to ask why the theme for both Yuris skates was love. Were they perhaps emotions he held towards the two? Ep 10 told us he felt Yurio would do better with him out of the picture and for Yuuri maybe it was a means to get him to remember the events of the dance off party. That or he likes Yuuri kink. Yuuri’s skate’s story summarises the story of a woman being seduced by a playboy (and Yuuri improvised with it later on). Now then,isn’t the story of the routine familiar? At first everyone thought it was what Victor who was the playpoy seducing the ‘woman’, yuuri. But now the tables have turned and it’s gone around 360 degrees. Victor surely mustve based the routine on the story of his life that day.

Talk about mixed signals

He wasn’t lying XD. Foreshadowing this event

“I’m sorry, baby. Wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, consider me surprised.” Tony smiles wobbly, wet against Bucky’s cheek. He could taste the salt of Tony’s tears as they mingle with the rain.

It just so happens that Tony misunderstands Bucky’s clandestine dancing lessons as signs he doesn’t want to get married. Bucky puts that ridiculous thought to rest straight away.

Not one to hold back on grandiose declarations of love, Bucky proposes right then and there, outside in the pouring rain where any moment a car will pass by and soak them even further. Seeing the shy smile that stretches across Tony’s face, he can’t think of a reason why he didn’t asked sooner.

Yeah, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

2016 WinterIron Spring Fling

My gift for Amonae / @amonaewrites​!
AO3 / Full Size


Barry: “in college I had a crush on a girl called (Y/N). We lost contact but I wish I told her I loved her.” Barry said while dancing along to the slow music.

(Y/N): “I had a huge crush on this guy as well. He was sweet, adorable and a huge dork. I never told him I liked him though. He had a crush on this girl called Iris.” You said looking at the ground trying to avoid the mans eyes.

Barry: “Wait….” Barry reached up and slowly took off your mask. He gasped and stepped back.

(Y/N): “What…?” Barry reached up and took his mash off. You froze. Then you realised. You just told Barry Allen you loved him.

I’m literally 40 followers away from 2K please follow and request some more imagines

How the YOI dance battle really got started..
  • Yuri: *downed already well over a dozen glasses of champagne*
  • Yurio: *angry lil kid* You should slow down, old man.
  • Yuri: You're that kid that shouted at me. ...You should drink up.
  • Christophe: He's a kid Yuri.
  • Yuri: *waits until Christophe turns his back* Have just 1.
  • Yurio: *takes champagne*
  • Victor: Hey you wheeled away earlier. You never said you competed. What's your name?
  • Yuri: *looks at Victor,then drink, then Victor, then drink.. Downs drink* No offence. I love you. I honestly don't love anyone more. But you are 2 drinks too early. I'm not sober and I'm still too sober to deal with the fact the man I love, Victor, has asked me my name.
  • Victor: *helps Yuri down two more drinks* Hi, I'm Victor but you already know.
  • Yuri: *turns to Yurio* Hey kid, I forgot. What's your name?
  • Yurio: It's Yuri!
  • Yuri: *surprisingly serious*................. There can be only one. I challenge you.
  • Yurio: You backed out of the final.
  • Yuri: *places head in Victor's neck without warning* How mean is he?!
  • Victor: *rarely caught offguard, currently caught off guard, blushing wildly*
  • Yuri: *with zero warning* We will have a dance battle here. Loser loses the name Yuri.
  • Victor and Christophe: I wanna join.
  • Yuri: Bitch I will take on everyone - don't try me. I mean I am drunk as fuck but if I can dance as sexy as Victor I can die happy.
Dating Sherlock Holmes would involve...

·       Him being confused about his feelings for you

·       He goes to Molly

·       She was upset, but wants Sherlock to be happy

·       Him not knowing what to do

·       “I like you”

·       “Well obviously, I’m amazing” *insert sassy hair flip here*

·       “I’m being serious”

·       “Oh.”

·       You being unsure if he’s using you or not

·       Him making sure you know that he’s not.

