and they continue to build on their relationship

as a gay person i can’t even begin to express how much yoi has done for me and every episode just continue to build the healthiest, most pure relationship I’ve ever seen and the fact that they’re lgtb is honestly changing my life

I will never be able to properly express my gratitude to these characters and the creators of this show im in shock that someone took a gay relationship and presented it as it always should have been presented; as a deep bond between two people that just happens to be of the same sex

I’m in tears thank you so much yuri on ice for showing me that my love is also valuable and worth writing about

When You're a Witch (Pt. 5)

I’m rapidly learning that my tarot deck has a sense of humor… I was shuffling in while walking home (keeps my hands busy, prevents me from walking with my nose in my phone, and helps build a bond with the deck). As I walked, a card popped out and fell to the ground. I pick it up: 8 of wands reversed. Delays in travel.

“Huh. Okay.” I pick up the card and continue shuffling and walking. Just before I get home, a card pops out and falls to the ground face up. Eight of Wands. Reversed. Right in front of me. Like it was saying, “See? Told you that you’d be delayed! I did it!” All while laughing as I shuffle it again.

I knew getting this deck was a good idea. I can relate. XD


The episode 11 broke the heart of every Yuri On Ice fans with only one sentence:

“After the final, Let’s end this”..

Originally posted by gaysontheice

My reaction was “WHAT??? YUURI, YOU DUMB KATSUDON… WHY?”
But after a moment of shock and cry I thought about it and…


but WAIT!

Why would tha authors have built such a beautiful relationship if they wanted to destroy it, only in the last episode? IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.

Originally posted by wakata

So do you remember my Stay close to me analysis?:

If Victor leaves Yuuri, the scene would fit naturally and perfectly:
Yuuri returns to Hasetsu Castle, depressed as the first time when he lost the final…
he convinced himself that this was the better choice, that Victor should continue to skate… but he is simply unhappy.

Originally posted by gaychulanont

He wants to stay by himself, like the time he found his eros in the katsudon and went to the ice rink alone.

He enters the Castle and waiting for him there is Victor. At this point the Russian would skate only for him, Because Victor has never left him, because he loves him and wanted to stay by his side.

Originally posted by victuurified

This would be a perfect end for the season, it would left open a chance for a next season:

-Would Victor stay by his side as a coach and a lover? As only a lover?

Will Yuuri continue to skate? Will Victor continue to skate?

-Would them be both coaches, maybe Victor of Yurio and Yuuri of Minami?

Originally posted by wakata

We will see 💙


Okay but Yona of the Dawn will continue to end me. 
Like the romantic build up between Hak and Yona. Jae-ha not interfering with the relationship even though he has feelings for Yona. The dragons being hella supportive of Yona and Yona destroying the Princess stereotype and learning how to fight and progressing naturally as a character. 

LIKE FUCK MAN, re-reading this manga was a great idea. 

Some Reactions to Baby/ Running with Scissors

Can I just say… these episodes are why I really like Star vs. 

Originally posted by dazthedazzler

Star vs is a show that can be a bit hicuppy from time to time, but man when its good, its really good. It balances character and world building, adventure and comedy, and comic shenanigans with some amazingly relatable character moments. And considering these episodes come immediately after the much maligned Trickstar… well there’s clearly a huge leap in quality there.

Baby continues a few of the ongoing plot-lines the series already presented us with, but it also builds upon Star Butterfly’s character in a genuinely meaningful way. Not only does she not want to go back to Mewni, its heavily implied that she genuinely considers Earth to be her home now. And. yes, Marco certainly has a lot to do with that. But I think her loves goes a bit beyond romance. Its her friendship with Marco that she values, and whether or not that implies a future relationship is up to future episodes of this show.

Plus, I really like Baby’s design.

And then there’s Running with Scissors. Dear god, nothing is the same now. Marco has changed as a character, and I’m not quite sure how this is going to play out.

I suppose there is a slight exaggeration… I don’t think Marco is going to be constantly dropping hints at the sixteen years he was gone… but he has to be much more mature now. Plus, he knows how to use swords. (Maybe Marco is thematically related to Eclipsa, who has the Spade card motif).

I thoroughly expect crossover fanart of Older Marco, Rick Sanchez, and Ford Pines now. 

