and they can raise amelia's baby

The solution to our problem Part 2

Special thanks to @cizavilation and @ailingnoor for betaing and for supporting me through the process of writing.

I started this 6 months ago, so I’m ignoring most of season 13 and just continuing the story I started. 

This chapter is after this: and before:


“You’re sure it was Tuesday and not Thursday?” Amelia asked as she paced up and down the living room. Owen was sitting on the couch trying to hear what the commentator on ESPN was saying. “Yes, Dana said that she would be dropping by on Tuesday at 3 pm” he answered patiently “Are you sure she said 3 pm?” Amelia asked nervously. Owen sighed and responded “Yes, I’m sure. Do you want to see the email again?” Amelia stopped pacing abruptly and reached for the remote to turn the TV off. Owen changed his position on the sofa so he could turn back to look at her. “I was watching that, you know?” He told her.

“Owen, we’re going to fail this” Amelia exclaimed with wide eyes “Dana will walk through the house and see 100 ways the baby could kill itself in this dangerous house because we didn’t babyproof it!” Amelia started pacing again, faster this time and Owen couldn’t contain his chuckle. “I DON’T SEE HOW YOU CAN BE LAUGHING RIGHT NOW!” Amelia was raising her voice now. “This woman is going to decide if we are fit to be parents and you are sitting there, watching some bald man talk about sports while I’m losing my mind! How are you so calm? We haven’t even started moving things out of the study to make room for a child! What if she asks us where the nursery is going to be? We don’t have a freaking nursery!” Owen was openly laughing now as he walked toward her. He took her hands and said “Babe, we’re going to be great parents. Everyone will see that. Dana will see we have a great home and that we love each other and that we will love the child they give us. Everything will be fine. We’ll show her our home and explain we will turn the study into the nursery. I think that she will understand that since we recently decided to adopt, we still don’t have the room ready.” Amelia considered Owen’s words and tried to make an effort to calm down. Amelia’s breathing was just going back to normal when the doorbell rang. Her eyes widened as she exclaimed “That’s her!”

Dana was a kind woman in her late 50’s with a lot of experience in the system. She was sweet and had a soothing voice. It was clear that she cared deeply for the children and wanted them to have good homes. She reassured Amelia when it became obvious that she was speaking very fast because of her nerves. Owen did most of the talking during the tour of their home because Amelia was worried that between her nerves and her natural inability to filter herself, she might ruin their chances of getting a child. When they made their way to the study, Amelia explained “This will be the child’s room! I know it doesn’t look anything like it yet but it will soon!” Owen chuckled and continued “Yes, we will move everything to storage and buy the appropriate furniture and decorate it for them” Dana looked at the space and asked “Are you open to adopt sibling groups?” Owen and Amelia looked at each other “Yes, we also have the guest room that can be turned into a room for them” Owen responded as Amelia nodded. As they made their way to the living room, Amelia commented “I know nothing has been babyproofed but it is on our to-do list”. Dana chuckled “I’m glad to see your dedication, Dr. Shepherd, but I wasn’t expecting your house to be babyproofed yet”

After the tour, they sat in the living room and answered questions about their work and family life. Owen took Amelia’s hand and squeezed it reassuringly, which made her smile even though the amount of notes Dana was taking made her nervous.

“Thank you for the tour. You have a lovely home. Now I must ask you a series of questions to make sure you are applying to adopt for the right reasons and make sure the child would be going to a stable home environment. Why did you decide to apply for adoption?” Dana inquired. Owen looked at Amelia as she answered “We both have wanted to form a family for years, both separately and as a couple. After I lost a son shortly after his birth, I realized I cannot do that again, but we have so much love to give and have always wanted to be parents, so when presented with the choice between surrogacy and adoption, we both felt in our hearts that adoption was the best option for us” Dana wrote down some of her answer on her clipboard and asked “Do you feel like one of you feels more strongly about adopting?” Owen and Amelia held hands and answered “No” at the same time. “Very well. Who suggested adoption first?” Dana asked. Owen sat up straighter and responded “I did. I had considered adopting a boy a few years ago. His parents were patients at the hospital when I was chief of surgery. We bonded and after his mother passed away and it seemed like his father wasn’t going to make it, I thought about it, but his father recovered and they were transferred to another hospital”

