and they aren't even speaking or kissing

Dating Oliver Wood would include
  • <p> <b></b> •Rubbing your nose against Oliver's neck and getting a woody grassy scent that has a tint of sweat and fresh wind. Like his skin had been stained from his time on the Quidditch pitch, which it had.<p/><b></b> •Seeing how long Oliver could go without talking about Quidditch,  as a challenge the winner got unlimited kisses.<p/><b></b> •Oliver being your biggest supporter in everything,  it didn't matter if you were bad at whatever you were doing; it didn't matter if it was meant to be a quiet event, Oliver would be the loudest and most supportive of you.<p/><b></b> •Piggyback rides were Oliver would run around with you shouting "And Miss Y/N is in the lead she almost has the snitch and she zips through the wind!" Oliver would be filling in the noises the crowds made and he would be commenting like Lee Gordon and he'd be running around you on his back like a broom. And he would be so happy "Y/N had the snitch! The other team didn't have a chance. Oliver Wood sure got himself a catch!" And you would laugh and laugh, like the good times couldn't end.<p/><b></b> •Quidditch tactics, when Oliver had to do schoolwork he would intrust you and very few others to help him with tactics on how to win the next day.<p/><b></b> •Having to deal with a moody Oliver when he loses a game,  he is such a sore sport. On good days he does tend to lock himself in his dorm and sulk for a bit.<p/><b></b> •Speaking your minds to each other, if the other wants feedback on anything you'll both give your honest opinions. No softening it, just give it straight as it is, it maybe hard but it is appreciated.<p/><b></b> •Hugs,  hugging Oliver is one of the best things ever; true story.<p/><b></b> •Him always forgetting special occasions because he's hung up in Quidditch, you find it upsetting at first but his kisses and hugs are persuasive. Eventually the habit doesn't bother you,  you even tease him.<p/><b></b> •Teasing him when he goes full Captain Wood mode, because you just aren't used to it . It just cracks you up.<p/><b></b> •Being best friends with Angelina and just babbling to each other about the utter stupidity of Oliver and Fred in front of them, high fiving George when he tells you two something he shouldn't have.<p/><b></b> •Shouting and screaming the loudest just for him and if you are playing giving it your A game showing Oliver that you are capable of being a kickbutt Quidditch player.<p/></p>
Teen Wolf - Derek Hale Imagine

*This Imagine is based on Season 3 Episode 4,‘Unleashed’. AKA, The one were Dale gets a Pole stabbed through him* 

You were going to get a coffee from the small cafe that was near the school, because school had just finished. You are in the last year of High School but you were already 18, so it wasn’t to bad to be dating Derek hale who is 24 (A/N Don’t quote me on this, because I’m not to sure how old Derek is). Anyways whilst on your way to the shop you could sense something was wrong, almost instantly your mind wandered to Derek, that man just loved danger.

You walked into the empty warehouse, when you saw him. A pole through his center, and blood dripping from his mouth which then hit the pool of blood that had formed underneath him. You gasped, and his head turned to you, you made your way over to him, kneeling at his side, not caring if your pants were stained with blood.

'Derek, please be okay, oh god please be okay’ You started mumbling to yourself. He breathed sharply, trying to get air to his lungs but not doing very well. You took a deep breathe and gathered your thoughts together, making a mental checklist in your mind. 

Step 1. Get the pole out.

Step 2. Get his shirt off (Not in that way, to see the wound, gosh) 

Step 3. Lay him down and hope he heals quick.

'Derek, stay with me okay, this is going to hurt, just stay calm and don’t shift okay? Okay.’ You spoke, trying not to panic. 'Come on Y/N You can do this’ You pep-talked yourself. Gripping the pole that was in Derek’s body you pulled it out hesitantly. Shouts and yells of pain were coming from Derek, who was trying his hardest not to shift. You got the pole out and tossed it to the side.

'Derek, you have to take you top off,’ You exclaimed, worried, because he was still in pain.

'Wow Y/N, so forward’ Derek smirked breathlessly. 'Shut Up’ you mumbled as your cheeks flamed red. You got his top off, but his eyes turned alpha red when he raised his arms, because it opened up the wound.

'Lie Down,’ you said, pushing his shoulders back, he gave you a slight flirty wink before trying to catch his breath again. Using his shirt you applied pressure, hoping to stop the blood flow, but ended up causing Derek more pain.

'I’m sorry, so sorry, I’m shit in these kinds of situations, I’m sorry I’m such a bad girlfriend’ You rambled on and on, beating yourself up for not taking that first aid course.

'Babe, babe, BABE’ Derek yelled, getting your attention '1.You have nothing to be sorry for, 2. who is good in these kind of situations? 3.You’re the best girlfriend ever’ he smiled faintly before his eyes closed. 

'Derek, don’t close your eyes, Derek, please’ You shook his shoulder lightly, but he wouldn’t wake up. Doing the only thing you could think of right now you pressed a kiss to his lips, and his eyes opened again. 

'Why aren’t you healing?’ You asked worriedly. 

'The pole had to be in there for at least an hour, the tissues must have healed around it.’ Derek replied, though his voice showed pain.