I also find it interesting that Marco is the one who owns the dimensional scissors now, as opposed to Star. There’s a theory floating around that season 2 of Star vs is something of a soft reboot of the show, with several ideas dropped from the first season becoming relevant again in the second. If anybody remembers the end of Quest Buy, Marco now has in his possession a magical portable vacuum cleaner seemingly set up to be to Marco what the wand is to Star. It also never shows up again. I feel like the scissors might be an alternative to that idea.

Originally posted by dazthedazzler

And now I feel I have to address the Elephant in the room. Marco is technically an adult now, stuck in a teenagers body. He’s lived longer than Star, and quite possibly possesses knowledge Star isn’t even aware of. This change is ridiculous, to say nothing of the problems shippers now have to face.

Which is why I feel obligated to mention that this is a just a cartoon. The worst thing they could do is constantly shove Marco’s new found maturity into the audience’s face, refusing to let us forget that this character is more than twice Star’s age. Though the character development of this episode shouldn’t be ignored, and older Marco is exactly the type of canon fodder that fuels fanfiction, I think its safe to say that Marco is still a teenager by the end of the episode, mind and all. Think Chronicles of Narnia, which treats the characters as actual children throughout the series, despite the fact that the Pevensie children have all grown up in canon, only to revert back to their original age once they step out of the Wardrobe. If we’re to continue to enjoy this show, we’re going to have to accept this. 

One more thing

I can’t help but notice a common theme between both episodes: where/ what is home?  In Baby Star doesn’t want to leave Earth for Mewni, and she has to pass an evaluation to continue her stay on Earth. Mewni is her home, at least in the sense that she was born there. But Earth is also her home, and she doesn’t want to leave just yet.

In Running with Scissors Marco also has to figure out whether he wants to go back home or not. He’s been adventuring by himself for sixteen years, trying to get back the dimensional scissors. He’s spent more time between universes than he ever did living back on Earth. He’s something of a nomad now, and it appears that everything he did hunting in those sixteen years has ultimately been pretty positive.

In both examples, the main character is given the chance to go back home where they belong, or else stay in there new home. But at the same time, their adventures are kind of flipped. Star has to do something incredibly mundane in order to continue living in the mundane world, away from the magic and adventure in Mewni. Meanwhile Marco has to do something magical and adventurous is order to return back to the mundane world where he was born. And though both characters were given the option of returning to where they came, Star refuses while Marco accepts. Just as Star and Marco function in the series as foils to each other, these episodes similarly play into similar but opposite themes.

And yet the result for both of them is the same. They’re meant to stay on Earth with the other.

I get why some people feel it would have been more narratively satisfying to get more build up to the wedding! It’s a totally valid way to feel. But at the same time, I am so glad we didn’t get tons of hype, or a big dramatic proposal? So much of Cecil and Carlos’ relationship arc has been about the discovery that love is not grand gestures and ideas, big moments and perfect people, but the infinite continuous series of little imperfect moments that make up a life together. Breakfasts eaten, phone calls missed, little annoyances and small joys. Many parts of their relationship – maybe the most important parts – are the everyday, constant ones, the ones that we don’t hear about (though not for Cecil’s lack of trying). And this episode especially felt like a celebration of that fact to me. Night Vale, Cecil and Carlos, have never really been about the weird and fantastic and dramatic, but the beautiful sort of human mundanity that underlies those things, the stories of the people who live day to day lives very much like ours regardless of how different their town is, and the achingly familiar ways in which they love each other. And this wedding wasn’t a celebration of a culmination of big defining moments, but a celebration of a long future of little ones.

Rewriting the Past

That. Was. Amazing.

There’s a lot that I want to say that I’ll save for another post once I’ve rewatched both Nightmare and American Nightmare, because as others have pointed out there is a wealth of parallels between the two.  Not only did Davy Perez do his homework on past seasons, he did his goddamn homework.  It all plays into this idea of rewriting the past, which didn’t start with unfridging Mary but that certainly marks a turning point in the philosophy.  Season 11 featured the mantra of doing things differently, trying to build something healthier in both Sam and Dean’s relationships and in their attitude towards hunting; season 12 is the post-Amara, post-saving-the-world-with-love-and-acceptance, post-validated-feminine-divinity continuation of that.  And so the show moves on from just reevaluating the methods of hunting, on to reconceptualizing the entire foundation the show is built on.  Mary’s death started the show, and season 12 began with her alive again; John’s abandonment and the resulting baggage drove the action of season 1, and in season 12 it’s now Mary’s abandonment.

