and they couldn't think of anything but getting him back

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Hello! I read a fic a while back about dan and phil being in college, and being roommates. Dan was really short and phil was tall and always putting things on the top shelf, because dan walked around the place they lived wearing only a shirt, and he had to climb on things to get what he needed to reach (so when he climbed up to get whatever he wanted phil would see his bum) I remember it ended with smut, but I don't remember what it's called.. I tried looking for it, but couldn't find it.

Zenith And Nadir - Cute short 5'3 Dan doesn’t wear anything but a big knee length t shirt to bed. His uni roommate Phil is 6'3 and Dan thinks he is a jerk because he refuses to help him get stuff off their high shelves, little does he know it’s because Phil knows the higher he reaches up the more his shirt raises at the back which means the more of his cute bare butt he gets to see…

- Tori

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So I was thinking about your Rivals AU, and what would happen if one if them gets amnesia after they get together and couldn't remember anything after chapter 7. If it was Yuuri, things would probably turn out really badly (and Viktor will be heartbroken), but how would Viktor react if it was him who lost his memories?

It depends on how far back he lost them but he’s loved or been falling in love with Yuuri for a long time so he’d probably be completely happy with the knowledge that they are together and would mostly be upset that he can’t remember any of their happy couple memories anymore 

Hangovers and Potential Regret

Pairing: Harry Osborn x reader

Request: we drunk-kissed but you forgot about it and i don’t know how to act around you anymore wtf with Harry Osborn (because I always read the tags)

Word Count: 2,521 (aka why the fuck can i do this with no problem but still struggle to write a 1,000 word essay for school)

Warnings: Terrible hangovers and the things that come with them (i.e. nausea and headaches.) and a lot of cussing because i no longer have any self control.

A/N: I’m SOOOOO happy someone requested this bc im in actual love with Harry Osborn. Also, this is the longest fic i’ve ever written let’s celebrate my productivity (actually dont bc the only reason i finished this today is bc im avoiding homework)

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        – SHORP. if you don’t think that gaara’s death had a significant impact on kank ( & temari ) then you’re wrong.

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Hello there! Awesome blog; it's always exciting when new ones show up! Good luck with everything, and Happy New Year! Can I request some hcs on how Josuke, Okuyasu, and Rohan realizing their S/O has a big booty, please? If not then ignore this lol. Thank you ♡

Happy New Year to you too Anon!

- He knew you had a nice butt even before you started dating. It’s embarrassing but he spent a lot of time sneaking peeks at your booty
- Once you two are actually together he develops a habit of sliding his hand into your back pocket, and he makes a big deal out of it if someone else hits on you
- One of his favorite ways to tease you is by giving you a quick pinch, but he turns cherry red when you respond by grabbing his butt

- One day you wear a pair of pants that hug your butt really nicely, and Okuyasu notices and he’s just so blown away, like how could he have gone so long without realizing
- He tries to be smooth like Josuke and slide his hand into your back pocket but he pulls back at the last minute too flustered to continue, but you catch his hand and bring it back down into your pocket with a wink, and the poor boy implodes from happines and embarrassment
- Now that he’s aware of how nice your butt looks, he’s a total sucker for you wearing something form fitting

- You’ve finally agreed to Rohan’s demands, coming over to model for some sketches. It’s nothing too wild, you’re just doing basic poses in simple outfits. However Rohan keeps getting distracted by one thing and one thing only, your butt
- Rohan, being the way he is, immediately squashes the thought and continues working, but his concentration keeps slipping, because trying not to think about your butt only makes him think about it more. Eventually he gives up and tells you that he’s done for today, ignoring your confusion and kicking you out of his house so he can get his focus back
- Once your relationship has progressed he finally just walks up to you one day and places his hand on your butt. When you ask him what he’s doing he just responds with “you should be honored by the fact that I, Rohan Kishibe, think you have a nice butt” a faint blush spreading across his cheeks. You just smirk at him, reaching around to pat his butt telling him “you’ve got a nice butt too Rohan~”