 Dana finished writing down his answer and questioned “I see, now I will ask you about your families, starting with you, Dr. Hunt” Owen cleared his throat before responding “My mother, Evelyn Hunt, is retired army nurse who lives 5 miles away from the hospital we work at and where the daycare is, so in case the children need to someone to pick them up and we’re both in surgeries,” Amelia nodded along as Owen spoke “she’s close by and can help. My father, was also part of the army but passed away when I was 10.” Dana continued taking notes “ A military family, I see” Owen puffed up his chest in pride “Yes, ma'am. I had a sister, Megan, but she went M.I.A. a little over 9 years ago.”  Owen said looking at his hands. “M.I.A.? She’s no longer part of your life?” Dana asked. Amelia took Owen’s hand and squeezed it for support as she answered “She went missing in action while on her way to provide medical service in combat” Dana put down her pen and looked at Owen “I’m sorry. People misuse MIA all the time, I did not realize you really meant it” Owen lifted his hand to stop her and said “Don’t worry, I understand”

“And there’s also John Finch. He’s Evelyn’s boyfriend. He lives with her, He can also help.” Owen turned to look at Amelia, surprised she had mentioned John. Amelia extended her arm toward Dana and continues “Dana needs to know about John in case the children have a sleep over at your mom’s or have to spend the day there and he’s around.” Dana looked up from her clipboard at Owen “She’s right, Dr. Hunt. If Mr. Finch is going to be part of the children’s life, it is important I know about him, and since he lives with your mother and she is part of your support system, I think it’s safe to assume he will” Owen sat back in the sofa and continued “John served in the Navy, but now he’s a firefighter, so sometimes he also has weird hours like we do, so it is a possibility that he might be the one to pick up the children if need arises” “Uh-huh” Dana finished writing and looked at Amelia “Can I ask about your family now, Dr. Shepherd?” Amelia swallowed hard and rubbed her hands up and down her thighs in nervous energy “My family” she chuckled “Well, I’m the youngest of 5 siblings. My mother, my 3 sisters and their families live back east. I have 11 nieces and 6 nephews. My father passed away when I was 5. My mother a former Navy nurse raised us on her own. My brother passed away almost 2 years ago as a result of a car accident but we’re close to Meredith, who was his wife and their son and daughters as well as her sister, Margaret Pierce. They could also be part of our support system, in case they are needed. We have a village really!” Dana chuckled as she took notes of Amelia’s answer.

She looked up from her notes and said “Now I must ask you about childhoods” Amelia looked at Owen in slight panic. Owen took Amelia’s hand and nodded reassuringly at her. Amelia took a deep breath and looked at Dana. “My father was working the cash register at the convenience store when it was robbed. They took the money and wanted his watch, which had been a gift from my mom, too. He refused and they shot him. My brother and I were in the back of the store. I was five.” Amelia paused and looked at her hands which she was now clasping and unclasping on her lap. “It’s safe to say that affected me and I had a bit of a wild childhood. I’m sure that at some point you will have to ask about substance abuse, so I might a well let you know now. I became addicted to alcohol and oxycodone, but I am sober now and I attend meetings regularly.” Amelia turned to look ruefully at Owen, convinced she had just ruined their shot at adoption. Dana looked at her and said “Addictions is something we definitely bear in mind when considering a couple to become parents, but whether or not it will become a deal breaker, comes to the biological parents. They make the final decision.”

Owen and Amelia continued answering questions about their past and families until Dana announced that she had the information she required to build them a file. After walking Dana to the door and thanking her for her visit, they collapsed on the couch in relief. “I think that went well” Owen said. Amelia just looked at him warily in response “I think we answered like 100 questions” she said. “Now we wait” Owen said as he reached to take Amelia into his arms “This isn’t our only option, Amelia. If they decide to pass us up, we can always try surrogacy. We’ll find a way.”

Percy Jackson headcannon <3

Just a random Percabeth headcannon that has been haunting my brain for the past couple of days: (Please note: If anyone is inspired to draw any of these things, I would love to see your work!  I’ve been wanting to draw or write them, but lately my time has been used to write my own story):

-Annabeth loses her life (probably Hera’s doing) - Percy begs the gods to revive her.  He is backed by Athena, and the gods finally decide to make Annabeth the Goddess of Architecture (Hestia doesn’t mind sharing/giving up the title).