But despite all the repeats, it’s not a retelling or rehashing of the same circles the Winchesters have been on so many times.  Everything that’s happened so far in season 12 has been a subversion of their past, a reexamination of the events that shaped the show where it is today.  It’s a chance to stop and wonder, was that really the way this all had to go?  Mary leaves Sam and Dean alone- and yet even with all the pain that brings, even Dean understands that it’s not total abandonment but rather a step back.  Sam is faced with the specter of Azazel and demon blood (not just the drops that Azazel fed him but the blood he willingly consumed, in the form of Gail Peterson’s addiction)- and yet he calmly and earnestly tells Magda that she’s not evil, that the fear that he once felt doesn’t need to destroy anyone else.  And Magda, she actually listens to him.

It’s always interesting when Supernatural brings real-world religious beliefs into conflict with the religious mythology that it has developed.  It’s especially interesting now, however, as the veteran show now revisits the uncertainty from its early seasons.  Season 1 is awash with mystery, not about the monsters that Sam and Dean hunt but about the rest of it, the unknown workings of the universe that they haven’t discovered yet.  The mystery is an anxiety that we all face, wondering if there is a god or an afterlife, if that god is kind or indifferent or cruel.  But over twelve years that included demons, angels, Lucifer, hell, heaven, purgatory, God’s sister, and God’s cat blog, this latest interaction with religion is a different kind of anxiety.  The kind where you fear that ignorance and hatred will win out over wisdom and kindness.

We know, along with Sam, what will really happen if that whole family dies from rat poison- if they get into heaven at all, it’ll be separate, empty echoes of whatever good moments they had in their lives.  We know that God doesn’t give a shit what kind of life people lead, that he’s more interested in writing a self-congratulatory novel, watching a ton of porn, and making up with his sister than whether some nutjob is hurting themselves and their family.  We know that the devil is currently hanging out at the bottom of the ocean and being hunted by a fallen angel and the moderately evil king of hell, not working through a poor abused girl.  And yet, there’s no way to explain that to someone so drowned in her own beliefs that she’ll kill her whole family.  There’s no way to tell a woman who forces her daughter to flagellate herself that the reason Jesus died on the cross was so that the people wouldn’t have to; no way to tell her that the Winchesters have lived through the horrors of the world so that people like her wouldn’t have to.

That anxiety is familiar as well, especially with the current political climate, with an election here in the US that could either give us our first female president or a president who could destroy everything we thought we stood for.  And yet, American Nightmare, despite the threatening presence of the British MOL, showed a surprisingly optimistic option- choosing to change.  Choosing to take hold of your own identity, of your past and the path it led you on, and to allow yourself to move past it.  Magda got out.  She was able to talk to another human being, someone with a kind smile who hugged her instead of handing her a flail, she was able to walk on her own two feet across unknown ground.  It wasn’t fair, what happened to her in the end, but then again, we’re still at the beginning of the season, needing a threat to hang over our heads as per the rules of television.  At least she got out.


I’ve come to the conclusion if someone chooses to come onto another person’s post that is obviously not meant for them to start a debate, then it must be expected there will be opposing opinions.

By force, I do believe it’s obvious I mean the narration. There were many ways to build up their relationship towards romance before this novel (and even during this novel, and yet it felt very forced), and Tite Kubo didn’t take any chances towards it.

First, second, or third, who cares? Orihime Inoue was super smart, and she could’ve easily gotten a scholarship or some kind of plot relevant thing that could’ve allowed her to continue and finish school.

She stated in text, during the manga’s run, that she wanted to do more with her life, and now, she’s stuck as a housewife with a kid. We know from text that wasn’t her original plan???

I too am a financially struggling college student, but the difference between Orihime and I is that she’s fictional. Tite Kubo could’ve done something that could’ve given her the money boost to finish school. 

That was an intentional sabotage to hurry Orihime and Ichigo into a relationship so Kazui could be born. Even Ichigo got to go to school and apparently graduate? 

I don’t understand your issue with folks calling a creator out when they mess up. Tite Kubo had the power to make her a wife, mother, and whatever else she wanted to be, and he didn’t despite telling the audience she wanted three to five different kind of jobs. Character derailment. 

The problem is that in the three years after the ending…Orihime didn’t do anything to tell Ichigo about her feelings. Three years. It took him three years to figure that shit out, and even then, there wasn’t enough interaction between them to cement a strong connection. It was just thrown outta there. Very underwhelming.