When you break up with them
  • Eren: He would calmly accept it even if it's killing him inside. Once it dawns on him that you've turned your back on him for good, he'd start trying to think of ways to win you back so that he can do better if ever he's given another chance. However, if he's not given another chance, he'd be a little bitter and angry, and may not talk to you ever again.
  • Armin: This would make him really frozen with shock as he tries to process what's going on. When he finally gets a good bite on reality, he'd start stuttering out his questions, like where did he go wrong or what can he do to make it better so that you guys wouldn't have to resort to this. in the end, he would just accept it and have a tiny bit of hope that you guys would still be friends.
  • Reiner: Since he'd be so shocked, he'd think that you're playing a sick joke on him because you're mad at him, so he'd start being sweet as his way of asking for forgiveness. Upon realizing that you're dead serious with his decision, he'd be super dumfounded and might not be able to do anything but to scratch his head. He'd let you go with a heavy heart, thinking that it'll be better if that's going to make you happy.
  • Bertholdt: He'd feel really guilty as soon as he hears "let's break up" because it's like he couldn't keep you satisfied or happy enough that's why you're leaving him. He wouldn't try to stop you because he feels like there are a lot of things he lacked as a partner, so he deserves it. Nonetheless, this would totally beat him down emotionally and it would take a while for him to get back into the dating game.
  • Jean: He wouldn't want to show you that he really wants to cry, so he'd mask it with anger. He would start lashing out all your flaws that could've led to this, and how he was planning on it anyway so he's totally fine with it. Still, he would feel very hurt, and he'd try to drink away the ache then might drunk call you to come back to him.
  • Marco: He's pretty aware that all good things do come to an end, so even if it hurts him, he'd accept it. He'd ask for a reason as to why you're breaking up with him out of curiosity and so that he can learn from his mistakes. Before completely letting you go, he'd assure he would always be your friend, and that you can just talk to him for whatever reason.
  • Connie: He wouldn't take this well, so even if you guys are officially over, he would still try to patch things up. it would take him a while to realize that it's quite pointless to chase after you like that. If you tell him to start backing off, he hesitantly will even if he still has feelings for you.
  • Levi: For him, he would be so hurt that he wouldn't be able to react to anything. He'd be in a daze when you guys have officially broken up because it'll hurt that much for him. He'd think that maybe you're just not the one for him, and will try to move on as quickly as possible since sulking about it isn't the answer.
  • Erwin: It would be a big blow to his ego to be dumped, so he would think that you're out of your mind. He'd be really in denial that you're doing this to him since he doesn't think that he's done anything drastic to you. It would be really hard for him to accept the reality, and once he does, he would feel really useless for not saving the relationship or doing anything.
  • Mikasa: She would start blurting out questions as to where she went wrong, what can she do to make the situation better, and how can you guys steer away from breaking up like this. As hard as she'll try, the tears will still spill out and she'll constantly ask for forgiveness. She really hates being alone, so having you leaving her would really ruin her and out her in a drag for a long time.
  • Annie: The only emotion that she'll feel and show would be shock because she really wouldn't see it coming. She would just quietly accept it and be the first one to end the conversation so that she wouldn't have to endure any more pain. It wouldn't take her a long time to get over it, but it would still be at the back of her mind.
  • Sasha: She would try to smile for you because she believes that if doing so makes you happy, then she'll be as happy. Even if the tears start running down her face, she'll still try to show her biggest smile and assure you that she's alright. Once she's completely out of sight, she'll stop sucking it in and let out everything that she feels.
  • Christa: Crying wouldn't be something she'd do, and instead she'll keep her composure and humbly accept it. She will admit that it will feel like the whole world would be taken away from her. She'd try to distract herself with different things, but then she'd end up with her trying to move on.
  • Ymir: She would think that it'll be your loss for letting her go like that. However, she'll start realizing that she should've tried harder and she's practically nothing without you. She would attempt on getting you back, but her pride wouldn't let her do so and she'll feel like it'd be too late.
  • Hanji: As much as she respects your decision, she would still try to subtly make you change your mind and stay. She would think of all the effort she had exerted and all the love she's given during the duration of the relationship, and how much of a waste would it be to just throw it down the drain. Once she senses it's getting pointless to keep on doing so, she'll just give it up and let you be.
  • Petra: It'd be clear to her that she wouldn't be able to completely turn the situation around, and if it was bound to happen, so be it. She would consider your happiness first before she thinks about her feelings just to be fair. She would assure you that she'll be fine, then she'll let the waterworks out behind your back.