·       Him playing violin for you

·       John not liking your relationship at first

·       But him slowly beginning to like it

·       Sherlock, teaching you how to dance

·       Him giving you his coat and scarf when it’s cold

·       Or when you want to wear it

·       Being his first proper relationship

·       Moriarty, kidnapping you to get Sherlock to come

·       He comes straight away

·       “You’re okay now”

·       Him not letting you leave his side for like two months

·       “I’m not going to die Sherlock; can I go now”

·       “No.”

·       Him always holding your hand

·       Moving into his flat

·       Helping him with experiments

·       Him showing you where his favourites murders were committed

·       Helping him on cases

·       Him not wanting you to meet Mycroft

·       But when you do, he’s surprisingly kind

·       “You’re a good girl, Y/N. Look after him, won’t you?”

·       Sherlock having to stop you attacking Anderson and Donnovan.

·       “It doesn’t bother me”

·       “I don’t care. It bothers me”

·       But him being mad when they insult you

·       Being rivals with Irene

·       He assures you that he only loves you

·       Letting his use Janine

·       “Do you not mind?”

·       “You need to do it, I’m not going to stop you.”

·       “Thank you!”

·       Taking a bullet for him

·       “Come on Y/N! Tell me a story, come on. How did we meet?”

·       Him not leaving you in hospital.

·       Him crying over it

·       He feels extremely guilty

·       “I’m the one in the hospital bed and you look worse than I feel”

·       Sherlock casually asking you to marry him

·       “Marry me?”

·       “Okay.”

·       Him liking that you don’t care about big romantic gestures

·       Little PDA

·       Occasional kisses

·       That then turn into full make out sessions.

·       You being first to say I love you

·       You understanding that he probably wouldn’t want to say it back

·       But he does

·       Being power couple af

Say You Won't Let Go || Bucky Barnes x Reader [[songfic]]

{summary: meeting you was like falling in love for the first time.}

here’s the songfic for bucky i’ve been dying to write ;w; i swear, ‘say you won’t let go’ fits him SO WELL (at least in my opinion it does)

warnings: none, except for extreme fluff ;w;

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine**


{i met you in the dark/ you lit me up/ you made me feel as though i was enough/ we danced the night away/ we drank too much/ i held your hair back when/ you were throwing up}

He noticed her lonely form one late evening at the bar.

When his dreams and memories melded together, making a collage of nightmares that haunted him, Bucky knew that tonight was going to be yet another sleepless one. Without even thinking of the consequences (because really, who would even think to mess with a grown man sporting a metal arm?) Bucky slides a pair of worn jeans over his legs and dons a simple black shirt to cover his once half naked body, ready to head out in the dead of night.

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Here’s the truth: Stefan and Elena were so good for one another. Their meeting was so timely that there’s no way some higher force, however you would like to call it, wasn’t involved. They didn’t only save each other, in more ways than one, they have healed one another as well. He was aware of his own flaws and tried his best to keep them away from her as far as possible. She was aware of her own weaknesses, yet she loved him for his. He knew her fears even before she admitted them to him. His demons could fit into the palm of her hand. He disliked dancing, but loved dancing with her. She hated lies, yet she had kept all of his. They knew love means loving those who are dear to them as well. He knew that keeping her safe doesn’t apply only to her own physical well being. She knew that there are many things he’s ashamed of. There was so much mutual respect, fighting for their love, fighting for, alongside and with each other, there was so much love and happiness and trying the hardest and the best they could for people who carried so much pain and bad luck in them. So many moments and movements and kisses that were so natural that sometimes they seemed shadowed. 

Here’s another truth: they never would have made it.

This world was never made for people like them to have their happily ever after. This world is too soft for a love so strong, and it’s ashamed of itself, so it destroys every trace of happiness that’s too much to handle.

Shitty writing isn’t why they’re not going to have their happy ending. Shitty writing is why they ended the way they did. Shitty writing is the reason why their story feels destroyed, disrupted and untold. Shitty writing is why you can’t watch that show anymore without your heart weeping.

