and they both currently play queer characters

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Hello! I was wondering I'd I could ask you to you about starting Supergirl. I've heard that it's good but I've also heard that it's misogynistic, I've heard that there's queer rep but I've also heard that it queerbaits, I haven't seen it so I don't know what to think. Do you think it's worth starting?

Hello mate! Look, if I were you I’d watch it. All of those allegations are pretty justified though. The current lgbt couple, Sanvers, gets around 2 secs of screen time per episode, and one of them is supposed to be a Latina but is played by a white actress. Besides that, the characters are both pretty bad ass. But beware that Alex (Kara’s sister), who is supposed to be one of the main character, has had her screen time reduced to give space to gross mon el, and, well, Maggie is the regular with the least amount of screen time.

 Now onto the Mon el problem, I’ve ranted a lot about this already, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to die anyways. Besides, there’s supercorp (Kara Danvers, the main character, and Lena Luthor)!! (the reason I’m still watching tbh). And like, I’m almost sure supergirl (the show) is going to get rid of Mon el and make supercorp cannon at some point. That’s what the people want, and Mon el is an ugly slave owning, abusive piece of shit anyways, so, I don’t think they can get away with that for much longer.

 Also, there’s an amazing black man, James Olsen, an accomplished and respectful man, who used to be a love interest for Kara but, unfortunately, has been side lined to give Ugly Mon el some more screen time (as if he doesn’t get enough already). But still, James Olsen is amazing and a hero.

 On another note, both actresses have validated supercorp and support it. Katie literally said it was “naive” to see supercorp as anything other than romantic, so make of that what you will.

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Watch at your own risk, but I’d recommend you giving it a shot, because I have hopes that the cw will wake up, and do the right thing for once.

By the way, if you loved All for One and Couple-ish, make sure to check out @cyclesixtysix, an independent webseries production company by @ai-firestarter, co-writer for both of those. They’ve got two projects out right now:

The Soliloquies of Santiago, a LIW adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello, told from the point of view of Jacob Santiago, a college student graduating in theatre and desperate to get the role he wants. It’s got great writing, breathtaking acting, a super racially diverse cast and plenty of queer characters, including (but not limited to) a trans character played by AN ACTUAL TRANS PERSON. It’s just all around amazing and i love it so so much.

Dorian Gray, a supernatural LIW adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. Currently existing only in trailer form, it’s been submited to the IPF for funding, so if you enjoy it, make sure to like, comment, and share EVERYWHERE and with EVERYONE. It’s looking fantastic this far and it needs your help in getting produced!


Recommended viewing here, friends!

Carmilla is loosely based on the original story by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, but is sort of like a college!AU of it set in a university that would not feel out of place in Night Vale. It’s a tale of sacrifice, love, friendship, growth, and change. It’s delightful.

Pros: the vast majority of the cast is women and queer women at that. One of the main four characters is a non binary person (!!!) and another is canonically Jewish. The non binary character is played by an actor who is currently questioning their gender and both Laura and Carmilla are played by queer women (dunno about the other characters). Characters are well rounded and real and the dialogue is engaging and witty.

Cons: the cast is very white.

Pro: that is addressed here. I am hopeful that they will do the right thing.