(Have some handers h/c and fluff cause I wanted some fluff, and I needed some time out of the sin pit lmao. Anders has a nightmare, and Hawke consoles him. Warning for a panic attack, and references to solitary confinement. Oh and there’s a very brief mention of my All That Remains fic, but this one will still make sense without reading that)

[Also on AO3]

When she heard Anders’ shout, Hawke was awake in an instant. She instinctively scanned the room for danger and, when there was none to be found, she knew what had happened. It was another nightmare. The threat was very real, but it was not one she could see, or fight, or kill. That would’ve been simpler. The Champion could protect him from many things, Templars, bandits, any sort of attacker, but the terrors held in his own mind were not things she could save him from with the simplicity of a well-placed dagger.

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in reference to the out of context fma knowledge posts that you were doing a while ago, before watching brohood/reading the manga i did read a bunch of your fma posts and the thing that gets me now is that i literally did not know ed was the main character. the only thing i knew about ed was that he gets shipped with winry. i couldn't have told you what he looked like or Anything about him. if you asked me who the main character was back then i probably would have guessed mustang or greed tbh

this is straight up a callout post @ me

Phantomrose96: literally talks about only her faves to the point that anons think these secondary/tertiary characters are the MCs while having literally no clue who the real MC is

Young Dean watching the X files though

He loves it, he can’t watch it regularly, obviously, but he watches it whenever he can

He also develops a crush on Scully, which is fine, his father even gives him a pat on the back saying he’s ‘got good taste’

But then he also gets a crush on Mulder, which Dean tries to keep to himself

Which is easy.

Well, until one day little Sammy watches it with him and Dean doesn’t realize how long he’s been staring at Mulder on the screen until Sam says

“Dean, are you…drooling?”

Eight Hours Ago

Jily AU Week, Day 3 | Historical AU / Modern-Day AU
On a flight over the Atlantic, all Lily wants to do is keep to herself, but her talkative neighbor causes a shift in priorities 
Beta: the illustrious Nai | (

‘Cause all I know is we said, “Hello.”
And your eyes look like coming home
All I know is a simple name
Everything has changed
All I know is you held the door
You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours
All I know since yesterday is everything has changed

-Everything Has Changed (Taylor Swift, feat. Ed. Sheeran)

Lily Evans tapped her foot impatiently, standing in line at Starbucks. The very tall, very messy boy in front of her was taking a ridiculous amount of time, not to mention that he had slipped in front of her with just an apologetic look. The barista behind the counter was fluttering her lashes quite ridiculously, part of the hold up. The other part was he apparently liked to hear himself and would not shut up.

Finally he paid and left, and she stepped up to the machine. 'One vanilla latte, please. Grande.’

'Hmm?’ The barista asked, tearing her eyes away from the previous customer with a starry look in her eyes. Lily sighed and repeated her order. 'And hurry, please. My plane is about to board.’ She handed over her money, dropped the change in the tip box and moved out of line to the pickup.

She stood next to the afore-mentioned messy boy and noticed that the barista had added a heart at the end of his name. She sighed again and reached for her coffee.

As she straightened, the boy whirled around and knocked straight into her. Coffee went flying everywhere, but the majority splashed down onto her shirt.

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(Open Rp)

“Samantha Marie, don’t argue with me! Just take it!” Damion shouted. “I don’t have to! I’ll be fine without it!” Samantha shouted back at him. The two had been arguing for the past few minutes because Samantha refused to take her medicine. If this kept going, Damion was thinking about forcing her to take it. “If you don’t take it you’ll be throwing up blood again like all the other times you didn’t take it and you’ll still have to take it to get it to stop!” Samantha crossed her arms and her eye color had been a dark blue from the moment the arguing started. “I don’t care! I’m going to drink that crap!" 

Damion’s eyes went black and he took a deep breath. If Amber found out that Samantha didn’t take her medicine then she would kill him. What was he supposed to do? He didn’t want to have to force her to take it. "Samantha, just take the damn medicine and be done with this, okay?!” He was trying to be nice but it was hard for him since was demon. “I said, no!!” She replied back. “And nothing will get me to take it." 