IchiHime was forced. Orihime got screwed over as a character, and yes, Tite Kubo wins I guess? But his integrity as a writer and storyteller got flushed down the drain for me.

Enjoy your canon. Stick with your canon. Stick with Tite, too, whatever, just don’t go on an obviously IchiRuki/Anti IchiHime posts. It isn’t that hard.



Bob: “Not developing any new romances.”

Of course someone who’s been playing Bellamy as in love with Clarke for 3 SEASONS would say Bellarke is nothing new.

Of course Bellamy and Luna have a developing relationship. They just met, lmao. (Also…tie in Nadia’s statement that Luna is closest to Murphy and doesn’t really want to get close to anyone and you have an obvious non-romantic plot line).

Of course Bellarke won’t become canonically romantic until the later half of the Season (probably the finale or one episode before it). You know why? So they can continue to build their relationship in Season 5. 

Bellarke is real. 

Bellarke is coming.

Are you ready?

Still desperate for TRANS/NON-BINARY STORIES

Hi everyone. As some of you may know, I am a theatre student and for my senior thesis I have to put together a play. My play is going to be all about trans/non-binary identities. A platform on which we will have at least 20 minutes of visibility in this world of misrepresentation. Hopefully this won’t just be a final project, but something I continuously build on and present at venues, or maybe I can even get it published as my very own real play. The working title is “Don’t Assume My Gender”. 

I need your real stories. Your stories/monologues are my script. Literally word for word, you are helping me write my play. I thought what better way to present trans/non-binary identities than to get the real stories from real human beings. The stories can consist of what happens to you on a daily basis as a trans/non-binary person, how you came out, why you can’t come out, relationship problems/successes, sex stories, family, friends, funny things, sad things, powerful moments, being misgendered, being the underdog, being you. I need these real stories because I am all about presenting the truth. Please help me portray our truth.

No identity in this play will be portrayed by a cisgendered actor. All stories will be anonymous unless you would like to be credited. 

I am incredibly desperate for stories from AMAB human beings. I am very grateful for the stories I have received so far, and while it’s great they are all from AFAB human beings, this play is about trans/non-binary identities and it cannot be featuring stories only from AFAB people. I really want this play to be full of trans/non-binary diversity. 

PLEASE SEND ME YOUR STORIES!! Either in messenger, or ask me to send you an ask so that you may have unlimited room to type, or send a submission. If you do not wish to submit a story, please reblog this so that more people see it. Especially if you have a lot of AMAB friends/followers!!! Please, please, please!! Love you all, have a good day!

On being an ENFJ

In all of it’s simplicity, all I desire is to love others. 

I see potential, I see character, I see the most beautiful things in others. I notice how their eyes glow when they speak of their passions. I memorize their anxious habits. I know what their laugh sounds like when they are full of joy. 

I am extroverted in theory, but I need my time. I struggle with this continuous self-obligation to be the best person I can be. I may speak a lot, but oh how I am in deep thought more often. Introspectively I am building systems in my head of every relationship I see or am involved in. I can’t help it.

I feel with every part of my body. I am 100% heart and I know it gets me into trouble a lot, but trust me when I say that I feel with every intention of edifying others. 

When I build systems I can’t help but believe that every relationship must act in the ways I’ve seen before. This makes it really hard for me to make decisions in situations I’ve never encountered before. But have patience with me.

Above all else I require affirmation. I know how hard I am on myself for things that I have no control over. When you open up to me I carry all of your burdens with me and I pray constantly that you will find healing. Help me to believe in myself, and to realize that I can’t fix everything. Support me when I make seemingly irrational decisions. Affirm my goals of liberating others. Make sure that I don’t forget to take care of myself. Bring me many cups of tea when I get quiet. And lastly, know that as much as I wish to change my obsessions and insecurity, I am so glad that I am the person that I was made to be. 

villadero shippers: i ship jane and michael together because of their mutual love, trust and support of each other. and also because of how happy they make each other, their similar values towards work, money and family. they also have two years of solid foundation of which they continue to build their relationship on. michael and jane continue to develop their characters and their relationship while never making either of their characters just about their relationship. they’ve both learned from their mistakes in season one and have developed excellent communication in dealing with their own problems with their relationship.

jafael shippers: but jane and rafael have a child together!!!!

villadero shippers: ……..

jafael shippers: and rafael is really hot!!!!!!