They were never meant to have a closure. Stefan and Elena were never meant to end - they were meant to last forever and ever, the possibility of them floating somewhere in the universe. They were meant to be tragic. And looking at them was meant to hurt.

Stefan and Elena were made so you could point your finger at them and say yes, that only for the world to wave its finger and yell back no.

They were made for you to understand the definition of tragedy.

He Knew

Draco knew he loved him long before their first kiss. Before time stood still around them, and snowflakes danced merrily around Harry’s head and gracefully landed on his eyelashes. He knew before he brushed a strand of hair out of Harry’s eyes and pressed Harry’s lips to his own. Before he lost himself in the warmth Harry brought during a blizzard, his mouth firm but welcoming and everything he could have ever hoped for.

Draco knew he loved him before their first date when Harry threw all caution to the wind. He claimed he was done with him and Draco dancing around each other, and if the insults were going to continue they might as well come with a half-decent lunch. Then he winked. He fucking winked. And he looked damn cute when he did, so Draco said yes (though he probably would have said yes anyways, but he would never admit it to himself).

Draco knew he loved him before his arms were wrapped tightly around Harry’s waist as he was carried up and away from the Fiendfyre during the Battle of Hogwarts. Flames licked his feet, and one of his best friends had just died, and he wasn’t sure if he was going to make it out alive. But he was sure he was hopelessly in love with Harry and had been for longer than he cared to say.

Draco knew he loved him before he offered Harry his hand the first day of Hogwarts, hoping for nothing more than a friend. He hadn’t known yet that he could love boys as any more than that so he sure as hell would take whatever he could get from Harry (though the type of love he felt towards Harry changed alarmingly quickly between second and third year). 

Draco didn’t need to have Harry as his own in order to know he loved him. Just as the sky was blue and the ocean was deep, he loved Harry. They kissed in the middle of a fucking blizzard. The wind whipped their hair around their faces and blew Draco’s hat off his head, but time stood completely still. The ground dissolved and left them both standing among the stars, and kissing Harry felt the way music sounded, making his chest pound and filling his stomach with a million golden snitches. 

Draco smiled into the kiss because while it felt pretty great to love Harry with all he had, it felt infinitely better to have Harry love him back.

Two posts??? In one day??? Whaaaat??? Crazy!!! Anyways, here’s… this. Idk really what it is even but it kind of gave me feelings and I had an epiphany about it like six hours ago and didn’t sit down to write it until just now… But SERIOUSLY take me up on my ask. Please. I’m dying to see what prompts and ideas and headcanons you have. I would adore writing them for you. But right now it is time for bed since I’m still sick and the term starts on WEDNESDAY ASDFSIFS (Pray for me omg, I have a notoriously difficult professor for my fiction writing class and I am slightly scared. Ahhhhhhhhhhh *continuous screaming*) so GOODNIGHT MY LOVELIES xx


preview: more royalty AU??

takes place in the A House Built AU, after a spark a flame a fire. MIGHT BE PART OF A LARGER FIC LATER? I don’t fucking know. i’m banging my head against the wall trying to write, headpats would be appreciated.

There are plenty of holidays and events in Derse that slip past your care. You have your own favorites to attend to, though enough of them are your own siblings’ birthdays that you’re well aware of your own favoritism. Some festivals are more duty than anything, and those come easily to you.

You have no intention to spare the time for the Dance of True Night, but that hardly stops Roxy from circumventing you and setting up an extensive evening under your nose, so thoroughly planning things out and preparing that by the time she brings it to your attention, the horse has already run away with the cart.

“Why?” You ask her, frowning at the royal decree she’s cheerfully dropped on top of your pile of work.

“I have a new dress I want to take out for a spin.” She taps her nails two-two-one-two against the wooden backing of the decree. “And you’ve been working non-stop since you got back from Prospit. People are starting to talk.”

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Is Yuri demi-ace?