Saying Goodbye at the Airport as Friends (requested)
  • Ashton: You gripped the back of your best friend's shirt as you weaved through the screaming fans at the airport. You kept your head ducked as they snapped pictures and cried for autographs from the boys until you were past the madness and Ashton was coaxing you from your death grip on him with a gentle rub on your back. "Good god that was crazy," You huffed as he threw an arm over your shoulder. You felt your stomach tighten at his touch, it was such a casual gesture but it sent butterflies swarming your chest. It was time to say goodbye, you knew, but you couldn't bring yourself to let go of the grip you had around his waist. "(y/n)," Ashton murmured. "I gotta go." You shook your head, you needed to tell him now before he forgot about you. "You won't forget me, will you?" You asked him, panic lacing your voice. Ashton grinned, shaking his head. "Of course not. You're my best friend, I could never. I love you too much, ya weirdo." I love you too much, i love you too much, i love you too much. It ran through your mind half a million times before you were able to speak again. "I love you too, Ash." And when he leaned down to hug you, you hugged him back tightly, trying to memorize his smell and the feel of his hair and the hold of his arms that you'd miss for 6 months. When he began to pull away, you gripped the back of his neck tightly and pulled his mouth to yours, kissing him hard. You could feel him stiffen under your hands before you pulled away, resisting the urge to break out in sobs right then. "Ha- have fun, okay? Don't forget me." You whispered to him. Before he could tell you off for kissing him, how you two were just friends and nothing more, you turned your back to him and pushed through the crowd.
  • michael: "Michael! How much are you gonna miss (y/n)?" A fan yelled towards the two of you. You looked up with a smirk, finding the fan in the crowd. "A whoooooooole bunch. Sometimes I think Mikey wouldn't be able to feed himself without me." The fans laughed and you turned back to Michael with a grin. He rolled his eyes at you, bumping you with his shoulder. "I most definitely know how to feed myself without you." He muttered. You giggled. You and the boys neared their terminal, and you knew you'd have to say your goodbye's soon. "(y/n)," Michael said quietly, looking at the boys. Their attention was on their phones and bags, making sure everything was ready for the flight. "Hm?" You hummed. "I need to tell you something," He stated solemnly. You nodded for him to continue. "I know I chose the worst times to do stuff but… I was just kinda nervous to say it before because you're my best friend but i know i had to say it now because I'm gonna be gone for 6 months and I don't want you to think I don't care about you because i do." His words were rushing together and he kept glancing nervously over at Nigel and the boys like he'd suddenly be whisked away from you. "What I'm trying to say… I really like you. I have ever since we became close. And I just needed to tell you before you forgot about me while i was gone." You didn't know what to say, you and Michael had been best friends for years, and he was telling you this now? When he was about to leave? "Michael-" "C'mon boys! We're boarding!" Nigel interrupted you. Michael looked down at you, his eyes slightly filled with panic. You reached up and threw your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. "I won't forget." You whispered in his ear.
  • Calum: You poked Calum's cheek with a french fry, and when he turned to protest touching his face, you stuck it in his mouth. You giggled when he crinkled his nose, then grinned when he ate it. "Why won't you do that with me, Calum?" Luke asked with a pout. "Because," You said, throwing your arms around Calum's shudders. "He loves meeee the most." Luke rolled his eyes, standing up from the airport chairs. "I'm gonna go find Ashton. You two annoy me with your lovey doviness." You reach your hand out to Luke as he walked away. "Nooo we don't- we're not…" You trail off, giving up on denying what he said. You both have gotten it a million times before. You leaned against Calum's shoulder with a sigh. "It's gonna be so boring here without you." He leaned his head on top of yours. "I'm going to miss you, a lot." He murmured. You scoffed. "No you aren't." Calum sat up, and you looked up at him, a frown set on his face. "What do you mean, no i won't?" You sighed deeply, looking away from him. "You're gonna be traveling the world, Cal. You'll be busy all the time, playing your music and going to parties and meeting new people and new girls and… You'll be too busy to think of me. And it's okay, I understand. I'll be right here when you get back." Calum smiled wistfully, shaking his head. "Oh, (y/n), (y/n), (y/n). You have no idea how much I'll think of you." You were about to protest him again, when suddenly his pouty lips were against your own, the one's you often found yourself thinking about, wondering what they tasted like. But too soon he was pulling away and getting up to leave, giving you a regretful smile. And you couldn't even say anything, because the feel of his lips made your own unable to move, and he slipped away.
  • Luke: "No, no, Luke please don't say this now," You shook your head, squeezing your eyes shut to block out the words Luke had already spoken. He stood in front of you, his expression hurt, but he expected this from you. After all, you guys were best friends. "Don't tell me you love me when you're not going to be here for 6 months. You just can't do that to me." He had no right to, especially when the past two years you've had the biggest crush on him, and when you finally get a boyfriend you liked (maybe not as much as Luke, but he liked you back and asked you out, so it was better right?) and just started going out with. His sad eyes stared you down. "I had to, I couldn't leave for this long without you knowing. It would eat me up inside." You tried to turn away from him, you couldn't handle the stress, but Luke grabbed your arm. "don't leave," He begged. "You don't have to tell me you love me back, but please, don't leave. I just need you here right now. Just let me pretend I mean something to you until i go." You couldn't help but feel your heart break because he didn't even know how much he meant to you. "Luke," You wanted to cry. You stood on your tip toes, wrapping your arms around his neck. His arms snaked around your waist and you two stood in the middle of the airport locked in each other's embrace. "You don't even know how much you mean to me. You're my best friend, and- and I do love you. Just… not in the way you love me. I mean- I shouldn't love you the way you love me because of him but…" He squeezed you tighter one last time before pulling away. "Don't say anything you'll regret, please," He mumbled. "You have six whole months to think about it, okay? Don't forget about me." You reached up to give him one last hug. "I don't think I could… even if I tried."