-Annabeth and Percy get married (duh) and have three daughters, all named for famous and inspiring historical women:  Amelia, Rosa, and Helen. (Earhart, Parks, and Keller, respectively).  They are true blue demigod children due to Annabeth’s deity status.  Amelia (eldest) is the tomboy adventurer; Rosa (middle) is quiet, bookish and gentle; Helen (youngest) outgoing, dramatic and nerdy.

-Because Annabeth is called away for long stretches of time for compulsory meetings in Olympus (which she hates), Percy is often left raising their girls by himself.

-Percy enlists the help of Aunties Piper and Hazel to explain the birds and the bees to Amelia when she’s old enough.  Auntie Reyna tries to help, but subsequently scars Amelia for life with her excruciatingly detailed explanation of exactly how babies are made.

-Percy remains a demigod for the rest of his natural life.  By day, he works as a Marine Biologist.  By night he keeps tabs on Camps Half-Blood and Jupiter, helping them where he can.  When he dies, Annabeth bullies Zeus into making Percy a god.  They live happily (and immortally) ever after.  They are both “accidentally” banished to Camp Half-Blood/Jupiter where they can help to improve the livelihoods of the demigods there.  Dionysus is furious to be stuck with Pierre Jefferson again.

-Percy loves going to career day at his girls’ school because a) he never passes up a chance to embarrass them and b) his presentations are always the most popular with the kids.  (He may or may not have brought in live sea creatures once)


“Amelia?” Owen called as he barged into the room. He reached her bedside, grabbed her hand and kissed it as another contraction rippled through her body, “I’m here.”

“Your baby is trying to kill me,” she said through gritted teeth as Arizona squirted gel on her stomach and moved the ultrasound probe around, “Where’s Ryan?”

“Meredith is picking him up from school,” he told her, wiping a few strands of damp hair from her face, “How is the baby?”

“Fine,” Amelia said the same time Arizona said, “Um.”

“Um?” Owen repeated with a hysterical expression, “What does ‘um’ mean, Arizona?” Owen looked at the monitor and saw why Arizona had said what she said. The two doctors locked eyes.

“Why are you two so quiet?” Amelia moaned, writhing in pain on the patient bed, “What’s wrong with the baby?”

“Call the OR,” Arizona whispered to the nurse next to her, “Tell them to prep for a Crash C.”

“Arizona,” she called, raising her head to look at the doctor, “What is wrong with my baby?”

“The baby is sideways,” Robbins replied with a smile, “But don’t worry, everything will be fine. I’ll just do an ECV to turn the-” The sheets of the bed suddenly became wet.

“Did my water just break?” Amelia cried, almost breaking the fingers of Owen’s hand with her death grip. Before Arizona could respond, the foetal monitor beeped, notifying that the baby’s heartrate had dropped.

“The umbilical cord is compressed,” Arizona said, standing up, “We need to deliver this baby now.” She wiped the gel off of Amelia’s belly and moved the ultrasound out of the way, repositioning the neurosurgeon for delivery. It was a blur as almost 12 doctors entered the room to aid the foetal surgeon in carrying Amelia to the operating room.

“I’ll call the OR again and tell them we’re coming up now,” the nurse said.

“No, there’s no time,” Arizona said as she threw on a pair of latex gloves.

“Robbins, you can’t deliver my baby in a patient room, in transverse lie,” Owen barked, still holding Amelia’s hand tightly.

“I’m going to deliver the baby via IPV,” she informed him, reaching her hand in between Amelia’s legs to feel the position of the baby, “Someone get him out of here.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Owen sternly said, shrugging a doctor’s hand off his shoulder. He grabbed a stool and sat by Amelia’s bed, kissing her forehead and linking both his hands with her hand as she groaned and cried.

“Owen,” Amelia cried, tears rolling down her face and mixing with sweat.

“You’re gonna be fine,” he assured her, holding her hand against his mouth. He could feel tears stinging the corners of his eyes as he watched her and the baby in so much distress. This woman was about to give birth to his child with no epidural, no anaesthesia, no C-section, and all he could do was hold her hand. He felt helpless, useless.