RokuBeni // Benio x Rokuro // Rokuro x Benio // Sousei no Onmyouji // Twin Star Exorcists EP 13 Couple Highlight Screen Captures | Codex Journalism 

“MY HEART, CUTEST COUPLE IN THE EXISTENCE OF ANIME (for me) on another, very good note, really glad Sousei no Onmyouji shall be continuing onto this anime season (summer) because I had a feeling it would not be concluding anytime soon. Good thing because if it did, I would be missing Benio so much :3 gosh she is so unbelievably cute and adorable. The relationship is starting to build up people! It is starting to really get exciting for these two ^w^ WOO!!! ROKUBENI ALL THE FREAKIN’ WAY!!!” 


Benio Adashino ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Rokuro Enmadou 

anonymous asked:

I wouldn't be suprised in the slightest if Jeff killed Malia off, he's already screwed her over so much, sometimes I wish he would just finish her off just so she isn't ruined

while i am disappointed in how the writers (i won’t say jeff; while he created the show and is the executive producer he actually didn’t write or direct any of the episodes this season) treated malia’s relationships this season, i don’t think they’ve ruined her by any means. her character development is still such an beautiful part of the show and it continued to build this season, despite her struggling with losing her anchor. while they flatten malia’s relationships they have not screwed her character over by any means. if they were on the path of ruining her she would have become a villain upon hearing about stiles and lydia, but she didn’t. she put her own pain aside for them and that was instead part of a great development for her character. so no, i don’t think malia’s character is screwed over, i don’t think the writers have death on the cards for her, and i really don’t want to see her die

Theory: Solas was raised to the Evanuris pantheon by Mythal, possibly as a high ranking general or adviser, and may still be bound to her.

The relationship between Solas and Mythal is very strong, they speak to each other as if very close friends. Mythal even went so far as to let Solas kill her and absorb her power, so he could continue on his quest to aid the elven people. Solas, in turn, was very upset that it seemed his only option, and later claims that he banished the other Evanuris only after they murdered Mythal in Arlathan.

We don’t know much else of their obviously complicated relationship beyond Solas’s admiration of her, so it’s really a ‘build the puzzle without half the pieces’ kind of situation. But if you think back to some key moments and facts, you can come up with at least an outline of the whole picture to be filled in at a later date.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Okay I 100% see the Bellarke kiss as like a moment of comfort. I see like a forehead touch and they both just kind of lean forward into it and just let go. I really like your optimism about them kissing sooner than later but the pessimist in me is predicting the beginning of 4b. Either way, we're gonna get a great build up to it.

I think something is coming in 4b in regards to Bellarke relationship, but I think we’ll be making strides towards it in 4.03 and continuing on. What will those strides be? Probably very subjective. I mean, part of my interpretation is coming from the fact that I saw 3b as building romantically, ala Pride and Prejudice, reserved, no touching, but lots of meaning behind every little look and motion. But I think from now on, we’re going to see Bellarke crossing the line over into the undeniably non-platonic. 

Of course some will still deny the romance. but, you know…


Louder Than Bombas: A Zines Rasquache Creation on Raza, Morrissey and The Smiths is now up on my Etsy page

This Zine does not exist to prove that Morrissey is a racist. It is not meant to discourage people from continuing to build their love for Morrissey and the Smiths. I made this Zine in order to further understand the obvious relationship we Brown Folks, Raza, Xicanas y Xicanos, have to both the man and the music.

I’m writing to place the music that’s saved so many lives into context with the reality of white supremacy, of cultural hegemony and unrelenting patriarchy. Because if you don’t already know, these things are alive and well!

So before you hate me let me state that I do this out of love, love for Morrissey, the Smiths y mi gente. My ideas and opinions have been shaped by my own experiences, and this is what I speak to. I write because I must; it is how I release this itch deep inside me that if not pushed out, would debilitate my ability to function. I do this to connect to you and to bring to life our shared experience.

And in the case of this Zine, I do it to embark on the next stage of my tumultuous affair with Morrissey and the Smiths.

Titles of each section are:

*Is It Really So Strange? An Introduction

*“Esta Luz Nunca Se Apagara” A Brown Girl Story

*Irish Blood, English Heart
y La New Mestiza

*Viva Viva Palestina!