'Where are your car keys?, I’ll take you back to your loft’ You asked. He must of been to tired to speak, because he just pointed to his front pocket, if it were any other time, you would’ve been blushing like crazy having to go so close to his crotch, even with pants on, but at the minute, he looked like he was about to die. 

After you dropped him off at this loft, he invited you inside and to stay the night, which of course you said yes to. You may have been a little over protective by doing everything yourself whilst he stay still on his bed. 

Through the night he began healing properly, and once he felt like he could move he began placing butterfly kisses on your neck, on your face and on your shoulders, he told you repeatedly that he 'Loves You’ and that 'You’re the best girlfriend ever’, and lets not forget 'No one else’s girlfriend I know would’ve been that brave around blood’.

You got yourself one of Derek’s tank tops and a pair of his grey sweatpants, that you had tied really tight to get them to stay on you. 

You were about to fall asleep when he buried his face in your neck and rested his arm in the curve at the side of your body and whispered 'I love you, so much, its kinda scary actually, don’t ever leave me, please' 

'Never’ You whispered back before falling asleep in the arms of your favorite person, Derek.

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Michael Clifford Imagine - I Love You

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Michael Clifford Imagine - I Love You


“Mikey! No!” You screamed as Michael picked you up, throwing you over his shoulder. “Put me down!” You yelled, hitting his back, scrambling in his arms.

‘Not until you say it!“ He plopped you down onto the couch, straddling your waist as he began to tickle your sides. You giggled uncontrollably, trying to grasp enough oxygen to form words.

"S-Say w-what?” You managed out, between laughs and giggles.

“That i’m the best boyfriend ever.” He continued to tickle your sides, your breathing coming shortened and your stomach starting to hurt.

“C-can’t breathe.” You stuttered between laughs.

“Say it.”


“Say it”

“You are the best boyfriend.”

“No say, 'Michael Clifford is the best boyfriend in the world.” You continued to laugh, not being able to speak.

“Michael Clifford is the best boyfriend in the world!” You yelled, a huge smile on your face. Michael returned the smile, leaning down and resting his head against yours. You breathed in and out, trying to put air into your lungs. Your face hurt from smiling so much, and you had stomach cramps from the laughing.

“Now kiss me.” He whispered against your lips. You wasted no time connecting your lips to his. The kiss was a slow, passionate one. His lips moulded against yours as your hands winded around his neck. The kiss suddenly deepened when his tongue ran across your bottom lip, asking for an entrance. You denied him access, pulling away. Both of your cheeks were flushed, yours more so from laughing and the previous kiss.

“The boys are coming over.” You whispered. His eyes ran over your face, running past your lips, cheeks, nose and ending up at your eyes.

'You want to know a secret?“ He mumbled. You nodded. He pushed a piece of stray hair behind your ear before speaking softly, 'I know this girl, she’s stunning and has the prettiest smile. She’s kind-well, she’s abusive to some friends, but that’s only sometimes-” You giggled before he continued, “She has the best laugh, she watches sports, likes music, a lot, like me. She’s sarcastic and witty, tells jokes that aren’t even that funny but laughs incredibly hard. Her best friend’s name is Luke and you know what the best thing about her is?’


“She’s all mine.” He leaned down, connecting your lips to his once again. His lips moved against yours in a soft kiss before you both pulled away. “I love you.” He whispered.

This shocked you. It had been the first time either of you had said it. You loved him of course, but you were scared.

You were more then scared, your were terrified. The last time you had said those three words, your world had fell apart.

Your last boyfriend was a douche, everyone told you. You didn’t believe them. Of course you didn’t. You were ’in love’ with him. He was your crush since you were in grade 8 and when he finally asked you in Grade 10, you were ecstatic.

 Calum, Luke and Ashton all tried warning you, saying he wasn’t worth it, you would only get hurt.

But you didn’t listen, of course you didn’t. You were infatuated with this boy and it seemed he was the same with you. But it was all a lie, everything he had said, everything you two had done, it was all a lie. He had used you.

It took you months to get over him, and even longer for you to be back to your normal self.

Those three words scared you, they scared you so much. You wanted to tell him, of course you did.

But you couldn’t, you didn’t want what happened between you and him to happen between you and Michael.

You were saved by the bell. The constant ringing of either Calum, Luke or Ashton repeatedly pushing your door bell allowed you to escape from under Michael and answer the door.

You pulled it open, revealing Ashton, Luke and Calum. You sent them a small smile, letting them into your home. Luke sent you a knowing look and you just sighed, mouthing 'later’ to him. He nodded following you into the living room.

“What up cliffaconda?!’ Calum exclaimed tackling the boy.

"Ooof! Get off you ass.” He grumbled, pushing Calum off of him.

“Fine then, I feel the love.” You guys all laughed at his pouting face before popping in the movie, The Breakfast Club in the DVD player and watched as the screen lit up with an old dingy looking high school appeared on the screen,.


Part 2?

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"He tried to kiss me and I turned away and I regret it!" That was me, once. Every guy I denied while I was in high school and college speaks respectfully of me now. The two guys I gave the time of day to broke my heart and they seemed SO CLASSY AND SWEET when we met. Honestly, guys aren't anything special. Be a unicorn and don't kiss anyone unless they do something extravagant to get your attention. Then at least you can say you got SOMETHING out of it. I mean, even then it's annoying.

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