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if thats how zayn is gonna go back don't you think this leaves him in a bad place, like he couldn't do anything on his own so crawled back to 1d, he is nothing on his own, blah blah, idk why zayn agreed to be slaughtered like this. i am so not ready for the way larries and media is gonna drag him :( it'd have been better if he released some solo material first

Well, a couple things:

First, having him return after condemning Naughty Boy actually goes a long way in getting mainstream fans to forgive him–he apparently gained over 100,000 followers in the five minutes following his tweet, and the number continued to climb.

Second, the fact that a segment of the fanbase is always going to find a way to dislike him (whether this is based in their own prejudices, beliefs they’ve been fed but haven’t examined, or is an adverse reaction to how other fans choose to glorify him) doesn’t affect the fact that he’s gained major credibility and prominence over the course of this stunt. In the realms of fashion, music, and celebrity/brand presence, Zayn Malik is a commodity.

Not to mention: we likely still have a Zaughty collab track on the way. The boy has been releasing solo material of a sort–the I Won’t Mind demo, the No Type cover–and a final, polished single of NB’s featuring Zayn would make perfect sense to round out his credibility-boosting, drama-inciting body of work during the stunt.

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Okay, so I'm just wondering why people think Stiles was creepy when he had a crush on Lydia. He never expected anything from her or creeped on her?? He had a plan to get her to notice him, but isn't that normal? And he bought her birthday presents. Crushes are a normal part of life for most people, especially as a teenager, and wanting them to notice you or love you back is a normal feeling too... Obviously they couldn't be in a good relationship until he took her off the pedestal----

—which has happened anyway. I know the love he has now is real and awesome, but I don’t see how having a crush in the past was wrong… And I don’t ever remember Lydia acting uncomfortable about it either :/

I know. I’m with you. I think most people are creeped out because Stiles wanted to be with Lydia but he didn’t really know her very well. A lot of people use the line “Stiles wants to have a good time. Many times over. In many different positions” or something to that effect. And people always say that this is creepy, because Stiles wants to have sex with Lydia. Well, I have news for you. I want to have sex with Lydia. I also want to have sex with Stiles. Also, there was an adorably awkward waiter at the restaurant I ate at tonight who I would totally bang. 

Some of us become sexually attracted to certain people. Those people think sexually about them. That’s just… a fact. 

In his actual interactions with Lydia, Stiles has never pressured her for sex. He never actually pressured her to go out with him or to do anything with him except talk. Even then, I don’t feel like he ever pushed. Sure, he tried to get to know her. But everybody has people that they want to get to know. That’s it. 

Also, I think Lydia knew about it and purposefully never discouraged him. Stiles wasn’t exactly subtle with his feelings. She let him have it. She didn’t shoot him down. I think there is a part of Lydia that truly enjoys being noticed like that and enjoyed the genuine, sweet attention that Stiles paid her. If she had wanted to shut him down, she could have been horrible to him, and Stiles might have goten the hint and shut it down. 

But Lydia just… didn’t do that. 

With that in mind, I am a firm believer that the love that Stiles has for Lydia has changed and matured and is now a completely different love. Like, Scott basically confirmed that in the last episode. Lydia and Stiles from the earlier seasons are not the same people as they are now. The relationship isn’t the same one. And the creepy thing, for me, just doesn’t apply. It doesn’t mater. They matured. They grew up. They became friends because Lydia wanted to become friends. They kissed because Lydia felt comfortable enough to do that. God, their relationship just changed. 

And that’s what is so freaking beautiful about them.