*Hip Hop, Mariachi y Moz

*The Industry

20 Pages on 8 ½ x 11 inch paper
Black and White

So I made this a while ago and basically this is what I would like to be an actual game. However, I know it won’t be and I respect that Eddsworld will no longer be continued, this is just a creative idea I had and would have liked to share it with everyone and so no hard feeling and a note: I don’t own the art I juts photoshopped it onto a DS cover and this just all in good fun and the idea was mine.

Eddsworld: The game. (My idea’s only). In the Game there would be character customisation. Your character would go around doing mini missions for the characters, having their own room in their house, you’re character could build different relationships with the characters and are able to talk with them, Becoming friends with someone can affect how another character see’s you (for example: If you became friends with Tord, Tom wouldn’t really like you). You are able to explore different area’s and not around the house as you can leave and explore somewhere else (like you could go to Eduardo’s house). Missions would include something like buying Matt a Mirror if one has been smashed but Matt would go and buy his own if you’re the one who smashed it, so what you go around doing effects mission’s too and how the character feels. You can get some character’s to help you like if you needed help finding the Tv remote for Edd but because you have had someone help you, Edd’s stat’s wouldn’t go up as much as if you had done it on your own. You earn money from going out and helping with jobs, money can buy you new stuff for your room or you can even buy gifts for some character’s, if it is a gift they would like then there stats would go up, if you have upset or angered them in the past depending on how bad it is they would either refuse the gift all together (unless you’re constantly helping them out and raise their stats a bit again) or accept it but you could either find it in the trash or there stats would only go up a little. You have a notebook so you can keep on track with what people like and what they don’t (etc.).You can view a character’s stats and depending on how they feel about you they will act differently around you, also depending on what you have done. (for example if you have scared Matt, he will leave the room instantly or hide making it more difficult for you to raise his stats in the future or if you have upset him he will seem quieter and just stick to what he was doing and not really wanting to talk to you. Different character’s will act differently so for example if you somehow managed to scare Tord, He would try and scare you back).   I feel like co-op would be the same with the missions and everything else except if you were to talk to Eduardo (and in this case let’s say you became friends with him and your friend had annoyed him) then he would trust you not to say anything and complain about how he got annoyed with your friend and sometimes they would get you to ask your friend why they did something to annoy them and you could reason with Eduardo in this case but this depends on the Person’s previous relationship with Eduardo (again, in this case) for example, if they have always been enemies he wouldn’t ask you to reason with your friend. I feel like when you review the character’s stat’s it would tell you what they feel like you are to them. (Enemy, strong enemy, friend, close friend, best friend, neutral, not sure, love interest, crush, partner).I also feel like if there is a main mission, the atmosphere of the character as one could change, not only could you and a character fall out (depending on what you do and say) but other character’s could have arguments and fall out and you could resolve it by helping out, you would have to see or over-hear the argument or have someone tell you about it to do so though because of course you would have to have of heard about it to resolve it but if someone tells you and the evidence of what went on isn’t strong enough you would have to find more evidence and of course if a person’s relationship with you isn’t the best or if a character who was in the argument is really affected they aren’t going to tell you. (you could resolve this by doing things for them or just leaving them alone for a bit).If you have really annoyed a person, depending on who (and say if you broke something special to them like Susan for this example)  than that person might go in and break something special too you or go and tell the person you have the highest stats with and depending on that person or how strong the relationship is they either won’t believe the person telling them or will (lowering their stats) or they might (instead of breaking your stuff) break the persons (with the highest stats) stuff and frame you. So you could either frame someone else (resulting in that person having an argument with the person you framed) or you could remove any evidence but this would cause the character to be very suspicious and will try and find out who has done so, again, depending on the character, they will act differently. (Tom being more annoyed, Edd being genuinely upset but trying to remain positive, Tord being a mix of annoyed and trying to seem positive and Matt just freaking out etc.). I also feel like if you were to catch a character doing something they weren’t suppose to (like Tord and his secret room) then you could either Keep quiet or question the character or leave it or tell someone, if you were to tell someone (depending on how much evidence you have) either your reputation would go down or the character’s, if later the person you tell find’s out it’s true, they will apologise (so you could set it up so they get caught). Also your reputation will go up if you have enough evidence and the character you told will trust you more, however if you were to help the character who you caught (depending on how they feel about you) they would either make up an excuse (it’s just his old laundry room), tell you to leave them alone or accept your help. If you help and another character found out, their stats will lower.