“This is going to hurt a little,” Arizona sugar coated as she reached her hand into the Shepherd’s womb and began repositioning and delivering the baby. Amelia’s screams could probably be heard from the third floor.

“Say hi to momma,” Owen cooed as he rested the cocooned new born on her chest. Amelia opened her eyes and looked at him before looking down at her new baby, smiling contently.

“Hi momma,” Ryan greeted, assuming Owen meant that he had to say hi too. He waved at her although his height prevented her from seeing him very well.

“It’s a girl,” he told her, “She has a strong grip too, like you.” Amelia blushed as the baby gripped his pinky finger and yawned. She felt bad as she watched the grazes on his hand that she’d previously been squeezing to death.

“She’s wonderful,” Amelia mused as Owen lifted Ryan into his arms, “Hair colour?” With a triumphant smile, Owen pushed back the tiny baby hat, revealing short, strawberry blonde locks.

“Damn,” she pouted, “I wanted a mini-me.”

“So do I,” Ryan agreed, although he didn’t really know exactly what a ‘mini-me’ was.

“Well, there’s still time,” he joked, raising his eyebrows at her, “We can call the factory and see if-“

“In your dreams, Owen Hunt,” she dismissed quickly, “Not after what you put me through today.”

“Okay,” he chuckled, knowing she was still slightly delirious and weak. Amelia looked at the baby once more, at her tiny nose covered with soft freckles, and her soft, red hair, peeking out from under her cap. She caught a small glimpse of the baby’s eyes when she opened them, their blue orbs, identical to both parents, attempting to look at the world around her.

She was the product of two lost souls finding themselves in one another’s eyes.

“Rosie,” Amelia told Owen, smiling when she said the name aloud.

Daughters, A Rucas/Joshaya Fic

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Prompt : Amelia dancing on Like A Virgin and Owen watching her 😏

Warning : Small amount of smut in addition to the lots of Fluff  ;)

Amelia Shepherd hummed to herself as she went about doing her daily household chores. It had been a few days since she and Owen returned from their honeymoon in the Maldives, and they were still wrapped in their honeymoon bubble.

It was Owen’s first day back at work after their honeymoon. He was reluctant to leave his wife in the morning. Amelia had taken a couple more days off to sort out the piling up housework. He wished to be with her 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

As the house was silent with her alone at home, she decided to tune in to the local radio station. Apparently the station was honoring Madonna- with Madonna songs being played for the whole hour.

Amelia took the basket load of clothes out from the dryer still humming to  ‘Papa Don’t Preach’. She had always loved Madonna songs since she was a teenager.

She continued humming to the song as she folded the clothes one by one. She smiled to herself as she held the floral dress she wore on their first day of their honeymoon in the Maldives. Owen had been eyeing the dress hungrily the whole day and the moment they reached their hotel room, he immediately lifted up her dress hungrily as he attacked her lips.

It was that way the entire duration of their honeymoon , they simply couldn’t take their hands off each other.

Amelia looked down at her still flat stomach and rubbed it affectionately. She has been fortunate to experience only mild morning sickness so far.

’ Hey Bean.’ she whispered to her tummy. ’ You think daddy will be home soon? It’s already 5 pm, he should be home soon.’

Ever since she and Owen found out on their wedding night that they were expecting a baby - they had been referring to the baby as ’ Bean’- because according to Amelia- he/she was still the size of a bean.
Owen had argued that soon the baby’s name would change to “ Plum’, then ’ Apple’, then ’ Ball.’.
But in the meantime, the name ’ Bean’ still stuck.

She sighed as she received no reply. She was starting to feel lonely alone at home , even if it was just for the day. She wished Owen would be home soon. She missed him already.

She continued chatting to the baby as she folded the laundry. She had read somewhere that babies can hear you in the womb- and she was determined to start communicating as early as possible with the baby growing inside her.

Just then, the song ’ Like A Virgin’ came on air. This was Amelia’s favorite Madonna song.

She immediately put the half folded basket of laundry down and began dancing in rhythm to the familiar tune of the song.

The chorus was the only part of the song that she could memorize. As soon as the song reached the chorus - she began singing along with the song, still swaying to the music.

Hoo- Like A Virgin- touched for the very first time…… like a virgin.’

Suddenly a deep male voice joined her in the chorus from the hallway.