I have been thinking a lot of Yuuri’s sexuality. It is apparent now that the show is (among other topics) about sexual awakening – of Yuuri, but also of other characters (more to that later).  

At first I thought that Yuuri might be bisexual, as he kept being consistently associated with the pink-blue-violet colour scheme (the coloration of the triplet’s outfit, Minako’s dancing studio).

Now, this still might hold true (we are to find out yet), but I’ve also noticed something different about his sexuality. As a matter of fact, at first I associated it with another character – Victor – and what I thought about was asexuality. As you can see in the opening, Victor is depicted in blatantly asexual colours: white, violet, gray and black.

Well, asexuality and Victor don’t really fit together, right? From the beginning it is clear he is sexually attracted to Yuuri. So I stowed the thought of asexuality away. But wait, then came the second episode, where Yuuri for the first time mentions katsudon (pork cutlet bowl) in connection to eros. In the third episode, Yuuri has an epiphany – eros is katsudon for him. Food = eroticism.

Furthermore, Yuuri is a 23yr old healthy male who had never ever had sex and who doesn’t have a notion of what is eros. Now, this and the fact of him supplanting eros with food is a quite common characteristic in the ace spectrum (ace- short for asexuality). Regarding bodily pleasures, we asexuals often put food on the top of the pyramid: consuming it feels good, it satisfies you, you crave more if you liked it. (As a side note – food for eroticism is present from the very first episode: its title was „Easy as pirozhky“ – guess who the pirozhky stand for?)

So, is Yuuri asexual? But later in the series he clearly feels attracted to Victor, so…?

Yes, he is still asexual, and here is the thing: ace is a spectrum, meaning there is not only one absolute position on the far end of the alley. There is a thing called demisexuality (sexual orientation in which one feels sexual attraction only after forming an emotional connection), which nicely fits the behavioural pattern displayed by Yuuri. At the beginning, Yuuri is confused over Victor’s amorous advances. He doesn’t really know how to react, plus he is quite shy and introverted which doesn’t help either. Yuuri doesn’t know how to flirt back; he is frightened rather than flattered by Victor’s actions. But - and this is important - gradually, as he gets accustomed to being around Victor, and as an emotional connection develops between them, Yuuri is comfortable enough to initiate touching Victor of his own impulse (even though he still gets flustered upon displays of affection  in public – ep. 5 back-hug). Thus, it seems to me very plausible that Yuuri is a demisexual, which is a great treat. Asexuality gets even less representation on screen (and in books) than homosexuality. It is THE invisible sexuality.

Another great thing regarding the ace-spectrum is that it still leaves you pick your actual sexual orientation. You can still be hetero- homo- bi- pansexual etc. (to simplify it, asexuality is a matter of quantity – how much you’re attracted to another person, homo-bi-pansexuality is a matter of quality- who you are attracted to). This means there’s still plenty room for further Yuri-Victor relationship development.

As to Victor’s sexuality, I don’t think we can say anything definite yet. But here’s what I think: whether he is gay, bi- or pansexual, he is still inside his closet. And I hope we’ll be able to see him coming out of it, where Yuuri will be waiting for him with open arms (hopefully).

PS. Victor’s “asexual” colours in the opening still bother me though – do you have some opinion on that? It’s just me?

Demelza is a literal street urchin, who from the age of 8 raised her younger brothers while her father drank all their money away, then would crawl back and beat her black and blue. She had no shoes, no real clothes for herself and lived off scraps. When she meets Ross by chance she manages to scrape a bit of education together, learning to read, write, read music and play the spinet. When she married Ross she moved into a completely different  standard of society and as such had to learn how to do things like dance, embroider, host dinner parties and the correct way to poor tea. As well as run a household, whilst doing most of the chores, run the farm, most of the estate, sometimes the mine while Ross is away and raise 4 children! She is an incredibly accomplished women with a lot of personality and wisdom and humour. If you find that “boring” I would hate to see what kind of freakish standards have to be set to impress you.

But you know, there is a mediocre white guy on a horse we could all be frothing at the mouth over….