Like a virgin….with your heartbeat next to mine…

Amelia had to admit that the voice sounded melodious.

She turned around and smiled widely, her dimples showing, as she saw her handsome husband standing at the doorway of the bedroom.

’ How long have you been watching me?’ she asked.

‘Long enough to know that my sexy, beautiful and talented wife can sing and dance.’ he answered as she blushed.

’ Come dance with me.’ she invited him, holding her hand out for him to take.

Soon they were both swaying back and forth to the song together. They were no longer singing the song, just humming to the song in the warmth of each other’s embrace. His hands were in her hair, his favorite spot, and her hands were tracing the broad outline of his chest, as she buried her face in his chest.

Owen’s hands slowly moved downwards from Amelia’s hair to trace the outline of her curves.
They rested on her breasts which were now slightly fuller then before.

He heard her gasp in pleasure as he rubbed her now sensitive nipples .

’ Owen- there is still laundry to be done.’ she whimpered, as he now nibbled on the sensitive spot on her neck.

Gradually, his hands went to her still flat tummy where their little miracle was growing. It still hadn’t fully sunk in to him yet that he was going to be a father- his wish ever since he reached adulthood.

His hands remained there as he gently traced circular motions on her belly.

’ I can’t wait until I can feel Bean.’ he said.

’ I can’t wait until Bean can hear us.’ she answered.

’ Maybe Bean can actually hear us sing to them.’ Owen implied.

’ Really?’ Amelia challenged, her eyebrows raised and her dimples showing.

’ Who knows? It is possible.’ Owen shrugged.

’ In that case, let’s continue singing’ Amelia suggested, as they both sang the chorus together in harmony.

’ Wait’ Amelia stopped Owen. ’ I just realized this isn’t an appropriate song to sing to the baby. Don’t you think so?’

Owen laughed in reply.

’ No, nope indeed . I think we should go out to buy some nursery rhymes or something tonight.’

’ I still can’t believe it- we’re indeed having a baby.’ Amelia whispered, as she leaned against Owen’s shoulder.

’ We’re indeed going to become parents.’ Owen replied, a wide grin on his face. It felt good saying it out loud. He couldn’t wait to announce it to the whole world that he, Owen Hunt, was finally going to become a father.

His hands then went back up to cup her breasts as his mouth met hers and they kissed passionately. Laundry can wait.

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So do you guys remember my mochi army? Well I’m trying to raise up some extra cash so my baby girl Amelia can have corrective shoes. Insurance isn’t going to cover for much and her doctor says she needs them or she will have a lot of problems later on. I’m selling the ones you see and making new ones. Big ones like Rome I will sell for $15.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling. Smaller ones I’m selling for $10 but I will wave shipping if you by more then one.
All the money goes for my sweet baby girl.
Shipping internationally is expensive so for now domestic in United States only.

The Christmas Wedding

Weddings were usually supposed to be happy. Happy for the bride, the groom, and the attendants. But for Amelia, it felt like the most confusing and fearful day of her life.

“Maybe you have one of those rare tropical diseases,” Owen teased as he tied the rubber around her upper arm.

“Very funny,” Amelia commented dryly, “Just hurry up. And try not to kill me.”

Owen chuckled and shook his head, donning his gloves before wiping her arm with alcohol. “Still not going to the wedding?”

“Probably not,” she said, watching intently as he pierced her skin with the needle, “I don’t want to spread my rare tropical stomach flu. Plus, my shift ends a little late.”

“Maybe you should talk to the chief about that,” he said. He raised his eyes from her arm to her face and winked at her. Amelia rolled her eyes, having heard the chief joke one too many times. There was something bulky in his pocket that she’d been eyeing. She was about to ask him about it when he spoke again.

“Done,” he announced, pressing a pink Band-Aid over the injection sight, “Lollipop?”

“Yes please,” she joked, laughing when Owen actually handed her one.

He stood up from his stool to kiss her forehead. “I hope you feel better.”

She hummed in approval at his affection. “I already do.”

“I’ll page you with the results?”

“Send it with a resident, please,” she requested, “I hate interns.”

“I know,” he laughed, exiting the room. Left alone, Amelia figured that it would be a blessing if she had a rare tropical disease instead of possibly being pregnant.

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